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18910101 – Introduction to Communication and Information



           Tuesday & Thursday –6:10pm -7:30pm – Scott Hall (Room 135)

Important Information

Instructor: Corey Liberman
My Office: 192 College Avenue (Room 102)
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday (2:45pm-3:45pm)
Email Address:
Telephone Number: (732) 932-7500 x8379

Course Goals

You are among the top students selected to serve as a peer tutor for the Department of
Communication. This course is described in the student handbook as “applied study in
communication pedagogy.” Thus, as peer tutors, you learn and practice principles of
pedagogy: the science and art of teaching others. You were selected for this position
because we believe that you will do an excellent job (a) modeling good student behavior,
participation, and study habits, (b) explaining material to others clearly and with
enthusiasm, and (c) representing the department with appropriate professionalism both
inside and outside the classroom. As a peer tutor, you represent the face and voice of the
department to other students. The “ambassador role” comes with a great deal of
responsibility since prospective communication majors will take their lead from you and
your class activities. In other words, you are their role model. This is particularly
important now that, as some of you know, the department’s admissions procedure is quite
vigorous and competitive. As a peer tutor, your main responsibilities include, though are
not limited to, the following: taking in-depth class notes, holding weekly office hours,
holding out-of-class exam review sessions, helping collect student papers, helping
alphabetize student papers, helping distribute graded student papers, and assisting the
instructor with technology during in-class lecture. Please do not hesitate to discuss any
questions or concerns you might have. Welcome aboard and enjoy your learning journey.

Final Course Project

A goal of being a peer tutor is to help you learn about communication pedagogy through
experience and application. Thus, your final project will involve an in-depth paper that
(a) summarizes your experiences as a peer tutor and (b) describes 15 learning vehicles
(e.g. activities, video clips, skits, examples, etc.), one from each unit, that can be infused
into the curriculum. Try to be as creative and scholarly as possible with this final project.
We will speak more about this project as the semester progresses.


Your final course grade will be determined by the following:

Assistance in the classroom – 30%

Assistance outside of the classroom – 30%
Final group project – 40%

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