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                                                                                    Zero to age 21: Information
                                                                                   Promoting Success for Nurses
                                                                                     working with Kansas Kids
                                                                                                 OCTOBER 2004
                                                                                          Welcome to ZIPS: Zero to Age 21: Information
                      Welcome Aboard, Jane!                                               Promoting Success for Nurses working with
                                                                                          Kansas Kids. We hope this newsletter continues to
   Jane Stueve began working in the          coming to KDHE, she worked for               be a useful resource for you, and we encourage you to
Children and Families Section of             Jefferson County Home Health and             give us your comments, feedback, and suggestions.
KDHE this past month as our new              Hospice and Jackson County Health            Also, note that previous months’ issues of the ZIPS
Adolescent Health Coordinator.               Department as a visiting nurse, public       can be found at:
   Jane has been with KDH&E since            health nurse and school nurse. She           Contents                                       Page
1998. Her experience with KDHE               has several years of experience work-
                                                                                          Zips                                              1
includes Coordinator for the New-            ing for St Francis Hospital and Medi-
                                                                                          Perinatal: Conception-Birth                       2
born Screening and Birth Defects             cal center on the hospital floors, and
Registry, working as a case manager          in the clinics.                              Child Health: Age 0-9                             3
for Children with Special Health Care            So if you get the chance, make           Adolescent Health: Age 10-21                        4
Needs, and consultant for the Fetal          sure to say hello to Jane and welcome        Public Health                                       5
Alcohol Syndrome project. Prior to           her to our crew!                             School Health                                       6
                                                                                          Events and Resources                                7

                   Public Health Goes to Iraq
                       Dan Arnold a          monitoring trends of hearing loss in
                       Staff Sergeant in     occupational settings and educating
                       the Kansas Air        soldiers on the wear of hearing protec-
                       National Guard        tion, blood borne pathogen training,
                       will be deploying     immunization monitoring and food
                       to Tallil Air         preparation education. Also, Dan per-
                                                                                              This Newsletter is Compiled By:
                       Base, Iraq for no     forms regular inspection of dining fa-
                                                                                          Kansas Dept. of
                       less than 120         cilities to prevent the chance of food       Health & Environment
                       days in support       borne illness, provides medical intelli-     Bureau for Children, Youth
                       of Operation En-      gence briefings for those leaving the        and Families
                       during Freedom        area to another country outside the con-                   1000 SW Jackson, Suite 220
as a Public Health Technician for the        tinental United States, and will also be                             Topeka, KS 66612
407th Expeditionary Medical Group.           performing vector surveillance                                      fax: 785-296-4166
As the Sumner County Bioterrorism            (tracking bugs) and making recommen-  
Coordinator, Dan was charged with            dations to rid or protect against vectors.                                         html
setting up a surveillance program as         This also includes site selection and        Christine Tuck, RN, BSN, MS, CSN
part of the County Bioterrorism Plan,        hygiene for new tent cities.                              Child and School Health Consultant
among other things. His public health           While his experience is not fully util-                                    785-296-7433
experience from the Air Force and Air        ized in his civilian occupation he is an                    
National Guard have proven to be valu-       asset that will be missed and we await       Joseph Kotsch, RN, BSN, MS
able in educating the community about        his return in four months.                                                  Perinatal Consultant
the possibility of spreading a communi-         You may e-mail him your well                                                   785-296-1306
cable disease, naturally occurring or        wishes at daniel.arnold@tlab.aorcentaf.                      
man made, and the need to have sur- after September 15th or mail let-     Jane Stueve, RN, BSN
veillance sites in place to detect disease   ters to:                                                          Adoescent Helaht Consultant
outbreaks.                                      SSgt Dan Arnold
  Dan has been involved in the public           407 AEG/EMDG                              Ted Carter, MA
health arena for two years. While de-           APO, AE 09358                                             Abstinence Education Consultant
ployed he will be responsible for the           Letters take approximately 10 days                                          785-291-3053
occupational safety of thousands of de-      to be delivered..                                         
ployed soldiers. His duties will include

ZIPS                                                              1                                                    October 2004
             Z i p s : Perinatal Health
                                                                                          Compassion brings us to a stop, and for a
                                                                                          moment we rise above ourselves.
                                                                                                                     - Mason Cooley

                   A recent article in the   information on this topic go to: http://      has been tested in a variety of
                   Journal of the              workplace settings. Ross has partnered
                   National Cancer           clinical-report/index.dtl The title of the    with the Families and Work Institute
                   Institute, Vol. 96, No    article to access is: Dealing with the        and Working Mother Media to promote
                   14, July 21, 2004         Parent Whose Judgment is Impaired by          and distribute the kit, which is intended
stated “women at a very high risk of         Alcohol or Drugs: Legal and Ethical           for use by business owners, executive
breast cancer – those with the               Considerations                                decision makers, and human resource
BRCA1 mutations – get greater                                                              professionals, as well as health
protection from the disease by                            Conclusions and                  professionals and policymakers, in their
breastfeeding than lower-risk                             Recommendations From             efforts to support mothers who
women.” Breastfeeding for one year                        the AMCHP Perinatal HIV          breastfeed their infants. The kit and
or longer was associated with a 45                        Prevention Survey: In the        other breastfeeding resources are
percent reduction in breast cancer risk                   face of continuing perinatal     available at:
among women with the genetic                 (mother to infant) transmission of HIV        backtowork.asp
mutation who participated in the study.      occurrence, states need to continue to
However, breastfeeding did not appear        improve their efforts in a series of                                 October is SIDS
to protect women with another genetic        sequential events that occur in order to                             Awareness
mutation associated with a very high         maximize the prevention of perinatal                                 Month – The
risk of breast cancer known as BRCA2.        transmission of HIV. Other studies have                              SIDS Network of
“The differences between women with          shown the following items to be of                                   Kansas will be
BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations may                particular benefit in bringing about a                               displaying
reflect underlying differences in the        substantial decline in perinatal HIV                                 awareness
pathogenesis of cancers associated with      transmission rates:                           information at the 10th Annual Parent
the two genes. However, because our          • Pregnant women must access prenatal         University to be held Oct. 2, 8 a.m.-1 p.
sample of women with BRCA2                     care.                                       m. This conference is titled “Positive
mutations was small, it is premature to      • Provider must counsel pregnant women        Parenting for Tough Times”, and is
conclude that a modest reduced risk is         regarding the benefits of knowing their     designed to provide opportunities for
not present in this subgroup as well.”         HIV status.                                 parents to learn new parenting
“How breastfeeding is associated with        • Providers must offer women the              concepts, exchange ideas with the
a reduced risk of breast cancer is             opportunity for voluntary HIV testing.      experts, and view exhibitors featuring
unclear but may be related to changes        • Pregnant women must accept testing and      community agencies and businesses
in mammary gland differentiation or to         return to receive their test results.       that serve children and families. For
effects on breast estrogen levels.”          • Providers must offer antiretroviral
                                                                                           more information you can contact the
                                               treatment to those women who are found
                                                                                           SIDS network of Kansas office at: 316-
                                               to be HIV positive.
           Dealing With Parents                                                            682-1301.
                                             • And, the women must accept and adhere
           Whose Judgment is
                                               to treatment during the recommended
           Clouded by Substance/                                                                           A new PeriStats database
                                               intervention periods.
Alcohol Abuse: In this clinical report                                                                         and web interface
                                             Therefore, this set of ideas was
from the American Academy of                                                                                   were recently
                                             recommended by the Association of
Pediatrics, legal and ethical concepts                                                     implemented to integrate access to
                                             Maternal and Child Health Programs
are discussed related to the dynamic of                                                    detailed city and county data on
                                             (AMCHP) in this report. For the full
the physician-child-impaired parent                                                        maternal and infant health in the United
                                             report go to:
interaction. Suggestions are offered to                                                    States. More than 50,000 graphs, maps,
address in a preemptory manner to                                                          and tables have been added to the
pediatricians and their staff members                                                      PeriStats system to date. The Web site
best sets of responses when dealing                                                        is intended to be used for fact-finding,
with substance or alcohol abusing                                     Business Backs
                                                                                           regional health assessments, grant
parents. All efforts are designed to                                  Breastfeeding:
                                                                                           writing, policy development, lectures,
maximize the well-being and safety of        A Flexible Workplace Program for
                                                                                           and presentations. An overview of the
their clients and to minimize the            Breastfeeding Mothers is a resource kit
                                                                                           new features is available at http://www.
                                             containing instructions, tips, and
liability for the pediatricians and their                                        
                                             template materials to help employers
staff members. Further, some of this                                                       aspx?id=6. The PeriStats Web site is
                                             support workplace lactation programs.
information can be transferred to other                                                    available at http://www.marchofdimes.
                                             The program is based on a model that
medical settings as well. For more                                                         com/peristats.

ZIPS                                                              2                                             October 2004
                                                                                Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words

            Z i p s : Child Health
                                                                                will break our heart.
                                                                                                                  - Robert Fulghum

           Visit the                        via Internet at:           "Physical Activity: Your Heart Your
National Center on                          ncepihom/ and ask for publication              Life: A Lay Health Educator's
Birth Defects and                           number 100-F-04-900.                           Program" has just gone live on the
Developmental                                                                              NHLBI Web site. The effort is an
Disabilities                                              The CDC's Division of            outgrowth of the popular "Salud para su
Web site: http://                                         Nutrition and Physical           Corazon" program, an exciting                                Activity is pleased to announce the            comprehensive community-based heart-
ncbddd/kids/default.                        launch of the new searchable Inventory         health promotion initiative from the
htm.                                        of Qualitative Research in Nutrition           National Heart, Lung, and Blood
                                            and Physical Activity. http://www.cdc.         Institute. It targets Latinos living in the
                                            gov/nccdphp/dnpa/qualitative_research/         United States, but the information in
                                            The site provides basic information about      English is also suitable for a wide
                                            qualitative studies that have been             audience. The project raises awareness
The Institute of Medicine, through the      conducted in the fields of nutrition,          of the risk factors and promotes
Food and Nutrition Board and the            physical activity, and other related fields.   lifestyle changes to reduce the chances
Board on Children, Youth, and               The inventory allows users to search for       of developing heart disease. Members
Families, will undertake a                  information using search fields, entering      of the public can now interact with
comprehensive study of the science-         keywords, or searching the entire              Angela - a virtual lay health educator -
based effects of food marketing on          database. No registration or password is       to learn how making some simple
the diets and health of children and        required.                                      changes in their lives can significantly
youth in the United States. This work                                                      reduce their risk of heart disease. The
is funded by the Centers for Disease                          This year's Back to          program is at:
Control and Prevention (CDC), in                              School theme is "15+         salud/pa/learning.htm. A Spanish
response to a Congressional directive.                        Make Time to Listen,         language version of this program is also
For more information, visit: http://        Take Time to Talk." The 15+ program            available at:
          was developed by the federal Substance         salud/pa/indexsp.htm
                 id=21939                   Abuse and Mental Health Services
                                            Administration to help parents and kids                        Early Child
                   October is               talk about everyday issues and tough                            Development in Social
                   Children’s Health        topics. NMHA is working to adapt and                            Context: A Chartbook
                   Month! Children          promote the program for community                               reviews more than 30
                need clean air to           use. The 15+ theme stresses the                                indicators of
breathe, clean water to drink, safe food    importance of positive parent-child                          development and health
to eat, and a healthy environment to        communication in the emotional                 for infants and children. In addition to
learn, grow and thrive. Yet every day,      development and educational success of         presenting data, the chartbook includes
children are exposed to environmental       children. The "Back to School" kit             brief research-based explanations of the
risks that may stand in the way of these    contains a number of materials including:      importance of the indicators and
basic necessities. These risks may          Activity planner; Fast Facts; Calendar;        considers possible steps policymakers,
have serious consequences. Many of          Resource list and Reading list for schools     practitioners, and parents can take to
the health problems that result from        and parents, Parent outreach materials:        improve children's development and
exposure to harmful environmental           "Children's Mental Health Matters" fact        health. The chartbook is available at
conditions can be prevented, managed,       sheets on Good Mental Health,        
and treated. During Children’s Health       Overscheduled Child, AD/HD, Anxiety,           publications_show.htm?
Month discover the rewards of               Depression and Bipolar Disorder, Media         doc_id=237483.
children’s health by taking steps to        outreach materials: Drop-in article; press
protect children from environmental         release and radio PSA scripts. You can                 The March of Dimes has issued
health risks where they live and learn.     download all of these Back to School                   a statement on the report on
Take advantage of a special October         materials at:                     newborn screening prepared for
calendar that includes an action step for   pbedu/backtoschool/index.cfm                   the MCH Bureau of the U.S. Health
each day of the month – topics ranging                                                     Resources and Services Administration
from helping children breathe easier to                              A new program         by the ACMG. For more information,
making schools healthier. To order the                               from NHLBI,           visit : or in
calendar, call 800-490-9198 or order                                 entitled              Spanish:

ZIPS                                                             3                                               October 2004
            Z i p s : Adolescent Health
                                                                              For disappearing acts, it's hard to beat what hap-
                                                                              pens to the eight hours supposedly left after eight of
                                                                              sleep and eight of work.
                                                                                                                      - Doug Larson
                           Decline in                                  The new edition of the
                           Teen Births      Publications/PubAbstract.asp?                         Adolescent Pregnancy
                           Linked to a      pubi=11816 A limited number of printed                Prevention knowledge path is
                           Decline in       copies are available from the Juvenile        an electronic resource guide on recent,
Poverty: In a report recently released      Justice Clearinghouse (JJC). Copies can       high-quality resources that analyze
by the U.S. Congress’ Ways and              be ordered online at http://puborder.         data, describe public health campaigns
Means Committee, they link a       or by calling JJC at 800-851-       and prevention programs, and report on
reduction in the teen birth rate to         3420. For full-text publications,             research aimed at identifying causes
improvements in poverty rates and           information on OJJDP or JJC, and other        and promising intervention strategies.
living arrangements for teens. In           juvenile justice matters, visit: http://      Produced by the MCH Library, the
addition, this report goes on to say that                      knowledge path includes information
the almost 30 percent decline in the                                                      on (and links to) Web sites and
teen birth rate (1991-2002) is linked to                                 If you're the    electronic publications, databases,
the 23 percent decline in the poverty                                    parent of a      electronic newsletters and online
rate for children as well as the decrease                                teen, you know   discussion groups, journal articles, and
in the number of children living with a                                  that back-to-    print publications. It is intended for use
single mother. Further, the report links                                school time is    by health professionals, policymakers,
the 26 percent drop in children under       about a lot more than buying new              researchers, and families who are
the age of six living in poverty and an     sneakers and pencils. It's a reminder of      interested in tracking timely
80 percent decrease in the number of        the many challenges you -- and your           information on this topic. The
children under the age of six living        teen -- face day-to-day. In an effort to      knowledge path is available at http://
with a single mother to the overall         help you meet the challenge and keep
decrease in the teen birth rate. Since      your teen healthy and safe, the NWHRC         KnowledgePaths/kp_adolpreg.html.
teenage mothers and their children tend     has developed a handy online back-to-
toward poverty, this report is helpful in   school kit just for you. It's packed with
pointing out ways in which the              new fact sheets, tips, resources and
economy benefits from reduced teen          advice from leading adolescent health         Volkswagen announces "Positive
birth rates. For the full version of the    experts, including How to Raise Healthy,      Peer Pressure" Volkswagen began
article, “Declining Teen Births Linking     Drug-Free Teens, Tips for Helping Your        airing TV ads created, produced and
to Reductions in Poverty” go to: http://    Teen Eat a Balanced Diet, Teen                directed by high school teens. But                   Depression and Eating Disorder Warning        Volkswagen isn't airing these ads to
newsletters/1/index.html                    Signs. It's also got the latest information   sell its cars. Instead, it wants to sell
                                            on New Trends in Teen Drug Abuse and          safety by using the power of peer
                   The Office of            Fast Facts about Teen Health Checkups,        pressure to help convince more teens to
                   Juvenile Justice         and much more! View the kit here:             wear safety belts and to reverse a tragic
                   and Delinquency         trend that sees some 5,500 young
Prevention (OJJDP) announces the            html                                          people die in car crashes every year. As
availability of "Disproportionate                                                         part of a contest sponsored by
Minority Confinement: 2002                                        Cyberbullying           Volkswagen, high school students from
Update." Although minority youth                                  Resources: There        across the nation were challenged to
account for about one-third of the U.S.     may be no safe zone against bullying –        create and produce 30-second PSAs to
juvenile population, they comprise          even instant messaging, chat rooms, e-        convince their peers to buckle up.
two-thirds of the detention/corrections     mail, and blogs can be places of              Vote for the most compelling ad at
population. The problem of                  harassment for young people. The     until
disproportionate minority confinement       MindOH! Foundation has resources for          October 13. The winner will be
(DMC) has far -reaching                     victims, parents and bullies themselves       announced during this show's
consequences—not only for these             to help youth understand the full             commercial time and on the Web site
young offenders but for society as a        meaning and consequences of bullying          on October 18. The spots were
whole. This OJJDP Summary                   and to explore ways of stopping online        produced as part of Fasten Your Seat
describes developments in addressing        social cruelty. For more information          Belt ... ! Go Far!, a national safety belt
DMC at the national, state, and local       visit:       education
levels. "Disproportionate Minority          bullying.htm                                  program and
Confinement: 2002 Update" (NCJ                                                            contest.
201240) is available online at http://

ZIPS                                                            4                                               October 2004
              Z i p s : Public Health
                                                                               The best jokes welcome the laughter of all.
                                                                                                                       - Anonymous

                  2005 Women’s               lead/events/leadWeek.htm Please              Services Web site and can be
                  Health Daybooks            contact or          downloaded at: http://www.kdhe.state.
                  Now available for and let them
                  order! That’s right!       know about activities you have planned
                  The National               in your community. Let us know by                 Counseling Plus
                  Women’s Health             Wednesday, October 6 and they will                Pharmacotherapy Improves
                  Information Center is      share the information with Governor               Smoking Cessation Success:
now offic ially taking orders for            Sebelius. In Kansas, Governor Sebelius       The most successful smoking cessation
“Generations,” the 2005 Women’s              will be proclaiming October as Lead          efforts combine counseling with over-
Health Daybook. We’ve spent the past         Poisoning Prevention Month                   the-counter or prescription therapies
year gathering new health statistic s,                                                    such as nicotine gum, skin patches,
researching important health topics,                HHS Releases Plan for Dealing         lozenges, nicotine inhalers, and nasal
and reading your comments to create                 with Pandemic Influenza: A            sprays, according to an article in
the best daybook to date. To order your             draft plan outlining how the          today's issue of the Journal of the
copy today, call 800-994-9662 while          federal government and state and local       American Medical Association. http://
supplies last or visit: http://              health authorities would handle an              influenza pandemic if one should occur       sept15_alert.asp
index.htm                                    was released today by the federal
                                             Department of Health and Human                       NIH Steps Up Research on
       The CDC's Division of Nutrition       Services. For more information visit:                Obesity, Including Children:
       and Physical Activity is pleased                 Research on the causes and
       to announce the launch of the new     aug26_alert.asp                              prevention of obesity in children is one
       searchable Inventory of                                                            focus of a stepped-up research agenda
       Qualitative Research in                                       CDC announces        on obesity announced today by the
       Nutrition and Physical Activity.                              the opening of the   federal National Institutes of Health.                                   “2004-05 Flu         For more information visit: http://
       dnpa/qualitative_research The                                 Gallery.” The
       site provides basic information                               gallery is a place   aug24b_alert.asp
       about qualitative studies that have                           on the web where
       been conducted in the fields of                               you can view and           Here It Is Again: Who, Exactly,
       nutrition, physical activity, and                             download all of            Should Get a Flu Shot? The
       other related fields. If you have a                           this season’s              information has been repeated
       qualitative study that you would                              influenza            many times, but the Centers for
       like to share through the             education materials, including posters,      Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
       Inventory, please send an e-mail      flyers and brochures for the following       wants to be sure everyone gets the
       to If you have           audiences: Healthcare providers,             message. Find the CDC's current list
       questions about the Inventory,        Seniors, Pregnant women, Parents of 6-       of people who definitely should be
       please contact Carrie Heitzler at     23 month olds and other kids at high risk,   vaccinated against flu in this year's flu or 770-488-5286.          People 18 or older with high risk            season, which begins in October by
                                             conditions. Most materials are in            visiting:: http://www.healthinschools.
"Shut the Door                               English and Spanish. There are files that    org/2004/sept23_alert.asp
on Lead                                      you can print on an office printer, and
Poisoning" is the                            separate files that can be taken to a                            National AMBER
theme for the                                professional (offset) printer. For more                          Alert Coordinator
2004 National                                information visit:                           and Assistant
Lead Poisoning Prevention week which         flu/professionals/patiented.htm                                  Attorney General
is October 24 through 30. The CDC                                                                             for the Office of
Web site has sample materials                                 The Kansas                  Justice Programs Deborah J. Daniels
communities can use to promote the                            Foodborne Illness and       today unveiled three new AMBER
week and raise awareness regarding                            Outbreak manual             Alert public service announcements,
lead poisoning dangers. For more                              (Sept 2004) is available    and also announced an easily
information please check out the CDC                          on the Kansas               accessible Web site: (http://www.
Web site at                          Epidemiological   

ZIPS                                                             5                                              October 2004
            Z i p s : School Health
                                                                              Every day is a new opportunity to ask more ques-
                                                                              tions and see what happens.
                                                                                                               - Elizabeth Wurtzel

                            Participation   available at http://www.                    have special health care needs,
                            in High or by emailing                meaning that they have medical,
                            School                          behavioral, or other health conditions
Physical Education - United States,                                                     that have existed for at least one year,
1991-2003                                 Hepatitis B               according to a report published in the
mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5336a5.                               Vaccination Urged:        September issue of the journal
htm. This report is based on data from                        Parents are being urged   Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent
the 1991-2003 national Youth Risk                             to add hepatitis B        Medicine. For more information visit:
Behavior Surveys (YRBS). The article                          vaccination to their
reveals that, overall, the percentage of    "back to school" lists by the federal       sept07_alert.asp
high school students attending daily        Department of Health and Human
physical education (PE) classes             Services. Since the state of Kansas does         New Treatment for Head Lice-
declined significantly from 1991 (42        require Hepatitis B immunization as a            Suffocation: A dry-on,
percent) to 1995 (25 percent), then         condition for Kindergarten entry this            suffocation-based, pediculicide
remained stable from 1995 to 2003 (28       year, this information will be good to      lotion effectively treats head lice
percent). The percentage of students        review: http://www.healthinschools.         without neurotoxins, nit removal, or
enrolled in PE (56 percent in 2003) and     org/2004/aug24_alert.asp                    extensive house cleaning, according to
the percentage of students physically                                                   a report in the September issue of the
active more than 20 minutes in PE                Sugar Sweetened Soft Drinks,           electronic journal Pediatrics. For more
classes three - five days per week (39           Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes A          information visit: http://www.
percent in 2003) did not change                  new study offers evidence that the
significantly during 1991 to 2003. For      extra calories in sugar-sweetened soft      asp
more information on this article, please    drinks can lead to obesity, which is
contact: Richard Lowry, MD, MS,             linked to type 2 diabetes. http://www.            Customized Program Reduces
Medical Officer/Epidemiologist,             Asthma Symptoms in Inner-
Centers for Disease Control and             htm. Excellent information should you             City Children: A program that
Prevention. Phone: 770-488-6176,            have questions about the value of           targets allergens and tobacco smoke in
Email:                       Varicella immunization and the new          the home resulted in fewer asthma
                                            school entry requirement. http://www.       symptoms in children participating in
               Despite mounting                     the intervention than in those who were
               pressure nationwide to       chickenpox.savings.ap/index.html.           not, according to a new study
               improve test scores and                                                  sponsored by the National Institutes of
               to help students succeed                          The American           Health (NIH) in seven metropolitan
academically, the National                                       Academy of Allergy,    areas nationwide. For more
Association for Sport and Physical                               Asthma and             information visit: http://www.
Education (NASPE) urges parents and         Immunology and the American       
principals to keep recess and physical      Academy of Pediatrics are sponsoring        asp
education as critical parts of the          the 14th Annual Asthma Poster
elementary school day! Hoping to gain       contest. Any child that has asthma in               Senate Bill Urges Schools to
more academic time, school officials        grades 1 through 8 can enter this contest           Allow Students to Self-
across the country are curtailing recess    between now and Dec. 3rd. For more                  Medicate for Asthma A bill
and/or physical education in                information about the contest and how to    introduced in the United States Senate
elementary schools. Unfortunately the       enter visit:          would give preference for federal
availability of physical education and      patients/just4kids/postercontest/           asthma-related grants to states that
recess in many schools is often based       postercontest_new.stm Also, visit the       have legislation requiring schools to
on preset allocations for teachers’ free    Asthma and Allergy Tool Kit for             allow children to carry their asthma
and planning times as well as state         School Nurses at the AAAAI Web site:        medication at school, on the school
requirements for student time in the               bus, on the playground, and on school
classroom rather than on child              allied_health/tool_kit/                     field trips. The Senate bill, S, 2815,
development research or health needs.                                                   and the House bill, H.R. 2023, can be
To assist parents in supporting this              Survey Finds 13 Percent of            read and tracked on the Internet at
effort, NASPE has a position paper                Children Have Special Health
called "Recess in Elementary Schools."            Care Needs: Approximately 13
Free copies of the document are             percent of children in the United States

ZIPS                                                            6                                             October 2004
             Z i p s : Events and Resources
                                                                                          Take risks, learn quickly from your mis-
                                                                                          takes, and above all... do not stand still.
                                                                                                                    - James Q. Crowe

                 2005 Kansas Youth               net 785-776-5071 or JoAnn Henry          Healthy Start Home Visitor Regional
                 Leadership Forum       785-532-7197              Training for Northwest Kansas –
               for Students with             •   October 14-16, 2004—Parsons,             October 5, 2004 in Gove at the Gove
               Disabilities. June 14-            Kansas—: Alice Eberhart-Wright and       County Health Department.
18, 2005 Washburn University,                    Rhodanne Schiller—Southeast Kansas
Topeka, KS. Approximately 45 youth               Association for the Education of Young   Healthy Start Home Visitor Regional
will be accepted to attend based on a            Children (SAEYC)—Bobbi Wells             Training for Southcentral Kansas –
competitive selection process. There    620-421-6550 x1627 or       October 26 in St. John at the Odd
will be NO charge for student delegates          Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier vlsrent@ku.    Fellows (I.O.O.F.) Hall.
or volunteers to participate in this             edu 620-421-6550 x 1768
forum. All appropriate expenses will be      •    October 21 and 22, 2004—Salina,         Humana Foundation Supports
paid by YLF administration, including            Kansas—Dr. Rick Gaskill—Family           Health Projects: The Humana
lodging, food, interpreters for deaf             Forum/Community Early Learning           Foundation provides support for
students, personal care attendants and           Links—Peggy Graves at                    projects and organizations in the fields
other accommodations, if needed. For    785-825-          of health, education, and civic and
additional information, please contact           4861                                     cultural development. Funding is
the Kansas YLF State Coordinator at          •   October 22, 2004—Hiawatha, Kansas—       limited to nonprofit organizations
785-267-1717 v/tty or email:                     J. Sophie Thayer, Ph.D.—Northeast        located in communities where Humana                                 Kansas tiny-k (Infant Toddler            has a presence. These communities
                                                 Program) —Kris Grosche kgrosche@ku.      include Arizona, Colorado, Florida,
FREE parent leadership training in               edu 785-887-6711—November 1,             Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky,
the area of advocacy on October 22 -             2004—Hays, Kansas—J Sophie Thayer,       Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, North
23 in Topeka. There are even a small             PhD—Hays Area Children’s Center —        Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee,
number of donated hotel rooms                    Kris Schulte, kschulte@hays489.k12.ks.   Texas, Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico.
available (on a first come-first served          us 785-625-3257                          For more information visit: http://
basis) - just ask. This is a collaboration   •   November 4, 2004 and April 15, 2005—
among Ks Action for Children, Head               Oakley, Kansas—Dr. Rick Gaskill and      ops185.asp
Start, the Children's Cabinet,                   Dr. Martin Maldonado—Northwest
KACCRRA, and ICC. Capital tours                  Kansas Educational Service Center—                    Public/Private Ventures
start at mid-morning on Friday. The              Kathy Kersenbrock-Ostmeyer at                         has announced the
training runs through Saturday mid-     785-672-3125                            availability of “Alive at
day. If you want more information,           •   November 20, 2004—Beloit, Kansas —J.                  25: Reducing Youth
contact Doug Bowman at (785) 296-                Sophie Thayer, Ph.D.—Cloud County                     Violence Through
1294 or at              Community College Early Childhood                     Monitoring and
Space is limited, so act fast. "When             Resource & Referral Agency—Misty                      Support,” by Wendy S.
parents speak, policy-makers listen."            Elder at 785-243-       McClanahan. The 38-page report
                                                 9345                                     describes the Youth Vio lence
The Infant Toddler Conference                •   December 18, 2004 (tentative)—Dodge      Reduction Partnership, a Philadelphia,
committee is pleased to announce the             City, Kansas—Dr. Temple-Grandin —        PA, program that provides youth at
following Infant Mental Health                   Dodge City Community College Child       high risk of committing homicide or
events throughout Kansas. Partial                Care Resource & Referral Agency—         being victimized by it with intensive
funding for these events was provided            Lorna Ford or lford@dc3.    services designed to divert them away
by the Kansas Department of Social               edu 620-227-7344                         from violence and toward productive
and Rehabilitation Services (SRS)            •   January 13 and 14, 2005 (tentative)—     adulthood. The report’s outc ome data
Health Care Support Division for                 Topeka Public Library, Topeka,           suggest that the program, which
Mental Health, the Infant Toddler                Kansas—Marilyn Espe-Sherwindt, Ph.       receives funding under OJJDP’s
Conference, and the Head Start                   D., Cara Bass, CLP and Dr. Martin        Juvenile Accountability Block Grants
Collaboration office. Please contact             Maldonado—Shawnee County Infant          program, has contributed to a reduction
the individuals listed for additional            Toddler Services—Kathy Johnson at        in homicides in the two districts where
information or registration information. 785-233-7374        the program operates. “Alive at 25:
• October 2, 2004—Manhattan,                                                              Reducing Youth Violence Through
  Kansas—Dr. Martin Maldonado—               28th Annual Governor’s Conference on         Monitoring and Support” is available
  Raising Riley Early Childhood Task         the Prevention of Child Abuse and            online at
  Force—Cat Tierney mdclc@interkan.          Neglect – October 6-8 in Wichita.            publications/assets/174_publication.
ZIPS                                                              7                                             October 2004

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