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					                    BRIO ACCESS TO SFS DATA WAREHOUSE

                                            May 13, 2003

With the rollout of row level security on May 13, 2003, Brio-Query 6.5 is available to a larger group of
users at each campus. Brio is used to access the data warehouse, containing SFS financial data.

To utilize the data warehouse, you will need authorization set up in two places. First, you must have
access to the data warehouse. This access is granted by your campus WISDM administrator. This will
allow you to view the data contained in the data warehouse.

The other piece that needs to be completed is to establish a FASTAR Brio account. This will let you
download and use Brio. An account can be applied for by going to the following web site and filling
out the application form.

Once you have the form up on your screen, do the following.
1. Fill in the information requested. For your DoIT User ID, enter your 3-character SFS logon ID. If
you do not have a SFS login ID, choose the "I don't have a DoIT unique 3-digit ID" radio button. One
will be assigned to you and emailed to you.
2. Read and agree to the license agreement, then click "Submit Form" at the bottom.
3. You'll get one email right away saying your info has been received.
4. Wait for the next email containing your logon and password. You may have to wait up to 2
business days to get this email.
5. After you get your logon and password, return to
6. Click "Change Password" if you would like to change your password.

You must have your Brio logon ID and Password before you can log onto the FASTAR “On Demand
Server” (ODS) and download the Brio software. The home page for FASTAR Brio is at

Which Brio to Download?
There are two versions of the Brio 6.5 software available from FASTAR, a client version and a web
browser version. The client version requires a much greater amount of technical setup and support
from DoIT. DoIT is not going to provide support for the client version. Therefore, we recommend all
campus Brio/WISDM users to use the web browser version, which is known as Brio Insight.
Following are the instructions for getting the Brio Insight connection set up on your PC:

1. After you get your logon and password, return to .
2. Click "Use Insight" to access the Brio web server.
3. A preferences screen will pop up. Keep the defaults and click "OK". .
4. Once you click OK, you may have to re-click "Use Insight". This should bring up the logon
window for the Brio web server.
5. Enter your Brio (not your WISDM) logon and password.
6. Follow the instructions on the next few windows. This installs the Brio Insight web plug-in. Click
"Finish" on the final window when it comes up.

0b4fe729-ccae-4694-a532-a2b4bcbd8ddc.doc                                                          1
Getting this far means you have the web version of Brio installed and working properly. This does not
guarantee that you are set up to access the data when you process a query. After Brio has installed on
your computer, this is the screen that should appear.

                                To access WISDM templates,
                                click on the folder next to the word

The “System” folder will expand, so your screen should look like the following:

0b4fe729-ccae-4694-a532-a2b4bcbd8ddc.doc                                                        2
You will see several folders in the System folder. To access the data warehouse, click on the name
WISDM (not the folder next to it). The following screen should appear.

                                          If you don’t see these selections when
                                          you get to this panel, call Dave Ruhde
                                          (608) 265-6708 or send email to

In the right side of the panel you will see the WISDM templates to choose from. When you click on
one of those selections, Brio will open in another window with the template you selected. Following is
an illustration of that panel for the WISDM Star Template.

                                                                                   You can move these
                                                                                   table boxes around
                                                                                   by clicking in the
                                                                                   name area at the top
                                                                                   and dragging.

0b4fe729-ccae-4694-a532-a2b4bcbd8ddc.doc                                                        3
Now it’s up to you to build the query to extract the desired data from the data warehouse. Drag the
fields you want in your query in the “Request” line. You can also drag fields into the “Limit” line to
limit the information returned in your query.

When you have built your query, click on the “Process” button to run the query. The window below
will pop up. This box is used to make the connection to the data warehouse. Enter Host User and Host
Password using your WISDM User Name and Password. It could take several minutes for your query
to process, please be patient.

If you enter your WISDM Password and User Name, but Brio does not return any results, it may be
possible that you do not have access to the data warehouse yet. Anyone with a Brio account should be
able to access the WISDM stars, but will only receive data if they are authorized in WISDM. Contact
your WISDM administrator to ensure you have the proper access set up for Row Level Security.

UWSA contact for query support
If you have questions about how to build, save, open queries in Brio Insight, contact Jeffrey Kuhn by
phone at (608) 262-4318 or by e-mail at Do not contact anyone at DoIT to get
answers to query problems.

If you find problems with the data in the WISDM database, send them to George Ketterer and Ernie
Mergen by email ( and

Data Dictionary
If you are unfamiliar with the tables and fields in the data warehouse, a data dictionary has been
developed. The data dictionary can be found at This
document will define the tables and fields in the data warehouse.

0b4fe729-ccae-4694-a532-a2b4bcbd8ddc.doc                                                             4