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									  I.   Title:       ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS
 II.   Division:    SD             Department: Department of Athletics & Recreation
       Location:    Costello Sports Complex, Gorham Campus
       Schedule:    12 months/Flexible
       Organizational Relationships:
              Reports to: Director of Athletics & Recreation
              Supervises: Work study students
              Coordinates with: Student Development Personnel, Advising Services, Admissions
                                   Personnel, Sports Medicine Faculty, College of Education,
                                   Faculty Athletics Representative, NCAA Compliance Officer

III.   Statement of the Job:
       The Assistant Director of Athletics for Student Development will assist in the overall
       organization and administration of the intercollegiate athletics program including
       responsibilities specific to the development of programming and educational offerings that
       promote and enhance the personal growth and development of each student-athlete. This
       position will also be responsible for coordinating the department’s Coaching Certificate
       Program, an 18-credit hour certificate offering through the College of Education & Human
       Development. This position will also coordinate academic support services, develop and teach
       the NCAA Life Skills program. The assistant director will also be responsible for coordinating
       community service, public service and outreach activities including in conjunction with the
       Husky Kids Club and the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). He/she will assist
       with the assessment of student satisfaction rates and the overall marketing and promotion of the
       athletic department. He/she will also assist with game management responsibilities and other
       special project work as necessary.

IV.    Essential Functions:
       1. Assist the director with the overall organization and administration of the athletics
       2. Develop and manage academic support services for student-athletes.
       3. Serve as the academic coordinator for the department’s Coaching Certificate Program.
       4. Organize and direct the Life Skills program including teaching appropriate classes.
       5. Assist in the direction and supervision of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
           including internal assessment, community service and outreach activities.
       6. In conjunction with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, develop a student-athlete
           handbook outlining appropriate policies, procedures and conduct expectations for
           individuals involved with the USM intercollegiate athletic program.
       7. Assist in developing effective tools for evaluation of programs, staff and student athletes.
           Work to develop initiatives to enhance student satisfaction rates.
       8. Assist in monitoring graduation and retention rates of student-athletes and develop
           programs to actively promote student-wellness and the student-athlete concept.

 V.    Marginal Functions:
       1. Assist in developing an internal and external marketing and promotional plan to gain
          greater visibility for the Athletic Department.
       2. Develop a calendar of special events and activities to involve various constituencies
          including the internal University community, alumni, friends and the public.
       3. Assist the department’s game management function including site coverage during one or
          more seasons.

VI.    Supervisory Responsibilities:

VII.   Budget Responsibilities:
              No overall responsibility for budget management
              Adhere to proper cash handling policies and procedures.

VIII.         Public and Professional Activities:
              1. Represent the department and the University at state, regional, and national conferences.
              2. Hold active membership and participate when appropriate in NCAA ECAC, Little East,
                  NACDA and other related administrative organizations.
              3. Be actively involved in professional development opportunities and serve as an advisor,
                  consultant and specialist on related topics.

 IX.          Internal/External Contacts:
              Internal Contacts: Alumni Relations, Advancement Services, Career Services & Professional
                                 Life Development, Academic Advising, Faculty Athletics Representative,
                                 Resident Student Services, Media Relations, Student Conduct
              External Contacts: Maine Center for Coaching Education, High school athletic programs, USM
                                 Athletic Association, USM Corporate Partners, USM Husky Hall of Fame

  X.          Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
              Strong leadership skills, expertise in leading and directing student-athletes, classroom teaching
              competency, broad knowledge of athletic programs, administrative competency, counseling
              skills, expertise in working one-on-one with students in a supporting role, knowledge of NCAA
              rules including compliance issues, commitment to the Division III philosophy, ability to work
              effectively and collaboratively with a number of groups and organizations, background in
              marketing, promotion and fund raising, creativity, strong work ethic, attention to detail,
              commitment to students and student development and strong interpersonal skills.

 XI.          Qualifications:
              Required: Master’s or advanced degree and 3 years experience with an emphasis on one or
                        more of the following areas: athletic administration, educational leadership and/or
                        coaching is preferred.

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        Approved:        11/28/05
        Job Family:      16
        Salary Band:     104
        Unit:            UMPSA
        Job Number:      5568
        Employee:        Meredith Bickford
        Position#:       00010357

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