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					                      THE SADDLE CLUB - SERIES 3
                             Character Descriptions

Victoria Campbell plays Carole Hanson
Carole Hanson is a bright African American girl with a natural riding ability. Devastated
when her mother died of cancer, she almost gave up riding. But her father, U.S. Marine
Colonel Mitch Hanson, reminded Carole that her mother would have wanted her to follow
her passion.
With money left by her mother, she bought the stunning buckskin gelding, Starlight. Carole
knows her future lies with horses, but there are many exciting paths to follow and she doesn‟t
know which road to take. She has the potential to become a veterinarian but she would also
love to breed and train thoroughbreds. She wouldn‟t mind being a professional steeplechase
jockey, or maybe travelling the world teaching dressage clinics. Whatever career she
chooses, Carole‟s most immediate goal is to be the very best rider she can be.
Subconsciously seeking stability and a sense of permanence, Carole‟s greatest fear
materialises when her father is deployed overseas and it seems she will have to leave behind
everything she loves: her stable, her horse, but most of all: her friends in the Saddle Club.
Even though Carole still keeps in touch with friends from all over the world, before moving
to Willow Creek, she never stayed in one place long enough to establish any long term
friendships. As a result, she takes her friendship with Lisa and Stevie very seriously and
would do anything to preserve it.
Carole has little time for boys. She‟s never understood why anyone would prefer the
company of a boy to that of a horse. Warm and funny, Carole is always willing to help others
– as long as she still has time to go for a ride along nearby Fox Tail Creek. It‟s when the
morning sun sparkles through the trees and the water laps at Starlight‟s galloping hooves, that
Carole feels most alive. This is when the pressures of family, friends, school and competition
can‟t touch her. Anyone who catches a glimpse of horse and rider moving as one along the
lush creek can‟t help but be in awe.

Lauren Dixon plays Stevie Lake
Stevie Lake is the unsinkable unstoppable clown and prankster of the Saddle Club. She
abandoned her given name of Stephanie almost before she could talk and was always a bit of
a tomboy. Now, tiring of being one of the boys, but uncomfortable with the preening of
other girls her age, Stevie clings to the one thing that remains constant – her love of horses.
Stevie is impulsive, irrepressible and stubborn and once she devises a scheme there is no
chance of talking her out of it. Her „act now, think later‟ approach to life often gets her into
trouble but, when she enters the show ring, she becomes another person.
Stevie‟s parents, George and Catherine, are both lawyers with hectic schedules. They both
worked hard for everything they achieved and are determined to instil a solid work ethic in
their children. They have agreed to pay for one riding lesson a week but Stevie must work at
the stables in exchange for additional lessons.
Stevie is tomboyish and practises practical jokes so much because her three brothers have
driven her more sensitive side underground. She does not think things through and will
embark on some impetuous, hare-brained scheme, sucking Carole and Lisa into it on the way
through, and when everything gets out of hand, it is her two friends who have to bail
everybody out of the mess. But Stevie is irrepressible and unflappabable and moves straight
onto the next scheme/caper, leaving Carole and Lisa preparing for the worst again. Mind
you, they don‟t mind her pranks too much if Veronica is the target, as she often is.
Stevie‟s boisterous nature often causes her to clash with one of her best friends Lisa Atwood,
the sensible and sensitive girly girl who can be just as stubborn as Stevie. The two girls are
complete opposites and their tastes clash, Stevie likes rough riding while Lisa would prefer a
leisurely ride or even a makeover, puts the pair at odds during the series. When their
differences threaten to pull them apart, it is up to Carole to remind the two girls of their
mutual love of horses and make sure the Saddle Club stays together forever.

Ariel Kaplan plays Lisa Atwood
Lisa Atwood is an honor-roll student. Petite with classic good looks, Lisa dresses in
designer clothes. Lisa struggles to overcome the „good girl‟ image and is eager to take on
new challenges to prove her strength and stamina.
Lisa starts out riding Patch, the perfectly trained „push-button‟ school pony at Pine Hollow.
Eventually she graduates to riding Prancer, the chestnut thoroughbred mare. Lisa is
determined to make a show jumper out of the ex-racehorse, but the blue ribbon remains
Because her mother, Eleanor, lives her life through Lisa, she wants her daughter to be the
best at everything. Thus, Lisa is a classic over-achiever and perfectionist. She is always
striving to be that little bit better than everybody else is, so although she is a loyal friend to
Carole and Stevie, there is always that edge of rivalry between them to keep things
interesting. Lisa gets on well with boys and they really respond to her, because she is such a
good listener about any problem they might have. And the advice she gives is always on

Lisa‟s mother is a determined social climber and she sees the horse world as a way for her
daughter to be accepted into the „right‟ circles. As well as the riding lessons, Lisa takes
ballet, clarinet, art and tennis classes and she is envious of girls who can go home after school
and just „veg‟ out. Lisa‟s younger sister, Melanie, has now been enrolled at Pine Hollow and
unfortunately for Lisa, this means she will always be underfoot.
Lisa has grown from her initial insecure start at Pine Hollow to being an integral part of the
place with close bonds with Stevie and Carole.
But Lisa has another, unexpected side to her character – and it is horses which bring it out.
Yes, she is a perfectionist and over-achiever, but she has a way with horses – in fact all
animals – which is almost uncanny. This bond and intuition with horses is particularly strong
when it comes to the wild stallion, Diablo.

Marny Kennedy plays Veronica diAngelo
Veronica is a millionaire‟s spoiled daughter. She enjoys being admired on her expensive
thoroughbreds, but certainly has no interest in caring for them. That‟s what stable hands are
for. In the first series, Veronica causes her horse, Cobalt, to have a fatal accident. Her
father has brought her a new horse, Garnet, and the Saddle Club hope that Veronica has
learned her lesson and will look after this horse much better.
She attends the same school as the Saddle Club and resents it. She was quite content at her
elite girls‟ school in the city but when her parents bought the estate in Pine Hollow, they
decided to enrol her at the local school.
Veronica is a mass of contradictions when it comes to the Saddle Club – one part of her
wants to belong to the affectionate sisterhood enjoyed by Carole, Stevie and Lisa … and one
part of her sees it as tween and juvenile. This push/pull provides an unfailing dynamic in the
day to day lives of the girls. Because of Veronica‟s fanatical ambition to be better than
everybody else, she wants to be acknowledged as the best rider at Pine Hollow, superior to
Carole and Stevie in particular.
With her friend Kristi gone, Veronica realises she needs help to make war on the Saddle Club
so she enlists the aid of Desiree Biggins – Desi to everybody except Veronica who finds this
nickname too common – as her lieutenant and spy. But Veronica quickly learns that Desi is
an assertive individual who performs a delicate balancing act, befriending Veronica, the
Saddle Club and new rider Simon. As a result, Veronica has a complex relationship with
Desi, who often acts as her conscience on issues of right and wrong and playing fair.
Although Desi is the midpoint between Veronica and the Saddle Club, ultimately Desi proves
to be Veronica‟s best friend as she seeks to challenge Veronica and also takes the time to try
and understand this very complicated and sometimes vulnerable girl.
Under Veronica‟s sophisticated exterior beats a heart – but it only reveals itself at rare
moments and often because of the Saddle Club and Desi‟s efforts.
Veronica accepts that there are rules and norms in all social situations – they just don‟t apply
to her because she‟s special, and therefore above them.

Aisha Dee as Desiree Biggins
A very pretty, rather sweet upper class girl. She‟s been a member of a Pony Club since she
was little and now that her family have moved to Willow Creek she can spend even more
time on her beloved hobby. Desi, like Veronica and Carole, is an only child.
When Desiree first arrives at Pine Hollow she‟s ignored by Veronica and taken under the
wing of the Saddle Club. It‟s only when Veronica learns that Desi is the daughter of Barry
Biggins, a real estate magnate who has just sold his property development business for some
forty million dollars, that she changes her tune and cosies up to Desi.
Veronica woos the newcomer, even accommodating her arrogant thoroughbred gelding,
Midnight, at Garnet‟s expense. But as Desi settles in to Pine Hollow she slowly carves out a
niche for herself, managing not to fall out completely with the Saddle Club, as well as being
Veronica‟s ally, a balancing act that indicates just how politically adept she is.
Veronica plans to teach Desiree how to become… Veronica, but Desi quickly asserts herself
and Veronica realises Desi is no one‟s satellite. Desi and Veronica have a rather rocky
relationship as Desi isn‟t afraid to stand up to her best friend and challenge Veronica when it
looks like she is heading for morally dangerous territory.
Despite their ups and downs, Desi accepts Veronica for who she is. Desi has the ability to see
through Veroncia‟s hard exterior to heart of the vulnerable girl underneath.
Throughout the series Desi also befriends new Pine Hollow student Simon Atherton, much to
the annoyance of Veronica. Desi appreciates Simon‟s wit and his ability to deal with
Veronica on her own sneaky terms, able to see his potential as a good rider and all round nice

Richard Davies plays Max Regnery
Like his grandfather and father before him, Max Regnery runs Pine Hollow Stables as he
would a family. He cares about his students and celebrates their victories and mourns their
On the surface, he is relaxed and laid-back, but he has no patience for laziness. As far as he‟s
concerned, good horsemanship goes beyond knowing how to ride a horse. Everyone at the
stable is expected to pitch in and help with the care and maintenance of the horses.
A member of the National Equestrian Team when he was younger, Max was forced to retire
from competition after he suffered a bad fall from his horse. Now, Max is an excellent coach,
determined to foster a love of the sport among his students, but he knows when to back off.
There is nothing he despises more than the interfering, overbearing parents who force their
unwilling children into riding. Pine Hollow, like most riding stables, suffers from Sunday
dilettantes who just want a one-hour ride and then disappear for a month. Fortunately for
Max, the Saddle Club girls are absolutely dedicated to Pine Hollow and hold Max in very
high esteem. He and his mother are a very tight team and their friendly banter is the cause of
much amusement for the riders.

Briony Behets plays Elizabeth Regnery
Max‟s mother. Mrs. Reg‟s husband inherited Pine Hollow when his father died. She helped
her husband, Tom, run the Stables until he passed away. By then Max had had his accident
and gave up professional riding to take over the running of Pine Hollow alongside his mother.
A former hippie, Mrs. Reg is liberal and open-minded. When a human or animal is sick, she
still prefers to seek out homeopathic remedies and naturopathic treatments rather than rely on
traditional Western medicine.
The Saddle Club girls aren‟t about to talk to adults about their problems but they trust Mrs.
Reg. She‟s not your regular adult and the girls always feel better after speaking with her.
They know she‟ll always be there for them and never let them down.
What they don‟t know about Elizabeth Regnery is that years ago she was considered a top
grade rider. It was only when her son Max showed even greater potential that she put aside
her own ambitions to support him. When the stables have a need for another teacher, Max
suggests that Mrs. Reg start taking classes. This amuses the girls no end – until they see her

Kaiya Jones plays Jess Cooper
Jess is new to Pine Hollow. Her family are carnie folk and follow rodeos around the
country. The home schooling just wasn‟t working for her and she is spending the rest of the
year with her grandfather in Willow Creek and attending the local high school.
At Pine Hollow she is immediately befriended by Melanie who is missing her friend Ashley.
Ashley‟s family having moved to another district.
Jess has a few tricks of her own and is more than an equal match for Melanie and her crazy
ideas and schemes.

Ella-Rose Shenman plays Melanie Atwood
Melanie is Lisa‟s younger sister. Always sees herself in competition with her older sister. It
drives Lisa mad but Melanie loves her and thinks the world of her. This doesn‟t, however,
stop her from trying to outdo or embarrass her. Cute and lovable, Melanie is very
mischievous and will urge her friend, Jess, to join her crazy schemes only to play the
innocent when they‟re caught out. Melanie is an inquisitive girl who gets into everything,
like sand at a picnic. For example, she has a video camera always on hand to record a video
diary of Pine Hollow – or better still, any incident which will embarrass the older girls. She
and Jess also write a newsletter featuring any embarrassing snippet about the older girls
which they think should reach a wider audience.
The miniature baby donkey “Trouble” gets them both into a lot of … trouble.

Connor Jessup plays Simon Atherton
Simon has packed a lot into his 13 years – travel, relationships, education, hobbies – the only
trouble is it‟s all digital. Simon is a computer geek … to him; real life is a very inefficient
way to get experience. His parents are research scientists who travel the world attending
conferences and have parked him with his aunt and uncle in Willow Creek. Simon‟s
interpersonal skills are shaky so he spends a lot of time in his room with his next-generation
Afraid that he will grow an electrode out of his head, Roy and Gaye insist that he get out
more, join a club. The only local clubs are the football club and Pine Hollow Riding School.
Simon went on line and quickly figured out that twenty or so hefty guys going for the same
ball was a fraught situation – and the expression „injury time‟ nagged at him. Riding a horse
looked much more straight forward, particularly since the search engine led him to a lot of
caper westerns.
Cyberspace did not prepare him for the in-your-face reality of Carole, Stevie, Lisa, Melanie,
Jess et al – but the harshest reality check of all are the horses. Not only are they much bigger
than his monitor led him to believe but they are warm to the touch. Simon keeps his end up
the only way he knows how – with his Intel-inside wits and motor mouth. There‟s no fix he
can‟t talk his way out of – having foolishly talked his way into it in the first place. But there
is one situation he can‟t avoid forever and that is getting on a horse. With the Saddle Club,
not to mention Mrs. Reg and Jack, wanting him to mount up, there‟s only so long he can
postpone the day when pixel collides with pony.
He has a good heart and would never knowingly cause harm to anybody but he creates a lot
of confusion by trying to cover up his weak grasp of reality. However he‟s flexible enough to
change his ways – he really likes the girls at Pine Hollow because they treat him like one of
them – so he feels less like a geek, and eventually comes to prefer their company to his DS
Nintendo. He gets on very well with Desi because, like him, she has as many angles as the
Eiffel Tower.
He‟s the go-to man for anyone who needs IT assistance at Pine Hollow, and wants to position
the Regnery data-base on the information superhighway – with amusing results.

Troy Lovett plays Jack O’Neill
Jack is a real country boy with a yearning for the city and the big time. He‟s a wonderful
rider and a gem around the horses. His dream is to become a world famous trainer and he
will go to desperate lengths to prove his worth.
He‟s very handsome and rather „cool‟. The girls love him. Except Veronica who thinks
he‟s crass and way beneath her. They have a love/hate relationship.

Cosmo Feltham plays Murray Richards
Murray‟s mom and stepfather breed quarter-horses. He‟s a great rough rider. Loves horses
and loves the freedom of riding. A couple of his horses are on agistment at Pine Hollow and
he loves going there to hang out with his best friend Phil Marsten. Together the boys would
rather play pranks and muck up than conform to the structure of a pony club.
Great with The Barrel races.

Rory Donegan plays Phil Marsten
Phil is a member of the Cross County Pony Club, the rival pony club to Pine Hollow. These
past few months though he‟s been spending more time having lessons at Pine Hollow Stables,
because of his friendship with Murray. Phil and Murray are intensively competitive and love
to try and outdo Stevie and the other Pine Hollow students in the ring or on the trails.


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