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					                                                               CASPIAN, Sara
                       * indicates the title is available in   The next big thing (Romantic)
                       paperback only                          Sleeping cutie* (Romantic)

                       ADAMS, Jessica                          COLGAN, Jenny
                       Girls night in (Contemporary)           Amanda’s wedding (Humour)
                       Tom, Dick and Debbie Harry (Romantic)   Talking to Addison* (Romantic)

                       ALLIOTT, Catherine                      CONWAY, Joan           (Romantic)
                       A married man (Romantic)                Bunny girl

 Chick                 Olivia’s luck* (Romantic)
                       The real thing* (Romantic)
                       Rosie Meadows regrets (Humour)
                                                               Cereal lover*

                                                               CRUSIE, Jennifer     (Romantic)
                                                               Faking it

  Lit                  BAGSHAWE, Louise
                       A kept woman (Romantic)
                       When she was bad (Romantic)
                                                               Fast women
                                                               Tell me lies
                                                               Welcome to temptation*

                       BARNES, Zoe                             DEWAR, Isla         (General fiction)
                       Bouncing back (Humour)                  Giving up on ordinary
                       Ex-appeal* (Romantic)                   It could happen to you
                       Hitched (Humour)                        Two kinds of wonderful
                       Hot property (Humour)                   The woman who painted her dreams
                       Love bug (Romantic)                     Women talking dirty

                       BLAKE, Cindy                            DUFFY, Stella      (Contemporary)
funny & clever books   Foreign correspondents* (Romantic)      Eating cake
                       I saw you first* (Romantic)             Immaculate conceit
    about women        The last available man* (Romantic)      Singling out the couples

                       CALMAN, Claire                          FIELDING, Helen       (Humour)
                       I like it like that (Humour)            Bridget Jones : the edge of reason
                       Lessons for a Sunday father (Humour)    Bridget Jones’s diary
                       Love is a four letter word (Humour)     Cause celeb
GIBSON, Maggie                           KEYES, Marian              (Humour)     MARGOLIS, Sue
Blah, blah black sheep (Crime)           Angels                                  Apocalipstick (Humour)
The flight of Lucy Spoon (Humour)        Last chance saloon                      Launderama * (Romantic)
                                         Lucy Sullivan is getting married*
GILMOUR, Susie              (Romantic)   Rachel’s holiday                        MAXTED, Anna           (Humour)
Holding out or giving in                 Sushi for beginners                     Behaving like adults
Love struck*                             Watermelon                              Getting over it

GOLDSMITH, Olivia          (Romantic)    KNIGHT, India           (Humour)        NATHAN, Melissa (Romantic)
Bad boy                                  Don’t you want me                       Persuading Annie
Fashionably late                         My life on a plate                      Pride, prejudice & Jasmin Field*
Insiders/Pen pals
Young wives                              LLOYD, Josie & REES, Emlyn (Romantic)   PEARSON, Allison       (Humour)
                                         The boy next door                       I don’t know how she does it
HANNAH, Sophie              (Humour)     Come again
Gripless                                 Come together*                          PRUNTY, Morag
Superpower of love                                                               Dancing with mules (Humour)
                                         MANBY, Chris           (Humour)         Disco Daddy* (Romantic)
HELLER, Jane               (Humour)      Getting personal
Female intelligence                      Lizzie Jordan’s secret                  TAYLOR, Linda          (Romantic)
Sis boom bah                             Running away from Richard               Beating about the bush
                                                                                 Rising to the occasion
HOLDEN, Wendy              (Humour)      MANSELL, Jill         (Romantic)        Shooting at the stars
Fame fatale                              Good at games
Pastures nouveaux                        Head over heels                         WALKER, Fiona          (Romantic)
                                         Millie’s fling                          Between males
INGHAM, Sarah              (Romantic)    Miranda’s big mistake                   French relations
Kissing frogs                            Mixed doubles                           Kiss chase
Parallel turns*                          Perfect timing                          Lucy talk
                                         Sheer mischief*                         Snap happy
JENKINS, Amy               (Romantic)    Solo*
Funny valentine                          Staying at Daisy’s                      WEINER, Jennifer        (Humour)
Honeymoon                                                                        Good in bed
                                                                                 In her shoes

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