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					Non-compliant Organizations                                                                                                              Rev. 09/2009

       Non-compliant Organizations: Name                                   Location        Last Known Principal Contact(s)       Posting Date
  1    Action for Clean Energy, Inc.                            Cambridge, MA           Andrew Stern, President              7/9/2009
  2    Adams Ambulance Service, Inc.                            Adams, MA               Daniel LaPlante, President           4/9/2009
  3    Afab Kafanm, Inc.                                        Dorchester, MA          Judith Alexandre, President          2/12/2009
  4    Beverly Midget Football League, Inc.                     Beverly, MA             Hank McLaughlin, President           7/9/2009
  5    Birthright Israel Foundation                             New York, NY            No contact listed                    3/12/2009
  6    Boston Film Festival, Inc.                               Rockport, MA            Susan Fraine, Listed Contact         7/9/2009
  7    Cambodian American League of Lowell, Inc.                Lowell, MA              Ratha Yem, Exec. Director            2/12/2009
  8    Center for Clinical Computing, Inc.                      Boston, MA              Laurie Baires, Listed Contact        3/12/2009
  9    Central Parents’ Organization, Inc.                      Attleboro, MA           Pia Durkin, President                8/6/2009
  10   Club 24, Inc.                                            Malden, MA              Mark Nee, President                  4/9/2009
  11   Cohasset Basketball Boosters Club                        Cohasset, MA            Joe Campbell, Treasurer              7/9/2009
  12   Cohasset Soccer Club, Inc.                               Cohasset, MA            Contact Unknown                      7/9/2009
  13   Concert for the Cure, Inc                                Ann Arbor, MI           Dr. Theodora Ross, President         8/6/2009
  14   David's Champion Boxing Organization, Inc.               Brewster, MA            David Gonsalves, Jr., President      4/9/2009
  15   Dorchester Four Corners Development Corporation          Dorchester, MA          Reverend Eugene Rivers, President    2/12/2009
  16   Foundation for an American Vision                        Weston, MA              Eric B. Brennan, Listed Contact      3/12/2009
  17   Friends of Absolute Return for Kids, Inc.                Washington, DC          Contact Unknown                      7/9/2009
  18   Friends of Martha’s Vineyard Scouting, Inc.              Vineyard Haven, MA      Greg Hines, President                2/12/2009
  19   Friends of the Watertown Free Public Library, Inc.       Watertown, MA           Sandra Howard, Treasurer             3/12/2009
  20   FWC Charitable Enterprises, Inc.                         West Boylston, MA       Michael Teague, President            3/12/2009
  21   Galaxy Community Council, Inc.                           Chicopee, MA            Robert Baranowski, Treasurer         6/9/2009
  22   Giving Tree School, Inc.                                 Gill, MA                Betsy Evans, President               9/10/2009
  23   GLJ Center, Inc.                                         Belchertown, MA         Dale Jones, President                2/12/2009
  24   Greater Lynn Babe Ruth League, Inc.                      Lynn, MA                John Kaizan, President               3/12/2009
  25   Gridley Family Foundation                                Boston, MA              John Lyons, Listed Contact           9/10/2009
  26   Guscott, George R. & Carrie N. Family Foundation, Inc.   Roxbury, MA             Carrie Guscott, Listed Contact       4/9/2009
  27   Guyana Friends Association of Mass, Inc.                 Hyde Park, MA           Augustus Corbin, President           2/12/2009
  28   Heller, Dr. Sidney M. and Seena Humanitarian Trust       Milford, MA             Warren S. Heller, Trustee            2/12/2009
  29   Help for Homeowners, Inc                                 Arlington Heights, MA   Philip Goduti, President             7/9/2009
  30   Home Space, Inc.                                         Boston, MA              Jean Fox, Listed Contact             6/9/2009
  31   Inkind, Inc.                                             Cambridge, MA           William Dolan, Jr., President        5/14/2009
  32   Institute for International Vaccine Development, Inc.    Cambridge, MA           Elkan Blount, President              4/9/2009
  33   International Visual Sociology Association, Inc.         Cambridge, MA           John Grady, President                2/12/2009
  34   Joint Aid Management                                     Washington, D.C.        Isak Pretorius, Listed Contact       4/9/2009
  35   Kiwanis Foundation of Worcester, Inc.                    Worcester, MA           Roger Beauregard, President          5/14/2009
  36   KWYJIBO Charitable Foundation                            Brooklyn, NY            Matthew Klein, Listed Contact        5/14/2009

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Non-compliant Organizations                                                                                                                             Rev. 09/2009

  37   Last Chance Cat Sanctuary                                              Dartmouth, MA        Jean Boudreau-Kaluba, President          2/12/2009
  38   Leicester Little League                                                Leicester, MA        Corey Pratte, President                  5/14/2009
  39   Lexington Little League, Inc.                                          Lexington, MA        Robert McConnell, President              8/6/2009
  40   Liberian Community of Metropolitan Boston, Inc.                        Dorchester, MA       Vambah Sillah, President                 2/12/2009
  41   Lil' Iguana's Children's Safety Foundation                             Nashua, NH           James Tomaszewski, President             5/14/2009
  42   Lion Conservation Fund, Inc.                                           Cambridge, MA        Tina Ramme, President                    7/9/2009
  43   Little Theatre of Stoughton, Inc                                       Stoughton, MA        Jan Jones, President                     3/12/2009
  44   Lunenburg Historical Society                                           Lunenburg, MA        Gerald Hyde, President                   2/12/2009
  45   Lynn Investing in Neighborhood Corp.                                   Lynn, MA             David Gass, Listed Contact               2/12/2009
  46   Marcie and Me Cares, Inc.                                              Westwood, MA         Marcie Williams, President               2/12/2009
  47                                                                           Brookline,
       Mass Branch of the American Association of Jews from the former Soviet Union, Inc. MA       Victoria Poupko, President               5/14/2009
  48   Mass Safety Council                                                    Plymouth, MA         Arthur Morarity, President               3/12/2009
  49   Mass Sober Housing Corporation                                         Manomet, MA          Tom Gratton, President                   4/9/2009
  50   Mass West Enterprises, Inc.                                            Palmer, MA           Arthur Richton, President                2/12/2009
  51   National Afterschool Association                                       Charlestown, MA      Mike English, Listed Contact             3/12/2009
  52   National Council for Adoption                                          Alexandria, VA       Sarah Yaklie, Listed Contact             6/9/2009
  53   New England Family Wellness Foundation, Inc.                           Fall River, MA       James Dibasi, Listed Contact             9/10/2009
  54   New England Select Lacrosse League                                     West Newbury, MA     Ken Allis, President                     3/12/2009
  55   Newton Athletic Association, Inc.                                      Newton, MA           Louis Beckerman, Treasurer               6/9/2009
  56   Nomar 5 Fund, Inc                                                      Boston, Ma           Victor Campos, Director                  3/12/2009
  57   Norton Hockey Organization, Inc.                                       Norton, MA           Leo Jacques, President                   5/14/2009
  58   Nueva Esperanza, Inc.                                                  Holyoke, MA          John Lineham, Exec. Director             2/12/2009
  59   OfficeMax Charitable Foundation                                        Kansas City, MO      Matthew R. Broad, Director               5/14/2009
  60   One Family/Israel Emergency Solidarity Fund                            Teaneck, NJ          Ariel Kotier, President                  3/12/2009
  61   Our Place Theatre Project, Inc.                                        Roxbury, MA          Jacqui Parker, President                 5/14/2009
  62   Pan American Health and Education Foundation                           Washington, D.C.     Julia Claudio, Finance Officer           2/12/2009
  63   Prefontaine Foundation                                                 Worcester, MA        Christopher Prefontaine, President       9/10/2009
  64   Press Family Foundation                                                Plymouth, MA         Adelita Press, President                 7/9/2009
  65   Project Vote/Voting for America, Inc.                                  Washington, D.C.     Michael Slater, Listed Contact           5/14/2009
  66   Randolph Community Food Pantry                                         Randolph, MA         Ronald DiGuilio, Exec. Director          2/12/2009
  67   Reading Tee Ball                                                       Reading, MA          Jack Webster, President                  9/10/2009
  68   Sharon Lacrosse Association                                            Sharon, MA           Gene Kim, President                      7/9/2009
  69   Somerville Haitian Coalition, Inc.                                     Somerville, MA       Franklin Dalembert, Executive Director   8/6/2009
  70   South End Athletics and Activities, Inc.                               Boston, MA           Owen Carlson, President                  8/6/2009
  71   Taunton Eagles Soccer Club                                             Taunton, MA          Antonio Carvalho, President              6/9/2009
  72   Veterans Benefits Clearinghouse Mortgage Corporation                   Roxbury, MA          Harold Raymond, Treasurer                4/9/2009

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