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					                     Athletics, Council on – Minutes – 2009-2010
                                      December 4, 2009

Members Present: Paul Williams, James Mickle, John Griggs, March Krotee, Keith Edmisten,
David Rainer, Carol Pope, Suzanne Weiner, Joanne Woodard, Frideric Prandecki, Stephen
Kouba, Jeff Johnson, Randy Ramsey, Fred Joseph
Members Absent: Sam Pardue Terry Hill, Len Annetta, Tom Honeycutt, Emily Street, Eric
Davis, DeWayne Washington, Eddie Watkins
Ex-Officio Members Present: Phil Moses
Ex-Officio Members Absent: Lee Fowler, Heather Murphy, Tom Honeycutt, Jo-Ann Robinson
Coaches Present: Brooks Teal, Swimming; Hans Olsen, Women’s Tennis
Guests Present: Carrie Leger, Bob Kennel, Dick Christy, David Horning
Meeting: Acting Chair, Paul Williams, called the meeting to order at 2:05 P.M.
Approved Minutes: The minutes of the October 23, 2009 meeting were approved.

Athletic Department Update:
David Horning presented a lengthy update on the state of the teams.
Football: The football team finished the season winning 5 and losing 7 games, ending the season
on a high by beating UNC-CH. Senior classes are being decimated and the need is to get to 20
seniors. Until we are able to retain players to have 20 seniors, injuries will continue to more
significant. Currently we are forced to play to many young players; when we can get to where
we can sign 24 and retain them we will have a program sustainable at a high level. Coach
O’Brien has a good blue print and has been able to retain most of the players he has recruited.
An update on Dana Bible: he has leukemia and spent the Christmas break in the hospital. His
spirits are good and he will have phase 1 of chemo-therapy now. If tissue is rebuilding
satisfactorily he will then have a second phase of chemo-therapy.
Soccer: 13 – 7 – 2 Received an NCAA bid. Defeated UNC-CH in the ACC tourney; lost to
Portland State in the NCAA tournament.
Women’s soccer: 8 – 9 – 2 Carol Blosser was named to the all ACC team. Steve Springthorp is
proving to be a very active coach.
Men’s and Women’s Swimming/Diving: Men 3 – 0; Women 4 – 1. Anna Likenauger and
Mason McGee have both hit NCAA qualifying marks in their respective specialties.
Volleyball: 8 – 27 Defeated UNC-CH Decision was made to replace Reta Stubbs and a search
committee is currently being formed
Men’s Basketball: 5 – 1 Glen Wilkes tournament champions; players are enjoying playing
Men’s Golf: 272 – 27 overall. NCAA bid with number 15 seed overall. Made it to AAA
Tournament Championship game, beating UNC-CH and Boston College in earlier rounds.
Having a good fall
Women’s Basketball: 5 – 3 Marissa Kastanek is the leading scorer. Kellie is doing a very good
Women’s golf: 197 – 53
Men’s Tennis: 21 – 28 fall singles record. Spring play starts January 17, 2010
Women’s tennis: 49 – 47 fall singles record. Spring play starts January 29, 2010
Rifle: Past season broke the school record with a total rifle score of 4,573 on Nov. 14th. On the
same day the small bore school record was broken with a score of 2,267.
Men’s Cross Country: Were ACC Champions and placed 2nd in NCAA Southeast Regional; 27th
at the NCAA Championships for the program’s 21st top 30 national finish. Ryan Hill earned All-
America honors.
Women’s Cross Country: 4th in the ACC Championships, 3rd at the NCAA Southeast Regional.
Brittany Tinsley and Emily Pritt received at-large NCAA Championship invitations; Pritt
finished 17th and earned All-America honors
Wrestling: 2 -2 overall. Darius Little is off to a 7 – start. Two freshmen, Dale Shull and
Eloheim Palma are off to fast starts being 6 – 2 and 8 – 1, respectively.
Other News: NC State Football raised $7,000 for the Brian Herzlich fund; Military Appreciation
Day against Murray State was a tremendous success; the men’s soccer team put together a non-
conference match with South Carolina to raise money for the Kay Yow WBCA Cancer Fund and
the Kay Yow Endowment; Athletics provided $15,000 to kick off the “Finish the Bell Tower
Campaign;” the reason for the Murray State and Gardner Webb games was an economic
Facilities Update: Dail Softball phase two completed ($2.4 million); video boards installed at
baseball facility and Reynolds; Method Road soccer practice facility completed; new scoreboard
added at the RBC Center ($5 million).

Introduction of Coaches
Hans Olsen [Women’s Tennis] recruited to fill two slots with 5-star athletes. The new tennis
facility, with 6 courts and fixed seating for 500, is nearing a final design phase and construction
could start very soon. The facility will be a big recruiting tool. The fall season went well and
the players are looking forward to the start of the spring season. There are currently five
international players on the team; women’s tennis has 8 scholarships and, as a head count sport,
has to give only full scholarships. The team APR was 1000 last year and will be 959 with the
2005-09 cohort.
Brooks Teal [Swimming and Diving] reported he had his best ever recruiting season with 5
women and 4 men plus two male walk-ons. The team has strong senior leadership; they train all
year and the team is poised to move up in the ACC. Coach Teal reported that the special suits
that improved speeds so significantly at the last Olympics are going away. Both men’s and
women’s teams received national, academic awards.

Academic Support Program for Student Athletes
Carrie Leger reported that Amber White [Women’s Basketball] received an Academic
Momentum award for the Southeast Region. Men’s and Women’s soccer received academic
awards from the Soccer Coaches Association.
An explanation of the graduation rate data was provided since it had been recently featured
prominently in the news. A table comparing Federal rates and Graduation Success Rate rates
was distributed. The Federal graduation rate metric was not as good an indicator, which was
why the switch to APR. We still gather the data for determining the Federal graduation rate.
The Fed rate tracks a cohort for 6 years and considers only whether they did or did not graduate.
For NC State, only 4 of the 86 in the cohort upon which the reported rate for NC State was based
were suspended and only one of those was an academic casualty. Carrie explained that the GSR
includes more students (i.e., includes mid-year enrollees and transfer students) and removes from
the denominator any who leave in good academic standing. Relative to Federal rates, GSR rates
are better. In general, women’s teams exhibited higher graduation rates than the men’s teams.
Projections for next year suggest that athletics should be near the overall student body graduation
Phil Moses discussed the issue of athletes who are transferring from NC State to other schools.
Many variables affect transferring including playing time, match of ability with level of
competition, and coach issues. One factor that seems to affect NC State more than our peers is
intercampus transfers. It is more difficult at NC State for a student to transfer from one program
or college to another. Phil indicated there is an on-going conversation about this issue. It is
crucial that we improve on keeping those students that we bring to campus.
Carrie Leger explained the method of at-risk profiling that is being developed by ASPSA to
assist with admissions considerations. Risk profiles are being developed based on four factors at
entry and five post entry that relate to likelihood of academic success. For example, at entry a
HS student whose core GPA < 2.6 or ACT/SAT is < 820 or has an educational disability has a
risk factor that must be considered. Other risk factors are: is a transfer, personal history, and
sport profile. ASPSA assigns a weighted calculation to each of these factors to generate a risk
score to indicate the relative need for Academic Support. A risk profile is also available for post-
entry students, which enables identification of students that may be academically at risk once
they are admitted. These risk profiles will assist in determining which students may benefit most
from Academic Skills Enhancement Programs.
Phil Moses gave us an update on the book collection project. Phil encouraged all of the Council
members to assist in identifying any groups we know that would help in the effort.


      Finance, Facilities and Personnel : No report
      Student-life, Equity, and Sportsmanship: Thanksgiving dinners were provided to 12
       families and the dining halls donated the food. With food provided by Case 103 persons
       were provided with meals last month and 63 alone were provided a meal on December
       3rd. Plan to do this twice a month and expand the program by involving UNC and Duke.
      Compliance: The compliance committee is planning to take the compliance test that
       coaches are required to take; are going to look at issue of text messaging and
       standardizing compliance and recruiting software.
      Faculty Academic Committee: No report
B.A.S.E. Bob Kennel indicated that in these times fund-raising is difficult. He noted that Phil
Moses had contributed funds to have a room named. Bob announced the program at the State
Club on January 15 celebrating 6 decades of multi-sport athletes. Cost is $20 per person.

Unfinished Business

New Business
Adjournment: 4:04 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Paul Williams, Vice Chair