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					  Emoticons Enhancement for RTC Messenger 10gr2
  May, 24th 2005

  Use emoticons when you are messaging with friends to show them how you really feel. Emoticons are emotional graphics – visual ways to
  express the way you feel when words alone just aren't enough.

      BMP format only
      Size: 16X16 for the actual face dimension; flexible in adding additional width or height for extra design around the face
      Icons should be placed in front of the pink background (RGB: 255,0,255) for coding purpose.

  The purpose of this enhancement is to include features as follows:
      Eliminate similar or redundant icons.
      Create a consistent streamline design style with stronger face expression. Prefer Yahoo Emoticons as examples, not MSN style.
      Add extra icons that would fit better to the business needs.
      Include mouse-over text or symbol descriptions.
      Animated icons after static icons are developed in the future release.

          MSN Emoticons                  Yahoo Emoticons                 RTC Emoticons              RTC Emoticons 10gr2            Mozilla Emoticons
To send this:      Type this:     To send this:      Type this: To send this:    Type this:   To send this:                  To
                                                                                                                    Type this: send this:       Type this:
       Smile         :-) or :)            Happy                           Smile    :)                Happy            Smile       Smile
                                                                         Smile      :-)
                    (so) :-D or
       Very Happy
                    :> or :-d
       Sad            :-( or :(          Sad           :(                Sad        :(              Sad                :(          Frown
                                                                         Sad        :-(
       Wink           ;-) or ;)          Wink          ;)                Wink       ;)              Wink               ;)          Wink
                                                                         Wink       ;-)
       Tongue out     :-P or :p          Tongue        :p                Tongue     ;p              Tongue             :p          Tongue-out
                                                                         Tongue     ;-p
       Surprised      :-O or :o          Shock         :O                Shock      :o              Shock              :O          Surprised
                                                                         Shock      :-O
       Confused       :-S or :s          Confused      :-/               Confused   :conf           Confused           :-/
                                         Sigh          :-<               Sigh       ;sign           Sigh               :-<
Girl           (X) or (x)                               Girl        :girl        Girl            (X)
                                                        Ninga       :ninga
Love           (L) or (l)   Love struck     :x          Love        :love
Don’t love     (U) or (u)
                            Silly           8-}         Crazy       :crazy        Silly          8-}
Eye-rolling    8-)          Rolling eyes    8-|         Roll Eyes   :roll        Rolling eyes    8-|
Embarrassed    :-$ or :$    Blushing        :">         Oops        :oops        Oops            :">   Embarrassed
                            Angel           O:)                                  Angel           O:)
Angel          (A) or (a)                               Saint       :saint                             Innocent
                            Clown           :o)         Jester      :jester      Jester          :o)
Devil          (6)          Devilish        >:)                                  Devilish        >:)

                                                        Eek         :eek2

Angry          :-@ or :@    Angry           X-(         Mad         :mad         Angry           X-(
                            Phbbbt!         >:P         Blah        :blah         Blah           >:P
                                                        Red eyes    :redeyes
                                                        King        :king
                            Worried         :-s         Paranoid    :paranoid
                            big grin        :D          D           :D           Big grin        :D
Baring teeth   8o|                                      Grrr        :grrr
Sick           +o(          Sick            :-&         Sick        :sick        Sick            :-&
                            Beatup          b-(         Shiner      :shiner      Shiner          b-(
Hot            (H) or (h)   Cool            B-)         Cool        :cool        Cool            B-)   Cool
                            Batting         ;;)                                  Coy
                                                        Spin eye    :spineye                     ;;)
Red rose       (F) or (f)   Rose            @};-        Rose        :rose
Red lips       (K) or (k)   Kiss            :*          Lips        :lips                              Kiss
Money          (mo)         Money Eyes            $-)                            Money Eyes      $-)   Money-Mouth
Disappointed   :-| or :|    Straight face   :|                                   Straight face   :|
Crying         :'(          Crying          :((                                  Crying          :((   Cry
Sleepy           |-)    Sleep            I-)    Sleep             I-)
                        Hypinotized      @-)
Don't tell              Shhh             :-$    Shhh              :-$    Lips-are-
anyone                                                                   Sealed
Thinking        *-)     Thinking         :-?    Thinking          :-?
I don't know     :^)                                                     Undecided

Nerd             8-|    Nerd             :-B    Nerd              :-B
Sarcastic       ^o)
                        Raised           /:)     Raised Eyebrow   /:)
Be right back   (brb)
                        Smug             :>
                        Not talking      [-(
                        Tired            (:|     Tired            (:|
                        Drooling         =P~
                        Dooh!            #-o     Dooh!            #-o
                        Applause         =D>    Applause          =D>
                        Talk to the      =;
                        Laughing         :))    Laughing          :))    Laughing
                        Rollingon the    =))
                        floor laughing
                        Frustrated       :-L     Frustrated       :-L    Yell
                        Party            <:-P                            Foot-in_Mouth
                        Whistling        :-"
                        Liar Liar        :^o
                        Peace            :)>-   Peace             :)>-
                        Whew             #:-S    Whew             #:-S
                        Praying          [-o<   Praying           [-o<
                        Shame on U       [-X
                        Dancing          \:D/
                        Nailbiting       :-SS
Left hug         ({)    Hugs             >:D<
Right hug        (})          Hug              >:D<
Secret telling   :-*
Party            <:o)
                                                                      (Y) or
Thumbs up        (Y) or (y)                           Thumbs up
                                                                      (N) or
Thumbs down      (N) or (n)                           Thumbs down
Messenger        (M) or (m)
Boy              (Z) or (z)
                              Cowboy           <):)
                              Alien1           =:)
                              Alien2           >-)
                              Skull            8-X
                              Pig              :@)
                              Cow              3:-O
                              Monkey           :(|)
                              Chicken          ~:>
                              Fighter- April
                              Fighter- Billy
                              Fighter- Hiro
Dog face         (&)
Black Sheep      (bah)
Cat face         (@)
Snail            (sn)
Turtle           (tu)                                 Turtle          (tu)
Vampire bat      :-[ or :[
                              Ying/Yang        (%)
                              Pumpkin          (~~)
Pizza            (pi)                                 Pizza           (pi)
Birthday cake     (^)
                                                                        (C) or
Coffee cup        (C) or (c)   Cup of Coffee     ~o)   Coffee cup
Martini glass     (D) or (d)
Beer mug          (B) or (b)
Fingers-cross                  Lucky/Clover    %%-     Lucky/Clover     %%-
High-five         (h5)

Flower            (F)
Wilted rose       (W) or (w)
Gift              (G) or (g)
                                                                        (I) or
Light bulb        (I) or (i)   Idea            *-:)    Light bulb
Computer          (co)
E-mail            (E) or (e)
Clock             (O) or (o)
Picture           (P) or (p)
Movie             (~)
                  (T) or (t)
Mobile Phone      (mp)
Car               (au)
Airplane          (ap)
Email             (e) (E)
Plate             (pl)
Chopsticks        (||)
Bowl              (||)
Gift with a bow   (G) or (g)
                               Flag            **==
Age Sex           (?)

  Sleeping half-
  Lightning        (li)
  Umbrella         (um)
  Stormy cloud     (st)   Stormy cloud   (st)
  Sun              (#)    Sun            (#)
  Rainbow          (R)    Rainbow        (R)
  Island with a
palm tree
   Note            (8)
  Star             (*)    Star           (*)

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