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Training Materials on MSHA Internet Site95


									                                           Some Training Materials on MSHA's Internet Site --

          Category                    Sub-Category                                  Material                                           Internet Site
Accident Prevention              Remedies for fatalities    Post Accident Investigation Remedies           
Accident Prevention              Solutions                  Accident Solutions                             
Accident Prevention              Suggestions                A Bulletin Board of Your Suggestions           
Accident Prevention              Tips                       Accident Buster Awareness Tips                 
Accident Reports                 Lists by Year              Listing of accidents & injuries reported       
Catalog                          MSHA Materials             Lists Videos and Hardcopy Materials for order  
Dust                             Control                    Dust Control                                   
Dust                             Silicosis                  Silicosis Prevention                           
Dust Control                     Tips                       Tips for Dusty Jobs                            
Equipment, mobile                Analysis of accidents      Analysis of Surf Powered-H Accidents           
Equipment, Mobile                Haulage                    Powered Haulage Safety (125 slides - 1.5 hrs)  
Equipment, Mobile                Tires and rims             Tire and Rim Safety Awareness Prog.            
Fall Protection                  Highwalls                  Fall Protection on Highwalls(35 slides)        
Fatal accident information       Metal/Nonmetal             2000-1995 fatal grams/alert bulletins/reports  
Fatalities, non-employee         Site access                List of fatalities for 1999 & 2000             
Fatals -- listing by date        Metal/Nonmetal             2000, 1999, 1998 fatalities                    
General                          Holmes Bulletins           Holmes Safety Bulletins                        
General                          various                    Safety Hazard Alert Bulletins                  
General                          various                    Safety Hazard Pocket Cards                     
General                          various                    Special Alert Bulletins                        
General                          various                    Technical Papers                               

Guarding                         Equipment                  MSHA's Guide to Equipment Guarding (PDF)      
Hazard Communication             MSDS                       MSDS Links                                     
Hazard Information               General                    Safety Hazard Information                      
Hazards, general                 Small Mine Hazards         MSHA's Small Mine Pocket cards                 
Health Hazards                   Hazard Information         Health Hazard Information                      
Health Hazards                   Health                     Health Hazard Information                      
Injury reports                   Lists by Year              Mine Injury Statistics & Summaries             
Miners Rights                    NEW Miners Rights          NEW Miner's Rights Booklet                    
Noise                            Standards                  Health Standards for Occup Noise Exp           
Noise                            All                        Noise resources - standard, measure, control   
Regulations                      Title 30 CFR               Statutory and Regulatory Information           
Safety Information               general                    Safety Information Home Page                   

        Materials assembled by Dave Carlson, Michigan Mine Safety Health Training Program - 906/487-2453 - email af08e6e5-98df-44ba-8531-0485b1366e6a.xls

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