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					                                  West Moreton Anglican College

                                     Year 7 English 2011
                                      Unit: Perspectives
                        Semester 1, Assessment 1: Cyber Bullying Task
Name:                                Teacher:

Context: Advertising that is designed to make you do something or believe something is called
propaganda. Schools, like any other organisation in our community, face challenges including social
challenges. Sometimes the most effective way to deal with these challenges is to engage students in a
propaganda campaign to raise awareness and to promote a better, more socially acceptable way of doing
 The Task:
1. Multimedia Text
Many school communities are troubled by the issue of cyber bullying. The Principal of the College has
launched a propaganda competition to help raise student awareness of this problem. Read the notice (below)
and respond to it by designing your own propaganda ‘movie’ to be shown in the Claridge Centre.

Dear students,
As you know, there is an outstanding matter of concern to me regarding the behaviour of both
individuals and groups of students here in the College. I am therefore launching a competition
in order to raise awareness of the issue of cyber bullying in the student body.

I invite you to enter the competition.

This problem is most prevalent with students in Years 7, 8 and 9. Produce a .wmv file using
Photo Story 3, or similar, to persuade students in the Middle School to change their behaviour
in regard to this social issue. Your movie should motivate students to care for one another.

Conditions of entry:
    Produce 5-6 screens of material
    Ensure that the visuals and text work together.
    Keep the movie simple but effective.
    Include at least 50 words of body copy or writing in total – not too much.
    Use the following verbal persuasive techniques in your movie: evaluative/emotive
        vocabulary including adjectives, adverbs; colloquial language; high modality of
        obligation (should, must, need, ought to); exclamation marks; rhetorical questions;
        facts and statistics.

Remember, the elements I am looking for in your movie are:
    A clear message
    A connection between words and visuals
   Best of luck to you all,
  The Principal
2. Persuasive Letter (semi-supervised conditions)
Persuade your principal that your propaganda movie will motivate your school community to care for one
Introduction       Briefly outline the purpose of your letter.
                   Briefly explain what cyber-bullying is and why you think there is a problem.

Body               Write a short paragraph on each of the following justifying your language and visual choices:
A                           The visual techniques you have used to attract attention; their meaning and effect.
I                           The language techniques you have used to maintain interest; their meaning and effect.
D                           The ways you have appealed to psychological desire in your audience.
A                           The information you have provided to allow your audience to act.
                   Provide substantiation or evidence to support each point.

Conclusion         Convince the principal that your poster will be effective in changing student behaviour.
Language Elements
      Write persuasively. You are trying to convince the principal that your poster is best.
      Use formal letter layout as shown.
      Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.
      Use cohesive ties e.g. in addition, on the next screen, also, finally.
      Write well-structured and complete sentences.
      Write in paragraphs.
Attach screen shots of your movie, on A4 paper, to your letter. You will need to refer to these in your
letter. Both are to be submitted at the completion of the test.

Purpose: To persuade
Audience: Principal (Note that the audience for your propaganda movie is your peers.)
    Three weeks notice of the task
    Genres (propaganda, letter) explicitly taught, aspects of subject matter dealt with in class.
    Movie completed mostly at home.
    Movie to be completed before letter is written under test conditions.
    Upload movie to You Tube or site identified by librarian.
    Seen examination (letter). You must show evidence of planning as well as a final response.
    Teacher consultation with movie, no full teacher drafting of letter.
    350-500 words (letter); 2 X 70 minutes allowed – one for planning and drafting.
    Open book test - notes allowed. Teacher to collect responses between drafting and final copy.
    Extensions may be applied for through your classroom teacher. You should have documentary
     evidence in the form of a medical certificate or a letter from your parent or guardian to support your
     request for an extension or absence on the test dates. Refer to College Assignment Policy in Student
     Diary for further information.

Due Date:

You need to be able to acknowledge honestly that the prepared work you submit for assessment is yours and not
someone else’s. If it is evident that you have submitted work that is substantially that of another person, your result will be
considerably reduced or your work may receive no grade at all and have to be redone.
However, virtually nobody works alone in the production of a final piece of work. We all use a range of human and other
resources and need to acknowledge these. It is important to understand what is acceptable in this context and what is not.
In general, it is acceptable to seek help in ideas, planning and early drafting stages, but not in the final stages of drafting
or in production of your final version.

Student declaration:
I, ………………………………………………………… , declare that the enclosed work is
my own and I have recorded who has helped me and any places/things that gave me

Signed: …………………………………………………………………
                                                                                     29 Courtelle St
                            Example of what is required in letter.                Algester Qld 4115
       Capitals for                                                                                       No
                                                                                      13 June 2005
       Suburb         The Principal                                                                       punctuation
       Town           West Moreton Anglican College                                                       in address
       State          Keswick Rd
                      Karrabin 4306                                                                       and date
 Line Spaces          Dear Mr Switzer                                                                     No comma
                      I am writing to convince you that my anime style anti-bullying movie, which         at end of
                      depicts two boys playing a dead arm „game‟ in their seats at the back of a
                      classroom, is worthy first prize in your propaganda competition.                    salutation
 No paragraph         In order to persuade my peers not to bully one another, I have used
 indents              exaggerated cartooning techniques, WMAC College colours and a large font to
                      attract students‟ ATTENTION to my message. On the first screen, anime
                      drawings depict the upper body of two neatly dressed Middle School boys in
                      WMAC uniforms, with tidy hair styles, who in no way appear to be trouble-
                      makers, to emphasise the point that otherwise sensible students think it is         Logical
Ideas organized       perfectly acceptable to keep punching their own friend/s on the arm as they         structure
into paragraphs       believe they are only „playing a game‟. Two neatly dressed yet „cool‟ looking
                      female students, depicted on the second screen, sitting beside the boys, look
                      on, clearly frowning with contempt. These elements should position students
                      to understand that punching is a form of insensitive harassment which is
                      disapproved of by their peers, rather than a harmless game.

                      On further screens, to maintain my peers‟ INTEREST, I have used the familiar
                      colloquial words, shown in a cartoon speech bubble, “We‟re only playing a
                      game, miss,” using typical classroom speech patterns that my target audience
     Language         will easily recognize, identify with and respond to. In addition, I have shown a
                      pulsating red spot on the victim‟s arm to signify that his arm is actually
     and visuals      hurting quite a lot. The caption, “It‟s not a game if you‟re hurting someone”
     techniques       contradicts the boy‟s statement effectively in that it sounds factual while still
     are              managing to use the emotive word „hurting‟ with its connotations of harm.
                      This word would appeal to a student‟s own DESIRE to not be unnecessarily
     highlighted.     hurt in the safety of the classroom.

                      In addition, I have employed an authority figure in the form of a young, fit
                      looking male PE teacher dressed in sports clothes to avoid the stereotype of
                      the older teacher who may be considered to be „uncool‟ and „out of touch‟. The
                      intention is to provide a role model that boys may look up to and respect. The
                      teacher‟s words, “What are you little guys up to?”including the emotive word
                      „little‟, belittle the boys‟ behaviour, suggesting that they are not mature. The
                      student audience is being influenced to think that if this young, cool teacher
                      thinks punching is silly as well as harmful then it is time they „grew up‟ by
                      stopping the childish practice. Finally, the use of high modality in the slogan
                      “Cyber Bullying Must be Deleted” convinces my peers that the need to
                      eradicate cyber bullying is urgent and necessary.

                      To sum up, my movie will appeal to an audience of my peers because it
                      questions a familiar behaviour suggesting, in fact, that it may be a form of
                      bullying. Hopefully, they will then think twice rather than needlessly punch
                      one another. I am sure you will agree that my entry is a very effective text
   Space for          likely to encourage change in student attitudes and behaviour towards cyber         No comma
                      bullying.                                                                           after
                      Yours sincerely                                                                     sincerely
                      Mark Peters
                      (approximately 500 words)

                      NB: The movie described in this letter depicts bullying. You must more
                      specifically focus on cyber-bullying in your movie and letter.

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