Celebration of Womens Athletics A Success

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					A Message from Mike

This spring marks the first
year that the Double T
                                    Double T Gazette
                                    V O L U M E       2 ,   I S S U E   3                                           S P R I N G     2 0 0 6

Association will handle all

                               Celebration of Women’s Athletics A Success
of the nominating and
balloting for the Hall of
Honor. If you have been a
dues-paying member for
the last three years you       The Double T Association and          when the reunion attendees          Future reunions for women’s
will find a nomination         Texas Tech Athletics co-hosted        were introduced on the court at     sports are being planned. Look
ballot enclosed in this        “A Celebration of Women’s             halftime of Lady Raiders basket-    for another reunion of this na-
newsletter. Be sure to         Athletics” on the weekend of          bal win over Colorado.              ture during the 2007-08 school
                               February 10th & 11th. Almost 40       Photos from the weekend can be      year.
follow the directions and
                               athletes from all women’s sports      seen on the DTA Web site.
make the deadlines.
                               were in attendance.
Thanks to all who at-          A banquet Friday night was at-
tended the Cotton Bowl         tended by Texas Tech President
Reception at the Texas         Jon Whitmore, Director of Ath-
                               letics Gerald Myers and Lady
Art Gallery in Dallas, as
                               Raider basketball coach Marsha
well as the Celebration of
                               Sharp. Senior Associate Director
Women’s Athletics. Both        of Athletics Judi Henry emceed
were very successful           the event. A video from a 1985
events with lots of new        reunion showed speeches by Dr.
folks in attendance.           Robert Ewalt and the late
                               Jeannine McHaney. Sharp capped
As you probably know by        the evening with a keynote
now, Marsha Sharp is           speech.
retiring as coach of the       Saturday morning the attendees
Lady Raiders. She will         were treated to a tour of the
remain on the athletic         Texas Tech athletic facilities. The   Red Raider volleyball players Phyllis Winn ’73, Vera Newsome ’72
department staff working       highlight of the weekend came         and Pris Taylor ’74 at the Celebration of Women’s Athletics ban-
on special projects.
Thanks for 24 years of
hard work, Coach!

As always, stay in touch!
                                Annual DTA Spring Golf Tourney Set for April 7
                               Men’s and women’s letterwin-          includes lunch, green fees, cart,   Saturday, letterwinners are in-
Mike                           ners from all sports are welcome      range balls and dinner on Friday.   vited to attend football practice
                               to participate in the annual DTA      Saturday, breakfast will be pro-    on the south side of the football
Contact us!                    spring golf tournament. The           vided before the Red Raiders        facility.
                               four-person scramble will tee off     spring football practice.           This year’s event will be co-
Web:     in a shotgun start at 1:30 p.m.,      Dinner will be held at 7 p.m. in    sponsored by the Red Raider
                               Friday, April 7, at the Rawls         the Jones SBC Stadium Club.         Club.
E-mail:                    Course. Registration starts at 11     Cost for the meals is free for
                               a.m. The cost is $90 or $75 for                                           For more information about the
Mail:                                                                those who golf, and $25 for non-    weekend, e-mail or
Box 43031 Lubbock 79409-3031
                               dues-paying DTA members, and          golfers.                            visit the DTA Web site.
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                                 Raiders Uncovered - Randy DuRoss ’96
                                 Hometown: La Verne, CA             Eleven.                           How has TTU changed
                                 Year(s)/sport(s) at Tech:          Favorite place on campus:         since you left?
                                 1992-95 baseball                   Dan Law Field and the Rec         What hasn’t changed since I
                                 Family:: Crystal (Wife), Aidan     Center.                           left? The campus has grown
                                 (Son)                              Favorite off-campus “joint”       like crazy, the athletic facili-
                                                                    or hangout: Conference Cafe       ties are incredible, and the
                                 Degree(s): General Business
                                                                                                      media coverage is positive.
                                 & Marketing (Double Major)         Greatest accomplishment
                                                                    as a student and/or athlete:      When you come back to
                                 Current Job, Location, Ac-
                                                                                                      town, where’s the first
                                 tivities, etc.: 7-Eleven Corpo-    As a student - graduating. As
                                                                                                      place you visit?
Randy DuRoss left Texas          rate - Gasoline Pricing Analyst;   an athlete - winning the 1995
                                 Dallas, TX Traveling, playing      SWC titles (both regular sea-     Dan Law Field and “poor ole’
Tech in 1995 having played
                                 golf and volleyball.               son and post-season tourney).     Larry Hays.”
in more baseball games
than any Red Raider. In          Life after TTU:                    Your thoughts on your             What does it mean to be a
addition, he was the all-                                           Tech teammates:                   Red Raider?
                                 Played pro baseball in the
time Southwest Confer-                                                                                It’s something that I’ll always
                                 now-defunct Northern League        Where do I start? Wish we
ence leader in career put-                                                                            be proud of, and a choice that
                                 for a team called the Chaska       could do it all again, although
outs.                                                                                                 I’m so glad I made.
                                 Valley Buccaneers. The league      I wouldn’t change a thing.
                                 folded and I retired to finish     Wish we all lived in the same     Best memory of athletic
                                 school. Moved to Dallas and        town and could visit more         career at Tech:
                                 worked for the Miller Beer         often and tell stories. Wish we   It’s tough to single out just
                                 Distributor in the marketing       could get everyone of the guys    one, but winning the SWC
                                 department. From there,            together for a reunion. And I     tourney in College Station
                                 worked for The Richards            wish I had more pictures from     would be near the top.
   “We wish we could             Group advertising agency, and      the memories of that team.
                                 then came to work for 7-
        do it all again,

  although I wouldn’t

      change a thing.“

                                 The 1995 SWC champion Red Raider baseball team. DuRoss is fourth from left, second row from bottom.

              DOUBLE         T   GAZETTE
 VOLUME        2,   ISSUE     3                                                                                      PAGE      3

 The Double T Association hosted a reception in Dallas on the weekend of the Cotton Bowl. Over 120 Red Raiders attended the
reception, which was held at the Texas Art Gallery. At the event, gallery owner Bill Burford was named an honorary letterwinner.
                                  The Double T Association is an organization
                                  committed to the encouragement of lifelong
                                  participation with Texas Tech Athletics for all
                                  varsity letterwinners. We strive to promote
                                  the proud tradition of being a Red Raider let-
                                  terwinner and to provide a vibrant, united or-
                                  ganization with which to associate.

          Box 43031               Please contact Mike Gustafson, Director of
    Lubbock, TX 79409-3031        Special Events for the DTA, if you have ques-
      Phone: 806-543-5361         tions or to discuss how you can get involved.

By Red Raiders, for Red Raiders

                                                                         Address Service Requested

                                                                          Lubbock TX 79409-3031
                                                                          Box 43031
                                                                          Double T Association

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