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					        INFORMATION BULLETIN – NUMBER 06/2009

SERIAL                                                          MESSAGE                                                                DATE
 06-1     Atlantic Cup Regional Regatta 2009

          Provincial Qualifying regattas were conducted over the long weekend in May (12 Teams registered in NL and 22 Teams         JULY
          for the Maritimes. Results from the run off heats were as follows (the cdts highlighted in grey will be moving on to the
          Regional Sail Regatta being held this July):

                      NL & Labrador Regatta Results                                     Maritime Regatta Results
           Placing      Skipper           Crew             Corps         Placing        Skipper            Crew           Corps
                     Donald Shaw
              1                      Eddison               166/285          1      Jordan Kehoe        Kyle MacNeil       235/86
              2      Simon Rees      Courtney Grey           284            2      Ian MacMillan       Drake Harris        341
              3      Michael Riggs   Jordan Sellars          295            3      Andrew Baker        Stephen Baker        39
                     Brendon Giles     Jordan Park
              4                                            29 / 184         4      Morgan              Daniel Gaw           339
              5      Bartlett          Danielle Power      249/121          5      Marcus Clark        Tyler Trask          130
                     Danielle          Dylan                209 /
              6      Morgan            MacDonald             157            6      Melanie Higdon      Liam Hampson          24
                                                                            7      Shannon Biggar      Emily Wolfe           85
                                                                            8      Kyle Ireland        Clark Crouse         339
                                                                            9      Richard Reed        Merrimen             328
                                                                           10      Joel Doiron         Aaron Craswell       323

          The top 6 teams from the Atlantic Cup regatta will make up the 2009 Atlantic Region National Sailing Team. They will
          compete in the National Sail regatta this August in Kingston, ON. New Brunswick president of the Navy league Mr Ray
          Boudreau and Mainland NS executive Member Navy League Mr. Ken Illnitski attended the event.

06-2   Sail Centres (opportunities for second nautical weekend activities). Weekends are to be requested through                          Ongoing
       ACO(S). First come basis. For funding purposes Units will need to request these opportunities as soon as

       In an effort to “Bring sailing to the units” a travelling sail centre trial will be conducted in Burgeo, NL on 6-7 June 09. This
       initiative will hopefully assist in making it easier for units to have cadets attend sail weekends. Once trialed,
       assessments will be made, and this opportunity will be afforded to other units across the region.

       Moncton Sail Centre is equipped to offer additional Nautical Weekend Training consisting of Canoe Activity and/or and
       additional weekend of Sail Activity;

       Fredericton Sail Centre is equipped to offer Nautical Weekend Training consisting of the use of a combined whaler and
       “mixed fleet” for a “sea adventure” activity (can be used to meet DoE requirements);

       Shearwater Sail Centre – will be set up to offer Nautical Weekend Training consisting of : a practical power boat
       familiarization training serial and/or keel boat sailing on the Canadian Forces Sail Training Vessel TUNA (hopefully this
       is an option for this fall).

       Boat Distribution – efforts are currently being made to provide additional Echoes to Sail centres across the region as well
       as the possibility of equipping each sail centre with a 420 will become reality this fall. More information to follow.
06-3   Deployment - Tall Ship Festival 2009 – STV EUROPA                                                                                  12-16 Jul

       Self-fulfillment, Education and Achievement through Sail Training and Responsibility, (SEASTAR) is a Nova Scotia
       based, non-profit charitable society committed to the advancement of young people residing in Nova Scotia (ages 14-25)
       through the development of life skills and experiences aboard tall ships. SEASTAR has offered four billets to the cadets,
       two male and two female to sail aboard the EUROPA as part of the Tallships 2009 Atlantic Challenge. Three cadets and
       one escort officer will sail from Boston, MA to Halifax, NS 12-16 Jul 09.

       Selections for this opportunity have been completed and the four participants are:
       1. SLt Jen Covey - Escort Officer
       2. CPO1 Gillian Bond - 351 RCSCC
       3. PO2 David Furey - 24 RCSCC
       4. CPO2 Derek Lawrence - 62 RCSCC

       Voyage can be used as criteria for Gold DoE expedition component.
06-4   Sail Instructor Professional Development                                                                                           20-27 Jun

       Annual Instructor Development Clinic will take place in Shearwater from 20-27 June 2009. Selected candidates for this
       training will be released soon. Currently we have nearly 20 applicants, that’s an increase from 2008.

       LT(N) Soper and LT(N) Michelle Poirier completed a CYA Race Management Clinic.

06-5   Nautical Activities

       a. Following officers will be taking the Canoe Basic Course Instructor. This will allow units to utilize the canoe
           nautical weekend option. 327 and 295 RCSCC have completed this as their option and think it’s a fantastic
           training platform:
       1. Lt(N) Donna Haight
       2. SLt Leah O'Keefe (nee Haighway)
       3. NCdt Kendall McCann
       4. Lt(N) Allan Brannen
       5. Lt(N) Daniel Ingram
       6. Lt(N) Grant Vanzumeran
       b. LT(N) Wojdylak has been developing a package for the DFO/CCG Rescue Vessels. Contact information will
           be sent to Units so that they may liaise directly for Nautical Weekend opportunities aboard the fast rescue
           craft and inland Search and Rescue Craft

06-6   Sea Training SAVs and ACRs

       LCdr Bourinot – attended ACR’s 55, 341, 3, 88, and 24, Maritime Regatta and SAV CFS St Jon’s;
       LT(N) Soper – visiting NL included SAV, ACR, Regatta.
       Lt(N) Wojdylak assisted with 305 RCSCC Sackville Chief’s Boards.
06-7   Tender OIC Course

       Curently – SLt Tim Thompson is on course.
       LT(N) Gene Legge had been authorized to attend but was out of the country for start-up of course. Looking at ensuring
       both LT(N) Legge and LT(N) Terry Murphy are mentored throughout the year to encourage their applications and
       potential success on the Tender Crse should there be one offered next year.
       25 Anniversary this year,
       TG 2 Music course conducted again in Avalon this summer.

        Training Centre Chief and Deputy Chief –

        a. Conducting a “survey” to determine trends in staff not returning to the CSTC.
        b. Surprisingly a large number of Staff Cadets applied this year for employment at the CSTCs, After the initial selection
        there was in excess of 50 spare cadets.
        c. Two serials of 20 Army Cadets will train in Acadia this summer – Basic Band.
        d. A new Biathalon Rifle range will be temporarily constructed this summer to accommodate the Biathalon training in the
        revised GT program.
        e. LT(N) Ryan Kelly has been appointed Sail Operations Officer
        LT(N) Mike Leveque has been appointed Sea Operations Officer
        f. New CATO released on Cadet Advanced Training – new pay rates for Staff Cadets. No more MS (old LS staff cadet
        rank). This is great news for our senior cadets.
        Information has been circulated for applications for the LT(N) Al Hicks Memorial Scholarship (4500.00) and the HMCS
        ACADIA Alumni Scholarship ($1000.00)

06-10   International Exchanges

        The following officers were selected for the 2009 International Exchange Program
        LT(N) Joan Greene - US West
        LT(N) Dwayne King – Bermuda
        LT(N) Jennifer White – Japan
        LT(N) Dennis Mercer – Australia
06-11   Deployment - CCGS HENRY LARSEN

        Four cadets and one officer will be afforded the opportunity to sail aboard the CCGS HENRY LARSEN from 28 Jun – 9
        Aug 09. This deployment will include a visit to Thule Greenland.

        Atlantic Region has two cadets selected for this deployment, PO1 Scott Crawley with 251 RCSCC Southern Cross and
        CPO1 Brock Zinck with 327 RCSCC Unicorn.
06-12   Deployment - USCG EAGLE

        Two cadets will be afforded the opportunity to sail aboard the UCGS EAGLE from 24 Jul – 15 Aug 09. This deployment
        will include sailing off the east coast of the US.

        Atlantic Region has one cadet selected for this deployment, PO1 Jamie Power with 295 RCSCC Baccalieu.
06-13   Deployment - National Tallship

        15 Sea Cadets (10M/5F) and 1 CIC (Sea) officer will take part in the National Tallship Deployment from 16 August to 05
        September 2009 (not including travel dates) which takes place in Pacific Region. During this 3 week period, cadets will
        be afforded the opportunity to sail aboard a tall ship, as part of its crew, observe marine life and visit a First Nations
        community. The National Tall Ship Deployment is a demanding and unique opportunity available to a very small number
        of Sea Cadets and CIC (Sea) officer annually.

        Atlantic Region have been allocated three cadet billets and selections have been made, however selections have not
        been announced as the deployment is dependent on a contract with the Maple Leaf that has not yet been confirmed.
06-14   National PO1 Exam
        The initial testing period has been completed for the PO1 exams and certificates have been prepared and sent to the
        Cadet Detachments for distribution. Rewrites of the written exam have been sent to the corps for cadets that were
        unsuccessful with the written portion of the exam or were exempted from the initial writing period.

        Cadets that require retesting in practical portions of the exam should come prepared to the CSTCs for retesting as we
        will conduct retesting as time permits. If a cadet is successful on a TG3 course we can pass them on IT, if they are
        successful on Gun TG3 we can pass them on Power of Command and Drill IT.
06-15   Special Events

        Following Events are confirmed:
        a. Consecration of the Queen’s Colour. Once in a Lifetime Event. Garrison Grounds, Hlfx, 27 June. Be seated by
            1130. Cadet and Navy League Cadet Units participating as pre-show Band Contingent and as Her Excellency the
            Governor Generals “Honour Corridor” (LCdr Bourinot OPI). Participating Unit CO’s have received VIP invites.;
        b. 3 Aug approx 1900, HMS ACADIA performance of the Sunset Ceremony/Ceremony of the Flags in Halifax.
            Location to be determined. Natal Day Festivities. Rear Admiral Maddison is the Reviewing Officer;
        c. HMCS ACADIA Alumni AGM – 31 Jul-2 Aug in ACADIA. Members welcome. Visit website at
06-16   Navy League

        a. Mainland Branch of the Navy League fall AGM will be hosting a “Cadet Workshop”. Sea Trainers have volunteered to
        facilitate the workshop.


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