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makes approx. 300ml               •   .Place vinegar and lemon juice into small pan. Heat
                                      gently and simmer until reduced to 1 tablespoon in
ingredients                           volume. Remove from heat.
1/4cup / 3Tbsp white wine         •   Meanwhile place butter in glass jug and heat in
vinegar                               microwave to melt and warm through (or place in
1Tbsp / 20ml lemon juice              small pan and heat gently on stove).

                                                                                                 hollandaise sauce
250gm unsalted butter             •   Allow hot melted butter to sit for a couple of minutes
Salt and white pepper                 and separate. The whey (white liquid) will sink to the
                                      bottom and the clarified butter, bright yellow liquid is
                                      what will be used to make hollandaise.
                                  •   Place egg yolks in small processor bowl. Add reduced
                                      vinegar liquid and blend for a minute or two to
                                      incorporate and start to aerate eggs.
                                  •   Pour hot clarified butter onto eggs with motor running
                                      in steady slow stream. Discard the whey.
                                  •   Season with salt and pepper.
                                  •   Hollandaise is an emulsion with the yolks holding the
                                      butter in suspension forming a smooth buttery sauce.
                                  •   Use immediately.

cooks notes: Hollandaise cannot be re-
heated as the butter will melt out from the
emulsion. Sit in a bowl of warm water to
keep warm for only 10 minutes if not using
immediately. Use tarragon vinegar in place
of white wine vinegar and add chopped
fresh tarragon to make Béarnaise which is
great with chicken or beef. Food processor
hollandaise is for people who are time poor,
and is a great alternative but will not be as
light as hand whisked sauce.

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