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									                                                                                   Scholarships 2009-2010

         Sponsor          Name of Scholarship         Deadline       Amount                  Who                   Description                  Online
                          Travel H.S. Challenge                                         9th-12th grade                        
AAA                                                               $1,000-$25,000                            internet geography test     allenge
                          Am. Associ. Of Blacks                                              senior         Minority with a 3.0 gpa
                          in Energy Scholarship                                                             or better; plan to major
AABE                                                                 $1,500                                 in math or sciences
                          Youth Activist                                                     senior         demonstrate a     
                          Scholarship                                                                       commitment to civil
ACLU                                                 11/19/2009      $7,000                                 liberties
                          Family Scholarship                                                seniors         child of AFSCME
AFSCME                                                               $2,000                                 member
                          Minority/Disadvanteged                                             senior         planning to enter
                          Scholar                                                                           accredited architecture
AIA/AAF                                                                                                     program
                          ABTP 2004 Scholarship                                     senior sponsored by a   must have 2.5 gpa or
Alliance of Black                                                                     WA state Qwest        higher; must be
Telecommunications                                                                         employee         sponsored by a Qwest
Professionals                                                     $1,000-$1,200                             employee
                          Beta Alpha Chapter                                                 senior         interest in teaching or
Alpha Delta Kappa         Scholarship                                $1,000                                 career in education
                                                                                                            interest in architectural
                          AIA/AAF                                                            senior         career; for minorities or
                          Minority/Disadvantaged                                                            financially-
American Architectural    Scholarship                                                                       disavantaged
Foundation                                                                                                  background
                          Cancer Survivor                                                    senior         diagnosed with cancer
American Cancer           College Scholarship                                                               before age 21; gpa of
Society                   Program                                    $2,500                                 2.5 or greater
                          ACS Scholars Program                                              seniors         Ethnic minorities 
American Chemical                                                                                           pursuing studies in
Society                                                            $2500-$5000                              chemical sciences
                          Student Human                                                 junior or senior    nominated by school for
                          Relations Award                                                                   work improving human
American Jewish                                                                                             relations in school or
Committee                                             2/2/2010       $2,000                                 community
                          H.S. Oratorical                                           M.S. and H.S. students judged on a prepared
                          Scholarship                                                                      oration on a prescribed
American Legion                                                   $1,500-18,000                            topic
                          scholarship for Minority                                          senior         minority students who
American Physical         Undergraduate Physics                                                            will major and graduate
Society                   Majors                                     $2,000 +                              with Physics Degrees
                          Dr. Abby & Myra                                             juniors & seniors    essay contest on
                          Franklin Scholarship                                                             combatting racism, anti-
Anti-Defamation League                                             $500-$1,500                             Semitism & bigotry
                          Asian and Pacific                                                 senior         Asian or Pacific
                          Islander American                                                                Islander ethnic
APIASF                    Scholarship Fund                           $2,000                                background
                          R.H. Thomson                                                      senior         Seattle area resident
                          Memorial Scholarship                                                             preparing for degree in
ASCE                                                 2/13/2010       $5,000                                Civil Engineering

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                                                                                 Scholarships 2009-2010

        Sponsor          Name of Scholarship         Deadline       Amount                 Who                     Description             Online
                         AXA Foundation                                                   senior          ambition, determination,
                                                                                                          ability to succeed in
AXA Achievement                                     12/15/2009   $2000-$10,000                            college
Ayn Rand Institute                                                $30-$10,000         9th-12th grade      Essay Contest  
                         BAEOP Student                                                    senior          must be the child of a
BAEOP                    Scholarship                                 $500                                 BAEOP member
                         BECU Foundation                                                 seniors          BECU membership,
                         Scholarship                                                                      community service,
                                                                                                          leadership potential,
                                                                                                          academic achievement,
BECU                                                                $2,000                                GPA 3.0
                         various scholarships for                                         senior                                     www.bellevuechamber.
                         different academic                                                                                          org
Bellevue Chamber of      disciplines and career
Commerce                 interests                                  $1,500
                         Alice Hurd Memorial                                              senior          500+ hours of
Bellevue PTSA Council    Scholarship                2/28/2010       $1,000                                community service
                         Mike Riley Scholarship                                           senior          well rounded, Academic
                                                                                                          courses, extracurricular
                                                                                                          activities, community
Bellevue PTSA Council                               2/28/2010       $1,000                                service, financial need
                                                                                                          a demonstrated
                         Bellevue Parks                                                   senior          passion for the
                         Scholarship                                                                      outdoors and the value
Bellevue PTSA Council                               2/28/2010       $1,000                                of Bellevue parks
                         Bellevue Rotary                                                  senior          Dedicated effort as
                         Scholarship                                                                      student, good
                                                                                                          citizenship, financial
Bellevue Rotary                                                     $2,000                                need, plan for the future
                         PTSA Scholarship                                                 senior          former Bennett
Bennett Elementary                                                   $500                                 Elementary student
                         Scholarship Program                                          9th-12th grade      community service &
Best Buy @15                                        2/15/2010       $1,500                                gpa of 2.5 achievement arships
                                                                                                          academic or higher;
                         Students of Integrity                                            senior          recognize importance      www.the
                         Scholarship                                                                      of ethics in the
Better Business Bureau                                              $1,000                                marketplace
                         Seattle                                                          senior          African-Americans
                         Foundation/Patricia                                                              interested in careers in
                         Fisher Endowed                                                                   print, broadcast, or
                         Scholarship                                                                      photojournalism, living
Black Journalists                                                 up to $5,000                            in WA
                         Burger King Scholars                                            seniors          work at least 15           www.bkscholars.csfa.or
                                                                                                          hrs./week; gpa at least    g
Burger King                                                         $1,000                                2.5
                         Great er Seattle BYU                                            seniors                           
BYU Alumni               Alumni Scholarship                           tbd                                 members of LDS church
Cascade Chapter of       Scholarship for Higher                                          Seniors
Daughters of the         Education                                                                        female student
American Revolution                                  3/1/2010       $1,000                                nominated by school

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                                                                                           Scholarships 2009-2010

        Sponsor          Name of Scholarship        Deadline            Amount                       Who                   Description                  Online
                         APA Scholarship                                                        6th-12th grade      Asian Pacific American     http://www.cie-
                                                                                                                    students interested in
Chinese Institute of                                                                                                science, engineering or    p/2007scholarshipprogr
Engineers/USA-Seattle                                                 $200-1,000                                    technologyu                am.rtf
                         Christian College                                                          senior          log on and become          www.christianconnector.
                         Scholarship Drawing                                                                        entered automatically in   com
Christian Connector                                                     $2,500                                      scholarship drawing
                         Coca Cola Scholars                                                         senior          well-rounded, strong   www.coca-
Coca Cola                Foundation                10/31/2009      $10,000-$20,000                                  academic achievement
                         GET Ready for Math                                                          senior      financial need, plan to   https://apply.collegesucc
                         and Science                                                                             pursue math or science
                         Conditional Scholarship                tuition & fees up to the                         in college and as a
College Success                                                  maximum needed at                               career; attend private of
Foundation                                          1/8/2010             the UW                                  public intstitution in WA
                         DU Scholarship at the                                              entering UW freshman academics, athletics
Delta Upsilon            UW                                          $250-$1,000                                 and the arts
                         WASL Scholarship                                                            senior      offered to those who
                                                                50% of tuition costs at                          score a "4" in math and
DigiPen Institute                                                the DigiPen Institute                           science on the WASL
                         Discover Card Tribute                                                      juniors      gpa of at least 2.75;
                         Award Scholarship                                                                       leadership, community ribute
                                                                                                                    service & "obstacles
Discover Card                                                       $2500-$25,000                                   overcome"
                                                                                                    senior          interest in
East Lake Washington                                                                                                academic record, extra
Audubon Society                                                          $500                                       curriulars
                         ECHO Scholarship                                                           senior          students who are willing
                                                                                                                    to commit to give back
                                                                                                                    to their communities
Echo Community                                                                                                      upon completion of
Foundation                                                              $1,000                                      their education
                                                                                                    senior          combined SAT of 1200;
                                                                                                                    for students planning to
Edmund F. Maxwell                                                                                                   attend accredited
Foundation                                                           up to $5,000                                   independent institutions
Educational            various scholarships                                                         senior                           
Scholarship Foundation                                              $1,000-$6,000                                   Academic ability
Elks National          Most Valuable Student                                                        senior          leadership, financial
Foundation             Scholarship                                  $4,000-60,000                                   need                       rs
                       ESA Foundation                                                              seniors          27 different     
ESA Foundation                                                                                                      scholarships w/ specific
scholarships                                        2/1/2010             varies                                     qualifications--see list
                                                                                                    senior          attend a WA state
                                                                                                                    institution; preference
                                                                                                                    given to those with
ESU, Seattle Branch                                                     $1,500                                      interest in Humanities

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                                                                                          Scholarships 2009-2010

          Sponsor          Name of Scholarship        Deadline          Amount                      Who                   Description                       Online
                           Executive Women                                                         juniors                           
                                                                                                                   preference given to
                           International - Seattle                                                                 those planning a
                                                                                                                   business or
EWISP                                                2/19/2010        $100-2,500                                   professional career
                           FIRST Scholarships                                                 seniors who have                       
                                                                                                                   different scholarships
                                                                                           participated on a FIRST                             2004/scholashipsummar
                                                                                                                   available to Eastern
                                                                                                team (robotics)                                y.htm
                                                                                                                   Michigan University,
                                                                                                                   Montclair State
                                                                                                                   University, and William
FIRST                                                             $1500/yr-full tuition                            Paterson University
                                                                                                     senior        minority students with
                                                                                                                   min. 3.3. GPA,
Gates Millenium                                                                                                    leadership, financial
Scholars                                             1/11/2010           varied                                    need
                           Greater Seattle                                                         seniors         self-identified and/or      www.pridefoundation.or
                           Business Assoc. & the                                                                   connection to lesbian,      g/scholarships
                           Pride Foundation                                                                        gay, bisexual or
GSBA/Bellevue PLAG                                                  up to $10,000                                  community
                                                                                                                   essay submitted by
                           Girls Going Places                                                    girls 12-16       adult nominating a girls    www.girlsgoingplaces.c
                           Scholarship                                                                             who's a "budding            om
Guardian                                                           $1,000-$10,000                                  entrepreneur"
                           "Stuck at Prom"                                                     senior couples      create prize winning
                           Scholarship                                                                             prom dress and              ontests/prom
Henkel Corpoation-                                                                                                 matching tux from duct
Duct Tape                                             6/4/2010       $1,000-3,000                                  tape
                                                                                                    senior         3.5 gpa; plan to pursue
                                                                                                                   math, science,
Herbold Foundation                                                      $7,500                                     engineering
                           Horace Mann Scholars                                                    seniors         children or legal 
                                                                                                                   dependents of public
                                                                                                                   school employees, B
                                                                                                                   average, 23 on ACT or
Horace Mann                                                        $1,000-$20,000                                  1100 on SAT
                                 Horatio Alger                                                                                       
Horatio Alger                     Association        10/31/2009     $2,500-20,000                   senior           critical financial need         holarships
                           Bruce Angwin Memorial                                                    junior         essay; students who
IEEE                       Scholarship                              $3,000-$5,000                                  will major in EE            escon
                           Intel Science Talent                                                                    formerly          
                           Search                                                                                  "Westinghouse",
                                                                                                                   prestigious science
Intel                                                              $5,000-$100,000                                 competition
International Air                                                                                   senior         students interested in
Academy                                                                  $500                                      airline or travel careers
                           National Scholarship                                                                   JACL membership (can
                           and Award Program                                                                      become a member
Japanese American                                                                                                 when applying for the
Citizens League                                                         various            entering Univ Freshmen scholarship)

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                                                                         Scholarships 2009-2010

         Sponsor       Name of Scholarship      Deadline     Amount                 Who                 Description                Online
                       Men's Undergraduate                                Entering Univ Freshmen application, transcript,
Kappa Sigma Fraternity Scholarship                          $500-1,000                           interview                  m
                       Ewing C. Kelly                                              senior        good student & citizen;
                       Scholarship                                                                extra-curricular
                                                                                                  involvement; financial
Kelly Foundation                                3/10/2010    $2,500                               need
                         Kohl's Kids Who Care                                   ages 6-18         signicant contribution to
Kohl's                                                      $50-5,000                             community
Livescribe                                                   $1, 500                              online contest            /mapyourcollege.pdf
                         Entrepreneurial                                           senior         Own and operate your www.mckelveyfoundatio
                         Scholarship                                                              own business, have at
McKelvey Foundation                                          $40,000                              least 1 paid empoyee
                         Scholar/Athlete Milk                                     seniors         essay contest for
                         Mustache of the Year                                                     student athletes with
                         award                                                                    leadership, academic
                                                                                                  achievement &
Milk Processors/USAToday                                     $7,500                               community service

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                                                                                         Scholarships 2009-2010

          Sponsor            Name of Scholarship        Deadline        Amount                      Who                  Description                 Online
                             Washington NASA                                                       senior         intention to study math,
                             Space Grant                                                                          science or engineering
NASA Assoc. of
National                                                             $1,000-$5,500                                at the Univ. of WA
                                                                                                                  Asain Pacific
Asian American               Seattle Chapter                                                       senior         Americans with GPA of
Professionals                Scholarship                             $2,000-3,000                                 3.0 orand female
                                                                                                                  male higher
                             Tuition Scholarship                                                   senior         Jewish students with
                                                                                                                  financial need and
National Council of                                                  partial tuition                              jewish community
Jewish Women                                                          scholarship                                 involvement
                             Anne Ford and Allegra                                                 senior         have demonstated            www.AFScholarship@n
                             Ford Scholarship                                                                     financial need,   
National Center for                                                                                               documented learning
Learning Disabilities, Inc                             12/31/2009       $10,000                                   disability
                             Scholarship Fund                                               senior & graduate     various, but those with     http://ismene.lunarmania
Naval Helicopter                                                                                 students         military affiliation are    .com/~nhasc)/nhaschola
Association                                                          $2,000-3,000                                 given preference            rshipfund/
                             NFIB Young                                                            senior         interest in business &
                             Entrpreneur Award                                                                    have demonstated an
NFIB                                                   12/31/2009    $1,000-10,000                                "entreprenurial spirit"
                             Nordstrom Scholarship                                                juniors         GPA of 2.7-4.0;
                             Program                                                                              demonstrated financial
                                                                                                                  need; contributions to
Nordstrom                                                               $10,000                                   community and school
                                                                                                                  students majoring in
                             Foundation Community                                                  senior         Engineering or
Nucor                        Scholarships               3/1/2010         $3,000                                   Metallurgy
                             Multiple Sclerosis                                                    senior         have or be the child of     www.nationalMSsociety.
O'Donnell Family MS          Scholarship                                                                          someone with multiple       org/was
Scholarship Fund                                       1/15/2010     $1,500-3,000                                 sclerosis
                                                                                                                  fulfill a community need nications/StateFarmSch
OSPI                                                                     $1,000                                   through senior project   olarship.aspx
                             Overlake Alumnae                                                      senior         female, above average
                             Panhellenic Scholarship                                                              GPA, high school
Overlake Alumnae                                                                                                  activities, Community
Panhellenic                                            4/15/2010       $200-$500                                  service
                             Educational Grant                                                     senior         financial need; enroll in
Overlake Service                                                                                                  a public institution in
League                                                 4/15/2010         various                                  WA state
Robert B. McMillen           Art Scholarship                                                       senior                                     www.mcmillenfoundatio
Foundation                                                          tuition & supplies                            Visual Arts majors
                                                                                                   senior         African Americans
                                                                                                                  attending 4 yr. college
                                                                                                                  full-time; leadership,
                                                                                                                  community service,
Ron Brown Scholar                                                   $10,000 annually                              financial need
                                                                                                                  academic achievement,
                             RMHC/African                                                  senior, one parent of community          
Ronald McDonald              American Future                                              African American origin involvement, financial      cholarships
House Charities              Achievers                 2/16/2010         $1,000                                   need

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                                                                                 Scholarships 2009-2010

          Sponsor          Name of Scholarship       Deadline       Amount                  Who                   Description
                                                                                                           academic achievement,           Online
                           RMHC/ASIA                                               senior, one parent of   community    
Ronald McDonald                                                                     Asia Pacific origin    involvement, financial cholarships
House Charities                                                     $1,000                                 need
                                                                                                           academic achievement,
                           RMHC/HACER                                              senior, one parent of   community    
Ronald McDonald                                                                       Hispanic origin      involvement, financial cholarships
House Charities                                     2/16/2010       $1,000                                 need
                           Farm Worker College                                             senior          Low-income students
                           Scholarship                                                                     from seasonal or
Sea MarCommunity                                                                                           migrant farm worker
Health Centers                                                      $1,000                                 families
                           Seattle Hiroshima Club                                          senior          student's parent,
                           Trust Fund                                                                      grandparent or
                                                                                                           ancestor must be from
                                                                                                           Hiroshima Prefecture;
Seattle Hiroshima Club                              12/22/2010      $1,000                                 gpa of at least 3.6
Seattle Mariners           Bev and Wes Stock                                               senior          student planning an
Women's Club               Scholarship               6/1/2010       $1,500                                 athletic-related career
                           NPHC Academic                                                   senior          African or African-
Seattle National Pan-      Achievement                                                                     American descent; gpa
Hellenic Council           Scholarship                               $500                                  or 2.75 or higher; essay
                           various                                                       Seniors           high school record,
                                                                                                           SAT, ACT, Financial
                                                                                                           need, Leadership,
Seattle Swedish                                                                                            community service,
Community                                           3/31/2010    $1,000-$3,300                             plans for education
                           SEIU Scholarships (4)                                          seniors             members and their
                                                                                                            children who belong to
SEIU                                                                various                                      the SEIU union       px
                           Westinghouse                                                   juniors          submit indiv. Research     www.siemens-
                           Competition in Math,                                                            project in national
Siemens Foundation         Science & Technology                     varies                                 competition
                                                                                                           rep. Diverse
                           International                                          ages 16-20; resident of community;  
                           Community Leadership                                       East King Co.       commitment to
Sisters on the Eastside                                          $500-$1,000                              leadership
                           Undergraduate                                                  senior          WA State college;
Society for Marketing      Scholarship                                                                    specific major
Professional Services                                               $1,000                                requirements
                           Tzu Chi Scholars                                               senior          financial need,
Taiwan Buddhist Tzu                                                                                       academic performance,
Chi Foundation                                                      $1,000                                community service
                           Paula Moore                                                    senior          african-american, GPA
                           Scholarship                                                                     3.0 or higher, finanical
                                                                                                           need, participate in
The Seattle Foundation                                              $2,500                                 community service

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                                                                                       Scholarships 2009-2010

         Sponsor          Name of Scholarship    Deadline            Amount                      Who                   Description                   Online
                          Toyota Community                                                      senior          3.0 or better, actively
                          Scholars                             $10,000-$20,000,                                 involved in community       nity scholars
Toyota                                                            renewable                                     service project
                          UWAB Scholarship                                                      senior          financial need, plan to
                                                                                                                attend UW-Seattle           umni/meet/groups/uwab
Univ. of WA Alumnae                                                                                             campus, GPA of 3.5 or       /scholarships
Board                                            3/31/2010          full tuition                                greater
                          Internet Scholarship                                                 Seniors          Seniors who enter on
                          Program                                                                               the website (random
US Bank                                          3/31/2010           $1,000                                     drawing)
                          Access to Education                                                   senior                            
USA Funds                 Scholarship            2/15/2010           $1,500                                     financial need
                          Freshman Achievement                                                  senior          overcome obstacles to
                                                                                                                achieve a good h.s.
UW                                                             $1,000, renewable                                record
VFW                       various                                   various                 6th-12th grade      essay contests
                          VFW Post 3348                                                         senior          of veterans of the
                          Foundation                             sufficient to cover                            armed services gpa          forvet/dd214.htm
                                                             tuition & books at a WA                            >2.75; attend WA
VFW                                                                state institution                            school,
WA Burglar & Fire                                                                               senior          child of active duty fire   www.washingtonbfaa.or
Alarm Assoc., Inc.                                                $500-$1,000                                   & police personnel          g
                          American Indian                                                       senior          American Indian   
                          Endowed Scholarship                                                                   students with financial
WA Higher Education                                                                                             need planning to enroll
Coordinating Board                                               $1,000-$1,500                                  in WA university
                                                                                                senior          WA state residents, US
                                                                                                                citizens planning to        Uwschool.html
                                                                                                                major in Sciences,
WA NASA Space Grant                                              $1,000-$5,000,                                 Mathematics, or
Consortium                                                         renewable                                    Engineering at UW
WA State School      WSSR Foundation grant                                                     seniors          planning to be in the
Retirees Association                             3/9/2010            $1,500                                     teaching profession
WA State School      Robert J. Handy                                                           seniors          planning to be in the
Retirees Association Memorial Scholarship                      $600 /yr renewable                               teaching profession
                     Presidents' Scholarship                                                   seniors          achievement, financial
                                                                                                                need, overcoming of a
WA State Trial Lawyers                                                                                          challenge, plan to
Association                                                          $2,000                                     attend a WA university
WA State Trial Lawyers American Justice Essay                                            high school students                     
Association            Scholarship                               $1,000-$3,000                                  Essay Contest

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                                                                                   Scholarships 2009-2010

        Sponsor          Name of Scholarship       Deadline        Amount                    Who                     Description               Online
                         Sam Walton                                                         seniors           must have nearest Wal- www.walmartfoundation.
                         Community Scholarship                                                                Mart/Sam's Club store   org
                                                                                                              location code; apply
Wal-Mart Foundation                                                 $1,000                                    online
                         21st Century Educators                                             seniors           GPA of 3.0, leadership, www.wasa-
                         Scholarship                                                                          pursue a career in
WASA/Pemco                                         3/15/2010   $1,000, renewable                              education               pdf
                         Educational Scholarship                                             senior
                                                                                                              special assistance from
                                                                                                              Title 1, Title 1 migrant,
                                                                                                              Learning Assistance
Washington                                                                                                    Program Bilingual, ESL,
Association of                                                                                                and/or Indian
Educational Grants                                                                                            Education, good
Managers                                                            $1,000                                    citizenship, leadership
                         Washington Crossing                                                 senior           essay about leadership;
Washington Crossing      Foundation                                                                           interest in gov't or
Foundation Scholarship                             1/15/2010     $1,000-7,500                                 public service
                         Washington Promise                                          seniors with financial   rank in top 15%;
                         Scholarship                                                         need             combined 1200 on SAT
Washington Higher                                                                                             on ACT; meet financial
Education Board                                                   up to $930                                  need criteria
                                                                                             senior           financial need,
Washington State PTA                                                                                          academic performance,
Financial Grant                                    3/1/2010     $1,000-$2,000                                 community service
                         Windermere                                                         seniors           financial need primary
                         Foundation Scholarship                                                               consideration; attend
Windermere Foundation                                               $1,000                                    WA school
WOIS                  Scholarship Fund                               $500                    senior           WOIS user
                      WA State Employees                                                     senior           membership in WSECU
WSECU                 Credit Union                                  $2,000                                    (or through relative

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