How to Make a Guy like You – 3 Steps that you can Take

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					How to Make a Guy like You – 3 Steps that you can Take

So, you want to know how to make a guy like you. That is just old school. There is no single lady that
does not want to make a guy like her. I mean you do, don’t you? Basically, guys pretty much like the
same qualities that women would want in men. They all like someone to whom they can tell their deepest
secret. They need someone who can just be their partner and are someone with whom they can share
their laughter with.

But since you want to learn how to make a guy like you, let us talk about the steps you need to take.

1 – Forget about making HIM like you

There is nothing more embarrassing than trying hard to make him like you even if you know that you are
already lying to yourself. The first thing would be to realize that you can’t make him like you even if how
hard you are going to try. He should be the one who will notice that your existence is worth his time and
his while otherwise just go there and have fun.

2 – Let them see you

Show the guys that you exist by refusing to stay in your room the entire time. Let them know who you are
by showing them what you are capable of. Your confidence will definitely take you to new heights. Do not
be afraid to take risks because guys love risks and challenges. If they see that you have similar wants, he
will be able to appreciate you for who you are.

3 – Always act as someone worthy of respect

Do not forget that you are a woman and men naturally will respect you if you deserved it. They value
women a lot in their lives except for a few men who are so full of themselves and think about how
superior they are.

There is really nothing you can do to learn how to make a guy like you. But, you can do things that will
definitely notice him that you exist.


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