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					                                     IH COLLECTORS
                                       CHAPTER #30

May 2006                                                        Vol. 1, Issue 14

Officers:                                      Something new for the shows this year
                                               will be a dyno that will handle tractors up
President:                                     to about 135 horsepower. I acquired it
  Morgan Dunn                                  at Tom Hines’ auction, and it will be
Vice President:                                available at the shows which I attend, to
  Bob Bennett                                  all chapter members at no cost. There
Secretary/Treasurer:                           will be a small charge to non-members if
  Tom Lundgren                                 they wish to check their tractors. If
Memorabilia Sales:                             you’re close by, and if I’m at home, feel
  Kristie Hampton
                                               free to stop by and use the dyno.
Newsletter Editor:
  Stephenie Anderson
Newsletter Publisher:                          One of the things proposed at the
  Binder Books                                 annual meeting was a series of
                                               workshops on such subjects as timing
                                               mags for engines, carburetor rebuilding,
                                               electrical wiring placement, etc. These
                                               workshops could be one to two hours
Chapter 30 Directors:                          long and possibly have more than one
                                               per day. The question is…how far
Larry Severance – Director In Charge           would you be willing to travel to attend?
Brad Anderson                                  These would not be at the same time as
Jack Bailey                                    the annual meeting. Please let me
Dick Roberts                                   know how you feel about this and any
Ken Robison                                    ideas you have on the subject matter or
Wayne Schuh                                    presentation of the workshops.

                                               And now, once again, I say – Be safe
                                               out there.
From the President
                                               Morgan Dunn
As I am writing this it is a gorgeous          President
spring day – in the mid 70’s. The show
season is just around the corner.
Everyone is working hard on projects
either in the shop or around the house.
This is just a reminder for everyone to
think safety first in all of your endeavors.
                                             meticulous record keeping and the
                                             personal sacrifices he has made to keep
                                             this chapter on track can only be
                                             referred to as a ―labor of love‖.

                                             I also want to recognize the
                                             contributions made by our out-going
                                             Vice President, Chuck Verdon and
    From the “New” Newsletter                Directors, Glenn Klingbeil, Vern Graham
              Editor                         and Jack Campbell. It is by their
                                             leadership and direction that the chapter
I’m taking the newsletter over from Tom      has gotten where it is today. Well done
Lundgren, who has moved on to the            gentlemen!
Secretary/Treasurer’s job. Tom, thanks
for doing a great job the past few years.    Now down to business. It is renewal
I’m hoping to do as well as you did.         time again. At this time we have
                                             received renewals from about 1/3 of the
I’m excited about my ―new‖ job, and am       total membership. Currently we have
interested in your input for items you’d     141 members on the roster. If you have
like to see included. If you’d like to run   not yet sent in your membership, please
a want ad, or have other information put     do so as soon as possible. Please
in the quarterly newsletters, please let     make your renewal check for $35.00
me know.                                     payable to: NW IHC 30
                                                           c/o Tom Lundgren
 LADIES, we want to include you too, so                    12055 Topaz Lane SE
we will be starting a ―Ladies Corner‖ .                    Olalla, WA 98359
Any craft, knitting, needlework
patterns/ideas (tractor related or           Since the last newsletter, we have had
general), potluck recipes, gardening         six new members join. They are:
tips, etc. please let me know, so I can      Tom Christian          Pleasant Hill, OR
include them too!                            Marvin Crawford        Jacksonville, OR
                                             Mahlon Vigesaa         Battle Ground, WA
You can email your information to me at      George Coffee          Olympia, WA
classiccabinet@qwest.net or call me at       Erwin Knaack           Orting, WA
(541) 937-1921.                              Larry Smith            Monroe, WA

See ya at the shows!                         WELCOME ABOARD!

Stephenie Anderson                           Just a reminder…if you have changed
Newsletter Editor                            your address, phone number or e-mail
                                             address, please let me know so that you
                                             will continue to receive your newsletters,
                                             Harvester Highlights, e-mail updates
                                             and other correspondence. You may
From the Secretary/Treasurer                 send your updated information to me at
                                             the regular address above, by phone to
Hello to all my fellow IH Enthusiasts.       (253) 851-4517 or by e-mail at
First of all, I want to recognize the hard   olalla33@yahoo.com
work and dedication that my
predecessor, Bob Bennett, has put into       Tom Lundgren
this position over the past 5 years. His     Secretary/Treasurer
                               The Great Western Binder Bee

Once a year, tractors, implements, trucks, stationary engines, garden tractors and more all of the
same make—and no other—gather together to share our mutual history. You won’t see John
Deeres, Rumleys or Caterpillars. This is a show geared (or should I say Torque Amplified) for
everyone who finds it difficult to attend an all IH show in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee or
similar states back east.

Welcome International Harvester owners all! We hope to see each and everyone of you at this
year’s Great Western Binder Bee at Antique Powerland in Brooks, Oregon. If you weren’t there
last year, don’t pass up this opportunity again.

This show isn’t about how shiny your paint is or how accurately your decals are placed. Any
Farmall is a good Farmall! Let’s see those rusty old implements, your collection of Cub Cadets,
restored or not, an IH refrigerator or two, and I know many of you can teach us a thing or two
about stationary engines. If you have a collection of IH toys, tin signs, literature and other
collectibles, let’s see those too. Exhibitors with collections of memorabilia are free to exhibit (with
the approval of the Binder Bee committee). A carefully Q-tipped tractor is a great thing to behold
but secondary to sharing with others the rich & varied history of International Harvester and
joining together for a weekend of fun.

Shorty’s Boys Texas Style BBQ is returning again for your breakfast, lunch & dinner pleasure, so
bring an appetite. Volunteers will be treated to a wonderfully warm & fun Potluck Dinner Friday
night for those of you so inclined. Among other highlights, Bob Eckhardt will be speaking about
his experiences performing ―espionage‖ for International and Ernie Bisio will be invited to provide
another glimpse at his long, dedicated history selling International Light Line trucks. Randy
Raschein, Sr. of Farmland Tractor has a nice surprise as well. Creed Brattain of Brattain
International will be on the grounds and has implied that he may even drive a Scout himself this
year. And, last but certainly not least, IH Only of Lancaster, California will be presenting their
newly manufactured aluminum intake manifold for 304 and 345 engines.

The event takes place the second weekend of July at Antique Powerland in Brooks, Oregon on
July 7, 8 and 9 . Take exit 263 off I-5 and head west for approximately 1/4 mile. Antique
Powerland is clearly marked. Due to an exciting number of pre-registrations this year, I cannot
guarantee water & power hook-ups for everyone. RV hook-ups are “first come, first serve”.
Please get those reservations in early to reserve your space. This issue of the newsletter
contains a pre-registration form & you can find registration forms, maps, pictures of last years
show and a lot more at www.IHSTO.org

is an additional $10.00 per night. Tent camping is an additional $5.00 per night.

You can call (503) 981-0224 for more information or email binderbee@ihsto.org

Hope to see you there!

Jack Campbell
Great Western Binder Bee Show Chair
(among other things)
                            NOTES FROM YOUR DIRECTORS
From Larry Serverance- Director In Charge

At the sanctioned IH Shows this summer there will be a director in charge of the IH Tent & memorabilia
sales. Also, there will be a potluck bar-b-que dinner Saturday evening (approx. 5:30 p.m.) at the IH tent.
Hopefully we will have a large attendance. It is a chance to visit with old friends and meet new
acquaintances. If you have a small bar-b-que, could you please bring it along to help out? Thanks!

At the Brooks Steam Up this summer, if you don’t have camping reservations already, you will have to find
camping off site because they were unable to secure a site for the overflow camping.
On May 6 , Brad Anderson and I met with Alan Painter and other tractor & crawler groups that will be
displaying at Brooks Steam Up this summer. IH Chapter 30 will be in the same location. All the old
implements will be lined up along the west side of the truck museum and implements on the north end of our
site will be moved to a different location.

From Jack Bailey

Jack will be the director heading up the IH Tent at the Monroe, WA show. Here’s some more information
about the show: the show is August 11, 12 & 13 this year. Camping is available on site, but no services
other than outhouses are available. The show runs10-5 all days with the tractor pulls being on Saturday &
Sunday only. There is breakfast served from 8-10 AM and then lunch food served from then until 5 PM. If
you need more information contact Jack at jackbailey@telus.net or (604) 882-8542.

From Brad Anderson

―Pay to display at the Binder Bee?—Horse poop‖! That was my reaction 3 years ago. After swallowing my
pride & attending the first ―show‖, I will willingly fork out the $15 pre-registration fee and attend again. Why?

This is a show, well more of an IHC gathering, of those that hold & enjoy all things produced by IH in high
esteem. It’s not about Tractors, Scouts or Trucks, it’s about IH, the friends and camaraderie of being
together with those who have the same interest—IH. It’s about coming together, meeting new people and
expanding individual knowledge into another realm of IHC. The Truck/Scout folks are open, friendly &
willing to share the experience & expertise of their projects. At the same time, they are interested in MY
projects & display a desire to talk about the agricultural side of IH. This ―show‖ is a win/win for all.

I have attended meetings with the leadership of the IHSTO club and find their goals to be compatible with
Chapter 30 By-laws, i.e; Article 1, Section 4. This is a joint venture, put on via IHSTO & Chapter 30, but
IHSTO has taken the lead and fronts all the overhead costs with no financial support from Chapter 30.
Those costs include, flyers, newspaper ads. BBQ dinner, exhibitor packets, leg work, as well as securing the
Powerland grounds & fulfilling the requirements to do so. This costs money—a great deal of money, yet
they have not asked one dime of Chapter 30. All they ask is our support, via attendance.

The Binder Bee is in it’s infancy, but could with our support, become the ―Red Power Round-Up‖ of the West
in the future. The problem is: How do you get started without a bucket of money & still cover the start-up
expense? (Classic case of catch 22: it takes displays to attract the public & it takes the public in order to
support the displays). The logical conclusion: charge exhibitors to get the thing off the ground with the
stated goal of reducing or eliminating those fees in the future.

I’ve looked at the numbers from last year & after subtracting the expenses from the registration fees, the
IHSTO club made a grand total of $40.00. Without the registration fees they would have been in the red, the
consequences of which, might leave us without this exciting & valuable event.

I look at the Binder Bee as an investment—and a good one at that!

DATE            SHOW                                                     DIRECTOR ON SITE

July 7-9        GREAT WESTERN BINDER BEE                                 Larry, Brad & Jack B.
                At Antique Powerland - Brooks, OR
July 29-30      36 ANNUAL GREAT OREGON STEAM UP                          Larry Severance
                At Antique Powerland - Brooks, OR
August 5-6      2 Weekend of GREAT OREGON STEAM UP                       Ken Robison
                At Antique Powerland – Brooks, OR

                ASSN. THRESHING BEE
                At Lyndon, WA (360) 354-3462

August 11-13    SKY VALLEY ANTIQUE TRACTOR & MACHINERY                   Jack Bailey
                At Monroe, WA (425) 508-1075
August 19-20    3 ANNUAL OLD IRON SHOW                                   Brad Anderson
                At the Blue Heron French Cheese Co.
                Tillamook, OR (503) 842-3130

August 26-27    THRESHING BEE & FLY IN                                   Dick Roberts
                At Toledo, WA (360) 262-3156

                                            Want Ad’s
For Sale: Fast hitch (big prong) 3 bottom           --1936 F-20 with wide front $3,000
16‖ plow and Farmall series 100, 7 foot             --Allis Chalmers G, runs but the clutch is
mower—all there and in good condition.              stuck $3,000
Manual included.                                    --McCormick 22-36 $1,500
        Call: Ray (360) 321-1624                             Call Dave Nord (541) 471-8594
        7 AM best time to call                               Or (541) 218-8336
For Sale: 4 forges, complete, just add coal
& fire & you are in business $350 each              Wanted: 14x38 turf tires or decent shape
--IH model 1100 pickup in nearly mint               16x38 R-1 tires and rims for a Farmall H.
condition                                                  Call Paul Fleming
--Farmall M with wide front from the Wayne                 Gig Harbor, WA
Schuh collection                                           (253) 851-2396
** Hauling service is available.
         Call: Kurt Cordes                          Wanted: IH W/WD-9/600/650 34‖ rims,
         (509) 520-3661 or (509) 967-0502           either 14x34 (IH #354407R91) or 16x34 (IH
                                                    #359763R91). These are the HD rims that
For Sale: 1936 F-12 narrow front with the           have the riveted on blocks for bolting the rim
original Diamond tread rear tires $1,500            to the cast centers wheel.
--1929 Farmall Regular wide front Duckbill          --IH 30‖ Wedgelok cast center 3 ½‖ axle for
on full steel, VERY RARE! $10,000                   1456 or 1466 (IH #529177R1).
--21x32‖ rims IH #392035R91. These rims
have the riveted on blocks that bolt to the
rim to the cast center.
--20x34‖ HD rims IH #384069R91. These
also have the riveted on blocks to bolt the
rim to the cast centers.
         Call Dick Roberts
         (360) 262-0983

                                                     The Women’s Corner
                                              This is our spot ladies. We enjoy & support
                                              our men & the tractors, but we need some fun
                                              too! (So don’t look gentlemen if this bothers
                                              you!) With the show season & potlucks just
                                              around the corner, here is a recipe that will be
                                              a hit!

                                              “Needra’s Special Brownies” – From: Needra
                                               (What makes these wonderful is the frosting!)

                                              Brownies: Use “Duncan Hines” or any
                                              brownie Mix. Bake according to package
                                              directions. Bake in 9 X 13 pan.
Stephenie Anderson
IHC Newsletter                                Frosting: Brown ¼ cup butter to delicate
39227 Highway 58                              brown. Blend with 2 cups sifted powdered
Dexter, OR 97431                              sugar. Stir in 2 Tbs. milk & 1 tsp. vanilla
                                              until smooth. Spread on brownies. Let sit
                                              until firm. Melt 1 square of unsweetened
                                              chocolate and 1 Tbs. of butter. When cool,
                                              spread or drizzle, a thin layer over the top of
                                              the frosting.