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					                            All aboard for the West Indies!!!
                                A Caribbean WebQuest


Welcome to Caribbean WebQuest. On this Adventure, you will embark on a travel to another Caribbean
                     island in pursuit of discovering what are their natural resources.


Researching Your Country

Once you arrive on your island you will have to find out a little bit about the background of your country,
including how it was discovered, when it gained independence and what are its resources.

Creating Project

Using all of your island research you will create a Caribbean Island Booklet to inform others of your
discoveries. You will also create a secret map leading people to the resources of the country!

Making Maps

Resources are important to a country. As you are now an expert on the resources of your country it is
your job to complete a map giving clues about your island to lead readers to the resources. You will need
to research the resources of your country so you can create a detailed map. Your expert knowledge of
your country will guide you to uncovering the truth behind the country’s survival.


On this Caribbean WebQuest, you will be assigned a Caribbean Country to research. You may use your
atlas, your textbook as well as websites that have been chosen to guide you in creating an exciting
booklet for your island. Because these are real web sites available on the Internet, some of the words
may be difficult. We encourage you to use our link to Word Central's Student Dictionary or to use a
classroom dictionary when reading through these web pages.

Step 1 - Planning

    1. Go through the WebQuest and decide on the steps you will follow.
    2. Decide on how you will organize and produce an Island Book.
                    a. Table of Contents
                    b. Introduction - what are resources?
                    c. Brief history of the country assigned
                    d. Information - how are resources used
                    e. Conclusion - how the country benefits from their resources?
                    f.    Resources Map
                    g. Bibliography

Step 2 - Research Facts

    1. Gather information on the country, it's history and resources.
    2. Complete the sections in the research guide.
    3. Take good notes and write down your sources.
    4. Be sure that all of the place names and information are spelled correctly.

Step 3 - Creating Copy

Using your research guide you will write about your island in a way that anyone would understand about
the resources of your country . Your island book must include the following:

    1. An interesting title and beginning that explains the meaning of resources.
    2. Two to three interesting facts about the islands history with details.
    3. At least one illustration with a caption.
    4. A conclusion that will make readers understand how the resources of the country benefit the
    5. Letter paper size map showing resources of your country

Step 4 - Proofing Copy

Everyone who makes a professional presentation hires a professional proofreader to make their copy
better. You will work with adults and students to improve your writing. Revise your copy by adding
information, reorganizing information or taking out information that is unnecessary.
    1. Read through your rough copy with a proofreader and look for ways to revise your work.
    2. Read through your rough copy with a proofreader and look for ways to edit your work.
    3. Be sure you agree with the suggested changes.

Step 5 - Designing or finding graphics

Explore text books, magazines or the Internet to get ideas for the pictures you want in your project. Select
graphics that will make your words come alive! Create a map that is colorful, detailed and very neat!

Step 6 - Presenting the final project and map

Once you have expertly completed the project , you will hand in your Island book to the teacher.


The following links will teach you a lot about Caribbean Islands . Good luck and take good notes.

                      Caribbean History

                          Countries of the World
                                           (Select Geography)

                                           CIA World Factbook

                                             Xpeditions Atlas



Congratulations Mates! Your Island Book has been created, but you have just started your exploration of
the Caribbean. Culture exists throughout the Caribbean and you have only learned about one tiny yet
important island in this huge world.


Here is how your work on this WebQuest will be graded. We recommend taking a look at each page so
that you can make sure you are doing everything that is expected of you to the best of your ability!

Map - 15                 Research Paper – 25              Illustrations – 5        Presentation - 5

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