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									                       Victory Park Elementary School
            International Community School and Junior College, Victory Park,
                                     Kota Hall Road,
                      Kotagiri, Nilgiris, Tamilnadu 643 217. S. India.
                  Tel: 91-4266-271753, 274933 Fax: 91-4266-274053
       Email: victoryparkindia@gmail.com Website: http://www.victorypark.org/vpes

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                             Dear visitor:

                             Welcome to Victory Park! This is your personal invitation to visit our
                             Victory Park family at Kotagiri, the Nilgiris. We are looking forward to
                             spending quality time with you.

         Pricipal            Heather Lacson

 Dear friend:

 Welcome! We are glad you have taken the time to visit our site. If
 there is any way in which we can assist you, please do not
 hesitate to contact us. We invite you to visit the Family here at
 Victory Park in Kotagiri, the Nilgiris. Anticipating your vist.

                                                                            Managing Director
 Rodney Lacson

Our emphasis is on “Victory”, about overcoming, being victorious. When we ask for success, we
recognize that God gives us the ability to work – not necessarily harder, but SMARTER! We ask
for His favor, but He gives us responsibility. These are the values we believe in and which we
seek to inculcate in all those who walk through our gates. We believe in showing by example and
preparing ourselves spiritually, academically, socially and physically. Are you on the “Victory”
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ACADEMICS                                                                                      TOP

We at Victory Park offer a home grown curriculum, tailor made to fit the child’s needs, meeting
the child where he or she is, discovering the child’s aptitude and encouraging the development of
his or her talents.

The child will appear for two National Board Examinations, the first on completion of the child’s
Sophomore Year (Grade – 10) and the second on completion of the child’s Senior Year (Grade –

UCAS, an international accrediting agency for school leaving qualifications for admissions to
undergraduate courses in the U.K. has granted equivalence to the Indian School Certificate to
that of the Senior School Examination of the University of Scotland. This accreditation implies that
pupils would no longer require to obtain 'A' level qualifications or complete bridging courses, while
seeking entry to universities in the U.K. and other overseas universities in the Commonwealth.

Your child has the opportunity to pursue higher studies at the University of his or her choice,
either within India or anywhere in the world on graduation from Victory Park Senior High School.

Not only will your child have a sound, character based foundation but also a sound academic
based foundation. “Train up a child in the ways he must go, and he will not depart from it!”

ADMINISTRATION                                                                                 TOP


                                                     Heather R. Lacson
                                                     LGESS Founder Trustee,
                                                      LGEES Director

 Husband’s Name:                                      (late) Jerry M. Lacson

 Date of Birth:                                       23-06-1940

 Address:                                             International Community School and Junior
                                                      Kota Hall Road
                                                      Kotagiri, Nilgiris 643 217

 Qualification:                                       B.A., M.S., Ed. USA

 Experience:                                          Principal, Victory Park (Currently)
                                                      Field experience for nearly four decades.

Personal History of Heather R. Lacson

Heather R. Lacson was born in India to British Parents, they having lived in India during the time
of the British Raj. They are no more, but the discipline, integrity, sense of justice and free thinking
and the English language that they inculcated in her, live on.

She had her early education in Madras, now Chennai. After High School, she took up secretarial
science, working for two leading firms in Madras, while still a teenager.

She was given the opportunity to study in the Philippines where she took up two disciplines of
studies, Education and Medical Technology. She was involved with youth programs. She also led
her college of Medical Technology in winning a coveted trophy during a yearly musical
competition of her university – The South Western University of Cebu, Philippines.

Later, with a husband and two sons, she returned to school, doing her Masters in Fort Hayes
Kansas State University, where she was conferred and M.S. Qualifying her to become a Principal
at the Higher Secondary level.

She expresses herself in art, any medium, any surface, sculpture (base-relief on buildings),
poetry, musicals, dramas, craft, embroidery, fashion design, cooking, baking, building,
construction and architecture – a passion shared by her husband, caring for the sick, and just
loving people and children for who they are. She and her husband are widely traveled and have
publicly addressed several groups locally and internationally from 1965. She also enjoys
signing. She is fluent in Tamil, the Regional language of Tamilnadu.

Any where else can all of these gifts God has given her be really used, but in a school like
ICS? She tries to see people through the eye of her Maker and strives to love them as He would
have her. To Him be the glory.


                                         Rodney A. Lacson
                                         LGESS Founder and Managing Trustee,
                                         LGEES Chairman and Managing Director

 Father’s Name:                          (late) Jerry M. Lacson

 Date of Birth:                          27-01-1971

 Address:                                International Community School and Junior College
                                         Kota Hall Road
                                         Kotagiri, Nilgiris 643 217

 Qualification:                          B.A., M.A., (in abeyance) USA

 Experience:                             Senior Executive Management, USA Managing Director,
                                         Victory Park (Currently) Field experience for nearly two

Personal History of Rodney A. Lacson

Rodney A. Lacson is the second and youngest son of Jerry M. Lacson and Heather R. Lacson. Born in the
USA and a little over two months later, migrated to India with his parents. He grew up in India and went to
school in Kotagiri, graduating from the 10th grade.
A true child of International Community School, he went on to pursue his college in Cincinnati,
Ohio. Subsequent to his Baccalaureate degree, he pursued higher studies in various disciplines. He served
in Corporate America for and with several High Profile Corporations in various leadership capacities. He was
recognized on several occasions for his Leadership and Management skills by and in Corporate
Journals. He has a plethora of experience in Global Project Management and is well traveled, having
encircled the globe several times. He has had the opportunity to conduct business in virtually every

In addition, he has always had a strong interest in Various Fields of Engineering. He enjoys developing
concepts     and   designing   various   platforms   and   solutions   and   watching   his   brain-child   being
implemented. Engineering disciplines include LAN/WAN Enterprise and architectural multi-topological
solutions, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Automotive Engineering, strong Aeronautical and
Aerospace interests, virtually anything to do with invention both science and engineering related.

He, like his mother, also has a strong interest in the Arts and Music. He plays multiple instruments,
composes, has played lead roles in theatre, been involved in live performances, also a Sound and Light
Engineer. A creative Web Architect and Publisher, has been involved in several Art projects and Image
Design projects.

He has been sought after globally and has been a Key Note Speaker at several venues covering a variety of
subjects. He has been a teacher, professor, counselor, all-round “servant” to whom ever has had a need
through which God has allowed him to help in some small way.

He has been and still is a very competitive athlete. He has competed at various club levels in Soccer. He
loves any outdoor sport that challenges him, from cliff climbing, camping, canoeing, any “sea” related activity
from snorkeling, free diving, surfing, etc. A very good swimmer, all four strokes. Also a very good beach and
hard court volleyball player. He played Baseball at a collegiate level. Loves cricket. Most racket
sports. Table tennis, pool, etc. He just loves to compete whether individually or in team sports. He also has a
passion for cross-country cycling and has trained for global events. In addition, he is an avid auto-race
fan. He loves the WRC, F1, IRL and Stock Car events. He is also an accomplished driver.

He is a man of clean habits, infectious laughter, gentlemanly charm, magnetic personality – quickly
attracting anyone around him regardless of the gender or generation. Children adore him. He “adopts” all
children. He genuinely loves them. As he loves to put it, “A stranger is simply a friend waiting to happen.” He
has many friends in every country he has had the opportunity to visit. He has accomplished so much in such
a short period of time – one of his college mates remarked “Rod, is there anything you haven’t done or aren’t
good at!” Another professional called him a “Rhode Scholar”. People love or hate him because of his
amazing abilities. He loves linguistics and quickly picks up languages. As he puts it, “I’d rather greet
someone in his or her own tongue, putting my self in their shoes and seeing the world through their eyes so
that by some small means, God willing, I may be at service to them.”
He loves his God with everything that he is and tries to love his neighbors as his God would. He loves life
and is an encouragement to all who come his way. His fluency in several Indian languages is growing. He
returned to India, leaving a very successful, influential, lucrative to say the least, career in the USA, in Q 1
2000 to serve his “ICS Family”. God willing, he hopes to serve in a leadership capacity of this organization
as it endeavors to expand its service role to the community and humanity as a whole.

PARTNERS                                                                                              TOP

We welcome all our partners to our site and thank you for all you have done, do and continue to
do to make Victory Park possible. If you would like to become a partner with us, please feel free
to contact us directly via email at victoryparkindia@gmail.com .

For those of you in North America, please contact our Partner, Educational Extension Services,
www.edextsrvcs.org, they will be more than happy to welcome you aboard and guide you in the
various ways you can partner with us.

Thank you again for YOU!

Victory Park Family

Current Partners:

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                 Educational Extension Services

     Lacson Global Educational and Social Services Trust                                   www.lgess.org

        LGEES Educational Services India Private India

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Samantha Technologies

E. Anand Vijaya Kumar

Wireless Communications Partner:

Reliance Communications

SPORTS                                                                                  TOP

Love the Lord your God with ALL your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength. When the body is
physically sound, the mind is a lot sharper making the individual a much more productive
citizen. To truly love God and his neighbor, the way God loves him.

Our children compete and participate on a district, regional, state and national level. Cricket,
Soccer (Football), Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis (new courts being prepped for the 2008
academic year). Table Tennis, Chess, and more. Team sports, Individual sports, Cross Country,
Hiking, Trekking, and even more. Track and Field is also hugely popular with most children. Just
a need to compete. Karate too.

In addition, they compete in several inter-school competitions, Debates, Quizzes. They are
involved in Music, Theatre, and Dance. We help our children discover their hidden talents and
encourage them to grow them and share them with fellow man, all to His glory.

ALUMNI                                                                                  TOP

Victory Park
International Community School and Junior College
Kota Hall Road, Kotagiri, Nilgiris, Tamilnadu 643 217

Website:        www.victorypark.org
Email:          victoryparkindia@gmail.com
Tel:            91-4266-271753, 274933
Fax:            91-4266-274053
LOCATION                                                                                     TOP

Kotagiri is one of the three main towns of the Nilgiri Hills of Tamilnadu, South India. These three
towns are linked by excellent bus service and taxi facilities and are within 30 kms. of each
other. Access to Kotagiri is easy because of good roads from Coimbatore, Mettupalayam,
Ootacamund and Coonoor. The nearest airport is at Coimbatore.

PHILOSOPHY                                                                                   TOP

Character development is the focus of Victory Park. We grow up together as a "Family", loving,
respecting each other and sharing each others needs as brothers and sisters. Our classroom
learning experience is intimate, assuring constant contact, interaction and availability of the
teacher to ALL the students in the class.

POLICY                                                                                       TOP

Victory Park Primary School is by far the favorite hang out of most of our staff and the older
kids. Everyone loves to play with the babies. Warm, colorful, mentally stimulating large rooms and
play and learning areas. Let a kid be a kid. Every kid only gets one shot at being a kid. Shower
them with love and they start to bud and bloom into the beauties that the Father intended them to
blossom into.

Victory Park Elementary School is set in the very scenic Timothy Hall campus, over looking the
breath taking beauty of the plains. Colorful furniture, friendly teachers who care for and give the
children very close attention in all their subjects. An exciting age to work with. So full of life and
questions! Beautiful sparkling eyes.

Victory Park Junior High School is where it starts to get a lot more focused. Children look up to
their seniors and are beginning to consider their “groups”. Concentration, focus, direction,
excitement! They begin to explore their “dreams”. What do they want to become? What kind of
impact can they have on society? How can they make this world a better place? So much love,
energy and excitement. Our FUTURE!

Victory Park Senior High School, formerly, International Community School and Junior College is
a Recognized, English Medium, Co-educational and Residential School managed by Lacson
Global Educational and Social Services Trust: a Registered Trust of non-profit status. It is
affiliated to The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. www.cisce.org

The school as a whole seeks to impart education to the children mentally, socially, physically and
spiritually. The school aims to provide a full and comprehensive education both in theory and
practice to children from all walks of life regardless of caste or creed.

Leadership training and self discipline in an atmosphere of love and positive reinforcement are
high priorities. The dignity of labor, personal decorum and decency are emphasized as the
essential ingredients of a useful and serviceable life.

Good Character Development creates strong foundations on which strong buildings can be built

HISTORY                                                                                     TOP

Jerry Lacson and his bride, Heather, came to India from the Philippines (where she had gone on
a scholarship to study) on November 9, 1965. They took up temporary residence in Madras (now
Chennai) and after he returned from the US (where he did his Masters), took up residence once
again, in earnest.

The Lacson’s established five centers in and around the city, in Pallavaram, Vysapadi, Ennore,
Kodambakkam and Kilpauk, promoting Adult Literacy and Leadership Training (after office
hours). They also worked with young men from the Northeast who came to Chennai for this
purpose. Because of the extreme heat, they sought respite, and moved to Kotagiri, the Nilgiris on
May 10th, 1973, along with their two young sons, 2 ½ and 4 years old. While there, they decided
to look for a school for them, keeping their future education in mind. But things took a turn for the
better when they were challenged to start one of their own. Thus KCS – Kotagiri Community
School was born in 1974. In time KCS became ICS – International Community School, and ICS,
ICSJC – International Community School and Junior College. Mrs. Lacson took a sabbatical to do
her Ms., Ed., in the US in 1976 – 1977.
Now, well into the fifth decade of the Lacson Family’s service to India, they continue to touch the
lives of children, their parents, the neighborhood – an area covering 250 villages, different parts
of the nation and even the world. They have rehabilitated a large number of widows, orphans,
abused children and suicide cases, single parents, and, with God’s help, spread hope when there
was none.

Their children have become adults, and they have duplicated the efforts and norms of their
mentors. Both Lacson children studied in KCS and later, ICS. Mr. Jerry Lacson passed away
January 26, 2007. He gave most of his life in service to this country. God always raises up His
people to continue His work. The younger son Rodney, has given up a very lucrative career (Q 1
2000) to continue the work and vision of his parents and to expand his own. This expansion

       The addition of several more schools including, Indigenous language speaking schools,
        Vocational schools, Schools for the Blind, Deaf and Dumb, Driving schools, and
        Education made available to all who truly seek it, somehow, with God’s help.

       A fully fledged University constituting of several colleges with an emphasis in Medicine,
        Engineering, The Arts and Music, Fabric, Fashion and Design, Veterinary studies,
        Business, Science and a variety of other disciplines.

       Social services including a state-of-the-art, fully equipped Hospital, Cities of hope for the
        orphan, displaced, abandoned and abused child, Cities of Peace for the elderly - a place
        where they can spend their twilight years in dignity with 24/7/365 care and affection

       Rehabilitation centers for the handicapped. And a whole lot more as God leads and
        provides for.

ICSJC is now being re-invented once again. It will now come under the Victory Park
umbrella. Victory Park is dedicated to our Father! His victory over darkness through the out
pouring of His Love, Compassion and Forgiveness to all who need it. The world is hurting and
needs a lot of Love.

God gets ALL the Glory, Honor, Power and Praise. May He be blessed greatly and may He bless
greatly all who enter His Victory Park!
The world continues to change, with the great influx of technology, things are moving very
quickly, we look forward to “Bringing the World to our Children, and our Children, to the World.”
Help the weaker segments of society which weigh heavily on our hearts and to bring love, hope
and dignity to the hurting. You can have a joyful part in all of this. You are invited!

FAMILY                                                                                        TOP

The whole concept of Victory Park is encapsulated in Family. We are a “Joint Family” that never
sacrifices the identity of the individual. And this sentiment is reflected in the personal care a child
gets. In sickness, we are there, ministering around the clock in partnership with the best medicine
can offer. We are the comforting hand on a child’s forehead that far surpasses the “effect”
medicine has to offer. When your child is sad, we are there to encourage, to build up when self
esteem is the issue. And we are your child’s best cheer leaders. As a result, kids that society has
shunned are leaders in their own fields. We help them see themselves through the eyes of their
Creator. We care!

IMPRESSIONS                                                                                   TOP

"A building will collapse if the foundation is not strong. My foundation is ICS and absolutely
nothing can shake it. Every word I learned from my Principal (friend, philosopher and guide), is a
brick in the building (my life). For what I am today, I am because of the guidance, and the love
and care I received from my Madam and Sir. ICS is a home away from home, a family, and I am
proud to be a part of this family, the ICS family."
R. Kumar - Aravenu (Alumni and very first Boarder 1974 - 1980)

"My heart broke when I received my Transfer Certificate. I felt that I was going away from my
parents. Only my body is here but my heart is in my beloved school ICS.

I am doing my BSc in Costume Designing and Fashion. I thank you for giving me encouragement
to face my future and teaching me godliness. I am always with our school in my heart. It is one of
the unforgettable places in my life. Always the family member of ICS."
Manivanan - Erode (Alumni)
"I hope that you are doing well by God's grace. There hasn't been a single day when I haven't
thought about you all or about the wonderful days that I spent in ICS, which was a privilege for

I am a hard core nature lover! The beautiful environment, those calm breezy nights and the
wonderful climate of Kotagiri makes me feel highly nostalgic. So I carry on every day by
cherishing those sweet memories of my friends and of course you all.

I keep in touch with my ex-classmates, and as far as I know, they are doing great! They ought to,
because in ICS, we have been trained that way. There were times when I cribbed, but now I look
back and regret it. It's a human tendency I guess.

Life here is different... unlike in ICS where we had a peaceful campus and surroundings. People
i.e., my "friends" are very selfish and self-centered. I don't have the feelings of possessiveness
over anything owned by the school!

I shall end here with lots of good wishes and a bunch of birthday wishes for you ma'am."
Prateek Sharma - Bangalore (Alumni)

"Dear Madam and Sir,
Wishing you all the joys, warmth and love that comes at Christmas time. And here is reminding
you that you are not at all forgotten but warmly remembered at this joyous time of the year.
And also to remind you that all the selfless work that you do has not gone in vain. Have a very
Merry Christmas. With lots of love.
David and Ashwin - Bangalore (Alumni)

I am really very sorry for not keeping in touch with you. I was just visiting our school site and was
really happy that our school now has a website where people will get to know of the beautiful
place which was and still is my home, and also what beautiful work that is being done by the
school. I sure wish that I could be there right now to help you all out and some day I am sure that
I will be there. I am right now studying in Ahmedabad and am studying Biotechnology.
Ma'am, here's wishing you, principal sir and all the teachers and staff all the very best, and my
thanks to all of you for making me the way I am. My father also sends his best wishes.
Always your student,
Himanish - West Bengal (Alumni)

Dear Sir and Ma'am
I am extremely happy to visit school. I cannot forget all the memories of the time spent here.
These were the best days of my life . Wish I could go back to those days and be back in school. I
am a software engineer. All what I am today is because of the basics that I learnt here in
school. I wish that I could be there right now to help you all out and some day I am sure that I will
be there.
N. Rajesh - Chennai (Alumni)

Dear Madam and Sir,
I am very happy to visit you all. It was pleasant to see the school has improved a lot. I still relish
all the good times we had in the school. I am working as a marine engineer in The Shipping
Corporation of India.
Sathyan - Coimbatore (Alumni)

Dear Sir and Madam,
I really am blessed to have been in this school. This was the best phase of my life and being here
gave me the confidence to go ahead in life and achieve my dreams. The dream was to be an
aerospace engineer and work in NASA, well...I have achieved the first part and will soon achieve
the second. I am happy that my wife had the opportunity to come along and see my school. She
really likes the place and the people here.
Amresh Ramachandran - Kerala (Alumni 1988 - 1990)

Dear Sir &Madam,
Its me Balagurumoorthy of ICS. I am running a medical transcription company, a departmental
store and a jewellery business here in Coimbatore. Back in 1992 I did have a great deal of luck to
get into this compound! I really learned a lot of things not just the Subject's but Character, Hard
work, Patience, every thing which a human needs. I just could not express in words... I hope all
our friends keep in touch with our school.
S. Balagurumoorthy - Coimbatore (Alumni)
School of the Past, Present and Future...
My schooling at the glorious hills had been cherished beyond excellency. The time when my life
tree had been fruited. Our homely school stands on a soil imbedded with love and we seedlings
new to the soil were enriched by the nutritious knowledge of our beloved principal madam.
The cloudy showers "unhurtingly" were sprinkled by our friendly and talented teachers, to keep
our memories fresh. And to fertile our health, had been the keen duty of our kitchen mates.

To maintain fitness and growth, the play masters sun rays and rain helped us to fight the morning
fog and evening dust. Our climatic surroundings that reflected and proved worthy of was
shampooed and conditioned by our "teen" Principal sir, and his friendly workers, repeatedly.

Again, an understanding, soothing and pleasing to all hearts by his moral character and teaching
has helped us to face any storm in and around the world. A new model to our lives.

The management and its staff are the meanings to sincerity and honesty in our lives. Not but the
least, the seedling bunch who shaded, and supported one another are today great trees who
have fruited themselves to the taste and benefit of others, always.
A schooling of not students, but a large family.
A teaching of not studying, but learning.
A boarding of not houses, but homes.
A relationship of not just teachers, but a family away from home.
J. Sounder Sekaran - Madurai (Alumni - class of 1998)

Dear Principal of ICS,
I am really appreciative of your school and that my daughter passed her exam, and of
everything! All that she has learned from your school is really excellent and useful for her life
especially in speaking, writing and listening in English. I've observed my daughter all the time
after she came back from India..., she has changed a lot in a better way. She has more
confidence in herself, and will be able to solve any problems in her life on her own. I am really
glad that I've sent my children to study in your school. Thank you again for your care and love for
my children.
Thank you for your kindness and may God bless you. Mr. Supot Piampanya
Potjamon Piampanya "Tarta", Thailand (Alumni - class of 2002.)

Though I studied in ICS in the early 80's, I still cannot forget this school. It was a small red
bungalow with a little dinning room behind it, a beautiful garden surrounding the bungalow (My
school). My brother and myself studied in class 1. I am so happy to see the way God has blessed
this school so much. I wish all the children studying there good luck . Enjoy every bit off your
Jemima Anandan - United Arab Emirates (Alumni)

Dear Ma'am and Sir,
It's been almost five years since I left our school. Looking back to the time I've spent there it gives
me a nostalgic feeling. I never knew that life out there would be so different until I was exposed to
this different world where people don't give much care. The sense of one family is lost ever since
I left I.C.S. I tried to keep in touch with my old friends as much as I can and am receiving warm
responses from them. Right now I'm doing my Botany honours final year and I'm doing fairly
well. I'm hoping to visit our school sometime next year after my graduation. God bless you.
Your child in Christ,
Joseph L. Joute - Manipur (Alumni)

Dear Ma'am, Sir and Rodney Sir, Greetings!
Our little sojourn to Kotagiri was a blessed one. The trip enriched us in more ways than one. As
we returned to our beloved ICS, we were overcome by feelings of nostalgia. ICS had indeed
changed, nevertheless the mutual love and warmth of the family remained the same.... we felt it,
it hadn’t changed. Thank you so much for all the love. We had the time of our lives. True Ma'am,
all the things we did and learnt in ICS seemed vague and unimportant while we were there, but
as we stepped out into the world, everything we had learnt at different points in ICS acquired new
meaning and helped us in so many different ways. They still do, each day. One of the best things
about ICS, if you could choose one, would be the homely feeling--the feeling that we are all part
of one big family. And what better way to teach and learn than as one big family, no strangers but
one family. Ashwin and Prateek would more than agree with me if I said all the Bible classes and
chapels were also invaluable character-builders. I hope and pray our friends from other faiths in
the family understand this. It would sound a little awkward to them now.... but when they finally go
out into the big bad world, they will serve as shields and inspirations every day of their lives.
That's why we would like them to pay special attention now, for as time goes, they will only
realize that they have missed out on the most important lessons of life. Please do urge them to
pay attention now. …you look stronger and ever more determined. Praise God for that. Rodney
Sir has brought new life into ICS. We regret having missed out on that. Couldn't you have come
earlier Sir? Your energy and the 'joie de vivre' with which you carry yourself is bound to rub off on
many of our friends there and inspire them. We indeed missed out. We wish you strength and
energy and health to carry on and lend a hand to this great mission that Ma'am and Sir have
embarked upon, that of changing lives. One of the most beautiful of our experiences in ICS was
also making friends, good friends. We feel blessed to have made such good friends. It’s been five
years since we left but we are all still good friends and only ICS gave us that opportunity. Thank
you ICS. We pray for Sir's health. We pray for more strength for Ma'am and we pray for blessings
for Rodney Sir as we pray for ICS. God watches over you. We feel it and may He do so in this
great endeavor of yours, forever.
David Tusing - Bangalore (Alumni)

Dear Mrs. Lacson and Rodney,
Thanks for your mail, and accept my apologies for this rather late reply. I got busy due to a couple
of courses, and new projects at work.

I feel so happy to see this mail - I surely want to visit ICS in my next vacation. There are so many
fond memories of the school - our library, classrooms, playgrounds, forests near the third
playground - I get nostalgic. And can't believe that 13 years have rolled by since the ICS days.

I'm not married - busy with studies (still!). I've recently joined for a PhD program with the
University of Amsterdam. I continue to work in the present position for two days, and will carry out
my research during the rest of the week. The research is on evolution of stars based on Radio
Observations (called Radio Astronomy). It is interesting, and I fully use the basics learnt in school
days (O.P Sinhal's Mathematics, Mahendra's Physics, some Chemistry). And a lot from college
days too. It's sort of strange to start study again after a gap of six years (I graduated in 1996!).

How is it going with Mr. Lacson now? Is he better now? Sir used to give us Moral Instructions
class - we learnt a lot from him. We need to be strong at this moment of trial.
I guess that's all I have to write for today. My regards to the entire family. Please take care.
Ramesh - Netherlands (Alumni)

Excellent website. I was surprised to know about it. Brings old wonderful memories back. I miss
ICS. It was an important two years of my life that I can never, ever forget. I'm gonna pass this
website to everyone I know who are thinking of sending their kids to school in India or where
ever. Will surely recommend it to people. ICS is definitely a great school. Personal experience. I
actually miss it a lot. Principal Ma'am, Principal Sir, Rodney Sir, Debra, Ruth, Mr. Raju, Mr. Shiva,
Mr. Raj Kumar. My regards to all. I will definitely visit ICS soon when I come to India. Proud to be
an ICS Alumni.
Kabir Nanwani - Director PT Niaga Jakarta, Indonesia (Alumni)

Dearest Mr. and Mrs. Lacson
I am just wondering how in the world I did not come up with your school's website. I hope you do
remember me. I am Dr.Hasan Karnam finished my MBBS, later did my M.D(Internal Medicine)
and now doing my super specialization in Intensive & Critical Care. I miss you all. I remember
Mrs.Pepin, all my class teachers oh God what a pleasant surprise. You look so graceful in your
picture on the site. I remember Rodney and Jerry Neil How are they? I miss all of you. Please
send me some photos of those years 1977 onwards. I remember the big building when we were
building it . It's so beautiful now. Love
Dr. Hasan Karnam - Physician & Intensivist Jehangir Hospital (Alumni)

Hi Lacson aunty,
This is Mahaveer Jain ,from Delhi,
I very well remember you all and my ICS family. I can't forget you and Principal Sir. I have gotten
married and working with a ltd. company in Delhi. My cell no.09810518861
I have a baby girl too. I wish to get her studies done over there. Do send me all the fees
structure. I still remember the board of education Rajesh and I got. You were to us like my
parents, mum and dad. You showed me the way to walk. Thank you a lot. Bye. Your kid
Mahaveer Jain.
Mahaveer Jain - Delhi (Alumni)

Dear Ma'am and Sir,
It's my debt to be always faithful/thankful to you since your method of bringing up a child in a
loyal, godly, faithful, brilliant and motivational way has really worked out and has also positioned
me in an MNC company as a software engineer. Madam there are times when I even cried
remembering those golden days which I had spent with "ICS" ...ma'am the fact I had realized is
that the bonded attachment which we had with the students, friends and faculties and other non
working staff is not the same as we gradually realized after coming out of ICS.
I do wish that those beautiful and ever-green memories will come to reality again, and I also pray
to God for your extended service to the students of ICS... Once again I thank you for bringing me
up in the fashion which I had thought of ....
yours ever faithful child,
Balaji Baskar
Balaji Baskar - Software Engineer, Bangalore (Alumni)

Hi sir, it's nice of you all to give me such a wonderful education that I could not have received any
where. And most of all the family that we were in ICS. Mostly, I can say, I am a member of the
ICS family and I will always be most grateful for what ICS has done and how it has changed me
and made me what I am now. I would like to thank each and every family member of my ICS for
all they've done to change me. Nothing's like the wonderful ICS because it's a home that I could
never forgot in my life time no matter at what cost. How we were in that sweet family, it was so
wonderful! How can any one not miss all that happiness, joy, sorrow, jokes, trips, education,
pranks, sweetness, and so many memories that cannot even be listed. I thank all of my ICS
family and the wonderful things that they have done for me and all my friends. When at school, I
used to think of getting out of there, but now, I feel like going back to my family where I
belong. It's very easy to say you wish to get out but when you get out then you know how difficult
it's to get what we got there. We are so... I wish I could being again, be reborn, so that I could
carry on my studying in my family. And please ask the student to not take it as a joke because the
outer world is very... cannot say that, until they come out they will not understand about it. Thanks
to all those who have helped me . And my special thanks to Principal Madam, Principal Sir, MD -
Rodney Sir, my teachers and my dear and unforgettable friends.
Senguttuvan - Karur (Alumni)

Its been a great experience going through the web-site and checking out all that's been
happening at the school since I left (10 years ago! Can't believe it has been that long!!) It's
wonderful to see that my dear old school has grown so much, and still has its family ethos.
Tiqvah-el Thomas - Trainee Teacher University of London, UK (Alumni)

Its feels like yesterday! I see myself singing in the choir! Those were such happy times, and not
so long ago! How I wondered where they are gone? But they're back again! Just like a long lost
friend! All the songs I loved so well!
Patrick Infimate - Network Systems & Design Engineer, Cisco Systems Inc., USA (Alumni)
ACADEMIC CALENDAR                                                     TOP




MONTH                                 DATE

JUNE                                  25 - 30

JULY                                  28 - 31


MONTH                                 DATE                TIME

AUG                                   25 - 30             MAX 1 1/2 HRS


MONTH                                 DATE

SEPT                                  1 - 13 ( INTERSCHOOL SPORTS )



MONTH                                 DATE

OCT                                   6 - 11

 MONTH                                 DATE             TIME

 NOV                                   17 - 25          MAX 1 1/2 HRS


 MONTH                                 DATE

 NOV - JAN                             NOV 29 - JAN H



 MONTH                                 DATE

 JAN                                   27 – 31

 FEB                                   23 - 28

 MAR                                   26 - 31


 MONTH                                 DATE             TIME

 APRIL                                 22 - 30          MAX 1 1/2 HRS


 MONTH                                 DATE

 MAY                                   1 - 31

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS                                                                         TOP

 MONTH       DATE       DAY               NO. OF DAYS                    OCCASION

 AUG         15         FRI               1                              INDEPENDENCE DAY

 OCT                    WED                                              RAMZAN
                        THU                                              GANDHI JAYANTHI

 OCT         8-9        WED - THU         2                              POOJA HOLIDAYS

 OCT         27         MON               1                              DIWALI

 JAN                                                                     PONGAL HOLIDAYS
             14-16c     WED-FRI           3

 JAN         26         MON               1                              REPUBLIC DAY

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES                                                             TOP



Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Badminton, Chess, Cricket, Football, Athletics, Etc.


IT( Computer), Math, Science, E.V.S., Art, Scripture, Etc.



 MONTH                                              DATE                     DAY

 JUNE                                               23                       MONDAY


 MONTH                                        DATE                  DAY

 SEP                                          20                    SATURDAY


 MONTH                                        DATE                  DAY

 NOV                                          28                    FRIDAY




a) Science, Social Studies, Math and Language ( Working Models - to be explained by the
children themselves)

b) Subject related fancy dress competition.

c) Art & Craft competition.

d) Debates & Dramas.


a) Major projects an all subjects as required and assessed by the council, NEW DELHI.

b) Short story / Poetry competition.

c) Art on Socio - Economic Themes.


Tournaments as scheduled by the Karate Association.

INTER SCHOOL EVENT CALENDER( AESSITN)                                                   TOP

 SPORT/GAME/EVENT                               DATE

 Chess (Boys & Girls )                          1st & 2nd August 2008

 Table Tennis (Girls )                          25th July 2008

 Table Tennis (Boys )                           26th July 2008

 Scripture Quiz                                 9th August 2008

 Maths /Science/ computer/EVS Quiz              8th August 2008

 Football (Boys)                                13th -           21st        August           2008
                                                Finals – 20th & 21st August, 2008.

 Volleyball (Girls)                             6th September 2008

 Volleyball (Boys)                              28th & 29th August 2008

 Athletics (Heats)                              1st ,2nd & 3rd September 2008

 Athletics (Finals)                             4th September 2008

 Shuttle Badminton (Boys )                      9th & 10th September 2008

 Badminton (Girls )                             15th & 16th September 2008

 Cross Country                                  13th September 2008
    Tennis (Boys & Girls )                        24th & 25th September 2008

    Cricket                                       October 2008

    Debate & Quiz                                 11th October 2008

    Swimming Gala                                 25th October 2008

    Inter School Drama                            15th November 2008

    Debate – Oratorica                            22nd November 2008

    Basketball (Girls )                           3rd & 4th November 2008

    Basketball (Boys )                            31st October & 1st November 2008

    Solo & Group Singing                          8th November 2008

    Joint Carol Service                           23rd November 2008

    Hockey (Boys)                                 12-15th November 2008

    Elocution Competition                         31st January 2009

    Junior Debate (upto Std. IX)                  14th February 2009

    Hockey (Girls)                                13th February 2009

    Football (Girls)                              14th February 2009

    Indoor Hockey                                 14th February 2009

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS                                                                     TOP

Calling all prospective students:

     Want a school where you are welcomed as you are into a loving family?

     Want a school where people care for and love you, where your best interests are the reasons
      for them being here?

     Want to discover and re-discover your potential?
   Want to succeed in the field of your choice and make your dreams come true?

   Want to realize all the above in a safe, loving and disciplined atmosphere?

Then, welcome aboard! The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. The
Principal Heather Lacson

(Address request to the appropriate school)

Victory Park
Formerly: International Community School and Junior College
Kota Hall Road
Kotagiri, Nilgiris
Tamilnadu 643 217
S. India

Victory Park Primary School
Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grade 1

Victory Park Elementary School
Grades 2 through 5

Victory Park Junior High School
Grades 6 through 8

Victory Park Senior High School
Grades 9 through 12

Note: Admission forms available at the appropriate school’s site.
VISITORS                                                                                     TOP

Dear visitor:

A very warm welcome to our site. We are glad you took the time to visit. You are our special
guest and our site doors are always open to you. Drop in again and again, you will find us waiting
for you. Be a vibrant, meaningful partner. Come share in our mutual joys, victories and

If there is anyway we can be of assistance to you, please feel free to contact us via

Victory Park Family

VOLUNTEERS & INTERNS                                                                         TOP

Looking for college or university credits or just the opportunity to get some international
experience? Contact us at victoryparkindia@gmail.com

Victory Park over the years has worked with volunteers and interns from across the globe. Victory
Park will work with your undergraduate or graduate institution of choice to help you meet credit
hour earning course requirements.

Victory    Park     is   a   multi-ethnic   and   multi-religious   culture   set   in   a   Christian
atmosphere. Consumption of any and all forms of alcohol, contraband substances and tobacco
are prohibited. Failure to comply with Victory Park policy will terminate the volunteer and or
internship visit.

All volunteer and internship sponsorship organizations need to work with Victory Park
directly. Victory Park will house and feed the volunteer and or intern.

If the volunteer and or intern chooses to work with Victory Park directly, please contact us
atvictoryparkindia@gmail.com and we will assist you with the various necessary international
processes and clearances needed to work at the school(s).
Victory Park works with both short-term (generally 6 month terms) and long-term (one year or
longer terms) volunteers and interns.

CONTACT INFORMATION                                                                 TOP

Victory Park
International Community School and Junior College
Kota Hall Road, Kotagiri, Nilgiris, Tamilnadu 643 217

Website:        www.victorypark.org
Email:          victoryparkindia@gmail.com
Tel:            91-4266-271753, 274933
Fax:            91-4266-274053

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