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					 News and information from Land Services Group      Issue 2, March 2007

                                                                                                   In this issue:

                                                                                                   Message from the
  Message from the Director                                                                        Director.....................1
                    Keeping you                our Value Added Retailers have in
                    informed of                providing innovative information products
                                                                                                   Document preparation
                    developments within        using property sales data licensed by LSG.
                    Land Services                                                                  made simple ............1
                    Group is a vital part      I hope that you find this newsletter
                    of our business.           interesting and informative. As we advised          Property Sales
                                               in the first edition, we have chosen an
                    It is important that our   electronic newsletter as an                         Data ..........................2
                    stakeholders know          environmentally friendly initiative that
                    how to interact with us    reaches an even larger audience. This has           Electronic Plan
  to ensure that they get the maximum          proven to be highly successful with a large         Lodgement ..............2
  benefit from the services we provide.        portion of clients and stakeholders already
  With your feedback we can then               subscribed to receive copies of LSG In              Objecting to a
  continue to improve our products and         Brief and other publications from LSG
  services to meet your business needs.        online. If you have not yet subscribed we           property value .........3
                                               invite you to do so through an application
  This edition brings you information about                                                        Keeping LSG
                                               form on our website.
  LTO Forms Online, a new online tool,
                                                                                                   informed of changes
  that will make the day-to-day business       We would welcome any feedback through
  of conveyancing easier. In addition we       channels identified in this newsletter and          to your business .....3
  provide a background explanation of the      on our website.
  Section 7 Statement and clarify the role                                Beverley Brooks          Property Interests
                                                                                                   and Section 7
                                                                                                   Statements ..............4
Document preparation made simple…
                                                                                                   LSG’s response to
LSG, which is a part of the Department                                                             Division Section
for Transport, Energy and                                                                          backlogs ..................4
Infrastructure, is pleased to announce
the upcoming release of LTO Forms
Online, an interactive system that
provides a simple and efficient method
for producing Panel Forms from                                                                     Did you know?
information entered in web pages.
                                                                                                   No Where Else is a
A benefit of LTO Forms Online is that                                                              real place!
members of the conveyancing industry
will no longer need to purchase forms, or      LTO Forms Online provides a simple and convenient   It is located on the
update their own document templates            way of preparing documents                          west side of the Eyre
when changes occur. Through either our                                                             Peninsula and has an
application directly, or through a             forms, guidance notes and an easy to                interesting derivation
conveyancing application utilising a web       read user guide for completing the forms.           based on the inability
service to access the panel form                                                                   of builders and the
templates, the current version of the form     Completed forms automatically resize to             station manager to
will always be used.                           suit the contents removing the need for an          find the location of
                                               annexure to be drafted for additional               some new huts.
Another benefit is that fully completed or     information.
even partially completed form data can be
saved locally to your own computer for         The data required for each form is
completion at a later date.                    entered in the dialog window within a set
                                               of tabs. Each tab collects the data for a
The LTO Forms Online application               section of the form.
provides access to all LTO forms, blank
                                               Continued page 2…
Property Sales Data                                                               Electronic Plan
Since 2002, LSG has issued formal                                                 Lodgement
licence agreements with                                                           The key objectives of the
commercial organisations for the                                                  Electronic Plan Lodgement
value-added retailing of property
                                                                                  (EPL) project is the provision of
sale records.
                                                                                  an Internet-based land division
These arrangements cover property                                                 plan lodgement facility for
sale records from 1 January 1993,                                                 South Australia as an alternative
including the applicable Valuer-                                                  to the current manual plan
General’s capital and site values for
                                                                                  lodgement process.
these properties as at the time of
sale, along with relevant property                                                The EPL system will enable the
attributes. This initiative has enabled                                           surveying industry to prepare, pay
broader access to information as well         The Real Estate Institute of
as the development of more                                                        fees, lodge and view processing
                                              South Australia Inc.
sophisticated information products.           Residex Ltd                         status of plans lodged remotely
                                              R P Data Ltd                        with the LTO. This system will also
Since these arrangements                                                          contribute to a reduction in internal
commenced, licensees have                 If you would like further information   processing time for Division
developed and released a range of         about these retailers and their
property sales based information                                                  Applications.
                                          property information products, links
products catering for many different      are available from the Land             The Electronic Plan Lodgement
information needs.                        Information / Property Sales Data       project has been split into two
                                          web page on the Land Services
In implementing this initiative, we                                               parts;
                                          Group website at:
have been particularly mindful of the             Part 1: Requirements definition
need to protect the privacy of
individuals and to meet the                                                              and specification
requirements of Government policies.                                              Part 2: Construction and
There are currently five value-added
retailers. Only the following                                                     Part 1 of the project delivered a
organisations are licensed to supply
                                                                                  comprehensive set of functional
South Australian property sales data
in their property information products:                                           and technical specifications for the
                                                                                  system. Part 2 of the project began
    Australian Property Monitors Pty                                              in early July 2006 and is
    Ltd                                                                           scheduled for completion late
    Veda Advantage Ltd (formerly
    Baycorp Advantage)
                                                                                  At this time the production system
                                                                                  will be piloted by a limited number
Document preparation made simple from page 1                                      of surveying organisations before
                                                                                  being rolled out to the survey
To further tailor the forms, specific     Once released the LTO Forms
signature blocks can be selected for      Online application will be accessible
each party, whether they are a private    from the Land Services Group            Recently a presentation was made
individual, company, association or a     website at:                             to the Survey Industry Reference
Government department.          
                                                                                  Group (SIRG) on project progress
After information has been entered        If you would like more information      and the expected impact of the
into LTO Forms Online, you “submit”       on linking your conveyancing            system on Industry once
the data which is automatically loaded    package to LTO Forms Online via a       implemented. Feedback from this
onto the selected panel form template,    web service please contact Land         presentation was positive with
and a PDF document is returned for        Services Group on 8226 3983.
printing and/or saving.                                                           several SIRG members
                                                                                  volunteering for inclusion in the
Once the PDF document is printed,                                                 EPL pilot.
you can obtain the required
signatures, complete any outstanding
information by hand (such as the
document date) and continue as per
the current settlement process.
 Objecting to a property value
The State Valuation Office (SVO)            If a property owner believes the              For more information on the objection
completes in excess of 822,000 site         valuation of their property is incorrect in   process or general information, visit
and capital values under the                comparison to sales of similar properties     the Land Services Group website at
Valuation of Land Act 1971.                 in their area, they should send an   or phone
                                            objection in writing to the State             the State Valuation Office call centre
The Valuer-General undertakes property      Valuation Office.                             on 1300 653 345
valuations annually to reflect the site
and capital values each year at 1           The written objection should clearly
January. Valuations then come into          state the grounds of their objection and
force for the ensuing financial year at     include the address of the property,
midnight 30 June.                           contact number and details regarding
                                            the condition of the improvements on
Site values (land only) and Capital         the property along with any recent
values (land plus improvements) are         market evidence.
used by Government authorities such as
SA Water, Councils and Revenue SA for       There is no charge for lodging an
rating and taxing purposes.                 objection. An objection needs to be
                                            submitted within 60 days of the receipt
Sales of all property types are analysed    of the owners first rates notice from any
to determine market movements. This         rating authority for that financial year.
analysis of sales happens throughout
the year and occurs both for site values    Recent property sales can be accessed:
(land only) and capital values                 on the PropertyAssist website at
(improvements). Varying market       
movements can occur among different            by phoning PropertyAssist Services
property types and locations.                  on 8204 9015
                                               by visiting the Land Services Group
A property value is then calculated by         Customer Service Centre on the
comparing the data for the property to         Ground Floor, 101 Grenfell Street
that or for other similar properties that      Adelaide
have sold, with adjustments being made         through LSG’s Value Added
for any differences.                           Retailers (refer to article on page 2)

Keeping LSG informed of changes to your business
                                            We are committed to the efficient               The prospective purchaser must
                                            and timely delivery of products,                submit a new Account Application
                                            customer communications and                     for approval.
                                                                                            Notification of changes to customer
                                            To facilitate efficient service delivery it     details can be directed to:
                                            is critical that our customers inform
                                            us of any changes to their company              PropertyAssist Services
                                            name, address, phone, fax, email                Land Information Services Branch
                                            address and contact name for                    Land Services Group
                                            invoices and communications.                    GPO BOX 1354 Adelaide 5001

                                            We must be notified when an Account             or via email to
                                            Customer has sold their business.     
                                            LSG Account Trading Terms and
                                            Conditions clearly state that the               For further clarification on any of the
                                            transfer of LSG Accounts is not                 above please contact our Customer
                                            permissible. In these instances the             Relations Officer on 8207 2158.
                                            existing owner should notify us of the
                                            sale date and make arrangements to
                                            finalise their account.
Property Interests and Section 7 Statements
In South Australia under Section 7 of        commonly known as a Section 7                   Section 7 Statements can be ordered
the Land and Business (Sale and              Statement, which assists a vendor or            online by account customers through
Conveyancing) Act 1994 the vendor            vendor's agent to complete the Form             PropertyAssist
of real property is obliged to provide       1 required in the vendor’s statement. 
to the purchaser a vendor's                  This property interest report can
statement before settlement.                 provide information about various               LSG Fact Sheet 8 and other information
                                             state government interests in all               about property interest reports is
The Land and Business (Sale and              properties in South Australia.                  available from our website
Conveyancing) Act 1994 and                                                         
Regulations are administered by the          Whilst the report product is neither a
Attorney-General to provide consumer         vendor's statement nor a Form 1, it is          We value your feedback
protection for those purchasing property     the most practical way to gather the
in South Australia.                          following information:                          LSG is keen to respond to
                                                                                             stakeholder feedback.
The vendor's statement must include               the necessary particulars for
details of all mortgages, charges and             completion of Division 1 of Form 1         Tell us about your experiences with our
prescribed encumbrances affecting the             certain aspects for completion of          products and services, the good and the
land subject to sale along with any               Division 2 of Form 1                       not so good. We want to provide you
prescribed matters. Under Section 7 of            Certificate for SA Water charges           with the best possible services, so
the Land and Business (Sale and                   Certificate for Emergency                  please tell us what’s working and what
Conveyancing) Regulations 1994 the                Services Levy Payable                      isn’t.
form and content of the vendor's                  Certificate of Land Tax Payable
statement is defined.                             Copy of a Register Search for the          Email us at
We provide a property interest report,            relevant Certificate of Title    

 LSG response to Division Section backlogs
                                           Over recent years we have seen a                    positive impact on the backlog. We
                                           continuing increase in the number of                have achieved a reduction in backlog
                                           plans of division lodged for                        from 76 days (October 2006) to 23
                                           processing.                                         days as at 30 March 2007.

                                           This increase in lodgements has seen a              This is an outstanding achievement by
                                           backlog develop in processing times                 all concerned and demonstrates a
                                           associated with plan examination of                 proactive response to external forces
                                           division of 5 or less allotments.                   upon our working environment.

                                           In response to concern from Industry                The challenge of reducing backlogs
                                           and Government, we have implemented                 continues, with longer term strategies
                                           a number of strategies to reduce and                being investigated and action plans
                                           manage the backlogs.                                being developed.

                                           The strategies of redirecting resources
                                           and minor policy change has had a

We look forward to receiving your          If you would like to receive notification           For further information:
feedback, so please send your              via email when future editions of
comments to:                               LSG In Brief are published, please complete our     General enquiries: (08) 8226 3983
                                           online subscription form at:                        Country callers (toll free): 1800 648 176
Communications Officer                                     Valuation enquiries: 1300 653 346
(08) 8226 3879, or email:                                                                      PropertyAssist Help Desk: (08) 8204 9015              LSG In Brief is available on our                    Country callers (local call cost): 1300 855 695
                                           website. Look for the link on our
                                           homepage:                101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
                                                                                               South Australia 5000
                                                                                               GPO Box 1354, Adelaide SA 5001

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