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                                 Creating Community through
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                        SPECIAL EVENTS & BUS TRIPS
SPECIAL EVENTS                                   8TH ANNUAL MONSTER MASH                         DISNEY ON ICE BUS TRIP
All classes/ events will be at the Wixom         Who:      Everyone                              Who:     Everyone      When: Sat Oct 3
Community Center, 49015 Pontiac Trail,           When: Fri Oct 16 Time: 6-8 pm                   Time: Bus leaves 10 am ( Return 2:45 pm)
unless otherwise specified.                      Fee:      $8 per person (Age 2 & up)            Fee:     $20 per person
                                                            Canned food donation                 Join the celebration as 65 of Disney’s
HUNTER SAFETY                                    Come dressed to give the crowd a chuckle        unforgettable characters from 18 beloved
Who:       Age 10 and up (BY Dec 31, 2009)       or scare! DJ will play the latest knock dead    stories come to life in Disney on Ice celebrates
When: T/Th Sept 15, 17                           hits! Pizza dinner, cookies & punch included.   100 years of magic! Venue: The Palace. Fee
Time: 6-10 pm                                    Don’t forget your camera! Must pre-register     includes snack, admission & bus.
Fee:       $10 per person                        by 3 pm Oct 15. 250 max. Bring non-
Official course required to obtain a MI Hunting perishable item for Hospitality House.           TIGERS VS. WHITE SOX BUS TRIP
License. No hands-on training. Register early-                                                   Who:     Everyone
limited space. Adult must register with RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE                                    When: Sun Oct 4
students 16 years and under or stay within 5 Who:          Age 17+/ 110 lbs +                    Time: Bus leaves 11:15 am (Return 6 pm)
minutes of student to be picked up in the event When: A. Sept 23, 2-8 pm                         Fee:     $32 per person (Seats section 329)
of an emergency. (Taught by Oakland County)                B. Dec 23, 7am-7pm                    Join us in cheering on the Tigers at their LAST                             Fee:      One Pint of Blood                     Regular Season Home game vs. the Chicago
                                                 Please call Jodi at 248-624-2850 to make        White Sox! Register early- 20 minimum/ 45 max.
COWBOYS & COWGIRLS PARTY                         an appointment. Walk-ins also welcome. You      Limit 6 tickets per household. Fee includes
Who:       Boys & Girls Age 2-10                 can also schedule at Even     bus, snack & admission.
When: Th Sept 24                                 if you are on medications, are in remission
Time: 6-8 pm                                     from cancer (after 5 years) or have diabetes-   CURIOUS GEORGE BUS TRIP
Fee:       $18 per couple/ $5 ea add. child      you are still eligible!                         Who:     Everyone     When: Sat Oct 17
Round ‘em up! Join us for a fun night of music                                                   Time: Bus leaves 9 am
& dancing, hot dog dinner, baked beans, chips NEW! FALL MICRO-BEER TASTING                       Fee:     $ 24 Gallery A (24 seats)
and punch, bull riding and line dancing. Come Who:         Age 21+       When: Fri Nov 6                   $30 Main Floor (20 seats)
dressed up, bring your camera! Must pre- Time: 7-9 pm                    Fee: $18 per person     Fun new musical- George ends up on a
register, space is limited to the first 90 kids! Cheers! You’ve asked for it- we have            mission to help Chef Pisghetti’s meatballs win
                                                 scheduled it! Taste the beers you want to       a world-famous competition.Venue: Fox Theater.
HOSPITALITY HOUSE FOOD DRIVE                     enjoy and share during the Holidays.            Fee includes snack, admission & bus. Bring a
When: Oct 12-15                                  Selection of micro-brews, craft beers,          non-perishable item for Hospitality House.
Time: 7:15 am-5:30 pm                            domestic & international. Will also have a
Where: City Hall, Community Services             table of wines. Light snacks. Register by 3     LEGALLY BLONDE BUS TRIP
Please help fight against hunger within our pm, Nov 5.                                           Who: Everyone       When: Sat Oct 24
own community! Bring non-expired, non-                                                           Time: Bus leaves at 12:15 pm (Return 5:45 pm)
perishable items (cereal, canned veggies & TREE LIGHTING                                         Fee: $72
fruit, soup, tuna, jelly, peanut butter, juice, Who:        Everyone When:Wed Dec 2              Legally Blonde follows sorority star Elle Woods,
toiletries, etc.) to be distributed.             Time:      6:30-8 pm Fee: No charge             an underestimated blonde who doesn’t take
                                                 Come and see our municipal complex light        “no” for an answer. Venue: Fisher Theater. Fee
FALL FEST                                        up as we sing carols for the Holidays and       includes snack, admission & bus.
Who:       Age 2-10                              welcome Santa for the season. Bring your
When: Sat Oct 10 Time: 5-8 pm                    camera. Light refreshments will be served.
Where: Gilbert Willis Park, Loon Lake Rd.                                                        NUTCRACKER BUS TRIP
Fee:       $10 per child                         SANTA HOTLINE                                   Who:    Everyone When: Sat. Dec. 12
Sponsored by Genisys Credit Union. Great Who:              Age 3-8                               Time: Bus leaves 1:30 pm
event that is fun & festive for kids to dress up When: Calls made Mon Dec 7                      Fee:    $47- Seats @ Gallery A4 (35 seats)
and trick-r-treat along the trail from 5-7 pm! Time: Between 5:30-7:30 pm                                 $77- Seats @ Mezzanine 6 (10 seats)
Pumpkin, music, face painting, pony rides, Fee:            No charge                             Great Ballet Holiday tradition. The story of a
doughnuts & hayrides for all! Register at park. Fill out special form for Santa to call your     young German girl who dreams of a Nutcracker
No pre-registration at                           child.      Forms available online at           Prince. Fox Theater. Includes snack, ticket & bus.
Parks & Rec accepted.                   after 11/1 or stop in to
Limited to the first 400                         the Parks & Rec desk. Deadline Dec 4 by 5
kids.                                            pm. Wixom kids ONLY. (Call 248-624-2850         WIZARD OF OZ
                                                 if interested in volunteering.)                 Who:     Everyone When: Sat Jan 30
                                                                                                 Time: Bus leaves 6 pm (10:30 pm)
                                                BREAKFAST W/SANTA                                Fee:     $65
                                                Who:      Wixom Residents                        There truly is no place like home as the greatest
                                                When: Sat Dec 12 Time: 8-11 am                   family musical of all time, the wonderful WIZARD
                                                Fee:      Canned Food                            OF OZ, twists its way into Detroit! Think ahead:
                                                Visit the Fire Department located on Wixom       give tickets as Holiday gifts! Venue: Fisher
                                                Rd. to register for Breakfast with Santa or      Theater. Fee includes snack, admission & bus.
                                                call 248-624-1055.


                                                         ZUMBA FITNESS                                    SHOTOKAN KARATE
                                                         When: Wed Sept 30-Nov 25 *Omit 11/11             Contact World Sports Fitness 248-345-9150
                                                         Time: 6:05-7:05 pm
                                                         Fee:      $50 (8 wk)                             VING TSUN (WING CHUN) GUNG FU
                                                         Zumba is a fusion of Latin & International       Call Master Penfil Martial Arts 248-561-5700
                                                         music- dance themes. Combine the
                                                         principles of fitness interval & resistance      LINE DANCING
                                                         training to maximize caloric output, fat         When: Wed Sept 30-Nov 25 *Omit 11/11
                                                         burning and total body workout taught with       Time: 7:15-8:15 pm Fee: $72 (8 wk)
WIXOM FALL FARMERS MARKET                                easy to follow dance steps. Must pre-register.   Create new friendships & stay in shape
When: Every Thurs 3-7 pm                                 Inst: Ms. Stacy 5 minimum                        learning current beginner line dances! No
       Until Oct 29                                                                                       experience necessary- great class for all levels.
Where: Pontiac Trail & Old Wixom Rd                   ZUMBA GOLD                                          Come have some fun and exercise at the same
       (Across from Backyard Coney)                   Who:     Adults-Seniors                             time! (Not all dances are Country music!) Inst:
                                                      A. Wed Sept 30-Oct 21                               Coral & Adam 6 min
             Have you checked out our                    11:15 am-12:15 pm
             Market? Meet your friends and               Fee: $25 (4 wk) or $20 registered senior         NEW! SWING BABY SWING
             neighbors each Thursday and B. Tue Oct 6-Dec 1                   (*Omit 11/3 )               Who:     Adults
             shop for fresh veggies, fruits,             7:25-8:25 pm         Fee: $50 (8 wk)             When: Th Oct 1-Nov 19
             breads, meats, honey, jams, C. Wed Oct 28-Nov 18 (*Omit 11/11)                               Time: 7:25-8:25          Fee: $45 per person
salsas, teas, pumpkins, mums, cornstalks,                11:15 am-12:15 pm Fee: $15 (3 wk)                “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could go out there
fall decorations, pottery, jewelry, towels, D. Wed Dec 2-16                                               and command the floor and impress others?”
American doll clothes, potpourri, crafts &               11:15 am-12:15 pm Fee: $15 (3 wk)                Never miss out on a chance to dance and look
more.                                                 E. Tue Dec 8-22                                     great again! OR just do it for the fun of itl! Inst:
                                                         6:30-7:30 pm         Fee: $15 (3 wk)             Ms. Lauren of Theater Arts Productions. 6
In addition, market also hosts musical Take salsa, cha-cha, meringue, tango &                             students minimum/ 20 max
entertainment along with kids activities each cumbia and put it all in one LOWER IMPACT
week. Are you interested in becoming a workout routine and you have Zumba Gold!                           MOSAIC TILING
vendor? Call 248-624-2850.                            Dress comfortably. Wear tennis or dancing           When: A. Tue Oct 13
                                                      shoes & bring water! Must pre-register. Inst:                 B. Wed Oct 28
                                                      Ms. Pam 5 minimum                                   Time: 6:15-8 pm           Fee: $10 per person
HATHA YOGA                                                                                                Learn the basics of do it yourself mosaic tiling
When: Wed Sept 30-Nov 18 *Omit 11/11                  NEW! BOOT CAMP                                      for various applications, such as kitchen
Time: 7:15-8:15 pm Fee: $44 (7 wk)                    Who:     Women Age 16+                              backsplashes, decorative planter pots, and
For beginning and intermediate students. When: Tue Oct 6-Dec 1 *Omit 11/3                                 trivets. Inst: Ms. Melissa of Tomboy Tools-
Class focuses on the breath and increasing Time: 6:15-7:15 pm                                    5 students minimum/ 20 max
strength and flexibility. Bring mat or Fee:                    $120
purchase from instructor first night for $25. Instructor: Oakland County Adv. Boot Camp                   NEW! BEAUTIFY A ROOM IN A WEEKEND
(Please specify on reg. form) Inst: Ms. Rachel 6 min/ Women of all fitness levels, sizes and ages         When: Th Oct 22
20 max                                                   are gaining great results! You can too! Are      Time: 6:15-8 pm            Fee: $10 per person
                                                         you looking for a jump-start to your fitness     Intro to faux painting using popular, easy to do
VINYASA YOGA                                             program? Then this adventure is for you!         styles, and crown moulding installation. It’s
When: Th Oct 1-Nov 19                                                easier than you may think! Come have fun &
Time: 6:30-7:30 pm Fee: $50 (8 wks)                                                                       learn how to create the room you have always
Flowing sequence of postures linking breath       KICKBOXING FITNESS                                      wanted. Inst: Ms. Melissa of Tomboy Tools-
and movement. Classes will begin with a           Who: Age 16 up                                 5 students minimum/ 20 max
warm up and then move into postures which         A. Tu Sept 29-Nov 17 7:30-8:30 pm $60
will strengthen the core, as well as improve      B. Th Oct 1-Nov 19     7:30-8:30 pm $60
flexibility and endurance. Inst: Ms. Rachel 6 minimum/
                                                  C. Fr Oct 2-Nov 20    7-8 pm        $60
20 max
                                                  D. Sun Oct 4-Nov 22    7-8 pm       $60
GENTLE YOGA                                       E. Tu Nov 24-Jan 11 7:30-8:30 pm $60
                                                                                                             Would you like to receive email
When: Mon Oct 5-Nov 23                            F. Th Dec 3-Jan 21 7:30-8:30 pm $60
                                                                                                             updates on current events,
Time: 11:15 am-12:15 pm                           G. Fr   Nov 27-Jan 29 7-8 pm        $60
                                                                                                             activities, City news, or to
Fee:     $50 (8 wk), or $40 reg. senior rate      H. Sun Nov 29-Jan 17 7-8 pm         $60
                                                                                                             receive the brochures via
Slow paced class, focusing on strengthening Where: World Sports Fitness                                      email?
the spine while improving balance and Low impact great way to workout that burns                                   Follow these easy steps:
increasing flexibility. Accessible to all levels, 900 calories. Complete body workout. Will                   1. Go to
especially good for those healing from use punching & speed bags. Punch, kick,                                 2. Left toolbar- Click Signup email
surgery and those with less flexibility. Bring combine martial art techniques, boxing and                      3. Enter your email address
mat or purchase from instructor first class self defense to get into shape. Can substitute                     4. Check items you are interested in
for $25. (Please specify on reg. form) Inst: class days if unable to attend.
Ms. Rachel 6 min/ 20 max
                                  KIDS ACTIVITIES

KIDS CLASSES                                     NEW! INTRO TO ACTING                              NEW! LEPAK PLAY W/PURPOSE
All classes will be at the Wixom Community       Who:     Age 11-14                                Who:      A. Age 18-36 mo Tue Oct 6-Nov 24
Center, 49015 Pontiac Trail, unless              When: Th Oct 1-Nov 19                                       B. Age 3-5 yrs     Th Oct 1-Nov 19
otherwise specified.                             Time: 4:15-5:15 pm                                Time: 10-10:45 am
                                                 Fee:     $89                                      Where: Lepak and Associates
NEW! BROADWAY TOTS                               Students learn how actors train their voice,                3285 Martin Rd # 104, Comm. Twp
Who:      Age 3-5                                body & imagination to create characters on        Fee:      $80
When: Tue Oct 6-Dec 1 *Omit 11/3                 stage. “Open Scenes with Costumes” is the         Structured play group, designed by certified
Time: 10-10:30 am Fee: $54 (8 wk)                theme for these students. Classes are             speech and language pathologist, enhances
Alternate weeks of learning Tap & Jazz by        adjusted to fit the group’s age range and level   typical language development. Parents will
Sheryl, the owner of Sheryl’s School of Dance.   of experience. Inst: Ms. Lauren of Theater Arts   be taught to “play with a purpose” and elicit a
Your child will be introduced to Tap and Jazz,   Productions. 5 students minimum/ 20 max           variety of age appropriate language skills from
combining all the favorite moves and music                                                         their child. Research shows that enriching a
of today’s youth while improving coordination                                                      child’s language development gives them a
and flexibility and developing a child’s self-   CHEER & POM                                       head start in acquiring fundamental academic
esteem, personality & showmanship. 5             Who:     Age 4-8                                  skills. The facility boasts a large indoor gym,
students minimum/ 12 max                         When: Th Oct 1-Nov 19                             arts and crafts room, and sports room for your
                                                 Time: 5:30-6:10 pm                                child’s enjoyment. So join us and let the fun
MUSIC WITH JOY                                   Fee:     $62 (8 wk)                               begin! Pre-register with Parks & Rec- classes
Who:     Age 9 mo-4 years                        Learn Cheers, Pom & Dance routines                held at Lepak.
When: Wed Sept 30-Nov 25 *Omit 11/11             designed to improve coordination, physical
Time: 6:15-6:55 pm                               fitness & flexibility. Promotes confidence & a    PLAYTIME BAND/ INFANT
Fee:     $82 & $47 for 2nd child (8 wk)          sense of accomplishment while keeping your        Who:      Age 6-15 mo
Fun music & movement program for infants,        energy pumping to upbeat dance music of           When: Tue Sept 15-Dec 8
toddlers & preschool age children. Activities    today. Inst: Sheryl’s School of Dance. Bring      Time:     9:30-10:15 am
are well rounded and include a variety of        poms or purchase from inst. 1st night of class    Where: Total Sports Novi
music, songs, chants, instrument play,           for $5/set (specify on reg. form if needed). 6              41550 Grand River
bubbles & more! Inst: Music w/Joy 8 min/ 12      minimum/ 16 max                                   Fee:      $139 (12 wk)
max                                                                                                This music and play experience will help you
                                                                                                   build a warm and loving relationship with your
NEW! JUMP ROPE                                   JAZZ & HIP HOP COMBO                              infant. Learn how songs and musical games
Who:       Age 6-15                              Who:      Age 3-7                                 soothe infants, help them adjust, boost self
A. Wed Sept 30-Nov 4 Time: 5-6 pm                When: Th Oct 1-Nov 19                             esteem, develop language and build motor
B. Th Oct 1-Nov 5          Time: 7:30-8:30 pm    Time: 6:15-6:45 pm                                skills. Receive support from other new
Fee:       $60 (6 wks)                           Fee:      $54 (8 wk)                              parents as you share experiences while
Learn the basics of jump rope from highly        Girls & boys will increase flexibility &          exploring the indoor playground. Omit 11/24
experienced teachers. Tim from Jumpin’           coordination by learning the newest dance
Allstars in a fun learning environment! The      moves today. Move to the coolest new tunes
skills of single rope, long rope, double dutch   from Hannah Montana and learn how to              PLAYTIME BAND/ BABY
and Chinese wheel will not only help your        dance like the stars of High School Musical.      Who: Ages 10-18 mo w/Adult
child in other sports but emphasize the use      Will alternate genre each week. Inst: Sheryl’s    A. Tue Sept 15-Dec 8 Time: 11:30-12:15 pm
of team work. Beginner to advanced levels        School of Dance 6 minimum/ 16 max                 B. Wed Sept 16-Dec 9 Time: 9:15-10 am
will be taught. Fee includes single jump                                                           Where: Total Sports Novi, 41550 Grand River
rope. 6 students minimum/ 20 max                                                                   Fee:     $139 (12 wk)
                                                 TAP & BALLET COMBO                                Babies and their parents split time between
NEW! INTRODUCTION TO DRAMA                       Who:      Age 3-7                                 our indoor playground and developmental
Who:     Age 6-10                                When: Th Oct 1-Nov 19                             group activities. With ample time spent on
When: Wed Sept 30-Nov 25 *Omit 11/11             Time: 6:50-7:20 pm                                the indoor playground, babies can explore
Time: 4:15-5:15 pm Fee: $89                      Fee:      $54 (8 wk)                              freely and direct their own play. With your
Our early childhood expert from the Theatre      Boys & Girls learn basic motor & coordination     support your baby will also enjoy playing
Arts’ teaching staff helps to explore voice      skills through the art of dance. Children will    instruments, learning rhythm and movement.
exercises, body movement warm-ups,               increase their flexibility, balance & muscle      Some favorite activities include “Parachute
imagination exercises and to do a short          strength in this fun learning beginner course.    Merry-go-Round” and Bubble time to the tune
playlet with costume pieces. “A Trip to the      Tap shoes are preferred but not required.         of classical music. This class offers the time,
Circus” will be theme for this session. Inst:    Shoes will motivate & stimulate the senses        freedom and support babies need to feel self
Ms. Lauren of Theater Arts Productions. 5        for the ultimate learning experience. Will        confident. Inst: Play & Make Music. Pre-
students minimum/ 20 max                         alternate genre each week. Inst: Sheryl’s         register with Parks & Rec- classes held at
                                                 School of Dance. 6 minimum/ 16 max                Total Sports in Novi.

                                   KIDS ACTIVITIES

Who: Age 18-30 mo w/Adult                           Who: Age 2-6
A. Tue Sept 15-Dec 8   10:30-11:30 am               A. Mon Sept 14-Nov 23 6:30-7:30 pm              Register early!! Pre-registration is
B. Wed Sept 16-Dec 9   10-11 am                     B. Wed Sept 9- Nov 18 6-7 pm                    required for all programs unless
C. Thur Sept 17-Dec 10  9:30-10:30 am               Where: Infinity Athletics                       otherwise noted. Check, credit card or
D. Thur Sept 17-Dec 10 10:30-11:30 am                        28339 Beck Rd Suite F6
                                                                                                    cash are accepted. Registration is
Where: Total Sports-Novi, 41550 Grand River         Fee:     $215 (11 wks)
Fee:     $159 (12 wk)                               Designed for new athletes who want to get       accepted by phone, fax, online, mail or
Growing toddlers will enjoy open play on the        started in tumbling. All floor work only- no    walk in. A minimum enrollment (min/max
indoor playground where they can run, jump,         balance beams or bars included. Register        numbers) may be required to begin or
slide, and play freely. Children are also           through Parks & Rec- classes held at Infinity   continue an activity. The Recreation
encouraged to sing, play rhythm instruments,        Athletics. Class divided by skill level.        Dept. reserves the right to cancel any
and move to the music during structured                                                             activity based on insufficient enrollment
music time that enhances their language,            INFINITY TUMBLING 100                           or other conditions beyond our control.
cognitive, social and motivational skills. We       Who: Age 4-12                                   Every effort will be made to notify
have fun playing “Parachute Merry-go Round”         A. Mon Sept 14-Nov 23 4:30-5:30 pm
                                                                                                    registrants of program cancellations.
and having bubble time while listening to           B. Tue Sept 8- Nov 17 4:30-5:30 pm
classical music. Inst: Play & Make Music. Pre-      C. Th Sept 10-Nov 19 4:30-5:30 pm               PLEASE SIGN UP EARLY!
register with Parks & Rec- classes held at          Where: Infinity Athletics
Total Sports in Novi. Omit 11/24,11/25,11/26                  28339 Beck Rd Ste F6
                                                    Fee:      $215 (11 wks)
PLAYTIME BAND/ LITTLE LINGUINE                      Designed for athletes who are working on
Who:     Age 18-48 mo w/Adult                       standing and round off back handsprings.
A. Wed Sept 16-Dec 9        11 am-12 pm             All floor work only- no balance beams or bars
B. Thur Sept 17-Dec 10 11:30-12:30 pm               included. Register through Parks & Rec-
Where: Total Sports-Novi, 41550 Grand River         classes held at Infinity Athletics. Class
Fee:     $159 (12 wk)     omit 11/25/11/26          divided by skill level.
Social skills develop while children play,
share and make new friends as they explore          ENGLISH RIDING LESSONS
the indoor playground and develop learning          Who:     Age 7-16
skills through music and motor activities.          When: M-F 5-8 pm/ Sat-Sun 9 am-3 pm
Interactive music activities teach listening        Where: Haverhill Farms
skills, spatial concepts and cooperation.                     2986 McKeachie Rd, White Lake
Rhythm instruments such as wrist bells,             Fee:     $225 10 lessons
rhythm sticks, tambourines and lollipop             For beginners through advanced riders- flat
drums along with fun and lively songs will          lessons only. 2 Indoor & 2 outdoor arenas
keep children learning and growing. Inst: Play      allow for saddle time, no matter the weather.
& Make Music. Pre-register with Parks & Rec-        Register through Parks & Rec- classes held
classes held at Total Sports in Novi.               at Haverhill. You schedule when you start
                                                    after registering.
Who: Ages 1-4 w/Adult
A. Wed Sept 16-Dec 9 12:30-1:30 pm
B. Thur Sept 17-Dec 10 12:30-1:30 pm
Where: Total Sports-Novi
         41550 Grand River
Fee:     $159 1st child
         $79.50 each addt’l child (12 wk)
Now you can bring two children at the same
time. Your child and their friend or sibling will
                                                           Online Registration
enjoy open play on the indoor playground and
structured music activities. Rhythm            
instruments such as rainsticks, wrist bells,
and sandblocks will help teach children
                                                      Click Activities tab on top
cooperation and teamwork. Inst: Play & Make
Music. Pre-register with Parks & Rec- classes               Register at home
held at Total Sports in Novi. Omit 11/25,11/26
                                                          without service fees!
                    SENIOR CITIZEN CORNER
Hours:     Mon-Thurs 8:30 am - 2:30 pm                                    BRAIN TEASERS, CARDS, CRAFTS & BUNCO
Where:     Wixom Community Center 49015 Pontiac Trail                     When:    Every Wednesday            Time:11:30 am Fee:No charge
Web:    Phone: 248-624-0870                     Keep your mind sharp and your fingers nimble with different activities
Classes:   Held at Wixom Community Center                                 each week. Check center for activity schedule.

Check out all the activities available to senior citizens! Also stop by   Wii GAMES
the Community Center to look at all the upcoming travel                   When:    Every Tuesday              Time:12:30 pm Fee:No Charge
opportunities. New trips and new activities added daily!                  Come out and have some fun bowling and playing golf on the greatest
                                                                          game system of all. No prior experience needed.
Is your registration up to date? Yearly fees are due July 1st of          MAH JONGG
each year and run through June 30th of the following year. Wixom          When:      Every Tuesday               Time: 9 am
and Walled Lake Taxpayers pay $7 and all others $12.                      Play the age old game, Mah Jongg. Instruction given to those wishing
                                                                          to learn how to play. Pre-registration requested. Call 248-624-0870.
When:      Fri Sept 11 Where: Bakers of Milford Time: 6-10 pm             KNIT, SEW & CROCHET OR CRAFTY CARDS
Cost:      $15 per person                                                 When:      4th Tues of each month Time:1 pm         Fee:No Charge
There wil be DJ playing all of the old favorites to listen and dance      Come visit with friends while you work on those projects you have
to dinner and some mini contests and drawings for great prizes.           waiting for you. Create your own greeting cards.
This is an eight community event and should be alot of fun! Pre-
registration required. Call 248-624-0870                                  VETERAN’S ROUNDTABLE LUNCHEON
                                                                          When: 4th Monday of each month Time:12 noon Fee:No Charge
SENIOR DOCUMENT SHREDDING PROGRAM                                         Calling all Veterans – please join us for a roundtable luncheon. This
When:   Tues Sept 15 Time:10 am-12 noon. Bring documents.                 is an opportunity to socialize, swap stories and enjoy guest speakers
                                                                          during a lunch time program. Registration required 248-624-0870.
                                                                          REMEMBER WHEN
When:    Sept 15 & 16           Time:10 am-2:30 pm Fee: $12
                                                                          When:      1st & 3rd Monday of each month Time: 1 pm
Two day driving course to refresh your memory. Must register.
                                                                          Join us for a new program to remember the old times and create a
EXERCISE CLASS                                                            history for your families.
When:   Every Mon & Wed        Time: 10 am
                                                                          PIZZA & MOVIE
Fee:    $1 registered senior, $2 non-registered senior
                                                                          When:    1st Thurs of each month            Time: 11:30 am
ZUMBA GOLD- 4 weeks                                                       Fee:      $3 registered senior, $4 non-registered senior
Who:      Age 50 plus                                                     Come in and watch a movie and enjoy pizza with friends.
When:     Wed Sept 30-Oct 21 Time: 11:15 am-12:15 pm
                                                                          BROWN BAG, BINGO & BIRTHDAYS
Fee:      $20 registered senior, $25 non registered senior
                                                                          When:     2nd Thurs of each month            Time: 11:30 am
Take salsa, cha-cha, meringue, tango & cumbia and put it all in one
                                                                          Bring your lunch, play bingo and celebrate the Birthdays for the
LOWER IMPACT routine! Dress comfortably. Wear tennis shoes,
                                                                          month. Bingo cards are 4 for $1.
bring water and face towel! Must pre-register. Inst: Ms. Pam 5 minimum
                                                                          POT LUCK & SPEAKER
                                                                          When:     4th Thurs of the month             Time: 11:30 am
When:     Mon Oct 5-Nov 23       Time:11:15-12:15 pm
                                                                          Get together with friends & bring tableware. Each month’s theme
Fee:      $40 registered senior, $50 non registered senior
                                                                          and sign up sheet will be available at the Community Center.
Slow paced class, focusing on strengthening the spine while
improving balance and increasing flexibility. Designed for all levels,
                                                                          BLOOD PRESSURE CHECK
Bring mat or purchase from instructor first class for $25. (Please
                                                                          When:  4th Thurs of the month Time:10:30 am          Fee:No charge
specify on reg. form) Inst: Ms. Rachel 6 min/ 20 max
TRAIL TREKKERS                                                            LUNCH BUNCH
When:     Every Friday           Time: 9 am      Fee: No Charge           When:       Oct 12, Nov 9, Dec 14 Time: 11:30 am Fee:Varies
Even though the Community Center is closed on Fridays, you can            Visit local restaurants for a nice afternoon out with friends.
keep up with your exercise or start a walking program right here in
                                                                          SENIOR VAN TRANSPORTATION SERVICE The City of Wixom
our local parks. Logs available at the senior counter.
                                                                          sponsors a van program for Wixom Seniors who are unable to drive
LINE DANCE                                                                to appointments, shopping areas and grocery stores. Call the Wixom
When:   Every Tueday                                                      Seniors at (248) 624-0870 for more information.
Time:    Beginners 1-2 pm Intermediate 12 noon- 1 pm
Fee:     $4 registered senior, $5 non-registered senior                   LOAN CLOSET- Are you in need of any health equipment such as
                                                                          walkers, wheelchairs and more? Please call 248-624-0870.
When:    1st Tuesday of each month, Time: 10 am-12 pm                     HOMEBOUND MEAL DELIVERY- Meals on Wheels for senior
Fee:    $20 registered senior,        $22 non-registered senior           shut-ins, call Community Outreach Food Service Program at 1-888-
Come learn how to create beautiful landscapes. Materials provided.        886-8971.

  How To Register                                           Park Pavilion Rentals
For Parks & Recreation Programs                            Banquet Room Rentals
           News Flash- no service fee!
           Starts: Now
           Register at Website:
  - click activities tab

            USE FORM ON BACK
            Complete form with
            Visa/ Mastercard # and
            Fax to: 248-960-8873
                                                                 PA R K PA V I L I O N R E N TA LS
           BY MAIL
           USE FORM ON BACK                                          Reserve for your speci al event:
           Community Services                                       Fami ly reuni ons, busi ness pi cni cs,
           49045 Pontiac Trail                                             bi rthday parti es, etc.
           Wixom, MI 48393                                              Appli cati ons avai lable onli ne
           WALK-IN                                                tyofwi
           MON-THURS 7:15 AM-5:30 PM
                                                                       Si bley Square Park - Ponti ac Tr.
           Community Services
           49015 Pontiac Trail                                      Gi lbert Wi lli s Park- Loon Lake Rd
           Wixom, MI 48393
                                                                       Gunnar Mettala Park- Maple Rd
           PHONE                                              Fee: $125 , Plus $100 Securi ty D eposi t
           248-624-2850                                            Securi ty D eposi t i s refundable

                                                        BA N Q U E T A N D M E E T I N G R O O M R E N TA L
                                                         MONDAY-THURSDAY & SUNDAY RENTALS UNTIL 11 PM

                                                          R oom              Siz e    Room Capacity      First 3 hours

                                                        A , B , or C       16 x 33'      30 people            $75

                                                            AB             32 x 33'      50 people            $150

                                                           ABC             48 x 33'      80 people            $175

                                                        Stage Room         48 X 32'     100 people            $225

                                                         Ballroom          48 x 74'     250 people            $375

                                                          Kitchen                                             $40

                                                                       SATURDAY RENTAL 9 am - 12 midnight

                                                          R oom              Siz e    Room Capacity           F ee

                                                         Ballroom          48 x 74'     250 people           $1100

                                                        Now - Rental information available online at
                                                                               or call 248-624-2850

                                                                                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                             WIXOM, MI

                                                                                                                                           PERMIT NO. 27

    Sept. / Dec. 2009
    Published by:
    City of Wixom
    Community Services Staff
    Phone 248-624-2850
    Fax 248-960-8873
                                                                                          TO: BOXHOLDER
    City Council:                                                                         WIXOM, MI 48393
    Mayor Kevin Hinkley
    Deputy Mayor Richard Ziegler
    Jim Cutright
    Nancy Dingeldey
    John Lee
    Ron Nordstrom
    Lori Rich

    City Manager:
    Mike Dornan
    Assistant City Manager:
                                                          Printed on Recycled Paper
    Tony Nowicki

       Registration Form
         gistra     Form
     Family Last Name:_________________________Address________________________City_____________

     Zip_________________Phone (H)_______________Phone (W)_________________Date______________
      E-MAIL ADDRESS :                                                                      Would you like to be placed on our email constant contact list
                                                                                                 for updates on events? If yes check here________.

         Re gis trants                                                 Clas s D ay &
                                          Activity                                                        Fe e                       Birthday
           Name                                                            Time

      Payment:     Cash Amout____________________________Check # and Amount____________________________________
                  Visa / Mastercard# _______________________ Exp. Date_____Signature______________ Security Code______

                                                    Make check payable to CITY OF WIXOM
                         Mail to City of Wixom, Community Services Department, 49045 Pontiac Trail, Wixom, MI 48393.
                                  For further information, please call (248) 624-2850 or fax to (248) 960-8873.
                         REFUND POLICY - Cancellation must occur 1 week prior to event to receive a refund.
        By accepting my registration in the above event (s), I hereby understand that I release my rights or claims for damages I may have against the City
        of Wixom, its instructors or City staff, through which this program is conducted. Signature _____________________________Date___________


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