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					    Hillsboro Schools
                                                                            Newsletter    Volume 8, Number 2 • Fall 2009

  When Your Phone Rings this December, Answer the Call!
Set Sail February 27 at
Annual Gala and Auction
                                                 Annual Phone-a-thon Raises Funds
Mark your calendar
                                                 for HSF Projects and Student Organizations
now for the 2010                                 Soon you will receive a letter from HSF asking for your donation in our annual
Welcome Aboard Gala                              fund raising drive. You can donate at that time, or go online anytime to make a
and Auction set for                              contribution ( Or you can wait for the energetic voice of a
Saturday, February 27.                           district student who’ll make the call to you between December 7 and December
Join your friends and                            10. These students volunteer their time as part of their team, club, or organization
neighbors at the Tiger                           to earn funding for their programs.
Woods Center on the                              When your phone rings, Answer the Call! Donations are tax-deductible.
Nike Campus for a
                                                 Genentech, FEI Company, Pacific University and West Coast Bank make this
night of great food, lively company, and
                                                 event possible through their generous sponsorships. If your business would like to
exciting auction items. To purchase tickets,
                                                 participate, there is still time. Call Aron Carleson at 503.726.2159.
Sponsorships are available and we wel-
come your support. Call Aron Carleson
at 503.726.2159 for details. To donate an
auction item, contact Katie Halliday at          Liberty High Collaborates with Orenco
501.961.3221 or               Elementary’s HSF-funded Orca Live TV
                                                                 Students from Liberty High School’s LTV news program visited
                                                                 Orenco Elementary School to take part in a combined broadcast
                                                                  of Orca Live TV, Orenco’s student-produced, live weekly news
                                                                  show. Students from both schools worked collaboratively on the
                                                                  live broadcast and on a video project to be shown on a future
                                                                   episode of Orca Live. The LTV contingent included former
                                                                   Orenco students who returned to be part of the broadcast.
                                                                    Orenco Elementary is a feeder school for Liberty, and LTV has
                                                                    served as a mentor program for Orca Live students who look
                                                                    forward to being part of LTV in the future.
                                                                     LTV airs daily at Liberty High School. Orca Live airs every
                                                                     Thursday afternoon at Orenco Elementary School.

                                                 Making a Gift? Make it Easy!
         (Above) Liberty High School students
       work with their younger counterparts at
                                                 You’ll soon be able to arrange regular electronic payments for your donation to
     Orenco Elementary to produce a segment      HSF from your checking or savings account. You’ll choose the amount, date, and
           of the weekly Orca Live broadcast.    frequency of giving. Stay tuned for more information!

                                                                                      HSF Welcomes
    President’s Message
                                                                                      New Board Members
    HSF: Ten Years of Service,                                                        Lisa Coates
    Giving and Commitment                                                             Lisa Coates is a lending sales specialist
                                                                                      with CUNA Mutual Group. She has been
    By Nadine Zimmerlund                                                              involved with parent leadership groups
    The Hillsboro Schools Foundation is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2010.     in Hillsboro schools since her daughter’s
    On this special occasion we thank the “founding mothers,” as we affectionately    kindergarten year at Ladd Acres. Lisa is the
    call them, for their foresight, vision, hard work and dedication. THANK YOU       Booster Club president at Century High
    MaryAnn Barnekoff, Trudy Brennan, Mary Koehler, and Karen Packer!                 School; was a community volunteer on the
                                                                                      superintendent search committee in 2003;
    Over the last ten years, HSF has:
                                                                                      and served on the most recent Boundary
    • raised over $1.8 million;                                                       Committee. She is thrilled to be a part of
    • distributed $1.2 million in grants to teachers and students;                    this dynamic and diverse group of com-
                                                                                      munity leaders in serving on the Hillsboro
    • provided more than $45,000 to after-school homework programs coordinated
                                                                                      Schools Foundation Board of Directors.
      by the City of Hillsboro Parks and Recreation Department;
                                                                                      Chuck Gebhardt
    • created an endowment of over $200,000 (and growing); and
                                                                                      Chuck Gebhardt, an accountant with
    • built an operating reserve of $70,000.                                          more than 40 years of experience in public
    For this success we owe many thanks to:                                           and corporate practice and in educa-
                                                                                      tion, has his own CPA business. His wife
    • our past and current board members;
                                                                                      Charline and daughter Kimberly have
    • hundreds of volunteers;                                                         taught extensively in the Hillsboro schools.
    • our generous corporate sponsors; and                                            Chuck is happy to provide his expertise in
                                                                                      helping a good cause.
    • countless individual donors.
                                                                                      Robanne Johnston
    On this tenth anniversary we celebrate the enriched learning opportunities made
                                                                                      Robanne Johnston has two students in
    possible by:
                                                                                      the Hillsboro School District and has
    • 109 Innovative Education Grants;                                                worked the last 11 years as a constant
    • 24 Intel Science, Math and Technology Grants;                                   volunteer for her children’s schools. She is
                                                                                      passionate about education and is excited
    • 113 Phone-a-thon Grants to high school clubs; and
                                                                                      to support district teachers with innovative
    • three years of after-school homework clubs.                                     ideas that will inspire lifelong learners.
    THOUSANDS of students have benefited from these grants! Thank you for your
    continued support. It does make a difference to our students.
                                                                                      Performance Benefits HSF
                                                                                      Bag & Baggage professional theatre
                                                                                      company at The Venetian in downtown
                                                                                      Hillsboro found a way to entertain the
                             Calendar Watch                                           community and to support the Hillsboro
                   Don’t miss out! Mark your calendar now                             Schools Foundation. On the September
                        for highlights of the HSF year:                               24 performance of Death of a Salesman, $5
                                                                                      of every ticket sold was donated to HSF.
                                                                                      Hillsboro High School alum Scott Palmer
      Answer the Call Phone-a-thon ...... December 7–10, 2009
                                                                                      directed the play. Scott is also the fantastic
      Crystal Apple Awards Banquet ............February 25, 2010                      emcee of HSF’s upcoming Welcome Aboard
                                                                                      Gala and Auction.
      Welcome Aboard Gala and Auction..... February 27, 2010
                                                                                      Future performances at The Venetian
      Tony’s Tourney................................................June 22, 2010
                                                                                      include A Christmas Carol, Taming of the
                                                                                      Shrew & The Woman’s Prize, and Hay Fever.
                                                  Recognition of HSF Donors 2008-2009
                                                  Contributions listed were received from September 1, 2008, through August 31, 2009.
    Hillsboro Schools                             We regret any errors or omissions. Please contact the HSF office at 503.726.2159 to
 F O U N DAT I O N                                report any corrections.

                                                                        Matias and Teresa Aguilera            Dr. Linda Birenbaum
  Circles for Education                                                 Noelia Aguirre Lopez                  Gerald and Linda Bishop
                                                                                                              Jessica Bishop and David Reid
                                                                          and Jose D. Hernandez
                                                                        Randall and Ginger Akin               Raquel Bishop
  Presidents Circle: $25,000 and above
                                                                        Bill and Terry Alexander              Shannon and Gary Blackburn
  Genentech                         Nike School Innovation Fund         Debbie and Kelly Alexander            Shannon and Mike Blankenship
  Intel                                                                 Kim and Ben Allen                     Deanna Blem
                                                                        Stephen and Candace Allison           Adam Bloomfield
  Benefactors Circle: $10,000 and above
                                                                        Clark and Sharon Allworth             Corinne Bloomfield
  Hillsboro Argus                   David and Evelyn Lowry              Bulmaro Alvarez                       Mary and Steve Bloomquist
  Kurt and Mary Koehler             Verizon Foundation                  Carlos Ambrosio and Leonor Tiburcio   Bluehour
                                                                        James and Kimberly Anchell            James Boardman
  Patrons Circle: $5,000 and above                                      Dave and Lynn Anderson                Shari and Greg Boitano
  Trudy Brennan                     Portland General Electric           Kari Anderson                         Linda Bolewicz
  New Seasons Market                Vernier Software and Technology     Mike and Sheri Anderson               Henry and Donna Bosak
                                                                        Andina Restaurant                     Randy and Sue Boucher
  Directors Circle: $2500 and above                                     Kathleen Andrews                      Amy and Eric Bourassa
  Phil and MaryAnn Barnekoff        Ralph Morgan and Lee Thompson       Teryl Andrews                         Bruce and Donna Bourget
  Jenna and Ray Bayer               Nike Employee Matching              Alejandro Angel                       Scott and Tiffany Bowden
  Bob Beall                          Gift Program                       Jason and Laura Anthony               Carol and Reece Bowen
  Jim and Betsy Biller              Portland General Electric           Gail Antilla                          Diane Bowton
  FEI Company                        Employee Giving                    Mike and Kelly Apling                 Blake and Diane Boyles
  First Tech Credit Union           Robinson Construction               Anthony and Julie Aragon              Earl and Trudy Boynton
  Peggy Fowler                      Barry and Lynn Starkman             Marcia Arganbright                    Nakia Bradley-Lawson
  Jose and Elena Galindez           Mark and Donna Tsai                 Marisol Karina Araiza                 Gary and Kathleen Brady
  Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce     West Coast Bank                       and Arturo Araiza Acosta            Shay and Michelle Brady
                                                                        Julie and Dana Arnzen                 Chris Brehm
  Tom and Julie Huffman             Jerry and Judy Willey
                                                                        Artists Repretory Theater             Matthew and Christine Brennan
  Larry and Dixie Matthews          Nadine and Mike Zimmerlund
                                                                        Sushil Aryal and Shovana Dixit        Mary Briceno and Enrique Chavez
  Patricia McDonald                                                     Arne and Maryann Autio                Brittany Homes, Inc.
  Leaders Circle: $1,000 and above                                      Gina Baez                             Broadway Rose Theater Company
                                                                        Bag and Baggage Productions           Bill Brock and Rebecca Sauter Brock
  Morgan Anderson                   Mahlum Architects
                                                                        Dana and Kathleen Baker               Diane and James Brohmer
  Argyle Winery                     Robert and Kim McLennan             Gus Balderas                          Karla and Brian Brokaw
  Lila Ashenbrenner and Ali Sadri   Cheryl Neal                         Bank of America                       Beth Brown
  Ray and Laura Bekken              Newland Communities                 Carolyn Barclay                       Bonnie Brown and Patricia Waterfield
  Fred and Philomina Bender         Mike and Nancy Nichols              Levi Barnes                           David and Bonnie Brown
  Cameron and Cecilia Clitheroe     Nike                                Diana Batch                           Don and Janis Brown
  Larry Colton                      OnPoint Community                   Ann Bauer                             Wanda and Kingston Browne
  Cornerstone Management              Credit Union                      Jerome and Claire Baugh               Verna Brugnoli
   Group, Inc.                      Oregon International Airshow        Robert Baumgartner                    Eric Bryant
  Robert and Susan Coussens         Ponzi Vineyards                     Dawn and Eric Baur                    Buffalo Wild Wings
  David and Laura Cox               Joseph and Barbara Rodriguez        Beaches                               Thomas and Vanessa Bunker
  David and Michelle Edwards        Adam and Laurie Schmidt             Beacon Rock Golf Course               Becki and Raymond Burgarsky
  Gordon and BJ Faber               SolarWorld                          Naomi and Terry Beale                 Katherine and Gregory Burgess
                                                                        Bonnie Beall                          Burkhardt’s European Flower
  Karl and Jeannie Goetze           Gregg Stewart
                                                                        Gene and Sally Beall                    Shoppe, Ltd.
  Bob Grover and Theresa Kirsch     Dana Swisher                        Jim and Sharla Beall                  Dean and Ann Burton
  Keith and Colleen Haskell         The Standard Employee Giving        Nick Begleries                        Butternut Creek PTC
  Howard S. Wright Construction     Greg and Stephanie Timmons          Terry Bekken                          Sean and Laura Byrd
  Tom and Gayle Hughes              Tuality Healthcare                  Clark and Kristi Bennett              Guy Storms and Gina Cabodi-Storms
  Intel Foundation Matching Gifts   Dave and Christine Vernier          Paul and Bobbi Bennett                William Calder
  Kaiser Permanente Foundation      Jan Waker                           Tiffany Bennett                       Dale and Kerri Camp
  Robert and Kim Krueger            William White                       William Bennett and Brandi Poe        L. Faye Camp
  LeRoy and Maeran Landers          Greg and Pam Zinn                   Bergstrom Winery                      Cristi Campa
                                                                        Harvey and Nancy Berkey               Adriana and Emilio Cañas
                                                                        Antonio and Maria Bermudez            Ramon Cancel and Kenya Rivera
                                                                        Best Buy #1491 Tanasbourne            Aron and Peter Carleson
Contributors                                                            Ken and Kristin Betschart             Richard and Suzanne Carleson
                                                                        Andy and Lisa Bettencourt             Timothy and Deanne Carlisle
Jeff and Tina Aasland               Lynn Adamo and Bob Faber            Bill and Stacy Beutler                Bill and Lori Carlson
Nancy and Dan Abdill                Betty Adams                         Kim and Matt Bickford                 Brent Carlton
Olga Acuna                          Dan and Sandi Adams                 Thomas and Jill Bierman               Rick and Karen Carman
Rick and Debbie Adair               Anjelita and Jonas Adolfsson        Anna and Robert Bigwood               Monte and Cheryl Carstens
HSF DONORS 2008/2009

Victoria Cauldwell                   Dipaola Photography               Shawna and Michael Gager              Helvetia Tavern
Century High School Booster Club     Dobbs Family Estate               Julio and Katherine Galian            Ralph and Marilynn Helzerman
Antonio Cerna Salgado                Audrey and Darryl Dodge           Sean Gallagher                        Alan Hencky
  and Bertha Sanchez                 Judy Dodson                       Catherine and Michael Gambee          Chuetoua Her
David and Linda Chan                 Terri and Al Doelker              Christina and Mitchell Gangle         Renee Herb
Emily Chan                           Doggy Delight Boutique            Gregg and ToniGanje                   Susan and Bruce Hergert
Lonnie and Ann Chan                  Domaine Drouhin Oregon            Karla Garcia                          Juliana Hernandez and Noe Guerrero
Ny Chan                              Michael and Liane Donovan         Lizbeth Garcia and Gustavo Buhacoff   Pedro and Leonila Hernandez
Sarah Jo Chaplen                     Tina and Steve Donovan            Maria Garcia                          Mike and Lisa Herrera
Robert Charron                       Walter and Bozena Dorciak         Ruben Garcia                          Lee and MaryLiz Herron
Raghunath and Latha Chilkunda        David Douglas                     Sara Perez Garcia                     Dick and Sue Hertel
Beth and Jeff Christensen            Beth and Bryan Drennen            Alisha and Justin Garrity             David and Renita Heyen
Gary and Elizabeth Christensen       Rogelio Duarte-Pacheco            Marel Gerke                           Adrianne and Todd Hicks
Julie and Gary Christerson             and Gloria Duarte-Macias        June Gerst                            High Desert Museum
Francis and Virginia Chun            Barb and Bill Duerden             Marian Gerst                          Bill Hiles and Julie Schmidt-Hiles
Kelly Church                         Mary Frances Duggan               Francis Gieringer                     Janis Hill
Aubrey Clark                         Perry DuLong                        and Cheryl Nee-Gieringer            Michelle Hillman
James and Lori Clarke                Chris and Angela Dunham           Mike and Joyce Gieszler               Hillsboro Fire Department
Michael and Lorraine Clarno          Craig and Christy Dunn            Charles and Jeannie Gilbert           Hillsboro Limousine
Carl Clawson and Kathy George        Pat Dunn                          Dave and Liz Gillespie                Hillsboro Police Department
Jon Clem                             Annette and Curtis Durfee         Andrea and Chad Gilliland             Hillsboro School District
Kristy and David Clemens             Ramona Durham                     Julie and David Glass                 Paul and Barbara Himes
Bob and Lisa Coates                  Daniel and Rosalie Duron          Nikki and Jason Glasser               Robert Hinger and Janet Young
Robert Coble                         Douglas Eash                      Glencoe Crimson Florist               James and Dee Hinton
Carol Code                           Greg Eastman and Carol Mattson    Andy Glew and Rhonda Patten           Don Ho and Tu Nguyen
Danielle Collette                    Greg and Suzanne Ebert            June and Robert Glisson               Dr. Anthony Hoffman
Columbia Industries LLC              Steven and Celeste Edgmont        Rod Goble                             Thomas and Karen Hoffman
Columbia River Maritime Museum       Kevin and Barbara Edie            Yolanda Godinez                       Robert and Laura Holcombe
Michael and Beth Constantine         Dr. Michael and Marilyn Egans     Gwen Goforth and Tim Parkyn           Anne and Shane Holden
Matthew Costigan and Jane Siguenza   Tom Eggers                        Steven and Amy Gold                   Bob and Sandra Holden
Mary and Robert Coucher              David and Sharon Eggleston        Andrea Goo                            Judy Hood
Dale and Dale-Christine Coyle        Elk Cove Vineyards                Caroline Goodall                      Karen and Charles Hopkins
Lyle Crandall                        Amy and Steve Ellis               GoodSearch                            Faun Hosey
Todd Crawford, P.C.                  Scott and Joanie Ellis            Frank and Lynda Goovaerts             Paula and John Hoskins
David Crawford                       Patrick and Theresa Elwer         John and Lolita Goucher               Jennifer and Jared Hough
Matt Crile                           Vincent Engel                     Marni and G.W. Graham                 Mike and Jane Houghton
Ian and Michelle Crook                 and Katherine Olsen-Engel       Kurt and Maurine Granat               Shirley Huffman
Patrick and Judith Cross             Equipoise Enlightened Exercise    Tom Grant                             Steven and Julia Huffman
Emmy Crowder                         Erik Eriksen                      Travis and Christie Grant             Samantha Hull
Karen and James Crowley              Tim and Joanie Erwert             Mike and Beth Graser                  Thomas and Marjorie Hummel
Cruise In Country Diner              ESP Painting, Inc.                Green Mountain Golf                   Frank and Mary Hunt
Toni and Bob Crummett                Tiffany and Brett Estes           Denise Gregg                          George and Sue Hutcherson
Jeff and Debi Cuddigan               Jasmine Eugenio                   Brad and Debbie Griffin               Robert and Sunny Iboshi
Cupcake Jones                        Judy and Richard Evenhus          Daniel Griffin and Susan Conner       Indian Hills PTO
Steve and Mary Curl                  Mark and Vicki Evenhus            Groner PTA                            Christina and Brad Inman
Rita and David Czeck                 Joe and Lisa Everton              Lindsey Grotts                        Inn at Cannon Beach
John and Nanette Dahlquist           Facelogic                         Korin and David Guglielmi             Shannon Inukai
Marci and Daniel Daley               Chan-Phirath and Brian Farley     Yatish Gunjur                         Lorene Irwin
Janel and Jeff Dalin                 Farmington View Bobcat Boosters   Nicolette Guzman Colburn              Terrance and Barbara Irwin
Shawn and Lori Daliposon             Marie Farrell                     Nicholas and Maria Hafez              Bob Iwasaki
Galen and Stephani Daniels           Thomas and Jeanine Faszholz       John and Elizabeth Haide              Ron and Linda Iwasaki
Joel and Victoria Daniels            Stephanie and Stephen Faught      Katie and Britt Halliday              Jackson Elementary PTA
Chitra and Sham Datta                Adrienne and Dan Feehan           Kathleen Hammack                      Pam Jacobs
Hilja Davis                          George and Nina Fekaris           Terry Hammack                         Kelly and Andrea Jarvis
Alyce Dawes                          Fenouil Restaurant                Erika and Per Hammarlund              Ron and Laurie Jenkins
Mary Carol and Tom Day               Crystal and Matt Ferrante         Bruce and Kathleen Hanna              Bill and Sue Jensen
Linda and Harry De Boer              Mark and Cheryl Ferris            Dave Hansen                           Lisa Jensen
Joseph Decker                        Shawn and Lisa Fischer            Mary Beth Hanson                      Susan Jensen
Francisco Delcid                     Keith and Irene Fish              Gerald and Ann Hardy                  David and Debi Joarnt
  and Virginia Monterroso            Daphne and Benjamin Fisher        Pete and Laura Harlin                 Bob and Toni Johnson
Thomas and Barbara Delegato          Mike and Kim Fleck                James and Linda Harrington            Britany and Brent Johnson
Todd and Brenda Demers               Bruce and Paula Fleskes           Robert and Gail Harris                Bryon Johnson
Renee and Peter Demke                Donnie and Jerry Flora            Duncan and Christine Hart             Doug and Beverly Johnson
David and Kelley Deming              Kelly Flynn                       Anthony Hartley                       Marge Johnson
Mona and Brad Dendinger              Mark and Linda Forker             Mac and Deborah Harvey                Michael and Kathee Johnson
James DePriest                       Michael and Vanessa Foumal        Bill and Betsy Haskins                Mike and Coral Johnson
Nicholas and Tania Desantis          John and Linda Fox                Robert and Wendy Hawthorne            Rees and MaryAnne Johnson
Margaret Deveraux                    Mark Fryburg                      Hazelnut Growers of Oregon            Charles and Robanne Johnston
Tomi Deveraux-Earl                   Leianna and Bruce Funderburgh     Cathy Heater                          M Jason Jones
Diana Sell Photography               Chi-Wai and Rita Fung             Kevin and Dana Heine                  Michele Jordan
Calvin Diller and Elizabeth Tarr     Andrea Furber                     Sam Heiney and Diane Cady             Bob and April Jossy
James and Julie Dilworth             Matt and Dana Furrow              David and Lisa Heintzman              Bob and Tammy Jurgens
                                                                                                               HSF DONORS 2008/2009

Gary and Louise Kasper             Diana Liu                         Gerald and Beverly Mohnkern            Larry and Joyce Pederson
Julie Kasper                       Karen and Steven Livermore        Igor and Elena Molchanov               Tari and Scott Peiffer
Luann Kastner                      Theresia and Jeffrey Loftus       Karen Monroe and Dave Brockl           Terry and Laurie Peniuk
Nicole and Steven Kaufman          Barry and Debbie Long             Michael Monteleone                     John and Nancy Penman
Sunny Kay                          Gregory Long                      Dawn Montgomery                        Penny Reichen
Deanna and Jason Keiser            Longbottom Coffee                 Mooberry PTA                           Magnolia Perez and Amador Varona
Catherine and Timothy Keith        Dina Lopez                        Donald and Melissa Moore               Charles and Anne Pergiel
Diana Keller                       Diego and Anastasia Lopez Perez   Joyce and Robert Moore                 Jennifer Pesterfield
Michelle Kelley                    Mary Lorm and Sophal Neou         Kris Moore                             Erik and Stephanie Peter
Mary Kelly-Perez and Danny Perez   Matthew and Betty Lucia           Robert Moore                           Erin Peters
Christian Kemp                     Jeff and Rebecca Luedloff         Ronalee Moore                          Linda Peters
Jean and Gary Kemper               Darell Lumaco                     Ronaleealee Moore                      Bill and Laura Peterson
Barry and Leslie Kennedy           Luna Beauty Salon, LLC            William Moore and Carolyn Larson       John and Connie Peterson
Wayne and Brenda Kephart           Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Ellen Lyon     Maximo Morales                         Lee and Adrianne Peterson
Andy and Brenda Kern               Andrea and Reid Macdonald         Jackie and James Morley                Vern and Marci Petrick
Mark and Myrna Ketsdever           Sean and Lori Macgregor           Barbara Morris                         PF Chang’s China Bistro
Chin Kim                           Luis and Anna Machado             Kristine and Sean Morrison             Hue Thi Pham and Dung Nguyen
Kevin and Ryan Kind                Rose and Terry Machian            Mountainside Lavender Farm             Erika Pierce
Nancy Kingston                     Ted and Cindy Mackley             Dan Mueller                            Steve and Nancy Pierce
Stan and Diane Kinion              Lorne and April Maclean           Marcus and Wendy Mueller               Everett Pies
Phyllis Kirkwood                   Sona MacMillan                    Kathleen Murphy                        Piggyback Plus
Calvin and Debra Kirton            Thad and Judy MacMillan           Cecilia Murray                         Deborah Poe and Larry Poe Jr.
Launie and Casey Kjelland          Ed and Nancy Macy                 Museum of Flight                       Stephen and Amanda Poisel
Sharon Klem and William Guy        Gail and Roger Madsen             Michelle and Steve Nagy                Alejandro Polanco
Jon-Michael Kowertz                Ken Maheu                         Janeth Najera                          Dick and Nancy Ponzi
Mike and Melissa Krahmer           Rebecca Mahlum                    Sue and Lloyd Neal                     Portland Baroque Orchestra
Barry and Vickie Kraxberger        John and Jan Maier                Marilee Needham                        Portland Beavers
Jon Kraxberger                     Daniel and Laurie Malaer          Ron and Connie Neely                   Portland Lumber Jax Lacrosse
Laura Kraxberger                   Angela and Jason Malone           Mark and Kathrin Nees                  Portland Spirit
Vladimir and Irina Kupryukhin      Debbie and Dell Malstrom          Frank and Susan Neilson                Portland Timbers
Daniel and Janis La Voie           Dante Marrocco                    Kelly and R. Greg Nelson               Portland Trailblazers Inc.
Tammy Labeck                       Thomas and Kathy Marshall         New Beginning Salon Spa                Vannary Prak
Ladd Acres PTA                     Sarah Marugg                      Newport Bay Restaurant                 Jennifer and Kevin Proctor
Gladys Lalic                       Maryhill Winery                   Tommy Nguyen and Tuyen Truong          Mike and Barbara Proctor
Janelle and Peter Lalic            Bianca Mascorro                   Nike Golf                              Kimberly and Craig Pruitt
Cuong and Lynn Lam                 David and Christina Massey        Barbara and James Noble                Richard and Kathy Pugh
David Lamb                         Robert Mathisen                   Tom Noesen                             Bill Pulfrey and Joan Eckert
Bryan Landaker                     Sheila and Michael Matragrano     Northwest Film Center                  Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club
Christine Larch                    Carrie and John Matsuo            Ronald and Beverly Notdurft            Quail Valley Golf Course
Amiya Larrance                     Lynda Mayfield                    Diane Nuno                             Thelma and Carlos Qualls
Mark and Dixie Larsen              Jamie and Susan McAdams           Ron and Sheryl Nutt                    Helen Quirk Quanta Piko
Nancy and Tim Larson               John and Becky McAllister         Paul and Terri Oakey                   R. Stuart & Co.
Warren and Jeanne Larson           Angus and Lynn McCamant           Catherine and William O’Brien          Kimberly and Joseph Raabe
Laserport                          Curt and Michelle McConnell       Cynthia O’Donnell                      Bradford Rabe, DMD
Amanda Lauck                       Merrilee and Dennis McFadden      Hanno Oldenburg                        David and Leslie Rabon
Curtis and Sandra Lauck            Karla McGee                       Jon and Jennifer Ollila                Paul and Lydia Radke
Dalece Lauck                       Gina and Kelly McLain             Jack Olson                             Steven Randleman
Hilda Laureano Holguin             Loren and Kim McLaury             Warren and Debbie Olson                Raptor Ridge Winery
  and Rodimiro Laureano            Lynnette McLean                   Donald and Nancy Olsson                Jay and Rachel Rasmussen
Barbara Lave                       McMenamins                        OMSI                                   Ronald and Sharon Rau
Paul and Rebecca Lawbaugh          Rod and Ellyn McNeil              Oregon Shakespeare Festival            Ramiro Raya Garcia
Thien Le and Hanh Nguyen           Janice Mead                       Oregon State Fair                        and Guadalupe Reyes
Kurt and Shelly Leglar             Russell and Heidi Meade           Oregon Symphony                        Red Robin
Lisa and Andrew Lekas              Laura and Kurt Meeuwsen           Ray Orlaske                            Scott and Juana Reed
Nancy Lennan                       Michael and Andrea Mellott        Bob and Sue Orme                       Bill and Devon Rehse
Lenox Booster Club                 Meriwether National Golf Club     Daniliz Ortega and Wilfredo Figueroa   Shirley Reilly and Stephen Hamilton
Ron and Anne Lenzi                 Randy and Annette Merrill         Carolyn and Eddie Ortman               Helen Reimer
Rachel Lessard                     Jason and Elizabeth Merritt       Dave Osborn                            Renaissance Wines
Shawn and Michelle Levesque        Elizabeth Messing                 Dwain and Heather Oster                Resonance Vineyard
Bonnie Lewis                       Bill and Susan Meyer              Anita Ott                              Ron and Dottie Reynoldson
Clark Lewis                        Edward and Kirsten Meyer          Barry and Lisa Outen                   Scott and Denise Ribail
Lauri Lewis                        Mark Mickelson                    Pacific Landscape Management           Patrick and Laura Ribellia
Susan Lewis                        Diane Millemann                   Heather Packer                         George and Rosalie Rich
Liberty High School Parent Club    Donavon and Lisa Miller           Karen and Steve Packer                 Jeff Rickman
Craig and Shannon Lien             Jeff Miller and Jann Purdy        David and Deanna Palm                  Ted Ries
Diane Lien                         Robert and Dee Miller             Sandy Palmer                           Chuck and Katie Riley
Vance Lighter                      Stan and Lena Miller              Eric Parker                            Kathi and David Robinson
Brent and Karen Lince              Kristie and Blake Mills           Kathy Parker                           Rock Creek Corner
Eric Lincoln                       MiNGO                             Gayle and Dave Parkin                  Rock Creek Country Club
Dave and Vicky Lindberg            Shoukhrat Mitalipov               Ruth Pasley                            Rodgers Instruments LLC
Steven and Jane Linn                 and Gulinur Nassyrova           Raylene Peaper                         Jaime Lynn Rodgers-Wakefield
BE and Edith Lippert               Gregor Mitchell                   David Pearson                          Alma and Dario Rodriguez
HSF DONORS 2008/2009

Ivan Rodriguez                          Vince and Steffani Smith              Pierre and Betsy van der Sluys        Robert and Colleen Wesel
Luis and Rosaisela Rodriguez            Smith Berry Barn                      Van Go Tours                          Jenelle and Andrew West
Coranne Roediger                        Sokhon Sok                            Barbara and David Van Kleek           West Union Community Club
Daniel Rogers and Lisa Ledford-Rogers   Rajendra and Judith Solanki           David and Kristine Van Raden          Amy Westcott
Mike and Cheryl Rogers                  Tony and Janeen Sollman               Fred and Corinne Van Raden            Maureen Wheeler
Juana Rojas                             Larry Sparks                          Vancouver Symphony Orchestra          Charlie Shelly White
William Ross                            Sandie Spotts                         Agustin and Irma Vasquez              Chris White
Ross Electric                           Morgan and Mara Spriggs               Roberto Velasco and Adriana Salinas   Ashley and Justin Whitney
Mark and Kelly Ruhl                     Springhill Suites by Mariott          The Venetian                          Mark and Patti Whitney
Walter and Susan Rust                   Alan Sprott                           Marilyn and Merlin Vilhauer           Eric and Rebecca Wicks
Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse                 William and Angela Sproull            Reed and Caroline Vilhauer            Kent and Teresa Widdicombe
David and Stacy Rutledge                Theresa Stahlman                      Joe and Gloria Villegas               Wildhorse Resort and Casino
Rod and Tina Sahnow                     Bob and Cindy Stampflee               Kevin and Shelley Viner               Wildwood Restaurant
San Jana Sailesh                        Kyle and Robin Stancliff              John and Alvina Vuylsteke             Gary Wilfert
  and Sailesh Visvanathan               Jeff and Dana Stanton                 Elyce Wair                            Willamette Valley Soaring Club
Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation     Randy and Bonnie Steck                Brian and Shannon Walker              Tiffaney and Joel Willett
Sake One                                Lisa Stellmon                         Katy Walker                           William Hatcher Wines
Pat Salas                               Bill and Sandy Stevens                Mike and Judy Walker                  Kona and Keenan Williams
Rodolfo and Elizabeth Salinas           Marla and William Stevens             Andrew Wall                           Christina Willis
Gwen and Benjamin Sam                   Adam Stewart                          Jim and Judy Wallin                   Elizabeth and Bradley Wilson
Marilyn Samarin                         Debbie Stewart                        Angela Walsh                          George Rocio Wilson
Anna Samson                             Gregg Stewart                         Walters Cultural Arts Center          Joel and Linda Wilson
Cindy and Marty Sandberg                Kathy and Martin Stites               Gregory Walton                        Mark and Kathy Wilson
Ben and Marietta Santarris              Nicole Stobbs                         Mike Walton                           Suzanne Wilson
Rica Saucedo Hernandez                  Nancy Stoltz                          Young-Chung Wang                      Victor Winegar
  and Roberto Saucedo Lopez             Chandra Strawder                        and Sheng-Lin Ting                  Gail Wingett-Neal and Ron Schindler
Winston Saunders and Sara Stamey        Bob and Leanne Streicher              Rebecca and Jeremy Ward               Janet Woodall
Steven and Jolene Sauve’                Timothy and Kim Strelchun             Ryan and Cheryl Wardell               Joyce Woods and Mark Brumley
Dan and Allison Schaefer                Didier Sudre                          Michelle Warren-Gladman               Buck and Teri Worthey
Lynn Scheller                           Andrew and Mary Sylwester               and Kevin Gladman                   Mark Wruble
Rolf and Patti Schilasky                Synopsys Matching Programs            Michele Washington                    Chien-Lung Wu
Steven and Maria Schlangen              Synopsys, Inc.                        Kendra and Hung Wasson                Phillip Wu and Lynda Dowling Wu
Henry and Nancy Schmidt                 Mohamad Tajdar and Zahra Forovzan     Mark and Ginny Watson                 Stanley and Leslie Yeend
Crystal Schmidt-Dipaola                 Stan Tamiyasu                         Michael Waugh                         Yoga Hillsboro
  and Steve Dipaola                     Tanasacres Nursery                    Sharon Webb                           Ted and Heather Zehr
Kim Schoenfelder                        Juanita Tapia and Roberto Chavez      Elisa Weger                           Richard and Anne Zimmerman
Enedelia and Mike Schofield             Debra Tappendorf                      Corey and Amy Weinheimer              Brian and Jeanne Zmolek
David and Marisa Schroeder              Wendy and Tim Taunton                 Wells Fargo Matching Foundation       Elizabeth and John Zulauf
Chuck and Tina Schuler                  Ian Taylor                            Robert Wendel and Jeannie Britton     Tom and Jan Zyp
Donald Schweitzer                       Tektronix Foundation                  Denise and Robert Werfelman
Mike Scott                              Terri Tennis
Robin Scott                             Gervis and Dortha Terrill
Michael and Michelle Scrivner           Jason Terry
Seattle Mariners                        Kimberly Tessner and Ted Tessner II     In Memoriam
Gary and Tina Seidel                    The Mill Casino
Sel Gris                                The Wellstone Group LLC                 Wanda Browne
Glenn Sexton                            Randall and Dawn Thompson               By Diana Batch, L. Faye Camp, David and Linda Chan, Carol Code,
Jane Shadden                            Dean and Michelle Threet                Hilja Davis, Ramona Durham, Ralph and Marilynn Helzerman, Lisa
John and Joy Shadden                    Scott and Angela Thumma                 Jensen, Rees and MaryAnne Johnson, Gary and Louise Kasper, Darell
Shadybrook Lumber                       Tidal Raves Inc.                        Lumaco, Ronald and Beverly Notdurft, Ron and Sheryl Nutt, Raylene
Margaret Shaw                           Timberline Lodge
                                                                                Peaper, Ted Ries, Margaret Shaw and Suzanne Wilson
Karen and Russ Sheldon                  Steve and Evelyn Tinney
Ron Shelton                             Tobias PTO                              Linda Coble
David and Paula Sherden                 Tamara and Matt Tolbert
                                                                                By Marcia Arganbright, Betsy and Jim Biller, Robert Coble, Barbara
Diane Shiner                            Emma and Mitchell Tomita
                                                                                Francis, Kathleen and Bruce Hanna, Sue and George Smith and Nadine
Sam and SusanShogren                    Trader Joe’s
Nancy Shull                             Mathoura Tran                           and Mike Zimmerlund
Shute Park Aquatic                      Tuality Healthcare Breast Health        Byron Rich
  and Recreation Center                 Tuality Medical Equipment & Supply
                                        Richard and Tsuru Tuenge
                                                                                By George and Rosalie Rich
Lori Siebern
Molly Siebert                           Diane Turnbull                          Paul Vogt
Robert Siemon                           Kylin Turnbull
                                                                                By Christine Larch
  and Tammy Baker-Siemon                Twelfth & Maple Wine Company
Josh Sierra                             Tami Twidwell
Greg and Kathy Sievers                  Sandra and Allen Twigg
Harold and Janet Simmons                Typhoon
Jessica Sims, LMT                       Larry and Deanna Unger
Andrea Skufca                           University of Oregon
Dan and Victoria Smith                  Ken and Corinne Unruh
Kimberly and Brad Smith                 Kevin and Jan Upton
Kimberly and Kevin Smith                Rick and Cheryl Van Beveren
Tracy Carmen Smith                      Casey Van Der Bom
2009 Grants Mark Tenth Year of Funding from HSF
HSF has supported innovative programs         Free Orchards Elementary                      Poynter Middle School
for students in kindergarten through high     Mindful Music                                 History Larger than Life
school for 10 years. Your support made the    A fine arts performing experience rein-       Dedicated projectors and document
following programs possible in 2009.          forces character building concepts through    cameras will incorporate best-teaching
Brookwood Elementary                          music education and narration.                practices focused on interactive activities.
Inspiring Future Scientists                   Teachers: Kim Harrington                      Teacher: Stephanie Sherman-Petersen
                                              and Charline Gebhardt
Students will explore science inquiry and                                                   Reedville Elementary
the engineering design process.               Hillsboro High                                Family “Fonics” Phase II
Principal: Molly Siebert                      Scientific Inquiry with LabQuest              After-school and parent education
Sponsored by Intel                            Students will use data loggers to design      programs strengthen home literacy and
Century High                                  and complete scientific research.             provide students with additional support
Integration of Media, Muse and                Teacher: Steve Sears                          in literacy instruction.
Music into the Scientific Technology          Sponsored by Genentech                        Teachers: Chrissy Lawrence
                                                                                            and Heather Oster
of Today and Tomorrow                         Indian Hills Elementary
Students will collect and analyze data                                                      Sponsored by Verizon
and present projects using multimedia.        Direct instruction provides struggling        Ramming Up the Rams
Teacher: Rachelle Carnes                      readers the opportunity to read from          A computer lab will provide students tech-
Sponsored by Genentech                        genres most interesting to them.              nology skills in areas of math and science.
English Language Learners                     Teacher: Stephanie Zumwalt                    Principal: Gina Baez
Community Language Support Center             Sponsored by First Tech Credit Union          Sponsored by Intel
Students will have access to accelerated      Liberty High                                  South Meadows Middle School
language learning with tutorial support.      Technology for Parent Equity                  Fitness Technology
Teachers: Melissa Ellis and Devon Julien      and Participation                             Students will develop a working knowl-
Farmington View Elementary                    A Listen Technology transmitter and headset   edge of exercise and fitness training
Wildlife Observation Garden                   will increase availability of simultaneous    through use of heart rate monitors.
Students will have hands-on outdoor           Spanish language translation at school        Teacher: Bert Yamaoka
science learning opportunities and extend     events.                                       West Union Elementary
knowledge gained through the Jackson          Teacher: Janelle Danskey                      Operation Dig for Knowledge
Bottom Wetlands Preserve.                     Minter Bridge Elementary                      Students will create a mobile research
Teacher: Lisa Pfister                         Post Office                                   laboratory by doing research and develop-
Sponsored by Genentech                        Students will establish a school-wide post    ing virtual field trips and book talks.
Designing Our Future                          office to promote writing and reading and     Principal: Grant Corliss
A classroom will be transformed into an       foster a sense of community.                  Sponsored by Verizon
engineering design and fabrication lab.       Teacher: Patrick Lay                          Witch Hazel Elementary and
Principal: Bill Tracy                         Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente
                                                                                            South Meadows Middle Schools
Sponsored by Intel                            Orenco Elementary                             Coordinated Elementary and
Global Awareness through                      Orca Live 360°                                Middle School Science Club
Cultural Book Boxes                           Video productions will foster school and      An after-school program will use middle
This project will promote student aware-      community responsibility as students          school students as mentors, providing
ness of foreign cultures by using a cross-    interview civic leaders in the greater        leadership opportunities for both middle
curricular display of research and writing.   Hillsboro area.                               and elementary school students.
Teacher: Charmaine Sandefer                   Teachers: Tom Bunker, Mike Futter             Teachers: Brian Haats and Arturo Lomeli
                                              Sponsored by New Seasons                      Sponsored by Genentech

                                                                Tony’s                          Mission
                                                                Tourney                         Growing the future by raising private funds to
                                                                                                enhance public education for our children.
                                                                 Raises Over
                                                                 $20,000                        Board of directors
                                                             The 5th Annual Tony’s              Nadine Zimmerlund, President
                                                                                                Adam Schmidt, Vice President
                                                              Tourney event in June             Bob Beall, Secretary
                                                              was a resounding suc-             Chuck Gebhardt, Treasurer
                                                              cess with 122 people              Directors
                                                               enjoying a sunny                 Laura Bekken             Margaret Deveraux
                                                                                                Ray Bekken               Katie Halliday
                                                               afternoon of golf and a          Betsy Biller             Sam Heiney
                                                                barbecue dinner at the          Corinne Bloomfield       Tom Huffman
                                                Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club. The            Trudy Brennan            Robanne Johnston
                                                                                                Adriana Cañas            Kurt Koehler
                    tournament celebrates the memory of Anthony O’M. Brennan who                Aubrey Clark             Lynn Starkman
is the late husband of HSF co-founder Trudy Brennan.                                            Lisa Coates              Mark Tsai
                                                                                                Matt Crile               Katy Walker
The HSF High School Challenge is a new element of the event. Foursomes from each high
                                                                                                Liaison to Hillsboro School District
school compete for a traveling trophy. This year’s winners are the Liberty foursome of          Nicole Kaufman
Rachel Kivett, Mackenzie Stockhoff, Meghan Zumwalt and Carlie Townsend.
Matthew Brennan is the director of membership at the Reserve and the son of Tony                advisory Board
Brennan. He recalls, “ much my Dad loved the game of golf, and felt that golf             Lynn Adamo, Our House Tile Design
provided as much education as it did enjoyment. He would be so pleased to see a special         MaryAnn Barnekoff
                                                                                                Kristin Bryant, University of Portland
place for young golfers included in this event.”                                                Marilynn Helzerman
                                                                                                Retired Mayor Tom Hughes, Tonkon Torp
Many from the business community came together in support of Tony’s Tourney. Led
                                                                                                Bob Iwasaki, Tanasacres Nursery
by presenting sponsor Genentech, with Portland General Electric, Nike and Newland               Karen Packer
Communities, businesses and individuals helped raise over $20,000 for HSF. The win-             Deanna Palm, Greater Hillsboro Area
                                                                                                   Chamber of Commerce
ning foursome included Dave Hansen, Christian Kemp, Shawn McCrary and Alan                      Nancy Ponzi, Ponzi Vineyards
Hencky representing West Coast Bank.                                                            Annie Shull, Raptor Ridge Winery
                                                                                                Judy Willey, Oregon International Airshow
We thank everyone who participated and look forward to seeing you all next year on
                                                                                                Program Director
June 22 at the Reserve!                                                                         Donna Tsai

(Pictured) Winners of the High School Challenge include team members Rachel Kivett, Mackenzie
Stockhoff, Meghan Zumwalt and Carlie Townsend of Liberty High School                            executive director
                                                                                                Aron Carleson

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