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ACC            They are the Officers (e.g., Pres., VP, Sec Treas) of the Conference and have the voting power on most          The FARs meet at
               operational matters. They are the final body that votes on everything that is brought forward by the AD's       least 4 times per year
               and SWA's. They concentrate on the following areas:                                                             along with the AD's
                    Academic standards and policies for the Conference (e.g., initial and continuing eligibility).            and SWA's.
                    General welfare of the sas as it relates to academic issues.
                    Issues as they relate to the academic status and well being of the Conference.
                    Graduation rate disclosure information.
                    Missed class time and examination of conflicts.
                    Academic awards and management of the Conference Post-Graduate Scholars Program.
                    Oversight of compliance with NCAA and Conference legislation in conjunction with the Athletics
                    NCAA coaches and institutional certification programs.
                    Hardship and satisfactory progress waivers.
                    Postgraduate Scholarship Committee

America East   Chair of FAR group serves as non-voting member of Board of Directors (ADs) and as voting member of              Meet informally at
               Executive Committee                                                                                             FARA and at men’s
                                                                                                                               bball championship.
Atlantic 10    Chooses A-10 Postgraduate recipients and administers coaches certification tests                                Do not meet at FARA
                                                                                                                               or otherwise.
Big East       Focus is centered on SA welfare issues and proposals.                                                           Meet at FARA, Men’s
               Members of the FAR group represent/serve the conference on many committees.                                     bball tourney and
                                                                                                                               Coordinators’ Spring
Big South      Has a Council of FARs that is composed of the FAR from each institution. Their function is to oversee
               the eligibility requirements of all the Conference sas and institutions, ethical standards (including
               sportsmanship), and the welfare of the sa. Recommendations from the council are forwarded to the
               Board for review.

               Board of Administrators encompasses three councils (ADs, SWAs, FARs).
Big Sky        Similar to the Pac-10.                                                                                          Some go to FARA, but
                                                                                                                               no formal meeting is
                                                                                                                               held there.

                                                                                                                               The FARs hold three
                                                                                                                               annual meetings, in
                                                                                                                               addition to Council
Big Ten        In general, the FARs have primary responsibility for areas involving academic standards, sa welfare, and        Do not meet at FARA
               equity issues. Under the principle of presidential authority and faculty control, the conference looks to the
               Faculty to provide leadership as the Chair of the Joint Group. In addition, the FARs have legislative           Meet 3 times a year in
           authority over the Rules of Eligibility and responsibility for the administration and certification of eligibility   conjunction with
           and administration of the NCAA Coaches Certification Examination.                                                    regular conference
                                                                                                                                meetings (as FAR
                                                                                                                                group and then
                                                                                                                                together with ADs and
                                                                                                                                SWAs). They also
                                                                                                                                have a retreat in July.
Big 12     Conference Role of the Big 12 FARS:                                                                                  Do not meet at FARA
                 Act on recommendations from the ADs and SWAs
                 Recommend rule and policy changes or adaptations                                                              Meet in Sept, Dec,
                 Act on all eligibility matters, including conference waivers                                                  Jan, May/ June
                 Signature required on prescribed conference eligibility reports
                 Review recommendations form the conference office
                 Refer items for the attention of the ADs and SWAs
                 Act on recommendations from Standing Committees (e.g., Editorial Committee, Eligibility and
                   Interpretations Committee, Postgraduate Scholarship Committee)
                 Administer NCAA coaches certification exam
                 Signature required on NCAA self-reported violations, including sa reinstatement requests.
Big West   FARs serve as the president and vice-president. Each institution has two votes at the Council, this was              Do not meet at FARA
           created with the intention that one vote be the FAR and one be an athletics administrator (the AD or
           SWA). FARs are responsible for Coaches Certification and for all waivers, both submission and review                 Meet twice a year in
           of the petitions and their agendas primarily focus on academic and SA welfare issues.                                conjunction with the
C-USA      The role of the Faculty Athletics Representatives is to recommend policies and procedures in the                     In the past, fall
           following areas:                                                                                                     meeting held at FARA.
                 Academic standards and policies for the Conference (e.g., initial and continuing eligibility).                Changed this year due
                 General welfare of the sas as it relates to academic issues.                                                  to the new legislative
                 Issues as they relate to the academic status and well being of the Conference.                                structure and they met
                 Graduation rate disclosure information.                                                                       instead at the fall FAR
                 Missed class time and examination of conflicts.                                                               meeting was held in
                 Academic awards and management of the Conference Post-Graduate Scholars Program.                              conjunction with the
                 Oversight of compliance with NCAA and Conference legislation in conjunction with the Athletics                AD and SWA fall
                     department.                                                                                                meetings.
                 NCAA coaches and institutional certification programs.
                                                                                                                                Meet 3 times a year.
                 Hardship and satisfactory progress waivers.
MAAC       Do not play an active role in structure.
MAC        The chair of the FARS is a member of the Executive Council. Two FARS serve on the MAC Legislative                    Do not meet at FARA
           Committee. Seven FARS are members of the MAC Infractions Committee. They administer the coaches
           certification program. They also vote on Scholar Athlete of the Week and the Academic All MAC Teams                  Meet twice a year with
           in year sport.                                                                                                       Joint Committee (ADs,
                                                                                                                                FARs, SWAs)
MEAC       The FARA proposes policy and program matters to the Conference dealing with, but not limited to, faculty
           perspectives in the governance of intercollegiate athletics.                                                         Meet twice annually in
                                                                                                                                conjunction with
          The FAR of each member institution is responsible for meeting and maintaining the standards set by the        the Winter and Spring
          Constitution, Bylaws, rules and regulations of the Conference. The FARA should review issues pertaining       meetings of the
          to student-athlete welfare, academics, conduct the eligibility petition approval process, and assist the      Delegate Assembly
          Conference Office staff with the preparation of Conference and NCAA legislation.

Mid-Con   FARs serve as the "infractions committee." The chair of the FAR council signs off on the violation and        They do not meet at
          can bring all of the FAR's if there is a concern. They are also an appeal body. The Chair of the FAR          FARA although they
          Council is an ex-officio member of the Joint Council. FARs administer the coaches certification exam for      are discussing it.
          the conference. They do projects as requested by our Joint Council They submit nominations for our
          Scholar-Athlete Award

MVC       The fundamental authority of the Conference resides with the FARs. The specific powers, authorities           Do not meet at FARA
          and responsibilities of the FARs Committee is, as follows:
              To take a final vote on all matters that are associated with the operations of the Conference in Joint   Do have meetings
                 Committee meetings.
              To have specific responsibilities for:
                  Eligibility,
                  Certification procedures,
                  Hardship waivers,
                  NCAA and Conference rules compliance, including education, treatment of infractions and
                     proposed penalties,
                  Academics, including standards and awards, and
                  NCAA legislation, including overview, education and proposed amendments.
              To review any action by either the Joint Committee or the Athletics Administration Committee and
                 submit it to the Presidents Council for further deliberation and possible revision.
              To assume the legislative function related to Conference operations when operating in Joint
              To assume other duties as delegated to the Committee by the Presidents Council.

OVC       Has a FAR Committee that oversees the Conference's academic awards program. It has the authority to           Do not meet at FARA
          conduct hearings on appeals from the commissioner's actions for violations of Conference regulations. It
          may initiate and review proposals that impact academic matters.
          Among other things, each FAR does the following:
              Signs the OVC eligibility and other applicable forms,
              Processes forms for the OVC Scholar-Athlete nominations, and
              Coordinates submission of OVC Honor Roll Student-Athletes, OVC Medal of Honor nominees
                   and the OVC Academic Banner data.
              administers the NCAA Coaches Certification Exam,
              verifies videoconference or seminar attendance by basketball coaches

Pac-10    FARs hold the institutional vote in the Council (which is composed of the ADS, SWAs, and FARs). The           Some go to FARA, but
          chair for the FAR Committee also serves as Council President (rotates annually). At least one FAR             no formal meeting is
          serves on every Council committee, and a slot is reserved for a FAR on the Management Council. They           held there.
          also serve as representatives to the two cabinets. The FARs also act on all eligibility petitions for
             hardship waivers, medical absence waivers, and international competition waivers.                           Hold three annual
                                                                                                                         meetings, in addition
             On campus, the FARs are responsible for eligibility certification, oversight of the NCAA Coaches'           to Council meetings
             Recruiting Certification Exam, and myriad other duties. Some compliance offices have a dual reporting
             line to athletics and the FAR; one has a direct report to the FAR.
Patriot      FARs proctor coaches exam and certify eligibility. Some members of the Policy Committee are FARs            Do not meet at FARA
Southland    FARs are a part of the Advisory Council (along with ADs and SWAs), which is the group that reviews all      Do not meet at FARA
             coaches' recommendations and acts on all legislative proposals (to be approved in final form by our
             presidents). As part of membership on the Council, they also sit on various conference committees (e.g.,
             compliance committee). .Their roles vary greatly on campus.
Southern     The FARs comprise the majority of the Executive Committee which does, among other things, the               Do not meet at FARA
                   Empower the Conference officers to perform specific tasks.
                   Manage affairs of the Conference in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.
                   Establish procedures for the Commissioner’s office as from time to time they may be deemed
                   Hear appeals from members who disagree with rulings or imposition of penalties by the
                   Review and approve, return to the appropriate committee or to the ADs Association for
                      reconsideration or, at its option, alter or deny, all actions taken by each Conference committee
                      and by the ADs Association.
                   Review issues pertaining to academics and sa welfare.
                   Conduct the eligibility petition approval process.
                     Assist the Conference office staff with the preparation of Conference and NCAA legislation. Each
                      adopted recommendation shall be reported to the Council of Presidents and the Executive

SWAC         The FARs are the Appeals Committee for any appeal of ruling made by the Commissioner. Their ruling          Do not meet at FARA
             is final, subject to a review by the Council of Presidents.
                                                                                                                         They meet twice a
                                                                                                                         year - at the winter
                                                                                                                         and spring conference

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