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=Registration Deadline Friday March 9_ 2007


									Registration MUST Be Received By Friday March 7, 2008

Space for the conference and most workshops is limited and filled on a
           first come, first-served basis, so register ASAP!
 Please copy this form for additional registrations, and use a separate
                      form for each girl or adult.
Girl’s Name ______________________________________
Home Phone _____________________________________
School ___________________________Grade _________

  Girls will attend 3 workshops. Please select the ten workshops you
 would like to attend and list them below in your order of preference.                                         QuickTime™ and a
                                                                                                      TIFF (Uncompressed) decompre ssor
                                                                                                        are neede d to see this picture.

                The workshop you most want would be #1.

1._____________________                 6._____________________
2._____________________                 7._____________________
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                                     Conference Fees
                               (Lunch for the girls included)
         $10 per girl; $10 per adult attending morning sessions.
      $20 for girls registering at the door, assuming there is room.
       For scholarship information please call Mary at 230-0170.
                                                                                          “One Incredible Day”
 Please return completed registration with checks payable to:
  Mainely Girls P.O. Box 793 Rockport, ME 04856
                                                                                             15th Annual Girls Conference
The Conference will be held in several different buildings and may
require walking a few blocks, it’s important to dress for the weather.                  A day of fun, fitness, health, and
                                                                                         empowerment for girls grades 6 –
Please wear comfortable clothing as some workshops are activity based.
Once you’ve sent your registration in, assume that you are registered.
Girls will receive their personal schedules for the day when they
                                                                                               Friday March 14, 2008
* Due to space limitations adults will not be attending sessions, having lunch, nor            8:00 A.M. – 2:30 P.M.
listening to the keynote with the girls. Separate sessions will be offered for adults           The Knox Mill Center
in the morning, and they will be listed on our website, Adults            40 Washington Street
will have the afternoon free. Lunch will not be provided.                                           Camden, Maine
                      We look forward to seeing you there!!!
*Cover Graphic by Mary Kate Sparks
                                                Schedule of Events                                               Loving and Living in the Body You Have: Our bodies are the vehicles in which we explore this life, and as
     7:30 – 8:00            Registration, bagels and juice.                                                      such, they are all enormously precious and powerful. Explore issues, myths, and misconceptions we girls and
     8:00 – 8:15            Welcome                                                                              women hold in our bodies and discover some truths about the gifts our bodies are, just as they are.
     8:30 – 9:45            Session 1                                                                            - Helena Melone, founder of Datura Dance in Montville.
     10:00 – 11:15          Session 2
     11:30 – 12:00          Lunch                                                                                The New Cool? Addictive, Dangerous Behaviors Girls are Doing …NOW! (6th & 7th graders): Do you
     12:00 - 12:45          Keynote:                                                                             know someone who cuts? Smokes? Drinks? Gets high? Are you doing any of these things to fit in or feel
     1:00 – 2:15            Session 3                                                                            popular? Join us for an honest, open discussion about these behaviors that are often misunderstood.
     2:15 – 2:30            Closing                                                                              There will be loads of information, tips on how to get help or help a friend, and an opportunity to ask
                                                                                                                 questions in a safe and non-judgmental environment! - Drew Sullivan, Midcoast Mental Health Center.
                                                Session 1
Girls EZ Defense: Feeling weak and defenseless? Learn how to assert yourself in the face of danger               Think Before You Click: It’s a girls world when it comes to IM, email, blogging, and MySpace, but have
using appropriate “action modes”. Take control of your body and responsibility for your actions using            you ever gotten yourself in trouble by dashing off an angry IM message or posting something snarky on
these invaluable and empowering techniques that will keep you safe. - Andrew Lesmerises, Mid-Coast               someone’s social profile? Or maybe you have been on the receiving end? In this hands-on workshop,
Martial Arts. (Offered all sessions.)                                                                            we’re going to take a look at how to better communicate with your friends (and enemies) online better as
                                                                                                                 well as keep your private info private. – Kaley Noonan, Zoeys Room.
Food Glorious Food! We’re raised on junk food, to crave a burger and fries, yet we’re also expected to be
thin. Confusing, right? Join Holly Noonan, world traveler, as she shares her story, and what she learned         “Flirting or Hurting?” This great video explains the difference between fun and harassment and provides
about eating, regardless of where you live, in order to be fit and fabulous! - Holly Noonan.                     you with tools you can use to defend yourself and your friends from bullying and harassment. – Mary Orear.

Healthy is Beautiful – Caring For Your Skin: It’s all about beauty, not glamour. – Rhonda Nordstrom,             “Altered Books: Making Books into Art” Create a unique work of art with paint, markers, paper, collage,
owner of Nordstrom Cosmetics in Rockland.                                                                        fabric, beads, and more. After a brief slide show of some of the creative transformations which were part
                                                                                                                 of the “Out of Bounds: Altered Books Project”, pick a book (from among books discarded by local libraries)
The Purpose of Anger: Are you angry a lot? Anger is just one of many emotions we experience; it is normal.       to alter and express yourself! – Cathy Melio, Center for Maine Contemporary Art.
We will look at how we experience anger in ourselves and discover the surprising messages it brings. We will
“own” our anger and identify the feelings that build up to anger.                                                Boys, Boyfriends, and Best Friends: Relationships can be confusing! Through an interactive discussion
                                                                                                                 you’ll learn how to better handle the pressures, competition, and conflicts dealing with boys, boyfriends, and
Dress to Express: Do you feel bound by labels? Are you dressing to fit in or meet the approval of your           your best friends. – Lisa Couture, New Hope For Women.
peers? Your clothing expresses your spirit and your mind, so go out on a limb, table those labels, and express
your real self. Create some hip, fun looks using accessories. Take simple to chic, breaking those bounds                                                             Session 3:
without breaking the bank. –Maria Bradeen RN, Health Educator & Martha Robinson from Frugal Suzy’s.              Staying True to You: Keeping Personal Power in the Face of Sex, Drugs, and Other Teenage
                                                                                                                 Challenges (7th & 8th graders): What do you do when you feel yourself losing your personal power? What
Egg On Your Face: It’s not about “perfection” that’s a misconception. The truth is we should focus on            happens when your friends lose their personal power? Through creative exercises and discussion we will
taking care of the body we have. In this workshop, learn to love your body and take care of it using natural     explore issues including: alcohol, drugs, sex, suicide, cutting and other forms of self-injury.
products, such as egg, honey, and oranges. – Brianna McCabe, Maine Women’s Fund & Christina Venditti,             – Amy Carpenter, LCSW.
Mainely Girls
                                                                                                                 Belly Dancing: Learn some of the essential moves of the inwardly- strengthening and timeless art of belly
Weave a Web of your Own: Charlotte wove her web – remember? “Some Pig!” What would yours                         dance. Using locks, drops, shimmies and graceful arm and hand movements this workshop explores power and
say? Come mess about with paint, ribbon, wool, cloth, magazines, pictures, and text to create your own           personal space. –Helena Melone, founder of Datura Dance in Montville.
web and see what it says about you. – Allie Kubler.
                                                                                                                 Weave a Web of your Own: See description in session 1
Act it Out: Love to act? Like playing the part? Come join Sarah as she shares some creative acting
techniques and have some fun in the process! - Sarah Trapani, The Mid-Coast Family Theatre Company.              What Makes a Healthy Friendship? Are you having friendship issues? Working individually and in small
                                                                                                                 groups we will use various arts; drama, music, movement, and visual arts to prompt conversation and
Dare to Dance: Express yourself through the rhythm of dance. Style to be determined. Do you dare?                thought about friendship. – Lindsay Pinchbeck.

                                               Session 2:                                                        Mellow Out! We will discuss the importance of a balanced lifestyle that allows ample time for school,
Dress to Express: See description under session 1.                                                               friends, family, and personal downtime. We will learn basic massage, including hand and foot massage that
                                                                                                                 can help manage stress. We’ll also do some stretching and breathing exercises. –Willow Hall.
Star Power: The media’s slick! And knows how to get into your head. So let’s talk about it! This is an
open discussion about everything from your favorite clothing brands, TV shows and movies, to what and            Egg On Your Face: See description in session 1.
who is in the spotlight! – Christina Venditti, Mainely Girls.
                                                                                                                 Boys, Boyfriends, and Best Friends: See description in session 2.
Healthy is Beautiful – Caring For Your Skin: See description in session 1.
                                                                                                                 Write What You Know: A tiny Nova Scotia village tomboy wove her childhood adventures into a novel:
Act it Out: See description in session 1.                                                                        The Witch of Beaver Creek Mine. If she can, you can! Come find out how! - Rosemarie Nervelle, author.

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