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									CV. Robert Blishen – First Assistant Director
For Bookings contact Lynne at RED: 0208 374 3074
Mobile: 07973 461 774 email:

Somers Town. September 2008 (80 mins. Tomboy Films) Dir. Shane Meadows Prod. Barnaby Spurrier PM: Erica Bensly
Shot on location in Somers Town and with the frequent participation of the local community. This film follows an unlikely fri endship between
teenage boys. The shooting process required great flexibility, both in scheduling and on set.

When I Was 12.(Feature Length One Off Drama for BBC2) Dir. Dominic Savage Prod. Ruth Caleb PM: Michas Kocs
This Bafta winning film was an improvised drama following two runaway girls, its cast and subject matter neccesitated detailed planning and
sensitivity, whilst the use of improvisation required great adaptability. We tried very hard to make a film in an unobtrusive manner, aware of the
environments we were working in and the needs of both the actors and non-professional participants.

COMMERCIALS: 1996 - 2008:
I have worked on over 500 commercials as 1st AD covering a vast range of situations from Motion Control to multiple
stunt sequences, stopping off at cats and dogs, and with many an hour spent with children of every age. I have shot
abroad in Argentina, Chile,Costa Rica, Dubai, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, Barbados, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Czech
Republic, Romania, South Africa, France, Portugal and Spain, in deserts, cities, mountains and underwater.

Production Companies worked for include (in alphabetical order): Academy, Another, ASD/Lionheart, Blink, Channel 4,
Godman, Home, Hungry Man, Infinity, Joy, Knucklehead, Large, Likemind, The Mob, Outsider, Partizan, PI, Pink, Paul
Weilland Film Co.,Rattling Stick, Rogue, RSA, Red Bee, Serious Films, Short Films, Smith & Jones, Stark, Stink, Therapy,
Tomboy,Two AM, Wanted, QI.

Directors that I have worked for include (in alphabetical order):
Anthea, Brian Baderman, John Birkin, Lucy Blakstad, Miranda Bowen, James Brown, Sam Cadman, Simon Cheek, Conkerco, Barney Cokeliss,
Chris Cunningham, Sara Dunlop, Harry Enfield, Russell England, Mike Figgis, Roderick Fenske, Doug Foster, Brett Foraker, Paul Gay, Sandra
Goldbacher, Howard Greenhalgh, Jon Greenhalgh, Colin Greg, Paul Goldman, David Hartley, John Hardwicke, Ulf Johanssen, Nick Jones, Rupert
Jones, Nick Livesy, David Lodge, John Lloyd, Kevin Macdonald, Andy Margetson, Shane Meadows, Trevor Melvin, Mehdi Norozwian, Mark
Nunally, Stuart Parr, Peluca, Jose Antonio Prat, Steve Reeves, Carl Erik Rinsch, Vittorio Sacco, Samuelchristopher, Pete Salmi, Ed Sayers, Rob
Saunders, Dominic Savage, Ben Sedley, Luke Scott, Selby, Dawn Shadforth, Tessa Sheridan, Jeff Stark, Ian Sciacaluga, Jeff Thomas, Bailie
Walsh, Sue Worthy, Mark Wnek, Zak & Dan

Selected Shorts: 1998 – 2009
Natural Selection (15 Mins. RSA/Channel 4) Dir. Brett Foraker, Prod. Annabel Ridley/Gwilym Gwillim
Imbroglio (15mins. Blink Productions) Dir. Ian Sciacaluga, Prod. Jane Fitch
To Have and to Hold. (20mins. Film Council) Dir. John Hardwicke, Prod. Derrin Schlesinger
Seeing Things. (20mins. Film Council) Dir. Rupert Jones, Prod. Kate Thorne

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