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The Mystery of a Hansom Cab by Fergus Hume
First published in 1886, this vivid and brilliantly plotted murder thriller is set in the charming yet deadly streets
of marvellous Melbourne, capturing it in its gold rush glory days. Become entranced by wealthy squatters
with murky pasts, a noble love-struck couple, and a slum princess with a secret identity.

Blood Moon by Garry Disher
The fifth book in the Inspector Challis series. Challis and his team investigate the brutal beating of the
chaplain of a prestigious school and the murder of the woman in charge of punishing local land use
violations. But will Hal Challis and Ellen Destry’s new romantic relationship interfere with their work?

The Next Murray Whelan Trilogy by Shane Maloney
Follow Murray Whelan’s journey through the ranks of a well-known Australian political party in the second
trilogy collection: The Big Ask, Something Fishy and Sucked In. Set in Melbourne, a city on the way to

Tropic of Death by Robert Sims
When a little girl finds a severed head buried in sand on a beach in Whitley, the locals are sent into a tailspin.
Little do they know it's only the first of series of grisly murders that will sully their apparently idyllic resort

Forbidden Fruit by Kerry Greenwood
With the help of a troupe of free-spirited freegans, some very clever internet hackers and a bunch of vegans,
Corinna and Daniel go head-to-head with a sinister religious cult on a mission and a band of Romany
gypsies out for revenge in a wild and wonderful chase against the clock.

Truth by Peter Temple
Stephen Villani’s life is his work. It is his identity, his calling, his touchstone. But now, over a few sweltering
summer days, as fires burn across the state and his superiors and colleagues scheme and jostle, he finds all
the certainties of his life are crumbling.

Cherry Pie by Leigh Redhead
Simone Kirsch – ex-stripper, sex kitten, private investigator and drinker of more cheap wine than is good for
her – is back, setting up her own PI agency and getting into more trouble with her clients, her lovers and the
police. Just how much trouble can one girl get into?

Pearl in a Cage by Joy Dettman
Loved by some but scorned by more, Jenny survives her childhood and grows into an exquisite and talented
young woman. But who were her parents? Spanning two momentous decades and capturing rural Australia’s
complex and mysterious heart, Pearl in a Cage is a new and unputdownable novel.
The Unscratchables by Anthony O’Neill
Crusher McNash is the police force’s most fearless detective, a barrel-chested bull terrier with a biscuit-thin
temper and a barbed-wire tongue. Cassius Lap is the finest agent in the Feline Bureau of Investigation, an
imperturbable Siamese with a mind as sharp as a can-opener. Together, they are The Unscratchables!

Ghostlines by Nick Gadd
Ghostlines centres on Philip Trudeau, a once-respected investigative journalist who has stepped on the
wrong toes. Sent to cover what appears to be a tragic yet routine death at a level crossing, Philip is drawn
into a multilayered mystery that involves art theft, political intrigue, and business corruption.

The Skull: Informers, hit men and Australia’s toughest cop by Adam Shand
Feared and respected policeman Brian ‘Skull’ Murphy entered the shady world depicted in Underbelly: A tale
of two cities. See many of its key villains – Christopher Dale Flannery, the Kane brothers and Ray Chuck –
from Murphy’s perspective as he plays them off against each other and fights to stay on top.

Court in the Middle by Andrew Fraser
From 1975 to 2001, Andrew Fraser was a leading criminal solicitor with a successful national practice. Then
it all went horribly wrong. Pleading guilty to trafficking a small quantity of cocaine to a friend and to
possessing two ecstasy tablets, he was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Pixie: Inside a world of drugs, sex and violence by Andrea Mohr
Drug runner, hostess, money launderer, drug dealer and importer, amongst other things, Andrea had a
glamorous life filled with travel, movie stars and easy money. Until she’s sent to Deer Park, a maximum
security women’s prison, a violent, corrupt, mismanaged facility where there were more drugs inside than

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