EPO People In-Processing Checklist

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					                                                                           EPO People In-Processing Checklist
                                                                                           DC-OPD-19 V1.0

                           EPO People In-Processing Checklist
A. Administrative
      Receive and review email from sponsor containing welcome aboard letter, area map, and other
       pre-reading administrative materials (1-2 weeks prior to arrival).
      Assigned sponsor should have contacted you to discuss your arrival plans, any formalities, and
       answer any questions you may have had (1-2 weeks prior to arrival).
      Process through Pass & Decal to receive decal for car and SSC Pacific badge.
      Meet other EPO team members to learn about their areas of expertise and responsibilities.
      Receive a key to Bldg. 312 (or Bldg. 318) from the EPO Director and review building lockup
       procedures. There is a master key for all internal office doors of Bldg 312 with locks hanging on
       the brown board located near the front door area in Bldg. 312. Please keep this in mind in the
       event that any of the office doors are accidentally locked.
            Building 312 Lockup Procedures:
             The last one in the building is responsible for conducting lockup procedures. As a
                courtesy, the second to the last person leaving the building should ensure he/she notifies
                the last person that they are leaving.
             Ensure no one else is in the building.
             Ensure coffee pots are emptied and coffee machines are turned off.
             Ensure all computers are logged off and no Common Access Cards (CACs) are left
             Ensure all valuable items are stowed away properly and no removable hard drives have
                been left out. Any laptops not in use should also be stowed away. (except the laptop in
                the conference room)
             Ensure all windows throughout the building have been closed and locked. Remember to
                check the bathroom and copy station windows.
             Ensure all the lights have been turned off.
             Ensure all external doors to the building have been closed and locked.
             Remember: Although we do not handle classified materials within EPO, everyone is
                expected to practice good security measures. EPO does have three-dot locks on all
                external doors, and it is considered a security violation to leave them unlocked if no
                one is in the building. This includes during the work day as well as overnight.
      Have assigned sponsor or any available EPO representative provide you with a quick tour of the
       building and show you where your office is.
      Have assigned sponsor or any available EPO representative explain to you the white schedule
       board that is located in the EPO conference room and the brown board by the front door.
      Verify that your new office has adequate furniture, a telephone, computer, and basic office
       supplies. If more office supplies are needed, help yourself to the supply cabinets located in the
       EPO library.
      The EPO Director will ensure nameplates are made for your office and the brown board.
      Familiarize yourself with your office location and phone number.
      EPO uses the Audix messaging system on all phone lines. To reset the password to your phone
       line, you will need to contact the Audix System Administrator by email at or by phone at 619-553-2758. Once the password is reset, you should be
       able to access the Audix messaging system at 619-553-9800 to setup your personal voicemail.

                                                                          EPO People In-Processing Checklist
                                                                                          DC-OPD-19 V1.0

   The EPO Director will need to set up your Defense Travel System (DTS) account and issue your
    travel credit card. Ensure request forms have been filled out accordingly to avoid any delays.
    (Gov’t only)
   Establish your MyBiz account for National Security Personnel System (NSPS). Contact the EPO
    Director for details. (Gov’t only)
   The EPO Director or your supervisor will ensure that your projects are added to your timecard.
    Ensure timecard has been set up properly and timecard procedures have been reviewed. (For all
    government personnel, the EPO Director will ensure member has an N-ERP account set
   Discuss and define your working hours with your supervisor.
   Work with the EPO Director and your supervisor to develop performance objectives. Meet with
    your supervisor to go over those objectives.
   Once you have defined your performance objectives, your list of job responsibilities will be
    added to the “EPO Current Tasking by Person” document. See EPO Admin to add you to the list.
   See EPO Admin to add your personal information onto the emergency roster. Please help keep
    the emergency roster current by providing your home address, phone number, and emergency
   Annual leave is yours to take. Let the EPO Director and your supervisor know and plan on taking
    it unless you hear otherwise. Post all leave that is one day or more on the white schedule board
    located in the EPO conference room. If on sick leave, please call the EPO Director or email EPO
   When you plan to be out of the office for more than a few minutes, please sign out on the brown
    board by the front door.
   EPO strives to maintain professional looking offices. It is strongly recommended that any
    miscellaneous papers or sticky notes not be tacked to any equipment, walls, or doors. If you
    would like a corkboard for this purpose, feel free to order one. Personal, framed art is highly
    encouraged. Each person should have enough closed storage for all documents, books, papers,
    and personal items. Arrangements can be made if you require more space.
   Every EPO representative is expected to attend two meetings: the EPO Staff meeting on Tuesday
    and the EPO Parallel Organization (future planning) meeting held on the last Thursday of every
    month. To the best of our ability, we follow the Successful Reviews and Meetings Procedure
    found on the SSC Pacific Process Asset Library (PAL) at There is
    also a format for each meeting on the PAL. Select “Processes” under “EPO” at the bottom of the
   We have a standard format for all PowerPoint presentations, which everyone is expected to use
    for any briefs or training. The presentation format can be found on the PAL.
   The EPO Library is your resource, though books/video tapes must be checked out if you want to
    use them at your desk. If you would like to add books to our stacks, please let the EPO Director
    know and the EPO librarian will order them. You should be familiar with what is available in the
   Weekly activity reports are due by COB of the Monday following the week being reported. EPO
    personnel should follow the SEPO/SPI Agent Status Reporting Procedure.
   Email is a great way of documenting ideas, actions, decisions, etc. It is also a tool that is subject
    to great abuse. Use good judgment to know the difference. Since many people communicate
    through email, use of a descriptive subject line is very much appreciated.

                                                                            EPO People In-Processing Checklist
                                                                                            DC-OPD-19 V1.0

      You are expected to be familiar with, follow, and suggest improvements to all EPO Internal
       Processes found on the SSC Pacific PAL.
B. System Administration
      Work with the EPO Director to establish your Navy and Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) account
       (s) and to get an NMCI computer, if needed. The EPO System Administrator will add you to the
       appropriate email distribution lists, flyers and various briefings.
      If you do not already have an email account, the EPO Director will submit a request. You will
       also need to get a CAC.
      The electronic phone book must be updated with your information. To update the electronic
       phonebook, go to; search for your name, then
       select your name and press “Update Info”. (A CAC card is required to access this site.)
C. Technical
      You are expected to be intimately familiar with the products and services offered by EPO. You
       can find them on the SSC Pacific PAL. They are tracked via a Product Status Report that you
       might find useful for learning about them. Specifically review all products listed under the
       “Processes” section of the SSC Pacific PAL. This will bring you to the list of processes under
       SEPO Internal Process Assets. EPO personnel are also required to review the SSC Pacific
       Standard Process Assets Architecture Definition found under “Policies and Guidance” section of
       the SSC Pacific PAL. Additionally, review the SEPO Charter, the Project Management Policy,
       SSC San Diego Project Management Guide, the Systems/Software Engineering Management
       Policy, the EPO/SPI Agent/SPI Lead Job Description and the Project Management Plan for the
       SSC Pacific Process Improvement Initiative (a.k.a. – EPO PMP).
      EPO receives many inquiries of either a general nature or directed to a specific person. Each and
       every inquiry deserves to be answered in a timely manner, regardless if it is within our mission or
       not. Just a suggestion of whom to call is always appreciated. Feel free to use all resources (your
       own experience, others in the office, outside experts, library, software community alias, etc.) to
       help put together the best answer possible. Please follow the SEPO Process for Inquiries.
      You may be the “owner” of one or more products, which means you will have the responsibility
       for leading/coordinating any work done on that product. All documents produced in EPO are
       subject to the guidelines/directives contained in the EPO Configuration Management Procedure
       and the Handbook for Process Management (HPM). All products under EPO configuration
       control require a written Document Change Request (DCR) or Work Request (WR) and approval
       from a change control board (CCB), which is chaired by the EPO Director, before changes are
      Peer reviews are used liberally. As other members develop products, ensure that you complete a
       timely, quality review in whatever format (formal inspection, walkthrough, technical peer review,
       etc.) is requested of you. Whatever you do for others is likely to be returned when it’s your
       document that needs to be reviewed.
      All of our work is closely integrated. Thus, you will be asked for ideas, comments, reviews,
       participation in meetings, etc. You can also call on others in EPO if you need help with your
       tasks. If you need help from outside of EPO, let the EPO Director know as it might require the
       use of an N-ERP WBS number. Priorities of workload are the EPO Director’s responsibility.
       Please feel free to ask at anytime if there is an issue with which task to work on first.
      EPO team members are encouraged to attend at least one Systems/Software Engineering
       conference per year. Choices include the Systems/Software Technology Conference held each
       spring, the Software Engineering Process Group conference generally held in the spring in

                                                                            EPO People In-Processing Checklist
                                                                                            DC-OPD-19 V1.0

       various locations, the NDIA-sponsored CMMI Technology and User’s Conference held in
       Denver in the fall, or a conference aimed specifically at your area of expertise/interest.
      EPO team members are also expected to have training in several areas such as CMMI, project
       management, process improvement, appraisals, and others. Please consult the EPO/SPI
       Agent/SPI Lead Job Description for suggested training classes.
      Getting involved with systems and software engineering efforts outside of EPO is encouraged,
       based on workload (e.g., SEI Advisory Boards, CMMI Initiative).
D. General Information
      As an EPO team member, opinions are expected and welcome; disagreements are also expected
       and ALWAYS handled within the team. Reaching consensus is highly valued. The EPO
       Director will act as a tie-breaker, if the need arises. Team members are expected to be self-
       motivated and self-regulated.
      EPO is a service organization, funded with overhead funds from the technical codes. We must, at
       all times, be seen as value-added, professional, accountable, creditable, and supportive. We deal
       with a variety of personnel at all levels (practitioners through all levels of management) both
       internally and externally, and must always maintain a positive approach in dealing with these
      Take the time to establish your short term and long term goals, albeit professional and/or
       personal. Look at what you would like to accomplish in the next five years.
      The bathroom is co-ed. Follow the Bathroom Process (no kidding!) posted on the wall inside the
      If you would like to be in the coffee mess, simply replace any supplies (coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar,
       cream) that you use. The kitchen area is available for your use. Please ensure that you clean up
       after yourself and help out with the dishes occasionally.
      EPO is family oriented, as we do enjoy celebrating the birthdays of our team members. Check-in
       with EPO Admin to provide your information to the birthday list (i.e., birth date, cake or pie
       preference). The person who had the last birthday brings the card and treats for the next person.
      As a final note: WELCOME! We are glad to have you as a member of our team!


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