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									                           PRESS RELEASE - Feature Documentary:

                            ‘WELCOME ABOARD TOXIC AIRLINES’

Award winning1 Fact Not Fiction Films 2008 ground breaking documentary, ‘Welcome Aboard Toxic
Airlines’ is set to undertake its North American premier at the prestigious Planet in Focus
International Environmental Film & Video Festival in Toronto, October 26, 2008 at 1PM.2 Judith Murawski, an Industrial Hygienist with the Association of Flight
Attendants will introduce the film and undertake a Q&A.

The feature documentary unravels the long hidden issue of aircraft contaminated air. It is said to be
“The documentary you need to watch before you next fly told by the aviation industry's biggest whistle

                                        Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines (PG)

                                        Made by Fact Not Fiction Films, UK
                                        Genre: Documentary
                                        Director: Tristan Loraine
                                        Running time: 93 mins
                                        Cost: $USD 400,000
                                        Format: HDCAM

                                        Brief Synopsis: Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines tells the story
                                        of what some airline crews claim is the biggest cover up in
                                        aviation history. Passengers and crews for nearly fifty years
                                        have been supplied with unfiltered air to breath, taken
                                        directly from the engines, even though this air supply is
                                        known to become contaminated with engine oils
                                        containing neurotoxins, carcinogens and other hazardous

The unique documentary film reveals an issue many call the asbestos of the aviation industry, revealing
how passengers and crews are known to be exposed to these fumes leaking directly into the aircraft
air supply with the airline industry failing to inform the travelling public of the problems.

1   Won the 2008 West Sussex County Times Business Award for ‘Best Newcomer’

2 Planet in Focus International Environmental Film & Video Festival, runs October 22 through October 26 in Toronto
with over 80 of the world's best films on a wide range of environmental themes and subjects by Canadian and
international filmmakers. For more information call 416-531-4689 or visit
With unique access into the aviation industry, the film maker, a former UK airline captain, reveals for the
first time the serious exposure consequences on flight safety, and the serious health effects of those
who have and continue to be unknowingly exposed. In 2006, after six years of research, the producer
whose own health had also been affected by fumes in the cockpit of a Boeing 757, was ill health

Based upon what the filmmaker and former pilot has revealed in the documentary, and research he is
leading on the issue, a Public Inquiry supported by the 3 major opposition parties has been called for in
the UK. While research and inquiries are underway at International Government level in the US, UK and
Australia, the documentary is the only way to see the real facts behind this 5 decade old continuing

The film looks at the history, the politics, and the effects of contaminated air on aircraft and tells the
viewer exactly what the airlines forget to mention in the pre flight safety briefing.

The documentary, which premiered at the 25th International Film Festival of the Environment in Paris in
late 2007, has since received overwhelmingly positive reviews at various European film festivals and
secured a limited cinema release in the UK.

Selected reviews to date include:
The Daily Telegraph: 'A ground-breaking documentary that raises serious questions about the air that
passengers breathe.'
Holiday Travel Watch: 'This is one of the most important whistleblower films to date - powerful and
The Ecologist: 'A deadly corporate cover-up forensically exposed.'
Sunday Mirror: 'A tremendous piece of investigative journalism.'

The extensive media interest can be found at:

Fact Not Fiction Films ( previous productions include:

   •   Flying Sheilas - Completed 2008
   •   The CornShed - Completed 2008

Fact Not Fiction Films current productions include:
   • 31 North 62 East – Post Production Psychological thriller feature film about the
       British Prime Minister giving up the position of an SAS regiment in Afghanistan thus securing an arms
       deal with the Middle East and ensuring his re-re-election.

   •   Hayley Westenra in Northern Ireland - Post Production. Documentary about the internationally
       renowned singer Hayley Westenra and her tour of Northern Ireland in spring of 2008. Westenra has
       performed for dignitaries around the world and is the youngest UNICEF Ambassador to date.

   •   Broken Wings - In Production.
       Documentary about some of the pilots who flew the BAe 146 aircraft.

   •   Shadows from the Sky - In Development.
       A UK / Australian co-production feature film from the book ‘Toxic Airlines’ expected to start principle
       photography in spring 2009.
                                                        Contact: Fact Not Fiction Films
                                                        Susan Michaelis
                                                        +44 (0)1403 734550 +44 (0)7880 554551 -m
                                                        17 October 2008

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