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                              Counting Drops
                        -The Indiana CoCoRaHS Newsletter                                                Fall-Winter 2008-2009

                                                                                                      The wild weather has con-
                   Heavy Snowfall Blankets                                                            tinued across Indiana. The
                                                                                                      Hoosier State has seen a

                           Indiana                                                                    wide variety of weather
                                                                                                      from snow storms to
                                                                                                      floods. Thank you for all of
                                                                                                      your reports.
              The Event
A powerful low pressure system that                                                                   Inside this issue:
moved from Tennessee through east-
ern Kentucky brought snowfall across
Indiana from January 26th until Janu-                                                                  Your Hard Work IN 2
ary 28th. A majority of the snowfall                                                                   ACTION!
fell during the night of the 27th and                Photo courtesy of
the morning of the 28th. After the                                                                     Ken’s Question         2
storm system exited Indiana, more                                                                      Korner
than a foot of snow blanketed many
locations.                                                                                             Frost and Freeze       2

The Role the CoCoRaHS                                                                                  Coordinators           3
                                                                                                       Fall and Winter        3
   Observer Played                                                                                     Honor Roll
To the right is a list of many of the           Above is a visible satellite image of the snow
top snowfall reports from the Janu-             cover after the event on January 30, 2009 for          Welcome Aboard         3
ary 26th-28th snowstorm. A major-              Indiana and surrounding states. The rivers can          Ohio!
ity of the reports that the National            be seen in this picture and are indicated with
Weather Service received for the                 the darker lines. The white areas indicate            Severe Hail Criteria   4
event were from CoCoRaHS re-                              where the snow cover is.                     and Reporting
porters. These reports were util-
ized by both the National Weather                    Storm total snowfall measure-
Service and various media outlets.                    ments of January 26th-28th.                          Indiana Hits 1000
                                               Station Name               County     Snowfall (in.)      Recently CoCoRaHS in
                                             4.0 WSW Gosport              Owen           16.3            Indiana hit a new mile-
                                                                                                         stone! The network in
                                                3 S Paragon               Morgan         13.2
                                                                                                        Indiana officially began in
                                             6.9 N Bloomington           Monroe          12.8           February 2006 and since
                                                                                                       then over 1,000 Hoosiers
                                               2 ESE Muncie              Delaware        12.8
                                                                                                         have signed up for Co-
                                              2 SE Brownsburg            Hendricks       12.7            CoRaHS. Keep up the
                                             2 ENE Knightstown            Henry          12.7                  great work!
                                               1 S Castleton              Marion         12.5
                                                                                                        A special thanks to Al
                                             Speedway 6.2 SSW             Marion         12.5          Shipe, Jason Puma, Ken
                                              0.7 E Martinsville          Morgan         12.5           Scheeringa, Julia Dian-
                                              3.3 SW Nashville            Brown          12.0         Reed, and Logan Johnson
Snow stakes help observer’s find snow-                                                                 for contributions to this
                                               1.3 S Plainville           Daviess        12.0
boards, especially after a heavy snowfall.                                                                   newsletter.
                                              1.1 W Plainfield           Hendricks       12.0
        Page 2                                                             Counting Drops

                                          Your Hard Work...IN ACTION!
Each issue we will              In September, record flooding and       reports, as ground truth,       IN-PT-51 Portage 0.8 SW 11.46 inches
spotlight a specific            widespread power outages affected       helped to verify the severity
                                                                                                        IN-PT-44 Crown Point 7.6 ESE 11.23 inches
                                nearly one quarter of a million Indi-   of the situation so that the
usage of your Co-               ana residents. Interstates and other    appropriate flood warnings      IN-SJ-9 South Bend 3.7 SE 10.94 inches
CoRaHS reports to               major roads were closed. Record         could be issued or continued.   IN-LK-29 Crown Point 3.1 WSW 10.83 inches
                                flooding swamped the Kankakee and       Here are some of the highest
show just how much              Calumet River Basins over north-        reports from the September      IN-LP-33 New Carlisle 2.4 NW 9.80 inches
your hard work                  western Indiana. All of these prob-     12th to the 14th time frame.    IN-PT-10 Valparaiso 1.3 SSW 9.78 inches
                                lems were associated with the re-
means!                          mains of tropical systems. Your

  The brains behind
  Indiana CoCoRaHS,                                               Ken’s Question Korner
  Ken Scheeringa of the
  Indiana State Climate             accurate ones can cost al-           with water. Before winter             recent recheck. This an-
  Office at Purdue, will            most as much as a new rain           begins you would need to              swer is the precipitation
                                    gauge itself but this one time       record the weight of the              weight. Finally we must
  answer your tough                 cost may be worth the time           CoCoRaHS gauge outer                  convert this precipitation
  questions. Submit a               you save each day that you           tube when it is dry and               weight in grams to its water
  question to Ken at                find new snow in your gauge.         empty. When frozen pre-               equivalent in inches. Divide               Some possible scales include         cipitation occurs, remove             the precipitation weight you
                                    the American Weigh AMW-              the outer tube from its out-          just calculated by 200. This
 Question: I am tired of            1000 scale with a 0.1 gram           door mount and take the               final answer is the water
 melting down snowfall, is          resolution with a 1 kilogram         outer tube with its frozen            equivalent of the frozen
                                    capacity. This is enough ca-         contents inside to a warm             contents inside the outer
 there another way?                 pacity for a CoCoRaHS outer          place. Weigh your outer               tube in inches. Enter this
 Answer: The answer is yes!         tube when filled with 2.5            tube on your kitchen scale.           liquid equivalent into your
 One can just weigh the frozen      inches of water. Another             Write this number down                daily CoCoRaHS web data
 snow in the outer tube, then       scale is the Escali Primo Digi-      and then subtract the tare            entry form. Don’t forget to
 with one subtraction and divi-     tal Multifunctional scale with       weight, that is, the empty            enter your new snowfall
 sion on your calculator, derive    a 1 gram resolution and 5            weight of the outer tube              and total snow cover meas-
 the liquid water equivalent.       kilogram capacity. This              you measured and recorded             urements too!
 First you will need a good         would be enough to fill the          before winter began or
 kitchen weighing scale. The        entire CoCoRaHS outer tube           corrected during a more

                                          Frost and Freeze Reporting
   When you think of Co-           season. This is especially             colder during the growing               daily precipitation form in
   CoRaHS you probably             true in the fall with the first        season and a frost advisory             the comments section sim-
   think of rain, hail, and        freeze or frost or in the              is issued when tempera-                 ply put what your low tem-
   snow reporting. How-            spring after the growing               tures are expected to get               perature was and any other
   ever, there is more infor-      season has begun. The Na-              down to 35F or 36F with                 frost or freeze information
   mation that is valuable to      tional Weather Service is-             usually light winds and clear           you would like to provide.
   many people, including          sues frost advisories or               skies. So how can you re-               This will help the National
   your local National             freeze warnings during                 port when you have met                  Weather Service provide to
   Weather Service Office,         those time periods. A                  this criteria? If you have              the public additional data on
   like frost or freeze re-        freeze warning is issued if            your own temperature                    where frost and freeze con-
   ports during the growing        temperatures are 32F or                equipment, then on the                  ditions have occurred.
                                                                                                           Page 3

                              Coordinators Wanted

Do you enjoy spreading the         ers and state coordinators,         local county observations for    coordinator don’t worry. Many
news about CoCoRaHS to             help to recruit new observers       errors. A level 3 coordinator    county coordinators would not
others? Do you like teaching       through word of mouth or            conducts training sessions,      mind sharing county coordinator
others about the weather? If       through local organizations,        organizes social events, finds   duties. If you are interested in
so then a CoCoRaHS county          help to publicize training ses-     local sponsors, helps with re-   becoming a county coordinator
coordinator position might be      sions scheduled in the area,        cruitment, shares information    or if you would just like to get
right for you! What is a           and help to encourage volun-        about CoCoRaHS with users        more information about county
county coordinator? There          teers to participate. A level 2     who might be interested in       coordinators please contact me,
are actually three levels of       coordinator helps volunteers        using the data, and helps to     Ashley Brooks, at
involvement and you can pick       to install their equipment if       find others in the county or
to be whichever one you feel       they are unable to do so, re-       region who would be willing to
most comfortable with. A           ceives phone calls from volun-      help serve as co-coordinators.   For a list of coordinators go to
level 1 coordinator serves as a    teers who do not have the           There are many counties in and click
county or regional “point of       internet, keeps in contact with     Indiana that do not have a       on Indiana. On the left hand of
contact.” They handle ques-        local observers, marks observ-      county coordinator. If your      the page click on ‘state coordi-
tions for observers, provide       ers as inactive if they no longer   county already has a county      nators.’ The current coordina-
support for them, serve as a go    wish to participate in the net-     coordinator and you are still    tors will be listed for each
-between for the local observ-     work, and routinely checks the      interested in becoming a         county.

             Fall and Winter 2008-2009 Honor Roll
From September 1, 2008 through February 28, 2009, Indiana stations
reported everyday. Here are those stations who get a tip of the cap for
                          their dedication!

         IN-BN-1                                                                  IN-MR-3
          IN-DB-1                                                                 IN-ML-3
          IN-EL-8                                                                IN-OW-9
          IN-EL-9                                                                 IN-PY-1
          IN-FL-4                                                                 IN-SN-3
         IN-HM-5                                                                  IN-TN-1
        IN-HM-17                                                                 IN-WK-5                     Thanks to all our
          IN-HS-5                                                               IN-WK-12
        IN-HS-18                                                                IN-WK-14                     observers for their
          IN-JS-16                                                               IN-WL-3                     consistent reporting!
           IN-JF-1                                                               IN-WY-5

                             Welcome Aboard Ohio!
Do you have any relatives in       Ohio became the 38th state to       EMH&T Engineers in Colum-
                                   join the Community Collabora-       bus), and the 5 National
Ohio that have been waiting
                                   tive Rain, Hail, and Snow Net-
until the day that they too                                            Weather Service offices serv-
                                   work. As with Indiana, there
could become a CoCoRaHS                                                ing Ohio.
                                   are many people who are mak-
observer? Their wait is over!
                                   ing CoCoRaHS in Ohio possi-
On February 2nd, Ohio came
                                   ble. The partners in Ohio
on board. Every state sur-
                                   include: State Climatologist Dr.
rounding Indiana is now a part
                                   Jeffrey Rogers of Ohio State
of the CoCoRaHS program. As
                                   University, the Ohio Depart-
the network grows in Ohio we
                                   ment of Natural Resources,
will be able to see how much
                                   the Central Raingage Network
precipitation falls to our east.
                                   (organized by Bob Davis of
                                                           Helpful Links for Indiana CoCoRaHS Observers

                                                          Obtain replacement or extra equipment from our official
          Counting Drops                                  suppliers-
      The Indiana CoCoRaHS
            Newsletter                                    Ambient Weather:

   Because Every Drop Counts                              Report Local Impacts of Dryness or Drought


                                                          For information on drought or any other aspect of Indiana


                                                          For Current Forecasts and Severe Weather Warnings:


     Severe Hail Criteria and Reporting
As of April 1, 2009, severe     servation time in order to      you know that as soon as            Common Hail Sizes
criteria for hail changes       report hail. Hail reports       you submit a hail report
from 0.75 inches to one         can be submitted at any         that it immediately alarms     0.25 inch Pea Size
inch in diameter for Indiana.   time by using the hail form     warning forecasters at the     0.50 inch Mothball or Grape
This is based on a study in     on the CoCoRaHS web-            National Weather Service       Size
Kansas where they found         page. This report is found      office? With this knowl-       0.75 inch Penny Size
that meaningful damage          under the “enter new re-        edge we can instantly take
begins at a one inch hail       ports” section on the left      action on the information.     0.88 inch Nickel Size
criterion. In addition to       side of the CoCoRaHS re-        With this ground truth in-     1.00 inch Quarter Size
this, feedback indicated that   porting page. The Co-           formation we can make the
fewer warnings for marginal     CoRaHS observer can input       decision whether to issue a    1.25 inch Half Dollar Size
events would allow for the      as much information as they     severe thunderstorm warn-      1.50 inch Walnut or Ping
public to be more vigilant      would like into the report.     ing, continue a severe thun-   Pong Ball Size
to higher end events. Co-       The information that is of      derstorm warning, or can-
                                                                                               1.75 inch Golf Ball Size
CoRaHS observers are en-        highest priority includes the   cel a warning if a storm has
couraged to still report all    largest hail size, when the     dropped below severe lim-      2.00 inch Hen Egg Size
sizes of hail as long as you    hail began, and when the        its. Thank you for those       2.50 inch Tennis Ball Size
are safely able to do so. As    hail ended, however the         hail reports and keep those
a reminder, CoCoRaHS            more information that is                                       2.75 inch Baseball Size
                                                                reports coming!
observers do not have to        provided the more valuable                                     3.00 inch Teacup Size
wait until their normal ob-     the report becomes. Did
                                                                                               4.00 inch Grapefruit Size
                                                                                               4.50 inch Softball Size

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