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Bellingham Sail and Power Squadron

OCTOBER 2009          Volume 29-09

         Odlin Park Cruise
                         Photo by Abigail Senuty
THE BRIDGE                             KEY POSITIONS
Commander                              Public Boating Chair
 Cdr Jim Crane, JN                      1st Lt Matt Dennis, P
 360-671-1517                           360-739-7704                   Membership Co-Chairs
Executive Officer                       Lt Rick Baer, S, Lt Kathy Baer, S
 Lt/C Tony Haubrich, AP                 360-371-3861
 360-366-2288                 ,               Member Involvement Chair Vacant
Educational Officer                    Bell Signals Editor
 Lt/C Andy Backus, JN                   Lt Sandi Horne, JN
 360-715-1984                           360-383-2218         
 Assistant: 1st Lt Graham Hunter, AP   Web Master
Administrative Officer                  Lt Randy Olson, JN
 Lt/C Jeff Vaughan, P                   360-733-0547
 360-671-6661                          Safety Officer                     Lt Merle Herrett, AP
Secretary                               360-815-7039
 Lt/C Donna Hunter, AP                 Acting Public Relations Officer
 360-332-5526                           P/C Chris Lilly Backus, JN               360-715-1984
Treasurer                              Chaplain
 Lt/C Peter Rowe, AP                    Lt Dick Cathell, S
 360-354-0890                           360-738-8820        
Past Commander                         Rules Committee Chair
 P/C Bob Jacobson, AP                   P/C Fred Goodman, SN
 360-527-1442                      Law Officer
                                        Lt Jeanne Kingsley
EXCOM MEMBERS AT LARGE                 Port Captains
 Lt Jill Hummel                         Semiahmoo/Blaine
 360-756-8052                           1st Lt Graham Hunter, S                   Bellingham Cdr Jim Crane, JN
 Lt Deborah O’Connor, JN               Auditor
 206-708-4911                           Lt Marcia Gaven, S                      Cooperative Charting Co-Chairs
 Lt Erik Senuty, AP                     Lt Eric Wiley, AP, Lt Carrie Wiley, AP
 360-676-5738                           360-734-5952          
 Lt Jim West, AP                       Supply and Property Officer
 360-656-5954                           Lt Matt Brown, P                360-671-7553
OCTOBER 2009 BELL SIGNALS                                      PAGE 3

                          Bell Signals is published monthly (except July
                          or August) by the Bellingham Sail and Power
                          Squadron, a unit of the United States Power
                          Squadrons®. Opinions and advertisements do not
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                          unless so designated.

  Published at: 6776 Olson RD, Ferndale, WA 98248
  © Copyright 2009, Bellingham Sail & Power Squadron

                  A NEW PIECE OF MIND
 Knowledge of all aspects of boating leads to greater peace of
                     mind on the water!

         Marine Electrical Systems is a brand new course – I will
teach it on Monday evenings beginning 12 October and continuing
for eight weeks to 30 November. Already seven people are signed
up, so email me or call soon to get in on it. It covers the practice of
wiring your boat, including boat electrical practices and diagrams,
direct and alternating current power, galvanic and stray current
corrosion, and lightning protection. Troubleshooting is emphasized
throughout, so you will feel comfortable performing even tricky
wiring tasks after taking this course.
         In the winter months we will offer the Engine
Maintenance course. We will also offer Seamanship, for those
who have completed the Basic Boating course (or equivalent).
         All our elective courses are open to the public, so if you have
a friend who might benefit from our offerings, bring them on in. And
contact me with any questions.

                  Andy Backus, Educational Officer

                 Dedicated to Safe Boating through Education
OCTOBER 2009 BELL SIGNALS                                          PAGE 4

                       From the COMMANDER
                       Cdr Jim Crane, JN

  Another Autumnal Equinox has come and gone and so has another
fabulous summer sailing season for BSPS and it members. There still is
one Squadron event on the calendar, however, one more opportunity
to meet on the water with your fellow members. Soak those beans!
Season that meat! Fire up those cook pots and get that chili a
simmerin’ for the Chuckanut Bay Chili Chowdown 10-11 October.
Should be a lip smackin’ great raft up.
  On a more serious note October is also the time of year BSPS
members honor their own. The Herb Hearsey Award recognizes
outstanding contributions by BSPS members in the areas of Education,
Fellowship, Safety, and Outstanding new member. Please join us in
honoring fellow members at the 6th Annual Herb Hersey Awards
Dinner on 8 October. The District 16 Commander, Barbara Erickson,
will attend to further honor the recipients of the awards.
  There is still time to register for the join USPS District 16 and
Canadian WCID Fall Conference in Penticton, B.C., 23-25 October.
Please join those of us who have already registered for what promises
to be a most enjoyable conference. Hope to see you there.

              USPS Adopts New Communication Means
      R/C John R. Bradley, SN, Chair USPS Information Technology Committee
  All USPS mailing lists have been replicated on SailAngle, as have groups
representing each squadron, district, national committee, and national
department. The early adopters have been shaking down the facility and
our interface to it. It is now extremely important that all members enroll in
  The process has been made extremely easy. Just go to and
on the left of the page near the top you will see a button labeled “Access
                                                   Sail Angle continued on page 10

                   Dedicated to Safe Boating through Education
OCTOBER 2009 BELL SIGNALS                                      PAGE 5

                    ADMINistrative Officer
                    Lt Jeff Vaughn, P
  As our beautiful summer winds down, we’ve all found the fall season
to be a bit fickle. The joint rendezvous with the Squalicum Yacht Club
to Garrison Bay on Labor Day weekend turned out to be an exciting
excursion for the hardy few that braved the elements. While the
weather didn’t cooperate, reports are that the BSPS education classes
served our storm worthy captains well.
  The joint rendezvous with the Bellingham Yacht Club to Poet’s
Cove on the other hand was blessed with gorgeous weather. BSPS
was well represented with 8 members/guests and 6 joint BYC/BSPS
members. Highlights of the weekend included a predicted log race,
Saturna Island Wine Festival and a Murder Mystery Dinner. BYC
has challenged BSPS to next year’s predicted log race, so mark your
calendars now for 17-19 September 2010.
   We’ll close out the 2009 cruise season with a raft-up in Chuckanut
Bay. We selected a location close to Bellingham so members have
the option of making this a day trip or staying the evening. If you’ve
already put your boat in storage for the winter or want to just drive
down, please contact me so I can help you make arrangements to
  10-11 October: Chuckanut Bay Chili Chowdown
  End of Season Raft up w/ Chili Cook Off
  The main event will occur at 1400 on Saturday. Prepare your favorite
chili recipe, bring enough to share as we all sample and select our
favorites for recognition in various categories.
  BSPS Cruise Captain – Jeff Vaughan –
– 360.671.6071
  Be sure to join us for this year’s Herb Hearsey awards at the

                                               AO column continued on page 11

                 Dedicated to Safe Boating through Education
OCTOBER 2009 BELL SIGNALS                                       PAGE 6

                      educational officer
                      Lt/C Andy Backus, JN

                      The Road Is Paved with Icons

  In Navigation class we have           avoided a calamity (it’s bad
been learning how to use two            enough that the #2 buoy has
pieces of software, one for             been vandalized and has no light
navigation and the other for            on it).
ocean voyage planning. Finally,            Actually it has been quite
USPS courses are catching up            an adjustment learning how to
with the times. That’s good.            integrate this new tool into my
   But then, there was the other        piloting routine. The distraction
day as I was making my way back         of looking at the screen is not
to the Squalicum West harbor            the only problem. There was
entrance. We were about a half          the matter of sunlight obscuring
mile off when there came over           the display. I built a black hood
the radio news that someone             over the computer. That helps a
was aground near the “Hole              lot, though it does not entirely
in the Wall at the south end of         fix the problem (though buying
Swinomish Channel.” Where               a “marinized” laptop for $5K
is that? I thought. So, since I         would). And there was the matter
now have a computer assisted            of trying to use a regular mouse
navigation system on board, I           in choppy seas. I went out and
was able to swing quickly over          got the ball-type mouse that
to that region on the charts and        stays in one place on the desktop.
see what was going on. “Quickly”        That helps a great deal, though it
compared to fishing through             takes some practice to learn how
paper charts, but not instantly.        to use it well.
   The next thing I knew we                So, once again real life
were a hundred feet from the #1         intrudes upon the best of new
entrance buoy and heading right         developments. But isn’t that what
for it. Perhaps I should have been      living is: moving forward always,
paying more attention. Quickly
                                               SEO column continued on page 11
I turned down the channel and
                  Dedicated to Safe Boating through Education
OCTOBER 2009 BELL SIGNALS                                      PAGE 7

                            Welcome Aboard
                            Membership Co-Chairs
                            Lt Rick Baer, S and
                            Lt Kathy Baer, S

  Some of our members are already acquainted, through the
Bellingham Yacht Club (BYC), with our newest members Patricia and
John Gargett. While I was speaking with John, I found out a few things
that even the ones that know them might not be familiar with.
   When I asked John about how he became interested in boating,
he said that maybe it’s always been in his blood as his great-great-
great uncle was the famous Joshua Slocum who happened to be the
first man to circumnavigate the world alone. At John’s suggestion,
I Googled Joshua Slocum and came up with some fascinating
information on the “Joshua Slocum Society International,” web site.
   John said that he and his father were members of the United States
Power Squadron in Seattle in the 1960s. He took several USPS courses
at that time. But then college, career, and family matters took over and
he didn’t develop an interest in belonging again until his wife Patricia
purchased a small boat a year or so ago to go crabbing in Birch Bay
and, in preparation, took the USPS Basic Boating class at Bellingham
Technical College. John went along to support her with her class work.
  Another interesting bit of information is that Patricia owns the “Tide
Catcher” Resort Cottages in Birch Bay; hence, her interest in Birch
Bay crabbing. John tells me the resort has been in her family since her
grandfather purchased it in 1929. He and Patricia have since sold the
crabbing boat and purchased their current 26’ power boat which is
appropriately named the “Tide Catcher.”
  John and Patricia have been active in boating for a long time and
John is a past commodore of the BYC. He says that they are looking
forward to having another connection with the Bellingham boating
community by belonging to the BSPS.
  Welcome aboard Patricia and John!

                 Dedicated to Safe Boating through Education
OCTOBER 2009 BELL SIGNALS                                    PAGE 8

              Win Valuable Prizes!

   Take and complete a USPS Course
 between 1 July 2009 and 30 June 2010!
United States Power Squadron members can take any one or
more of the following courses between 1 July 2009 and 30
June 2010 to be eligible for the following prizes:

1. For Seamanship            (3) Handheld VHF Radios
2. For Piloting              (3) Handheld GPS
3. For Advanced Piloting     (3) Sets of Navigational Software
4. For JN                    (1) Chart Plotter
5. For Weather               (3) Barometers
6. For Marine Electrical Systems (3) Multimeters
7. For Engine Maintenance            (3) Multimeters

To enter the drawing, all you need to do is the following:

1. Take and complete the qualifying course or courses be-
tween 1 July 2009 and 30 June 2010

2. Successfully pass the examination before 30 June 2010

3. You will be automatically entered in the drawing

The winners’ names will be drawn at the 2010 Governing Board
held in Seattle from 30 August through 4 September 2010.

               Dedicated to Safe Boating through Education
OCTOBER 2009 BELL SIGNALS                                      PAGE 9

                     public relations
                     P/C Chris Lilly Backus, JN
                     Form a Committee? Who, me?

  I have never heard of anyone who joined a group in order to serve
on a committee. Yet, when I think back to how I met some of the
people I enjoy the most it was – gasp! – serving on a committee. More
than five years ago Andy and I joined BSPS as transfer members from
the San Diego Sail & Power Squadron. Jim Splaine, commander then,
put a call for someone to do public relations (PR). I accepted the call
and I am glad I did.
  I have always touted the value of committees (rather than one
person trying to cover all the bases). But did I heed my own advice?
No, I didn’t. I’m not sure why. After all, we who serve on committees
are showing our commitment to BSPS. But often we just think, “Oh
well, I can just do it faster and with less trouble…”
   Since having served as commander and past commander in recent
years, I gained a broader perspective. I am delighted to say I no longer
work alone in PR. New members Margaret Hellyer and Jody Holm
have stepped up to serve on our PR committee and have already
contributed a great deal. For example, they have added our 50th
anniversary gold stripe to the BSPS burgee on our banner. Margaret
has skillfully brought to life our rather staid brochure, which is now
professionally printed in full color. Recently Jody and I blanketed the
Bellingham Harbor area with posters for basic boating. And she put our
fall class on Craig’s List (a great idea from Tom Evans). What a joy to
have Jody and Margaret’s advice, input and good ideas! Matt Dennis,
Basic Boating chair, also has helped with PR effort. And, as always,
we appreciate our long-time workers who have put up posters in our
communities. Thanks to Rick & Kathy Baer, Denny Holmstrom, Tony
Haubrich and Tom Evans for helping us to promote the class.
                                              PRO column continued on page 10

                 Dedicated to Safe Boating through Education
OCTOBER 2009 BELL SIGNALS                                          PAGE 10
PRO column continued from page 9

  What aspects of BSPS interest you? Could you help with the
Hearsey Awards on 8 October? If so, let David Sitzenstock know.
Would you like to teach or be a teaching assistant? Let Andy Backus
know. Could you help us get back into cooperative charting? Let Jim
Crane or Matt Brown know. Would you be willing to help set up or
clean up at a membership meeting? Let Jeff Vaughan know. Would
you like to help us put together a promotional PowerPoint for our
Squadron? Let me know. We’ll be glad you did.
Sail Angle continued from page 4”. Just click on it, and follow the instructions below:
   1. If you are already signed on to USPS you will be automatically
transferred to If not:
  2. Enter your USPS Certificate number and password or preferably PIN
when requested
  3. You will be automatically transferred to
   4. Follow the steps to complete your profile (you can skip these steps up to
three times)
  5. Click on “Go to my group home page”
  6. View the Instructional Slide Show contained in the Group
   7. Note: the most recent members to sign-up are listed on the left-hand side
of the Group Home Page. You may want to add one or more as a friend. To
add a friend, simply click on “+ add as a friend” and a request will be sent to
their private message inbox. When they accept, you are linked as friends.
  8. When finished, click on “My Home” on the silver navigation bar.
  Once you are there, and have filled out your profile, you will notice that
you will have been automatically enrolled in all of the groups to which you
belong. You may also want to change your email notification preference from
the default to limit the number and types of notifications you want to receive.
This is found under a link on the Edit Profile page.
  The reason it is important for you to enroll, is because shortly after the
Kansas City Governing Board meeting, we will be terminating support for
USPS mailing lists. We believe that the group and forum facilities found on
SailAngle are far superior to the mailing lists we have been providing.

                     Dedicated to Safe Boating through Education
OCTOBER 2009 BELL SIGNALS                                                   PAGE 11
AO column continued from page 5
Squalicum Yacht Club on 8 October. For those not familiar with the
event, the BSPS honors selected members for their service to the
squadron during the previous year. The awards are named after BSPS
founding father, Herb Hearsey. Last year’s award winners have planned
this year’s event, which promises to be a night to enjoy. Please RSVP
Paulette Sitzenstock, 360-384-3140 or soon with
your reservations.
SEO column continued from page 6
adapting, letting go of the old, making the best of the new, and hoping
for what’s in the fog ahead?
  I kind of like it. Most of the time, anyway.

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        EVENT CALENDAR 2009

OCTOBER 2009                                    1800 Squalicum Yacht Club
 1 Executive Committee Meeting
   1900 Louisa House 2240 Main
                                            DECEMBER 2009
   Street, Ferndale. Contact Jim Crane,     3 Executive Committee Meeting or                   TBD Annual Christmas Party
 6 America’s Boating Course
   1900-2100 Bellingham Technical             Vessel Safety Check
   College, Tuesdays through 24
   November. Register with BTC 360-           66 VSCs completed
   752-8350 and ask for Item #4560-1.       this season - great work
   More information on the BSPS
 8 Herb Hearsey Awards Dinner
   1800 Squalicum Yacht Club
   Catered dinner, $22 per person.
   Coffee and tea provided, BYOB for
   other beverages. RSVP to Paulette
   Sitzenstock, 360-384-3140 or
10-11 Chuckanut Bay Rendezvous
   Chuckanut Chili Chowdown
   End of season raft up with chili
   cook off. Cruise captain, Jeff
   Vaughan, or
   360-671-6071.                               Contact one of our Vessel
12 Marine Electrical Systems                Examiners for your inspection
   Monday evenings to 30                    and proudly display your sticker:
   November. Contact instructor
                                            Gary Cordrey (360) 366-0362,
   Andy Backus, 360-715-1984 or                    Matt Dennis (360) 739-7704,
23-25 D/16 Fall Conference                  Sandy Friedman (360) 734-
   Penticton, BC, Canada.. More info        5051, David Sitzenstock (360)
   on D/16 website            384-3140, Tom Dalgliesh (360)
   localusps/d16/                           366-3348, Merle Herrett (360)
NOVEMBER 2009                               815-7039. You can help us by
 5 Executive Committee Meeting              talking to people on your own
   1900 Louisa House 2240 Main              docks and letting them know
   Street, Ferndale. Contact Jim Crane,     that the VSCs are free of charge, or
                                            have no obligation and only take
12 Member Meeting and Potluck
                                            about 30 minutes.

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       Herb Hearsey
      Awards Dinner
      8 October 2009
   Squalicum Yacht Club
       Catered dinner, BYOB
          Please RSVP to
        Paulette Sitzenstock
      Join us in honoring
   members who have made
   special contributions this

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