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					airshow® 4200
airshow® 4200D

Getting there is half the fun

How do you differentiate your airline?
More and more people are traveling by air every day and they have    displayed in a rich multimedia format allowing passengers to be
many airlines to choose from. Differentiation is a key to success.   kept informed and connected en route to their next destination.
Rockwell Collins Airshow® 4200 and 4200D systems deliver             An element to their flight they’re sure to remember the next
moving map and multimedia, helping you stay at the forefront of      time they fly. While being identical with the Airshow 4200 map
technology and ahead of the competition.                             features, Airshow 4200D offers native 16:9 wide screen display
                                                                     and unconverted digital image generation optimized for the latest
Rockwell Collins’ fully integrated Airshow systems give your         IFE systems.
passengers the power of engagement, making flight time more
enjoyable. Real-time flight information and moving maps are
Customizable. Convenient. Compelling.
You can easily customize your Airshow 4200/D, tailoring it to blend       Quite simply, the Airshow 4200/D is a true experience in
with your aircraft’s atmosphere. The system enables you to:               multimedia with a variety of features that keep passengers
                                                                          entertained and informed from takeoff to touchdown.
> Personalize your brand identity throughout the user interface
> Incorporate promotional videos that can be displayed
                                                                          Key features
> Integrate custom safety briefings and passenger greetings
  automatically                                                           > Real-time 3-D map views

> Alter the presentation based on route specific strategies               > Dynamic scripting that changes automatically with
                                                                            the flight phase
> Ensure hands-free operation with Dynamic Scripting and a
  Universal Trigger Engine (UTE)                                          > Up to 26 flight data parameters to choose from, such as time to
                                                                            destination, altitude, speed, etc.
A stunning advancement in moving map systems                              > Customizable graphics
The Airshow systems engage passengers with graphics and motion            > Relative Location Indicator
that rival a high-end flight simulator. Always working to enhance         > Destination city and airport terminal information
the passenger experience, the Airshow 4200/D delivers exciting
new moving map content: Point-of-interest panels, real-time               > Ocean floor maps
day/night 3-D maps, and three map sets to choose from including           > Integrated digital video
photographic, topographic and the new atlas style road maps.

Real-Time Flight Information Displayed Automatically
Rockwell Collins’ Airshow 4200/D systems deliver brilliant, full 3-D maps and high-resolution multimedia, made possible through the
industry’s first high-end graphics hardware processor. Enjoy stunning 3-D maps, movie-quality transitions and customized graphics.
Two scrolling ticker bars keep pace with a constant flow of flight information updates. Increasing the system’s easy usability is its
“Dynamic Scripting” capability.

New! Real-time day/night 3-D maps                                         New! Point-of-interest panel (POI)
On the 3-D maps, the sky scenery will now give indication as to what      New city guide content provided by Fodor’s Travel will be presented in
time of day it is. The new, smooth graphical transitions will allow for   an information panel similar to the flight information today. The POI
the appearance of dawn, day, dusk and night.                              panel will feature images with captions and interesting information
                                                                          on various points-of-interest along the flight route.
New! Atlas maps expansion                                              New! Place-names expansion for Hi-Focus maps
The new Atlas map set features major roads and highways on top of      The point-of-interest expansion pack will add 3,000 place-names
a topographic map – similar to popular Web applications. Current       to the points-of-interest database . . . providing you more densely
coverage includes North America and Europe and will be expanding       populated maps.
to new regions soon.

Day/night maps with time zones                                         Personalization
Operational day/night maps with time zones give passengers a sense     Airshow moving map can be an effective tool for building your
of what time it is around the world and marks the sun’s position       corporate image and brand. The system’s flexible graphics format
across a 24-hour period.                                               makes it easy to have your company logo, advertising, etc. integrated
                                                                       into the various display modes.

Flight instrument panels                                               World clocks
This feature replicates the look of a flight deck instrument panel     The world clock view is a new way to present world time zone
based on the data points available providing real-time flight          information in digital or analog format that looks like a clock wall
information. It offers the choice of applicable flight parameters in   similar to what you may see in hotel lobbies or news bureaus –
analog and digital displays.                                           of course the city names are customizable.
Dynamic scripting means hands-off operations for
flight attendants
                                                                                                                               Flight infor
Airshow 4200/D offers airlines the ability to dynamically and
                                                                                                                               Passengers a
automatically control the presentation of a wide variety of              Audio and video briefings                             on the progr
information, entertainment and promotional features.
                                                                         Your airline’s audio and video                        of the aircra
> Automate content delivery based on flight parameters and               briefings – such as safety                            relevant flig
  time triggers                                                          information – can be triggered                        information
> Create a dynamic script for presenting features based upon             automatically or played manually.
  the current flight (destination and departure cities), aircraft
  type and flight status
> Load new content quickly and easily – even during flight

      Welcome aboard
      A custom boarding
                                                                                                                  Video programming
      message, including music,
                                                                                                                  Easily integrate custom
      can be played automatically
                                                                                                                  videos or news and
      for an appropriate duration,                            Take off
                                                                                                                  entertainment features.
      or run in a continuous loop
      until departure.
           Incredible Features that Keep Passengers Glued to Their Seats

           Advanced multimedia features
           Leap forward with the next-generation in moving map and cabin information systems.

           Maps                                                                Flight information
           > Hi-Focus satellite city maps                                      > Over 25 different flight status parameters to choose from
           > Worldwide satellite and topographical map styles, with            > Destination city and airport terminal information
             or without borders
                                                                               > Fully integrated with the map display, and always visible as
           > Specialty maps including atlas, ocean floors, day/night time        either panels or moving tickers
             zones and day/night with city lights
           > Over 25 languages                                                 Audio/video
           > Customizable aircraft symbols, including individual               > MPEG-1 and -2 playback
             model type and paint schemes
                                                                               > Program changes automated during any flight
           > Customizable graphics and multimedia
                                                                               > Flight briefing playback triggered automatically by flight phase
           > Points-of-interest graphics, text, audio and video—                 or by cabin attendant
             automatically triggered by flight phase
           > Expanded worldwide place-name database, including                 Advanced application
             ocean floors
                                                                               > Real-time Airshow Connecting Gate Information (CGI) and
           > Advanced presentation transitions and effects                       airport terminal information via ACARS
           > Software customization tool allows airlines to
             manage their own content and configuration

 rmation                                                                                            Connecting gate
 are updated                                                                                        information
 ression                                                                                            Give passengers a
aft with                                                                                            head start on their
ght                                                                                                 connecting flights by    Arrival messaging
n.                                     Cruise                                                       displaying connecting    During deplaning,
                                                                                                    gate information and     a custom arrival
                                                                                                    a map of the terminal    message reinforces
                                                                                                    before landing.          your crew’s efforts to
                                                                                                                             leave passengers with
                                                                                                                             a positive feeling about
                                                                                                                             their flight experience.

                          Map with ticker                     Advertisements
                          3-D maps along the route            Airshow 4200/D provides the
                          give passengers a dynamic           opportunity to display ads
                          view of their current location.     or provide on-board services                  Descend
                          Maps can also incorporate           such as duty-free.
                          flight information.
3-D route maps                                                           Overview maps
Stunning 3-D map displays take full advantage of the system’s            Colorful 2-D maps display flight information and place-names
powerful graphics capabilities as they zoom in or rotate around          on information panels and scrolling tickers. Maps are available in
the aircraft’s point of view.                                            multiple languages, in multiple styles with or without borders.

Ocean floor maps                                                         Day/night map with city lights
Ocean floor maps detail terrain features, such as ocean depths,          With this option, aircraft position is displayed on a sun path that
undersea mountain ranges or volcanoes, along with the location           moves in real time across stunning satellite photos of the cities below.
of sunken ships and other points-of-interest.

Relative Location Indicator (RLI)                                        Connecting gate information
The RLI feature, available in multiple languages, gives passengers a     The Airshow 4200/D integrates connecting flights, status, gates and
better sense of where they are as the aircraft flies near landmarks or   airport terminal maps, moments before landing. It’s an invaluable
large cities.                                                            service that saves your passengers time and demonstrates your
                                                                         commitment to making their trip proceed as smoothly as possible.
The Airshow 4200 and 4200D are designed to replace previous
Airshow units and minimize the potential installation issues
that can sometimes accompany a platform change. It has
the same dimensions and shape as the systems it replaces.
The simple installation of a new tray, featuring an industry
standard ARINC 600 connector, complements the new platform
and generally requires only minor aircraft wiring changes. The
expanded inputs and outputs of the Airshow 4200/D allow for easy
software loading and reloading via USB or Ethernet.

Physical characteristics

Height                         7.65 in (193.8 mm)                  Audio interfaces               2x analog stereo (could become
                                                                                                  4x mono at encoding) line level
Width                          4.80 in (121.5 mm)                                                 outputs
Length                         12.60 in (320.4 mm)                 Data interfaces                *Streaming video output: MPEG-1,
                                                                                                  -2 via 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Size                           4 MCU
                                                                                                  (hardware option)
Weight                         12.0 lb (5.44 kg)                                                  **Audio/video loading via USB,
                                                                                                  10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Power                          100 W max at 115 VAC,
                               80 W typical                        Discrete interfaces            24x in, 8x out (includes all AS420
                                                                                                  discretes and are software
Certification requirements     Designed to meet the latest                                        assignable)
                               OEM requirements for online
                               offerability:                       ARINC interfaces               9x 419/429 inputs
                                                                   (avionics)                     6x 419/429 outputs
                               Boeing D6-36440 Rev D, standard
                               cabin systems requirements          ARINC digital inputs           RS-419/429 bus, FMC, LEN, ADC

                               Airbus 2333 M1F 0005 00 Issue 3,    Control interfaces             ACU (Airshow control unit)
                               requirements for long range IFE                                    ARINC 429
                               systems                                                            ARINC 485
                                                                                                  Maintenance functions through
                               Airbus 2333 M1F 0007 00 Issue 2,                                   10/100 Base-T Ethernet
                               requirements for single aisle IFE
                               systems                             Radio telephone interface      56 Kbps modem

                               Airbus 2334 M1E 0004 04             Rear connector                 ARINC 600 size 2
                               Issue 1, Airshow 4200
                                                                   Processor                      Airshow 4200: Pentium® III,
Video interfaces               Channel 1: NTSC, 50/75-ohm                                         low power, 1.1 GHz
                               configurable unbalanced                                            Airshow 4200D: Pentium® M,
                               composite, 100-ohm balanced                                        1.4 GHz
                               differential, 50/75-ohm
                                                                   RAM                            Airshow 4200: 512 MB
                               configurable unbalanced Y/C
                                                                                                  Airshow 4200D: 1 GB
                                                                   Internal storage               80 GB ruggedized hard drive
                               Channel 2: NTSC, 50/75-ohm
                               configurable unbalanced             Software loading               USB or Ethernet
                               composite, 100-ohm balanced
                               differential, 50/75-ohm             * Airshow 4200D only
                                                                   ** Airshow 4200 and 4200D
                               configurable unbalanced Y/C
                               (S-video) or NTSC 50/75-ohm.        SpecificAtionS Subject to chAnGe without notice.
                               Configurable RGB with CSYNC
                               (installation option)
                                                                                                        Building trust every day.

                                                                                                        Rockwell Collins delivers smart communication and aviation
                                                                                                        electronic solutions to customers worldwide. Backed by a global
                                                                                                        network of service and support, we stand committed to putting
                                                                                                        technology and practical innovation to work for you whenever
                                                                                                        and wherever you need us. In this way, working together, we build
                                                                                                        trust. Every day.

                                                                                                        For more information contact:

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