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									     Issue XXIV               Customizing your shifts
Winter / Spring 2001
                              The Shift Length charts give you a great              These two charts work together to
                              deal of flexibility in controlling the                achieve the desired effect. Chart 1 is in
                              lengths of shifts that are used on your               effect all day long and only allows
                              schedule. These charts should be                      shifts of 7 hours or longer. This forces
                              reviewed regularly to ensure they still               shifts starting at 6:00AM to end at
                              reflect the shift lengths you wish to use.            1:00PM or later.

                              In most cases you will need three or four             Chart 2 is in effect at 9:00AM and
                              charts to achieve the proper effect. Let’s            allows shorter shift lengths. Since this
                              look at a typical store using medium-to-              chart is not in effect until 9:00AM,
                              long shifts throughout the day. If you                shorter shifts will not be used before
        ThoughtWorks Report

                              wish to use 5 to 8 hour shifts from 6:00              that time. This guarantees that no
                              AM to midnight, you might set up the                  breakfast shift ends before the lunch
                              following chart:                                      rush.
                                Chart: ALL_DAY________ Effective day and time:
                                  Mon 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM     Fri 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM   You could also ensure that all closing
                                  Tue 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM     sAt 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM   shifts are 7 hours or longer and that
                                  Wed 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM     Sun 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM
                                  tHu 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM     hOl 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM   they start before the dinner rush by
                                Shifts desired: Length and Priority
                                  _5.00 _8 _7.00 _3     _____ __ _____ __ _____
                                                                                    changing the ending time on Chart 2 to
                                  _6.00 _6 _7.50 _2     _____ __ _____ __ _____     10:00PM. If Chart 2 ends at 10:00PM
                                  _6.50 _4 _8.00 _1     _____ __ _____ __ _____
                                                                                    only Chart 1 would be in effect
                                                                                    between 10:00PM and midnight. As
                              At first glance the chart appears to do the           Chart 1 only allows 7 hour shifts or
                              trick:. However, there is a flaw: it allows           longer, none of your shifts ending after
                              these shift lengths all day long starting at          10:00PM would be shorter than 7
                              6:00 AM. In most stores, it is desirable to           hours. You may also want to set up a
                              schedule opening employees to work                    3rd Chart to help control your labor
                              through lunch. The chart above allows                 cost during the lunch peak. The 3rd
                              5.0 hour shifts starting as early as 6:00             chart would only be in effect between
                              AM, which means a shift from 6:00 AM                  the hours of 10:00AM and 3:00PM. On
                              to 11:00 AM is possible even though 5.0               this chart you might allow even shorter
                              hours only has a priority of 8. A better              shifts than Chart 2, say 3.0 to 4.0 hours
                              solution for this store would be                      in length, to cover your lunch peak.
                              something like the following:
                                                                                    A key point to remember when
                              SHIFT PRIORITY CHART 1 OF 8                           reviewing your shift priority charts is
                                 Chart: OPENING_STAFF__ Effective day and time:     that the shift lengths you choose must
                                   Mon 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM   Fri 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM
                                   Tue 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM   sAt 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM    fit within the timeframe of the chart.
                                   Wed 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM   Sun 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM
                                   tHu 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM   hOl 6:00_AM_ 12:00_AM
                                                                                    For example, you can’t have a chart in
                                 Shifts desired: Length and Priority                effect from 5:00AM to 9:00AM and
                                   _7.00 _3 _____ __ _____ __ _____ __ _____
                                   _7.50 _2 _____ __ _____ __ _____ __ _____        ask for 7 hour shifts because the chart
                                   _8.00 _1 _____ __ _____ __ _____ __ _____
                               SHIFT PRIORITY CHART 2 OF 8
                                                                                    itself is only in effect for 4 hours.
                                 Chart: MID_DAY________ Effective day and time:
                                   Mon 9:00_AM_ 12:00_AM   Fri 9:00_AM_ 12:00_AM
                                   Tue 9:00_AM_ 12:00_AM   sAt 11:00_AM 12:00_AM
                                   Wed 9:00_AM_ 12:00_AM   Sun 11:00_AM 12:00_AM
                                   tHu 9:00_AM_ 12:00_AM   hOl 11:00_AM 12:00_AM    What’s inside
                                 Shifts desired: Length and Priority
                                   _5.00 _4 _6.50 _1 _____ __ _____ __ _____
                                                                                    ♦   Report Spotlight: The Manager’s Report
                                   _5.50 _3 _____ __ _____ __ _____ __ _____        ♦   Tips, Tricks & Techniques: Using Teams
                                   _6.00 _2 _____ __ _____ __ _____ __ _____        ♦   Welcome Aboard
                                                                                    ♦   Our website:
                                                                                    ♦   Better fonts for a better schedule
Report Spotlight: The Manager’s Report
The Manager’s Report is one of the most useful                                         The next column, Hours Avail, is also new. This
management reports produced by ESP. In one glance                                      column shows the total hours available for each
you can see how many days and hours every employee                                     employee. If you find an employee who appears to have
is scheduled to work, along with documented job                                        received too few hours you can quickly look at this
rotation.                                                                                                                  column to determine
                          ESP: Employee Scheduling Program Version 4.11e R2            MANAGER'S REPORT            Page: 1
                                                                                                                           if their availability is
This      has   been      ThoughtWorks Inc.                                                             11/15/00, 10:50 AM the reason.
updated in Version        Report for the week of Monday, January 8, 2001
4 .1 1    an d   t hi s   Employee      Daily Hours               Total    Total Total Total Hours  +/-   Hours Site
                                                                                                                         A typical part-time
spotlight looks at        Name          M T W H F           A   S Hours    Paid Days Closes Allowed Min   Avail Rotation   Rotation
                                                                                                                         employee with a
some of the new           ALICE PO      .   .   .   .   .   5   4    9.0    9.0    2     1  0-40  9.0 79 A      W        good availability
                          AMY B         .   3   .   3   6   4   3   18.0   18.0    5     1  0-30 18.0 76 AB     DT W DR
information       and     ANDREA H      .   9   9   8   9   6   .   41.0   41.0    5     0  0-44 41.0  8 AB     SM       should be available
                          ANGIE K       .   .   .   .   4   5   7   14.5   14.5    3     0  0-30 14.5 77 AB     DT W DR
changes that appear       APRIL FI      .   .   .   .   .   .   5    4.5    4.5    1     0 10-35 -5.5  5 A      GR       for a total of 60-80
                          BETH BL       .   .   .   .   5   3   .    8.0    8.0    2     1  0-30  8.0 76 A      W DR
on this report.           BOB B         .   3   .   3   .   6   4   15.5   15.5    4     0  3-30 12.5 35 AB     GR W
                                                                                                                         hours per week. For
                                                                                                                         example,           an
A new column,                                                                                                            employee who is
Hours allowed, was added that shows the minimum to                                     available after school from 4:00PM to 11:00PM every
maximum range of hours allowed for each employee.                                      day, and all day on Saturday and Sunday, 6:00AM to
                                                                                       12:00AM, would be available a total of 71 hours.
In previous versions there was a column marked % min.                                  Remember, this is just the sum of the hours they are
This column reported the percentage of an employee’s                                   available, not the number of hours they will work.
minimum hours they actually received. This column has                                  Clearly, the higher the number of hours an employee is
been changed to +/- min to report the plus or minus                                    available, the more flexible their availability, and the
number of hours the employee received from their                                       better their chances of receiving their required
required minimum hours, which makes this column                                        minimum hours.
clearer and easier to understand. A manager can now
quickly scan this column to look for negative numbers,                                 Another new column, Site rotation, shows the site
which indicates the employees who did not receive their                                rotation of your employees. This is for those customers
required minimum hours.                                                                scheduling a main store with a satellite attached.

Tips, tricks and techniques: A new way to use teams
The team concept was originally developed to allow                                     However, by using ESP’s team features you can
you to assign all your employees to teams and then                                     accomplish various objectives when scheduling. For
               schedule your employees so that they                                    example: use it to ensure rotating weekends off for a
               work only when their team works. Each                                   select group of your full-time people; use it to rotate
                 team would have pre-defined days to                                   your weekend breakfast crew so that the same people
                       work each week, and their                                       are not always opening every weekend; or use it to
                        work days would rotate from                                    rotate your closing shifts to ensure the same people
                         week to week.                                                 don’t close on the same night every week.

                           This concept turned out to be                               The key to all of these features is to use the Restrict
                         very difficult to implement.                                  option on the team charts. When you enter a range of
                      Due to time off requests and other                               times and select Restrict as the class, the program
availability requirements, it was very difficult to ensure                             recognizes that any employee who is on this particular
that employees only worked with their own team.                                        team is not permitted to work during those hours even if
                                                                                       they are available.

Page 2                                                                                                                                T H O U G HT W O R K S R E P O R T
Tips, tricks and techniques (cont’d)
Consider the weekend breakfast shifts: Suppose you                                ensure that each team only worked during breakfast hours
wanted to ensure that your weekend employees only                                 every other weekend.
work the breakfast shift every other weekend. The
way to do this is to divide the crew who can work                                 Similarly, if you wished to ensure that your employees
weekend breakfast into two teams. In the Team field                               only worked one close, or late night shift every two
in the employee file you will enter either 1 or 2. Be                             weeks, you would Restrict one team from 8:00PM to
sure to evenly divide your employees between the                                  close all seven days of the week. This would prevent
two teams.                                                                        anyone on that team from working past 8:00PM that
                                                                                  week. The following week, you would move those entries
The next step is to go into the Team chart, by                                    to the second team. Each week you would simply reverse
choosing Main menu option C: Employee information                                 your entries from the previous week.
then choose option H: Team definitions. Make the
entries shown below.                                                              Depending upon your objective you can use 3 or more
                                                                                  teams to rotate various shifts in three or four week cycles
    TEAM NUMBER 1                       ¦    TEAM NUMBER   2
    Day Start     Finish    Class       ¦   Day Start      Finish     Class       as well.
    sAt 5:00_AM_ 11:00_AM   Restrict_   ¦   ___ ________   ________   _________
    Sun 5:00_AM_ 11:00_AM   Restrict_   ¦   ___ ________   ________   _________
    ___ ________ ________   _________   ¦   ___ ________   ________   _________
    ___ ________ ________   _________   ¦   ___ ________   ________   _________

Then when you are scheduling for the following
week, you would simply go back into your Team
definitions chart and delete those entries from Team 1                            Using teams can help you accomplish a variety of goals, such as
and make the same entries for Team 2. This would                                   rotating weekends off, or rotating weekend opens or closers.

Welcome aboard
We would like to extend a warm welcome to                                         Rick Fey, Blackshear, GA
McDonald’s Panama and Central America, who are                                    Paul Nelson, Goodland, KS
           the latest countries to join our growing                               Steve Cornet, Phoenix, MD
             family of ESP users.                                                 William Becker, Alma, MI
                                                                                  Michael Steen, Morris, MN
                   We have also added many new                                    Jennifer Butler, Fernley, NV
                   corporate stores in Argentina,                                 Peter Mussenden, Massapequa, NY
                   Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Chile,                               Richard Nickell, Mt. Gilead, OH
                  Russia, South Africa, and Malta. In                             Jose Santiago, Oklahoma City, OK
                 addition to these corporate stores,                              Patty Paul, Nepean, ON
we would like to welcome the following licensees.                                 Don Carty, Renfrew, ON
                                                                                  Laurent Vignola, Montreal, QC
Menno Zacharias, Slave Lake, AB                                                   Ross Benoit, Masson, QC
Jack Warden, Roanoke, AL                                                          Mike Muravsky, Rouyn QC
Robert Straub, Titusville, FL                                                     Daryl Kraus, Swift Current SK
K Sugie Riley, Port Orange, FL                                                    Mickey Fedorko, Prince Albert, SK
Phillip Irwin, Williston, FL                                                      Fred Tillman, Memphis, TN
Victor Pappa, Orrmond Beach, FL                                                   Marcel Hochstenback, Landgraaf, Netherlands
Sue Martin, Smyrna Beach, FL                                                      Eduardo Arziaga, Chihuahua, Mexico
Gary Reed, Astor, FL                                                              Rafael Echavarria, Medellin Antioquia, Colombia
Eli Rindinella, Ormond Beach, FL                                                  Gerardo Gorostiza, Mexico City, Mexico
David Potochnik, Port Orange, FL                                                  Adel Yaafar, Colon, Panama
Awilda Garcia, Palm Harbor, FL                                                    Oscar Argeñal, Honduras
Michael Potapow, Starke, FL
Debra Goodwin, Marathon, FL

I S S U E X XI V                                                                                                                           Page 3
                                                 Our website:
                                                 Need an update? Want to read back-issues of this newsletter? Looking
                                                 for tips and tricks on using ESP more effectively? Check the Support sec-
                                                 tion of our website. Go to and click on the
                                                 Support choice. You’ll find:

                                                 ♦   Support and updates: Downloads for the latest version of ESP,
                                                     TWPRINT, SPMH charts, the ESP Quick Start Guide and the full
                                                     Reference Manual (in Microsoft Word format)

                                                 ♦   Services: Information on our support services
        ThoughtWorks, Inc.
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Phone: 1-905-628-2944 / 1-800-263-9446
          Fax: 1-905-628-9251

                                                 Better fonts for a better schedule
                                                 More and more stores are using ThoughtWorks Print Manager
               Office Hours                      (TWPRINT) to print their schedules to a Windows-only printer.
      Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM           TWPRINT allows you to preview your reports on-screen, and choose the
Friday: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM (June to Sept only)   font for each report type. Many people use a font called Courier, which
           Saturday-Sunday: Closed
                                                 resembles a traditional typewriter font. However, you can use any
      Holidays: Open normal office hours
                                                 monospaced font. For a cleaner look, you might wish to try Letter
           Software solutions                    Gothic, available on most PC’s or at For example,
                                                 the following report is printed in Courier:

                                                  Name___________ Job_Hrs    4__5__6__7__8__9_10_11_12__1_
                                                 |_______________|___|___|   |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
                                                 |PAM_L_76_______|W__|8.0|   |__|__#######################
                                                 |ERICA_B_50_____|W__|5.5|   |__|__|__|__|__|__|_#########
                                                 |_______________|___|___|   |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
                                                 |MARY_S_42______|DT_|7.5| F |__|_#######################_
                                                 |DEBBIE_C_67____|DT_|8.0|   |__|__|__|__#################
                                                 |TARYN_P_58_____|DT_|5.5|   |__|__|__|__|__|__|_#########

                                                 And this report is printed in Letter Gothic:

                                                  Name___________ Job_Hrs    4__5__6__7__8__9_10_11_12__1_
                                                 |_______________|___|___|   |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
                                                 |PAM_L_76_______|W__|8.0|   |__|__#######################
                                                 |ERICA_B_50_____|W__|5.5|   |__|__|__|__|__|__|_#########
                                                 |_______________|___|___|   |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
                                                 |MARY_S_42______|DT_|7.5| F |__|_#######################_
                                                 |DEBBIE_C_67____|DT_|8.0|   |__|__|__|__#################
                                                 |TARYN_P_58_____|DT_|5.5|   |__|__|__|__|__|__|_#########

                                                 Nicer, right? You can choose the font for TWPRINT by clicking the
                                                 Options choice in the File menu.

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