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Arena Annanagar offers various long-term career courses in animation and multimedia, as also a one-year professional course in web designing

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									                  Why Do I Need a Graphic Design Portfolio?

A portfolio is a showcase of the talent and creativity that you have to offer to who
ever is looking at it. It needs to show that you are creative, but also reflect your
attention to detail.

                                       It is the foot in the door, or a the foot booting
                                       you out. It is so important that you create a
                                       strong representation of your work. There is
                                       more than one way of presenting your work in
                                       this industry. But we'll look at these ways a bit
                                       later on.

How Much Work Do I Show?

The general tendency for a student is to show as much work as possible. Just as long
as it looks pretty good, right? They think that these designs are miles ahead of what
they could do before they were in the program, so they include it. This is a huge
mistake. I've seen many pfs watered down and ruined because they chose quantity
over quality. Rather choose 12 strong designs over 12 strong and 12 so so designs.
The employer will remember the 12 average designs the most. Those will stick in
their minds and your chances go down the tubes. You might as well walk out. (Please
don't though. LOL)

What Kind of Graphic Design Portfolio should I Create?

There are 3 main kinds of graphic design portfolios that students generally create.
One that is printed, one that is online, and one that is on a DVD or CD.

But which one is the right one to create? How do I know I'm choosing the right one?
The best way to approach this dilemma is to create all 3. Yup. 3 of them.

You see, some employers want to touch and feel and interact with printed media,
some want to have a DVD that they can plop into their computer and view, and some
don't want to be bothered with a stack of portfolios, so they prefer a website where
they are one click away.

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