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BAE Systems

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    British Telecom                                                                CUSTOMER PROFILE
      John Reddington                                                                     BAE Systems
British Telecom plc (BT) is one of the                                             PMDF Protects BAE Systems from
world's largest providers of telecommu-                                                            LOVE BUG Virus
nication services. BT's Ignite Solutions
division is a multi-billion European orga-
nization, employing over 17,000 people,
more than half of whom are IT profes-
sionals serving customers in over 90
                                             In May 2000 a macro virus named       THE LOVE BUG BATTLE BEGINS
The E-Solutions group of Ignite              "I LOVE YOU" nicknamed the            When the Love Bug virus started,
Solutions is a major outsourcer for the      "Love Bug", invaded organizations     BT's John Reddington took imme-
management of corporate networks             and computer systems worldwide.       diate action for BAE System's
such as BAE SYSTEMS. Ignite's E-             The Love Bug virus caused havoc       MESL division. Luckily they were
Solutions group manages multiple fire-       for users and resulted in lost or
wall and computer systems including e-                                             using PMDF as their messaging
                                             destroyed documents and serious       backbone on Digital Alpha boxes
mail services on both message user
                                             downtime and delays in e-mail         running OpenVMS. PMDF's
agents and messaging gateways, fax,
web and Intranet services, DNS, and          delivery that lasted for several      advanced messaging capabilities:
more.                                        hours, and sometimes days for
                                             many major corporations (see           G allowed for quick reaction to
John Reddington is a senior technical        CERT Advisory http://www.cert.         quarantine the virus without
specialist with E-Solutions who special-     org/advisories/CA-2000-04.html).       having to wait for a patch as
izes in backbone e-mail and messaging
gateways, OpenVMS, and Directory                                                    they would if they were
                                             BAE SYSTEMS, a leading global
Services. Reddington has extensive                                                  depending on a firewall or anti-
                                             defense and aerospace firm based
experience working with several mail                                                virus software solution.
                                             in several major locations through-
                                             out England was outsourcing their      G permitted them to stop delivery
Reddington played a major role in the        messaging needs for their MESL         of all e-mails without stopping
messaging environment when British           division to British Telecom's (BT)     e-mails from being accepted.
Aerospace and Marconi Electronic             Ignite division when the Love Bug
Systems Limited (MESL) merged in             virus struck (see sidebar for BT       G allowed them to identify the
November 1999 to form BAE SYSTEMS.           details).                              non-infected messages and
Having worked with Process Software's                                               deliver them efficiently to users.
PMDF messaging backbone solution for         John Reddington, a messaging
many years, Reddington utilized PMDF's                                              G provided for the ability to read
                                             expert was leading the Love Bug
robustness and advanced functionality                                               the messages in text format to
to tackle the many messaging issues          attack efforts for BT at the MESL
                                             division.                              confirm which messages needed
faced by these organizations.
                                                                                    to be deleted.
Most notable was when Reddington was
awarded the Star-of-the Month award
by BT Ignite Solutions for his excellence
in protecting the MESL division from the
"Love Bug" virus with PMDF.

                                                                                                      A Platinum Equity Company

                                                                                               Alenia-Marconi, UK

                                                                                                    Marconi North America

                                                                                                       Marconi Australia

                                                                                                            Marconi Software Solutions, UK

                                               Firewall                                                     Marconi Canada
                                                              Internet Messaging
                                                                                                        Alenia Systems, Italy

                                                                                               Astute, UK

                                                                                    British Aerospace, UK

                        PMDF captures Love Bug virus, preventing mass infestation across global network

"Our goal was to minimize and                and deleted the infected files that               Once the I LOVE YOU infected
even avoid any downtime to end-              had already entered into the sys-                 e-mails had been removed,
users while protecting the messag-           tem. The following steps were                     Reddington was able to allow the
ing network," stated Reddington.             done to achieve this result:                      e-mails to be delivered within BAE.
"PMDF allowed me to take imme-
diate action against the virus with-         1. A simple PMDF configuration                    The basic steps were quickly writ-
out having to rely on an outside             file change was made so that e-                   ten into a 'cleanup and delivery
firewall company to develop a                mails would still be accepted from                process' that continued to execute
patch and then access their over-            the outside world, but would be                   unattended, cleaning up the infect-
loaded site for downloading - this           held 'in quarantine' instead of                   ed messages and delivering the
might have taken an hour or so               being delivered.                                  good ones.
according to the experience of
some other sites."                           2. Reddington then looked through                 Within a few hours after the first
                                             the files held 'on hold' and was                  attack, things were under control
Reddington's first course of action          able to quickly identify the e-mails              and genuine messages were deliv-
was to keep the PMDF system run-             that were carrying the Love Bug                   ered in an acceptable time, despite
ning and continue to accept all              virus. VMS's Search command                       the system being under constant
incoming e-mails. This was                   created a list of all the message                 attack.
accomplished with only a brief 20            files that contained the Love Bug
minute shut down period to e-mail            along with any warnings about it.                 Reddington was able to use
users.                                                                                         PMDF's logging capabilities in
                                             3. A routine was created to auto-                 order to count the number of
During this period, Reddington               matically delete the infected files               infected messages he was deleting
was able to examine the files and            listed by PMDF.                                   per day. In total 150,000 infected
create a routine that quarantined                                                              messages were counted out of a
                                                                                               total of 250,000 messages!
                                                                                                        PMDF - Customer Profile
                                                                                                “PMDF provided a quick solution to protect MESL
                                                                                                division's messaging system from the Love Bug virus
                                                                                                with only minutes of downtime to users. Over 20,000
                                                                                                employees would have experienced major problems and
                                                                                                downtime from the 150,000 infected messages that
                                                                                                were delivered into the messaging system.”
                                                                                                                                                                              - John Reddington

Once the attack on the system had                                                    Development Manager. PMDF's
quieted, Reddington took further                                                     functionality enabled us to keep                                     FREE EVALUATION SOFTWARE!
action to prevent BAE from attack                                                    the business moving virtually unin-                                  Please call 800-722-7770 to get
by other similar viruses. He                                                         terrupted and kept issues with the                                   your free evaluation copy of PMDF.
achieved this by altering the                                                        virus invisible to our end-users.
PMDF configuration so that any                                                       PMDF has provided us with a
attachments with a VBS file exten-                                                   secure and robust messaging back-
sion (the type that the Love Bug                                                     bone for many years."
virus contained) would be inter-
cepted and replaced with a warning                                                   "PMDF provided a quick solution
text attachment. He could have                                                       to protect MESL division's mes-
done this earlier, but wanted to                                                     saging system from the LOVE
delete the infected messages rather                                                  BUG virus with only minutes of
than have them processed - thereby                                                   downtime to users. Over 20,000
allowing genuine business mes-                                                       employees would have experi-
sages through in standard time.                                                      enced major problems and down-
                                                                                     time from the 150,000 infected
"We were pleased that our mail                                                       messages that were delivered into
system was working and was                                                           the messaging system," stated John
delivering mail within a                                                             Reddington.
respectable timeframe," comment-
ed, Steve Pollard, Solutions

                                                                                                                                                          Process Software
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