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					Name                                     Selling
A Virtue                                 Bags
All2Dance                                Dance Classes
All2Dance                                Dance Classes
Aman                                     Jewelry
Amano                                    Shoes
Amano                                    Shoes
Amnesty International Group 297          Info
Andean Corner                            Pottery + Jewelry
Art and Craft Cuatro Suyos LLC           Clothing-Kid
Aurora Bath+Jewels                       Candles + Accessories
Big Mama's Blessing Candles Co           Candles + Accessories
BoxBoy Demented Decoupage                Box
C Studio/BeadPeace                       Jewelry
Carmen's Italian Ice                     Ice Cream
Carmen's Italian Ice                     Ice Cream
Census                                   Info
Cookie Lee Jewelry                       Jewelry
Dazzling Dangles                         Jewelry
Earthwear                                T-shirts
Fae's 3 Designs                          Jewelry
Fair Days Play                           Sport
Foundation for the Children of Vietnam   Accessories
Fun Crafts                               Animal Figurines
Gnarly Artly                             T-shirts
Green Home LLC                           Solar items
Guirong Yuan                             Music CDs
House of Musical Traditions              Music CDs
Hungry For Music                         supply instruments to needy
JAH2!                                    Accessories
Janette's Dream Art Studio               Art
Jazz Booth                               water, fest tees, fest chairs, info
Jellybug Artworks                        Jewelry
Jinja Boutique                           Textile
John Lewis Musical Thirds                Music
KAOTIK                                   Clothing
Ke Chic Boutique                         Jewelry
Kids Toys                                Toy
Little Ned Stories                       Books
Mark's Kitchen                           Food
Mary Ellen Doran                         Jewelry
Old Takoma Park Business Assc./Voice     Info
On the Avenue Marketing                  Newspapers
Patsy's British Cards                    Cards
Patuxent Music                           Music
Percy Medina                             Accessories
Police Department                        Info
RCN                                      Info
Recreation Department                    Info
Recreation Department          Info
Robin Blackshire Photography   Art
Rohams Home Scents             Candles + Accessories
Roscoe                         Pizza
SGI-USA                        Info
Shoba Ohal                     Jewelry
Sid Gold                       Misc
Silverbird                     Jewelry
Stepheny Wallace               Jewelry
Still Point                    Mind and body relaxing products
SZ Design                      Jewelry
Takoma Foundation              Support Takoma Park
Takoma Park Folk Fest          Info
Takoma Park Friends Meeting    Info
The Bag Ladies                 Bags
The Great Zimbabwe             Textile
The Tranquil Soul              T-shirts
Tokyo 13                       Misc
Tomboy Jewels                  Jewelry
Traveling Savage               Jewelry
Westwood College               Info
Wheaton Doors & Windows        Info
William Macharia               Jewelry
Willow Street Soul Yoga        Info
YS Rajfilebal                  Hand Design
Creative Energy Source         Jewelry
Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry     Jewelry
Nancy Franklin                 Jewelry
Jazzy Jewelz                   Jewelry
Flamboyan Designs              Jewelry
Lassana Djombera               Bags
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7050 carroll ave #102                                                                                                    

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