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									                          MagicQ Mini Wing Installation Instructions

      MagicQ Mini Wing Installation Instructions

To use the MagicQ Mini Wing with a PC follow the instructions below. Exact sequence of events
may vary according to version of Windows running on the PC.

·   Install MagicQ PC onto the PC from the CD.

·   The latest version of MagicQ PC can be downloaded from the ChamSys web site

·   Connect the MagicQ Mini Wing to your PC using the USB cable supplied - the blue LEDs
    should come on in turn and then flash.

·   Note that the MagicQ Mini Wing takes its power from the USB port on your PC. Some older
    PCs and laptops are unable to supply sufficient current to meet the USB specification – in this
    case the LED next to the USB connector will never light up at all. On these systems you will
    need to utilise an active USB hub, available from most PC stores.

·   Windows should detect the ChamSys Mini Wing and ask for drivers. Select the drivers in the
    MagicQ PC, Wing Drivers folder on the CD and complete driver installation.

·   If Windows does not asks you for drivers but installs them itself then you may need to force it
    to install the correct drivers. MagicQ needs the FTDI direct drivers, not the FTDI virtual com
    port drivers – if the MagicQ Mini Wing appears as a virtual COM port then the incorrect
    drivers are installed.

·   Start up MagicQ PC software.

·   Turn on the PC programming wing option - Setup, View Settings, near the end of the options

·   The blue flashing LEDS on the MagicQ Mini Wing should stop flashing and the faders and
    encoders should have control.

·   To output DMX from the MagicQ Mini Wing, configure Universe 1 in Setup, View DMX I/O
    to PC wing and enable it (press ENTER to change options).

Any comments on how these instructions could be improved will be gratefully received at

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