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					Route # 1                                                        Campsite
From North Richmond SDA Church to
Campsite Via Bells Line Rd.                                                       Six Foot Track

How to get to the campsite the easiest fastest way...
If you’re coming via Penrith these instructions are                 Creek
valid after the 69km mark.                                                 Gate With Sign
Km Directions

Take Bells Line Rd. 58.6 Km to the Mt. Victoria
turn off. Turn left towards Mt. Victoria on the Dar- Buildings                                       Mini Mini Track
ling Causway, and travel 11 Km to a T intersection
with lights on The Great Western HWY. Turn right                                   Gate
onto the Great Western HWY and travel 1 Km to
the Caltex on your right. Fill up with fuel, it is your
last chance! If you’re going to miss flushing toilets,                             Gate
this is also your last chance for that as well .

Follow Great Western HWY West to the bottom of                                           Gate With 6FT Sign
the Hill. Coxes River Rd. is the first major Rd. on
your left. It has a big sign that says “Harp of Erin
Gallery” 40m ahead.                                                                                    4 mail boxes turn off.
75 Km. Turn left into Coxs River Road. It isn’t
a big intersection, so keep a lookout for this one.
Generally follow the most used, well maintained
road, straight ahead,      until the the 102 km mark

                                                                                           ugh Rd
as directed below.
         S 33’34’10.4’ E 150’12’20.8’ Eventually
the road becomes dirt road 86 Km- Landmark: pass
                                                                                    No Thro

school bus route sign. Keep going.93 Km - Keep
following. Here the road is called Cullengbong Rd.
94 Km - Landmark: Dirt road becomes tar for a
short section. 95 Km - Landmark: Black cows with
white faces on left - You’re not lost yet
95 Km - Cattle grid 96 Km - Cattle grid (keep left)
98 Km - Cattle grid - creek on left 99 Km - Small
church on right - You’ll get there soon! 100 Km
- Cattle grid 101 Km- Sign on the left - “Mount
Sandy Angus stock yards” - Keep to the road on the
right. 102 Km - Intersection with four post boxes                                                   lowther Siding Rd
(as of June 2005) - take the left road up the hill.
         S 33’42’22.1’ E 150’09’36.5’
Here the GPS thinks you’ve left the road and gone
bush. 103 Km - Intersection with many gates - Go
                                                                                                                                Jenolan Caves Rd

through green gate with the tiny little “6ft” sign.
generally follow the most           well used track.
         S 33’42’58.2’ E 150’09’44.1’ Follow
through silver gate 104 Km - Follow through green
gate - Drive quietly past buildings (so residents
                                                                      er Rd

aren’t disturbed) Go left at Y intersection. 105 Km
                                                                    Coxes Riv

Gate - go through turn right there is a faint white
arrow painted on the gate before you go through.
         S 33’43’43.3‘ E 150’09’55.4’
107 Km - Turn left at the T intersection - You’re
really really close!                                                              Great Wester HWY
         S 33’44’41.2’ E 150’09’24.1’
108 Km Pass sign - “beware of walkers” 110 Km.
Arrive at campsite

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