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					The Big fish Under the S.E.A.
        Shreveport Elite 2008 – 2009 Teams
There will be four different teams: Sharks, Stingrays, Starfish, and Guppies each
cheerleader will be placed on a squad in July according to their skill level as well
as there age.

Listed below are the practice groups and times for May – July 1st. After this date
the cheerleaders will be placed on their permanent team.

Group #1 – practice time: Monday 4:30 – 6:00

Group #2 – practice time: Wednesday 5:00 – 6:00
Group #3 – practice time: Monday 6:00 – 7:30
Group #4 – practice time: Wednesday 6:00 – 7:30

Practice Attire:
Shorts or non – slippery pants – no jeans, Tank top or t-shirt MUST WEAR cheerleading
shoes. Once practice uniforms are ordered they MUST wear it to every practice.

Summer Practice days and times:
During the summer each team will go to two days a week for practice. This will start in
June. The second week of June, 6/7 – 6/13 and the last week of July, 7/26 – 8/1 will be
the vacation weeks for the team and there will be no practice for any team during those
weeks. Other than those two weeks each cheerleader is allowed to miss two practices
for family vacations. July 20 – 24 is MANDATORY practice week for all teams. This
week each team will practice everyday and will be learning their competition routine.
Times will be announced at a later date.

Competition practices:
      Each team will practice on the Friday night before each competition whether it is
       local or away.

Absences and Tardiness:
Each Cheerleader is allowed 2 unexcused absences before being removed from their
team. Each cheerleader is allowed 3 excused absences before they start to count as
unexcused absences. If a cheerleader misses a practice the week before competition
they will not be allowed to perform in the competition. If a cheerleader misses a
competition they will be removed from their team unless it is due to unforeseen
circumstances. Tardies will build up to absences!!! Every hour that a child is tardy will
equal one unexcused absence.

                             Parent Participation

Booster Club:
It is mandatory that every parent be a member of the booster club. The booster
club is an organization that is for the parents, that will allow them to raise any, all,
some or none of the money for their child(s) fees for Shreveport Elite. The
organization is run by the officers with the members input. Membership for the
booster club is $40. We are trying something new with the booster club this year,
we would like it for the booster club to pay for all of the extra activities for the
cheerleaders as well as their competition goodie bags. We want this to be
something that will cut the out of pocket expenses for you the parent.
If you choose not to participate in the fundraisers you will be responsible for a
$25 fee that is due to the booster club at the end of the of the fundraiser. Also,
each fundraiser there will be a 30/70 split of your proceeds.


President: ______Yakima Ball__________________

Vice President: ________________________________

Secretary: ____________________________________

Asst. Secretary:________________________________


Mandatory Meetings:
At the beginning of every month you will be given a calendar to remind you of the
holidays, competitions, deadlines, and MANDATORY MEETINGS. There will not
be many mandatory meetings, however whenever there is a meeting scheduled it
is MANDATORY that every child has a representative present. If not it will result
in the cheerleader receiving an unexcused absence (remember they are only
allowed 2). The booster club meetings and mandatory meetings will always be on
the same day so that it will be convenient for the parents. ALL PRACTICES ARE
allowed to stay and watch practice unless asked to do so by the owner or one of
the coaches.
Parent Team: (Let’s give it a TRY!!!!!!!)
This is a family environment and when we are at competitions and other
gatherings we want the love of Shreveport Elite to show so we are asking that
everyone participate on the parent team it will be fun and great exercise. It will
also give the parents a chance to get to know one another. The parent team is
not mandatory but it will be lots of FUN!!!!


Late Pick-up:
Each cheerleader must be picked up on time!!! There is a ten minute grace
period after that there will be a $1 fee for every minute after the grace period that
the child remains at the gym

Competition etiquette:
All cheerleaders must arrive at the competition at the given time. If your
cheerleader is tardy they will sit out of the next competition. There are
circumstances that arrive and if the owner feels that the excuse is legitimate then
the cheerleader may be given a pass ONLY AT THE OWNER’S DISCRETION!!!!

When cheerleaders are not performing they may be dressed in their uniform or
their wind suit ONLY!!! If not in the proper attire the cheerleader will suffer

Payment policy:
All payments must be made on the due date!! There is a five day grace period
after which time the payment is considered late. When the payment is considered
late there will be a $10 late fee added. After fifteen days the cheerleader will be
removed from the team. This policy applies to all of the scheduled payments on
the calendar.

                                 Demerit System:
(Listed below is the demerit system that will take effect at the cheerleader’s first

Unexcused tardies --------------------------------------------------- 1 demerit
3 excused tardies –--------------------------------------------------- 1 demerit
Inappropriate practice attire –--------------------------------------- 1 demerit
Inappropriate attire at competition –--------------------------------1 demerit
Disrespectful behavior –----------------------------------------------- 1 demerit
Chewing gum in practice or competition –------------------------ 1 demerit
Late to an away competition------------------------------------------ 3 demerits
Late to a competition---------------------------------------------------- 3 demerits
Unsportsmanlike conduct ---------------------------------------------- 1 demerit

When a cheerleader reaches 10 demerits they will be placed on warning and
after fifteen demerits they will be removed from the team.

Hello Everyone,

I would like to personally thank you all for choosing Shreveport Elite. I take the
growth and performance of your children seriously. My thoughts and prayers are
that you are all satisfied with Elite and that your children learn not only how to
cheer but how to be strong, and confident leaders. Shreveport Elite is my home
and I want to say welcome to my new family members and welcome back to my
returning family. The Motto here is that “a family that prays together stays
together.” We will always put God first and everything else will fall into place.
Once again thank you and welcome aboard. Remember you only get out of
something what you put into it!!

Yakima L. Ball
Owner/ Founder
Shreveport Elite

                          Romans 8:28 “It’s ALL Good!!!!”


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