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									                           Title                                             Author                Pre-Bound ISBN
Abe Lincoln's Hat                                          Brenner, Martha                        9780784819425
Abel's Island                                              Steig, William                         9780784819432
Abiyoyo                                                    Seeger, Pete                           9780784819449
Absent Author, The                                         Roy, Ron                               9780784819456
Absolutely Normal Chaos                                    Creech, Sharon                         9780784812228
Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, The           Alexie, Sherman                         9780784833919
Abuela                                                     Dorros, Arthur                         9780784819463
Abundance of Katherines, An                                Green, John                            9780784819470
Acceleration                                               McNamee, Graham                        9780784819487
Acceptable Risk                                            Cook, Robin                            9780784815397
Acorn People, The                                          Jones, Ron                             9780884832942
Across Five Aprils                                         Hunt, Irene                            9780884835431
Actor's Book of Scenes From New Plays                      Lane, Eric & Shengold, Nina, Editors   9780784813935
Adam of the Road                                           Gray, Elizabeth Janet                  9780784801208
Addition Annie (Rookie Readers)                            Gisler, David                          9780784819500
Adventures of Captain Underpants, The                      Pilkey, Dav                            9780784819524
Adventures of Huck Finn -- Everbind Anthology              Twain, Mark                            9780971075603
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Dover Edition)             Twain, Mark                            9780784812006
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (Bantam Classics       Twain, Mark
Edition)                                                                                          9780784819531
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (Penguin Classics      Twain, Mark
Edition)                                                                                          9780784832295
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (Signet Edition)       Twain, Mark
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (Tor Edition)          Twain, Mark                            9780784809877
Adventures of the Greek Heroes                             McLean, Molly, & Anne Wilseman         9780784832301
Adventures of Tom Sawyer -- Everbind Anthology             Twain, Mark                            9780971075665
Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of             Twain, Mark
Huckleberry Finn, The                                                                             9780784832318
Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The (Bantam Classics             Twain, Mark
Edition)                                                                                          9780784819548
Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The (Signet Edition)             Twain, Mark                            9780884832607
Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The (Tor Classics Edition)       Twain, Mark
Adventures of Ulysses                                      Evslin, Bernard                        9780784805992
Aeneid, The (Dickinson Translation)                        Virgil                                 9781557441232
Aesop's Fables                                             McGovern, Ann                          9780784801123
After the Dancing Days                                     Rostkowski, Margaret I.                9780784832332
After the First Death                                      Cormier, Robert                        9780784806937
After the Rain                                             Mazer, Norma Fox                       9780784819555
Afterlife, The                                             Soto, Gary                             9780784819562
Afternoon of the Elves                                     Lisle, Janet Taylor                    9780784819579
Airborn                                                    Oppel, Kenneth                         9780784819593
Ajeemah and His Son                                        Berry, James                           9780784816899
Al Capone Does My Shirts                                   Choldenko, Gennifer                    9780784819609
Alan & Naomi                                               Levoy, Myron                           9781557448828
Alas, Babylon                                              Frank, Pat                             9780784832349
Alchemist, The                                             Coelho, Paul                           9780784816295
Alexander & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Viorst, Judith
Alexander & the Wind Up Mouse                              Lionni, Leo                            9780784800003
Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich                             Viorst, Judith                         9780784802397
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Signet Edition)      Carroll, Lewis
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Tor Edition)         Carroll, Lewis                         9780784810033
Alicia, My Story                                       Applebaum-Jurman, Alicia               9780784803851
Alienist,The                                           Carr, Caleb                            9780784818817
Alison's Zinnia                                        Lobel, Anita                           9780784819616
Alive, Story of the Andes Survivors                    Read, Piers Paul                       9780884834465
All My Sons                                            Miller, Arthur                         9780784810811
All of a Kind Family                                   Taylor, Sydney                         9780884837374
All Quiet on the Western Front                         Remarque, Erich M.                     9780884832805
All Sail Set: A Romance of the Flying Cloud            Sperry, Armstrong                      9780784819630
All Souls Rising                                       Bell, Madison Smartt                   9780784819104
All The King's Men                                     Warren, Robert Penn                    9780784806708
All the President's Men                                Bernstein, Carl & Bob Woodward         9780784810569
All the Pretty Horses                                  McCarthy, Cormac                       9780784806371
All the Small Poems & Fourteen More                    Worth, Valerie                         9780784819647
Allen Jay & the Underground Railroad                   Brill, Marlene Targ                    9780784819654
Almost a Woman                                         Santiago, Esmeralda                    9780784814574
Almost Starring Skinny-Bones                           Park, Barbara                          9780784819661
Alone in His Teacher's House (Marvin Redpost #4)       Sachar, Louis
Along Came a Dog                                       De Jong, Meindert                      9780784819678
Alvin Ailey                                            Davis Pinkney, Andrea                  9780784819685
Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned                   Mosley, Walter                         9780784818824
Always Room for One More                               Leodhas, Sorche Nic                    9780784819692
Always Running                                         Rodriguez, Luis                        9780784810750
Am I Blue?: Coming Out from the Silence                Bauer, Marion Dane                     9780784819708
Amadeus: A Play                                        Shaffer, Peter                         9780784814796
Aman                                                   Barnes, Virginia Lee, & Janice Boddy   9780784819715
Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay                  Chabon, Michael                        9780784815410
Amazing Bone, The                                      Steig, William                         9780784819739
Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin, The                 Giblin, James Cross                    9780784819746
Amber Brown Is Feeling Blue                            Danziger, Paula                        9780784819753
Amber Brown Is Green With Envy                         Danziger, Paula                        9780784819760
Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon                            Danziger, Paula                        9780784819777
Amber Brown Sees Red                                   Danziger, Paula                        9780784819784
Amber on the Mountain                                  Johnston, Tony                         9780784819791
Amelia Bedelia                                         Parish, Peggy                          9781557443632
Amelia Bedelia and the Baby                            Parish, Peggy                          9780784803363
Amelia Bedelia Helps Out                               Parish, Peggy                          9780784819807
America                                                Frank, E.R.                            9780784819814
America Street                                         Mazer, Anne, Editor                    9780784818077
American Born Chinese                                  Yang, Gene Luen, & Gene Yang           9780784819821
American Century Dictionary (Mass Sized Edition)       Oxford Eds.                            9780784819838
American Century Thesaurus (Mass Sized Edition)        Oxford Eds.
American Chica                                         Arana, Marie                            9780784834008
American Dragons: 25 Asian American Voices             Yep, Laurence                          9780784814185
American Dream, The & The Zoo Story                    Albee, Edward                          9780784810576
American Eyes                                          Carlson, Lori                          9780784810439
American Heritage Dictionary (Fourth Edition) (Trade   Houghton Mifflin Editors
Sized Edition)                                                                                9780784819852
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language    American Heritage Editors
American Heritage Essential Student Thesaurus           American Heritage Editors          9780784813683
American Reader, The                                    Ravitch, Diane                     9780784816271
American Shaolin: Flying Kicks, Buddhist Monks, and the Polly, Matthew
Legend of Iron Crotch: An Odyssey in the new China
American Short Story, Vol. 1                            Skaggs, Calvin, Editor             9780884838838
American Short Story, Vol. 2                            Skaggs, Calvin, Editor             9780884838821
American Tall Tales                                     Stoutenburg, Adrien                9780784801154
American Tragedy, An                                    Dreiser, Theodore                  9780884834380
America's Dream                                         Santiago, Esmeralda                9780784811689
Among the Hidden                                        Haddix, Margaret Peterson          9780784817780
Among the Imposters                                     Haddix, Margaret                   9780784819876
Amos & Boris                                            Steig, William                     9780784811290
Amos Fortune, Free Man                                  Yates, Elizabeth                   9781557445193
Anansi Boys                                             Gaiman, Neil                       9780784819883
Anastasia Again                                         Lowry, Lois                        9780884837145
Anastasia Has the Answers                               Lowry, Lois                        9780784801253
Anastasia Krupnik                                       Lowry, Lois                        9780784819890
And I Mean It, Stanley                                  Bonsall, Crosby                    9780784819906
And Now Miguel                                          Krumgold, Joseph                   9781557448811
And the Band Played On: Politics, People, & the AIDS    Shilts, Randy
Epidemic                                                                                   9780784819913
And Then There Were None                                Christie, Agatha                   9780884835523
And Then What Happened Paul Revere?                     Fritz, Jean                        9781557442178
Angel Experiment, The (Maximum Ride #01)                Patterson, James                   9780784826799
Angel for Solomon Singer, An                            Rylant, Cynthia                    9780784819920
Angel of Darkness                                       Carr, Caleb                        9780784815281
Angela's Ashes                                          McCourt, Frank                     9780784812938
Angus, Thongs & Full-Frontal Snogging: Confessions of   Rennison, Louise
Georgia Nicolson                                                                           9780784819944
Animal Dreams                                           Kingsolver, Barbara                9780784808627
Animal Family, The                                      Jarrell, Randall                   9780784819951
Animal Farm                                             Orwell, George                     9780884830696
Animal Homes (Science Emergent Readers)                 Chessen, Betsey, & Pamela Chanko   9780784819968
Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing             Barrett, Judith                    9780784819975
Anne Frank Remembered                                   Gies, Miep, & Alison Leslie Gold   9780784819982
Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl                   Frank, Anne                        9780884830474
Anne Of Green Gables                                    Montgomery, L.M.                   9780784809952
Annie & the Old One                                     Miles, Miska                       9780784802441
Annie John                                              Kincaid, Jamaica                   9780784809334
Annie on My Mind                                        Garden, Nancy                      9780784820001
Another Country                                         Baldwin, James                     9780784810606
Anpao: An American Indian Odyssey                       Highwater, Jamake                  9780784820025
Antarctica                                              Robinson, Kim Stanley              9780784820032
Anthem                                                  Rand, Ayn                          9780884835493
Anthony Burns                                           Hamilton, Virginia                 9780784806869
Antigone (Dover Edition)                                Sophocles                          9780784832363
Antigone (Oxford World's Classics Edition)              Sophocles                          9780784832356
Antigone, Oedipus the King, Electra (Oxford World's     Sophocles
Classics Edition)                                                                          9780784832370
Appalachia: The Voices of Sleeping Birds                Rylant, Cynthia                    9780784820049
Apple and the Arrow                                   Buff, Conrad, & Mary Buff      9780784820056
Apprenticeship of Lucas Whitaker, The                 DeFelice, Cynthia              9780784820063
April Morning                                         Fast, Howard                   9780884830085
Are You in the House Alone?                           Peck, Richard                  9780784820087
Are You There God? It's Me Margaret                   Blume, Judy                    9780884836957
Aristotle's Poetics (Butcher Translation)             Aristotle                      9780784817001
Arizona Kid, The                                      Koertge, Ron                   9780784820094
Arms & The Man                                        Shaw, George Bernard           9780787818746
Around the World in Eighty Days (Tor Edition)         Verne, Jules                   9780784810095
Arrow to the Sun: A Pueblo Indian Tale                McDermott, Gerald              9780784820100
Arrowsmith                                            Lewis, Sinclair                9780884832737
Arsenic & Old Lace                                    Kesselring, Joseph             9780784819210
Art Lesson, The                                       de Paola, Tomie                9780784820117
Arthur Meets the President                            Brown, Marc T.                 9780784820124
Arthur Writes a Story                                 Brown, Marc T.                 9780784820131
Arthur, For the Very First Time                       MacLachlan, Patricia           9780884839248
Arthur's Birthday Party                               Hoban, Lillian                 9780784820148
Arthur's Eyes                                         Brown, Marc T.                 9780784820155
Arthur's Honey Bear                                   Hoban, Lillian                 9781557443366
Arthur's Loose Tooth                                  Hoban, Lillian                 9780784820179
As I Lay Dying                                        Faulkner, William              9780784804001
As Simple As Snow                                     Galloway, Gregory              9780784820186
As You Like It (Bantam Edition)                       Shakespeare, William           9781557446503
As You Like It (Folger Edition)                       Shakespeare, William           9780884830634
Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions                   Musgrove, Margaret             9780784820193
Ashley Bryan's ABC of African American Poetry         Bryan, Ashley                  9780784820209
Ask Me No Questions                                   Budhos, Marina                 9780784818893
Ask Mr. Bear                                          Flack, Marjorie                9780784811511
Astonishing Life Of Octavian Nothing, The             Anderson, M.T.                 9780784819005
At All Costs                                          Gilstrap, John                 9780784820216
Athletic Shorts: Six Short Stories                    Crutcher, Chris                9780784820223
Audition                                              Shurtleff, Mike                9780784818213
Aunt Flossie's Hats (and Crab Cakes Later)            Howard, Elizabeth Fitzgerald   9780784820230
Autobiography & Other Writings                        Franklin, Benjamin             9780784812662
Autobiography of a Face                               Grealy, Lucy                   9780784833759
Autobiography of Malcolm X, The                       Haley, Alex                    9781557448446
Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, The               Gaines, Ernest                 9780884831556
Autobiography of My Dead Brother                      Myers, Walter Dean             9780784820247
Autobiography of My Mother                            Kincaid, Jamaica               9780784815564
Autumn Leaves                                         Myers, Walter Dean             9780784820247
Autumn Street                                         Lowry, Lois                    9780784803318
Awakening & Other Selected Stories (Signet Edition)   Chopin, Kate
Awakening (Dover Edition)                             Chopin, Kate                   9780784811993
Awakening, The (Avon Edition)                         Chopin, Kate                   9780784832387
Awakening, The, and Selected Short Stories of Kate    Chopin, Kate
Chopin (Penguin Edition)                                                             9780784832394
Baboushka and the Three Kings                         Robbins, Ruth                  9780784820261
Baby                                                  MacLachlan, Patricia           9780784820278
Baby Birds                                            Frost, Helen                   9780784820285
Bad Boy                                               Myers, Walter Dean             9780784815816
Bad Monkeys                                           Ruff, Matt                     9780784820308
Bad Seed, The (Play)                                    March, William                        9780784806418
Bad Seed,The (Novel)                                    March, William                        9780784814161
Bald Soprano & Other Plays                              Ionesco, Eugene                       9780784813690
Ball Don't Lie                                          De La Pena, Matt                      9780784820315
Ballad of Lucy Whipple, The                             Cushman, Karen                        9780784820322
Ballad of the Sad Cafe, The                             McCullers, Carson                     9780784819012
Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress                Sijie, Dai                            9780784817957
Banner In the Sky                                       Ullman, James Ramsey                  9780784803547
Bantam New College French & English Dict, The           Steiner, J. Roger                     9780784811863
Bargain For Frances                                     Hoban, Russell                        9781557441898
Barn, The                                               Avi                                   9780784820339
Barrio Boy                                              Galarza, Ernesto                      9780784814598
Baseball Ballerina (Step Into Reading)                  Cristaldi, Kathryn                    9780784820346
Baseball in April and Other Short Stories               Soto, Gary                            9780784820353
Basher Five-Two: The True Story of F-16 Fighter Pilot   O'Grady, Scott, with Michael French
Captain Scott O'Grady                                                                         9780784820360
Basic Kafka, The                                        Kafka, Franz                          9780784811719
Basket Counts, The                                      Christopher, Matt                     9780784820377
Bastard Out of Carolina                                 Allison, Dorothy                      9780784804841
Bathwater Gang, The                                     Spinelli, Jerry                       9780784820384
Bat-Poet, The                                           Jarrell, Randall                      9780784820391
Battle Of Jericho, The                                  Draper, Sharon                        9780784818886
Beak of the Finch, The                                  Weiner, Jonathan                      9780784815496
Bean Trees, The (Trade Sized Edtition)                  Kingsolver, Barbara                   9780784808092
Bean Trees, The (Mass Sized Edition)                    Kingsolver, Barbara                   9780784820414
Beans                                                   Saunders Smith, Gail                  9780784820421
Beans on the Roof                                       Byars, Betsy                          9780784820438
Bear for Miguel                                         Alphin, Elaine Marie                  9780784820445
Bears on Hemlock Mountain, The                          Dalgliesh, Alice                      9780784820452
Bears, Bears, Everywhere (Rookie Readers)               Milios, Rita                          9780784820469
Beast Feast                                             Florian, Douglas                      9780784820476
Because of Winn Dixie                                   Di Camillo, Kate                      9780784817681
Becket                                                  Anouilh, Jean                         9780784812204
Becoming Naomi Leon                                     Ryan, Pam Munoz                       9780784832400
Bee Season                                              Goldberg, Myla                        9780784818206
Before I Die                                            Downham, Jenny                        9780784833773
Begging For Change                                      Flake, Sharon G.                      9780784819364
Behind You                                              Woodson, Jacqueline                   9780784820483
Being There                                             Kosinski, Jerzy                       9780784814307
Bell Jar, The                                           Plath, Sylvia                         9780784814581
Belle Prater's Boy                                      White, Ruth                           9780784815557
Beloved                                                 Morrison, Toni                        9780784803769
Ben and Me                                              Lawson, Robert                        9780784820490
Ben's Trumpet                                           Isadora, Rachel                       9780784820506
Beowulf (Gordon Translation)                            Anonymous                             9780784812020
Beowulf (Raffel Translation)                            Anonymous                             9781557441089
Beowulf (Wright Translation)                            Anonymous                             9780784818244
Beowulf: A New Telling                                  Nye, Robert                           9780784813775
Beowulf: New Verse Translation (Heaney Translation)     Anonymous
Best Christmas Pageant Ever                             Robinson, Barbara                     9780784812464
Best Little Girl In The World, The                      Levenkron, Steven                     9780784817872
Best Short Stories of the Modern Age                      Angus, Douglas, Editor                    9780884832676
Best That I Can Be, The: An Autobiography                 Johnson, Rafer                            9780784820513
Best Way to Play, The (Little Bill #02)                   Cosby, Bill                               9780784826157
Betsey Brown                                              Shange, Ntozake                           9780784802076
Between Father and Son: Family Letters                    Naipaul, V. S.                            9780784820520
Between Madison and Palmetto                              Woodson, Jacqueline                       9780784820537
Between Us Baxters                                        Hegedus, Bethany                           9781934813188
Beyond the Chocolate War                                  Cormier, Robert                           9780884839873
BFG, The                                                  Dahl, Roald                               9780784820544
Bhagavad-Gita, The (Easwaran Translation)                 Anonymous                                 9780784814918
Big Fat Enormous Lie, A                                   Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman                 9780784820568
Big mouth & Ugly Girl                                     Oates, Joyce Carol                        9780784832417
Big Rock Candy Mountain                                   Stegner, Wallace                          9780784814970
Big Snow, The                                             Hader, Berta, & Elmer Hader               9780784820575
Big Wave, The                                             Buck, Pearl S.                            9781557448378
Biggest Bear, The                                         Ward, Lynd                                9780784820582
Bill and Pete                                             de Paola, Tomie                           9780784820599
Bill Peet: An Autobiography                               Peet, Bill                                9780784820605
Billy Budd & Other Tales (Signet Edition)                 Melville, Herman                          9780884831914
Billy Budd (Tor Edition)                                  Melville, Herman                          9780784810200
Birchbark House, The                                      Erdrich, Louise                           9780784820612
Birth of Venus, The                                       Dunant, Sarah                             9780784817544
Birthday Room, The                                        Henkes, Kevin                             9780784820636
Birthday Surprises: Ten Great Stories to Unwrap           Hurwitz, Johanna                          9780784820643
Biscuit                                                   Capucilli, Alyssa Satin                   9780784820650
Black & White                                             Volponi, Paul                             9780784818343
Black Books Galore!: Guide to Great African American      Parker, Toni T., Sheila Foster, & Donna
Children's Books                                          Rand                                      9780784820667
Black Boy                                                 Wright, Richard                           9780784811139
Black Boy -- Everbind Anthology                           Wright, Richard                           9780971075672
Black Cauldron, The                                       Alexander, Lloyd                          9780784820674
Black Eagles: African American in Aviation                Haskins, James                            9780784820681
Black Elk Speaks                                          Black Elk, Nicholas                       9780784818756
Black Frontiers                                           Schlissel, Lillian                        9780784820698
Black Ice                                                 Cary, Lorene                              9781557449733
Black Like Me                                             Griffin, John H.                          9780884832836
Black Pearl, The (Laurel Leaf Edition)                    O'Dell, Scott                             9780884836735
Black Pearl, The (Yearling Edition)                       O'Dell, Scott                             9780784820711
Black Pioneers of Science and Invention                   Haber, Louis                              9780784820728
Black Stallion                                            Farley, Walter                            9781557441980
Black Star, Bright Dawn                                   O'Dell, Scott                             9780784820735
Black Swan Green: A Novel                                 Mitchell, David                           9780784820742
Black Voices                                              Chapman, Abraham, Editor                  9780884839965
Black, White and Jewish: Autobiography of Shifting Self   Walker, Rebecca
Black-Eyed Susan                                          Armstrong, Jennifer                       9780784820759
Blackwater                                                Bunting, Eve                              9780784817759
Bless Me, Ultima                                          Anaya, Rudolfo A.                         9780784806722
Bless The Beasts & Children                               Swarthout, Glendon                        9780884831402
Blind Side, The: Evolution of a Game                      Lewis, Michael                            9780784820766
Blithedale Romance, The                                   Hawthorne, Nathaniel                      9780784819081
Blood and Chocolate                                       Klause, Annette Curtis                    9780784820780
Bloody Country, The                                 Collier, James                     9780884836858
Bloomability                                        Creech, Sharon                     9780784820797
Blubber                                             Blume, Judy                        9780884831945
Blue Moon                                           Halvorson, Marilyn                 9780784820803
Blue Ribbon Blues                                   Spinelli, Jerry                    9780784820810
Blue Sword, The                                     McKinley, Robin                    9780784820827
Blue Willow                                         Gates, Doris                       9780784820834
Blueberries for Sal                                 McCloskey, Robert                  9780784820841
Blues All Around Me: Autobiography of B.B. King     King, B. B.                        9780784820858
Blues for an Alabama                                Cleage, Pearl                      9780784816356
Bluest Eye, The                                     Morrison, Toni                     9780784806494
Bluish                                              Hamilton, Virginia                 9780784820865
Bodega Dreams                                       Quinonez, Ernesto                  9780784815793
Body of Christopher Creed, The                      Plum-Ucci, Carol                   9780784817735
Boggart, The                                        Cooper, Susan                      9780784820872
                                                    Davis, Sampson, Dr., Dr. George
                                                    Jenkins, & Dr. Rameck Hunt (with
Copper Sun                                          Margaret Bernstein)                9780784833704
Bonfire of the Vanities                             Wolfe, Tom                         9780784814352
Book of Lost Things, The: A Novel                   Connolly, John                     9780784820889
Book of Luminous Things, A                          Milosz, Czeslaw                    9780784814635
Book of the Lion, The                               Cadnum, Michael                    9780784820896
Book of Three, The                                  Alexander, Lloyd                   9780784811498
Book Thief, The                                     Zusak, Markus                      9780784819418
Bookseller Of Kabul, The                            Seierstad, Asne                    9780784818619
Bookstore Ghost, The                                Maitland, Barbara                  9780784820902
Born On The Fourth Of July                          Kovic, Ron                         9781557440068
Borrowers, The                                      Norton, Mary                       9781557445087
Bound Feet and Western Dress                        Chang, Pang-Mei                    9780784813171
Bound for Oregon                                    Van Leeuwen, Jean                  9780784820919
Box Can Be Many Things, A                           Rau, Dana Meachen                  9780784820926
Boy                                                 Dahl, Roald                        9780784820933
Boy at War, A: A Novel of Pearl Harbor              Mazer, Harry                       9780784820940
Boy Meets Boy                                       Levithan, David                    9780784820957
Boy Proof                                           Castellucci, Cecil                 9780784820964
Boy Who Owned the School, The                       Paulsen, Gary                      9780784820971
Boy Without a Flag, The: Tales of the South Bronx   Rodriguez, Abraham                 9780784820988
Brainstorm! The Stories of Twenty American Kid      Tucker, Tom
Inventors                                                                              9780784820995
Brave Irene                                         Steig, William                     9780784821008
Brave New World                                     Huxley, Aldous                     9780784819111
Brave New World -- Everbind Anthology               Huxley, Aldous                     9780971075696
Brave, The                                          Lipsyte, Robert                    9780784813805
Bread and Jam for Frances                           Hoban, Russell                     9780784821015
Bread and Wine                                      Silone, Ignazio                    9780884836322
Bread Givers                                        Yezierska, Anzia                   9780784816790
Bread, Bread, Bread                                 Morris, Ann                        9780784821022
Breadwinner                                         Ellis, Deborah                     9780784832431
Breaking Point                                      Flinn, Alex                        9780784821039
Breaking Through                                    Jimenz, Francisco                  9780784818121
Breakout                                            Fleischman, Paul                   9780784821046
Breath, Eyes, Memory                                Danticat, Edwidge                  9780784807545
Breathing Underwater                                        Flinn, Alex                             9780784821053
Brian's Return                                              Paulsen, Gary                           9780784814994
Brian's Song                                                Blinn, William                          9780884838517
Brian's Winter                                              Paulsen, Gary                           9780784810644
Briar Rose                                                  Yolen, Jane                             9780784832448
Bride Price, The                                            Emecheta, Buchi                         9780784807958
Bridge of San Luis Rey, The                                 Wilder, Thornton                        9780884831341
Bridge to Terabithia (Trade Sized Edition)                  Paterson, Katherine                     9780884839095
Bridge to Terabithia (Mass Sized Edition)                   Paterson, Katherine                     9780784821060
Bridges At Toko - Ri, The                                   Michener, James A.                      9780884833079
Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, The                       Diaz, Junot                             9780784833810
Brighton Beach Memoirs                                      Simon, Neil                             9780784809471
Bronx Masquerade                                            Grimes, Nikki                           9780784816592
Bronze Bow, The                                             Speare, Elizabeth George                9780784806654
Brooklyn Reader, The                                        Sexton, Andrea Wyatt, & Powers, Alice
                                                            Leccese, Editors                        9780784815915
Brown Angels: An Album of Pictures and Verse                Myers, Walter Dean                      9780784821077
Brown Girl, Brownstones                                     Marshall, Paule                         9781557448033
Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea                               Thomas, Joyce Carol                     9780784821084
Bucking the Sarge                                           Curtis, Christopher Paul                9780784821107
Bud, Not Buddy                                              Curtis, Christopher Paul                9780784816165
Buffalo Woman                                               Goble, Paul                             9780784802304
Bulfinch's Mythology                                        Bulfinch, Thomas                        9780784807347
Bull Rider                                                  Halvorson, Marilyn                      9780784821114
Bull Run                                                    Fleischman, Paul                        9780784813409
Bunnicula                                                   Howe, Deborah & James                   9780784801215
Bunny Cakes                                                 Wells, Rosemary                         9780784821121
                                                        Draper, Sharon
Buried Bones Mystery, The (Ziggy & The Black Dinosaurs #1)                                          9780784818862
Buried Onions                                           Soto, Gary                                  9780784815229
Burn Journals, The                                          Runyon, Brent                            9780784834046
Burning Up                                                  Cooney, Caroline B.                     9780784821138
Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee                               Brown, Dee                              9780784818015
Busybody Nora (Riverside Kids)                              Hurwitz, Johanna                        9780784821145
Butterfly Revolution                                        Butler, William                         9780884833291
By the Great Horn Spoon!                                    Fleischman, Sid                         9780784821152
By the Shores of Silver Lake                                Wilder, Laura Ingalls                   9780784821169
Cabin Faced West, The                                       Fritz, Jean                             9780784821176
Caddie Woodlawn                                             Brink, Carol Ryrie                      9780784821183
Caddie Woodlawn's Family                                    Brink, Carol Ryrie                      9780784821190
Cage, The                                                   Sender, Ruth Minsky                     9780784821206
Calico Bush                                                 Field, Rachel                           9780784802892
Call It Courage                                             Sperry, Armstrong                       9780884839293
Call It Sleep                                               Roth, Henry                             9780784813010
Call Me Maria                                               Cofer, Judith Oritz                     9780784833414
Call of the Wild & White Fang (Bantam Edition)              London, Jack                            9780784810996
Call of the Wild, The -- Everbind Anthology                 London, Jack                            9780971075658
Call of the Wild, The (Tor Edition)                         London, Jack                            9780784810255
Call of the Wild, The & Selected Stories (Signet Edition)   London, Jack
Call Of The Wild, White Fang, & Other Stories (Penguin      London, Jack
Edition)                                                                                            9781557448521
Calling the Doves                                           Herrera, Juan Felipe                    9780784821213
Cam Jansen & the Chocolate Fudge Mystery (Cam Jansen Adler, David A.
#14)                                                                                 9780784821220
Cam Jansen & the Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball   Adler, David A.
(Cam Jansen #06)                                                                     9780784832455
Cam Jansen & the Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones       Adler, David A.
Cam Jansen & the Mystery of the Monster Movie               Adler, David A.          9780784801376
Cam Jansen & the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds             Adler, David A.
Candide (Bair Translation)                                  Voltaire                 9780784811795
Candy Corn Contest, The (Kids of the Polk Street School) Giff, Patricia Reilly
Candyfreak: A Journey through the Chocolate Underbelly Almond, Steve
of America                                                                           9780784821244
Cannery Row                                            Steinbeck, John               9780884839651
Canning Season, The                                         Horvath, Polly           9780784821251
Can't Get There From Here                                   Strasser, Todd           9780784821275
Canterbury Tales, The (Coghill Translation)                 Chaucer, Geoffrey        9780784815922
Canterbury Tales, The (Hieatt Translation)(Bantam           Chaucer, Geoffrey
Edition)                                                                             9780784807781
Canterbury Tales, The (Lumiansky Translation)               Chaucer, Geoffrey        9780884835257
Canterbury Tales, The (Signet Classics Edition)             Chaucer, Geoffrey        9780784832462
Canyons                                                     Paulsen, Gary            9781557449023
Caps for Sale                                               Slobodkina, Esphyr       9780784821282
Carrie                                                      King, Stephen            9780784821299
Carrot Seed, The                                            Krauss, Ruth             9780784821305
Carry on, Mr. Bowditch                                      Latham, Jean L.          9780784821312
Case for Jenny Archer, A                                    Conford, Ellen           9780784821329
Case of the Cat's Meow, The                                 Bonner, Cindy            9780784821336
Case of the Double Cross, The                               Bonner, Cindy            9780784821343
Case of the Scaredy Cats, The                               Bonner, Cindy            9780784821350
Casey at the Bat                                            Thayer, Ernest L.        9780784821367
Cassie Binegar                                              MacLachlan, Patricia     9780784821374
Castle in the Attic, The                                    Winthrop, Elizabeth      9780784805329
Castle of Llyr, The                                         Alexander, Lloyd         9780784821381
Castle of Otranto, The                                      Walpole, Horace          9780784817254
Cat Ate My Gymsuit, The                                     Danziger, Paula          9780784821398
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                                       Williams, Tennessee      9781557444189
Cat Who Went to Heaven, The                                 Coatsworth, Elizabeth    9780784821404
Catalyst                                                    Anderson, Laurie Halse   9780784816714
Catch - 22                                                  Heller, Joseph           9780784809594
Catcher in the Rye, The                                     Salinger, J.D.           9781557449863
Catherine Called Birdy                                      Cushman, Karen           9780784807989
Cat's Cradle                                                Vonnegut, Kurt           9780784832479
Caucasia                                                    Senna, Danzy             9780784812679
Caught in the Act                                           Nixon, Jean Lowery       9780784812433
Caves and Caverns                                           Gibbons, Gail            9780784821411
Cay, The                                                    Taylor, Theodore         9780884833321
Celery Stalks At Midnight, The                              Howe, James              9780784817230
Ceremony                                                    Silko, Leslie            9781557447715
Chain of Fire                                               Naidoo, Beverley         9780784803790
Chair for My Mother, A                                      Williams, Vera B.        9780784821428
Chalk Box Kid, The                                          Bulla, Clyde Robert      9780784821435
Chanda's Secrets                                            Stratton, Allan          9780784821442
Chang and Eng: A Novel                                     Strauss, Darin                              9780784821459
Changing Bodies, Changing Lives                            Bell, Ruth                                  9780784804094
Chanticleer and the Fox                                    Chaucer, Geoffrey, & Barbara Cooney
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory                            Dahl, Roald                                 9780884839057
Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator                         Dahl, Roald                                 9780784808030
Charlie Needs a Cloak                                      de Paola, Tomie                             9780784821473
Charlotte's Web                                            White, E.B.                                 9780784819128
Chato's Kitchen                                            Soto, Gary, & Susan Guevara                 9780784821480
Chernowitz!                                                Arrick, Fran                                9781557447739
Cherries & Cherry Pits                                     Wiliams, Vera B.                            9780784811566
Chester's Way                                              Henkes, Kevin                               9780784821503
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom                                    Archambault, John                           9780784821527
Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul: 101 Stories of Courage,   Canfield, Jack
Hope & Laughter                                                                                        9780784821534
Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul                          Canfield, Hansen, & Kirberger, Editors      9780784814321
Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul III                      Canfield, Hansen, & Kirberger, Editors      9780784817513
Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul On Tough Stuff           Canfield, Hansen, & Kirberger, Editors
Chickens Aren't the Only Ones                              Heller, Ruth                                9780784821541
Child Called It, A                                         Pelzer, Dave                                9780784816561
Childhood's End                                            Clarke, Arthur C.                           9780884833239
Children                                                   Saunders Smith, Gail                        9780784821558
Children in the Holocaust and World War II                 Holliday, Laurel                            9780784821565
Children of the Fire                                       Robinet, Harriette Gillem                   9780784821572
Children of the River                                      Crew, Linda                                 9781557449696
Childtimes: A Three-Generation Memoir                      Greenfield, Eloise, & Lessie Jones Little
China Boy                                                  Lee, Gus                                    9780784808337
China Men                                                  Kindston, Maxine Hong                       9780784808276
Chinese Cinderella                                         Yen Mah, Adeline                            9780784816998
Chinese Handcuffs                                          Crutcher, Chris                             9780784832486
Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes                                Wyndham, Robert                             9781557447722
Chocolate Fever                                            Smith, Robert Kimmel                        9780884835806
Chocolate Touch, The                                       Catling, Patrick Skene                      9781557443694
Chocolate War                                              Cormier, Robert                             9780884830955
Choosing Up Sides                                          Ritter, John                                9780784821602
Chosen, The                                                Potok, Chaim                                9780884831631
Christ in Concrete                                         Di Donato, Pietro                           9780784816370
Christmas Carol, A (Bantam Edition)                        Dickens, Charles                            9780884839507
Christmas Carol & Other Christmas Stories, A (Signet       Dickens, Charles
Classics Edition)                                                                                      9780784832493
Christmas Carol, A (Tor Classics Edition)                  Dickens, Charles                            9780784832509
Chronicle Of A Death Foretold                              Marquez, Gabriel Garcia                     9780784818176
Chrysanthemum                                              Henkes, Kevin                               9780784821619
Cider House Rules, The                                     Irving, John                                9780784813157
Cinderella                                                 Lanza, Barbara                              9780784821626
Cinderella or the Little Glass Slipper                     Brown, Marcia                               9780784821633
Circle of Gold                                             Boyd, Candy Dawson                          9781557446879
Circuit, The: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child     Jimenez, Francisco
City Dog                                                   Kuskin, Karla                               9780784821657
City Mouse, Country Mouse                                  Aesop                                       9780784821664
City of Ember, The                                     DuPrau, Jeanne                            9780784832516
Civil Action, A                                        Haar, Jonathan                            9780784813331
Clan of the Cave Bear, The                             Auel, Jean M.                              9780784833643
Class Clown                                            Hurwitz, Johanna                          9780784821671
Classic Slave Narratives, The                          Gates Jr., Henry L.                       9781557441355
Clay Marble, The                                       Ho, Minfong                               9780784832523
Clean Street's A Happy Street                          McSherry, James                           9780784817407
Clear and Simple Thesaurus Dictionary, The (Revised    Wittels, Harriet, & Joan Greisman
Edition)                                                                                         9780784832530
Clear Light Of Day                                     Desai, Anita                              9780784818947
Client, The                                            Grisham, John                             9780784815762
Clifford the Big Red Dog                               Bridwell, Norman                          9780784821688
Clockers, The                                          Price, Richard                            9780784833544
Clockwork                                              Pullman, Philip                           9780784821695
Clockwork Orange, A                                    Burgess, Anthony                          9780784807408
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs                      Barrett, Judi                             9781557444554
Coach Carter                                           Jones, Jasmine                            9780784817285
Cobra Event, The                                       Preston, Richard                          9780784815748
Code Talker                                            Bruchac, Joseph                           9780784832547
Coffee Will Make You Black                             Sinclair, April                           9780784808078
Cold Mountain                                          Frazier, Charles                          9780784813119
Cold Sassy Tree                                        Burns, Olive A.                           9780784811184
Collected Poems Of Langston Hughes                     Hughes, Langston                          9780784818688
Collector, The                                         Fowles, John                              9780784813379
Color of the Sea                                       Hamamura, John                            9780784821701
Color of Water                                         McBride, James                            9780784815342
Color Purple, The                                      Walker, Alice                             9780784816516
Come Out and Play, Little Mouse                        Kraus, Robert                             9780784821718
Come Sing, Jimmy Jo                                    Paterson, Katherine                       9780784809785
Come Sunday                                            Grimes, Nikki                             9780784821725
Comedy of Errors (Bantam Edition)                      Shakespeare, William                      9781557446626
Comedy of Errors (Folger Edition)                      Shakespeare, William                      9780884833864
Coming Home: From the Life of Langston Hughes          Cooper, Floyd                             9780784821732
Coming Of Age In MIssissippi                           Moody, Anne                               9780784818763
Commander Toad and the Big Black Hole                  Yolen, Jane                               9780784821749
Commander Toad and the Voyage Home                     Yolen, Jane                               9780784821756
Commander Toad in Space                                Yolen, Jane                               9780784821763
Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun              Blumberg, Rhoda                           9780784821770
Companions of the Night                                Velde, Vivian Vande                       9780784821787
Complete Fiction Of Nella Larsen, The                  Larsen, Nella                             9780784819067
Complete Persepolis, The                               Satrapi, Marjane                           9780784834015
Complete Plays of Aristophanes                         Aristophanes, Moses Hadas, Editor         9780884832546
Complete Plays of Sophocles                            Sophocles, Moses Hadas, Editor            9780884835554
Complete Stories, The (O'Connor)                       O'Connor, Flannery                        9780784817025
Concise Roget's International Thesaurus, The           Chapman, Robert L.                        9780784821800
Concubine's Children, The                              Chong, Denise                             9780784821817
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister                      Maguire, Gregory                          9780784816776
Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, A (Signet   Twain, Mark
Edition)                                                                                         9780884839514
Contemporary American Short Stories                    Angus, Douglas, & Sylvia Angus, Editors
Contemporary Latin American Short Stories              McNees, Pat, Editor                       9780784808429
Contemporary Scenes for Student Actors                   Schulman, Michael, & Mekler, Eva,
                                                         Editors                                9781557440396
Contender, The                                           Lipsyte, Robert                        9780884831853
Cookcamp, The                                            Paulsen, Gary                          9780784821848
Cool Salsa                                               Carlson, Lori                          9780784809136
Copper Sun                                               Draper, Sharon M.                      9780784833735
Corduroy                                                 Freeman, Don                           9781557441560
Corn Grows Ripe, The                                     Rhoads, Dorothy                        9780784821855
Corn is Maize                                            Aliki                                  9780784811320
Corner of the Universe, A                                Martin, Ann M.                         9780784821862
Cornrows                                                 Yarbrough, Camille                     9780784800744
Count of Monte Cristo, The (Abridged)                    Dumas, Alexandre                       9780884835288
Count on Clifford                                        Bridwell, Norman                       9780784821879
Count!                                                   Fleming, Denise                        9780784821886
Counting Coup: The True Story of Basketball and Honor    Colton, Larry
on the Little Big Horn                                                                          9780784821893
Courage of Sarah Noble, The                              Dalglesh, Alice                        9780784811177
Cousins                                                  Hamilton, Virginia                     9780784821909
Covenant, The                                            Ragen, Naomi                           9780784817940
Cow-tail Switch & Other Western African Stories          Courlander, Harold, & Herzog, George   9780784811160
Cracker Jackson                                          Byars, Betsy                           9780784821916
Crank                                                    Hopkins, Ellen                         9780784821923
Crash (Mass Sized Edition)                               Spinelli, Jerry                        9780784821930
Crash (Trade Sized Edition)                              Spinelli, Jerry                        9780784821947
Crazy Lady                                               Conly, Jane L.                         9780784817773
Cricket in Times Square, The                             Selden, George                         9780884837343
Crime & Punishment (Signet Edition)                      Dostoyevsky, Fyodor                    9780884832744
Crime & Punishment (Bantam Edition)                      Dostoyevsky, Fyodor                    9780784821954
Crispin: The Cross Of Lead                               Avi                                    9780784817995
Crispus Attucks                                          Millender, Dharathula                  9781557449160
Criss Cross                                              Perkins, Lynne Rae                     9780784821961
Crossing the Wire                                        Hobbs, Will                            9780784832554
Crossing, The                                            Paulsen, Gary                          9781557445261
Crow Boy                                                 Yashima, Taro                          9780784821978
Crow Lake                                                Lawson, Mary                           9780784821985
Crucible, The (Penguin Plays Edition)                    Miller, Arthur                         9780884830504
Crucible, The -- Everbind Anthology                      Miller, Arthur                         9780972976510
Crucible, The -- Everbind Anthology                      Miller, Arthur                         9780972976510
Crucible, The (Penguin Classics Edition)                 Miller, Arthur                         9780784821992
Cry, The Beloved Country                                 Paton, Alan                            9780784807880
Cuba 15                                                  Osa, Nancy                             9780784833766
Cuckoo's Egg, The: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of    Stoll, Cliff
Computer Espionage                                                                              9780784822005
Curious George                                           Rey, Margaret, & Hans A. Rey           9780784822012
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time            Haddon, Mark                           9780784817131
Cut                                                      McCormick, Patricia                    9780784822029
Cyrano De Bergerac (Bantam Edition)(Hooker Translation) Rostand, Edmond
Cyrano De Bergerac (Signet Edition)(Blair Translation)   Rostand, Edmond
D. W. All Wet                                            Brown, Marc T.                         9780784822036
Daddy Was A Number Runner                                Meriwether, Louise                     9780784816417
Daily Life in a Covered Wagon                            Erickson, Paul                         9780784822043
Dances With Wolves                                       Blake, Michael                              9781557448415
Dancing on the Edge                                      Nolan, Han                                  9780784822067
Dandelion Wine                                           Bradbury, Ray                               9780884832850
Dandelions                                               Bunting, Eve                                9780784822074
Danger on Midnight River                                 Paulsen, Gary                               9780784822081
Daniel's Story                                           Matas, Carol                                9780784818671
Danny & the Dinosaur                                     Hoff, Syd                                   9781557441959
Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp                        Hoff, Syd                                   9780784822098
Dante Club, The                                          Pearl, Matthew                              9780784817612
Dar and the Spear-Thrower                                Cowley, Marjorie                            9780784832561
Dare to Dream: Coretta Scott King and the Civil Rights   Medearis, Angela Shelf
Movement                                                                                             9780784822104
Dark                                                     Jasper, Kenji                               9780784816080
Dark Frigate, The                                        Hawes, Charles                              9780784822111
Dark Is Rising, The                                      Cooper, Susan                               9780784822128
Dark Pond, The                                           Bruchac, Joseph                             9780784822135
Dark Side of Nowhere, The                                Shusterman, Neal                            9780784822142
Dark-Thirty, The: Southern Tales of Supernatural         McKissack, Patricia C.                      9780784822159
Darkangel, The                                           Pierce, Meredith Ann                        9780784822166
Darkness Before Dawn                                     Draper, Sharon                              9780784816615
Daughter of the Forest                                   Marillier, Juliet                           9780784822173
Daughter of the Mountains                                Rankin, Louise                              9780784822180
D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths                          D'Aulaire, Ingri, & Edgar Parin D'Aulaire
David Copperfield                                        Dickens, Charles                            9780884834564
Day No Pigs Would Die, A                                 Peck, Robert Newton                         9780784807309
Day of Tears                                             Lester, Julius                              9780784822203
Day of the Dragon-King (Magic Tree House #14)            Osborne, Mary Pope                          9780784826546
Day the Teacher Went Bananas                             Howe, Deborah, & James                      9780784822210
Day They Came to Arrest the Book, The                    Hentoff, Nat                                9780884836742
Daydreamers                                              Greenfield, Eloise & Feelings, Tom          9781557446411
Days of Grace                                            Ashe, Arthur                                9780784812556
Days with Frog and Toad                                  Lobel, Arnold                               9780784822227
Dead Man in Indian Creek, The                            Hahn, Mary Downing                          9780784817223
Dealing with Dragons                                     Wrede, Patricia C.                          9780784822234
Dear Big V                                               Leroe, Ellen                                 9781934813263
Dear Mr. Blueberry                                       James, Simon                                9780784822241
Dear Mr. Henshaw                                         Cleary, Beverly                             9780784822258
Dear Rebecca, Winter Is Here                             George, Jean Craighead                      9780784822265
Death Be Not Proud                                       Gunther, John J.                            9780784811627
Death Comes As the End                                   Christie, Agatha                            9780784813782
Death in Venice & Other Stories                          Mann, Thomas                                9780784807255
Death of a Salesman (Penguin Plays Edition)              Miller, Arthur                              9780884835158
Death of a Salesman (Penguin Classics Edition)           Miller, Arthur                              9780784832578
Death of Ivan llych & Other Stories                      Tolstoy, Leo                                9780784811733
Deathwatch                                               White, Robb                                 9780884832690
Deborah, Golda and Me: Being Female and Jewish in        Pogrebin, Letty Cottin
America                                                                                              9780784822272
Decameron, The                                           Boccaccio, Giovanni                         9780784809075
December Secrets (Kids of the Polk Street School)        Giff, Patricia Reilly
Deenie                                                   Blume, Judy                                 9780884832010
Define "Normal"                                          Peters, Julie Anne                          9780784822296
Demian                                                     Hesse, Hermann                          9780784815175
Democracy in America                                       De Tocqueville, Alexis                  9781557440709
Demolished Man, The                                        Bester, Alfred                          9780784808818
Detectives in Togas                                        Winterfield, Henry                      9780784807507
Detour for Emmy                                            Reynolds, Marilyn                       9780784822302
Devil's Arithmetic, The (Puffin Edition)                   Yolen, Jane                             9780784805978
Devil's Arithmetic, The (Puffin Modern Classics Edition)   Yolen, Jane
Dew Breaker, The                                           Danticat, Edwidge                       9780784817551
Diamond Dogs                                               Watt, Alan                              9780784822326
Diary of a Young Girl, The: The Definitive Edition         Frank, Anne                             9780784822333
Diary of Anne Frank, The (Play)                            Goodrich, Frances, Hackett, Albert, &
                                                           Frank, Otto                             9780784814895
Diary of Latoya Hunter                                     Hunter, Latoya                          9780784807897
Dibs In Search of Self                                     Axline, Virginia                        9780884833543
Dicey's Song (Mass Sized Edition)                          Voigt, Cynthia                          9780884838326
Dicey's Song (Trade Sized Edition)                         Voigt, Cynthia                          9780784822340
Different Seasons                                          King, Stephen                           9780784815335
Digging Up Dinosaurs                                       Aliki                                   9780784822357
Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack                                  Kerr, M.E.                              9780884836599
Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant                          Tyler, Anne                             9780784809525
Dinosaurs (Magic Tree House Research Guide)                Osborne, Will, & Mary Pope              9780784822371
Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs                                       Barton, Byron                           9780784822388
Disappearing Act                                           Fleischman, Sid                         9780784822395
Dive from Clausen's Pier, The                              Packer, Ann                             9780784822401
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep                        Dick, Philip K.                         9780784817506
Do Stars Have Points?                                      Berger, Melvin, & Gilda Berger          9780784822418
Do Tarantulas Have Teeth?                                  Berger, Melvin, & Gilda Berger          9780784822425
Doctor De Soto                                             Steig, William                          9780784822432
Doctor Faustus (Signet Edition)                            Marlowe, Christopher                    9780784800300
Dog That Pitched a No-Hitter                               Christopher, Matt                       9780784822449
Dogs Don't Tell Jokes                                      Sachar, Louis                           9780784822456
Dogsong (Trade Sized Edition)                              Paulsen, Gary                           9780784808870
Dogsong (Mass Sized Edition)                               Paulsen, Gary                           9780784822463
Dogteam                                                    Paulsen, Gary                           9780784822470
Doll's House & Other Plays (Watts Translation)             Ibsen, Henrik                           9781557443359
Don Quixote (Abridged) (Starkie Translation)               de Cervantes, Miguel                    9780884839385
Donorboy                                                   Halpin, Brendan                         9780784822494
Don't You Dare Read This Mrs. Dunphrey                     Haddix, Margaret P.                     9780784817698
Door in the Wall, The                                      DeAngeli, Marguerite                    9781557447913
Doorbell Rang, The                                         Hutchins, Pat                           9780784822517
Dork in Disguise                                           Gorman, Carol                           9780784822524
Double Helix                                               Watson, James D.                        9780784818398
Double Life of Pocahontas, The                             Fritz, Jean                             9780784803295
Dove                                                       Graham, Robin Lee                       9780787818999
Dovey Coe                                                  Dowell, Frances O'Roark                 9780784832592
Down A Dark Hall                                           Duncan, Lois                            9780884837732
Down These Mean Streets                                    Thomas, Perri                           9780784810453
Downriver                                                  Hobbs, Will                             9780784822548
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Bantam Edition)                     Stevenson, Robert Louis                 9780884832584
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Signet Classics Edition)          Stevenson, Robert Louis                 9780784832608
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Tor Edition)                      Stevenson, Robert Louis                 9780784810224
Dracula                                                  Stoker, Bram                        9780884830092
Dragonling, The                                          Koller, Jackie French               9780784822555
Dragon's Gate                                            Yep, Laurence                       9780784822562
Dragonsinger                                             McCaffrey, Anne                     9780784822579
Dragonsong                                               McCaffrey, Anne                     9780784818626
Dragonwings                                              Yep, Laurence                       9781557442468
Dream Keeper and Other Poems                             Hughes, Langston                    9780784822586
Dream of Water, The                                      Mori, Kyoko                         9780784822593
Dreaming In Cuban                                        Garcia, Cristina                    9780784804070
Dreams from My Father                                    Obama, Barack                        9780784834022
Dreams Of My Russian Summer                              Makine, Andrei                      9780784815618
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere                                Packer, Z.Z.                        9780784822609
Drive-By                                                 Ewing, Lynne                        9780784817742
Drown                                                    Diaz, Junot                         9780784833803
Drummer Hoff                                             Emberley, Barbara                   9780784822616
Dubliners                                                Joyce, James                        9780884838340
Ducky                                                    Bunting, Eve                        9780784822623
Duffy and the Devil                                      Zemach, Harve, & Margot Zemach      9780784822630
Dune                                                     Herbert, Frank                      9780884833451
Durango Street                                           Bonham, Frank                       9780784812235
Dust for Dinner                                          Turner, Ann                         9780784822647
Each Little Bird That Sings                              Wiles, Deborah                      9780784822654
Each Peach Pear Plum                                     Ahlberg, Janet, & Allan Ahlberg     9780784822661
Eagle Blue: a Team, a Tribe, and a High School Basketball D'Orso, Michael
Season in Arctic Alaska                                                                      9780784822678
Eagle Song                                                Bruchac, Joseph                    9780784822685
Eagle Strike: An Alex Rider Adventure                    Horowitz, Anthony                   9780784822692
Ear, the Eye, and the Arm, The (Mass Sized Edition)      Farmer, Nancy
Ear, the Eye, and the Arm, The (Trade Sized Edition)     Farmer, Nancy
Early African-American Classics                          Appiah, Anthony, Editor             9781557444295
Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things, The           Mackler, Carolyn                    9780784822722
Earthquakes (Lets Read and Find Out Science)             Branley, Franklyn M.                9780784822739
East                                                     Pattou, Edith                       9780784822753
East of Eden                                             Steinbeck, John                     9780884833796
Eat Your Peas, Louise! (Rookie Readers)                  Snow, Pegeen                        9780784822760
Eating Apples                                            Saunders Smith, Gail                9780784822777
Eating the Alphabet: Fruits & Vegetables from A-Z        Ehlert, Lois
Education of Little Tree, The                            Carter, Forrest                     9780784804636
Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man-In-The Moon Marigolds        Zindel, Paul
Egg Tree, The                                            Milhous, Katherine                  9780784822807
Egypt Game                                               Snyder, Zylpha                      9781557443892
Egyptian Cinderella                                      Climo, Shirley                      9780784807842
Eight Great Comedies                                     Barnet, Berman, & Burton, Editors   9780784809402
Eight Great Tragedies                                    Barnet, Berman, & Burton, Editors   9780784812631
8 Plus 1                                                 Cormier, Robert                     9780884836223
18 Best Stories by Edgar Allan Poe                       Poe, Edgar Allan                    9780884835110
El Bronx Remembered                                      Mohr, Nicholasa                     9780784805947
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery                   Freedman, Russell                   9780784822814
Elements of Style, The                                   Strunk Jr., William & White, E.B.   9780884835028
Elephant Man, The (Novel)                         Sparks, Christine                     9780784811115
Elephant Man, The A (Play)                        Pomerance, Bernard                    9780784814734
Elizabeth's Wish                                  Newton, Deborah M.                    9780784822821
Ella Enchanted                                    Levine, Gail Carson                   9780784822838
Ellen Foster                                      Gibbons, Kaye                         9780784810316
Emako Blue                                        Woods, Brenda                         9780784822845
Emily's Runaway Imagination                       Cleary, Beverly                       9780784805077
Emma (Signet Edition)                             Austen, Jane                          9780784817865
Emperor and the Kite, The                         Yolen, Jane                           9780784822852
Emperor's New Clothes, The                        Andersen, Hans Christian              9780784822869
Empty Pot, The                                    Demi, Hitz                            9780784822876
Enchantment                                       Card, Scott Orson                     9780784816387
Enchantress From the Stars                        Engdahl, Sylvia Louise                9780784822883
Encyclopedia Brown & the Case of the Mysterious   Sobol, Donald J.
Handprints                                                                              9781557443724
Encyclopedia Brown Gets His Man                   Sobol, Donald J.                      9780884835851
Encyclopedia Brown Saves the Day                  Sobol, Donald J.                      9780884835882
Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective                 Sobol, Donald J.                      9780884835783
End of the Affair                                 Greene, Graham                        9780784817100
Ender's Game                                      Card, Scott Orson                     9780784815885
Ender's Shadow                                    Card, Orson Scott                     9780784822890
Endless Steppe, The (Mass Sized Edition)          Hautzig, Esther                       9780784803523
Endless Steppe, The (Trade Sized Edition)         Hautzig, Esther                       9780784822906
Enemy Among Them, An                              DeFord, Deborah H. & Stout Harry S.   9780784818718
Enemy of the People, An                           Miller, Arthur                        9780784813201
Enrique's Journey                                 Nazario, Sonia                         9780784834039
Epic Of Gilgamesh, The (Sandars Translation)      Anonymous                             9780784810880
Equus                                             Shaffer, Peter                        9780784833537
Escape from Warsaw                                Serraillier, Ian                      9780884839262
Escape to Freedom                                 Davis, Ossie                          9780784822913
Escaping the Giant Wave                           Kehret, Peg                           9780784822920
Esio Trot                                         Dahl, Roald                           9780784822937
Esperanza Rising                                  Ryan, Pam Munoz                       9780784817964
Ethan Frome -- Everbind Anthology                 Wharton, Edith                        9780971075641
Ethan Frome (Penguin Edition)                     Wharton, Edith                        9780884831068
Ethan Frome (Signet Classics Edition)             Wharton, Edith                        9780784832615
Eva                                               Dickinson, Peter                      9780784822944
Every Time A Rainbow Dies                         Williams-Garcia, Rita                 9780784816660
Everything on a Waffle                            Horvath, Polly                        9780784822951
Exodus                                            Uris, Leon                            9780884834533
Eyre Affair, The                                  Fforde, Jasper                        9780784822968
Fables                                            Lobel, Arnold                         9780784800713
Face on the Milk Carton, The                      Cooney, Caroline B.                   9780784803974
Facing West: A Story of the Oregon Trail          Kudlinski, Kathleen V.                9780784822975
Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt, The            MacLachlan, Patricia                  9780784822982
Facts Speak for Themselves, The                   Cole, Brock                           9780784822999
Fahrenheit 451                                    Bradbury, Ray                         9780884831150
Fair Weather                                      Peck, Richard                         9780784832622
Fall of Rome, The                                 Southgate, Martha                     9780784823002
Fall of the House of Usher & Other Tales          Poe, Edgar Allan                      9780884831266
Fallen Angels                                     Myers, Walter Dean                    9780784806005
Fallen Leaves                                     Yen Mah, Adeline                      9780784817018
Family Apart, A                                           Nixon, Joan Lowery                        9781557446725
Family Under the Bridge, The                              Carlson, Natalie Savage                   9781557447975
Family, The                                               Emecheta, Buchi                           9780784807149
Famous All Over Town                                      Santiago, Danny                           9781557448606
Fantastic Frogs!                                          Robinson, Faye                            9780784823026
Fantastic Mr. Fox (Puffin Edition)                        Dahl, Roald                               9780784823033
Far From the Madding Crowd                                Hardy, Thomas                             9780884833680
Far North                                                 Hobby, Will                               9780784818725
Farewell to Arms, A                                       Hemingway, Ernest                         9780784807057
Farewell to Manzanar                                      Houston, Jeanne & James                   9780884839354
Farming of Bones, The                                     Danticat, Edwidge                         9780784813669
Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal Schlosser, Eric
Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, and Stuff                           Myers, Walter Dean                        9781557449429
Fast Talk On A Slow Track                                 Williams-Garcia, Rita                     9780784814659
Fat Kid Rules the World                                   Going, K.L.                               9780784823040
Father Bear Comes Home                                    Minarik, Else Holmelund                   9780784823057
Fathers & Sons                                            Turgenev, Ivan                            9780884832041
Fault Line                                                Tashjian, Janet                           9780784823064
Feathers for Lunch                                        Ehlert, Lois                              9780784823071
Feed                                                      Anderson, M. T.                           9780784823088
Felita                                                    Mohr, Nicholasa                           9780784823095
Fellowship of the Ring                                    Tolkien, J.R.R.                           9780884833635
Fences                                                    Wilson, August                            9781557448040
Fever 1793                                                Anderson, Laurie Halse                    9780784817438
Fifteen                                                   Cleary, Beverley                          9780884836551
Fifth Child,The                                           Lessing, Doris                            9780784814116
50 Great American Short Stories                           Crane, Milton, Editor                     9780884834403
50 Great Short Short Stories                              Crane, Milton, Editor                     9780784808405
50 Short Science Fiction Tales                            Asimov, Isaac & Conklin, Groff, Editors
Fig Pudding                                               Fletcher, Ralph                           9780784823101
Fight in the Fields, The: Cesar Chavez and the            Ferriss, Susan, & Ricardo Sandoval
Farmworkers Movement                                                                                9780784823118
Fighting Ground, The                                      Avi                                       9781557446787
Final Empire, The                                         Sanderson, Brandon                        9780784819371
Finding Buck McHenry                                      Slote, Alfred                             9780784823125
Finding Fish (Trade Sized Edition)                        Fisher, Antwone Quenton                   9780784816738
Finding Fish (Mass Sized Edition)                         Fisher, Antwone                           9780784823132
Fine White Dust, A                                        Rylant, Cynthia                           9780784823149
Fire Next Time,The                                        Baldwin, James                            9780784814246
First Crossing: Stories About Teen Immigrants             Gallo, Donald R.                          9780784823156
First Four Years, The                                     Wilder, Laura Ingalls                     9780784823163
First Part Last, The                                      Johnson, Angela                           9780784818565
First Thesaurus                                           Wittells, Harriet & Greisman, Joan,
                                                          Editors                                   9780784811917
Fish Face (Kids of the Polk Street School)                Giff, Patricia Reilly                     9780784823170
Fish Faces                                                Wu, Norbert                               9780784823187
Fish Is Fish                                              Lionni, Leo                               9780784823194
Fist Stick Knife Gun                                      Canada, Geoffrey                           9780784833971
Five People You Meet In Heaven                            Albom, Mitch                              9780784818053
Five True Dog Stories                                     Davidson, Margaret                        9780784823200
Fixer, The                                                Malamud, Bernard                          9780784819289
Flags of our Fathers                                      Bradley, James                 9780784823217
Flat Stanley                                              Brown, Jeff                    9780784823231
Fledgling, The                                            Langton, Jane                  9780784823248
Flight                                                    Burleigh, Robert               9780784823255
Flight: A Novel                                           Alexie, Sherman                9780784818770
Flip-Flop Girl                                            Paterson, Katherine            9780784812167
Flower Garden                                             Bunting, Eve                   9780784823286
Flowers for Algernon                                      Keyes, Daniel                  9780784816974
Fluffy's Funny Field Trip (Fluffy, the Classroom Guinea   McMullan, Kate
Pig)                                                                                     9780784823293
Flush                                                     Hiaasen, Carl                  9780784823309
Flying Solo                                               Fletcher, Ralph                9780784823316
Fog Magic                                                 Sauer, Julia L.                9780784823323
Fool of the World, The and the Flying Ship                Ransome, Arthur                9780784823330
For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When        Shange, Ntozake
The Rainbow Is Enuf                                                                      9780784833599
For the Love of the Game: Michael Jordan and Me           Greenfield, Eloise             9780784823347
For Whom the Bell Tolls                                   Hemingway, Ernest              9780784808795
Forever                                                   Blume, Judy                    9780784823354
Forged By Fire                                            Draper, Sharon                 9780784816523
Forgotten Fire                                            Badasarian, Adam               9780784823361
Fortunate Pilgrim                                         Puzo, Mario                    9780784817124
Fortune-Tellers, The                                      Alexander, Lloyd               9780784823378
47                                                        Mosley, Walter                 9780784818602
Fossils Tell of Long Ago                                  Aliki                          9780784823385
Foundation & Empire                                       Asimov, Isaac                  9781557440358
Fountainhead, The                                         Rand, Ayn                      9780784806586
Four Classic American Novels                              Newman, Sandra, Introduction   9780884832683
Four Comedies                                             Shakespeare, William           9780884835547
Four Great Comedies of Shakespeare (Signet Classic        Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare Edition)                                                                     9780784823392
Four Great Plays By Isben                                 Ibsen, Henrik                  9780884832089
Four Major Plays, Vol. 1                                  Ibsen, Henrik                  9780784800331
Four Major Plays, Vol. 2 (Fjelde Translation)             Ibsen, Henrik                  9781557440679
Four Plays By Williams                                    Williams, Tennessee            9780884839675
4,000 Days                                                Fellows, Warren                9780784817322
Four Tragedies of Shakespeare [[[Hamlet, Othello, King    Shakespeare, William
Lear]]] and [[[Macbeth]]]. (Bantam Classics Edition)
Fourth Grade Celebrity                                    Giff, Patricia Reilly          9780884837923
Fourth Grade Rats                                         Spinelli, Jerry                9780784823408
Fox and His Friends                                       Marshall, Edward               9780784823415
Fox at School                                             Marshall, Edward               9780784823422
Fox in Love                                               Marshall, Edward               9780784823439
Fox on Stage                                              Marshall, James                9780784823446
Foxman, The                                               Paulsen, Gary                  9780784801406
Frankenstein -- Everbind Anthology                        Shelley, Mary                  9780971075634
Frankenstein (Dover Edition)                              Shelley, Mary                  9780784832684
Frankenstein (Penguin Classics Edition)                   Shelley, Mary                  9780784832660
Frankenstein (Pocket Books Enriched Classics Edition)     Shelley, Mary
Frankenstein (Signet Classics Edition)                    Shelley, Mary                  9780784832677
Frankenstein (Tor Edition)                                Shelley, Mary                  9780784810194
Frankenstein, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde           Shelley, Mary, & Bram Stoker, Robert
                                                         Louis Stevenson                        9780784832691
Franklin Goes to School                                  Bourgeois, Paulette                    9780784823453
Freak The Mighty                                         Philbrick, Rodman                      9780784811825
Freaky Friday                                            Rodgers, Mary                          9781557441690
Freckle Juice                                            Blume, Judy                            9780884835745
Frederick                                                Lionni, Leo                            9781557443854
Frederick Douglass: The Last Day Of Slavery              Miller, William                        9780784823460
Freedom Crossing                                         Clark, Margaret Goff                   9780784814789
Freedom Songs                                            Moore, Yvette                          9780784804445
Freedom Train                                            Sterling, Dorothy                      9780784804162
Freedom Writers Diary, The                               Grunwell, Erin                         9780784818633
Freedom's Children                                       Levine, Ellen                          9780784812549
Freewill                                                 Lynch, Chris                           9780784823477
Freight Train                                            Crews, Donald                          9780784823484
Friction                                                 Frank, E.R.                            9780784818107
Friday Night Lights                                      Bissinger, H.G.                        9780784816608
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café            Flagg, Fannie                          9780784815045
Friedrich                                                Richter, Hans Peter                    9780784804506
Friend for Dragon, A (The Dragon Tales)                  Pilkey, Dav                            9780784823491
Friends, The                                             Guy, Rosa                              9780884833895
Friendship, The                                          Taylor, Mildred D.                     9780784811849
Frindle                                                  Clements, Andrew                       9780784812693
Frog & Toad Are Friends                                  Lobel, Arnold                          9781557444615
Frog and Toad Together                                   Lobel, Arnold                          9780784823507
Frog Prince, The                                         Tarcov, Edith H.                       9780784823514
Frog Went a-Courtin'                                     Langstaff, John                        9780784823521
From Fugitive Slave to Free Man: Autobiographies of      Brown, William Wells
William Wells Brown                                                                             9780784823538
From Tadpole to Frog                                     Keller, Holly                          9780784823545
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler     Konigsburg, E.L.
(Mass Sized Edition)                                                                            9780884831419
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler     Konigsburg, E. L.
(Trade Sized Edition)                                                                           9780784823552
From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun                        Woodson, Jacqueline                    9780784823569
Frontier Living                                          Tunis, Edwin                           9780784823576
Fudge-a-Mania                                            Blume, Judy                            9780784823583
Funny in Farsi                                           Dumas, Firoozeh                         9780784834091
Funny Little Woman, The                                  Mosel, Arlene                          9780784823590
Gabriel's Story                                          Durham, David Anthony                  9780784823606
Gammage Cup, The                                         Kendall, Carol                         9780784823613
Gandhi: His Life and Message for the World               Fischer, Louis                         9780784823620
Gangbusters                                              Stone, Michael                         9780784816110
Gardener, The                                            Stewart, Sarah                         9780784823637
Gasp!: The Breathtaking Adventures of a Fish Left Home   Denton, Terry
Alone                                                                                           9780784823651
Gathering Blue (Mass Sized Edition)                      Lowry, Lois                            9780784823668
Gathering Blue (Trade Sized Edition)                     Lowry, Lois                            9780784823675
Gathering of Days, A                                     Blos, Joan W.                          9781557445919
Gathering of Old Men                                     Gaines, Ernest                         9780784807293
Genghis: Birth of an Empire                              Iggulden, Conn                         9780784823682
Gentlehands                                              Kerr, M.E.                             9780884838623
George Shrinks                                           Joyce, William                         9781557447548
George's Marvelous Medicine                                Dahl, Roald                            9780784823705
Germ Hunter: A Story About Louis Pasteur (Carolrhoda       Alphin, Elaine Marie
Creative Minds Biographies)                                                                       9780784823712
Germs Make Me Sick!                                        Berger, Melvin                         9780784823729
Getting Near to Baby                                       Coloumbis, Audrey                      9780784823743
Gettysburg Address, The                                    Lincoln, Abraham                       9780784823750
Ghost Canoe                                                Hobbs, Will                            9780784832707
Ghost Girl: True Story of Child in Peril and the Teacher   Hayden, Torey
Who Saved Her                                                                                     9780784823767
Ghost Of Hannah Mendes, The                                Ragen, Naomi                           9780784818060
Ghosts I Have Been                                         Peck, Richard                          9781557443946
Giants in the Earth                                        Rolvaag, O.E.                          9780884835509
Gifted Hands                                               Carson, Ben                            9780784815854
Gift-Giver, The                                            Hansen, Joyce                          9780784806548
Gilgamesh: A Verse Narrative                               Mason, Herbert                         9781557440327
Gil's All Fright Diner                                     Martinez, A. Lee                       9780784823781
Ginger Pye                                                 Estes, Eleanor                         9780784823798
Gingerbread                                                Cohn, Rachel                           9780784823804
Gingerbread Boy, The (Puffin Easy to Read, Level 2)        Ziefert, Harriet
Girl from Yamhill, A                                       Cleary, Beverly                        9780784823828
Girl Goddess #9: Nine Stories                              Block, Francesca Lia                   9780784823835
Girl Interrupted                                           Kaysen, Susanna                        9780784814253
Girl Named Disaster, A                                     Farmer, Nancy                          9780784812914
Girl Who Loved Wild Horses                                 Goble, Paul                            9780784823842
Girl Who Owned a City, The                                 Nelson, O. T.                          9780784823859
Girl with a Pearl Earring                                  Chevalier, Tracy                       9780784814925
Girl's Life Online, A                                      Tarbox, Katherine                      9780784833575
Girls, The                                                 Koss, Amy Goldman                      9780784823873
Girl-Son                                                   Neuberger, Anne                        9780784823880
Giver, The (Random House Mass Sized Edition)               Lowry, Lois                            9780784806661
Giver, The (Random House Trade Sized Edition)              Lowry, Lois                            9780784823897
Glass Castle, The                                          Walls, Jeannette                       9780784818138
Glass Menagerie, The (Dramatists Edition)                  Williams, Tennessee                    9780784813065
Glass Menagerie, The (New Directions Edition)              Williams, Tennessee                    9780784818879
Gloria's Way                                               Cameron, Ann                           9780784823903
Glorious Flight: Across the Channel with Louis Bleriot     Provensen, Alice, & Martin Provensen
Glory Field, The                                           Myers, Walter Dean                     9780784811658
Go Ask Alice                                               Anonymous                              9780784819135
Go Tell it on the Mountain                                 Baldwin, James                         9780884830047
Goats, The                                                 Cole, Brock                            9780784823927
God of Animals, The: A Novel                               Kyle, Aryn                             9780784823934
God Of Small Things, The                                   Roy, Arundhati                         9780784819203
Godfather, The                                             Puzo, Mario                            9780784815694
Godless                                                    Hautman, Pete                          9780784823941
Gods, Heroes & Men of Ancient Greece                       Rouse, W.H.D.                          9780884832126
Going Home                                                 Mohr, Nicholasa                        9780784823958
Gold Cadillac, The                                         Taylor, Mildred D.                     9780784812709
Gold Coin, The                                             Ada, Alma Flor                         9780784823965
Golden Compass, The                                        Pullman, Philip                        9780784815465
Golden Fleece, The: And the Heroes Who Lived Before        Colum, Padraic
Achilles                                                                                          9780784823972
Golden Goblet, The                                        McGraw, Eloise Jarvis                     9780784811801
Goldilocks and the Three Bears                            Brett, Jan                                9780784823989
Golly Sisters Go West, The                                Byars, Betsy                              9780784823996
Golly Sisters Ride Again, The                             Byars, Betsy                              9780784824009
Gone-Away Lake                                            Enright, Elizabeth                        9780784824016
Good Books, Good Times!                                   Hopkins, Lee Bennett                      9780784824023
Good Earth, The                                           Buck, Pearl S.                            9780884834151
Good Master, The                                          Seredy, Kate                              9780784824030
Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!: Voices from a Medieval       Schlitz, Laura Amy
Village                                                                                             9780784824047
Good Night, Little Kitten (My First Reader)               Christensen, Nancy                        9780784824061
Good Night, Mr Tom                                        Magorian, Michelle                        9780784809723
Good Thief, The                                           Tinti, Hannah                             9780784833674
Good, the Bad, & the Goofy (Time Warp Trio #03)           Scieszka, Jon                             9780784830833
Goodnight Moon                                            Brown, Margaret Wise                      9780784800591
Gospel According to Larry, The                            Tashjian, Janet                           9780784824078
Gossip Girl                                               Von Ziegesar, Cecily                      9780784824085
Grandpa's Face                                            Greenfield, Eloise                        9780784824092
Grapes of Wrath, The                                      Steinbeck, John                           9780784809600
Grasshopper on the Road                                   Lobel, Arnold                             9781557445339
Great American Short Stories                              Stegner, Wallace, & Mary, Editors         9780884832133
Great Expectations (Signet Edition)                       Dickens, Charles                          9780884835172
Great Expectations (Modern Library Classics Edition)      Dickens, Charles
Great Fire, The                                           Murphy, Jim                               9780784824108
Great Gatsby, The                                         Fitzgerald, Scott F.                      9780784802687
Great Gilly Hopkins, The                                  Paterson, Katherine                       9781557444394
Great Kapok Tree, The                                     Cherry, Lynne                             9780784824115
Great Migration                                           Lawrence, Jacob                           9780784816936
Great Modern European Short Stories                       Angus, Douglas, & Sylvia Angus, Editors
Great Santini, The                                        Conroy, Pat                                9780784833650
Great Tales & Poems Of Edgar Allan Poe                    Poe, Edgar Allan                          9780884832140
Great Wall of China, The                                  Fisher, Leonard Everett                   9780784824139
Greek Drama                                               Hadas, Moses, Editor                      9780884833253
Greek Gods & Heroes                                       Graves, Robert                            9780784812532
Greek Gods, The                                           Evslin, Bernard, Evslin, Dorothy, &
                                                          Hoopes, Ned                               9780784809808
Greek Tragedies Vol.1                                     Grene, David, & Lattimore, Richmond,
                                                          Editors                                   9780784800232
Green Book, The                                           Walsh, Jill Paton                         9780784824146
Gregory the Terrible Eater                                Sharmat, Mitchell                         9781557448637
Grendel                                                   Gardner, John                             9780784804544
Grey King, The                                            Cooper, Susan                             9780784824153
Grouchy Ladybug, The                                      Carle, Eric                               9780784832721
Growing Colors                                            McMillan, Bruce                           9780784824160
Growing Up                                                Baker, Russell                            9780884836490
Growing Up Latino                                         Augenbraum, Harold, & Stavans, Ilan,
                                                          Editors                                   9780784811597
Grumpy Pumpkins                                           Delton, Judy                              9780784824177
Gulliver's Travels (Signet Edition)                       Swift, Jonathan                           9780884832843
Gulliver's Travels: A Case Study In Contemporary CriticismSwift, Jonathan                           9780784818831
Guts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian       Paulsen, Gary
Books                                                                                               9780784824184
Gypsy Rizka                                                 Alexander, Lloyd                  9780784824191
Habibi                                                      Nye, Naomi Shihab                 9780784824207
Hairs                                                       Cisneros, Sandra                  9780784824214
Half Magic                                                  Eager, Edward                     9780784824221
Half-a-Moon Inn, The                                        Fleischman, Paul                  9780784824238
Hamlet (Bantam Edition)                                     Shakespeare, William              9781557446619
Hamlet (Folger Mass Sized Edition)                          Shakespeare, William              9780884830252
Hamlet (Folger Trade Sized Edition)                         Shakespeare, William              9780784817186
Hamlet (Shakespeare Made Easy)                              Shakespeare, William              9781557440860
Hamlet (Signet Classic Shakespeare Edition)                 Shakespeare, William              9780784824245
Handmaid's Tales, The                                       Atwood, Margaret                  9780784813294
Hands, Hands, Hands                                         Vaughan, Marcia K.                9780784824252
Hang A Thousand Trees With Ribbons                          Rinaldi, Ann                      9780784818282
Hansel & Gretel (Picture Puffins)                           Marshall, James                   9780784824269
Happy Birthday, Danny and the Dinosaur                      Hoff, Syd                         9780784824276
Happy Day, The                                              Krauss, Ruth                      9780784824283
Hard Labor: The First African Americans, 1619               McKissack, Patricia C.            9780784824306
Hard Love                                                   Wittlinger, Ellen                 9780784817049
Hard Times                                                  Dickens, Charles                  9780784817889
Hard Times on the Prairie                                   Peterson, Melissa                 9780784824313
Hardcore Zen                                                Warner, Brad                      9780784818787
Haroun & the Sea of Stories                                 Rushdie, Salman                   9780784832738
Harriet Tubman: Call to Freedom                             Carlson, Judy                     9780784824320
Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad Petry, Ann
Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild!                              Fox, Mem, & Marla Frazee          9780784824344
Harris and Me                                               Paulsen, Gary                     9780784824351
Harry & The Lady Next Door                                  Zion, Gene                        9780784802274
Harry Goes to Day Camp                                      Ziefert, Harriet, & Mavis Smith   9780784824368
Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire (Trade Sized Edition)     Rowling, J.K.
Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire (Trade Sized Edition)     Rowling, J.K.
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone (Mass Sized Edition)    Rowling, J. K.
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets (Trade Sized          Rowling, J.K.
Edition)                                                                                      9780784814444
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets (Trade Sized          Rowling, J.K.
Edition)                                                                                      9780784814444
Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban (Trade Sized         Rowling, J.K.
Edition)                                                                                      9780784815427
Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban (Trade Sized         Rowling, J.K.
Edition)                                                                                      9780784815427
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone (Trade Sized Edition)   Rowling, J.K.
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone (Trade Sized Edition)   Rowling, J.K.
Hatchet                                                     Paulsen, Gary                     9780784808771
Hating Book, The                                            Zolotow, Charlotte                9780784824399
Hattie Big Sky                                              Larson, Kirby                     9780784824405
Haunting of Hill House, The                                 Jackson, Shirley                  9780784817278
Have You Seen My Duckling?                                  Tabor, Nancy                      9780784824412
Haveli                                                      Staples, Suzanne Fisher           9780784807101
Having Our Say                                              Delany, Sara & Elizabeth          9780784806784
Headless Cupid, The                                      Snyder, Zilpha Keatley                  9780784824429
Heads or Tails: Stories from the Sixth Grade             Gantos, Jack                            9780784824436
Hear Your Heart                                          Showers, Paul                           9780784824443
Heart is a Lonely Hunter                                 McCullers, Carson                       9780784816783
Heart Of A Woman, The                                    Angelou, Maya                           9780784808740
Heart of Darkness & Secret Sharer (Signet Classics       Conrad, Joseph
Edition)                                                                                         9780884832768
Heart of Darkness & the Secret Sharer (Bantam Classics   Conrad, Joseph
Edition)                                                                                         9780784832745
Heartbreaking Work fo Staggering Genius, A               Eggers, Dave                             9780375725784
Heaven                                                   Johnson, Angela                         9780784824450
Hebrew/English Dictionary                                Ben-Yehuda, Ehud                        9780784817391
Henderson the Rain King                                  Bellow, Saul                            9780784813348
Henry & Mudge and the Bedtime Thumps                     Rylant, Cynthia                         9780784824467
Henry & Mudge Get the Cold Shivers                       Rylant, Cynthia                         9780784824474
Henry & Mudge in the Sparkle Days                        Rylant, Cynthia                         9780784824481
Henry & Mudge, The First Book                            Rylant, Cynthia                         9780784801826
Henry & Mudge, Under the Yellow Moon                     Rylant, Cynthia                         9780784801734
Henry & Ribsy                                            Cleary, Beverley                        9780884837091
Henry & the Paper Route                                  Cleary, Beverley                        9780884836919
Henry Huggins                                            Cleary, Beverley                        9780884836933
Henry IV, Part 1 (Folger Edition)                        Shakespeare, William                    9780784816325
Henry IV, Part 2 (Folger Edition)                        Shakespeare, William                    9780884830122
Henry V (Folger Edition)                                 Shakespeare, William                    9780784802557
Here Are My Hands                                        Archambault, John                       9780784824498
Here Comes the Strikeout                                 Kessler, Leonard                        9780784824504
Here We All Are                                          de Paola, Tomie                         9780784824511
Herland, The Yellow Wall-Paper, & Selected Writings      Gillman, Charlotte Perkins
Hero                                                     Rottamn, S.L.                           9780784832752
Hero and the Crown, The                                  McKinley, Robin                         9780784824528
Heroes                                                   Cormier, Robert                         9780784815717
Heroes, Gods & Monsters Of The Greek Myths               Evslin, Bernard                         9780884836797
Hey World, Here I Am!                                    Little, Jean                            9780784824535
Hey, Al                                                  Yorinks, Arthur                         9780784824542
Hey, New Kid!                                            Duffey, Betsy                           9780784824559
Hiawatha                                                 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth             9780784824566
Hideout, The                                             Kehret, Peg                             9780784824580
Hiding Place, The                                        Ten Boom, Corrie                        9780784832769
High Exposure: An Enduring Passion for Everest &         Breashears, David
Unforgiving Places                                                                               9780784824597
High King, The                                           Alexander, Lloyd                        9780884835707
Higher Power of Lucky, The                               Patron, Susan                           9780784824603
Hill of Fire                                             Lewis, Thomas P.                        9781557444851
Hiroshima (Hersey)                                       Hersey, John                            9780884832164
Hiroshima (Yep)                                          Yep, Laurence                           9780784824610
History of Women in America, A                           Hymowitz, Carol, & Weissman, Michaele
Hitchhicker's Guide To The Galaxy, The                   Adams, Douglas                          9780784818572
Hitty: Her First Hundred Years                           Field, Rachel                           9780784824627
Hobbit, The                                              Tolkien, J.R.R.                         9780884831358
Hole in My Life                                          Gantos, Jack                            9780784824634
Holes                                                    Sachar, Louis                           9780784813942
Home to Medicine Mountain                                Santiago, Chiori, & Judith Lowry, illus.   9780784824641
Home: A Collaboration of Thirty Authors & Illustrators   Rosen, Michael J., Editor
(Reading Rainbow Books)                                                                             9780784824658
Homecoming                                               Voigt, Cynthia                             9780784806449
Homeless Bird                                            Whelan, Gloria                             9780784824665
Homesick: My Own Story                                   Fritz, Jean                                9780784824672
Honey, Baby, Sweetheart                                  Caletti, Deb                               9780784824689
Honey, I Love & Other Love Poems                         Greenfield, Eloise                         9781557444479
Honky                                                    Conley, Dalton                             9780784814826
Hoops                                                    Myers, Walter Dean                         9780784824696
Hoot                                                     Hiaasen, Carl                              9780784824702
Hope in the Unseen, A                                    Suskind, Ron                               9780784813522
Hope Was Here                                            Bauer, Joan                                9780784818954
Horrible Harry and the Drop of Doom                      Kline, Suzy                                9780784824719
Horrible Harry & the Green Slime                         Kline, Suzy                                9780784809624
Horrible Harry and the Kickball Wedding                  Kline, Suzy                                9780784824726
Horrible Harry in Room 2B                                Kline, Suzy                                9780784824733
Horsecatcher, The                                        Sandoz, Mari                               9780784824740
Hot Zone, The                                            Preston, Richard                           9780784807903
Hound of the Baskervilles, The                           Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan                    9780884836476
Hour Of The Stars, The (Pontiero Translation)            Lispector, Clarice                         9780784819180
Hours, The                                               Cunningham, Michael                        9780784816462
House of Dies Drear, The (Trade Sized Edition)           Hamilton, Virginia                         9780784824757
House of Dies Drear,The (Mass Sized Edition)             Hamilton, Virginia                         9781557441775
House of Seven Gables, The (Tor Edition)                 Hawthorne, Nathaniel                       9780784809983
House of Sixty Fathers, The                              De Jong, Meindert                          9780784804186
House of the Scorpion, The                               Farmer, Nancy                              9780784824771
House of the Spirits (Mass Sized Edition)                Allende, Isabel                            9780784803967
House of the Spirits, The (Trade Sized Edition)          Allende, Isabel                            9780784824788
House On Mango Street, The                               Cisneros, Sandra                           9781557449115
How a Seed Grows                                         Jordan, Helene J.                          9780784824795
How Angel Peterson Got His Name                          Paulsen, Gary                              9780784824801
How Do Apples Grow?                                      Maestro, Betsy                             9780784824818
How Doctors Think                                        Groopman M.D., Jerome                      9780784819050
How I Found America                                      Yezierska, Anzia                           9780784810835
How I Learned to Drive                                   Vogel, Paula                               9780784816059
How I Live Now                                           Rosoff, Meg                                9780784818374
How Many Days to America?: A Thanksgiving Story          Bunting, Eve
How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents                  Alvarez, Julia                             9780784802069
How The Other Half Lives                                 Riis, Jacob A.                             9780784815151
How to Eat Fried Worms                                   Rockwell, Thomas                           9780884837176
How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and    Foster, Thomas C.
Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines
How to Talk So Kids Can Learn                            Faber, Adele, & Mazlish, Elaine            9780784816851
Howliday Inn                                             Howe, James                                9781557448682
Howl's Moving Castle                                     Jones, Diana Wynne                         9780784824849
Hullabaloo In the Guava Orchard                          Desai, Kiran                               9780784813430
Human Comedy, The                                        Saroyan, William                           9780884831792
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The                             Hugo, Victor                               9780884833383
Hundred Dresses                                          Estes, Eleanor                             9780784811542
Hundred Penny Box, The                                   Mathis, Sharon Bell                        9780784824856
Hunger                                                  Chang, Lan Samantha                  9780784813973
Hunger of Memory                                        Rodriguez, Richard                   9780784824863
Hungry Ocean, The: Swordboat Captain's Journey          Greenlaw, Linda                      9780784824870
Hurricane: The Miraculous Story of Rubin Carter         Hirsch, James S.                     9780784824887
Hurry Home, Candy                                       De Jong, Meindert                    9780784824894
Hush                                                    Woodson, Jacqueline                  9780784816912
I Am A Star: Child of the Holocaust                     Auerbacher, Inge                     9780784811436
I Am Legend                                             Matheson, Richard                    9780784818985
I Am Regina                                             Keehn, Sally M                       9780784812600
I Am Rosa Parks                                         Parks, Rosa , with Jim Haskins       9780784824900
I Am the Cheese                                         Cormier, Robert                      9780884835264
I Am the Messenger                                      Zusak, Markus                        9780784824917
I Can Read (Emergent Reader Book Series)                Williams, Rozanne Lanczak            9780784824924
Big Balloon Race, The (I Can Read Book #03)             Coerr, Eleanor                       9780784824931
I Can Write (Emergent Reader Book Series)               Williams, Rozanne Lanczak            9780784824948
I Can't Believe I Have to Do This                       Alford, Jan                          9780784824955
I Feel a Little Jumpy Around You: A Book of Her Poems & Shihab Nye, Naomi, & Paul Janeczko
His Poems Collected in Pairs                                                                 9780784824962
I Hadn't Meant to Tell You This                         Woodson, Jacqueline                  9780784824979
I Have a Sister, My Sister is Deaf                      Peterson, Jeanne Whitehouse          9780784803684
I Have Lived a Thousand Years: Growing Up in the        Bitton-Jackson, Livia
Holocaust                                                                                    9780784824986
I Heard the Owl Call My Name                            Craven, Margaret                     9780884839590
I Know What You Did Last Summer                         Duncan, Lois                         9781557449726
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (Mass Sized Edition)    Angelou, Maya
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (Trade Sized Edition)   Angelou, Maya
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden                      Greenberg, Joanne                    9780884831303
I Remember Mama                                         Van Druten, John                     9780784813195
I Shop with My Daddy                                    Maccarone, Grace                     9780784825006
I Want to Be an Astronaut                               Barton, Byron                        9780784825013
I Went Walking                                          Williams, Sue                        9780784825020
I, Claudius                                             Graves, Robert                       9780784810668
I, Juan De Pareja                                       Borton de Trevino, Elizabeth         9781557448439
I, Rigoberta Menchu                                     Burgos-Debray, Elisabeth             9780784825037
I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem                         Conde, Maryse                        9780784814666
Icebergs and Glaciers                                   Simon, Seymour                       9780784825044
If a Bus Could Talk                                     Ringgold, Faith                      9780784825051
If Beale Street Could Talk                              Baldwin, James                       9780784806739
If You Come Softly                                      Woodson, Jacqueline                  9780784816042
If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad             Levine, Ellen                        9781557448729
If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution     Levy, Elizabeth
If You're Not Here, Please Raise Your Hand              Dakos, Kali                          9780784814529
Iliad (Fagles Trans.)                                   Homer                                9780784810675
Iliad, The (Rieu Translation)                           Homer                                9780784819142
Iliad, The (Rouse Trans.)                               Homer                                9780884833284
Illustrated Man, The                                    Bradbury, Ray                        9780884831747
I'm a Caterpillar                                       Marzollo, Jean                       9780784825075
I'm in Charge of Celebrations                           Baylor, Byrd                         9780784825082
Imani All Mine                                          Porter, Connie                       9780784825099
Importance of Being Earnest & Other Plays, The (Signet    Wilde, Oscar
Edition)                                                                                            9781557440440
Importance of Being Earnest (Avon Edition)                Wilde, Oscar                              9780784832783
In Cold Blood                                             Capote, Truman                            9780784805060
In Country                                                Mason, Bobbie Ann                         9780784807798
In Daddy's Arms I Am Tall: African Americans Celebrating Steptoe, Javaka
Fathers                                                                                             9780784825105
In My Father's House                                     Rinaldi, Ann                               9780784814277
In My Hands: Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer (Mass        Opdyke, Irene Gut, & Jennifer Armstrong
Sized Edition)                                                                                      9780784825129
In My Hands: Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer (Trade       Opdyke, Irene Gut, & Jennifer Armstrong
Sized Edition)                                                                                      9780784825112
In My Place                                               Hunter-Gault, Charlayne                   9780784815328
In Nueva York                                             Mohr, Nicholasa                           9780784803752
In Our Time                                               Hemingway, Ernest                         9780784807583
In the Beginning: Creation Stories from Around the World Hamilton, Virginia
In the Dinosaur's Paw (Kids of the Polk Street School)    Giff, Patricia Reilly
In the Face of Danger                                     Nixon, Joan Lowery                        9780784802786
In the Lake of the Woods                                  O'Brien, Tim                              9780784809129
In the Time of the Butterflies                            Alvarez, Julia                            9780784807682
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson               Lord, Bette Bao                           9780784808269
In These Girls Hope is a Muscle                           Blais, Madeleine                          9780784816707
Incident at Hawk's Hill                                   Eckert, Allan W.                          9780784825167
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (Penguin Classic    Jacobs, Harriet
Edition)                                                                                            9780784810361
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (Harvest Edition)   Jacobs, Francine, , L. Brent, L. Maria
                                                          Child                                     9780784825174
Incredible Journey, The                                   Burnford, Sheila                          9780884837336
Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison                 Lenski, Lois                              9780784825181
Indian In the Cupboard, The                               Banks, Lynne Reid                         9780784811504
Inexcusable                                               Lynch, Chris                              9780784825198
Inferno, The (Ciardi Translation)                         Alighieri, Dante                          9780884833673
Inferno, The (Hollander Translation)                      Dante                                     9780784818152
Inherit the Wind                                          Lawrence, Jerome & Lee, Robert E.         9780884832188
Innocent Erendira & Other Stories                         Marquez, Gabriel Garcia                   9780784812976
Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy & Its Consequences    Paulos, John Allen
Inside Out                                                Trueman, Terry                            9780784825204
Interpreter of Maladies                                   Lahiri, Jhumpa                            9780784815731
Interstellar Pig                                          Sleator, William                          9780784825211
Interview With the Vampire                                Rice, Anne                                9780784807767
Into the Dream                                            Sleator, William                          9780784825228
Into the Wild                                             Krakauer, Jon                             9780784825235
Into Thin Air                                             Krakauer, Jon                             9780784816691
Intruder in the Dust                                      Faulkner, William                         9780884832195
Invincible Louisa                                         Meigs, Cornelia                           9780784825242
Invisible                                                 Hautman, Pete                             9780784825259
Invisible Cities                                          Calvino, Italo                            9780784817582
Invisible Man (Ellison)                                   Ellison, Ralph                            9780784802526
Invisible Man, The (Bantam Edition)                       Wells, H.G.                               9780884835363
Ira Sleeps Over                                           Waber, Bernard                            9780784825273
Iron & Silk                                               Salzman, Mark                             9781557447869
Iron Giant, The                                           Hughes, Ted                             9780784825280
Ironman                                                   Crutcher, Chris                         9780784825297
Isaac's Storm                                             Larson, Erik                             9780784833988
Ishi: Last of His Tribe                                   Kroeber, Theodorea                      9780884834021
Ishmael: An Adventure Of The Mind & Spirit                Quinn, Daniel                           9780784819074
Island Boy                                                Cooney, Barbara                         9780784825303
Island Like You, An                                       Ortiz, Judith Cofer                     9780784825310
Island of the Blue Dolphins (Mass Sized Edition)          O'Dell, Scott                           9781557441805
Island of the Blue Dolphins (Trade Sized Edition)         O'Dell, Scott                           9780784825327
Island on Bird Street, The                                Orlev, Uri                              9780784811726
Island, The                                               Paulsen, Gary                           9780784810736
It Could Always Be Worse                                  Zemach, Margot                          9780784825334
It Could Still Be Water (Rookie Read-About Science)       Fowler, Allan
It Happened to Nancy                                      Anonymous Teenager, Sparks, Nancy,
                                                          Editor                                  9780784817087
It Looked Like Spilt Milk                                 Shaw, Charles G.                        9780784825358
It's Kind of a Funny Story                                Vizzini, Ned                            9780784833834
It's Like This, Cat                                       Neville, Emily Cheney                   9780784825365
It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life          Armstrong, Lance , with Sally Jenkins   9780784832790
It's Not the End of the World                             Blume, Judy                             9780784825372
Ivanhoe                                                   Scott, Sir Walter                       9781557441003
Izzy, Willy-Nilly                                         Voigt, Cynthia                          9780784825389
J. T.                                                     Wagner, Jane                            9780784825396
Jackie Robinson                                           Rampersad, Arnold                       9780784825402
Jackie Robinson: Young Sports Trailblazer                 Dunn, Herb                              9780784825419
Jacob Have I Loved                                        Paterson, Katherine                     9780784801710
Jacob Lawrence                                            Venezia, Mike                           9780784825426
Jacob's Rescue: A Holocaust Story                         Drucker, Malka, & Michael Halperin      9780784832806
Jaguar's Jewel, The                                       Roy, Ron                                9780784825433
Jake, Reinvented                                          Korman, Gordon                          9780784817797
Jamaica and Brianna                                       Havill, Juanita                         9780784825440
Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher                        Havill, Juanita                         9780784825457
Jamaica's Find                                            Havill, Juanita                         9780784825464
James & the Giant Peach                                   Dahl, Roald                             9780784804704
Jane Eyre (Modern Library Classics Edition)               Bronte, Charlotte                       9780784832813
Jane Eyre (Tor Edition)                                   Bronte, Charlotte                       9780784809822
Janitor's Boy, The                                        Clements, Andrew                        9780784825471
Jar of Dreams, A                                          Uchida, Yoshiko                         9780784802113
Jason's Gold                                              Hobbs, Will                             9780784832820
Jazmin's Notebook                                         Grimes, Nikki                           9780784825488
Jazz Man, The                                             Weik, Mary Hays                         9780784825495
Jefferson's Children: The Story of One American Family    Lanier, Shannon, & Jane Friedman
Jenius: The Amazing Guinea Pig                            King-Smith, Dick                        9780784825518
Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, Wm. McKinley, & Me, Elizabeth Konigsburg, E. L.
Jessica                                                   Henkes, Kevin                           9780784825549
Jesus Land: A Memoir                                      Scheeres, Julia                         9780784825556
Jim, the Boy                                              Earley, Tony                            9780784815038
Joe Turner's Come & Gone                                  Wilson, August                          9780784818794
Joey Pigza Loses Control                                  Gantos, Jack                            9780784825563
Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key                              Gantos, Jack                            9780784817711
John Henry: An American Legend                           Keats, Ezra Jack                       9781557444929
Johnny Appleseed (All Aboard Reading)                    Demuth, Patricia                       9780784825570
Johnny Got His Gun                                       Trumbo, Dalton                         9780884830733
Johnny Tremain                                           Forbes, Esther                         9780884832201
Join in: Multiethnic Short Stories                       Gallo, Donald R., Editor               9780784814208
Jonathan Livingston Seagull                              Bach, Richard                          9780784818435
Josefina Story Quilt                                     Coerr, Eleanor                         9780784801529
Journey                                                  MacLachlan, Patricia                   9780784804575
Journey Home                                             Uchida, Yoshiko                        9780784813447
Journey Outside                                          Steele, Mary                           9780784825587
Journey to America                                       Levitin, Sonia                         9781557444233
Journey to Jo'burg                                       Naidoo, Beverley                       9781557446008
Joy Luck Club, The                                       Tan, Amy                               9780784818961
Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices                       Fleischman, Paul                       9780784825594
Joys Of Motherhood, The                                  Emecheta, Buchi                        9780784818732
Jubilee                                                  Walker, Margaret                       9780784817827
Jude the Obscure                                         Hardy, Thomas                          9780784808931
Julian, Dream Doctor                                     Cameron, Ann                           9780784825600
Julian, Secret Agent                                     Cameron, Ann                           9780784825617
Julian's Glorious Summer (Stepping Stone)                Cameron, Ann                           9780784825624
Julie of the Wolves                                      George, Jean Craighead                 9781557443625
Julius Caesar (Bantam Edition)                           Shakespeare, William                   9781557446695
Julius Caesar (Folger Edition)                           Shakespeare, William                   9780884830375
Julius Caesar (Shakespeare Made Easy)                    Shakespeare, William                   9781557440877
Julius Caesar (Signet Classic Shakespeare Edition)       Shakespeare, William
Julius Caesar (Simply Shakespeare)                       Shakespeare, William                   9780784825631
Jump at de Sun: Story of Zora Neale Hurston              Porter, A. P.                          9780784825648
Jump Ship to Freedom                                     Collier, James Lincoln & Christopher   9781557448804
Jump, Frog, Jump!                                        Kahn, Roger                            9780784825655
Junebug                                                  Mead, Alice                            9780784825662
Jungle Books, The (Signet Classics)                      Kipling, Rudyard                       9780884835486
Jungle, The (Signet Classics Edition)                    Sinclair, Upton                        9780884830689
Jungle, The (Bantam Classics Edition)                    Sinclair, Upton                        9780784832844
Jurassic Park                                            Crichton, Michael                      9780784808566
Just a Few Words, Mr. Lincoln                            Fritz, Jean                            9780784825679
Just as Long as We're Together                           Blume, Judy                            9780784805084
Just Juice                                               Hesse, Karen                           9780784825686
Just Like Me                                             Neasi, Barbara J.                      9780784825693
Justin & The Best Biscuits In The World                  Walter, Mildred                        9780784811412
Justin Morgan Had a Horse                                Henry, Marguerite                      9780784825709
Kabul Beauty School                                      Rodriguez, Deborah                      9780784834060
Kaffir Boy                                               Mathabane, Mark                        9781557448057
Karate Class Mystery (Invisible Inc. #05)                Levy, Elizabeth                        9780784825266
Kensuke's Kingdom                                        Morpurgo, Michael                      9780784832851
Kid Caramel: Private Investigator: Case of the Missing   Ferguson, Dwayne
Ankh                                                                                            9780784825716
Kidnapped (Tor Edition)                                  Stevenson, Robert Louis                9780784810064
Kidnapped at Birth? (Marvin Redpost #1)                  Sachar, Louis                          9780784826690
Kildee House                                             Montgomery, Rutherford                 9780784827703
Killer Angels, The                                       Shaara, Michael                        9780884838852
Killer's Cousin, The                                     Werlin, Nancy                          9780784825723
Killing Mr Griffin                                       Duncan, Lois                              9780884838173
Kim/Kimi                                                 Irwin, Hadley                             9781557447586
Kindred                                                  Butler, Octavia E.                        9780784806944
King Arthur & His Knights of the Round Table             Green, Roger Lancelyn                     9780784812877
King Lear (Bantam Classics Edition)                      Shakespeare, William                      9780784832868
King Lear (Folger Edition)                               Shakespeare, William                      9780884830290
King Lear (Shakespeare Made Easy)                        Shakespeare, William                      9781557440853
King Must Die, The                                       Renault, Mary                             9780784813966
King of the Wind                                         Henry, Marquerite                         9780784806098
King of the World: Rise of Muhammad Ali                  Remnick, David                            9780784825730
King Solomon's Mines (Modern Library Classics Edition)   Haggard, H. Rider
King's Equal, The                                        Paterson, Katherine                       9780784825747
Kira-Kira                                                Kadohata, Cynthia                         9780784825754
Kiss for Little Bear, A                                  Minarik, Else Holmelund                   9780784825761
Kitchen God's Wife, The                                  Tan, Amy                                  9780784819357
Kite Rider, The                                          McCaughrean, Geraldine                    9780784817209
Kite Runner, The                                         Hosseini, Khaled                          9780784817216
Kit's Law: A Novel                                       Morrissey, Donna                          9780784825778
Kit's Wilderness                                         Almond, David                             9780784825785
Kneeknock Rise                                           Babbitt, Natalie                          9780784825792
Knight's Castle                                          Eager, Edward                             9780784825808
Knights of the Kitchen Table                             Scieszka, Jon                             9780784812358
Knots in My Yo-Yo String                                 Spinelli, Jerry                           9780784815892
Knots on a Counting Rope                                 Archambault, John                         9780784825815
Koala Lou                                                Fox, Mem                                  9780784825822
Kobe Bryant: Hard to the Hoop                            Stewart, Mark                             9780784825839
Kokopelli's Flute                                        Hobbs, Will                               9780784817926
Krik? Krak!                                              Danticat, Edwidge                         9780784808160
Lakota Woman                                             Crow Dog, Mary                            9780784807415
Lame Deer: Seeker of Visions (Pocket Books Enriched      Lame Deer, John, & Richard Erdoes
Classics Edition)                                                                                  9780784825846
Land I Lost, The                                         Nhuong, Huyna Quang                       9781557443816
Land, The                                                Taylor, Mildred D., & Mildred B. Taylor   9780784825853
Lantern in Her Hand, A                                   Aldrich, Bess Streeter                    9780784810514
Laramie Project, The                                     Kaufman, Moises                           9780784819388
Last Apprentice, The: Revenge of the Witch               Delaney, Joseph                           9780784825860
Last Book in the Universe, The                           Philbrick, Rodman                         9780784816677
Last Chance Texaco, The                                  Hartinger, Brent                          9780784825877
Last Chance to See                                       Adams, Douglas                            9780784813423
Last Days of Summer                                      Kluger, Steve                             9780784825884
Last of the Mohicans, The                                Cooper, James Fenimore                    9780884834212
Last One in Is a Rotten Egg                              Kessler, Leonard                          9780784825891
Last Shot, The                                           Frey, Darcy                               9780784816646
Lavender                                                 Hesse, Karen                              9780784825907
Lay That Trumpet in Our Hands                            McCarthy, Susan Carol                      9780784833964
Le Morte D'Arthur                                        Malory, Sir Thomas                        9780784809044
Leah's Pony                                              Friedrich, Elizabeth                      9780784825914
Learning Tree, The                                       Parks, Gordon                             9780884833710
Leave Myself Behind                                      Yates, Bart                               9780784825921
Leaves of Grass                                          Whitman, Walt                             9780784811900
Leaving Home                                             Rochman, Hazel                            9780784814338
Left for Dead: A Young Man's Search for Justice for the   Nelson, Peter
USS Indianapolis                                                                          9780784825938
Left Hand of Darkness,The                                 LeGuin, Ursula K.               9780784813041
Legend of Buddy Bush, The                                 Moses, Shelia P.                9780784825945
Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, The (Tor Edition)                Irving, Washington              9780784810026
Legend of the Bluebonnet, The                             de Paola, Tomie                 9780784825952
Leo the Late Bloomer                                      Kraus, Robert                   9780784825969
Leon's Story                                              Tillage, Leon Walter            9780784825976
Les Miserables (Abridged Edition)(Fawcett Edition)        Hugo, Victor
Les Miserables (Pocket Books Enriched Classics Edition) Hugo, Victor
Lesson Before Dying, A                                    Gaines, Earnest                 9780784806777
Let the Circle be Unbroken                                Taylor, Mildred D.              9780784803936
Let The Lion Eat Straw                                    Southerland, Ellease            9780784818350
Let's Go Rock Collecting                                  Gans, Roma                      9780784825983
Letters from a Slave Girl                                 Lyons, Mary E.                  9780784814710
Letters from Rifka                                        Hesse, Karen                    9780784825990
Letters from the Inside                                   Marsden, John                   9780784826003
Letters to a Young Artist                                 Smith, Anna Deavere              9780784833995
Letters to a Young Brother                                Harper, Hill                    9780784833711
Letting Swift River Go                                    Yolen, Jane                     9780784826010
Li Lun, Lad of Courage                                    Treffinger, Carolyn             9780784826027
Liars' Club, The                                          Karr, Mary                      9780784826034
Library Card, The                                         Spinelli, Jerry                 9780784826041
Library, The                                              Stewart, Sarah                  9780784826058
Life is Funny                                             Frank, E.R.                     9780784826065
Life of Pi (Trade Sized Edition)                          Martel, Yann                    9780784817292
Life of Pi: Student Edition (Mass Sized Edition)          Martel, Yann                    9780784832899
Life On The Color Line                                    Williams, Gregory Howard        9780784818169
Life You Imagine                                          Jeter, Derek, with Jack Curry   9780784816684
Light at Tern Rock, The                                   Sauer, Julia L.                 9780784826072
Light in August                                           Faulkner, William               9781557448484
Light in the Forest                                       Richter, Conrad                 9780884830573
Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson and the Olympians          Riordan, Rick
Like Jake & Me                                            Jukes, Mavis                    9781557444431
Like Sisters on the Homefront                             Williams-Garcia, Rita           9780784826096
Like Water for Chocolate                                  Esquivel, Laura                 9780784808900
Lillies of the Field                                      Barrett, William E.             9780884830856
Lily's Crossing                                           Giff, Patricia Reilly           9780784812266
Lincoln: A Photobiography                                 Freedman, Russell               9780784812488
Linden Hills                                              Naylor, Gloria                  9780784815908
Lion and the Little Red Bird, The                         Kleven, Elisa                   9780784826102
Lion In Winter, The                                       Goldman, James                  9780784833452
Lion to Guard Us, A                                       Bulla, Clyde Robert             9780784826119
Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe                            Lewis, C.S.                     9780784810767
Lirael: Daughter of the Clayr                             Nix, Garth                      9780784826126
Lisa Bright and Dark                                      Neufeld, John                   9780884833246
Listen                                                    Coffelt, Nancy                   9781934813232
Listening Walk, The                                       Showers, Paul                   9780784826133
Little Bear's Friend                                      Minarik, Else Holmelund         9780784800195
Little Bear's Visit                                       Minarik, Else Holmelund         9780784826140
Little House in the Big Woods                              Wilder, Laura Ingalls             9781557443137
Little House On the Prairie                                Wilder, Laura Ingalls             9780784802120
Little House, The                                          Burton, Virginia Lee              9780784801604
Little Island, The                                         MacDonald, Golden                 9780784826171
Little Men                                                 Alcott, Louisa May                9780884838180
Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big         Wood, Don
Hungry Bear                                                                                  9780784826188
Little Nino's Pizzeria                                     Barbour, Karen                    9780784826195
Little Prince, The                                         Saint-Exupery, Antoine de         9780784815373
Little Princess, A (Penguin Classics Edition)              Burnett, Frances Hodgson          9780784826201
Little Red Hen, The (Puffin Easy-to-Read, Level 2)         Ziefert, Harriet, & Emily Bolam   9780784826218
Little Town on the Prairie                                 Wilder, Laura Ingalls             9780784826225
Little Women (Adapted Edition) (Stepping Stone Edition)    Alcott, Louisa May
Little Women (Oxford World's Classics Edition)             Alcott, Louisa May                9780784826232
Little Women (Penguin Classics Edition)                    Alcott, Louisa May                9780784826249
Little Women (Penguin Edition)                             Alcott, Louisa May                9780784826256
Little Women (Tor Classics Edition)                        Alcott, Louisa May                9780784826263
Lively Art of Writing, The                                 Payne, Lucile Vaughan             9781557449825
Living up the Street                                       Soto, Gary                        9780784813621
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy                      Schmidt, Gary D.                  9780784826287
Local Girls                                                Hoffman, Alice                    9780784814369
Locomotion                                                 Woodson, Jacqueline               9780784826294
Lolita                                                     Nabokov, Vladimir                 9780784817308
Lon Po Po: A Red Riding Hood Story from China              Young, Ed                         9780784826300
Lone Ranger & Tonto Fistfight in Heaven                    Alexie, Sherman                   9780784810866
Lonesome Dove                                              Mc Murtry, Larry                  9780784833469
Long Days Journey Into Night                               O'Neill, Eugene                   9780884832232
Long Way from Chicago, A                                   Peck, Richard                     9780784826317
Long Way Gone, A: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier                 Beah, Ishmael                     9780784826324
Long Way to Go, A: Story of Womens Right to Vote           O'neal, Zibby
Long Way Westward, The                                     Sandin, Joan                      9780784826348
Long Winter, The                                           Wilder, Laura Ingalls             9780784826355
Longitude                                                  Sobel, Dava                       9780784817896
Look Out, Washington, D. C.! (Kids of the Polk Street      Giff, Patricia Reilly
School)                                                                                      9780784826362
Look What I Can Do                                         Aruego, Jose                      9780784826379
Looking For Alaska                                         Green, John                       9780784818381
Lord of the Flies (Mass Sized Edition)                     Golding, William                  9780884832249
Lord of the Flies (Trade Sized Edition)                    Golding, William                  9780784832905
Lord of the Rings, The                                     Tolkien, J. R. R.                 9780784826386
Lords Of Discipline, The                                   Conroy, Pat                       9780784809068
Loser                                                      Spinelli, Jerry                   9780784832912
Lost Boy, The                                              Pelzer, Dave                      9780784819241
Lost Garden, The                                           Yep, Laurence                     9780784826393
Lost Horizon                                               Hilton, James                     9780884835530
Lost in the Barrens                                        Mowat, Farley                     9780884839439
Lost in the Tunnel of Time (Ziggy & the Black Dinosaurs)   Draper, Sharon D.
Lost Lady, A                                               Cather, Willa                     9780784809631
Lost On A Mountain In Maine                                Fendler, Donn                     9780784812815
Lost Star                                                  Lauber, Patricia                  9780784826409
Lost Years of Merlin                                       Barron, T. A.                 9780784826423
Lottery Rose, The                                          Hunt, Irene                   9780784812211
Lottery Winner, The                                        Clark, Mary Higgins           9780784811641
Lotus Seed, The                                            Garland, Sherry               9780784826430
Loud Silence Of Francine Green, The                        Cushman, Karen                9780784833506
Love and Other Four Letter Words                           Mackler, Carolyn              9780784826447
Love In The Time Of Cholera                                Marquez, Gabriel Garcia       9780784808726
Love Medicine                                              Erdrich, Louise               9780784819098
Lovely Bones                                               Sebold, Alice                 9780784816813
Luckiest Girl, The                                         Cleary, Beverley              9780884837749
Lucky Baseball Bat, The                                    Christopher, Matt             9780784826454
Lucky: A Memoir                                            Sebold, Alice                 9780784818145
Lucy                                                       Kincaid, Jamaica              9780784800270
Luna                                                       Peters, Julie Anne            9780784826461
Lupita Manana                                              Beatty, Patricia              9780784812310
Lyddie (Mass Sized Edition)                                Paterson, Katherine           9780784806623
Lyddie (Trade Sized Edition)                               Paterson, Katherine           9780784826478
Lysistrata (Parker Translation)                            Aristophanes                  9781557441126
M.C. Higgins The Great                                     Hamilton, Virginia            9780884832256
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom                                   Wilson, August                9780784806678
Macbeth (Bantam Edition)                                   Shakespeare, William          9781557446510
Macbeth (Folger Trade Sized Edition)                       Shakespeare, William          9780784817179
Macbeth (Folger Mass Sized Edition)                        Shakespeare, William          9780884830665
Macbeth (Manga)                                            Shakespeare, William          9780784819319
Macbeth (Shakespeare Made Easy)                            Shakespeare, William          9781557440846
Macbeth (Signet Edition)                                   Shakespeare, William          9780884834670
Macbeth (Simply Shakespeare)                               Shakespeare, William          9780784817575
Madame Bovary                                              Flaubert, Gustave             9780884839842
Madeline                                                   Bemelmans, Ludwig             9780784826485
Madeline's Rescue: Story and Pictures                      Bemelmans, Ludwig             9780784826492
Magda's Daughter                                           Blaikie, Evi                  9780784817056
Maggie: A Girl Of The Streets & Selected Stories (Signet   Crane, Stephen
Classics Edition)                                                                        9780884836018
Maggie: A Girl of the Streets & Other Short Fiction        Crane, Stephen
(Bantam Classics Edition)                                                                9780784832929
Magic Crystal?, A (Marvin Redpost #8)                      Sachar, Louis                 9780784826737
Magic School Bus at the Waterworks, The                    Cole, Joanna, & Bruce Degen   9780784826508
Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor, The                   Cole, Joanna, & Bruce Degen   9780784826515
Magic School Bus Sees Stars: A Book About Stars            Cole, Joanna                  9780784826522
Magician's Nephew, The                                     Lewis, C. S.                  9780784826560
Mahalia Jackson: Gospel Singer and Civil War Champion Dunham, Montrew
Mailing May                                                Tunnell, Michael O.           9780784826584
Maisie Dobbs                                               Winspear, Jacqueline          9780784826591
Maizon at Blue Hill                                        Woodson, Jacqueline           9780784826607
Make Lemonade                                              Wolfe, Virginia Euwer         9780784817728
Make Way For Ducklings                                     McCloskey, Robert             9781557441546
Makes Me Wanna Holler                                      Mc Call, Nathan               9780784818022
Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary                          Myers, Walter Dean            9780784826614
Maltese Falcon, The                                        Hammett, Dashiell             9781557448668
Mama Day                                                   Naylor, Gloria                9780784807552
Mama's Bank Account                                        Forbes, Kathryn               9780784806432
Mama's Girl                                                Chambers, Veronica            9780784808986
Mamis, Las                                        Santiago, Esmeralda, & Joie Davidow,
                                                  Editors                                     9780784826621
Man & Superman                                    Shaw, George Bernard                        9780784810910
Man For All Seasons, A                            Bolt, Robert                                9781557448460
Man Of The People, The                            Achebe, Chinua                              9780784806852
Man Who Ate the 747, The                          Sherwood, Ben                               9780784826638
Man Who Was Poe, The                              Avi                                         9780784813638
Manchild In The Promised Land                     Brown, Claude                               9780784813904
Mango Season, The                                 Malladi, Amulya                             9780784817148
Maniac Magee                                      Spinelli, Jerry                             9780784814604
Many Moons                                        Thurber, James                              9780784826645
Many Stones                                       Coman, Carolyn                              9780784826652
Maps and Globes                                   Knowlton, Jack                              9780784826669
Mara, Daughter Of The Nile                        McGraw, Eloise Jarvis                       9780784813454
Maroo of the Winter Caves                         Turnbull, Ann                               9780784832936
Martian Chronicles, The                           Bradbury, Ray                               9780884831051
Martin Luther King Day                            Lowery, Linda                               9780784826676
Martin Luther King, Jr.: Young Man with a Dream   Millender, Dharathula                       9780784826683
Mary McCleod Bethune                              Greenfield, Eloise                          9780784826744
Master Harold & The Boys                          Fugard, Athol                               9780784805015
Master Puppeteer, The                             Paterson, Katherine                         9780884838265
Matchlock Gun, The                                Edmonds, Walter D.                          9780784826768
Matilda (Puffin Modern Classics Edition)          Dahl, Roald                                 9780784801345
Matilda (Puffin Edition)                          Dahl, Roald                                 9780784826775
Matthew's Dream                                   Lionni, Leo                                 9780784826782
Maurya's Seed                                     Wright-Lewis, Catherine                     9780784816264
Maus I                                            Spiegelman, Art                             9780784807729
Maus II                                           Spiegelman, Art                             9780784807736
Max's Chocolate Chicken                           Wells, Rosemary                             9780784826805
May I Bring a Friend?                             De Regniers, Beatrice Schenk                9780784826812
Maya Angelou: Journey of the Heart                Pettit, Jayne                               9780784826829
Mayfield Crossing                                 Nelson, Vaunda                              9780784826836
Mayor Of Casterbridge                             Hardy, Thomas                               9780884835356
McTeague                                          Norris, Frank                               9780784817803
Me Talk Pretty One Day                            Sedaris, David                              9780784818008
Me, Mop, and the Moondance Kid                    Myers, Walter Dean                          9780784826843
Mean Margaret                                     Seidler, Tor                                9780784826850
Measure For Measure (Folger Edition)              Shakespeare, William                        9780784800553
Medea & Other Plays (Vellacott Translation)       Euripides                                   9780784808023
Medieval Feast, A                                 Aliki                                       9780784832943
Medieval Myths                                    Goodrich, Norma Lorre                       9780784807019
Meely LaBauve                                     Wells, Ken                                  9780784815311
Meet Danitra Brown                                Grimes, Nikki                               9780784826867
Meet M&M                                          Ross, Pat                                   9780784826874
Meet Martin Luther King, Jr.                      De Kay, James T.                            9780784826881
Member Of The Wedding (Novel)                     McCullers, Carson                           9780884831334
Member Of The Wedding (Play)                      McCullers, Carson                           9780784813188
Memoirs Of A Geisha                               Golden, Arthur                              9780784818039
Memory Keeper's Daughter, The                     Edwards, Kim                                9780784818916
Memory Of Earth                                   Card, Orson Scott                           9780784816363
Mentor Book Of Major American Poets               Williams, Oscar , & Honig, Edwin, Editors
Mentor Book Of Major British Poets                        Williams, Oscar, Editor           9780784816134
Merchant Of Venice, The (Bantam Edition)                  Shakespeare, William              9781557446633
Merchant Of Venice, The (Folger Edition)                  Shakespeare, William              9780884830283
Merchant Of Venice, The (Shakespeare Made Easy)           Shakespeare, William
Merriam - Webster & Garfield Dicitionary, The             Merriam - Webster Editors         9780784817476
Merriam - Webster Dictionary, The (Mass Sized Edition)    Merriam - Webster Editors
Merriam - Webster Dictionary, The (Trade Sized Edition)   Merriam - Webster Editors
Merriam - Webster's Elementary Dictionary                 Merriam - Webster Editors         9780784815236
Merriam-Webster Thesaurus (Mass Sized Edition)            Mish, Frederick, ed.
Merriam-Webster Thesaurus (Trade Sized Edition)           Mish, Frederick, ed.
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus                  Merriam - Webster Editors         9780784818497
Merriam-Webster's Intermediate Dictionary                 Merriam-Webster Editors           9780784826928
Merriam-Webster's Intermediate Thesaurus                  Merriam-Webster Editors           9780784826935
Messy Bessey                                              McKissack, Patricia C.            9780784826942
Metamorphosis, The                                        Kafka, Franz                      9780884831563
Metamorphosis, The, In the Penal Colony, & Other Stories Kafka, Franz
Michael Jordan: Returning Champion                        Raber, Thomas R.                  9780784826959
Mick Harte Was Here                                       Park, Barbara                     9780784826966
Middle Moffat, The                                        Estes, Eleanor                    9780784826973
Middle Passage                                            Johnson, Charles                  9780784814642
Midnight at the Dragon Café                               Bates, Judy Fong                  9780784826980
Midnight's Children                                       Rushdie, Salman                   9780784817605
Midshipman's Hope                                         Feintuch, David                   9780784816332
Midsummer Night's Dream, A (Bantam Edition)               Shakespeare, William              9781557446664
Midsummer Night's Dream, A (Folger Edition)               Shakespeare, William              9780884830672
Midsummer Night's Dream, A (Shakespeare Made Easy)        Shakespeare, William
Midsummer Night's Dream, A (Signet Classic                Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare Edition)                                                                        9780784826997
Midwife's Apprentice                                      Cushman, Karen                    9780784811207
Midwives                                                  Bohjalian, Chris                  9780784813263
Miguel Street                                             Naipaul, V.S.                     9780784816202
Milkweed                                                  Spinelli, Jerry                   9780784817650
Million Dollar Shot, The                                  Gutman, Dan                       9780784827000
Millions of Cats                                          Gag, Wanda                        9780784827017
Mine's the Best                                           Bonner, Cindy                     9780784827024
Minn of the Mississippi                                   Holling, Holling Clancy           9780784827031
Minnie & Moo Go to Paris                                  Cazet, Denys                      9780784827048
Minnie & Moo Go to the Moon                               Cazet, Denys                      9780784827055
Minnie & Moo Save the Earth                               Cazet, Denys                      9780784827062
Miracle in the Andes                                      Parrado, Nando with Vince Rause    9780784834077
Miracle Worker, The                                       Gibson, William                   9780784833902
Miracle's Boys (Puffin Edition)                           Woodson, Jacqueline               9780784827079
Miracles on Maple Hill                                    Sorensen, Virginia                9780784827086
Mirandy & Brother Wind                                    McKissack, Patricia               9780784812396
Mirette on the High Wire                                  McCully, Emily Arnold             9780784827093
Misfits, The                                              Howe, James                       9780784832967
Miss Hickory                                              Bailey, Carolyn                   9780784827109
Miss Lonelyhearts & Day Of Locust                          West, Nathanael                           9780784817643
Miss Nelson Is Back                                        Allard, Harry                             9780784800782
Miss Nelson Is Missing!                                    Allard, Harry                             9780784827116
Miss Rumphius                                              Cooney, Barbara                           9780784800751
Missing May                                                Rylant, Cynthia                           9780784827123
Mississipi Bridge (Puffin Edition)                         Taylor, Mildred D.                        9780784812365
Mississippi Bridge                                         Taylor, Mildred D.                        9780784827130
Mississippi Trial, 1955                                    Crowe, Chris                              9780784832974
Mister and Me                                              Holt, Kimberely Willis                    9780784827147
Mister Pip                                                 Jones, Lloyd                              9780784827154
Misty of Chincoteague                                      Henry, Marguerite                         9780784827161
Moby Dick (Penguin Classics Edition)                       Melville, Herman                          9780784818305
Moby Dick (Tor Edition)                                    Melville, Herman                          9780784815649
Moccasin Trail                                             McGraw, Eloise Jarvis                     9780784827178
Modern American Memoirs                                    Dillard, Annie, & Conley, Cort, Editors   9780784808610
Molly's Pilgrim                                            Cohen, Barbara                            9781557447609
Monarchs                                                   Lasky, Kathryn                            9780784827185
Money Hungry                                               Flake, Sharon G.                          9780784819395
Monster                                                    Myers, Walter Dean                        9780784815021
Monster                                                    Shakur, Sanyika                           9780784833797
Montana 1948                                               Watson, Larry                             9780784827192
Monument, The                                              Paulsen, Gary                             9780784827208
Moon Is Down, The                                          Steinbeck, John                           9780884833154
Moon Over Tennessee: A Boy's Civil War Journal             Crist- Evans, Craig                       9780784827215
Moonbear's Shadow                                          Asch, Frank                               9780784827239
Moonstone, The                                             Collins,Wilkie                            9780784817261
Moorchild, The                                             McGraw, Eloise Jarvis                     9780784827246
More Spaghetti, I Say!                                     Gelman, Rita Golden                       9780784827253
More Stories to Solve: Fifteen Folktales from Around the   Shannon, George
World                                                                                                9780784827260
Morgy Makes His Move                                       Lewis, Maggie                             9780784827277
Most Beautiful Place In The World, The                     Cameron, Ann                              9780784804971
Motherland                                                 Vijayaraghaven, Vineeta                   9780784827284
Motherless Brooklyn                                        Lethem, Jonathan                          9780784817421
Mouse & The Motorcycle, The                                Cleary, Beverley                          9780884838029
Mouse Called Wolf                                          King-Smith, Dick                          9780784827307
Mouse Rap, The                                             Myers, Walter Dean                        9780784804964
Mouse Soup                                                 Lobel, Arnold                             9780784827314
Mouse Tales                                                Lobel, Arnold                             9780784801000
Mousetrap & Other Plays, The                               Christie, Agatha                          9780784814765
Moves Make The Man, The                                    Brooks, Bruce                             9780784811696
Mr. & Mrs. Bo Jo Jones                                     Head, Ann                                 9781557442031
Mr. Popper's Penguins                                      Atwater, Richard, & Florence Atwater
Mr. Putter & Tabby Bake Cake                               Rylant, Cynthia                           9780784827338
Mr. Putter & Tabby Fly Plane                               Rylant, Cynthia                           9780784827345
Mr. Putter & Tabby Paint Porch                             Rylant, Cynthia                           9780784827352
Mr. Putter & Tabby Walk Dog                                Rylant, Cynthia                           9780784827369
Mr. Rabbit & Lovely Present                                Zolotow, Charlotte                        9780784827376
Mr. Tucket                                                 Paulsen, Gary                             9780784827383
Mr. Was                                                    Hautman, Pete                             9780784827390
Mrs. Dalloway                                              Woolf, Virginia                           9780784817568
Mrs. Frisby & The Rats Of NIMH                             O'Brien, Robert C.                      9781557441676
Much Ado About Nothing (Folger Edition)                    Shakespeare, William                    9780884832294
Muggie Maggie                                              Cleary, Beverley                        9780784805121
Murder In The Cathedral                                    Eliot, T.S.                             9780884836346
Murder On The Orient Express                               Christie, Agatha                        9780884833734
Music of Dolphins                                          Hesse, Karen                            9780784827406
My Antonia (Mariner Edition)                               Cather, Willa                           9780784827413
My Antonia (Signet Classics Edition)                       Cather, Willa                           9780784807514
My Bridges of Hope                                         Bitton-Jackson, Livia                   9780784827420
My Brother Martin                                          Farris, Christine King                  9780784827437
My Brother Sam Is Dead                                     Collier, James Lincoln, & Christopher   9780784815687
My Brother, Ant                                            Byars, Betsy                            9780784827444
My Brother, My Sister, and I                               Watkins, Yoko Kawashima                 9780784827451
My Children! My Africa!                                    Fugard, Athol                           9781557449108
My Father's Dragon                                         Gannett, Ruth Stiles                    9780784827468
My Friend Rabbit                                           Rohmann, Eric                           9780784827475
My Friends                                                 Gomi, Taro                              9780784827482
My Heartbeat                                               Weyr, Garret                            9780784827499
My Ishmael                                                 Quinn, Daniel                           9780784814048
My Jim: A Novel                                            Rawles, Nancy                           9780784827505
My Life in Dog Years                                       Paulsen, Gary                           9780784832981
My Life with the Chimpanzees                               Goodall, Jane                           9780784827512
My Lobotomy                                                Dully, Howard, Charles Fleming           9780784834084
My Louisiana Sky                                           Holt, Kimberely Willis                  9780784832998
My Name Is Asher Lev                                       Potok, Chaim                            9780784810590
My Name Is Maria Isabel                                    Ada, Alma Flor                          9780784827529
My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother                          Polacco,Patricia                        9780784816882
My Side of the Mountain (Puffin Edition)                   George, Jean Craighead                  9781557440228
My Side of the Mountain (Puffin Modern Classics Edition) George, Jean Craighead
My Sister's Keeper                                         Picoult, Jodi                           9780784818442
My Year Of Meats                                           Ozeki, Ruth L.                          9780784817629
Mythology (Mass Sized Edition)                             Hamilton, Edith                         9780784816011
Mythology (Trade Sized Edition)                            Hamilton, Edith                         9780784833001
Myths Of The Greeks & Romans                               Grant, Michael                          9780784807811
Name of the Wind, The                                      Rothfuss, Patrick                       9780784827550
Names Will Never Hurt Me                                   Adoff, Jaime                            9780784827567
Namesake, The                                              Lahiri, Jhumpa                          9780784817162
Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs                             de Paola, Tomie                         9780784827574
Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass (Signet        Douglass, Frederick
Classics Edition)                                                                                  9780784807002
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (Anchor        Douglass, Frederick
Edition)                                                                                           9780784827581
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American   Douglass, Frederick
Slave (Penguin Classic Edition)                                                                    9780784833018
Nate The Great                                             Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman               9780784802571
Nate the Great & Me: Case of the Fleeing Fang              Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman               9780784827598
Nate The Great & The Fishy Prize                           Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman               9780784801789
Nate The Great & The Lost List                             Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman               9780784805206
Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine                     Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman               9780784827604
Nate The Great & The Phony Clue                            Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman               9780784801659
Nate The Great & The Snowy Trail                           Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman               9781557444639
Nate The Great Goes Undercover                             Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman               9780784801567
Native Son (1940 Edition)                              Wright, Richard                            9780784816424
Native Son (Restored Text Edition)                     Wright, Richard                            9780784811146
Natural, The                                           Malamud, Bernard                           9780784816431
Necessary Beggar, The                                  Palwick, Susan                             9780784827611
Nectar in a Sieve                                      Markandaya, Kamala                         9780884832317
Needles: A Memoir of Growing Up With Diabetes          Dominick, Andie                            9780784827628
Never Cry Wolf                                         Mowat, Farley                              9780784816226
Never Let Me Go                                        Ishiguro, Kazuo                            9780784827635
Neverwhere                                             Gaiman, Neil                               9780784814109
New American Roget's College Theasurus/Dict Form       Morehead, Philip D.
New American Roget's College Thesaurus in Dictionary   Morehead, Philip
Form (Revised and Expanded Edition)                                                               9780784827642
New Coat for Anna, A                                   Ziefert, Harriet                           9780784827659
New Roget's Thesaurus in Dictionary Form (Revised      Lewis, Norman
Edition)                                                                                          9780784827666
Next Spring an Oriole                                  Whelan, Gloria                             9780784827673
Next Stop, New York City!                              Giff, Patricia Reilly                      9780784827680
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist                     Cohn, Rachel, & David Levithan             9780784827697
Nickel & Dimed                                         Ehrenreich, Barbara                        9780784817810
Nicky Upstairs and Down                                Ziefert, Harriet, & Richard Brown          9780784827710
Night                                                  Wiesel, Elie                               9780784817919
Night Journey, The                                     Lasky, Kathryn                             9780784804209
Night On Neighborhood Street                           Greenfield, Eloise                         9780784812402
Night Shift                                            King, Stephen                              9780784815441
Night the Bells Rang, The                              Kinsey-Warnock, Natalie                    9780784827727
Night Thoreau Spent In Jail, The                       Lawrence, Jerome & Lee, Robert E.          9780784815601
Night To Remember, A                                   Lord, Walter                               9780784818510
Nightjohn                                              Paulsen, Gary                              9780784806951
Nilda                                                  Mohr, Nicholasa                            9780784806302
Nine Stories                                           Salinger, J.D.                             9780884832331
1984                                                   Orwell, George                             9780884832324
19 Varieties of Gazelle: Poems of the Middle East      Nye, Naomi Shihab                          9780784827734
No Disrespect                                          Sister Souljah                             9780784827741
No Easy Answer                                         Gallo, Donald R., Editor                   9780784816875
No Exit & Three Other Plays                            Sartre, Jean-Paul                          9781557448491
No Momma's Boy                                         Carter, Dominic                            9780784833520
No More Dead Dogs                                      Korman, Gordon                             9780784827758
No More Strangers Now: Young Voices from a New South McKee, Tim, & Anne Blackshaw
Africa                                                                                            9780784827765
No One Writes To The Colonel                         Marquez, Gabriel Garcia                      9780784800119
No Pretty Pictures: A Child of War                     Lobel, Anita                               9780784827772
No Promises In The Wind                                Hunt, Irene                                9780784800133
Noah's Ark                                             Spier, Peter                               9780784827789
Nobody's Fool                                          Russo, Richard                             9780784817384
Noisy Nora                                             Wells, Rosemary                            9780784827796
Noonday Friends, The                                   Stolz, Mary                                9780784827802
Northern Light, A                                      Donnelly, Jennifer                         9780784827819
Norton Reader, The                                     Peterson, Linda H., & Breveton, John C.,
                                                       Editors                                    9780784817032
Norton Sampler, 6th Edition, The                       Cooley, Thomas                             9780784816004
Notes From The Underground                             Dostoyevsky, Fyodor                        9780884834649
Nothing But The Truth                                  Avi                                        9780784812945
Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street                     Schotter, Roni              9780784827826
Nothing to Lose                                         Flinn, Alex                 9780784827833
Novio Boy                                               Soto, Gary                  9780784819296
Now One Foot, Now the Other                             de Paola, Tomie             9780784827840
NTC's Vietnamese-English Dictionary                     Nguyen, Dinh-hoa            9780784818541
Number The Stars                                        Lowry, Lois                 9781557447708
Ocean Life: Tide Pool Creatures                         Leonhardt, Leon             9780784827864
October Sky                                             Hickam, Homer H.            9780784833025
Odyssey of Homer, The (Lattimore Translation)           Homer                       9780784806517
Odyssey, The                                            Lister, Robin               9780784833377
Odyssey, The (Butler Translation)                       Homer                       9780784813720
Odyssey, The (Fagles Translation)                       Homer                       9780784813928
Odyssey, The (Fitzgerald Translation)                   Homer                       9781557440297
Odyssey, The (Rieu Translation)                         Homer                       9780784809396
Odyssey, The (Rouse Translation)                        Homer                       9780884833277
Oedipus Plays of Sophocles, The (Roche Translation)     Sophocles
Oedipus The King (Knox Translation)                     Sophocles                   9780784808290
Of Mice & Men (Mass Sized Edition)                      Steinbeck, John             9780784804513
Of Mice & Men (Trade Sized Edition)                     Steinbeck, John             9780784833032
Of Water & the Spirit                                   Some, Malidoma Patrice      9780784827871
Oh No!                                                  Scarffe, Bronwen            9780784827888
Old Man & the Sea, The                                  Hemingway, Ernest           9780784827895
Old People, Frogs, And Albert                           Wilson, Nancy               9780784827901
Old Yeller (Harper Edition)                             Gipson, Fred                9780884831549
Old Yeller (Perennial Classics Edition)                 Gipson, Fred                9780784827918
Oliver                                                  Hoff, Syd                   9780784827925
Oliver Twist                                            Dickens, Charles            9780884833017
Olive's Ocean                                           Henkes, Kevin               9780784827932
Olivia                                                  Andrews, V. C.              9780784827949
On a Pale Horse                                         Anthony, Piers              9780784827956
On Market Street                                        Lobel, Arnold               9780784805800
On My Honor                                             Bauer, Marion Dane          9780784803264
On My Way                                               de Paola, Tomie             9780784827963
On The Banks Of Plum Creek                              Wilder, Laura Ingalls       9780784802854
On the Devil's Court                                    Deuker, Carl                9780784827970
On The Occasion Of My Last Afternoon                    Gibbons, Kaye               9780784833568
On The Road                                             Kerouac, Jack               9780784810484
On the Way Home                                         Wilder, Laura Ingalls       9780784827987
Once a Mouse                                            Brown, Marcia               9780784827994
Once & Future King                                      White, Terence Hanbury      9780884834519
One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich                  Solzhenitsyn, Alexander     9780884832362
One Fat Summer                                          Lipsyte, Robert             9780784802908
One Fine Day                                            Hogrogian, Nonny            9780784828007
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Mass Sized Edition)    Kesey, Ken
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Trade Sized Edition)   Kesey, Ken
145th Street Short Stories                              Myers, Walter Dean          9780784828014
100 Monologues                                          Harrington, Laura, Editor   9780784808535
One Hundred Years Of Solitude                           Marquez, Gabriel Garcia     9780784802151
One In The Middle Is The Green Kangaroo, The            Blume, Judy                 9780784805701
One of those Hideous Books where the Mother Dies         Sones, Sonya
One Small Dog                                            Hurwitz, Johanna                        9780784828038
One True Thing                                           Quindlen, Anna                          9780784818978
1, 2, 3 to the Zoo                                       Carle, Eric                             9780784828045
One Wish                                                 Brescia, Leigh                           9781934813218
One-Eyed Cat                                             Fox, Paula                              9781557441768
Onion John                                               Krumgold, Joseph                        9780784805312
Only Twice I've Wished for Heaven                        Trice, Dawn Turner                      9780784828052
Only Yesterday                                           Allen, Frederick Lewis                  9780784808856
Ordinary People                                          Guest, Judith                           9780884832829
Oregon Trail, The                                        Stein, Conrad R.                        9780784828069
Oresteia, The (Fagles Translation)                       Aeschylus                               9780784809181
Othello (Bantam Classics Edition)                        Shakespeare, William                    9780784828076
Othello (Folger Trade Sized Edition)                     Shakespeare, William                    9780784817193
Othello (Folger Mass Sized Edition)                      Shakespeare, William                    9780884830443
Othello (Shakespeare Made Easy)                          Shakespeare, William                    9780784815984
Othello (Signet Classic Shakespeare Edition)             Shakespeare, William                    9780784833056
Other Voices, Other Vistas                               Solomon, Barbara H., Editor             9780784804629
Other Way to Listen, The                                 Baylor, Byrd                            9780784828083
Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great                      Blume, Judy                             9781557441270
Otis Spofford                                            Cleary, Beverley                        9780784805367
Our Bodies, Ourselves                                    Boston Women's Health Book Collective
Our Only May Amelia                                      Holm, Jennifer                          9780784828106
Our Town                                                 Wilder, Thornton                        9780784812587
Out Of the Dust                                          Hesse, Karen                            9780784812570
Outsiders, The (Mass Sized Edition)                      Hinton, S.E.                            9780784809617
Outsiders, The (Trade Sized Edition)                     Hinton, S. E.                           9780784828113
Over Sea, Under Stone                                    Cooper, Susan                           9780784828120
Ox - Bow Incident                                        Clark, Walter Van Tilburg               9780784814864
Ox-Cart Man, The                                         Hall, Donald                            9780784828137
Oxford American Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus            Berkely Editors                         9780784828144
Oxford Book Of American Short Stories                    Oates, Joyce Carol, Editor              9780784815700
P. S. Longer Letter Later                                Martin, Ann M., & Paula Danziger        9780784828151
Pacific Crossing                                         Soto, Gary                              9780784828168
Pact, The (Picoult)                                      Picoult, Jodi                           9780784818268
Pact, The: 3 Young Men Make A Promise & Fulfill A Dream Davis, Jenkins, & Hunt Drs.
Pain and the Great One, The                              Blume, Judy                             9780784828175
Paint Brush Kid (Stepping Stone)                         Bulla, Clyde Robert                     9780784828182
Painted Bird                                             Kosinski, Jerzy                         9780784808382
Pale Fire                                                Nabokov, Vladimir                       9780784817599
Palm of My Heart, The: Poetry by African American        Adedjouma, Davida
Children                                                                                         9780784828199
Parallel Universe of Liars, The                          Johnson, Kathleen Jeffrie               9780784828205
Parrot In the Oven                                       Martinez, Victor                        9780784811269
Passing                                                  Larsen, Nella                           9780784818428
Passion Of Artemisia, The                                Vreeland, Susan                         9780784817452
Pastures Of Heaven                                       Steinbeck, John                         9780784816547
Pastwatch: The Redemption Of Christopher Columbus        Card, Orson Scott
Patriots                                                 Langguth, A. J.                         9780784817070
Pay It Forward                                           Hyde, Catherine Ryan     9780784833063
Peace Like a River                                       Enger, Leif              9780784828229
Peach and Blue                                           Kilborne, Sarah S.       9780784828236
Pearl, The (Mass Sized Edition)                          Steinbeck, John          9780784808375
Pearl, The (Trade Sized Edition)                         Steinbeck, John          9780784833070
Pecos Bill                                               Kellogg, Steven          9780784811313
Pedro and Me                                             Winick, Judd             9780784828243
Pedro's Journal: Voyage w/Christopher Columbus Aug. 3, Conrad, Pam
1492-Feb. 14, 1493                                                                9780784828250
Penderwicks, The: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two   Birdsall, Jeanne
Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy                                               9780784828267
Penguin Webster Handy College Dictionary, The          Morehead, Philip           9780784828274
Penny from Heaven                                        Holm, Jennifer L.        9780784828281
Peppe the Lamplighter                                    Bartone, Elisa           9780784828298
Pere Goriot                                              de Balzac, Honore        9780784816400
Perfect Storm                                            Junger, Sebastian        9780784812990
Perilous Guard, The                                      Pope, Elizabeth          9780784828304
Perilous Road, The                                       Steele, William O.       9780784828311
Perks Of Being A Wallflower                              Chbosky, Steph           9780784815304
Persepolis                                               Satrapi, Marjane         9780784816844
Persepolis 2                                             Satrapi, Marjane         9780784817667
Pet Sematary                                             King, Stephen             9780784833926
Peter's Chair                                            Keats, Ezra Jack         9780784828335
Petey                                                    Mikaelsen, Ben           9780784816868
Phantom Of The Opera, The                                Leroux, Gaston           9781557442024
Phantom Tollbooth, The                                   Juster, Norton           9780784803455
Philip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe.                    Greene, Bette            9780784828342
Phineas Gage: A Gruesome but True Story About Brain      Fleischman, John
Science                                                                           9780784828359
Phoebe The Spy                                           Griffin, Judith          9780784833513
Piano Lesson                                             Wilson, August           9780784803943
Picnic in October, A                                     Bunting, Eve             9780784828366
Picture for Harold's Room, A                             Johnson, Crockett        9780784828373
Picture Of Dorian Grey                                   Wilde, Oscar             9780884832799
Pictures of Hollis Woods                                 Giff, Patricia Reilly    9780784828380
Piggybook                                                Browne, Anthony          9780784828397
Pigman, The                                              Zindel, Paul             9780884830702
Pigman's Legacy, The                                     Zindel, Paul             9780884838678
Pigs In Heaven                                           Kingsolver, Barbara      9780784807705
Pilgrim At Tinker Creek                                  Dillard, Annie           9780784833551
Pilgrims of Plimoth, The                                 Sewall, Marcia           9780784828403
Pinata Maker, The                                        Ancona, George           9780784828410
Pinballs, The                                            Byars, Betsy             9780784803554
Pinky & Rex Go to Camp                                   Howe, James              9780784828427
Pinky and Rex and the Bully                              Howe, Deborah, & James   9780784828434
Pinky and Rex and the Double-Dad Weekend                 Howe, Deborah, & James   9780784828441
Pioneer Girl                                             Warren, Andrea           9780784828458
Pioneer Sampler: The Daily Life of a Pioneer Family in   Greenwood, Barbara
1840                                                                              9780784828465
Pioneers Go West                                         Stewart, George          9780784828472
Pippi Longstocking                                       Lindgren, Astrid         9780784800881
Place In the Sun, A                                      Rubalcaba, Jill          9780784813553
Place Where The Sea Remembers, A                         Benitez, Sandra          9780784807064
Plague, The                                              Camus, Albert                             9781557448453
Plainsong                                                Haruf, Kent                               9780784828489
Planet of Junior Brown, The (Mass Sized Edition)         Hamilton, Virginia                        9781557444684
Planet of Junior Brown, The (Trade Sized Edition)        Hamilton, Virginia                        9780784828496
Planets in Our Solar System                              Branley, Franklyn M.                      9780784828502
Playing for Keeps: Michael Jordan and the World he Made Halberstam, David
Plum Island                                              Demille, Nelson                           9780784813058
Pocahontas                                               Gourse, Leslie                            9780784828526
Pocket for Corduroy, A                                   Freeman, Don                              9780784828533
Pocketful of Goobers, A: George Washington Carver        Mitchell, Barbara
Poemcrazy                                                Wooldridge, Susan Goldsmith               9780784816394
Poems By Maya Angelou                                    Angelou, Maya                             9780884836766
Points Of View                                           Moffett, James, & McElheny, Kenneth R.,
                                                         Editors                                   9780884831174
Poisonwood Bible                                         Kingsolver, Barbara                       9780784814000
Pollyanna                                                Porter, Eleanor H.                        9780784828557
Poppleton & Friends                                      Rylant, Cynthia                           9780784828564
Poppleton in Spring                                      Rylant, Cynthia                           9780784828588
Poppy (The Poppy Stories)                                Avi                                       9780784828595
Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man (Dover Edition)    Joyce, James
Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man (Signet Edition)   Joyce, James
Postcards from No Man's Land                             Chambers, Aidan                           9780784828601
Power & The Glory,The                                    Greene, Graham                            9780784816769
Power of One                                             Courtenay, Bryce                          9780784833087
Practice Of Poetry                                       Behn, Robin, & Twichell, Chase, Editors
Prayer for a Child                                       Field, Rachel                             9780784828618
Prayer For Owen Meany, A                                 Irving, John                              9780784813072
Preacher's Boy                                           Paterson, Katherine                       9780784828625
Premier Books Of Major Poets                             Dore, Anita                               9780784810460
Pride and Prejudice (Bantam Classics Edition)            Austen, Jane                              9780784828632
Pride & Prejudice (Signet Edition)                       Austen, Jane                              9780784808504
Pride & Prejudice (Tor Edition)                          Austen, Jane                              9780784810248
Pride of Puerto Rico: The Life of Roberto Clemente       Walker, Paul Robert
Prince & the Pauper, The (Modern Library Classics        Twain, Mark
Edition)                                                                                           9780784828656
Prince & the Pauper (Signet Edition)                     Twain, Mark                               9780884835240
Prince Caspian                                           Lewis, C. S.                              9780784828663
Prince, The                                              Machiavelli, Niccolo                      9780784809099
Princess                                                 Sasson, Jean                              9780784815205
Princess Academy                                         Hale, Shannon                             9780784828670
Princess Bride, The                                      Goldman, William                          9780784816301
Probably Still Nick Swansen                              Wolff, Virginia Euwer                     9780784828687
Profiles In Courage                                      Kennedy, John F.                          9780884834014
Profiles of Great African Americans                      Branham, Charles R.                       9780784828694
Project X: A Novel                                       Shepard, Jim                              9780784828700
Promise,The                                              Potok, Chaim                              9780784819326
Proud Taste For Scarlett & Miniver, A                    Konigsburg, E.L.                          9780884837206
Pudd'nhead Wilson                                        Twain, Mark                               9780884833314
Push                                                   Sapphire                              9780784833728
Pushcart War , The                                     Merrill, Jean                         9780884835967
Pygmalion                                              Shaw, George Bernard                  9780884831570
Pygmalion & My Fair Lady                               Shaw, George Bernard                  9780784808542
Quiet American, The                                    Greene, Graham                        9780784819234
Quilt, The                                             Jonas, Ann                            9780784828717
Rabbit Hill                                            Lawson, Robert                        9780784828724
Rachel's Journal: The Story of a Pioneer Girl          Moss, Marissa                         9780784828731
Rag and Bone Shop, The                                 Cormier, Robert                       9780784828748
Ragtime                                                Doctorow, E. L.                       9780784808412
Ragweed: Tale from Dimwood Forest                      Avi                                   9780784828755
Rain                                                   Gunn, Kirsly                          9780784814956
Rain Forests (Magic Tree House Research Guide)         Osborne, Will, & Mary Pope            9780784828762
Raisin In The Sun, A                                   Hansberry, Lorraine                   9780884830511
Raisin In The Sun, A -- Everbind Anthology             Hansberry, Lorraine                   9780971075689
Ralph S. Mouse                                         Cleary, Beverley                      9780884837084
Ramayana, The (Narayan Translation)                    Anonymous                             9780784807323
Ramona & Her Father                                    Cleary, Beverley                      9780884837053
Ramona & Her Mother                                    Cleary, Beverley                      9780884837107
Ramona Forever                                         Cleary, Beverley                      9780784805213
Ramona Quimby, Age 8                                   Cleary, Beverley                      9780784802748
Ramona the Brave                                       Cleary, Beverly                       9780784828779
Ramona The Pest                                        Cleary, Beverley                      9780884837978
Random Family                                          LeBlanc, Adrian Nicole                9780784817063
Random House Roget's Thesaurus (4th Edition)           Stein, Jess, & Stuart Berg Flexner,
                                                       Editors                               9780784828786
Rapunzel                                               Zelinsky, Paul                        9780784828793
Rascal                                                 North, Sterling                       9780884832386
Rats on the Roof And Other Stories                     Marshall, James                       9780784828809
Rats Saw God                                           Thomas, Rob                           9780784828816
Rats: Observations on the History and Habitat of the   Sullivan, Robert
City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants                                                             9780784828823
Ray Charles                                            Mathis, Sharon Bell                   9780784828830
Reaching Up For Manhood                                Canada, Geoffrey                      9780784814512
Reader, The                                            Schlink, Bernard                      9780784816141
Reading Lolita In Tehran                               Nafisi, Azar                          9780784818114
Real McCoy, The: The Life of an African-American       Towle, Wendy
Inventor                                                                                     9780784828847
Reappearance of Sam Webber                             Fuqua, Jonathan Scott                 9780784828854
Rebecca                                                DuMaurier, Daphne                     9780884833109
Red Badge Of Courage (Dover Edition)                   Crane, Stephen                        9780784812051
Red Badge Of Courage (Signet Edition)                  Crane, Stephen                        9780884830382
Red Badge of Courage, The (Bantam Classics Edition)    Crane, Stephen
Red Badge of Courage, The, & The Veteran (Modern       Crane, Stephen
Library Classics Edition)                                                                    9780784833094
Red Dragon                                             Harris, Thomas                        9780784816066
Red Kayak                                              Cummings, Priscilla                   9780784833100
Red Pony, The (Mass Sized Edition)                     Steinbeck, John                       9780784808474
Red Pony, The (Trade Sized Edition)                    Steinbeck, John                       9780784833117
Red Scarf Girl                                         Jiang, Ji-Li                          9780784812259
Red-Dirt Jessie                                        Myers, Anna                           9780784828878
Redwall                                                Jacques, Brian                        9780784828885
Relatives Came, The                                        Rylant, Cynthia                           9780784828892
Remains Of The Day                                         Ishiguro, Kazuo                           9780784814819
Rena's Promise                                             Gelissen, Rena Kornreich , with Heather
                                                           Dune Macadam                              9780784828908
Rent a Third Grader                                        Hiller, B. B.                             9780784828915
Report to the Principal's Office                           Spinelli, Jerry                           9780784828922
Repossessed                                                Jenkins, A. M.                            9780784828939
Republic (Waterfield Translator)                           Plato                                     9780784812891
Requiem For A Dream                                        Selby, Hubert Jr.                         9780784816653
Reservation Blues                                          Alexie, Sherman                           9780784810897
Restless Spirit: Life & Work of Dorothea Lange             Partridge, Elizabeth                      9780784828946
Return Of The Indian, The                                  Banks, Lynne Reid                         9781557446053
Return Of The King                                         Tolkien, J.R.R.                           9780884833642
Return Of The Native, The                                  Hardy, Thomas                             9780884834144
Rewind (Dower)                                             Dower, Laura                              9780784828960
Rewind (Sleator)                                           Sleator, William                          9780784828953
Rhinoceros & Other Stories                                 Ionesco, Eugene                           9780784809013
Ribbons                                                    Yep, Laurence                             9780784828977
Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens                                Kiyosaki, Robert T.                       9780784833841
Richard The II (Folger Edition)                            Shakespeare, William                      9780884830139
Richard The III (Folger Edition)                           Shakespeare, William                      9780884830146
Rifle, The                                                 Paulsen, Gary                             9780784808719
Rifles For Waitie                                          Keith, Harold                             9781557448927
Ring of Endless Light, A                                   L'Engle, Madeleine                        9780784828984
Ring, The                                                  Pyron, Bobbie                              9781934813256
Rite Of Passage                                            Wright, Richard                           9780784810804
River Between Us, The                                      Peck, Richard                             9780784829004
River Out Of Eden                                          Dawkins, Richard                          9780784838419
River Ran Wild, A: An Environmental History                Cherry, Lynne                             9780784829011
River, Cross My Heart (Little, Brown Mass-Sized Edition)   Clarke, Breena
River, The                                                 Paulsen, Gary                             9780784815526
Road from Home, The                                        Kherdian, David                           9780784829035
Road To Memphis                                            Taylor, Mildred D.                        9780784806579
Road, The                                                  Mc Carthy, Cormac                         9780784818848
Roberto Clemente: Young Ball Player                        Dunham, Montrew                           9780784829042
Robinson Crusoe (Tor Edition)                              Defoe, Daniel                             9780784809860
Rocket Boys                                                Hickam, Homer H.                          9780784833124
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition (Bantam      Kipfer, Barbara Ann
Edition)                                                                                             9780784829059
Roget's International Thesaurus (HarperCollins Edition)    Chapman, Robert L., & Peter Roget
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (Mass Sized Edition)          Taylor, Mildred D.                        9780884832393
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (Trade Sized Edition)         Taylor, Mildred D.                        9780784829073
Roller Skates                                              Sawyer, Ruth                              9780784829080
Romeo & Juliet (Bantam Classics Mass-Sized Edition)        Shakespeare, William
Romeo & Juliet (Folger Trade Sized Edition)                Shakespeare, William                      9780784833148
Romeo & Juliet (Signet Classic Shakespeare Edition)        Shakespeare, William
Romeo & Juliet (Simply Shakespeare)                        Shakespeare, William                      9780784829103
Romeo & Juliet (Folger Mass Sized Edition)                 Shakespeare, William                      9780884830245
Romeo & Juliet (Shakespeare Made Easy)                     Shakespeare, William                      9781557440884
Romeo & Juliet & West Side Story                   Houghton, Norris, Editor               9780884833697
Romeo & Juliet Together (And Alive) At Last        Avi                                    9781557443670
Romiette & Julio                                   Draper, Sharon                         9780784814901
Rooftop                                            Volponi, Paul                          9780784818640
Room To Write                                      Goldberg, Bonni                        9780784814284
Room With A View, A                                Forster, E.M.                          9780784816905
Rooster Crows, The A Book of American Rhymes and   Petersham, Maud, & Miska Petersham
Jingles                                                                                   9780784829110
Ropemaker, The                                     Dickinson, Peter                       9780784829127
Rosa Parks                                         Greenfield, Eloise                     9780784829134
Rose                                               Lee, Li-Young                          9780784818275
Rosencrantz & Guilderstern Are Dead                Stoppard, Tom                          9780784806555
Rosie's Walk                                       Hutchins, Pat                          9780784829158
Rough-Face Girl, The                               Martin, Rafe                           9780784829165
Rover, The                                         Odom, Mel                              9780784829172
Roxaboxen                                          McLerran, Alice                        9780784829189
Ruby in the Smoke, The                             Pullman, Philip                        9780784829196
Rucker Park Setup                                  Volponi, Paul                          9780784833438
Rufus M.                                           Estes, Eleanor                         9780784829202
Rule Of The Bone                                   Banks, Russell                         9780784808801
Rules                                              Lord, Cynthia                          9780784829219
Rules of the Road                                  Bauer, Joan                            9780784833155
Rumble Fish                                        Hinton, S.E.                           9780884832409
Runaway Bunny, The                                 Brown, Margaret Wise                   9780784829226
Runaway Ralph                                      Cleary, Beverley                       9780784805244
Runaway To Freedom                                 Smucker, Barbara                       9781557445827
Runner                                             Deuker, Carl                           9780784829233
Running for My Life                                Gonzalez, Ann                           9781934813164
Running In The Family                              Ondaatje, Michael                      9780784833476
Running Loose                                      Crutcher, Chris                        9780784833162
Running With Scissors                              Burroughs, Augusten                    9780784818251
Runt                                               Bauer, Marion Dane                     9780784829240
Russell Sprouts                                    Hurwitz, Johanna                       9780784829257
Ryan White: My Own Story                           White, Ryan, & Cunningham, Ann Marie
Sable                                              Hesse, Karen                           9780784829264
Sacagawea: American Pathfinder                     Seymour, Flora W.                      9780784829271
Sadako & The Thousand Paper Cranes                 Coerr, Eleanor                         9781557444462
Sail Away                                          Crews, Donald                          9780784829288
Saint George and the Dragon                        Hodges, Margaret                       9780784829295
Saint Joan                                         Shaw, George Bernard                   9780784817988
Sam The Minuteman                                  Benchley, Nathaniel                    9781557444400
Sam, Bangs, & Moonshine                            Ness, Evaline                          9780784829301
Sammy Keyes & the Curse of Moustache Mary          Van Draanen, Wendelin                  9780784829318
Sammy Keyes & the Hotel Thief                      Van Draanen, Wendelin                  9780784829325
Sammy the Seal                                     Hoff, Syd                              9780784829332
Samurai's Garden                                   Tsukiyama, Gail                        9780784817933
Sang Spell                                         Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds               9780784829349
Sarah Bishop                                       O'Dell, Scott                          9780784806814
Sarah, Plain & Tall                                MacLachlan, Patricia                   9781557444592
Sarny: A Life Remembered                           Paulsen, Gary                          9780784813652
Sasquatch                                          Smith, Roland                          9780784833179
Saved by the Music                                     Castrovilla, Selene         9781934813300
Scarlet Letter -- Everbind Anthology                   Hawthorne, Nathaniel       9780971075610
Scarlet Letter, The (Bantam Classics Edition)          Hawthorne, Nathaniel       9780784833186
Scarlet Letter, The (Dover Edition)                    Hawthorne, Nathaniel       9780784833209
Scarlet Letter, The (Penguin Classics Edition)         Hawthorne, Nathaniel       9780784833193
Scarlet Letter, The (Signet Edition)                   Hawthorne, Nathaniel       9780884832553
Scarlet Letter, The (Tor Edition)                      Hawthorne, Nathaniel       9780784810262
Scarlet Pimpernel, The                                 Orczy, Baroness            9781557448002
Schindler's List                                       Keneally, Thomas           9780784805695
School Mouse, The                                      King-Smith, Dick           9780784829356
Scorpions                                              Myers, Walter Dean         9780784804995
Screwtape Letters, The                                 Lewis, C.S.                9780884832645
Sea Around Us, The                                     Carson, Rachel             9780784813317
Sea Wolf & Selected Stories (Signet Edition)           London, Jack               9780884834038
Sea Wolf, The (Tor Edition)                            London, Jack               9780784810170
Seabird                                                Holling, Holling Clancy    9780784829363
Search for Delicious, The                              Babbitt, Natalie           9780784829370
Seattle Blues                                          Wenberg, Michael            9781934813201
Secret Garden, The (Signet Edition)                    Burnett, Frances Hodgson   9780884837268
Secret Garden, The (Adapted Edition)                   Burnett, Frances Hodgson   9780784829424
Secret Garden, The (Bantam Classics Edition)           Burnett, Frances Hodgson   9780784829387
Secret Garden, The (Modern Library Classics Edition)   Burnett, Frances Hodgson
Secret Garden, The (Penguin Classics Edition)          Burnett, Frances Hodgson   9780784829400
Secret Garden, The (Tor Classics Edition)              Burnett, Frances Hodgson   9780784829417
Secret Life of Amanda K. Woods                         Cameron, Ann               9780784829431
Secret Life Of Bees, The                               Kidd, Sue Monk             9780784816103
Secret Of Gumbo Grove, The                             Tate, Eleanora E.          9780784803608
Secret Of The Andes                                    Clark, Ann Nolan           9780784802847
Secret Soldier, The                                    McGovern, Ann              9780784829448
Seedfolks                                              Fleischman, Paul           9780784819166
Seeing in the Dark:How Amateur Astronomers Are         Ferris, Timothy
Discovering the Wonders of the Universe                                           9780784829455
Sees Behind Trees                                      Dorris, Michael            9780784829462
Selected Short Stories Of Nathaniel Hawthorne          Kazin, Alfred, Editor      9780784811894
Selfish Gene                                           Dawkins, Richard           9780784818336
Send Me Down a Miracle                                 Nolan, Han                 9780784829479
Sense & Sensibility (Tor Edition)                      Austen, Jane               9780784809976
Separate Peace, A                                      Knowles, John              9780784816493
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, The                Covey, Sean                9780784833216
Seven Treasure Hunts, The                              Byars, Betsy               9780784829486
75 Short Story Masterpieces                            Goodman, Roger, Editor     9780884832423
Sewing Cirlcles Of Herat, The                          Lamb, Christina            9780784818800
Shabanu: Daughter Of The Wind                          Staples, Suzanne Fisher    9780784803844
Shades of Gray                                         Reeder, Carolyn            9780784804131
Shadow                                                 Brown, Marcia              9780784829509
Shadow Divers                                          Kurson, Robert             9780784829516
Shadow of a Bull                                       Wojciechowska, Maia        9781557447623
Shadow of the Dragon                                   Garland, Sherry            9780784829523
Shadrach                                               De Jong, Meindert          9780784829530
Shakespeare Stealer, The                               Blackwood, Gary            9780784833223
Shane                                                  Schaefer, Jack             9780884830641
Shattered                                              Baron, Kathi                               9781934813249
Shattering Glass                                       Giles, Gail                               9780784829547
Shawl, The                                             Ozick, Cynthia                            9780784816127
She Come Bringing Me that Little Baby Girl             Greenfield, Eloise                        9780784829554
She Stoops To Conquer (Play)                           Goldsmith, Oliver                         9780784816554
Sheila Rae, the Brave                                  Henkes, Kevin                             9780784829561
Shh! We're Writing The Constitution                    Fritz, Jean                               9780784800966
Shiloh                                                 Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds                  9780784805398
Shining, The                                           King, Stephen                             9780784812686
Shipping News, The                                     Proulx, Annie                             9780784833230
Shizuko's Daughter                                     Mori, Kyoko                               9780784809747
Shoeless Joe                                           Kinsella, W.P.                            9780784816639
Shoeshine Girl                                         Bulla, Clyde Robert                       9780784829578
Shooter                                                Myers, Walter Dean                        9780784829585
Short Shorts: An Antholgy of the Shortest Stories      Howe, Irving, & Ilana, Editors            9780784807194
Short Story Masterpieces                               Warren, Robert Penn, & Erskine, Albert,
                                                       Editors                                   9780884832430
Shortcut                                               Crews, Donald                             9780784829592
Shrapnel in the Heart: Letters and Remembrances from   Palmer, Laura
the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Sickened                                               Gregory, Julie                            9780784833742
Siddhartha (Bantam Edition)                            Hesse, Hermann                            9780884831280
Siddhartha (Penguin Classic Edition)                   Hesse, Hermann                            9780784818046
Sideways Stories from Wayside School                   Sachar, Louis                             9780784829615
Sign Of The Beaver, The                                Speare, Elizabeth George                  9781557442048
Sign Of The Chrysanthemum                              Paterson, Katherine                       9781557444370
Silas Marner (Signet Edition)                          Eliot, George                             9780884835097
Silas Marner (Modern Library Classics Edition)         Eliot, George                             9780784829622
Silent Spring                                          Carson, Rachel                            9780784809242
Silent Thunder: A Civil War Story                      Pinkney, Andrea Davis                     9780784829639
Silent to the Bone                                     Konigsburg, E. L.                         9780784833247
Silver                                                 Whelan, Gloria                            9780784829646
Silver Kiss, The                                       Klause, Annette Curtis                    9780784829653
Sing Down the Moon (Mass Sized Edition)                O'Dell, Scott                             9781557446718
Sing Down the Moon (Trade Sized Edition)               O'Dell, Scott                             9780784829660
Singing Tree, The                                      Seredy, Kate                              9780784829677
Single Shard, A                                        Park, Linda Sue                           9780784816035
Sir Gawain & The Green Knight                          Raffel, Burton                            9781557440334
Sister                                                 Greenfield, Eloise                        9781557443755
Sister Carrie                                          Dreiser, Theodore                         9780884835615
Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants                      Brashares, Ann                            9780784818312
Sisters                                                Schaefer, Lola M.                         9780784829684
Sitting Bull                                           Penner, Lucille Recht                     9780784829691
Sitting Bull: Dakota Boy                               Stevenson, Augusta                        9780784829707
Six American Poets                                     Conarroe, Joel, Editor                    9780784816820
Six Centuries Of Great Poetry                          Warren, Robert Penn, & Erskine, Albert,
                                                       Editors                                   9780784808061
Six Degrees Of Separation                              Guare, John                               9780784808955
Six Great Modern Plays                                 Larrick, Nancy, Editor                    9780884831235
Six Plays By Lillian Hellman                           Hellman, Lillian                          9780784809297
Sixteen Short Stories                                  Gallo, Donald R., Editor                  9780784804780
Skeleton Inside You, The                               Balestrino, Phillip                       9780784829714
Skeleton Man                                       Bruchac, Joseph                           9780784829721
Skellig                                            Almond, David                             9780784829738
Skin I'm In, The                                   Flake, Sharon G.                          9780784819043
Skin Of Our Teeth, The                             Wilder, Thornton                          9780784819265
Skinnybones                                        Park, Barbara                             9780784809457
Skylark                                            Maclachlan, Patricia                      9780784829745
Slake's Limbo                                      Holman, Felice                            9781557443762
Slam!                                              Myers, Walter Dean                        9780784814536
Slaughter House-Five                               Vonnegut, Kurt                            9780884833970
Slave Dancer                                       Fox, Paula                                9780784803257
Slavery Time When I Was Chillun                    Hurmence, Belinda                         9780784829769
Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie                        Lubar, David                              9780784829776
Sleeping On The Wing                               Koch, Kenneth, & Farrell, Kate, Editors
Sliding on the Edge                                McKenzie, C. Lee                           9781934813225
Small Place, A                                     Kincaid, Jamaica                          9780784833254
Small Wolf                                         Benchley, Nathaniel                       9780784829783
Smallest Cow in the World, The                     Paterson, Katherine                       9780784829790
Smoke Signals                                      Alexie, Sherman                           9780784816172
Smoky Night                                        Bunting, Eve                              9780784829806
Smoky, the Cowhorse                                James, Will                               9780784829813
Snaggle Doodles (Kids of the Polk Street School)   Giff, Patricia Reilly                     9780784829820
Snake Scientist, The                               Montgomery, Sybil                         9780784829837
Snow Bound                                         Mazer, Harry                              9780884832911
Snow Falling On Cedars                             Guterson, David                           9780784808580
Snow Flower & the Secret Fan                       See, Lisa                                  9780784833933
Snow In August                                     Hamill, Pete                              9780784810842
Snow Treasure                                      McSwigan, Marie                           9780784802717
Snow White In New York                             French, Fiona                             9780784813751
Snows Of Kilimanjaro & Other Stories               Hemingway, Ernest                         9780784807590
Snowy Day                                          Keats, Ezra Jack                          9781557441607
So B. It                                           Weeks, Sarah                              9780784833261
So Far From The Bamboo Grove                       Watkins, Yoko K.                          9780784807965
Socks                                              Cleary, Beverly                           9780784829844
Sojourner Truth: A Life, a Symbol                  Painter, Nell                             9780784829851
Soldier's Heart                                    Paulsen, Gary                             9780784829868
Solitary Blue, A (Mass Sized Edition)              Voigt, Cynthia                            9780784829882
Solitary Blue, A (Trade Sized Edition)             Voigt, Cynthia                            9780784829875
Something For Joey                                 Peck, Richard                             9780884838364
Something Terrible Happened on Kenmore             Stillerman, Marci                          9781934813270
Something Wicked This Way Comes                    Bradbury, Ray                             9780784833278
Son of the Mob                                     Korman, Gordon                            9780784829899
Song and Dance Man                                 Ackerman, Karen                           9780784829905
Song Lee and the Leech Man                         Kline, Suzy                               9780784829912
Song Of Roland, The (Harrison Translation)         Anonymous                                 9781557441225
Song Of Solomon                                    Morrison, Toni                            9780884834137
Song Of The Trees                                  Taylor, Mildred D.                        9780784818183
Sonnets, The                                       Shakespeare, William                      9780784811740
Sons & Lovers                                      Lawrence, D.H.                            9780784819173
Sons of Liberty                                    Griffin, Adele                            9780784829929
Sophie's World                                     Gaardner, Jostein                         9780784819302
Sophocles I (Grene Tranlation)                     Sophocles                                 9780784815939
Sophocles, The Oedipus Cycle (Fitts & Fitzgerald       Sophocles
Translation)                                                                      9780784816219
Soul Looks Back in Wonder                              Feelings, Tom, Ed.         9780784829936
Souls Of Black Folk                                    DuBois, W.E.B.             9780784812136
Sound & The Fury, The                                  Faulkner, William          9780884834427
Sound Of Waves                                         Mishima, Yukio             9780784806692
Sounder (Harper Perennial Modern Classics Edition)     Armstrong, William
Sounder (Harper Collins Edition)                       Armstrong, William H.      9780784829943
Sound-Shadows of the New World                         Nehta, Ved                 9780784829950
Soup                                                   Peck, Robert Newton        9780784829967
Speak                                                  Anderson, Laurie Halse     9780784815199
Special Gifts                                          Rylant, Cynthia            9780784829974
Spellman Files, The: A Novel                           Lutz, Lisa                 9780784829981
Spin a Soft Black Song                                 Giovanni, Nikki            9780784829998
Spite Fences                                           Krisher, Trudy             9780784830000
Spoon River Anthology                                  Masters, Edgar Lee         9780784811016
Spring Break                                           Hurwitz, Johanna           9780784830017
Squanto: Friend Of The Pilgrim                         Bulla, Clyde Robert        9780784802601
Standing At The Scratch Line                           Johnson, Guy               9780784817902
Star in the Middle                                     Millward, Carol Larese      9781934813294
Stardust (Mass Sized Edition)                          Gaiman, Neil               9780784830024
Stardust (Trade Sized Edition)                         Gaiman, Neil               9780784830031
Stargirl                                               Spinelli, Jerry            9780784815861
Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself                  Blume, Judy                9780884837770
Starry Messenger                                       Sis, Peter                 9780784830048
Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes                           Crutcher, Chris            9780784833292
Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson            Denenberg, Barry           9780784805251
Step From Heaven, A                                    Na, An                     9780784817841
Stepford Wives, The                                    Levin, Ira                 9780784816288
Steppenwolf                                            Hesse, Hermann             9780784813485
Stepping Up                                            Fink, Mark                  9781934813195
Sticks & Stones (Orca Soundings)                       Goobie, Beth               9780784830055
Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers             Roach, Mary                9780784830062
Still Me                                               Reeve, Christopher         9780784816967
Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, The   Scieszka, Jon
Stone Fox                                              Gardiner, John Reynolds    9780784800874
Stone Soup                                             Brown, Marcia              9780784830093
Stoner & Spaz                                          Koertge, Ron               9780784830109
Stop Pretending: What Happened When My Big Sister      Sones, Sonya
Went Crazy                                                                        9780784830116
Stories From Shakespeare                               Chute, Marchette           9781557441379
Stories Julian Tells, The                              Cameron, Ann               9781557444424
Stories Of Eva Luna, The                               Allende, Isabel            9780784818855
Story of Jackie Robinson, Bravest Man in Baseball      Davidson, Margaret         9780784830123
Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Pioneer Girl            Stine, Megan               9780784830130
Story of Mankind, The                                  Van Loon, Hendrik Willem   9780784830147
Story of My Life, The (Bantam Classics Edition)        Keller, Helen              9780784830154
Story of Ruby Bridges, The                             Coles, Robert              9780784830161
Story of Sacajawea, Guide to Lewis & Clark             Rowland, Della             9780784830178
Story, A Story, A                                      Haley, Gail                9780784830185
Stotan!                                                Crutcher, Chris            9780784830192
Stranger In A Strange Land                           Heinlein, Robert, A.    9780884834366
Stranger Is Watching, A                              Clark, Mary Higgins     9780784811672
Stranger, The                                        Camus, Albert           9781557447357
Strawberry Girl                                      Lenski, Lois            9780784830208
Stray Dog, The                                       Simont, Marc            9780784830215
Straydog                                             Koja, Kathe             9780784830222
Street Angel                                         Batista, Rob            9780784812518
Streetcar Named Desire, A                            Williams, Tennessee     9780884831082
Strega Nona                                          de Paola, Tomie         9780784830239
String in the Harp, A                                Bond, Nancy             9780784830246
Stuart Little                                        White, E.B.             9781557442208
Stuck In Neutral                                     Trueman, Terry          9780784817117
Subtle Knife, The                                    Pullman, Philip         9780784830253
Sugar                                                McFadden, Bernice L.    9780784815502
Sugar In The Raw                                     Carroll, Rebecca        9780784816752
Sugaring Time                                        Lasky, Kathryn          9780784830260
Sula                                                 Morrison, Toni          9780784804810
Summer                                               Wharton, Edith          9780784818527
Summer I Got a Life, The                             Fink, Mark               9781934813287
Summer Of My German Soldier                          Greene, Bette           9780884832966
Summer of the Swans, The (Penguin Edition)           Byars, Betsy            9780784830277
Summer of the Swans, The (Puffin Classics Edition)   Byars, Betsy
Summer To Die, A                                     Lowry, Lois             9780884836629
Sun Also Rises, The                                  Hemingway, Ernest       9780784808528
Sunflower, The                                       Wiesenthal, Simon       9780784813812
Sunshine Makes Seasons                               Branley, Franklyn M.    9780784830291
Sunshine, Moonshine                                  Armstrong, Jennifer     9780784830307
Super Fast, Out of Control! (Marvin Redpost #7)      Sachar, Louis           9780784826720
Superfudge (Puffin Edition)                          Blume, Judy             9780784830314
Surrender                                            Hartnett, Sonya         9780784830321
Survival In Auschwitz                                Levi, Primo             9780784806326
Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083                White, Andrea           9780784830338
Surviving the Applewhites                            Tolan, Stephanie        9780784830345
Swallowing Stones                                    McDonald, Joyce         9780784815946
Swear to Howdy                                       Van Draanen, Wendelin   9780784830352
Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush                         Hamilton, Virginia      9780784830369
Swift Rivers                                         Meigs, Cornelia         9780784830376
Swiftly Tilting Planet                               L'Engle, Madeleine      9780884833222
Swimming to Antarctica: Tales of a Long-Distance     Cox, Lynn
Swimmer                                                                      9780784830383
Swimmy                                               Lionni, Leo             9780784830390
Swiss Family Robinson, The                           Wyss, Johann            9780884835219
Switch On, Switch Off                                Berger, Melvin          9780784830406
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble                       Steig, William          9780784830413
Table Where Rich People Sit, The                     Baylor, Byrd            9780784830420
Taking Sides                                         Soto, Gary              9780784833308
Tale of Despereaux                                   DiCamillo, Kate         9780784830437
Tale of Peter Rabbit, The (Penguin Edition)          Potter, Beatrix         9780784830444
Tale Of Two Cities -- Everbind Anthology             Dickens, Charles        9780971075627
Tale of Two Cities, A (Bantam Classics Edition)      Dickens, Charles        9780784830451
Tale Of Two Cities, A (Signet Edition)               Dickens, Charles        9780884830450
Tale Of Two Cities, A (Tor Edition)                        Dickens, Charles                    9780784809815
Tales From Ovid                                            Hughes, Ted                         9780784816240
Tales From Shakespeare                                     Lamb, Charles & Mary                9781557440204
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (Trade Sized Edition)      Blume, Judy
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (Mass Sized Edition)       Blume, Judy
Tales of Oliver Pig                                        Van Leeuwen, Jean                   9780784830475
Talk About a Family                                        Greefield, Eloise, & James Calvin   9780784830482
Talking Leaves: Contemporary Native American Short         Lesley, Craig, Editor
Stories                                                                                        9780784804759
Tall Mexican: The Life of Hank Aguirre                     Copely, Robert E.                   9780784830505
Taming Of The Shrew , The (Folger Edition)                 Shakespeare, William                9780884830276
Taming Of The Shrew, The (Bantam Edition)                  Shakespeare, William                9781557446657
Taming The Star Runner                                     Hinton, S.E.                        9781557447937
Tangerine                                                  Bloor, Edward                       9780784816943
Tao Of Pooh, The                                           Hoff, Benjamin                      9780784817414
Tar Beach                                                  Ringgold, Faith                     9780784830512
Taran Wanderer                                             Alexander, Lloyd                    9780784830529
Tartuffe (Wilbur Translation)                              Moliere                             9780784819197
Tartuffe and Other Plays (Frame Translation)               Moliere, Jean-Baptiste              9780784810415
Taste Of Blackberries, A                                   Smith, Doris Buchanan               9780784802564
Taste Of Salt                                              Temple, Frances                     9780784807972
Taste Of Salt                                              Temple, Frances                     9780784807972
Teammates                                                  Golenbock, Peter                    9780784830536
Tears Of A Tiger                                           Draper, Sharon                      9780784811023
Teenage Guy's Survival Guide                               Daldry, Jeremy                      9780784833780
Teeny Tiny Woman, The                                      Van Leeuwen, Jean                   9780784830543
Tell My Horse                                              Hurston, Zora Neale                 9780784830550
Tell-Tale Heart and Other Writings By Edgar Allan Poe      Poe, Edgar Allan
Tempest, The (Bantam Edition)                              Shakespeare, William                9781557446688
Tempest, The (Folger Edition)                              Shakespeare, William                9780884830153
Ten Mile Day & the Building of Transcontinental Railroad   Fraser, Mary Ann
Ten Plays By Euripides (Hadas, & McLean Translators)       Euripides
Ten Top Stories                                            Sohn, David A., Editor              9780884836605
Ten, Nine, Eight                                           Bang, Molly                         9780784830574
Tenderness                                                 Cormier, Robert                     9780784830581
Terrible Things                                            Bunting,Eve                         9780784816448
Tess Of The D'Urbervilles                                  Hardy, Thomas                       9780884832461
Tex                                                        Hinton, S.E.                        9780884833499
Thank You, Amelia Bedelia                                  Parish, Peggy                       9780784801024
Thank You, Jackie Robinson                                 Cohen, Barbara                      9780784830598
That Was Then, This Is Now                                 Hinton, S.E.                        9780784810828
Theban Plays, The (Watling Translation)                    Sophocles                           9780784818084
Their Eyes Were Watching God                               Hurston, Zora Neale                 9780784800102
Their Eyes Were Watching God -- Everbind Anthology         Hurston, Zora Neale
Then Again, Maybe I Won't (Random House Edition)           Blume, Judy
There Are No Children Here: Story of Two Boys Growing      Kotlowitz, Alex
Up in the Other America                                                                        9780784830611
There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom                    Sachar, Louis                           9780784830628
There's a Dragon in My Sleeping Bag                     Howe, James                             9780784830635
These Happy Golden Years                                Wilder, Laura Ingalls                   9780784830642
They Cage The Animals At Night                          Burch, Jennings Michael                 9780784809716
Thief In The Village, A                                 Berry, James                            9781557446770
Thief Of Always, The                                    Barker, Clive                           9780784812808
Thief, The                                              Turner, Megan Whalen                    9780784830659
Thimble Summer                                          Enright, Elizabeth                      9780784830666
Things Fall Apart                                       Achebe, Chinua                          9780784807040
Things Fall Apart -- Everbind Anthology                 Achebe, Chinua                          9780972976534
Things Not Seen                                         Clements, Andrew                        9780784833322
Things They Carried, The                                O'Brien, Tim                            9780784810309
Thinner Than Thou                                       Reed, Kit                               9780784830673
Thirteen Moons Turtle's Back: Native American Year of   Bruchac, Joseph
Moons                                                                                           9780784830680
13th Floor, The: A Ghost Story                          Fleischman, Sid                         9780784830697
Thirteenth Tale, The: A Novel                           Setterfield, Diane                      9780784830703
Thirty Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary               Funk, Wilfred, & Norman Lewis           9780784833339
This Boy's Life                                         Wolf, Tobias                            9780784815243
This Is What I Did                                      Ellis, Ann Dee                          9780784833872
Those Who Save Us                                       Blum, Jenna                             9780784833483
Thousand Pieces Of Gold                                 Mc Cunn, Ruthanne Lum                   9780784807996
Thousand Splendid Suns, A                               Hosseini, Khaled                        9780784833490
Three Bears                                             Galdone, Paul                           9780784830710
Three Billy Goats Gruff, The (Sandpiper Edition)        Galdone, Paul                           9780784830734
Three Billy Goats Gruff, The (Voyager Books Edition)    Stevens, Janet
Three Billy-Goats Gruff, The (Scholastic Edition)       Appleby, Ellen                          9780784812594
Three By Tennessee                                      Williams, Tennessee                     9781557440761
Three Cups of Tea                                       Mortenson, Greg, & David Oliver Relin   9780784833612
                                                        Thomson, Sarah, Adapter, Greg
Three Cups of Tea (Adapted Edition)                     Mortenson, & David Oliver Relin         9780784833605
Three Gothic Novels                                     Bleiler, E. F., Editor                  9780784816073
Three Little Pigs                                       Marshall, James                         9780784830741
Three Plays By Eugene O'Neill                           O'Neill, Eugene                         9780884833888
Three Plays By Thornton Wilder                          Wilder, Thornton                        9780884831457
Three Theban Plays, The (Fagles Translation)            Sophocles                               9780784814260
3 Tragedies                                             Lorca, Federico Garcia                  9780784813713
Through Grandpa's Eyes                                  MacLachlan, Patricia                    9780784830758
Thunder Cake                                            Polacco, Patricia                       9780784830765
Thurgood Marshall: Young Justice                        Dunham, Montrew                         9780784830772
Thy Friend Obadiah                                      Turkle, Brinton                         9780784830789
Tiger Eyes                                              Blume, Judy                             9780884838630
Tiger Rising, A                                         Dicamillo, Kate                         9780784830796
Tight Times                                             Hazen, Barbara Shook                    9780784802007
Time Machine, The                                       Wells, H.G.                             9780884832577
Time Machine, The & The Invisible Man                   Wells, H.G.                             9780884836087
Time of Angels, A                                       Hesse, Karen                            9780784830802
Time of Wonder                                          McCloskey, Robert                       9780784830819
Time To Kill, A                                         Grisham, John                           9780784816721
Time Traveler's Wife, The                               Niffenegger, Audrey                     9780784830826
Timothy Of The Cay                                      Taylor, Theodore                        9780784806876
Tiny Seed, The                                          Carle, Eric                             9780784830840
Tipping Point, The                                       Gladwell, Malcom                          9780784818411
Tis: A Memoir                                            McCourt, Frank                            9780784814772
Titch                                                    Hutchins, Pat                             9780784830857
Titus Andronilus & Timon of Athens                       Shakespeare, William                      9780784813874
To Be a Slave (Puffin Modern Classics Edition)           Lester, Julius                            9781557440112
To Be a Slave (Puffin Edition)                           Lester, Julius                            9780784830864
To Be Young, Gifted & Black                              Hansberry, Lorraine                       9780884836032
To Kill a Mockingbird (Mass Sized Edition)               Lee, Harper                               9780884831181
To Kill A Mockingbird (Play Adaptation of Harper Lee's   Sergel, Christopher
Novel)                                                                                             9780784818220
To Kill a Mockingbird (Trade Sized Edition)              Lee, Harper                               9780784833346
To Say Nothing of the Dog                                Willis, Connie                            9780784830871
To Sir, With Love                                        Braithwaite, E. R.                        9780884831532
To The Lighthouse                                        Woolf, Virginia                           9780784811191
Toliver's Secret                                         Brady, Esther                             9780784833353
Tombs of Atuan, The (Earthsea Quartet #2)                Le Guin, Ursula                           9780784822746
Tomorrow, When the War Began                             Marsden, John                             9780784830888
Tonight, By Sea                                          Temple, Frances                           9780784816318
Toning the Sweep                                         Johnson, Angela                           9780784830895
Too Many Tamales                                         Soto, Gary                                9780784830901
Tooter Pepperday (Stepping Stone)                        Spinelli, Jerry                           9780784830918
Top Secret                                               Gardener, John Reynolds                   9780784833360
Topdog/Underdog (Play)                                   Parks, Suzan-Lori                         9780784817315
Torn Skirt, The                                          Godfrey, Rebecca                          9780784830925
Tornadoes                                                Simon, Seymour                            9780784830932
Totally Alien Life-Form, A                               Sydney, Lewis                             9780784810941
Totally Disgusting!                                      Wallace, Bill                             9780784830949
Touching Spirit Bear                                     Mikaelsen, Ben                            9780784817766
Train To Pakistan                                        Singn, Khushwant                          9780784809518
Transit Talk                                             Snyder, Robert W.                         9780784812648
Traveler, The                                            Twelve Hawks, John                        9780784819401
Travels With Charley                                     Steinbeck, John                           9780884833178
Treats From a Tree (Science Emergent Readers)            Canizares, Susan, & Mary Carpenter Reid
Tree Grows In Brooklyn, A                                Smith, Betty                              9780784811634
Tree Is Nice, A                                          Urdy, Janice May                          9780784830963
Tree Is Older Than You Are: Bilingual Gathering of Poems Nye, Naomi Shihab
and Stories from Mexico w/Art                                                                      9780784830970
Trial, The                                               Kafka, Franz                              9780884834083
Trolls, The                                              Horvath, Polly                            9780784830994
Trouble River                                            Byars, Betsy                              9780784831007
Trouble With Lemons, The                                 Hayes, Daniel                             9780784812440
Troy                                                     Geras, Adele                              9780784816097
Trucks                                                   Saunders Smith, Gail                      9780784831014
True Believer                                            Woolf, Virginia Euwer                     9780784831021
True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle, The                 Avi                                       9781557449832
True Notebooks: A Writer's Year at Juvenile Hall         Salzman, Mark                             9780784831038
True Story of Pocahantas                                 Penner, Lucille Recht                     9780784831045
Trumpet Of The Swan, The                                 White, E.B.                               9780784800850
Trumpeter of Krakow, The                                 Kelly, Eric P.                            9780784831052
Truth and Beauty: A Friendship                           Patchett, Ann                             9780784831069
Truth Trap, The                                          Miller, Frances A.                        9780784831076
Tuck Everlasting                                         Babbitt, Natalie                          9780784818930
Tuesday                                                Wiesner, David                          9780784831090
Tuesdays With Morrie                                   Albom, Mitch                            9780784815779
Tunes For Bears To Dance To                            Cormier, Robert                         9780784812860
Tupac Amaru Shakur                                     Vibe Magazine, Editor                   9780784831106
Turn Of The Screw & Other Short Novels                 James, Henry                            9780784815786
Twelfth Night (Folger Edition)                         Shakespeare, William                    9780884830269
Twelfth Night (Shakespeare Made Easy)                  Shakespeare, William                    9781557440839
Twelve                                                 McDonell, Nick                          9780784831113
Twelve Angry Men                                       Rose, Reginald                          9780784809549
Twenty One Balloons, The                               Du Bois, William Pene                   9780784802618
21 Great Stories                                       Lass, Abraham H., & Tasman, Norma L.,
                                                       Editors                                 9780884831112
26 Fairmount Avenue                                    de Paola, Tomie                         9780784831120
26 Letters and 99 Cents                                Hoban, Tana                             9780784831137
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Signet Edition)          Verne, Jules                            9780884835141
Twilight                                               Meyer, Stephenie                        9780784819340
Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992                            Smith, Anna Deavere                     9780784817636
Twisted                                                Anderson, Laurie Halse                  9780784833889
Twisted Summer                                         Roberts, Willo Davis                    9780784817247
Twister on Tuesday (Magic Tree House #23)              Osborne, Mary Pope                      9780784826553
Twisters & Other Terrible Storms (Magic Tree House     Osborne, Will, & Mary Pope
Research Guide)                                                                                9780784831144
Twits, The                                             Dahl, Roald                             9781557443113
Tyrell                                                 Booth, Coe                              9780784833858
Uglies                                                 Westerfeld, Scott                       9780784833384
Ultimate Sports                                        Gallo, Donald R., Editor                9780784815991
Unclaimed Treasures                                    MacLachlan, Patricia                    9780784831151
Uncle Jed's Barbershop                                 Mitchell, Margaree K.                   9780784831168
Uncle Tom's Cabin                                      Stowe, Harriet Beecher                  9780884832539
Under the Blood-Red Sun                                Salisbury, Graham                       9780784831175
Under the Sunday Tree                                  Greenfield, Eloise                      9780784831182
Underdogs, The                                         Azuela, Mariano                         9781557449658
University Of Chicago Spanish Dictionary 5th Edition   Pharies, David, Editor
Unvanquished, The                                      Faulkner, William                       9780884839644
Unwanted, The: A Memoir Of Childhood                   Nguyen, Kien                            9780784817858
Up a Road Slowly                                       Hunt, Irene                             9780784831199
Up Country                                             Carter, Alden R.                        9780784831205
Up From Slavery                                        Washington, Booker T.                   9780784808641
Upon the Head of the Goat                              Siegal, Aranka                          9780784831212
Upstairs Room, The                                     Reiss, Johanna                          9780784800942
Upstate: A Novel                                       Buckhanon, Kalisha                      9780784831229
Upstream                                               Lion, Melissa                           9780784831236
Uptown                                                 Collier, Bryan                          9780784831243
Vacation Under the Volcano (Magic Tree House #13)      Osborne, Mary Pope
Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie                       Black, Holly                            9780784831250
Vatos                                                  Galvez, Jose                            9780784831274
Vegan Virgin Valentine                                 Mackler, Carol                          9780784831281
Vegetables, Vegetables! (Rookie Read-About Science)    Robinson, Fay
Velveteen Rabbit, The                                  Williams, Margery                       9780784831304
View from Saturday, The                                Konigsburg, E. L.                       9780784831311
View From The Bridge, A                                 Miller, Arthur                            9781557441409
Vintage Book Of Contemporary World Poetry               McClatchy , J. D., Editor                 9780784809419
Vision of Beauty: The Story of Sarah Breedlove Walker   Lasky, Kathryn
Visit to William Blake's Inn: Poems for Innocent and    Willard, Nancy
Experienced Travelers                                                                             9780784831335
Voice That Is Great Within Us, The                      Carruth, Hayden, Editor                   9780784804933
Volcano: Eruption & Healing of Mount St. Helens         Lauber, Patricia                          9780784831342
Volcanoes (All Aboard Science Reader)                   Nirgiotis, Nicholas                       9780784831359
Voyage of the Frog, The                                 Paulsen, Gary                             9780784831366
Voyager In The Spiritworld, A                           Zibit, Ben                                9780784817094
Voyages of Doctor Dolittle                              Lofting, Hugh                             9780784831373
Waiting for Godot (Play)                                Beckett, Samuel                           9780784814420
Waiting For Odysseus                                    McLaren, Clemence                         9780784818190
Waiting to Score                                        MacLeod, J.E.                              9781934813171
Walden & Civil Disobedience                             Thoreau, Henry David                      9780784809112
Walk Two Moons (Trade Sized Edition)                    Creech, Sharon                            9780784809778
Walk Two Moons (Mass Sized Edition)                     Creech, Sharon                            9780784831380
Walkabout                                               Marshall, James                           9781557447807
Walking for Freedom: The Montgomery Bus Boycott         Kelso, Richard
Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement         Lewis, John
Wanderer, The                                           Creech, Sharon                            9780784831434
War Between The Classes, The                            Milkowitz, Gloria                         9780884839149
War Comes To Willy Freeman                              Collier, James Lincoln, & Christopher     9780784803981
War Of The Worlds, The (Tor Edition)                    Wells, H.G.                               9780784810187
War With Grandpa, The                                   Smith, Robert Kimmel                      9780884837381
Warriors Don't Cry (Abridged)                           Beals, Melba Pattillo                     9780784809754
Washington Square                                       James, Henry                              9781557440648
Wasteland & Other Poems                                 Eliot, T.S.                               9781557447951
Watch Out for the Chicken Feet in Your Soup             de Paola, Tomie                           9780784831441
Watch Out, Ronald Morgan!                               Giff, Patricia Reilly                     9780784806029
Watchmen                                                Moore, Alan                               9780784833421
Water For Elephants                                     Gruen, Sara                               9780784819272
Watership Down                                          Adams, Richard                            9780784818367
Watsons Go To Birmingham                                Curtis, Christopher Paul                  9780784809051
Wave, The                                               Strasser, Todd                            9780884838647
We                                                      Zamyatin, Yevgeny                         9780784818923
We All Fall Down                                        Cormier, Robert                           9780784831458
We Are Best Friends                                     Aliki                                     9780784831465
We Beat the Streets: A Friendship Pact that Led to      Davis, Sampson, Dr., Dr. George
Success                                                 Jenkins, & Dr. Rameck Hunt (with Sharon
                                                        Draper)                                   9780784831472
We Had a Picnic This Sunday Past                        Woodson, Jacqueline                       9780784831489
We Were The Mulvaneys                                   Oates, Joyce Carol                        9780784815106
Weasel                                                  DeFelice, Cynthia                         9780784817704
Weather                                                 Simon, Seymour                            9780784831496
Weather Forecasting                                     Gibbons, Gail                             9780784831502
Webster's II Children's Dictionary                      Houghton Mifflin Editors                  9780784831519
Webster's II Dictionary                                 Houghton Mifflin Editors                  9780784833391
Webster's New World Dictionary (Mass Sized Edition)     Agnes, Michael, Editor
Webster's New World Dictionary (Trade Sized Edition)    Agnes, Michael, Editor
Webster's New World Thesaurus (Mass Sized Edition)      Laird, Charlton
Webster's New World Thesaurus (Trade Sized Edition)     Laird, Charlton, Editor
Weekend With Wendell                                    Henkes, Kevin                     9780784831533
Weetzie Bat                                             Block, Francesca Lia              9780784831540
Welcome To Monkey House                                 Vonnegut, Kurt                    9780884833352
Well, The                                               Taylor, Mildred D.                9780784814215
West Side Story                                         Shulman, Irving                   9780884830078
Westing Game, The                                       Raskin, Ellen                     9781557448552
Whale Talk                                              Crutcher, Chris                   9780784818589
What Girls Learn                                        Cook, Karin                       9780784831557
What Happened to Cass McBride?                          Giles, Gail                       9780784831564
What Happens to a Hamburger                             Showers, Paul                     9780784831571
What Hearts                                             Brooks, Bruce                     9780784831588
What Is the What                                        Eggers, Dave                       9780784833940
What Is the World Made of?                              Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner        9780784831595
What Jamie Saw                                          Coman, Carolyn                    9780784831601
What Makes Day and Night                                Branley, Franklyn M.              9780784831625
What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know                         Sones, Sonya                      9780784833896
What My Mother Doesn't Know                             Sones, Sonya                      9780784831632
What They Found                                         Myers, Walter Dean                9780784833865
What You Know First                                     MacLachlan, Patricia              9780784831649
Whatever Happened To Janie                              Cooney, Caroline B.               9780784813959
"What's Happening to My Body" Book for Boys, The:       Madaras, Lynda, & Area Madaras
Revised Third Edition                                                                     9780784831656
"What's Happening to My Body" Book for Girls, The:      Madaras, Lynda, & Area Madaras
Revised Third Edition                                                                     9780784831663
Wheel on the School, The                                De Jong, Meindert                 9780784831670
When Dad Killed Mom                                     Lester, Julius                    9780784816806
When Heaven & Earth Changed Places                      Hayslip, Le Ly                    9780784803592
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit                           Kerr, Judith                      9780784810422
When I Was Puerto Rican                                 Santiago, Esmeralda               9780784807156
When I Was Young In The Mountains                       Rylant, Cynthia                   9781557447562
When Legends Die                                        Borland, Hal                      9780884834076
When She Hollers                                        Voigt, Cynthia                    9780784831687
When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry           Bang, Molly                       9780784831694
When The Emperor Was Divine                             Otsuka, Julie                     9780784817353
When the TV Broke                                       Ziefert, Harriet, & Mavis Smith   9780784831700
When Zachary Beaver Came to Town (Trade Sized         Holt, Kimberly Willis
Edition)                                                                                  9780784815014
When Zachary Beaver Came to Town (Mass Sized Edition) Holt, Kimberely Willis
Where Does the Garbage Go?                              Showers, Paul                     9780784831724
Where I Want to Be                                      Griffin, Adele                    9780784831731
Where is Jake? (My First Reader)                        Packard, Mary                     9780784831748
Where The Hearts Is                                     Letts, Billie                     9780784813096
Where The Lilies Bloom                                  Cleaver, Vera & Bill              9780884839378
Where The Red Fern Grows                                Rawls, Wilson                     9780884832881
Where The Wild Things Are                               Sendak, Maurice                   9780784811252
Where Was Patrick Henry On The 29th Of May?             Fritz, Jean                       9780784804216
Which Way Freedom                                       Hansen, Joyce                     9780784804193
Whipping Boy, The                                      Fleischman, Sid                         9781557449146
Whirligig                                              Fleischman, Paul                        9780784818596
Whistle For Willie                                     Keats, Ezra Jack                        9781557442130
Whistling Season, The                                  Doig, Ivan                              9780784831779
White Darkness, The                                    McCaughrean, Geraldine                  9780784831786
White Fang (Tor Edition)                               London, Jack                            9780784810101
White Mountains, The                                   Christopher, John                       9780784831793
White Noise                                            DeLillo, Dom                            9780784817346
White Oleander                                         Fitch, Janet                            9780784816349
White Snow, Bright Snow                                Tresselt, Alvin R.                      9780784831809
White Stag, The                                        Seredy, Kate                            9780784831816
White Tiger                                            Adiga, Aravind                          9780784833827
Whittington                                            Armstrong, Alan                         9780784831823
Who Am I Without Him?                                  Flake, Sharon G.                        9780784833582
Who Eats What? Food Chains and Food Webs               Lauber, Patricia                        9780784831830
Who Stole the Cookies? (All Aboard Reading, Level 1)   Moffatt, Judith
Who Took the Farmer's Hat                              Nodset, Joan L.                         9780784831854
Who's Afraid of the Dark?                              Bonsall, Crosby                         9780784831861
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf                         Albee, Edward                           9781557440600
Whose Mouse Are You?                                   Kraus, Robert                           9780784831885
Why Do Leaves Change Color?                            Maestro, Betsy                          9780784831892
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears: A West African   Aardema, Verna
Tale                                                                                           9780784831908
Why Pick on Me? (Marvin Redpost #2)                    Sachar, Louis                           9780784826706
Wicked                                                 Maguire, Gregory                        9780784818664
Wide Sargasso Sea                                      Rhys, Jean                              9780784807446
Wild West                                              Stotter, Mike                           9780784831922
Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge                      Fox, Mem                                9780784831939
Will I Have a Friend?                                  Cohen, Miriam                           9780784831946
Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?                      Fritz, Jean                             9780784803691
William's Doll                                         Zolotow, Charlotte                      9780784831953
Winesburg, Ohio                                        Anderson, Sherwood                      9780884833161
Winnie-The-Pooh                                        Milne, A. A.                            9780884835738
Winter Room, The                                       Paulsen, Gary                           9780784831960
Winterdance                                            Paulsen, Gary                           9780784831977
Wish Giver, The                                        Brittain, Bill                          9780784831984
Wit                                                    Edson, Margaret                         9780784817155
Witch Of Blackbird Pond, The                           Speare, Elizabeth George                9780884831761
Witches                                                Dahl, Roald                             9780784808450
Witches of Worm, The                                   Snyder, Zilpha Keatley                  9780784831991
With Every Drop Of Blood                               Collier, James Lincoln, & Christopher   9780784809730
Witness                                                Hesse, Karen                            9780784816028
Wizard Of Earthsea, A                                  LeGuin, Ursula K.                       9780784802137
Wolf by the Ears                                       Rinaldi, Ann                            9780784832004
Wolf Rider, The                                        Avi                                     9780784832011
Woman At Point Zero                                    Saadawi, Nawal El                       9780784819333
Woman Hollering Creek & Other Stories                  Cisneros, Sandra                        9780784803837
Woman Warrior                                          Kingston, Maxine                        9781557446985
Women & Fiction                                        Cahill, Susan, Editor                   9780884838388
Women Of Brewster Place, The                           Naylor, Gloria                          9780784803776
Wonder When You'll Miss Me: A Novel                    Davis, Amanda                           9780784832028
Woodsong                                                  Paulsen, Gary         9780784811382
Word Power Made Easy                                      Lewis, Norman         9780784832035
Words By Heart                                            Sebestyen, Ouida      9780884839828
Work of Wolves, The                                       Meyers, Kent          9780784832042
World Made Straight, The: A Novel                         Rash, Ron             9780784832059
World War Z                                               Brooks, Max            9780784833957
Worse Than Slavery                                        Oshinsky, David M.    9780784818404
Worst Day of My Life (Little Bill #10)                    Cosby, Bill           9780784826164
Wreath for Emmett Till, A                                 Nelson, Marilyn       9780784832073
Wrestling Sturbridge                                      Wallace, Rich         9780784832080
Wringer                                                   Spinelli, Jerry       9780784812181
Wrinkle in Time, A                                        L'Engle, Madeleine    9780784832097
Wuthering Heights (Bantam Classics Edition)               Bronte, Emily         9780784832103
Wuthering Heights (Modern Library Classics Edition)       Bronte, Emily
Wuthering Heights (Signet Edition)                        Bronte, Emily         9780884832706
Wuthering Heights (Tor Edition)                           Bronte, Emily         9780784809839
Year Down Yonder, A                                       Peck, Richard         9780784832110
Year of Ice, The: A Novel                                 Malloy, Brian         9780784832127
Year Of Impossible Goodbyes                               Choi, Sook Nyul       9780784807934
Year of Wonders                                           Brooks, Geraldine     9780784833445
Yearling, The                                             Rawlings, Marjorie    9780884834588
Yeh-Shen                                                  Louie, Ai-Ling        9780784801918
Yellow Raft In Blue Water, A                              Dorris, Michael       9780784802878
Yo! Yes?                                                  Jackson, Richard      9780784832134
Yolonda's Genius                                          Fenner, Carol         9780784832141
You Can't Eat Your Chicken Pox, Amber Brown               Danziger, Paula       9780784832158
You Can't Smell a Flower With Your Ear!: All About Your   Cole, Joanna
You Don't Know Me                                         Klass, David          9780784816981
You'll Soon Grow Into Them, Titch                         Hutchins, Pat         9780784832172
Young Cam Jansen & the Baseball Mystery (Young Cam        Adler, David A.
Jansen #05)                                                                     9780784832202
Young Cam Jansen & the Dinosaur Game (Young Cam           Adler, David A.
Jansen #01)                                                                     9780784832189
Young Cam Jansen & the Ice Skate Mystery (Young Cam       Adler, David A.
Jansen #04)                                                                     9780784832196
Young Cam Jansen & the Pizza Shop Mystery (Young          Adler, David A.
Cam Jansen #06)                                                                 9780784832219
Your Own, Sylvia: A Verse Portrait of Sylvia Plath        Hemphill, Stephanie   9780784832226
Your Skin & Mine                                          Showers, Paul         9780784802328
You're Aboard Spaceship Earth                             Lauber, Patricia      9780784832233
Z For Zachariah                                           O'Brien, Robert C.    9780784814758
Zach's Lie                                                Smith, Roland         9780784832240
Zazoo                                                     Mosher, Richard       9780784832257
Zeely                                                     Hamilton, Virginia    9781557443847
Zia                                                       O'Dell, Scott         9780884838418
Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin                                   Moss, Lloyd           9780784832271
Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Zarajevo                 Filipovic, Zlata      9780784806890
Zlateh The Goat & Other Stories                           Singer, Isaac         9780784802380
Zora Hurston & Chinaberry Tree                            Miller, William       9780784832288
Zorba The Greek                                           Kazantzakis, Nikos    9780784812198

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