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					Q J Med 2009; 102

About The Cover

Paxi, Greece

A very pretty, green and mountainous little pearl,              Even though it might have been inhabited well
Paxi offers quite a few things to see, wonderful             before then, the Phoenicians are traditionally held to
beaches and very hospitable people.                          have been the first settlers on Paxi. Even the name
   The locals live partly off agriculture, fishing and       indicates it, since Pax meant slate in their language.
stock breeding, but to some extent also of tourism.             The Romans ruled the island from the 2nd century
Many of the younger islanders go to one of the larger        BC, and during the Byzantine time and middle ages
Ionians islands in summer for work and then enjoy            it was constantly attacked by pirates. After various
the quiet of their own island in the winter.                 rulers and Crusaders had passed Paxi, the island was
   Mythology has it that the love struck Poseidon            taken by the Venetians in the beginning of the 16th
created this island by striking Corfu with his trident,      century.
so that he and his new wife Amphitrite could have                             Photo Courtesy of Brendan Delaney
some peace and quiet.

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