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TO: FROM: SUBJECT: DATE: Presidents Philip V. Albano Environmental Compliance Service Contract March 29, 1999

The Environmental Compliance Services contract, which is presently being administered by Hazcom, Inc., was last bid in January 1996. This contract was due to expire on February 28, 1999, but now has been extended for four additional months until June 30, 1999. This extension will allow time for a study committee to be organized to study the colleges’ needs, determine if they want to continue to seek such services, and, if so, draft the “Scope of Services” section for a request-for Proposals (RFP). Since this contract is to serve the needs of your colleges, those people on your campus who are most familiar with the OSHA and environmental requirements (e.g., your safety officers, chemistry faculty, facility managers, etc.) should chair and serve on this study committee to draft the Scope of Services. Mr. Charles Valrie with the System Office, or I, will provide staff support to this committee. We will assist by assembling the RFP, obtaining approvals from the Division of Purchase and Contract, and the State Board of Community Colleges, securing bids, and awarding the system wide contract. Both the business officers and the facility managers appear to have an interest in continuing this service, and the Executive Committee of the North Carolina Community College Presidents’ Association agreed on the need to form a study committee. Now your support is needed to find the appropriate committee members and to allow those faculty members and staff the time off and travel funds to attend several meetings. If you have someone on your staff who is knowledgeable in this area and would be willing to chair or serve on a study committee, please contact me through GroupWise, (, CC99-104 Paper Copy

Presidents Page Two March 29, 1999

or by telephone (919-733-7051). If you would provide me with the names, background information on the person, and their Internet address (if they are not served by GroupWise), I will assemble a list and put them in touch with one another. This committee needs to begin work immediately because of the amount of time it will take to get the completed RFP through the bureaucracy. For your use, I am attaching a copy of the current “Scope of Services” from the RFP, along with a list of “Questions and Answers.” The prospective contractors at the preproposal conference held in January 1996, generated the questions. These questions, along with the answers, became a part of the contract and define the services, which are to be provided by the contractor. PVA/db Attachments c: Kennon Briggs Chief Business Officers