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Athletics _ Recreation


									     Athletics & Recreation
                                                          T      ake a break from classes, learn new skills, and make friends.
                                                                 With numerous fitness classes, instructional programs, sports and
                                                          activities for players of all skill levels, there is something for everyone.

                                                          SCAA                                                          2008-2009 INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS
                                                                                                                        •	Badminton	–	Co-ed	Advanced	Doubles
                                                          The Scarborough Campus Athletic Association runs and          •	Badminton	–	Men’s	Advanced	Doubles
                                                          officiates interhouse leagues and tournaments, holds an       •	Cricket	–	Men’s
                                                          annual athletics banquet, and gives students a voice in the   •	Flag	Football	–	Women’s
                                                                                                                        •	Ice	Hockey	–	Men’s	‘C’,	fall	term
                                                          Department of Athletics and Recreation. Students can assume   •	Indoor	Soccer	–	Men’s	United
                                                          leadership roles by running for elected positions.            •	Indoor	Soccer	–	Women’s	Tri-Campus
                                                                                                                        •	Outdoor	Soccer	–	Men’s	Tri-Campus
                                                                                                                        •	Tennis	–	Men’s	Advanced	Singles	&	Doubles
                                                          FACILITIES                                                    •	Tennis	–	Men’s	Beginner	Doubles
                                                                                                                        •	Tennis	–	Women’s	Singles
                                                          •	Double	gym                 	
                                                                                     •	Soccer,	rugby	and		              •	Volleyball	–	Men’s	‘A’,	winter	term
                                                          •		 ardiovascular	and	
                                                            C                          football fields                  •	Volleyball	–	Women’s	Tri-Campus
                                                            weight training room     •	Golf	studio
                                                                                                                        INTRAMURAL FINALISTS
                                                          •	Cardio	theatre	            	
                                                                                     •	Pathways	for	walking,	           •	Basketball	–	Men’s	Maroons
                                                          •	Cyclefit	room              jogging, biking, and             •	Basketball	–	Women’s	‘A’
                                                          •	7	squash	courts            in-line skating                  •	Field	Hockey	–	Women’s
                                                                                                                        •	Ice	Hockey	–	Men’s	‘B’,	winter	term
                                                          •		 tudio	for	aerobics,	
                                                            S                        •	Athletic	lounge	                 •	Ice	Hockey	–	Men’s	Tri-Campus
                                                            pilates, yoga, dance     •	Saunas                           •	Outdoor	Soccer	–	Women’s	‘A’
                                                            and martial arts           	
                                                                                     •	Home	of	the	Varsity	Blues	       •	Tennis	–	Men’s	Advanced	Singles
                                                                                                                        •	Tennis	–	Women’s	Singles
                                                          •	11	tennis	courts           baseball diamond                 •	Ultimate	Frisbee	–	Co-ed,	winter	term
                                                                                                                        •	Volleyball	–	Men’s	‘A’,	winter	term

TEAM SPORTS                                                                                             FITNESS & INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS
Varsity    – U of T’s Varsity Blues sports teams pool elite athletes from across all three of its       U of T Scarborough offers basic, intermediate, and
             campuses to compete against other universities.                                            advanced fitness and instructional classes.
Intramural – Organized competition between all three U of T campuses.
Interhouse – Individuals or groups of friends form teams and play recreationally or competitively.
                                                                                                                                              M – Men’s league W – women’s league

                                                                       INSTRUCTIONAL                                                                          INSTRUCTIONAL
                              VARSITY       INTRAMURAL   INTERHOUSE    PROGRAMS                                      VARSITY     INTRAMURAL   INTERHOUSE      PROGRAMS
  ARCHERY                                                              MW                KARATE                                                               MW
  ATHLETIC CONDITIONING                                                MW                LACROSSE                    MW          MW
  BADMINTON                   MW            MW                         MW                LATIN DANCE                                                          MW
  BALL HOCKEY                                            MW                              MOUNTAIN BIKING             MW
  BASEBALL                    M                                                          MUAY THAI                                                            MW
  BASKETBALL                  MW            MW           MW                              NORDIC SKIING               MW
  BELLY DANCING                                                        MW                PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING                                            MW
  CRICKET                                   MW           MW                              PILATES/YOGALATES                                                    MW
  CROSS-COUNTRY RUNNING       MW                                                         ROwING                      MW
  CURLING                     MW                                                         RUGBY                       MW          M
  CYCLEFIT                                                             MW                SOCCER                      MW          MW           MW
  FASTPITCH                   W                                                          SOFTBALL                                MW           MW
  FENCING                     MW                                                         SQUASH                      MW          MW           MW              MW
  FIELD HOCKEY                W             W                                            STRENGTH TRAINING                                                    MW
  FIGURE SKATING              W                                                          SwIMMING                    MW
  FITNESS CLASSES                                                      MW                TABLE TENNIS                                         MW
  FLAG FOOTBALL                             MW           MW                              TENNIS                      MW          MW
  FOOTBALL                    M                                                          TRACK & FIELD               MW
  GOLF                        MW            MW                         MW                ULTIMATE FRISBEE                        MW
  HIP HOP DANCE                                                        MW                VOLLEYBALL                  MW          MW           MW
  ICE HOCKEY                  MW            MW                                           wATERPOLO                   MW          MW
  INDOOR HOCKEY               W                                                          wRESTLING                   MW
  INDOOR SOCCER                             MW           MW                              YOGA                                                                 MW
  JIU JITSU                                                            MW

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