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29 March 2010

   1. From the Office of the Vice Chancellor
       Thank you to all who participated in the first modules for the Communications and Fundraising
       Professional Development Project that were conducted by representatives from MSM in the Netherlands.
       Some helpful information was provided – and the engagement of the faculty, staff, and administrators in
       the sessions was most encouraging also. I am delighted with the formation of the working groups that will
       now begin work on projects designed to improve internal and external communication as well as the
       fundraising efforts of Bethlehem University, especially in the Arab world. Ms. Victoria Bruce will be
       joining us as a part-time coach to assist the faculty and staff teams with their projects over the coming
       months. Ms. Lindsey Humes from CCS will be with us in the coming months to provide more input
       focused on fundraising.

      It is clear that with already having “lost” the equivalent of ten (10) teaching days, the current semester will
      be extended. How long the current semester will be extended will depend on the number of additional
      strike days that are called for by the Federation of Unions of Palestinian Universities’ Professors and
      Employees as well as by the Federation of Student Senates. That decision will be made later.
      However, at this time, it is clear that Bethlehem University will not hold a graduation ceremony on Friday,
      11 June 2010. When Bethlehem University will have its graduation remains, and will remain, an open
      In addition to extending the semester and rescheduling graduation, other possible implications include
      fewer vacation days, a reduced or eliminated summer school session, and so on. I hope that the issues that
      are the cause of these strikes are soon resolved so that we can focus on our work of learning and teaching.

   2. From the Office of the Interim Vice President for Finances
        Please note that salaries for the month of March will be paid on Wednesday, 31 March. Pay slips may be
       picked up from Mrs. Mary Zeit in the Finance Office on Tuesday, 30 March.
       Reminder to the Part-Time Faculty, that for those who did not submit their contract to the finance office,
       no bank transfer will be made for March 2010.

   3. From the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
       (New announcement): Higher Education Scholarships Programme for Palestinians in Britain – HESPAL.
       (New announcement): The June 2009 Volume 23 (No. 1, 2, 3 & 4) of the An-Najah University Journal for
        Research – B (Humanities) has been placed in the Library.
       For information about scholarships and fellowships, awards and conferences, refer to our page: under “Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs”.

   4. From the Director of Personnel Management
       We welcome Mr. Ahed Jarayseh, Full-time, and Mr. Munjid Kharoufeh, Part-time, as Project Media
       Assistants with the ICP project titled: “Building Media Competence in Palestine.”
       We welcome Ms. Samar Khalil, a sub-contracted full-time External Relations Development Officer for
        Grants in the Development Office.
       We welcome Dr. Victoria Bruce a sub-contracted Program Coach for the NUFFIC funded
       Communications and Fundraising Professional Development Project. Victoria brings 14 years of
       experience working internationally with corporate, non-governmental and international organizations.
       Welcome aboard to Victoria, Samar, Ahed, and Munjid.

   5. From the Office of the Executive Director of the North American Development Office
   It is an honor and a privilege to have been chosen to serve as executive director for the North American
    Development Office of Bethlehem University. I was introduced to Bethlehem University when I was
    living in Palestine some 20 year ago, and I have admired the work of the faculty and staff as well as the
    accomplishments of the students and graduates ever since. I would like to express my gratitude to
    everyone who welcomed me to campus these past two weeks. This visit was a wonderful opportunity to
    begin to get to know more of you on a personal basis and to learn more about the University from your
    perspectives. There were many people I was not able to meet on this visit; I apologize for the limited time
    I had and I look forward to spending time with as many of you as possible in future visits. In addition,
    those of you who are planning to be in the United States or Canada for conferences or other reasons are
    encouraged to let me know in advance so that I might be able to help promote your work and
    achievements. You may reach me via email: or by phone at +001.202.526.6098.
    And please don’t hesitate to drop by the Bethlehem University offices in Washington DC if you are in the
    area. I look forward to seeing you! Kate Casa

   We offer congratulations to Brother Dominic Smith, Executive Assistant in our Washington DC based
   Development Office. This year Brother Dominic is celebrating his 50th Anniversary as a De La Salle
   Christian Brother and a special Mass is being celebrated on Sunday, 25 April at Saint John’s College High
   School in Washington DC. Notes of congratulations may be sent to Brother Dominic via email: or via post at:
                                       Brother Dominic Smith, FSC
                               Bethlehem University - USA Development Office
                                            Hecker Center , Suite 330
                                             3025 Fourth Street, NE
                                        Washington , DC 20017 - 1102

6. From the Office of the Dean of Students
   Boycott the Israeli settlement products campaign: The Al - Karma Pledge (Pledge of Dignity) Fund in
   cooperation with the Dean of Students Office invite you to participate in the Anta wa Damyrak (you and
   your conscious) campaign to boycott the Israeli settlement products. The event will take place on
   Wednesday, 31 March at 9 a.m. at the university campus and will be followed by an open forum at 11 a.m.
   in Furno Hall. For more information about the campaign, please visit the web page:

7. From the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences
    We congratulate Varihan Khair our Occupational Therapy secretary for her new baby girl Celin, born on
    March 23rd. Alf Mabrouk.

8. From the Faculty of Business Administration
    MICAD: Gender Awareness Module- Vera Baboun
    Ineke Buskens, an international gender, research and facilitation consultant, will present a speech on
    “Women Empowerment and Scientific Research” on Tuesday, 30 March in Furno Hall at 3:00 p.m. Dr.
    Buskens have been one of the pioneers of women’s studies in the seventies in Europe, and she currently
    leads the GRACE (Gender Research into Information Communication Technology for Empowerment)
    Network involving 28 research teams in 18 countries in Africa and the Middle East. All are invited.

9. From the Athletics Department
    Congratulation to our B.U male Basketball team for winning the first place at the Palestinian Universities
    Basketball Championship which was held on Tuesday, 23 March at the Catholic Action Sport center in
    The winners at the BU Weight lifting championship
    (Group – 80) First place: Yacoub Kasasfeh; Second place: Yousef Safadi .
    (Group + 80) First place: Fareed Mukarker; Second Place: Mousa Moalem .

10. From the Department of Computer Information Systems
    CIS Department faculty members participated in the Third Palestinian International Conference on
    Computer and Information Technology, held at the PPU on Tuesday, 9 March until Thursday, 11 March.
    Dr. Muna Matar chaired one of the conference sessions.
       Congratulations to our graduates Joseph Hodali, Maha Sliebi and Eliaa Salsa for winning the second
       position in the “Distinctive Palestinian Graduation Project Competition” that was held as a major activity
       of the 3rd Palestinian International Conference on Computer and Information Technology.
       On Friday March 19, The CIS Department inaugurated the CIS Computer Club at BU. During the event a
       special lecture entitled “Fuzzy Logic: Making Computers Reason like Human” was presented by the
       former Chair of the CIS Department Br. Henry Chaya. Brother Henry visited the Department between
       Thursday, March 11 and Sunday, 20 March. Brother Henry is teaching a CIS course online and he was
       here to meet with his students.
       The CIS Computer Club started a Facebook group for the CIS students and is currently working on a web
       site for the club.

11. From the Plant Personnel Department
  Our condolences to Mrs. Hoda Al Araj for the death of her father.

12. From the Institute for Community Partnership (ICP)
  The Institute for Community Partnership is delighted to invite you to apply for the Individual Short-Course
  Capacity Building Fellowships that will take place in the Netherlands in 2010. For those who are interested
  in applying, please contact Ms. Manar Al-Ali at extension 2101, or stop by ICP offices for further
  information and for the application form.

 13. Your Calendar
Day         Date             Event / Activity                                      Time           Location
            20 Feb. –        Two Special Education Training workshops for                         Bethlehem
Sat.- Wed.
            31 Mar.          educators and school teachers, Faculty of Education                  Hall
                             A speech on “Women Empowerment and
Tues.          30 Mar.       Scientific Research”, Faculty of Business             3:00 p.m.      Furno Hall
                             Administration – MICAD
Thu.-Mon.      1-5 Apr.      Holiday- Latin and Orthodox Easter
                             Communication and Fundraising Professional
Tues           13 Apr                                                              10-12 Noon
                             Development Session #12
                             Communication and Fundraising Professional
Tues           13 Apr                                                              1:30-3:30 pm
                             Development Session #13
                             Communication and Fundraising Professional
Wed            14 Apr                                                              1-3:00pm
                             Development Session #14
                             Communication and Fundraising Professional
Thu            15 Apr                                                              9-12 Noon
                             Development Session #15
                             Communication and Fundraising Professional
Thu            15 Apr                                                              1:30-3:30pm
                             Development Session #16
Thu.           15 Apr.       Career Day, Counseling Office                                        Auditorium
Sat.           1 May         Labor Day
Sat.           15 May        Saint De La Salle Day/ Staff Recognition
                             Communication and Fundraising Professional
Mon            17 May                                                              9:30-11am
                             Development Session #17
                             Communication and Fundraising Professional
Tue            18 May                                                              9:30-11am
                             Development Session #18
Tue.-Tue.      18-25 May     Final Exams for Spring 2010 Semester
                             Communication and Fundraising Professional
Wed            19 May                                                              9:30-11am
                             Development Session #19
                             5th International Conference on Palestinian
Wed.- Fri.     2- 4 June     Literature: Palestinian Folk Songs, Arabic
               To Be
Mon.           14 June    Summer 2010 Semester Classes Begin
                          Communication and Fundraising Professional
Mon            14 June                                                             9:30-11am
                          Development Session #20
                          Communication and Fundraising Professional
Tue            15 June                                                             9:30-11am
                          Development Session #21
Tue            15 June    Communication and Fundraising Professional               1-2:30pm
                            Development Session #22
Fri.          9 July        Holiday- Isra’ Wa Miraj
Tue.          26 July       Last Day of Classes for Summer 2010 Semester
                            Final Exams for Summer 2010 Semester,
Tue.- Wed.    27-28July                                                        All Day         TBA
                            Registrars’ Office
Fri.- Sat.    8-9 Oct.      Science Fair

Day          Date         Group                                      Country             #         Time
                          Al-Fata Al-Laje'ah Secondary School for
Mon.         Mar. 29                                                 Jerusalem           100      10:00
Mon.         Mar. 29      St. Lioba-Gymnasiums, Bad Nauheim          Germany             23       11:00
                          Abdel Ruhman Mahmoud Secondary
Wed.         Mar. 31                                                 Tulkarm             200       1:00
                          School for Boys
Thu.         Apr. 8       Bethlehem Secondary School for Girls       Bethlehem           18        11:30
Fri.         Apr. 16      Catenian Pilgrimage: Michael Whelan        UK                  200      11:30
Mon.         Apr. 19      Father McCarron Group                      USA                 30       11:00
Wed.         Apr. 21      Al-Ameer Hohammad School                   Hebron              50       11:00
Fri.         Apr. 23      Fr. Alex Kratz American Group              USA                 40       12:00
                          Executive Learning Participants from the
Fri.         Apr. 30                                                 USA                 34        2:00
                          Tantur Program
Mon.         May 03       Archdiocese of Halifax, Fr. James Mallon   Canada              45        11:00
Mon.         May 10       Linda Ramsden Group                        UK                            8:45
Thu.         May 13       Holy Land Institute Pilgrimage             USA                 18        9:00
Mon.         May 24       EOHSJ USA Northwestern Lieutenancy         USA
Fri          Sept 17      Rev. Andrew Ashdown Group/ England         UK                  18        11:00
Mon.         Sept 27      Cor Jan van Heesewijk and Family                               6         11:00
Tue.         Sept 28      EOHSJ USA Middle Atlantic Lieutenancy      USA                 23        11:00
Wed.         Oct. 27      Parera Group/ Fr. Edmund Garret            USA                 40

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