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                                                         April 2010

 Coming Events                                           Polycarp's have been able to send out some
                                                         sporting equipment to Iheme and the display
 Apr                                                     board in St Polycarp‟s School shows many of the
 11      Parish Sunday Lunch. 12.30 p.m. Bookings        things happening in Iheme - please go to see it.
         to Susie Banks.                                 Also the teachers in Iheme now have some
 18      Confirmation programme. Session 5 St.           chairs in their staff room thanks to Arcaid who
         Joan‟s Centre 6.00p.m. – 7.30p.m.               paid for their manufacture by Ifunda‟s carpentry
 17-18   Sign up to sponsor Vince Crowley in the
                                                         students. Ifunda School is now nearing its full
         London Marathon, running for Bell‟s Piece.
                                                         capacity with 115 students pursuing their
 19      Parish Social Walk. Meet St. Joan‟s car park
         9.30 a.m. More details in Church Porch          vocational courses. Teaching English to such a
 20      CAFOD Hand in collection boxes to Sacristy or   big number will be a challenge but they know
         parish office.                                  already that it will be a rewarding one. Most of
 25      Youth Club meets School hall 7.15 p.m.          the students are orphans and we are pleased
         Badminton/Volleyball.                           that Arcaid now sponsor three such students.
 25      London Marathon – Good luck Vince!              These students are very grateful for Arcaid
 30      Parish Welcomers’ Meeting. Time to be           support without which they would have no
         announced.                                      secondary education and no prospects. Sheila
 May                                                     and Ron are looking forward to seeing these
 16      Organ Recital on our new Henry Willis organ     students again and hope to update you on the
         by Neil Wright 7.00p.m.
                                                         schools and the sponsored students via the
 30      Parish Family Day. Details to follow.
                                                         Arcaid board at the back of the church in June.
 ARCAID April 2010                                       Also at the last AGM Arcaid presented them
 Back to Africa. At the end of April Arcaid              with a cheque for £500 to be spent on any special
                      members Sheila and Ron             needs that they find in Ifunda. As it is such a
                      Potter will once again be          poor area they are sure that they will have no
                      making the three-day trek          problems in finding worthwhile projects.
                      from Farnham to Ifunda,
                                                         Finally please think of them on Saturday 24th of
                      situated in the beautiful and
                                                         April when they take the 10-hour bus ride along
 stunning South -West of Tanzania. This will be
                                                         the bumpy road from Dar es Salaam to Ifunda.
 their fourth visit to Ifunda Parish where they
                                                         Their reward last year was to be welcomed in
 will spend over five weeks teaching
                                                         song by the whole school under the Southern
 Conversational English to students at the
                                                         Cross and the clear night sky! Ron Potter
 vocational school. Those of you who attended the
 Arcaid AGM last autumn may remember that
 they spoke about their previous trips and
                                                         Life in the Spirit
 experiences.                                            The "Life in the Spirit" prayer group meets every
 In last July's Arcaid newsletter they reported on       Thursday (except the first of the month when
 their 2009 visit to Ifunda and some of the issues       there is a “Prayer Hour” with Taize music,
 and challenges the school faces. They were              meditation and adoration) at 8pm in the lobby of
 hoping to develop a new contact between St              the Parish Centre. The prayer group focuses on
 Polycarp‟s School and the nearby Iheme Primary          the work of the Holy Spirit. He is a lot less
 School as well as further developing Arcaid's           mysterious than most people think! Anyone is
 relationship with Ifunda School.                        welcome to come along. For details please
                                                         contact Alastair.
 We are pleased to be able to tell you that there is
 now regular contact between St Polycarp's and
 Iheme School, thanks especially to the efforts of
 Deputy Head Karen Trafford. Already St
Comedy                                                                      Events 2010
A Nun asked her class to write notes to
God. Here are some they handed in:
Dear God…..                                                 Ongoing         Interest-free loan scheme
“Instead of letting people die and having to                05/06/10        Banquet at Bon East
make new ones, why don't You keep the ones                  Sept            Golf Day
You already have?”                                          10/12/10        Choral Concert with Rushmoor
“Maybe Cain and Abel would not have killed
                                                                 There are other regular events in course of
each other if they had their own rooms”.
“If You watch me in church on Sunday, I'll show
                                                              News about the Parish Finances will appear next
You my new shoes”.
“Are You really invisible or is it just a trick?”
 “Did You mean for the giraffe to look like that
or was it an accident?”                                                 If you have any fund-raising
                                                                            ideas, contact Michael
“Who draws the lines around the countries?”                                         Maher.
“Please send me a pony. I never asked for
anything before. You can look it up”.
“I want to be just like my Daddy when I get big,           Station at the chapel of St. Francis by the lake
but not with so much hair all over”.                       and continued on our way along the winding
“You don't have to worry about me; I always look           path that climbs slowly between the medieval
both ways”.                                                fishponds and rhododendron bushes; then more
                                                           and more steeply, as we advanced between high
“I think about You sometimes, even when I'm                banks and ancient trees following the course of
not praying”.                                              the Passion and Death of Jesus – the women
“My brother told me about being born, but it               weeping in Jerusalem for Jesus‟ sufferings; His
doesn't sound right”.                                      agony and death upon the cross and finally to
                                                           reach the great beech which, in Wintershall,
“We read Thomas Edison made light. But in                  takes the form of the tomb where Jesus‟ body is
Sunday school they said You did it. So, I bet he           laid.
stole Your idea”.
                                                           As in previous years, the journey for each one of
Wintershall - Stations of the Cross                        us was a personal one and also a collective one.
               The sight of wet roofs and                  We were all moved to walk quietly between the
               pavements greeted me when I                 Stations, reminded of the magnitude of God‟s
               opened my curtains on the day we            love for each of us; and ultimately of the all-
               had planned to go to Wintershall. I         encompassing debt we have incurred through
               had hoped for a fine day – O Lord           our human weakness. Lord, have mercy on us!
               let it be a fine day, if it is Your will!   The birds went on singing in the trees above us
More rain drops on the windscreens as we                   while the pheasants called plaintively from their
travelled out towards the lovely estate. Do not            hidden places in the woods; the daffodils were
doubt – the Lord will provide. On arrival,                 showing new golden flowers; and the sun was
twelve of us walked through the quiet woodland             shining from an expanse of blue sky as we left
copse on a very muddy winding path to the small            the tiny chapel of St. Mary on the top of the hill
chapel by the lakeside to begin our devotions.             where we had sung joyfully together of the
No sound but the birds singing – no traffic or rush,       Lord‟s goodness; and where I had realized the
but the calm and quiet beauty of Wintershall!…..And,       words of the psalm: „What marvels the Lord
in the sky, enough blue to ‘make a cloak for Our Lady’     worked for us! Indeed we were glad.‟ The next
– Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord!                   Parish Walk will be on April 19th led by Tony
„We adore Thee, O Christ and we praise                     Burke.
Thee….Because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast
redeemed the world.‟ So we began the first                 . Sheila Thorp
Barn Dance                                           to the present. Thanks also to Trish Boxall who
                                                     has for many years been the main shopper of
I think that all of the “rebel rousers” who          ingredients for the lunches and oversees the
attended our parish Barn Dance on Saturday           cooking of the vegetables on the premises with
27th February would agree that a good time was       Carol Tutte. I would like to thank Ann Gee for
had by all. A great atmosphere, spirited dancing,    all the table arrangements made with flowers
wonderful music by the Roughditch Band, much         and greenery from her own garden and for
giggling and a tasty supper culminated in pure       preparing, with Denise Castle, the bright and
fun.                                                 welcoming tables set for each lunch.
Jenny Dorsa would like to thank everyone who         I cannot of course forget the gentlemen of our
helped to make it such a success, it was             team, especially Tony Calway for helping with
especially nice to have so many young people         the setting up of the tables and overseeing the
from the parish helping out and joining in –         provision of and the serving of the drinks on the
thank you all so much.                               day with Tony Tunstall.
Our parishioners‟ generosity with the raffle         I consider myself very lucky to be part of such a
prizes made for many happy winners. The band         warm and friendly team of people. I am,
donated 2 of their CD‟s. Paolo Dorsa was a lucky     however, very happy to hand over the baton as
winner and highly recommends it. If anyone           organizer to Susie Banks. I am confident she
would like to buy a copy (at £7) contact Robert      will do a splendid job in continuing what
Green on 01252 794860 or visit their website on      appears to be a most appreciated part of our – you won‟t be                    Parish family life together.
disappointed. Keep
Dancing……………………..Jenny Dorsa                         Very many thanks again. Mervyn Thompson.

Parish Sunday Lunches                                Farnham Herald "Friday Focus"
A Thank-you from Mervyn:                             This “Herald”feature gives Christians the
                                                     opportunity to make public their views or
I wish to convey my sincere thanks to the Parish     testimonies, thereby publicising Christian
of St. Joan of Arc for the lovely gifts I received   views, as part of our mission to spread the
on 21st February at the Parish Sunday Lunch in       Gospel message. Our Church has been invited to
recognition of organizing the Sunday lunches for     fill at least four slots this year but there are also
fifteen years. It came as a complete surprise to     additional slots needing to be filled. You don't
me when all the helpers were suddenly called         have to be a journalist - if you have something to
into the Wright Room from the kitchen to hear a      say about your Faith or living a Christian Life in
lovely speech given by Michael McDonnell. I felt     England today, why not share it ? Articles
extremely humbled by the whole experience and        should be of approximately 250 words. Further
somewhat tongue tied when attempting my              information from Michael McDonnell.
I find it hard to believe that fifteen years have    Churches Together in Farnham
passed since Sheila Potter and myself discussed      General Election Hustings.
the possibility of starting up Sunday Lunches at
                                                     Prospective Parliamentary Candidates Jeremy
St Joan‟s. Our first lunch was in January 1995
                                                                     Hunt – Conservative, Mike
and over the years we have met so many lovely
                                                                     Simpson - Lib Dem, Richard
                                                                     Mollet - Labour and Roger
We were fortunate to have been supported by a                        Meekins - UK Independent
brilliant team of willing chefs and helpers. I am                    Party, will take part in a General
sure they won‟t be offended if I do not mention                      Election Hustings hosted by
all their names, but a special thanks to Kate        Churches Together in Farnham at Church
Pontifex and Sara Locking and Mary Nolan who         House, Union Road, Farnham on Thursday,
like me have stepped into the background but         22nd April, at 7p.m.
who for so many years provided some wonderful
                                                     This is an open meeting to which all are
main courses and desserts.
                                                     welcome. The candidates will each give a short
Very special thanks are due to Sheila Potter and     presentation and answer questions from the
Anne Cheesman who have been stalwart                 floor.
dependable chefs and helpers from the very start
Parish Family Day                                    Organ Recital
Coming soon – Sunday, 30th May – Please keep         The Inaugural Recital of our Henry Willis Organ
this date for your diaries.                          given by Neil Wright will take place on Sunday
                                                     16th May 7.00p.m. Details from Michael
Details of Mass, activities and help required
will appear in the May newsletter.

Welcome to the Parish Family                         Youth Club Activities
                                                      Club evenings take place from 7.15–9.15p.m.
At a very impressive ceremony during the
                                                     The club is open to year 7‟s and above and there
Easter Vigil service we welcomed eight new
                                                     is a £1 entrance fee. Contacts. Paulina Bravo or
Catholics to our parish. Three were baptised
                                                     Nikki Matthews.
(Thomas Hand, Guy Stephens and Martine
Torjussen) and all were confirmed (including         Date           Activity                     Venue
Louise Whitmore, Natalie McLoughlin, Danial          11th Apr       No Activity - half-term
Heron, Helen Clark and John Croll). We
congratulate them all and hope that they have a      18th           No Activity - half-
very happy and holy life in our parish.              April          term
Particular thanks must go to Carol Harnett and       25th April     Basketball/Volleyball        School
the RCIA team who have been working since                                                        Hall
last September to help and guide our new
entrants. A new course will start this coming        Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals
September.                                           Weddings: There were no weddings in March.
Tony Tunstall                                        Funerals: Phillip Allmark, Tina Rickard.

He Will Show You the Way                             Baptism: Katherine Wylde.
We live in a constant turmoil of events. No          Useful Contacts
sooner do we think that we are over this one         Pastoral Team            Contact Parish Office
than the next looms up on the horizon.               ARCAID                   Jenifer Davis
                                                     Organist                 Josie Dobson
Which way do we turn or where do we go? There
                                                     Bereavement Support      Lily Cloughley
is no sure answer but there is one sure thing                                 Jane Pontifex
that can be done. Put your trust in God. He          Badminton Group          Carol Tutte
knows what‟s going on and if you have faith,         Divorced & Separated     Madeleine Stanford
strong faith in Him, He will show you the way.(      Parent & Toddler         Ildi Evans
From the Catenian Circle in Bulawayo).               Sunday Lunches           Susie Banks
                                                     200 Club                 Liz Owen
Lenten Prayers                                       St. Joan’s Centre        Julie Crowley
                                                     APF                      Sallie Wheater
Recently I had the privilege of attending one of      Lifts to Mass           Contact Parish Office
the evening Lenten prayer groups held by             Safeguarding Co-         Marie O’Donnell
Father Paul at his house. It was the first time I    Ordinator
have attended a „prayer meeting‟ so it was with      Children’s Liturgy       Nicola Kitney,
some trepidation that I arrived!                                              Frances Thompson
                                                     Fund-Raising             Michael Maher
How quickly I felt totally at ease. This half an     Web Site                 Mary Nolan
hour gave me such a feeling of peace, time to        Publicity                Tony Tunstall
consider my place in the world, my smallness         Gift Aid                 Mike & Margaret
and yet my uniqueness in the eyes of God.                                     Stafford
                                                     Submissions and letters about the „News‟ should be
Father Paul brought a new dimension of               addressed to the “Monthly News” and e-mailed to
Catholicism to me, being prayerful. In our busy with Monthly News in
lives it is easy to overlook the importance of       the subject line or placed in the box under the rota
quiet prayer. I found it a wonderful experience      noticeboard by the Wednesday before the last
and I hope Father Paul holds these evenings          weekend before publication on the first Sunday
again, I shall be there to receive God‟s peace and   of the month. Submissions may be edited.
love. Thank you Father Paul.                           St Joan of Arc, Tilford Road, Farnham. GU9 8DJ
Martine Torjussen                                         01252 716711

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