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									                                                 Royal Air Force Athletic Association

                                                 Flight Lieutenant Ben Trapnell
                                                 Lynx IPT, Rm 220, Gazelle House
                                                 BA22 8HJ
                                                 Tel:           Mil: 93510 Ext 2528, Civ: 01935452528
                                                 Mob:           Civ: 07747793500
                                                 Fax:           Mil: 93510 Ext 3600, Civ: 01935453600
                                                 RAF Mail:      LynxE6a
                                                 RAF Email:

See Distribution                                        Reference: RAFAA/6/TM

                                                        Date: 11 June 09



A.    20080617-U-REP SPORTS dated 17 Jun 08.
B.    JSP 752, Chap 4, Sect 8.
C.    DSB(RAF)/299000/3/3 dated 17 Dec 08.

1.   The personnel listed at Annexes A and B are selected to represent the Royal Air
Force in the Sir Sefton Brancker and SEAX Trophy Meeting at the Copthall Barnet Leisure
Centre Athletics Track on 15 Jul 09. Stn Cdrs and line managers are respectfully
requested to release selected personnel for this match taking into consideration Reference
A which gives guidance on the release of personnel selected for representative sports
teams. Further information on Sir Sefton Brancker can be found on the RAFAA Website.

2.   Reporting. Athletes should report to the Team Management at the Copthall Barnet
Leisure Centre Athletics Track, Champions Way, Hendon, London, NW4 1PX at 1700hrs
on 15 Jul 09. The Leisure centre is situated just off the A1 and junction 2 of the M1 on the
Great North Way.

3.    Travel. Travel to the Match is authorised at public expense in accordance with
Reference B. All warrants and claims are to quote Reference C together with your
station/unit UIN. When 2 or more team members are travelling from the same unit by car,
then cars must be shared to the maximum whenever possible. Athletes from neighbouring
units should also investigate ways of car sharing.

4.  Programme of Events. The Programme is at Enclosure 1, but be aware that it may
change on the day.

5.   Kit. Athletes are to be in possession of RAFAA representative kit. The Hon Clothing
Member is requested to be available, or arrange for a suitable representative, to loan RAF
representative vests and shorts to newcomers to the team.

6.    Implements. All equipment will be provided; however, competitors wishing to use
their own implements should check them in with the Field Referee before the start of the
meeting. Pole Vault poles must be provided by the individual competitors.

7.   Officials. The Hon Officials Sec is requested to engage with the events organisers to
establish what support is needed from RAF Athletics Association.

8.   Post Match Report. The Team Manager is to ensure a repo
9.   rt of the event is posted on the Association website and forwarded to the RAF News.
The results are also to be distributed to Power of 10 and Athletics Weekly.

10. Accommodation. If athletes require accommodation they are to make their own
arrangements with the Accommodation Cell at RAF Halton (95237-6163).

11. RAF Sports Lottery. The RAFAA receives significant funding and support from the
RAF Sports Board in the pursuit of its sport. It is therefore incumbent upon individuals to
be cognisant of this fact and to consider the number of RAF Sports Lottery Tickets that
they hold. Tickets can be obtained by completing the application form available at

12. Selection/Availability. Selected individuals are to notify their availability or
unavailability by telephone or email to the Men’s Team Manager, Flt Lt Ben Trapnell
(, 93510 2528) or the Ladies Team Manager, Sqn Ldr L McCormack-
Fisher (, 95751 6404) by cease work 3 July 09.
A confirmation slip is included at Enclosure 2 and all athletes are to ensure that it is
returned to Flt Lt Trapnell or Sqn Ldr McCormack-Fisher respectively.

Original Signed

B P Trapnell
Flt Lt
RAFAA Men’s Track and Field Team Manager


A.     Personnel Authorised to Represent the RAF (Men).
B.     Personnel Authorised to Represent the RAF (Ladies).


1.     Programme of Events.
2.     Confirmation Slip.


Selected Units at Annexes A and B (Stn Cdr, OIC Athletics (through PEd Flts) and
Selected Personnel)
RAF Leeming (Hon Treasurer)
DCAE Cosford (Kit Manager)
Hon Officials Sec

Copy to:

RAF Halton (DSB)
HQ Air Cmd (President, Chairman, Dep Chairman, Team Manager)
RAF Cranwell (Womens Team Manager)
DCAE Cosford (Championship Secretary)
RAF Leuchars (Gen Sec)

                                                                    ANNEX A
                                                                    TO RAFAA/6/TM
                                                                    DATED 11 JUNE 09


                                TEAM MANAGEMENT

Men’s Team Manager:      Flt Lt Ben Trapnell          MOD Abbey Wood
Team Captain:            CT F Chapman                 RAF Odiham

Coaches:                 FS M Owen                    DCAE Cosford (Sch of PT)
                         Sqn Ldr T Dobbing            RAF Leuchars (PMS)
                         Flt Lt M Rimmer              Air Cmd (JDLMO)
                         Sgt A Hughes                 DCAE Cosford (No 1 Radio Sch, ICTF)

Clothing Member:         Flt Lt G Dunson              RAF Cosford (OC Kirkham Flt)


Adam Calvesbert    Brendan Roberts     John Currie        Paul Hogkinson       Sy Wray
Adam Davis         Brian Scott         John Wright        Phil Collins         Toby box
Adam Davis         Carenton Turner     Jordan Nicholson   Richard Gammage      Tom Arnold
Adrian Tilley      Carl Tucker         Ken Mitchell       Richard Stevenson    Tom Bailey
Al Turnbull        Carl Tucker         Kev Hibbins        Rob Barker-Davies    Tom Dobbing
Al Williams        Charles Beaumont    Kieran White       Rob Bugden           Tom Fuller
Alasdair Stewart   Chris Berry         Lee Athersmith     Rob Hughes           Tom Harvey
Chris Pearson      Chris Birkin        Lee Cuthbertson    Ronnie McWilliam     Tom Ogden
Chris Tildesley    Chris Crawford      Lee Washington     Ross Harman          Tom Varty
Chris Wilce        Chris Harvey        Levi Kirkham       Sam Bonsall          Tony Higbee
Craig Buckley      Chris Leary         Luke Morrissey     Sam Mitchell         Travis Culverwell
Craig Johnstone    Chris Lloyd         Marc Afford        Sam Taylor           Willie Duncan
Craig Riley        Chris Maguire       Marcus Maxwell     Sean Kilkenny        Zico Grinion
Dan Lewis          Mark Firth          Mark Mackrell      Shane Connolly
Dan Parry          Dave Lemon          Mark Oak           Si Clarke
Darren Goodger     David Hughes        Mark Platt         Simon Bell
Darren Robinson    David Shaw          Mark Plowman       Simon Clarke
Darren Tremble     Dien Wooler         Matt Allen         Simon Howard
Dave Adams         Frank Chapman       Matt Blunden       Sinclair Macleod
Dave Cole          Gavin Berry         Matt Pearson       Steve Evans
Alex Williams      Graham Hunt         Matt Whitfield     Steve Frear
Andrew Harris      Greg Dunson         Matt Williams      Steve McLachlan
Andrew James       Hugh Smith          Mike Wright        Steve Mills
Andrew van Kints   Iain Ashall         Mr Burns           Steve Neill
Andy Reardon       Jack Latham         Nathan King        Steve Redshaw
Anthony Robinson   Jack Latham         Nav Childs         Steve Robinson
Ben Jones          James Marr          Neil Talbott       Stu Benson
Ben Livesey        Jamie Ballard       Nick Gaulder       Stu Cumber
Ben Trapnell       Jamie Wills         Oliver Loak        Stu Skilling
Billy Lander       Jase Healeas        Oz Ellis           Stuart Cormack
Bob Kingman        Jason Chalk         Patrick Barber     Stuart McBride
Bob Payne          Jim Slater          Paul Atkins        Stuart Powell

                                                                   ANNEX B
                                                                   TO RAFAA/6/TM
                                                                   DATED 11 JUNE 09


                              TEAM MANAGEMENT

Women’s Team Manager:         Sqn Ldr Louise McCormack Fisher           AWC Cranwell
Women’s Team Captain;         Cpl Laura McGawn                          DCAE Cosford


Kerry Shardlow          Jacqui Smith          Christie Hooson           Sian Galvin
Khym Pascoe             Laura McGawn          Kerri Tucker              Jodie Digby
Stacey Kirby            Sasha Sheard          Alice Kelly               Toni Weir
Charlie Todd            Charlie Fearn         Ester Sandiford           Claire Nixon
Cat Chambers            Nikki Harrison        Victoria Radcliffe        Adele Brown
Caroline Livingstone    Heather Beattie       Lindsay Gozzard           Tanya McMinn


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