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					     VOLUME 4, ISSUE 3
                              Volume 4, Issue 3      July, Aug, Sept ‘09

Inside this issue:

Human Resources Report                                                                 2

News from North Carolina                                                               2
Photo Contest                                                                          3

Share Corner                                                                           3

Training Officers Page                                                                 4

Birthdays and Anniversaries                                                            5

Puzzles, Holidays, Announcements                                                       6


                                   First Med launches its new web site!!!
        First Med is proud to announce its new web site. Check us out online for information on:
        Services                             Schedule a transport
        Benefits                             Contact Billing
        Submit an Application                Latest Newsletter
        Available Positions                  Many more features
        Upcoming Events
          VOLUME 4, ISSUE 3                                                                                    Page 2

                                    Human Resources Report
 Welcome to all new staff members to the First Med Team, we hope your expectations have been fulfilled. There have been
 many changes over the last quarter. The Hampton office moved to its new location on Incubator Dr. which is cleaner,
 brighter, and has more room than the old building. Thank you to the many employees who helped with the move. First
 Med’s Dispatch center was also relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina. Though most of the staff have met you already
 either formally or informally, we want to welcome Gary Poirier and his dispatch team to the First Med Family.
  There have been several administrative changes as well. Mar-Mac changes include: Ryan Miller was promoted to Director
 of Operations, Teresa Thrift was promoted to Personnel Manager, Sommer Phillips was promoted to Training Officer.
 Eastern Shore Ambulance changes include Chris Smith, Director of Operations, Mackenzie Waldron was promoted to as-
 sistant to the DOO, Wendi Dunlo was hired as Training Officer, and Nicola Elsner has been promoted to Regional Person-
 nel Manager. Congratulations to the above mention members of our management team.
 A welcome aboard also goes out to Matthew Murphy, who has become a part of the Human Resources Team.

 Keep in mind, July is Open Enrollment for 401K. Enrolling in the plan is a simple and convenient way to begin investing in
 your future. Contact your Human Resources Department for an enrollment kit. 866.343.7153 x120
 First Med is starting a monthly Safety, Health, and Wellness Program. The program will offer employees tips on living a
 healthier lifestyle and in-house training will be offered to refresh the skills of our EMT and EVOC personnel. Look for post-
 ings coming soon to your satellite office.

                                     News from North Carolina
Hello from First Med NC

 We would like to welcome aboard 2 new employees, they are William “Chris” Schwartz and Kently Hall. If you should have the
pleasure of working with them, please make them feel welcome to the First Med family. We are working diligently on our plans
for Family Fun Day in July; it looks like this year will be a beach day for our employees and Carolina Beach looks like the desig-
nated party place. We are hoping for a record turn out this year, with plans of getting Chris Martin thoroughly soaked with wa-
ter balloons, as usual.
We want to welcome back Kevin Holmes as our Training/Supply Officer, as you know Kevin went part time in November but
has decided that he missed the interaction with patients and with his fellow co-workers, so now he’s back and we are happy to
have him fill that old slot.
We had several employees celebrate their one-year anniversary with First Med, myself included, and we want to thank those
employees for all their hard work and hope to see them celebrate many more anniversaries with us.
 Logan Hunt, Andrew Price and Durwood Fisher participated in an event held at Chick Filet in the Wilmington area to promote
public safety and public relations for First Med, I am happy to say that they had a wonderful time and the children enjoyed the
interaction with our crew members and the bicycle helmets that were distributed, but we want to tell Logan and Andrew that the
next time we need fresh lemonade we expect them to make it since they won the contest in squeezing the most lemons in the
shortest amount of time.
We want to welcome the dispatch office to Wilmington; hopefully everyone made it through the transfer of locations with little to
no problems.
 On a personal note we want to extend our condolences to Kelly Jones for the loss of her father. All our prayers and well
wishes have been with Kelly and her family. The staff wanted her to know how sorry they were for her loss and if she should
need us for anything she need only call.
Here’s hoping everyone has a safe, happy and sunburn free summer!
Tammy Hobbs
Personnel Manager
    Page 3                                                                       VOLUME 4, ISSUE 3

                                                   Photo Contest

First Med presents its First Annual Photo Contest. This is a companywide project; all submissions in compliance
with official guidelines will be considered. Judging will be based on photo quality, relevance, and creativity. Prizes
will be awarded to all finalists.

See postings at your corresponding satellite offices for official rules.

Categories include First Med Safety, First Med at Work, First Med Community, and First Med Family.

Deadline for pictures is July 15, 2009, send all correspondence to or lmar-

Use your creativity and remember—all submissions in compliance with category guidelines will be considered. First
place prize is $500, second place $250, and third place $100. Additional prizes will be awarded to finalists.

 First Med would like to congratulate Les
 Taylor and Susann Beale on their re-                                         SAVE THE DATE
 cent engagement. Les has been em-                                       WHAT: NC Family Fun Day
 ployed with ESA for six years and
 Susann is employed with Accomac                                            WHEN: July 25, 2009
 DPS and has been part-time with ESA
                                                                          WHERE: Carolina Beach
 for over a year.
                                                                              TIME: 1400-1900
                                                             Please contact Tammy Hobbs if you plan to attend

                                                Share Corner
All employees are welcome to share their ideas!!
Just to name a few:


     Special Events in Your Community

Send all information to
        VOLUME 4, ISSUE 3                                                                               Page 4

                                   Training Officers Page

             If you think someone is having a stroke, act F.A.S.T. and do this simple test

 Act F.A.S.T.
                                                              Ask the person to smile.
                                                              Does one side of the face droop?
                                                              Ask the person to raise both arms.
                                                              Does one arm drift downward?
                                                              Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence.
                                                              Are the words slurred? Can he/she repeat the sentence

                                                              If the person shows any of these symptoms, time is impor-
 TIME                                                         tant.

Stroke Symptoms include:

SUDDEN numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg - especially on one side of the body.

SUDDEN confusion, trouble speaking or understanding.

SUDDEN trouble seeing in one or both eyes.

SUDDEN trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.

SUDDEN severe headache with no known cause.

                                Call 9-1-1 immediately if you have any of these symptoms

Note the time you experienced your first symptom. This information is important to your healthcare provider and can
                                            affect treatment decisions.

        Mar-Mac would like to recognize those staff members who go above and beyond their job responsibilities, who
        portray the mission of First Med everyday and is very much appreciated by every individual they come in con-
        tact with.
       Page 5                                                                  VOLUME 4, ISSUE 3

                                   Happy Birthday!!
Justin Collier, Richard Collins, Robert Collins, Melissa Currington, Randell Dennis, Timothy DeSain, Lena Ed-
wards, Donald Freudenthal, Kathy Gemborys, Derrick Griffin, Karen Harris, Megan Harrison, Daniel Hoppes,
James Jones, Allison Lambert, Tammy LeCato, Elenor Linton, Michael Malone, Beate Martinez, John McCleish,
Kirk McGinnis, Ryan Miller, Tynesha Mitchell, Patsy Osbourne, Juanita Parks, Emily Phillips, Sommer Phillips,
Corey Powell, Brenda Reed, Dustin Shackleford, Frank Sheppard, Vicki Smith, John Souhrada, Staci Spangler,
Carlton Twiford, Amber Ubieta, Mary Wagner, Mackenzie Waldron, Samantha Ward, Dermitrius Warner, Christo-
pher Watson, Travis Williams, Carl Wright, Tanya Wright, James Young

James Allred, David Ashburn, Adam Bennett, Christopher Henderson, Nicholas Herga, Herman Hux, James John-
son, Kelly Jones, Richard Martin, Brittany Miller, Matthew Murphy, Paul Nichols, Jesse Pacheco, Susie Paul, Wil-
liam Pellino, Daniel Phillips, Mauuel Riveros, Wayne Ruiz, David Saunders, William Schwartz, Benjamin Silk, Mark
Singleton, Matthew Smith, Paul Spence, Heidi Taylor, Fonteen Trader, Thom Waye, Cassandra Zievers, John Zim-

Sandra Bailey, Ronwixziv Barreiro, Sylvia Brown, Thelma Castiglia, Charles Crawford, Lee Eckert, April Gray,
Brook Hamilton, Ashley Hansford, Jeffrey Hayes, John Hilton, Orsen Hiser, Steven Jennings, Erica Johnson,
LeeAnn Johnston, Francis Key, Chad Lambert, Melissa Larmore, Arlis Lauderman, Matthew Lyons, Leonard Mat-
thiews, George Netroe, Tacuma Nibbs, Cassidy Palmer, Michael Patton, Queenie Rice, Cecil Sheppard, Jamie
Spears, Terry Stevens, Brad Thompson, Lloyd White, Amy Wilmerton, Amy Wilson, David Winter

                                Happy Anniversary!!
Jacques Deloach, Cynthia Ellis, Candice Garris, Brett Hall, Elizabeth James, Dionthe Johnson, Portia Lawerence,
April Major, Tynesha Mitchell, George Netroe, Jesse Pacheco, John Souhrada, Amber Ubieta, Thom Waye, Arlene
Sylvia Brown, Melanie Dennis, Durwood Fisher, April Gray, Orsen Hiser, Logan Hunt, Elvis Johnson, Erica John-
son, Joseph Kerr, Justin Lanier, Holly Linton, Andrea Maready, Michael Moreno, Ruby Nicholson, Dana Owens,
Portia Peterson, David Saunders, Jose Servin, Denee Smith, Heidi Taylor, Heather Weaver
John Dennis, Jeffrey Draper, Aleasha Ferguson, William Ferry, Antoinese Hill, Brittney Johnson, James Johnson,
Kelly Jones, Heath Lavoie, Tammy LeCato, Vickie Mapp, Beate Martinez, John McCleish, Ray Miles, Angela Nock,
Satin Oxley, Linda Stone, Bruce Wentworth

                                 First Med would like to wish all
                                 staff members a safe and happy
                                 birthday, along with many more
  Page 6

                                                                                                     Volume 4, Issue 3

                                                      Puzzle Page
                                                                             8               4       3       9                    7
                      Logic Puzzles
                                                                                             9       2                            8
                                                                             6                                        8       9
     What is the four-digit number in which the
     first digit is one-third the second, the third                                  6               6       4                        8
     is the sum of the first and second, and the
     last is three times the second?                                                                                              4
                                                                                             3       9                5           2
     There is something about Mary
                                                                                     8       5       6       4                2
     Mary’s mum has four children
     The first child is called April                                                         7
     The second May                                                                  2               9                5           1
     The third June
     What is the name of the fourth child?                                   2       7
                                                                                                                      1               3
                                                                             1               5       7                                9
      Answers to logic problems at the bottom
      of page                                                                                                5        2       4       1
                                                                             8                               6                    9   2
                                                                             6                                        3               8
                                                                                     4                       3                6   2   7
                                                                             5       1                                8
                                                                                     6       3

                                                                                            First Med Companies
                      We’re on the Web !!                                             P.O. Box 598 Accomac, Va. 23301
                                                                                            Phone: 866-343-7153
                                                                Fax: 757-787-9437

                                                                                           Eastern Shore Ambulance
                                                                                             23378 Commerce Dr.
                     ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!                                                        Accomac, Va. 23301
                                                                                               3303 Airline Blvd.
       Paid Holidays                  Employee input is welcome                             Portsmouth, Va. 23701
Independence Day - 7/4/2009           Become a part of the
                                                                                                   First Med NC
Labor Day - 9/7/09                    newsletter team. Send
                                      announcements, commu-                                      330 Shipyard Blvd.
    Other Special Days                nity events, recognition,
                                                                                             Wilmington, NC 28412
                                      etc. in at the time it hap-
                                      pens. Material will be
                                      posted in the following                                Mar-Mac Transportation
                                      newsletter. Send to
                                                                  5000 Incubator Rd.
                                                                                               Hampton, Va. 23666

                     FOURTH CHILD WAS MARY HERSELF

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