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					Dear Sir or Madame,

Thank you for ordering from ServerPlex Networks. We pride ourselves on providing
fast, reliable services for our customers and we are honored that you selected us as your
service provider.

This email contains important information about your account, including
your reseller account information. We recommend that you print out this
email, or file it somewhere electronically where you will have easy access
to it.

Please make sure you visit our NEW support forums, as they are proven to be a valuable
resource for resellers! After registering, please email to give you access to the reseller only sections within the forum.

Also please check out the account management software that is attached to this email. It
will alleviate a lot of your questions and concerns about our organizational setup.

Please use the following nameservers to setup your account:

If you would like to request personalized nameservers, please submit a support ticket at:

To get the latest documentation and manuals for the extensive control panel, please visit
the Cpanel/WebHostingManager download site at:

Please record the following information to access your account:

Static IP:

To login to your control panel, simply go to: *Please replace with YOUR actual
domain name. Once you create a new web site account in Web Hosting Manager, you
can begin to set up the web site using the CPanel Control Panel. CPanel is the
control panel that is provided for each individual web site. CPanel allows
you to do things like configure mailboxes, upload web pages, setup
databases, install CGI scripts, and much more.

If you have reseller privileges, you may login to WebHostingManager, by going to: * Please replace with YOUR actual
domain name. Web Hosting Manager is our state of the art Server Management Control
Panel. With it you can control nearly every function on your server right
through the web GUI. This includes creating your individual web site
accounts, restarting services, checking server status, and much, much
more. You can access Web Hosting Manager at the following URLs. You must
use the root username and password to log into Web Hosting Manager.

You can also request Shell access (SSH) by submitting a request to:

You can then log into the server using the SSH protocol. SSH is similar to
Telnet, except that it is secure and encrypted. If you do not have a SSH
client, we recommend PuTTY a free SSH Client for Windows. It can be
obtained here:

Server Monitoring:
As described on our web site, we monitor all of our servers using - a third party service. All of our support staff members
carry pagers with them 24/7. We will automatically be notified via our
pagers if your server should have a problem and we will restore it right

To make payments in the future, you may access our account access page located at:

Please note that when registering a new domain, it takes between 24-72 hours for your
domain to propagate with DNS servers located throughout the world. You may not be
able to login to your account until this propagation is complete.

Should you have any questions or issues getting started with your
Reseller Account, please let us know. You can report problems at our
Online Helpdesk 24 hours a day:

If you need assistance or documentation to get started, take a look at our
Online FAQS:

Once again, Welcome aboard! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you
have any problems or if you need help getting started.
ServerPlex Networks
“Empowering Resellers into the Future!”

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