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					                                                                                               Brookside Hall
                                                                                       (Riverbend Community Lea gue)
                                                                                              5320 – 143 Street
                                                                                             Edmonton, Alberta


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                                                                                      Peanut Butter and Jam Play group

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November 2009                                                                                                Issue No. 3

Inside this issue:                                   Liaisons are
                                              Cleaning B ees members who attend executive meetings and
                                                     communicate the information back to their session.
Cleaning Bees                           1      Thanks to everyone for their hard work      Upcoming Cleaning Bee:
                                                            We are still bee. It was a        for 2 5 @ 7p and
                                               at the November cleaning looking for Liaisons Jan Wednesday m
Supplies                                1                   Thursday am sessions. help.
                                               quick job with all of the great

Welcome Wagon                           1      Remember to bring a bucket, rags,
                                               rubber gloves, old sheets or towels
Christmas Party & Silent Auction        2      for drying toys, and work clothes that
                                               you won't mind getting bleach on.
Around Town                             2      Cleaning bees are moving to Mondays in
                                               the New Year.     Check your duty sheet
                                                            If you are interested in volunteering, please contact
                                               to make sure someone has signed. It's
                                                            Sheilagh at (780) 439-8379 or
                                               a quick and easy task with a full
Supplies                                       turnout.
If you are looking for any supplies
(toys, cleaning, crafts etc.), Karen          Do you have a new baby?
welcomes      any     requests    or
suggestions.                                                     Welcome Wagon In Home Baby Programs provide
                                                                 gifts from local civic minded businesses and valuable
Please email                                 information at this special time in your life. Where
or call 780-421-9171.                                            available you can expect to personally see a
                                                                 Welcome Wagon Representative, bringing a friendly
                                                                 smile and a FREE gift package, including a copy of
Thanks for your help.
                                                                 Baby Stages magazine. Should we miss you in the
                                                                 hospital just call us and we will arrange an in home
                                                                 visit. Please call Margaret at 780-905-7173, or Julie
                                                                 at 780-695-5620.

     Brookview Community Preschool                                              Fun f or the Wh ole F amil y!

    Christmas Party & Silent Auction                                             Silent Auction
           Saturday, December 12, 2009                                           Horse drawn wagon rides
                12:00pm – 4:00pm                                                 Santa
                                                                                 Hot Dog / Marshmellow roast
                                                                                 Cookie decorating
                                                                                 Face painting
                                                                                 Much more!
    Brookview Community Preschool will open in Fall 2010.
     Contact Dawn at for more info.                    Come out and support this community event
Family Events Around Town
Nov 14             Christmas on the Square Light Up                       Dec 2-3      Christmas Craft Sale
Location:          Sir Winston Churchill Square                           Time:        10:00am – 2:00pm
Features:          Watch the tree light-up, family entertainment,         Location:    Legislature Pedway located near the
                   Santa, fireworks and more.                                          Interpretive Centre, 10820 – 98 Ave
                                                                          Features:    Handmade Alberta crafts
Nov 15             Moms For Moms Christmas Market
Time:              10:00am – 4:00pm                                       Dec 3-6      Butterdome Christmas Craft Fair
Location:          Brookside Hall                                         Location:    University of Alberta
                   5320 – 143 Street                                                   87 Ave and 114 Street
                                                                          Features:    One of the largest craft fairs
Features:          Get all your shopping done in one location!
                   Great for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, teacher    Dec 6        Jingle on Indoor Santa Claus Parade
                   gifts and YOURSELF! Stella & Dot, Epicure,             Time:        10:00am
                   Tomboy Tools, Avon, Creative Memories,                 Location:    Downtown Pedway
                   Tupperware, Usborne Books, Stampn' Up,                 Features:    Beginning in Commerce Place through City
                   Norwex and more....Fill out your very own                           Centre East
                   Wish List and we email it right to your hubby!
                   Free Admission, Door Prizes & Goody Bags               Dec 6        Country Christmas
                                                                          Location:    Greenland Garden Centre
Nov 20-21          Little Bear Winter Tales                                            23108 Highway 16 , Sherwood Park
Time:              12:30pm Sat; 2:00pm Sun                                Time:        10:00am – 5:00pm
Location:          Festival Place, Sherwood Park                          Features:    Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and
Features:          Musical theatre about Little Bear’s seasonal                        enjoy an afternoon of old fashioned Christmas
                   festivities and celebrations.                                       fun. Family and friends are invited to meet at
                                                                                       Greenland and enjoy hay rides, kids’ activities,
Nov 24 – Jan 6     Bright Nights                                                       marshmallow roast, and of course Santa!
Location:          Hawrelak Park                                                       Please bring your donation for the Food Bank
Features:          Drive through over 600 displays of Christmas                        and enjoy the activities for a minimum
                   lights.                                                             donation of a toonie per person to the
                                                                                       Strathcona Christmas Bureau.
Nov 26-28          Festival of Trees
Time:              9-9 Thurs & Fri; 9-5 Sat                               Dec 6 – 23   Christmas Reflections
Location:          Shaw Conference Centre                                 Time:        Dec 6, 13, 20 4:00pm – 8:00pm
Features:          Hundreds of trees and decorations, children’s                       Dec 11, 12,17-19, 21-23 6-:00pm 10:00pm
                   crafts, Santa, live entertainment and much             Location:    Fort Edmonton Park
                   more.                                                  Features:    View charming Christmas displays and
                                                                                       twinkling lights from your horse-drawn ride
Nov 27 – Dec 23 A Christmas Carol                                                      through the Park, then savour a warming cup
Location:       Citadel Theatre                                                        of cider or hot chocolate
Features:       A Christmas Carol returns to the Citadel this
                season for it’s 10th anniversary, continuing an           Dec 6-20     Christmas Sundays
                Edmonton holiday tradition.                               Time:        1:00pm – 4:00pm
                                                                          Location:    Muttart Conservatory
Nov 28             Willy Wonka                                            Features:    Each Sunday we will feature live music,
Time:              2:00pm                                                              Christmas crafts, mini-projects and activities for
Location:          Arden Theatre, St. Albert                                           all ages. Enter to win a beautiful Christmas
Features:          St. Albert Children’s Theatre brings to life the                    Gift Basket.     Don’t forget to purchase a
                   timeless classic of Willy Wonka, the story of                       poinsettia.
                   the world’s most famous Candy Man and his
                   quest to find an heir for his empire.                  Dec 12       Candy Cane Lane Opens
                                                                          Location:    148 St between 100 Ave to 92 Ave
Nov 29             Breakfast with Santa                                   Features:    Resident in the area put on a amazing
Time:              8:30am – 10:00am                                                    Christmas li ght display. Residents collect
Location:          Shaw Conference Centre                                              items for food bank.
Features:          Breakfast, live entertainment, crafts & Santa. Fr
                   children 2-12 (under 2 is free). Tickets on sale       Dec 13       Snowflake Fantasy
                                                                          Time:        1:00pm – 4:00pm
                   October 13.
                                                                          Location:    John Janzen Nature Centre
                                                                          Features:    Create paper snowflakes of all sorts to
                                                                                       decorate your home for Christmas. Learn
                                                                                       about the science of snowflakes and enjoy
                                                                                       seasonal music.

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