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					                                                                                             Gitarre Interpreten 2001
3 Doors Down                                                    AC/DC                                                             AC/DC                                                           Aerosmith
The Better Life                                                 Classic                                                           Who Made Who
Kryptonite, Loser, Duck and run, Not enough, Be like that,      Down payment blues, Gimme a bullet, Gone shootin',                Who made who, You shook me all night long, D.T., Sink the
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Back in the saddle, Last child, Rats in the cellar,
Life of my own, Better life, Down poison, By my side,           Kicked in the teeth, Riff raff, Rock 'n' Roll Damnation, Sin      pink, Ride on, Hells bells, Shake your foundations, Chase
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Combination, Sick as a dog, Nobody's fault, Get the lead
Smack, So I need you                                            city, Up to my neck in you, What's next to the moon, For          the ace, For those about to rock.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  out, Lick and a promise, Home tonight
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     those about to rock (we salute you), Put the finger on you,       #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
10543 64,90 DM                                                  Let's get it up, Inject the venom, Snowballed, Evil walks,        1989 46,80 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                  5010 55,90 DM
                                                                C.O.D., Breaking the rules, Night of the long knives,
311                                                             Spellbound.                                                       AC/DC Best Of                                                   Aerosmith
311                                                             #Guitartab, Noten                                                 by Michael Morenga
                                                                702 53,80 DM                                                                                                                      Signature Licks mit CD - 1973 - 1979
Down, Random, Jackolantern's weather, All mixed up, Hive                                                                          Licks, Equipment, Spieltechniken
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Solos, Riffs, Intros, Rhythmparts in bewährter Signature-
guns, Misdirected hostility, Purpose, Loco brodels, Don't                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
stay home, DLMD, Sweet, T & P combo.                            AC/DC                                                             2345 24,80 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Licks Qualität von folgenden Songs: Back in the saddle,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Come together, Draw the line, Dream on, Kings & queens,
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                             Classic Early Years
                                                                                                                                  Adams, Bryan                                                    Last child, Mama kin, Same old song & dance, Sweet
6996 35,00 DM                                                   HIGH VOLTAGE:It's a long way to the top, Rock 'n' Roll
                                                                                                                                                                                                  emotion, Toys in the attic, Train kept a rollin', Walk this way
                                                                singer, The jack, Live wire T.N.T., Can I sit next to you girl,   Can´t Stop That Thing We Started
311                                                                                                                                                                                               #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                Little lover, She's got balls, High voltage, LET THERE BE         Einzelausgabe                                                   5002 55,90 DM
Grassroots                                                      ROCK: Bad boy boogie, Dog eat dog, Go down, Hell ain't a          #Guitartab, Noten
Homebrew, Lucky, Nytsymtom, 8:16 A.M., Omaha stylee,            bad place to be, Let there be rock, Overdose, Problem             7518 14,90 DM                                                   Aerosmith
Applied science, Taiyed, Silver, Grassroots, Salsa, Lose,       child, Whole lotta Rosie.
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Adams, Bryan                                                    Signature Licks mit CD -1979-1998
Six, Offbeat bare ass, 1 2 3
                                                                35 53,80 DM                                                                                                                       Solos, Riffs, Intros, Rhythmparts in bewährter Signature-
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                                                                               Play Guitar CD                                        Licks Qualität von folgenden Songs: Crazy, Duede, Eat the
7862 59,90 DM                                                                                                                     Cloud number nine, Have you ever really loved a woman,
                                                                AC/DC                                                             18 til I die, The only thing that looks good on me is you,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  rich, Falling in love, The hop, Janie's got a gun, Livin' on the
311                                                                                                                                                                                               edge, Love in an elevator, Nine lives, Rag doll, Taste of
                                                                Collection Guitar Tab im Slipcase                                 When you're gone, Your underwear,                               India, What it takes
Music                                                           LIVE: Thunderstruck, Shot to thrill, Back in black, Who           #Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab, Noten
Welcome, Freak out, Visit paradise, Unity, Hydroponic, My       made who, Heatseeker, The Jack, Monetalks, Hells bells,           10242 53,80 DM                                                  7218 51,90 DM
stoney baby, Nix hex, Plain, Feels so good, Do you right,       Dirty deeds done dirt cheap, Whole lotta Rosie, You shook
Fat chance                                                      me allnight long, Higway to hell, TNT, For those about to         Adams, Bryan                                                    Aerosmith
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                             rock (We salute you( CLASSIC AC/DC: Down payment                  The Best Of Me
                                                                blues, Gimme a bullet, Gone shootin', Kicked in the teeth,                                                                        Toys In The Attic
7869 59,90 DM                                                                                                                     The best of me, Can't stop this thing we started, I'm ready,
                                                                riff raff, Rock'n Roll damnation, Sin city, Up to my neck in                                                                      Toys in the attic, Uncle Salty, Adam's people, Walk this
                                                                                                                                  Summer of 69, Let's make a night to remember, All for love,     way, Big ten inch record, Sweet emotion, No more no more,
311                                                             you, What's next to the moon, For those about to rock, Put        Have you ever really loved a woman, Run to you, Cloud           Round and round, You see me crying.
Transistor                                                      the finer on you, Let's get it up, Inject the venom,              number nine, I do it for you, Back to you, When you're
                                                                Snowballed, Evil walks, COD, Breaking the rules, Night of                                                                         #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
Transistor, Prisoner, Galaxy, Beautiful disaster, Inner light                                                                     gone, Please forgive me, The only thing that looks good on      5000 53,90 DM
spectrum, Electricity, What was I thinking, Jupiter, Use of     the lon knives, Spellbound CLASSIC AC/DC THE EARLY                me is you, Inside out
                                                                YEARS: It's a lon way to the top, Rock'n roll singer, The
time, The conitinuous life, No control, Running, Color, Light
                                                                jack, Live wire, TNT, Can I sit next to you girl, Little lover,
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                               Alice In Chains
years, Creature feature, Tune in, Rub a dub, Starshines,                                                                          10077 53,80 DM
                                                                She's got balls, High voltage, Bad boy boogie, Dog eat dog,                                                                       Acoustic
Strangers, Borders, Stealing happy hours.
                                                                Go down, Hell ain't a bad place to be, Let there be rock,         Aerosmith                                                       Nutshell, Brother, No excuses, Sludge factory, Down in a
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                Overdose, Problem child, Whole lotta Rosie.                                                                                       hole, Angry chair, Rooster, Got me wrong, Heaven beside
6997 35,00 DM                                                                                                                     Big Ones
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 you, Would? Frogs, Over now, Killer is me.
                                                                                                                                  Walk on water, Love in an elevator, Rag doll, What it takes,    #Guitartab, Noten
4 Non Blondes                                                   1982 121,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  Dude(Looks like a lady), Janie's got a gun, Cryin', Amazing,    4920 48,80 DM
Bigger,Better...                                                AC/DC                                                             Blind man, Deuces are wild, The other side, Crazy, Eat the
Train, Superfly, What's up, Pleasantly blue, Morphine &
                                                                Guitar Master Class mit CD
                                                                                                                                  rich, Angel, Livin' on the edge.                                Alice In Chains
chocolate, Spaceman, Old Mr. Heffer, Calling all the                                                                              #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                Play in the style of AC/DC: Licks, Riffs, Rhythms,                                                                                Alice In Chains
people, Dear Mr. President, Drifting, No place like home.                                                                         1097 61,90 DM
                                                                Bigoraphy, Discography, Equipment und Playalongs. Die                                                                             Grind, Brush away, Sludge factory, Heaven beside you,
#Guitartab, Noten
                                                                erstklassigen CD-Tracks wurden von dem                            Aerosmith                                                       Head creeps, Again, Shame in you, God am, So close,
124 30,90 DM
                                                                Ausnahmegitarristen Potsch Potschka eingespielt.                                                                                  Nothin' song, Frogs, Over now.
                                                                                                                                  Get A Grip                                                      #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
AC/DC                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  Einzelausgabe                                                   3639 48,80 DM
                                                                7885 29,80 DM
Anthology                                                                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
Back in black, For those about to rock, Girls got rhythm,       AC/DC                                                             4505 14,90 DM                                                   Alice in Chains
Highway to hell, Let me put my love into you, Love at first
                                                                Highway To Hell                                                   Aerosmith                                                       Dirt
feel, Moneytalks, Night prowler, The razors edge, Ride on,
                                                                Highway to hell, Girls got rhythm, Walk all over you, Touch                                                                       Them bones, Dam that river, Rain when I die, Sicikman,
Shake your foundations, Shoot to thrill, Shot down in                                                                             Get A Grip
                                                                too much, Beating around the bush, Shot down in flames,                                                                           Rooster, Junkhead, Dirt, God smack, Hate to feel, Angry
flames, Squealer, Thunderstruck, You shook me all night                                                                           Intro, Eat the rich, Get a grip, Fever, Livin' on the edge,
                                                                Get it hot, If you want blood, Love hungry man, Night                                                                             chair, Down in the hole, Would?.
long                                                                                                                              Flesh, Walk on down, Shut up and dance, Cryin', Gotta love
                                                                prowler                                                                                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 it,Crazy, Line up, Can't stop messin', Amazing, Boogie
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 329 48,80 DM
701 53,80 DM                                                                                                                      man.
                                                                1985 46,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                             Alice in Chains
                                                                AC/DC                                                             9 57,90 DM
Back In Black
                                                                Jam CD                                                  Aerosmith                                                       We die young, Man in the box, Sea of sorrow, Bleed the
Back in black, Given the dog a bone, Have a drink on me,
                                                                Let there be rock, Hell ain't a bad place to be, Whole lotta                                                                      freak, I can''t remember, Love hate love, It ain't like that,
Hells bells, Let me put my love into you, Rock and roll ain't                                                                     Greatest Hits
                                                                Rosie, Hells bells, Back in black, For those about to rock,                                                                       Sunshine, Put you down, Confusion, Real thing, I know
noise pollution, Shake a leg, Shoot to thrill, What do you do                                                                     Angel, Back in the Saddle, Dream on, Dude, The Hop,
                                                                Sin city, Highway to hell                                                                                                         something.
for money honey, You shook me all night long.                                                                                     Kings & Queens, Sweet Emotion, Walk this way, Come
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 together, Draw the line, The Hop, Last child, Let the music
                                                                8869 66,80 DM                                                                                                                     330 30,00 DM
1980 59,80 DM                                                                                                                     do the talking, Lightning Strikes, Remember (Walking in the

AC/DC                                                           AC/DC                                                             sand) Same old song & dance,                                    Alice in Chains
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                Live                                                                                                                              Jar Of Flies/SAP
Ballbreaker                                                                                                                       10 53,90 DM
                                                                Thunderstruck, Shoot to thrill, Back in black, Who made                                                                           Rotten apple, Nutsshell, I stay away, No excuses, Whale &
Hard as a rock, Cover you in oil, The furor, Boogie man,
                                                                who, Heatseeker, The Jack, Moneytalks, Hells bells, Dirty         Aerosmith                                                       wasp, Don't follow, Swing on this, Brother, Get me wrong,
The honey roll, Brunin' alive, Hail caesar, Love bomb,
                                                                deeds done dirt cheap, Whole lotta Rosie, You shook me                                                                            Right turn, Am I inside.
Caught with your pants down, Whiskey on the rocks,                                                                                Guitar Classics
                                                                all night long, Highway to hell, T.N.T., For those about to                                                                       #Guitartab, Noten
Ballbreaker.                                                                                                                      Chip away the stone, F.I.N.E., Lord of the thighs, Mama
                                                                rock (we salute you)                                                                                                              331 48,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 Kin, Monkey on my back, Pandora's box, S.O.S., Train kept
1027 53,80 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                1986 53,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  a rollin', Walking the dog.                                     Alice In Chains
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
AC/DC                                                                                                                                                                                             Nothing Safe
                                                                AC/DC                                                             4716 55,90 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Get born again, We die young, Man in the box, Them
Best Of..
                                                                Play Guitar With.. mit CD                                         Aerosmith                                                       bones, Iron gland, Angry chair, Down in a hole, Rooster,
Back in black, Dirty deeds done dirt cheap, For those about
                                                                Back in black, For those about to rock we salute you,                                                                             Got me wrong, No excuses, I stay away, What the hell have
to rock, High voltage, Highway to hell, Rock 'n roll ain't                                                                        Guitar School
                                                                Highway to hell, Rock and roll ain't noise pollution, Whole                                                                       I, Grind, Again, Would?
noise pollution, T.N.T., Touch too much, Whole lotta Rosie,                                                                       Intros, Rhythm, Solos zu folgenden Songs: Dream on,
                                                                lotta Rosie, You shook me all night long                                                                                          #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
You shook me all night long.                                                                                                      Mama Kin, Walkin' the dog, Same old song and dance, Trin
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 9915 58,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 kept a rollin', Toys in the attic, Walk this way, Sweet
1987 53,80 DM                                                   7873 53,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  emotion, Back in the saddle, Rag doll, Dude, Love in an         Allman Brothers
                                                                AC/DC                                                             elevator
AC/DC                                                                                                                                                                                             Definitive Collection Vol.1
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                Stiff Upper Lip                                                                                                                   Ain't waisting time no more, Angeline, Black hearted
Bonfire                                                                                                                           5011 44,90 DM
                                                                Stiff upper lip, Meltdown, House of jazz, Hold me back,                                                                           woman, Blue sky, Brothers of the road,Stormy Monday,
Back in black, Back seat confidential, Bad boy boogie, Dirty
                                                                Safe in New York City, Can't stand still, Can't stop Rock 'N      Aerosmith                                                       Can't take it with you, Come and go blues, Come on in my
eyes, Dog eat dog, Get it hot, Girls got rhythm, Given the
                                                                Roll, Satellite blues, Damned, Come and get it, All screwed                                                                       kitchen, Crazy love, Done somebody wrong, Don't keep me
dog a bone, Have a drink on me, Hell ain't a bad place to                                                                         Nine Lives
                                                                up, Give it up                                                                                                                    wonderin' Don't want you no more, Dreams I'll never see,
be, Hells bells, High voltage, Highway to hell, If you want                                                                       Nine lives, Falling in love, Hole in my soul, Taste of india,
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 End of the line, Every hungry woman, Gambler's roll, Get
blood, It's a long way to the top, The Jack, Let me put my                                                                        Full circle, Somethin's gotta give, Ain't that a bitch, The
                                                                9920 63,80 DM                                                                                                                     on with your life, Good clean fun, Hot 'Lanta.
love into you, Let there be rock, Live wire, Problem child,                                                                       farm, Crash, Kiss your past goodbye, Pink, Attitude             #Guitartab, Noten
Ride on, Rock and Roll aint't noise pollution, Rocker,                                                                            adjustment, Fallen angels.
School days, Shake a leg, She's got balls, Shoot to thrill,     AC/DC                                                             #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                  1098 58,90 DM
Shot down in flames, Sin city, T.N.T., Touch too much,          The Razor´s Edge
Walk all over you, What do you do for money honey, Whole        Thunderstruck, Fire your guns, Moneytalks, The razors
                                                                                                                                  4737 48,90 DM                                                   Allman Brothers
lotta Rosie, You shook me all night long                        edge, Mistress for christmas, Rock your heart out, Are you        Aerosmith                                                       Definitive Collection Vol.2
#Guitartab, Noten                                               ready, Got you by the balls, Shot of love, Lets make it,                                                                          Hoochie Coochie man, In memory of Elizabeth Reed, It's
                                                                                                                                  Riff by Riff                                                    not my cross to bear, Jelly Jelly, Jessica, Just ain't easy,
5317 59,80 DM                                                   Goodbye % good riddance to bad luck,If you dare.
                                                                                                                                  Über 70 Licks & Riffs von: Cryin', Love in an elevator, Toys    Just another love song, Kind of bird, Leave my blues at
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  in the attic, Dream on, Angel, Livin' on the edge, Blind man,   home, Les brers in a mirror, Little Martha, Melissa, Midnight
                                                                1988 46,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  Walk this way, Duede, Last child, Janie's got a gun, Crazy,     blues, Midnight rider, Mountain jam, Nevertheless, Nobody
                                                                                                                                  Draw the line, Train kept a rollin', Rag doll, Walk on water,   knows, One way out.
                                                                                                                                  Sweet emotion, What it takes, Get a grip, Kings & Queens        #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                               1637 58,90 DM
                                                                                                                                  3824 47,90 DM
                                                                                                Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Allman Brothers                                                    Anthrax                                                          Aufray, Hughes                                                  BAP
Definitive Collection Vol.3                                        Sound Of White Noise                                             Special Guitare Tabulatures                                     Amerika
Please call home, Pony boy, Ramblin' man, Revival, Sail            Potters field, Only, Room for one more, Packaged                 Titel auf Anfrage                                               Nix wie bessher, Silver & Jold, Amok, Wie 'ne blaue Ballon,
away, Seven turns, Southbound, Stand back, Statesboro              Rebellion, HY pro GLO, Invisible, 1000 points of hate,           #Guitartab, Noten                                               Saach, wat ess bloß passiert? Amerika, Niemohls verstonn,
blues, Straight from my heart, Trouble no more, Wasted             C11H17N2O2SNa, Burst, This is not an exit.                       6583 54,00 DM                                                   Talk Show, Do jeht ming Frau, Novembermorje, Völlig ejal,
words, Whipping post, Win, lose or draw, You can't loose           #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                Bein bess ahn de Ääd, Wirklich noch nie, Asphaltpirate,
what you aint never had, You don't love me.                        1402 49,90 DM                                                    Ave Maria                                                       Weihnachtsnaach.
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   Einzelausgabe                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
1638 58,90 DM                                                      Ash                                                              Einzelausgabe                                                   2535 29,80 DM
                                                                   1977                                                             #Guitartab, Noten
Allman, Greg                                                       Lose control, Goldfinger, Girl from Mars, I'd give you           4757 13,90 DM                                                   Bap
Classic Greg Allman                                                anything, Gone the dream, Kung fu, Oh yeah, Let if flow,                                                                         Für Gitarre
Ain't waisting time no more, Good clean fun, Hot 'lanta, I'm       Innocent smile, Angel interceptor, Lost in you, Darkside         Bachmann, Randy                                                 Weißte noch, Nemm mich met, Su 'ne Morje, Liebesleed,
no angel, Melissa, Midnight rider, Mountain jam, Statesboro        lightside.                                                       Collection                                                      Stell dir vüür, Et letzte Leed, Hundertmohl, Kristallnach,
blues, Wasted words, Whipping post, Win lose or draw               #Guitartab, Noten                                                American woman, Four wheel drive, Hey you, I wanna              Wellenreiter, Zehnter Juni, Wie 'ne Stein, Do kann's
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  6186 46,80 DM                                                    shelter you, It's only money, Laughing, Let it ride, Looking    zaubere, Nit für Kooche, Ahn 'ner Leitplank, Wenn et Beede
3889 55,90 DM                                                                                                                       out for number one, No sugar tonight, No time, Overworked       sich lohne däät, Eins für Carmen un en Insel, Koot vüür
                                                                   Ash                                                              and underpaid, Prairie town (Slow version), Prairie town        Aach, Verdamp lang her, Südstadt verzäll' nix, Jraaduss,
Almeida, Laurindo                                                  Nu-Clear Sounds                                                  (Fast version), Rock is my life and this is my son,             Waschsalon, Jupp, Frau ich freu mich, Müsli man, Fuhl am
Albéniz for Acoustic Guitar                                        Songbook zur CD                                                  Sledgehammer, Stayed awak all night, Tailspin, Takin' care      Strand, Ens em Vertraue, Wo mer endlich Sommer han, Ne
Laurindo Almeida war einer der außergewöhnlichen                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                of business, These eyes, Undun, You ain't seen nothin' yet.     schöne Jrooß , Wat ess? Stollwerk Leed, Anna, Häng de
Konzertgitarristen dieses Jahrhunderts, Erfinder des Bossa         6958 46,80 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                               Fahn eruss, Helfe kann dir keiner, Ruut-wieß-blau
Nova und hervoragender Interpret von Filmmelodien,                                                                                  575 55,80 DM                                                    querjestriefte Frau, Vun mir uss Kitsch, Kumm op ming
klassischen Themen, Jazzstücken u.ä. Hier liegen seine             Atkins, Chet                                                                                                                     Sick, Pardong, Das große Schubidu, Sinnflut, Et neueste
außergewöhnlichen Gitarrenbearbeitungen von Isaacs                 Almost Alone                                                     Bad English                                                     Testament, Neppes Ihrefeld un Kreuzberg, Alptraum eines
Albéniz Piano-Kompositionen vor. Jedes Stück ist getrennt          Big foot, Waiting for Susie B., A little mark musik, Jam man,    Bad English                                                     Opportunisten, Hang on Sloopy, Wahnsinn.
in Standardnotation bzw. Tabulatur aufgeführt (nicht               I still write your name in the snow, Pu uana hulu, Happy         Best of what I got, Heaven is a 4 letter word, Possession,      #Guitartab, Noten
untereinander). Viele gitarrentechnische Hinweise! Stücke:         again, Sweet Alla Lee, Maybelle, Mr. Bojangles, Cheek to         Forget me not, When I see you smile, Tough times don't          1283 29,80 DM
Sevilla, Danza Espagnola, Leyenda, Malaguena,, Tango,              cheek, You do something to me, Ave Maria.                        last, Ghost in your heart, Price of love, Ready when you
Cadiz, Zampa Granadina.                                            #Guitartab, Noten                                                are, Lay down, The restless ones, Rockin' horse, Don't walk     Barbosa-Lima, Carlos
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  6241 40,00 DM                                                    away.                                                           30 Short Pieces For Guitar mit CD
7487 42,80 DM                                                                                                                       #Guitartab, Noten                                               Purcel: Andantino, Animato, Andante, Con moto, Air - J.
                                                                   Atkins, Chet                                                     1403 42,00 DM                                                   Clarke: Marche - A. Corelli: Largo - A. Scarletti: Adagio,
Almeida, Laurindo                                                  Complete Guitar Method mit CD                                                                                                    Moderato, Larghetto - J. Pachelbel: Fughetta - D. Zipoli:
Brazilian Reflections mit CD                                       Atkins stellt seine excellente Gitarrentechnik von den           Bad Religion                                                    Allegro moderato, Little fugue - F. Couperin: Con moto
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  Grundlagen bis hin zu schwierigeren Pickings anhand              The New America                                                 Andante grazioso - Notebook of A.M. Bach: Moderato - G.
5409 49,80 DM                                                      zahlreicher Songs vor.Titel: How can I leave thee, Alpha,        You´ve got a chance, It´s a long way to the promise land, A     F. Handel: Animato, Allegretto, Andantino - W. A. Mozart:
                                                                   Home home can I forget thee, Remembering home, Lightly           world without melody, New America, 1000 memories, A             Minuet - L. Mozart: Minuet - G. P. Telemann: Minuet - J. S.
America                                                            row, Long long ago, The marine hymn, Martha, Tiptoe, Our         streetkid named desire, Whisper in time, Believe it, I love     Bach: Choral # 12, Little prelude in C -Griggs/Barbosa-
Guitar Anthology                                                   boys will shine tonight, The cassions go rolling along, The      my computer, The hopeless housewife, There will be a            Lima: Theme, Caprice - Folk tune, Blues etude No. 1
Daisy Jane, Don't cross the river, A horse with no name, I         blue tail fly, Bicycle build for two, Oh my darling              way, Let it burn, Don´t sell me short                           #Guitartab, Noten
need you, Lonely people, Muskrat love, Only in your heart,         Clementine, My mountain home, The wayfarin' stranger,            #Guitartab, Noten                                               8280 48,80 DM
Sandman, Sister golden hair, Tin man, Ventura highway,             Amcerica the beautiful, Old folks at home, Home on the           10419 49,90 DM
Woman tonight                                                      range, Red river valley, Waltz in E minor, May, March                                                                            Barbosa-Lima, Carlos
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  majestic, Prelude in D minor, Mist in the valley, The streets    Badlands                                                        Brazilian Jazz Guitar Styles mit CD
7574 57,90 DM                                                      of Laredo, Smoky mountain lullaby, Drink to me only with         Badlands                                                        Diese Kompositionen sind für den fortgeschrittenen
                                                                   thin eyes, Etude in B minor, Southern picking, Love song,        Songbook zur CD                                                 Gitarristen und spannen einen Bogen um die brasilianische
Amos, Tori                                                         Carneval of Venice, Smooth, Tenting tonight, Careless            #Guitartab, Noten                                               Jazz-Musik. Stücke: Emerald, Sardius, Topaz, Jacinth,
For Fingerstyle Guitar mit CD                                      love, Ode to Bob, Chopin's prelude, Spanish fandango, Just       1404 42,00 DM                                                   Amethyst. Tabulatur und Noten sind getrennt dargestellt.
Black-dove (January), Black swan, Blood roses, Cought a            as I am, John Henry, Me and Merle, Wimoweh,                                                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
lite sneeze, China, Cornflake girl, Icicle, In the springtime of   Liebestraum, Chardas                                             Baker, Duck                                                     2382 54,80 DM
his voodoo, Jackie's strenght, Little earthquakes, Past the        #Guitartab, Noten                                                Classic American Folk Blues Themes m.CD
mission, Pretty good year, Silent all these years, Spark,          6605 77,80 DM                                                    Blues in E, E Blues # 1, E Blues # 2, Baby let me follow you
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Barbosa-Lima, Carlos
Talula, Winter                                                                                                                      down, A Blues #1, The Jackson stomp, Make me a pallet           Brazilian Music For Acoustic Guitar
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  Atkins, Chet                                                     on your floor, Sister Kate variations, Seven point one, Still   Mi bossa blue, Embers, Dreams, El Robin, Willow
8912 66,80 DM                                                      Contemporary Styles                                              staggerin', The dirtman cometh, The deep blue C, The            #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                   Avalon (Duett mit Les Paul), Cascade, Alisha, My song,           mighty midget.                                                  2384 23,90 DM
Anderson, Muriel                                                   Windy and warm, Blue Angel, Chinook winds, Cosmic                #Guitartab, Noten
From The Ground Up mit CD                                          square dance (Duett mit Mark Knopfler), Imagine (Duett mit       2216 68,60 DM                                                   Barbosa-Lima, Carlos
Muriel zeigt anhand einiger Songs wie Simple gifts, House          Mark Knopfler), Jethreaux, Knuckle busters, Mockingbird                                                                          Brazilian Music For Acoustic Guitar mit CD
of the rising sun, Wildwood flower, Freight train, Take me         variations, Please stay tuned (Duett mit Steve Lukather),        Baker, Duck                                                     Mi bossa blue, Embers, Dreams, El Robin, Willow
out to the ball game, wie man aus einem Leadsheet Schritt          Which way del veccio.                                            Ms. Right mit CD                                                (anspruchsvolle Arrengements)
für Schritt ein Solo für akustische Gitarre bastelt.               #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              Snapshots, St. James infirmary, Advent, Ms. Right, He who       #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  574 44,80 DM                                                     waits, Digger and Ed, Waltz with Mary's smile, Squaring the     2385 59,90 DM
6290 37,90 DM                                                                                                                       triangle, First frost, Susanna, Putney bridge, The flowers of
                                                                   Atkins, Chet                                                     Belfast. Alle Songs sind in Standard Guitar Tuning.             Barbosa-Lima, Carlos
Anderson, Muriel                                                   Guitar For All Seasons                                           #Guitartab, Noten                                               Contemporary Etudes & Pieces m.CD
Hometown Live mit CD                                               Both sides now, Chaplin in new shoes, Country                    7239 39,80 DM                                                   Etüden, Preludien und Stücke für klassische Gitarre, leicht
12 fantastische Sologuitar-Arrengements. U.a. Hometown,            champagne, Dizzy fingers, Honolulu blue, I still can't sy                                                                        bis mittel. Stücke: Senorita Azucar, Yvette, Mabe tomorrow,
It never gets easier, All thumbs,The three sisters, Arioso,        goodbye, Londonderry air, Mother of Ireland, Sails,              Baker, Duck                                                     Blue clouds, Because the rain, Prelude Not.1, Prelude No.
Fantasia de fuego, Mister chester, Nola, Andante uvm.              Sneakin' around, Some leather and lace, Swedish                  Opening The Eyes Of Love mit CD                                 2, Prelude No.3, Prelude No.4, Prelude No. 5, Etude No. 1,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  rhapsody, Waltz for the lonely, Yellow bird                      Pharaoh's army, Forget me not, Seven point one, Opening         Etude No. 2, Etude No.3, Etude No. 4, Etude No. 5
5395 58,00 DM                                                      #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              the eyes of love, Keep it under your heart, Forty ton           #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                   4917 35,00 DM                                                    parachute, Round about midnight, The dirtman cometh,            2387 76,60 DM
Anderson, Muriel                                                                                                                    Contra costa dance, The dodder bank, Holing pattern,
Selected Guitar Works 1                                            Atkins, Chet                                                     Come to papa, Miss meadows, Light blue, Letter to Davey         Barbosa-Lima, Carlos
Irish medley (Shebig and shemoor, Rosin the bow, The twin          Off The Record                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                               Elements Of Technique For Guitar mit CD
reel, Saint Anne's reel), Simple gifts, Kojo no tsuki,             I'll say she does, Me and Merle, Yanky doodle dixie, Mr.         3433 39,80 DM                                                   Carlos Barbosa-Lima und John Griggs zeigen Beispiele
Rondelet, RosaLee, Parisian waltz, The minstrel's                  Bojangles, Walk don't run, Wheels, The odd folks of                                                                              und Übungen zur Verbesserung des Spiels auf der
courtyard, O Tannenbaum, Hymn for all the answered                 Okracoke, Yellow bird, Windy and warm, Just as I am, John        Baker, Duck                                                     Klassischen Gitarre
prayers, Greensleeves, Jesu joy of man's desiring.                 Henry, Spanish fandango, Wimoweh, Liebestraum,                   The Clear Blue Sky mit CD                                       #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  Czardas                                                          Night shift, The cure, Cross keys, Harvest, Baja Maria, The     4619 71,60 DM
6291 30,00 DM                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                                rakes of Waterloo, TGV, The clear blue sky, Crawl don't
                                                                   3346 29,80 DM                                                    walk, The bachelor's waltz, The road to Richmond,               Barbosa-Lima/Griggs
Anthrax                                                                                                                             Amnesia in trastevere.                                          Standards For Guitar mit CD
Attack Of The Killer B´s                                           Atkins, Chet                                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                               Eine Collection von Standard-Blues-Stücken und Balladen
Milk, Bring the noise, Keep it in the family (Live), Starin' up    The Chet Atkins Collection by Craig Dobbins                      3426 39,80 DM                                                   für Fingerstyle Guitar. Ideal für den mittleren bis
a posse, Protest and survive, Chromatic death, I#M the             Back to old smokey mountain, The bells of St. Mary´s,                                                                            fortgeschrittenen Gitarristen. Peg O' my heart, After you've
man '91, Parasite, Pipeline, Sects, Belly of the beast (Live),     Freight train, I´ll fly away, Jingle bells, Road to Gundaghi /   Baker, Duck                                                     gone, I'm always chasing rainbows, St. Louis blues, The
N.F.B. (Dallabnikufesin)                                           Waltzing Matilda (Chet´s part), Road to Gundaghi /               The Guitar Of.. mit CD                                          Missouri waltz uvm.
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                Waltzing Matilda (Tommy´s Part), Waltz No. 10 in B minor,        Behandelt wird der Fingerpicking-Stil des legendären            #Guitartab, Noten
1400 45,00 DM                                                      Whispering.                                                      Country Pickers anhand der Songs Crawl don't walk,              5522 59,90 DM
                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                Digger and ed, The cure, The tao of swing, Cross keys,
Anthrax                                                            10634 59,90 DM                                                   Friday, Waltz with Mary's smile, The bachelor's waltz,          Barenberg, Russ
Fistful Of Metal                                                                                                                    Europa, The clear blue sky, A thousand words, Bahia             Teach Yourself Bluegrass Gtr. mit CD
Deathrider, Metal trashing mad, I'm eighteen, Panic,               Atkins, Chet                                                     Maria, Come to papa, Opening the eyes of love, Amnesia in       Basics, Rhythm-Playing, Lead-Playing, Advanced
Subjugator, Soldiers of metal, Deat from above, Antrax,            Vintage Fingerstyle                                              trastevere, Old world, Keep it under your heart, Harvest,       Flatpicking-Techniques anhand vieler Songbeispiele. Auf
Across the river, Howling furies.                                  Arkansas traveler, Blue echo, Chinatown my chinatown,            Night shift, Ms. Right, The magus.                              der CD sind alle Beispiele zu hören. Behandelte Songs:
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  The claw (für 2 Gitarren), Lady Madonna (für 2 Gitarren),        #Guitartab, Noten                                               Roll in my sweet baby's arms, eill the circle be unbroken,
333 39,00 DM                                                       Lover come back to me, My little waltz (für 2 Gitarren), Oh      6110 62,00 DM                                                   Wildwood flower, John Hardy, Willow garden, Under the
                                                                   by Jingo oh by Gee you´re the only girl for me, Slinkey,                                                                         Double Eagle, All the good times are past and gone, Old
Anthrax                                                            Trambone, When you wish upon a star, Wobegon, Yankee             Baker, Duck & Renbourn,John                                     Joe Clark, Soldier's joy, Cripple creek, Fire on the
Presistence Of Time                                                doodle dixie                                                     A Thousand Words mit CD                                         mountain, Salt creek, Blackberry blossom, Turkey in the
Time, Blood, Keep it in the familiy, In my world, Gridlock,        #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              A thousand words,The tao of swing, God save us from             straw, Nine pound hammer, Sitting on top of the world,
Intro to reality, Belly of the beast, Got the time, H8 fed, One    10700 59,90 DM                                                   angels, Old world, Europa The magus                             Footprints in the snow, Little Magie, Pretty Polly, Farewell
man stands, Discharge.                                                                                                              #Guitartab, Noten                                               blues, John Henry, Dark hollow, Live and let live.
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                                                                                 3425 34,95 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
1401 45,00 DM                                                                                                                                                                                       8606 41,80 DM
                                                                                               Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Barenberg, Russ                                                   Beatles, The                                                       Beatles, The                                                      Beck
Teaches 20 Bluegrass Guitar Solos m.CD                            Beatles Guitar                                                     Live At The BBC - Selections                                      Midnite Vultures
Liberty, Soldier's joy, Little Annie, The eight of january,       A hard days night, All my loving, Anytime at all, Baby your a      All my loving, Can't by me love, Crying waiting hoping,           Sexx laws, Nicotine & gravy, Mixed bizness, Get real paid,
John Henry, Hot corn cold corn, Blackberry blossom, Down          rich man, Back in the USSR, Blackbird, Can't buy me love,          Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Everbody's trying to be my baby, A hard         Hollywood freaks, Peaches & cream, Broken train, Milk &
yonder, Leather britches, Whitesbury, Molly & tenbrooks,          Carry that weight, Come together, Day Tripper, Dear                day's night, Hippy hippy shake, Honey don't, I feel fine, I got   honey, Beautiful way, Pressure zone, Debra
John Hardy, Fisher's hornpipe, Forked deer, Opera reel,           prudence, Eight days a week, Eleonor Rigby, Fixin' a hole,         a woman, I saw her standing there, I wanna be your man,           #Guitartab, Noten
Temperance reel, St. Annes reel, Red haired boy                   Getting better, Girl, Good day sunshin, Good morning good          I'll be on my way, I'm gonna sit right down and cry, Kansas       10533 53,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 morning, Hello goodby, Help, Hey Jude, Hold me tight, I            city, Lonesome tears in my eyes, Long tall Sally, Lucille,
5975 50,80 DM                                                     feel fine, I should have known better, I will, I'll cry instead,   Matchbox, Nothin' shakin', Ohh my soul, She's a woman, A          Beck
                                                                  I'm a loser, I'm happy just to dance with you, I'm looking         shot of rhythm and blues, Slow down, Some other guy,              Mutations
Barrueco, Manuel                                                  through yoou, I'm so tired, It won't be long, It's only love,      That's all right mama, Ticket to ride, Till there was you         Cold brains, Nobody's fault but my own, Lazy flies,
The Music Of Ernesto Lecuona for Solo Guitar                      Julia, Lady Madonna, Little child, Lucy in the sky with            #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               Cancelled check, We live again, Tropicalia, Dead melodies,
La comparsa, Danca lucumi, A la Antigüa                           diamonds, Michelle, No reply, Paperback writer, Run for            8253 65,90 DM                                                     Bottle o flbueso Maria, Sing it again, Static, Diamond
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 your life, She came in through the bathroom window, She's                                                                            bolloucks
10131 27,90 DM                                                    a woman, Tell me why, Ticket to ride, We can work it out,          Beatles, The                                                      #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                  Why don't we do ti in the road, With a little help from my         Revolver                                                          8271 46,80 DM
Baughman, Steve                                                   friends, You can't do that, You never give me your money,          And your bird can sing, Dr.Robert, Elenore Rigby, For no
Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Solos mit CD                            You won't see me, You're going to lose that girl, Your             one, Good day sunshine, Got to get you into my life, Here         Beck
Steve Baughman spielt eine phantastische Celtic-Gitarre.          mother should know.                                                there and everywhere, I want to tell you, I'm only sleeping,      Odelay
Spezielle Techniken und Open Tunings bringen einen völlig         #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Love you to, She said she said, Taxman, Tomorrow never            #Guitartab, Noten
neuartigen Gitarrenstil. Songa: John Kelly's / Saint Anne's       2285 59,80 DM                                                      knows, Yellow submarine                                           5341 48,80 DM
reel, Planxty Pegeen, Lord Inchiquin, My darling's asleep /                                                                          #Guitartab, Noten
Horgan's jig, Liberty / Mrs. McLeod's, Lady Gethin / Planxty      Beatles, The                                                       1410 53,80 DM                                                     Beck, Jeff
George Brabazon, Hey McLeod get off my ewe, Planxty               Das Blaue Album 1967-1970                                                                                                            Guitar Anthology (Momentan im Nachdruck)
bongwater, Greensleeves                                           Strawberry Fields forever, Penny Lane, Sgt.Peppers Lonely          Beatles, The                                                      Going down, Superstition, The Bump, El Becko, Air Blower,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Hearts Club Band, With a little help from my friends, Lucy in      Rubber Soul                                                       People get ready, Led Boots, Freeway jam, Cause we've
7505 48,80 DM                                                     the sky with diamonds, A day in the life, All you need is          Drive my car, Norwegian wood, You won't see me,                   ended as lovers, I aint superstitious, Ambitious, Guitar
                                                                  love, I am a walrus, Hello goodbye, The fool on the hill,          Nowhere man, Thing for yourself, The word, Michelle, What         shop, Where were you, Situation, Good bye pork pie hat,
Beach Boys, The                                                   Magical mystery tour, Lady Madonna, Hey Jude,                      goes on, Girl, I'm looking through you, In my life, Wait, If I    Star cycle, Blue wind, Becks Bolero, Rock my Plimsoul, Let
For Guitar Tab                                                    Revolution, Back in the USSR, While my guitar gently               needed someone, Ruf for your life.                                me love you, All shook up, Spanish boots, Plynth, Rice
All summer long, Barbara Ann, California girls, Dance             weeps, Obladi Oblada, Get back, Don't let me down, The             #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               pudding.
dance dance, Fun fun fun, God only knows, Good                    ballad of John and Yoko, Old brown shoe, Here comes the            4332 53,80 DM                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
vibrations, Help me Rhonda, I get around, In my room, Little      sun, Come together, Something, Octopus's garden, Let it                                                                              13 56,80 DM
deuce coupe, Little Honda, Shut down, Sloop John B.,              be, Across the universe, The long and winding road.                Beatles, The
Surfer girl, Surfin' Safari, Surfin' USA, Wouldn't it be nice     #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Sgt.Peppers Hearts Club Band                                      Beck, Jeff
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 1943 51,80 DM                                                      Sgt.Pepper's lonely hearts club band, With a little help from     Who Else
1923 36,80 DM                                                                                                                        my friends, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Getting better,        What mama said, Psycho Sam, Brush with the blues, Blast
                                                                  Beatles, The                                                       Fixing a hole, She's leaving home, BAeing for the benefit of      from the east, Space for the papa, Angel (footsteps),
Beach Boys, The                                                   Das Rote Album 1962-1966                                           Mr. Kite, Within you without you, When I'm 64, Lovely Rita,       THX138, Hip-Notica, Even odds, Declan, Another place
Guitar Anthology Series                                           A hard day's night, All my loving, And I love her, Can't buy       Good morning good morning, Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts             #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
All summer long, Barbara Ann, Be true to your school,             me love, Day tripper, Drive My car, Eight days a week,             club band (Reprise), A day in the life.                           8957 58,90 DM
California girls, Dance dance dance, Don't worry Baby, 409,       Eleanor Rigby, From me to you, Girl, Help!, I feel fine, I         #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
Fun fun fun, god only knows, Good vibrations, Help me             want to hold your hand, Love me do, Michelle, Norwegian            4333 62,80 DM                                                     Beethoven
Rhonda, I get around, In my room                                  Wood, Nowhere Man, Paperback Writer, Please Please
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Für Elise
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 me, She loves you, Ticket to ride, We can work it out,             Beatles, The                                                      Einzelausgabe
12 51,90 DM                                                       Yellow Submarine, Yesterday, You've got to hide your love          The Blue Book                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  away                                                               Can't buy me love, Day tripper, Here comes the sun, Hey           7521 14,90 DM
Beatles, The                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Jude, Lady Madonna, Penny lane, Yesterday
                                                                  736 46,80 DM                                                       #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Bellinati, Paulo
Love me do, From me to you, She loves you, I want to hold                                                                            2488 29,80 DM                                                     Alvoroco For Solo Guitar
your hand, Can't buy me love, A hard day's night, I feel fine,
                                                                  Beatles, The
Eight days a week, Ticket to ride, Help, Yesterday, Day           Fingerpicking Beatles                                              Beatles, The                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
tripper, We can work it out, Paperback writer, Eleanor            And I love her, Come together, Eight days a week, Eleanor          The Green Book                                                    9014 16,00 DM
Rigby, Penny Lane, All you need is love, Hello goodbye,           Rigby, Girl, Here comes the sun, Here there and                    Come together, Got to get to into my life, I saw her standing
Lady Madonna, Hey Jude, Get back, The ballad of John              everywhere, Hey Jude, If I fell, In my life, Let it be, Lucy in    there, In my life, Let it be, Strawberry fields forever, Ticket   Benson, George
and Yoko, Something, Come together, Let it be, The long           the sky with diamonds, Michelle, Norwegian wood,                   to ride.
                                                                  Something, Strawberry fields forever, When I'm sixtyfour,                                                                            Best Of (Revised edition)
and winding road                                                                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Before you go, Here there and everywhere, Lady, California
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 While my guitar gently weeps, With a little help from my           2489 29,80 DM
                                                                  friends, Yesterday                                                                                                                   PM, Give me the night, Welcome into my world, Basie's
10340 59,80 DM                                                                                                                                                                                         bag, Beyond the sea, Breezin, Feeling like making love, In
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Beatles, The                                                      your eyes, Lady Lady love me, Love ballad, Mimosa, On
Beatles, The                                                      8682 44,90 DM
                                                                                                                                     The Yellow Book                                                   broadway, So this is love, This masquerade, Turn your love
1 - Hal Leonard-Ausgabe!!                                         Beatles, The                                                        A day in life, Eight days a week, Eleanor Rigby, A hard          around, We as love, We've got the love, Weekend in L.A..
Love me do, From me to you, She loves you, I want to hold                                                                             day's night, Hello goodbye, I feel fine, Something               #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
your hand, Can't buy me love, A hard day's night, I feel fine,    Fingerpicking Beatles                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                362 57,90 DM
Eight days a week, Ticket to ride, Help, Yesterday, Day           I feel fine, Things we said today, It's only love, All my loving, 2490 29,80 DM
tripper, We can work it out, Paperback writer, Eleanor            I'm looking through you, I should have known better, Julia,                                                                          Berry, Chuck
Rigby, Penny Lane, All you need is love, Hello goodbye,           Maxwells silverhammer, Hey Jude, Your mother should                 Beatles, The                                                     Greatest Hits For Guitar Tab
Lady Madonna, Hey Jude, Get back, The ballad of John              know, Here there and everywhere, I'll get you, Lady
                                                                                                                                      White Album Book 1                                               Around and around, Brown-eyed handsome man, Carol,
and Yoko, Something, Come together, Let it be, The long           Madonna, Mother natures son, Blackbird
                                                                                                                                      Back in the USSR, Dear prudence, Glass onion, Ob-la-             Come on, Johnny B.Goode, Little queenie, Maybellene,
and winding road                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                      di,ob-la-da, Wild honey pie, The continuig story of              Memphis Tennesee, Nadine, No particular place to go, Roll
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               7098 39,80 DM
                                                                                                                                      bungalow Bill, While my guitar gently weeps, Happiness is        over Beethoven, Sweet little rock and roller, Sweet little
10697 69,50 DM                                                                                                                        a warm gun, Martha my dear, I’m so tired, Blackbird,
                                                                  Beatles, The                                                        Piggies, Rocky Raccoon, Don’t pass me by, Why don’t we
                                                                                                                                                                                                       sixteen, The promised land.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       #Guitartab, Noten
Beatles, The                                                      For Acoustic Guitar                                                 do it on the road, I will, Julia                                 883 46,80 DM
1962-1970                                                         Across the universe, Act naturally, And I love her,                 #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
Strawberry Fields forever, Penny Lane, Sgt.Peppers Lonely         Blackbird, Can't buy me love, The continuing story of               8288 55,90 DM                                                    Berry, Chuck
Hearts Club Band, With a little help from my friends, Lucy in     Bungalow Bill, For you blue, Girl, Help, I should have
                                                                  known better, I will, If I fell, I'm looking through you, I've just Beatles, The                                                     Recorded Versions
the sky with diamonds, A day in the life, All you need is                                                                                                                                              Roll over Beethoven, Little Queenie, Johnny B. Goode,
love, I am a walrus, Hello goodbye, The fool on the hill,         seen a face, Michelle, Mother nature's son, Norwegian
                                                                                                                                      White Album Book 2                                               Memphis Tennessee, Around & Around, Carol, Almost
Magical mystery tour, Lady Madonna, Hey Jude,                     wood, Nowhere man, Rocky Raccoon, Things we said
                                                                                                                                      Birthday, Yer blues, Mother nature's son, Everybody's got        crown, Back in the USA, Beautiful Delilah, No particular
Revolution, Back in the USSR, While my guitar gently              today, Two of us, We can work it out, While my guitar
                                                                                                                                      semething to hide except my monkey, Sexy Sadie, Helter           place to go, Guitar boogie, I'm talking about you, Let it rock,
weeps, Obladi Oblada, Get back, Don't let me down, The            gently weeps, Yesterday, You've got to hide your love away
                                                                                                                                      skelter, Long long long, Revolution 1, Honey pie, Savoy          Mabellene, The promised land, School day, Sweet little
ballad of John and Yoko, Old brown shoe, Here comes the           #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                      truffle, Cry baby cry, Good night                                Rock & Roller.
sun, Come together, Something, Octopus's garden, Let it           2286 46,80 DM
                                                                                                                                      #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
be, Across the universe, The long and winding road.A hard                                                                             8289 55,90 DM
day's night, All my loving, And I love her, Can't buy me love,    Beatles, The                                                                                                                         19 51,90 DM
Day tripper, Drive My car, Eight days a week, Eleanor             For Jazz Guitar (Instrumental)                                     Beatles, The                                                      Better Than Ezra
Rigby, From me to you, Girl, Help!, I feel fine, I want to hold   Do you want to know a secret, Here there and everywhere,
                                                                                                                                     Yellow Submarine                                                  Deluxe
your hand, Love me do, Michelle, Norwegian Wood,                  Hey Jude, I wanna be your man, Lucy in the sky with
                                                                                                                                     Yellow submarine, Hey bulldog, Elanor Rigby, Love you to,         In the blood, Good, Southern girl, The killer inside,
Nowhere Man, Paperback Writer, Please Please me, She              diamonds, Michelle, Norwegian wood, Nowhere man,
                                                                                                                                     All together now, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Think for        Rosealia, Cry in the sun, Teenager, Summerhouse,
loves you, Ticket to ride, We can work it out, Yellow             Strawberry fields forever, Things we said today, Ticket to
                                                                                                                                     yourself, Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band, With a little    Porcelain, Heaven, This time of year, Coyote
Submarine, Yesterday, You've got to hide your love away           ride, With a little help from my friends, World without love,
                                                                                                                                     help from my friends, Baby you're a rich man, Only a              #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Yesterday.
                                                                                                                                     northern song, All you need is love, When I'm sixtx four,         3004 54,90 DM
5789 102,00 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                     Nowhere man, It's all too much
                                                                  7261 33,80 DM
Beatles, The                                                                                                                         #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               Better Than Ezra
                                                                  Beatles, The                                                       9751 53,80 DM                                                     Friction, Baby
Abbey Road
                                                                  Guitarbook                                                                                                                           King of New Orleans, Rewind, Long lost, Normal town,
Because, Carry that weight, Come together, The end,                                                                                  Beck                                                              Scared are you? Return of the post moderns, Hung the
Golden slumbers, Her majesty, Here comes the sun, I want          Back in the USSR, Come together, Day tripper, Eight days
                                                                                                                                     Mellow Gold                                                       moon, Desperately wanting, Still life with cooley, Wwoz,
you, Maxwell's silver hammer, Mean Mr. Mustard,                   a week, Got to get you into my life, A hard days night, Hello
                                                                                                                                     Loser, Pay no mind, F... in with my head, Whiskeyclone            Happy endings, Speeding up to slow down, At Ch.
Octopus's garden, Oh darling, Poythene pam, She came in           goodbye, Here comes the sun, Hey Jude, I feel fine, I saw
                                                                                                                                     Hotel City 1997, Soul suckin jerk, Truckdrivin Neihbors           Deagaulle Etc.
through the bathroom window, Something, Sun king, You             her standing there, Lady Madonna, Let it be, Paperback
                                                                                                                                     downstairs, Sweet sunshine, Beercan, Steal my body                #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
never give me your money.                                         writer, Something, Strawberry fields forever, Ticket to ride.
                                                                                                                                     home, Nitemare hippy girl,, Blackhole                3910 57,90 DM
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                                                                                     #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
4103 63,80 DM                                                     735 69,80 DM
                                                                                                                                     5061 44,90 DM                                                     Big Head Todd & Monsters
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Songbook zur CD
                                                                                                                                                                                                       #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                       2910 47,90 DM
                                                                                            Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Biohazard                                                      Black Sabbath                                                    Bluetones, The                                                 Bon Jovi
                                                               Riff by Riff                                                     Marblehead Johnson                                             Bon Jovi Box
Urban Disciplin
                                                               Folgende Riffs werden behandelt: Black Sabbath, The              Einzelausgabe                                                  Livin' on a prayer, Keep the faith, Someday I'll be Saturday
Chamber spins three, Punishment, Shades of grey,
                                                               wizzard, Wasp, Behind the wlal of sleep, N.I.B. Wicked           #Guitartab, Noten                                              night, Always, Lay your hand on me, You give love a bad
Business, Black and white and red all over, Man with a
                                                               world, War pigs, Paranoid, Planet caravan, Iron man,             4776 14,90 DM                                                  name, Bed of roses, In these arms, Bad medicine, I'll be
promise, Disease, Urban discipline, Loss, Wrong side of the
                                                               Electric funeral, Hand of doom, Rad salad, Jack the                                                                             there for you, In & out of love, Never say goodbye, Wanted
tracks, Mistaken identity, We're only gonna die (from our                                                                       Bluetones, The
                                                               stripper, Fairies wear boots, Sweet leaf, After forever,                                                                        dead or alive, I believe, Keep the faith, I'll sleep when I'm
own arrogance), Tears of blood, Hold my own.
                                                               Children of the grave, Solitude, Into the void, Wheels of        Return To The Last Chance Saloon                               dead, In these arms, Bed of roses, If I was your mother, Dry
#Guitartab, Noten
                                                               confusion, Supernaut, Snowblind, Sabbath bloody sabbath,         Tone blooze, Unpainted Arizona, Solomon bites the worm,        county, Woman in love, Fear, I want you, Blame it on the
371 57,90 DM
                                                               Sabbra cadabra, Killing yourself to live, Hole in the sky,       U.T.A., 4-day weekend, Sleazy bed track, If.., The jub-jub     love of Rock & Roll, Little bit of soul, Hey god, Something
Black Crowes                                                   Symptom of the universe, Megalomania, Am I going insane,         bird, Sky will fall, Ames, Down at the reservoir, Heard you    for the rain, This ain't a love song, These days, Lie to me,
                                                               Dirty woman, Neon knights, Children of the sea, Heaven           were dead, Broken starr, Marblehead Johnson.                   Damned, My guitar lies bleeding in my arms, (It's hard)
Amorica                                                        and hell, The sign of the southern cross, The mob rules.                                                                        letting you go, Hearts breaking even, Something to believe
                                                                                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
Gone, A conspiracy, High head blues, Cursed diamond,           #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                               in, If that's what it takes, Diamond ring, All I want is
                                                                                                                                7543 48,90 DM
Nonfiction, She gave good sunflower, P.25 London, Ballad       10517 41,90 DM                                                                                                                  everthing, Bitter wine.
in urgency, Wiser time, Downtown money waster,                                                                                  Blur                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
Descending.                                                    Black, Clint                                                     Blur                                                           6574 151,80 DM
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten
                                                               Best of..                                                        Beetlebum, Song 2, Country sad ballad man, M.O.R., On
373 50,90 DM
                                                               A better man, Burn one down, Buying time, Killin' time,          your own, Theme from retro, You're so great, Death of a        Bon Jovi
Black Crowes                                                   Loving blind, Nobody's home, Nothing's news, One more            party, Chines bombs, I'm just a killer for your love, Look     Cross Road
                                                               payment, Put yourself in my shoes, Something to cry about,       inside America, Strange news from another star, Movin' on,     Livin' on a prayer, Keep the faith, Someday I'll be Saturday
Guitar Anthology                                               This nightlife, We tell ourselves, When my ship comes in.                                                                       night, Always, Lay your hand on me, You give love a bad
                                                                                                                                Essex dogs
Hard to handle, Seeing things, She talks to angels, Sister     #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                               name, Bed of roses, In these arms, Bad medicine, I'll be
                                                                                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
luck, Hotel illness, Remedy, Sometimes salvation, Sting        1666 39,80 DM                                                                                                                   there for you, In & out of love, Never say goodbye, Wanted
                                                                                                                                4827 41,90 DM
me, A conspiracy, Downtown money waster, Gone, Wiser                                                                                                                                           dead or alive
time, Good friday, Kickin' my heart around, Only a fool        Black, Clint                                                     Blur                                                           #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                                                                                                                                                    1029 53,80 DM
                                                               No Time To Kill                                                  Play Guitar CD
8732 66,90 DM
                                                               Back to back, A bad goodbye, A good run of bad luck, Half        Country house, End of a century, Girls and boys, Mr.
                                                               the man, Happiness alone, I'll take Texas, No time to kill,                                                                     Bon Jovi
Black Crowes                                                   State of mind, Thinking again, Tuckered out.
                                                                                                                                Robinson's quango, Parklife, Stereotypes, The universal,
                                                                                                                                Tracy jacks
Guitar Collection                                              #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                               It's my life, Say it isn't so, Thank you for loving me, Two
                                                                                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
A conspiracy, Downtown money waster, Gone, Hard to             1667 42,00 DM                                                                                                                   story town, Next 100 years, Just older, Mystery train, Save
                                                                                                                                1927 53,80 DM
handle, Hotel illness, Remedy, Seeing things, She talks to                                                                                                                                     the world, Captain Crash & the beauty queen from Mars,
angels, Sister luck, Sometimes salvation, Sting me, Wiser      Blackmore, Ritchie                                               Blur                                                           She's a mystery, I got a girl, One wild night, I could make a
time                                                                                                                                                                                           living out of lovin' you.
                                                               Jam With.. mit CD                                                The Best Of
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                                                                                                                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               Smoke on the water, Black night, Highway star, Space             Beetlebum, Song 2, There's not other way, The universal,
3006 51,90 DM                                                                                                                                                                                  10022 53,80 DM
                                                               truckin', Strange kind of woman, Lazy, Since you've been         Coffee and TV, Parklife, End of a century, No distance left
Black Crowes                                                   gone, I surrender. Die Songs sind in erstklassiger Qualität      to run, Tender, Girls and boys, Charmless man, She's so
                                                               von einer Band eingespielt. Alle Tracks einmal mit und           high, Country house, To the end, On your own, This is a        Bon Jovi
Hard To Handle                                                 einmal ohne Gitarre.                                                                                                            Guitar Anthology
                                                                                                                                low, For Tomorrow, Music is my radar.
Einzelausgabe                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                               Always, Bad medicine, Blaze of glory, Blood money, Dry
                                                                                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                    4957 69,90 DM                                                                                                                   county, I'll be there for you, In and out of love, In these
                                                                                                                                10313 59,80 DM
7522 14,90 DM                                                                                                                                                                                  arms, Keep the faith, Living' on a prayer, Runaway,
                                                               Blind Blake                                                      Boesser-Ferrari, Claus                                         Something to believe in, Wanted dead or alive, You give
Black Crowes                                                   Masters Of Country Blues Guitar mit CD                                                                                          love a bad name
The Southern Harmony & Musical..                                                                                                Blue Footprint mit CD
                                                               Georgia bound, Hey hey daddy blues, West coast blues,            Blue footprint, Ballade 412, Rio escondiddos, Isabelle's       #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
Sting me, Remedy, Thorn on my pride, Bad luck blue eyes        Wabash rag, Early morning blues, guitar achimes, He's in                                                                        10115 60,90 DM
                                                                                                                                eyes, Blues ohne Capo, Carlos, How to play these 5-string
goodbye, Sometimes salvation, Hotel illness, Black moon        the jailhouse now, Blind Arthur's breakdown, Down in the         banjo, Lea meets the pink tiger, Schlafender Tiger, All
reeping, No speak no slave, my morning song, Time will tell    country, Police dog blues. Auf der CD sind die Originaltitel.    blues, Ballade 432, Lascaux II, Massaya, Lea verliert Öl,      Bon Jovi
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                               Jam With.. mit CD
                                                                                                                                Tiger auf blauem Kissen, Homecoming
1673 69,90 DM                                                  2181 58,90 DM                                                                                                                   Living on a prayer, Wanted dead or alive, You give love a
                                                                                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                3448 39,80 DM                                                  bad name, Dry county, In these arms tonight, Blaze of
Black Crowes                                                   Blind Melon                                                                                                                     glory, Keep the faith, Bad medicine. Die Songs sind in
Three Snakes & One Charm                                       Blind Melon - Selections                                         Bögershausen, Ulli                                             erstklassiger Qualität von einer Band eingespielt. Alle
Under a mountain, Good firday, Nebakanezer, One mirror         Soak the sin, I wonder, Dear ol' Dad, Change, Paper                                                                             Tracks einmal mit und einmal ohne Gitarre.
                                                                                                                                Ageless Guitar Solos mit CD
too many, Blackberry, Girl from a pawnshop, Halfway to         Scratcher, No rain, Holyman, Tones of home, Seed to a                                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                Children's dance, The fisherman, Das Loch in der Banane,
everywhere, Bring on bring on, How much for your wings?        tree, Drive,                                                                                                                    6807 66,80 DM
                                                                                                                                Morgen ist alles wieder gut, Samba an einem ruhigen
Let me share the ride, Better when you're not alone, Evil      #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                      Sonntag, Petite valse, Sante cruz, Angie, Montpellier,
eye.                                                           379 61,90 DM                                                     Classical gas, Opus 20, Ein Anflug von Sehnsucht.              Bon Jovi
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                                                                                                                                                    Keep The Faith
                                                                                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
3794 54,90 DM                                                  Blind Melon                                                      10337 65,80 DM                                                 I believe, Keep the faith, I'll sleep when I'm dead, In these
                                                               Soup                                                                                                                            arms, Bed of roses, If I was your mother, Dry county,
Black Sabbath                                                  The duke, Dumptruck, Galaxie, Lemonade, Mouthful of              Böhse Onkelz                                                   Woman in love, Fear, I want you, Blame it on the love of
Anthology                                                      cavities, New life, St.Andrew's fall, Skinned, toes across the   Wir ham´ noch lange nicht genug                                Rock & Roll, Little bit of soul.
A hard road, A national acrobat, Black sabbath, Children of    floor, 2 x 4, Vernie, Walk & Wilt                                                                                               #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                Wir ham noch lange nicht genung, Eine dieser Nächte, Das
the grave, Children of the sea, Country girl, Dirty woman,     #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                               44 67,80 DM
                                                                                                                                ist mein Leben, Nur die besten sterben jung, Ganz egal,
Fairies wear boots/Jacklthe stripper,Heaven and hell, Iron     1763 47,90 DM                                                    Zieh' mit den Wölfen, Zeig' mir den Weg, Das erste Blut,
man, Junior's eyes, Looking for today, N.I.B., Neon knights,
                                                                                                                                Wieder mal 'nen Tag verschenkt, Ach Sie suchen Streit,         Bon Jovi
Never say die, Paranoid, Planet caravan, Sabbbath bloody       Blink 182                                                        3'52, Wir sind immer für euch da, Wir sind nicht allein, Lt.   Play Guitar With.. mit CD
sabbath, Sleeping village/A bit of finger, Snowblind,                                                                                                                                          In and out of love, In these arms, Lay your hands on me,
                                                               Enema Of State                                                   Stoned.
Supernaut, Sweet leaf, Tommorrow's dream, Under the                                                                                                                                            Livin' on a prayer, Never say goodbye, Wanted dead or
                                                               Dumpweed, Don't leave me, Aliens exist, Going away to            #Guitartab, Noten
sun/Every day comes and goes (Medley), Voodoo, War                                                                                                                                             alive, You give love a bad name
                                                               college, What's my age again? Dysentery gary, Adam's             6798 49,90 DM
pigs, The wizard.                                                                                                                                                                              #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               song, All the small things, The party song, Mutt, Wendy
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                               Bolt, Ben                                                      1928 53,80 DM
                                                               clear, Anthem
43 53,80 DM
                                                               #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              Favorite Classics For Acoustic Guitar. m. CD
                                                               9940 57,90 DM                                                                                                                   Bon Jovi
Black Sabbath                                                                                                                   Funeral march of a marionette, Invention, Liebestraum,
                                                                                                                                                                                               These Days
                                                                                                                                Greensleeves, The old castle, Prelude No.1, Clair de lune,
Best Of..                                                      Blue Oyster Cult                                                 Poetic waltz, Largo, Andante, Allegro, Dance, Galliard,        Hey god, Something for the rain, This ain't a love song,
A national acrobat, Black Sabbath, Changes, Children of                                                                                                                                        These days, Lie to me, Damned, My guitar lies bleeding in
                                                               Cult Classic                                                     Moderato, Saltarello
the grave, Dirty women, Fairies wear boots/Jack the                                                                                                                                            my arms, (It's hard) letting you go, Hearts breaking even,
                                                               Don't fear the reaper, Extraterestrial intelligence, M.E.262,    #Guitartab, Noten
stripper, Heaven and hell, Iron man, Looking for today,                                                                                                                                        Something to believe in, If that's what it takes, Diamond
                                                               This ain't the summer of love. Burning for you, O.D.'D. on       4124 49,80 DM
N.I.B., Neon knights, Never say die, Paranoid, Sabbath                                                                                                                                         ring, All I want is everthing, Bitter wine.
                                                               life itself, Flaming telepaths, Godzilla, Astronomy, Cities on
bloody Sabbath, Sleeping village/A bit of finger, Snowblind,                                                                    Bolt, Ben                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               flame with Rock 'n' Roll, Harvester of eyes, Buck's boogie.
Sweet leaf, Symptom of the universe, War pigs                                                                                                                                                  708 56,80 DM
                                                               #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              Mozart For Acoustic Guitar mit CD
#Guitartab, Noten
                                                               1764 52,80 DM                                                    Concerto No.21, Allegro K525, romance, Menuetto from A
3218 53,80 DM
                                                                                                                                little night, Allegro molto uvm.                               Bonham
Black Sabbath                                                  Blues Traveler                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                              Disregard Of Timekeeping
                                                               Four                                                             5532 58,00 DM                                                  The disregard of timekeeping, Wait for you, Bringing me
Master Of Reality                                                                                                                                                                              down, Guilty, Holding on forever, Dreams, Don't walk away,
                                                               Run-around, Stand, Look around, Fallible, The mountains
Sweet leaf, The elegy, After forever, Embryo, Children of                                                                       Bolt, Ben                                                      Playing to win, Cross me and see, Just another day,
                                                               win again, Freedom, Crash burn, Price to pay, Hook, The
the grave, The haunting, Orchid, Step up, Lord of this                                                                                                                                         Rooms for us all.
                                                               good the bad and the ugly, Just wait, Brother John               Paganini For Acoustic Guitar mit CD
world, Solitude, Death mask, Into the void.                                                                                                                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                      27 Stücke von Paganini in Tabulatur und Standardnotation
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                                                                                                                                            1416 42,00 DM
                                                               2583 67,90 DM                                                    auf 104 Seiten
5064 35,80 DM
                                                                                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               Bluetones                                                                                                                       Boston
Black Sabbath                                                                                                                   8884 58,00 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                               Double Shot Of Boston
Paranoid                                                       Expecting To Fly
War pigs, Luke's wall, Paranoid, Planet caravan, Iron man,
                                                               Talking to Clarry, Bluetonic, Cut some rug, Things change,       Bolt, Ben                                                      BOSTON: More than a feeling, Peace of mind,
                                                               The fountainhead, Carnt be trusted, Slight return, Putting       Tarrega In Tabulature mit CD                                   Foreplay/Long time, Rock & Roll band, Smokin', Hitch a
Eletric funeral, Hand o fdoom, Rat salad, Jack the stripper,                                                                                                                                   ride, Something about you, Let me take you home tonight
                                                               out fires, Vampire, A parting gesture, Time & again, Are you     29 Stücke! U.a. Lagrima, Preludes in G,A und D Major,
Fairies wear boots                                                                                                                                                                             DON'T LOOK BACK: Don't lock back, The journey, It' easy,
                                                               blue or are you blind? String along, Driftwood.                  Danza mora, Marieta! Mazurca en sol, Maria, Minuetto,
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                                                                                                                                            A man I'll never be, Feelin' satisfied, Party, Used to bad
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                Adelita, Pavana, La alborada, Caprichio arabe...
5197 38,80 DM                                                                                                                                                                                  news, Don't be afraid.
                                                               2436 47,90 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                               #Guitartab, Noten
Black Sabbath                                                  Bluetones, The
                                                                                                                                5533 58,00 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                               739 55,80 DM
Play Guitar CD
                                                               Cut Some Rug
Iron Man, Paranoid, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Snowblind,
Sweet Leaf, War Pigs
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten
                                                               4769 14,90 DM
8228 53,80 DM
                                                                                              Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Boston                                                            Britny Fox                                                      Buchanan, Roy                                                     Butler, Bernhard
Guitar Anthology                                                  Boys In Heat                                                    Collection                                                        People Move On
Amanda, Don´t be afraid, Don´t look back, Feelin´satisfied,       Songbook zur CD                                                 After hours, Cajun, Chicago smokeshop, Five string blues,         Songbook zur CD
Foreplay, Hitch a ride, It´s easy, The journey, Let me take       #Guitartab, Noten                                               Hey good lookin', Hey Joe, The messiah will come again,           #Guitartab, Noten
you home tonight, Long time, A man I´ll never be, More            1677 39,80 DM                                                   Petal to the metal, Pete's blues, Short fuse, Sneaking            6235 44,80 DM
than a feeling, Party, Peace of mind, Rock & Roll band,                                                                           godzilla through the alley, Sweet dreams, Tribute to Elmore
Smokin´, Something about you, Used to bad news, We´re             Britny Fox                                                      James, Wayfaring pilgrim                                          Byrds, The
ready                                                             Britny Fox                                                      #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               For Guitar
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                       Girlschool, Long way to love, Kick n' fight, Save the weak,     7863 59,90 DM                                                     All I really want to do, Ballad of easy rider, Chestnut mare,
10594 68,90 DM                                                    Fun in Texas, Don't hide uvm.                                                                                                     Eight miles high, I'll feel a whole lot better, Jesus is just
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                               Buckley, Jeff                                                     alright, Lady friend, Mr. Spaceman, Mr. Tambourine man,
Boston                                                            1678 42,00 DM                                                   Grace And Other Songs                                             My back pages, So you want to be a rock 'n' roll star, Turn
Third Stage                                                                                                                       Mojo pin, Grace, Last goodbye, Lilac wine, So real,               turn turn.
Amanda, We're ready, The launch, Cool the engines, My             Brooks, Garth                                                   Hallelujah, Lover you should've come over, Corpus christi         #Guitartab, Noten
destination, A new world, To be a man, I think I like it,         Best Of For Guitar                                              carol, Eternal life, Dream brother, The sky is a landfill,        5631 46,80 DM
Can'tcha say, Still in love, Hollyann                             Cowboy Bill, The dance, Friends in low places, If tomorrow      Everybody here wants you, Nightmares by the sea,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 never comes, In lonesome doves, Mr. Blue, Much to young,        Morning theft, Satisfied mind.                                    Calderon, Javier
1254 34,80 DM                                                     Papa loved Mama, The river, Rodeo, Shameless, The               #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Johann Brahms For Guitar mit CD
                                                                  thunder rolls, Two of a kind workin on a fu, Unanswered         8786 66,80 DM                                                     Diese Sammlung enthält die 16 Walzer (Opus 39), welche
Boston                                                            prayers                                                                                                                           ursprünglich für 4-händiges Piano komponiert wurden.
Walk On                                                           #Guitartab, Noten                                               Buffalo Springfield                                               Getrennt in Standardnotation und Tabulatur.
I need your love, Surrender to me, Livin' for you, Walkin' at     3405 45,90 DM                                                   Guitar Legends                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
night, Walk on, Get organized, Walk on (Some more),                                                                               For what it'*s worth, Sit down, I think I love you, Mr. Soul, A   8896 46,80 DM
What's your name, Magdalene, We can make it.                      Brooks, Garth                                                   child's claim to fame, Expecting to fly, Bluebird, Hung
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Fresh Horses                                                    upside down, Rock and Roll woman                                  Cale, J.J.
1253 49,80 DM                                                     Songbook zur CD                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Very Best Of..
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                               4987 15,00 DM                                                     Call me the breeze, Crazy Mama, Magnolia, After midnight,
Bowden, Dan                                                       3466 47,90 DM                                                                                                                     Lies, Midnight in Memphis, Cajun moon, Rock & Roll
Flatpicking Masters mit CD                                                                                                        Buffet, J.                                                        records, Cocaine, Hey baby, I'll make love to you anytime,
Eine Song-Collection von Joe Maphis, Marty Stuart und             Brooks, Garth                                                   Songs You Know By Heart                                           Don't cry sister, Thirteen days, Sensitive kind, Carry on,
Arthur Smith: Liberty, Fiddle pickin', Town hall rag,             In Pieces                                                       Songbook zur CD                                                   Anyway the wind blows, City girls, Devil in disguise, Don't
Nashville jubilee, Rocky mountain special, Charlotte              Ain't going down, American honky-tonk bar association,          #Guitartab, Noten                                                 wait, Money talks, Hold on
breakdown, Bluegrass shuffle, Rocky mountain reel,                Callin' baton rouge, The cowboy song, Kickin' and               6209 44,90 DM                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
Lonesome road, I don't love nobody und Carter county.             screamin', The night I called the old man out, The night will                                                                     5543 51,90 DM
Vitale und schnelle Stücke!!                                      only know, One night a day, The red strokes, Standing           Bullet Boys
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 outside the fire.                                               Bullet Boys                                                       Calogero, Antonio
5431 52,80 DM                                                     #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     Hard as a rock, Smooth up in ya, Owed to Joe, Shoot the           La Rosa Del Deserto mit CD
                                                                  500 49,90 DM                                                    preacher down, For the love of money, Kissin' Kitty, Hell on      Oltre la porta, Al di la del muro, Il ritorno, Il piano, Il primo
Bowie, David                                                                                                                      my heels, Crank me up, Badlands, F#9                              inverno (part 1&2), 1580 Hayes street, La rosa del deserto,
Space Oddity                                                      Brooks, Garth                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Flusso creativo, Pre America/post America, San Francisco,
An occasional dream, Cygnet committee, God knows I'm              No Fences                                                       1419 10,00 DM                                                     Cosi chiaro...nel buio, La porta d'oro
good, Janine, Letter to hermione, Memory of a free festival,      Friends in low places, Mr. Blue, New way to fly, Same old                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
Space Odditiy, Unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed,              story, The thunder rolls, Two of a kind workin' on a full       Bullock, Robin                                                    3432 39,80 DM
Wildeyed boy from freecloud.                                      house, Unanswered prayers, Victim of the game, Wild             Midnight Howl mit CD
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                    horses, Wolvesd.                                             Tolle Arrangements. Vital und humorvoll. Da vermischen               Campbell, Vivian
475 44,90 DM                                                      #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                  sich schon mal Bluegrass mit Flamenco oder Klassik-                  Guitar Folio - Selections -
                                                                  1680 42,00 DM                                                Elementen. Ausgezeichnete CD. Songs: John MacKenzie's                America, I speed at night, The last in line, Rain rain, Sacred
Brel, Jacques                                                                                                                  fancy, For ireland I'd not tell her name, The little brown           heart, Shame on the night, Water from the moon
12 Chansons                                                       Brooks, Garth                                                coffin, Madama Bonaparte, Jaybird, Drink shank, Spider,              #Guitartab, Noten
Amsterdam, Au suivant, Les bonbons, La chanson des                Sevens                                                       Carrickfergus, Bob & Margies waltz, Rascal's castle, The             2058 40,90 DM
vieux amants, Ces gens là, Fernand, Jacky, J'arrive,              Bellelau wood, Cowboy cadillac, Do what you gotta do, Fit    ash grove, The three ravens, Morgan Megan, Planxty Tom
Mathilde, Les timides, Vesoul, Les Vieux                          for a king, A friend to me, How you ever gonna know, I don't Bombadil, The maho snaps, The port of call, The midnight             Candlebox
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 have to wonder, In another's eyes, Longneck bottle, She's    howl, The belle of Lexington, Forty miles to Louisville, Lost        Candlebox
4875 37,80 DM                                                     gonna make it, Take the keys to my heart, Two pina           hollow lament.                                                       Don't you, Change, You, No sense, Far behind, Blossom,
                                                                  coladas, When there's no one around, You move me.            #Guitartab, Noten                                                    Arrow, Rain, Mothers dream, Cover me, He calls home
Brennan, Bill                                                     #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                  5711 72,80 DM                                                        #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
Irish & Scottish Airs & Ballads mit CD                            5805 57,90 DM                                                                                                                     2585 45,00 DM
Skye boat song, Bonnie Dundee, Jack O'Hazeldean, Bean                                                                             Bush
an Fhir Rua, The cliffs of Doneen, Farewell to Tarwathie,         Brooks, Meredith                                                Best Of For Guitar                                                Candlebox
The road to Dundee, Matt Hyland, The banks of Claudy,             Blurring The Edges                                              Cold contagious, Comedown, Everything zen, Glycerine,             Happy Pills
Loch Lomond, Black velvet band, The garton mothers                I need, Bitch, Somedays, Watched you fall, Pollyanne,           Greedy fly, Little things, Machinehead, Mouth, Swallowed,         10000 horses, Happy pills, Blinders, It's alright, A stone's
lullaby, Galloway hills, Garrigdhoun, Caitlin trail, Flowers of   Shatter, My little town, What would happen, It don't get        Synapse                                                           throw away, So real, Offerings, Sometimes, Step back,
the forest, Tramps and hawkers, Come ower the stream,             better, Birthday, Stop, Wash my hands                           #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Belmore place, Breakaway, Look what you've done
Curragh of Kildare, The galway shawl                              #Guitartab, Noten                                               7780 51,80 DM                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 5505 54,90 DM                                                                                                                     8056 49,80 DM
7618 58,00 DM                                                                                                                     Bush
                                                                  Brown, Clarence Gatemouth                                       Razorblade Suitcase                                               Candyass
Bresh, Thom                                                       Vital Blues Guitar                                              Personal holloway, Greedy fliy, Swallowed insect kin, Cold        Orgy
Next Generation mit CD                                            Born in Louisiana, Cold strings, Dollar get the blues, Good     contagious, A tendency to start fires mouth, Straight no          All the same, Blue monday, Dissention, Dizzy, Fetisha,
"Kentucky thumbstyle" anhand der songs Cascade, Hangin'           looking woman, I hate these dog gone blues, Juspt lippin,       chaser, History, Synapse communicator, Bonedriven,                Fiend, Gender, Pantomime, Platinum, Revival, Scoial
with the girls I know, La marcellaise, Lane's love, Ooh la la     Leftover blues, Pressure cooker, That's your daddy yaddy        Distant voices                                                    enemies, Stitches.
rochelle, Second avenue, Sidewalks of Bourdeaux, Silver           you, Real life, Sometimes I slip, What a shame what a           #Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
string saloon und Sweet Georgia Brown.                            shame, Straigthen up                                            4469 54,90 DM                                                     9550 51,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab, Noten
5420 58,00 DM                                                     1309 49,80 DM                                                   Bush                                                              Carlisle, Bob
                                                                                                                                  Sixteen Stone                                                     Butterfly Kisses
Brewer, Gary                                                      Browne, Jackson                                                 Alien, Body, Bomb, Comedown, Everything zen, Glycerine,           Rhythmeen, Bang ban, Black fly, What's up with that,
Gary Brewer Guitar                                                Guitar Anthology                                                Little things, Machinehead, Monkey, Swim, Testosterone,           Vincent price blues, Zipper job, Hairdresser, She's just
In Zusammenarbeit mit Copper-Creek Records entstand               Boulevard, Doctor my eyes, For a rocker, Fountain of            X-girlfriend.                                                     killing me, My mind is gone, Loaded, Prettyhead,
dieses Buch mit außergewöhnlichen Fingerpicking Stücken           sorrow, Here come those tears again, I'm alive, Lawyers in      #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Hummbucking Part 2
in breiter Stilpalette: The Ozark rag, Old unlucky devil,         love, Lives in the balance, The load-out, The pretender,        1100 55,90 DM                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
Dodn't let your deal go down, The old Kentuck blues, Green        The road, Rock me on the water, Rosie, Running on empty,                                                                          8125 35,90 DM
green grass of home u. a.                                         Stay, Somebody's baby, Song for Adam, Take it easy, That        Bush
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 girl could sing, World in motion                                The Science Of Things                                             Carlton, Larry
7056 65,80 DM                                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                               Warm machine, Jesus online, The chemicals between us,             Fingerprints
                                                                  3893 68,90 DM                                                   English fire, Spacetravel, 40 mils from the sun, Prizefighter,    Fingerprints, Silky smooth, The storyteller, Slave song, All
Brian Setzer Orchestra                                                                                                            The disease of the dancing cats, Altered states, Dead             thru the night, Lazy Susan, Chicks with kickstands, Gracias,
10 Great Songs                                                    Browne, Jackson                                                 meat, Letting the cables sleep, Mindchanger                       Crying hands
The dirty boogie, Hoodoo voodoo doll, Jump jive an' wail,         Looking East                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab, Noten
Let's live it up, Rock this town, Rumble in Brighton, Since I     Looking east, The barricades of heaven, Some bridges,           10281 54,90 DM                                                    10124 69,80 DM
don't have you, Sleepwalk, Switchblade 327, This cat's on a       Infromation wars, I'm the cat, Culver joon, Baby how long,
hot roof                                                          Nino, Alive in the world, It is one.                            Bush-Playalong                                                    Cars, The
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     Nineties Rock Sessions For Guitar mit CD                          Guitar Anthology
10386 59,90 DM                                                    5682 55,90 DM                                                   Diese Serie eignet sich um Jammen und Improvisieren. Es           Bye bye love, Cruiser, Drive, Good times roll, It's all I can
                                                                                                                                  sind die Akkorde und Skalen zu folgenden Songs                    do, Just what I needed, Let's go, Magic, My best friend's
Brings                                                            Brubeck, Dave                                                   angegeben: Comedown, Machinehead, Greedy fly,                     girl, Shake it up, Since you're gone, Tonight she comes,
Songbuch                                                          Music Of Americas                                               Swallowed. Auf der Playalong-CD findest Du die Tonart             Touch and go, You're all I've got tonight, You might think
Ich schenk dir mi Hätz, Nur mer zwei, Katharina, Kölle,           6 Brubeck-Stücke, arrangiert für Sologitarre von Carlos         und Tempo, Scales, Study Track und Performance Track              #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
Pap, Letzte Naach, Nix för lau, Nix is verjesse, Levve -          Barbosa-Lima                                                    (ohne Gitarren). Die Licks und Solos sind in zwei                 5544 56,90 DM
Yasamak (Ali), E ränt en d'r Rhing, Ehrenfeld, Loss di            #Guitartab, Noten                                               Geschwindigkeiten nur auf der CD. Bei den Study Tracks
Maske falle Will nur dich, Dat is alles, Luftschlösser, Lap       2396 53,90 DM                                                   kann man durch Balance die Gitarren ein und ausschalten.
mich nicht allein, Kuß, Brief nach Hause, Handvoll ze                                                                             Die Songs sind mit Gesang eingespielt
fresse, Bis ans Meer, Niemols im Läve, Hier und überall,                                                                          #Guitartab, Noten
Fünf, Toni küss d'r Asphalt, Jeder Mensch ist anders                                                                              5628 33,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten
3912 29,80 DM
                                                                                             Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Carter Family, The                                             Clapton, Eric                                                      Clapton, Eric                                                     Clapton, Eric
Collection                                                     461 Ocean Boulevard                                                                                                                  Guitar Anthology Vol.2
                                                                                                                                  Crossroads Vol.1
Amber tresses, Bury me under the weeping willow,               Motherless children, Give me strength, Willi and the hand                                                                            Badge, Lonely years, Tales of brave Ulysses, White room,
                                                                                                                                  Badge, Good morning little school girl, Strange brew,
Cannonball, Can the circle be unbroken, Coal miner's           jive, Get ready, I shot the sheriff, I can't hold out, Please be                                                                     Wrapping paper, Mean olf Frisco, Can't find my way home,
                                                                                                                                  Sunshine of your love, White room, For your love, All your
blues, East Virginia blues, Engine one-forty-three, Foggy      with me, Let it grow, I'm a steady rollin' man, Mainline                                                                             Forever man, I can't stand it, I shot the sherrif, If I don't be
                                                                                                                                  love, Anyone for tennis, Baby what's wrong, Bernard
mountain top, Forsaken love Gathering flowers from the         Florida.                                                                                                                             there by the morning, Lonely years, Motherless children,
                                                                                                                                  Jenkins, Boom boom, Cant find my way home, A certain
hillside, Hello stranger, Homestead on the farm, I have no     #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                                                                                  Nobody knows you wher you're down and out, Roll it over,
                                                                                                                                  girl, Crossroads, Got to hurry, Have you ever loved a
one to love me, I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyes, Jimmie   6245 53,80 DM                                                                                                                        Someone like you.
                                                                                                                                  woman, Hideaway, Honey in your hips, I ain't got you, I feel
Brown the newsboy, John Hardy was a desperate little                                                                                                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               Clapton, Eric                                                      free, I wish you would, Lawdy mama, Lonely years,
man, Keep on the sunny side, Little darling pal of mine,                                                                                                                                            52 33,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  Presence of the Lord, Ramblin' on my mind, Sleeping in the
Little Joe, Little Moses, Lonesome for you, Lonesome           A Life In The Blues                                                ground, Spoonful, Tales of the brave ulysses, Wrapping            Clapton, Eric
valley, Lulu Walls, My dixie darling On the rock where         Alberta, All you love, Anyday, Boom boom, Born under a             paper.
Moses stood, Storms are on the ocean, Wabash                   bad sign, Cocaine, Comin' home, Crossroads, Five long                                                                                Guitar Collection
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
cannonball, When the springtime comes again, Wildwood          years, I looked away, I'm so glad I'm tore down, I'm your                                                                            Badge, Good morning little school girl, Strange brew,
                                                                                                                                  53 45,00 DM
flower, Winding stream, Worried man blues, You are my          hoochie coochie man, If I don't be there by morning, It hurts                                                                        Sunshine of your love, White room, For your love, All your
flower                                                         me too, Keep on growin', Knockin' on heavens door, Layla,          Clapton, Eric                                                     love, Anyone for tennis, Baby what's wrong, Bernard
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                            Let it rain, Malted milk, Ramblin' on my mind, Reconsider                                                                            Jenkins, Boom boom, Cant find my way home, A certain
8681 54,90 DM                                                                                                                     Crossroads Vol.2
                                                               baby, Roll it over, Rollin' and tumblin', San francisco bay                                                                          girl, Crossroads, Got to hurry, Have you ever loved a
                                                                                                                                  After midnight, Cocaine, Knockin' on heavens door, Too
                                                               blues, Sign language, Someday after a while, Spoonful,                                                                               woman, Hideaway, Honey in your hips, I ain't got you, I feel
Chants, Gregoria                                               Standin' around cryin', The sunshine of your love, Tell the
                                                                                                                                  bad, Lay down Sally, I shot the sheriff, Ain't that loving you,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    free, I wish you would, Lawdy mama, Lonely years,
                                                                                                                                  You better make it through today, Blues power, Coming
For Acoustic Guitar mit CD                                     truth, Thorn tree in the garden, Walkin' blues.                                                                                      Presence of the Lord, Ramblin' on my mind, Sleeping in the
                                                                                                                                  home, Crossroads, Evil, Got to get better in a little while,
Mandatum novum do vobis Variation #1 Harmonisation und         #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                    ground, Spoonful, Tales of the brave ulysses, Wrapping
                                                                                                                                  Key to the highway, Layla, Let it grow, Let it rain, Mean old
Variation #2 Improvisation, Alleluia Beatus vir qui suffert    1930 69,80 DM                                                                                                                        paper.After midnight, Cocaine, Knockin' on heavens door,
                                                                                                                                  Frisco, Mean old world, Motherless children, One more
Variation #1 Harmonisation und Variation # 2 Improvisation,                                                                                                                                         Too bad, Lay down Sally, I shot the sheriff, Ain't that loving
                                                               Clapton, Eric                                                      chance, Roll it over, Snake lake Blues, Tell the truth.
Spriritus domini Variation # 1 Harmonisation und Variation                                                                                                                                          you, You better make it through today, Blues power,
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
# 2 Improvisation, Improperium Variation # 1 Harmonisation     Best Of..                                                                                                                            Coming home, Crossroads, Evil, Got to get better in a little
                                                                                                                                  54 49,80 DM
und Variation # 2 Improvisation, Laetatus sum Variation # 1    After midnight, Badge, Cocaine, Crosscut saw, Crossroads,                                                                            while, Key to the highway, Layla, Let it grow, Let it rain,
Harmonisation und Variation # 2 Improvisation, Jacta           Forever man, Have you ever loved a woman, Hideaway,                Clapton, Eric                                                     Mean old Frisco, Mean old world, Motherless children, One
cogitatum tuum Variation # 1 Harmonisation und Variation #     Lay down Sally, Nobody knows you when you're down and                                                                                more chance, Roll it over, Snake lake Blues, Tell the
2 Improvisation, Genuit perpere regem Variation # 1                                                                               Crossroads Vol.3                                                  truth.After midnight, Cocaine, Double trouble, Furhter on up
                                                               out, Sunshine of your love, White room
Harmonisation und Variation # 2 Improvisation, Veni sancte                                                                        After midnight, Cocaine, Double trouble, Further on up the        the road, Heaven is one step away, Hello old friend, I can't
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten
spiritus Variation # 1 Harmonisation und Variation # 2                                                                            road, heaven is one step away, Hello old friend, I can't          stand it, I found a love, If I don't be there by morning,
                                                               3219 39,90 DM
Improvisation, Hosanna filio David Variation # 1                                                                                  stand it, I found a love, If I don't be there by morning,         Knockin' on heavens door, Lay down Sally, Miss you,
Harmonisation und Variation # 2 Improvisation, Creator of      Clapton, Eric                                                      Knockin' on heavens door, Lay down Sally, Miss you,               Promises, The skiy is crying, The shape you're in, She's
the stars at night Variation # 1 Harmonisation und Variation                                                                      Promises, The skiy is crying, The shape you're in, She's          waiting, Sign language, Someone like you, Too bad,
                                                               Blues - Selections                                                 waiting, Sign language, Someone like you, Too bad,
# 2 Improvisation.                                             Ain't that lovin' you baby, Alberta, Blow wind blow, Cross                                                                           Wanna make love to you, Whatcha gonna do, It hurs me
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 Wanna make love to you, Whatcha gonna do, It hurs me              too, Wonderful tonight.Badge, Good morning little school
                                                               road blues, Cryin', Give me strength, Have you ever loved a        too, Wonderful tonight.
10323 69,90 DM                                                 woman, Kind hearted woman blues, Mean old world, Meet                                                                                girl, Strange brew, Sunshine of your love, White room, For
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                 your love, All your love, Anyone for tennis, Baby what's
                                                               me, The sky is crying, To make sombody happy, Wonderful
Charlatans                                                     tonight, Worried life blues
                                                                                                                                  55 49,80 DM                                                       wrong, Bernard Jenkins, Boom boom, Cant find my way
Tellin´ Stories                                                                                                                                                                                     home, A certain girl, Crossroads, Got to hurry, Have you
With no shoes, Nort country boy, Tellin' stories, One to
                                                               #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                Clapton, Eric                                                     ever loved a woman, Hideaway, Honey in your hips, I ain't
                                                               9768 40,00 DM
another, You're a big girl now, How can you leave us, Area                                                                        E.C. Was Here                                                     got you, I feel free, I wish you would, Lawdy mama, Lonely
51, How high, Only teethin', Get on it, Rob's theme.           Clapton, Eric                                                      Have you ever loved a woman, Presence of the Lord,                years, Presence of the Lord, Ramblin' on my mind,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 Driftin' blues, Can't find my way home, Ramblin' on my            Sleeping in the ground, Spoonful, Tales of the brave
                                                               Blues Power                                                        mind, Further on up the road
5030 41,90 DM                                                                                                                                                                                       ulysses, Wrapping paper.After midnight, Cocaine, Knockin'
                                                            Better make it through today, Blues Power, If I don't be              #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               on heavens door, Too bad, Lay down Sally, I shot the
                                                            there by morning, Key to the highway, Lonely years, Mean
Charlatans, The                                             old Frisco, Sleeping in the ground, Snake lake blues,
                                                                                                                                  8096 49,80 DM                                                     sheriff, Ain't that loving you, You better make it through
Melting Pot                                                                                                                                                                                         today, Blues power, Coming home, Crossroads, Evil, Got to
The only one I know, Then, Opportunity three, Over rising,
                                                            Spoonful                                                              Clapton, Eric                                                     get better in a little while, Key to the highway, Layla, Let it
                                                            #Guitartab, Noten
Sproston green, Weirdo, Theme from the wish, Patrol, Can't 2003 33,80 DM                                                          Eric Clapton                                                      grow, Let it rain, Mean old Frisco, Mean old world,
get out of bed, I never want an easy life if me and he were                                                                       Slunky, Bad boy, Lonesome and a long way from home,               Motherless children, One more chance, Roll it over, Snake
ever to get there, Jesus Hairdo, Crashin' in, Just lookin', Clapton, Eric                                                         After midnight, Easy now, Blues power, Bottle of red wine,        lake Blues, Tell the truth.After midnight, Cocaine, Double
Her comes a soul saver, Just when you're thinin' things                                                                           Lovin' you lovin' me, I've told you for the last time, Don't      trouble, Furhter on up the road, Heaven is one step away,
                                                            Chronicles - The Best Of..                                            know why, Let it rain                                             Hello old friend, I can't stand it, I found a love, If I don't be
over, One to another, North country boy.                    Blue eyes blue, Change the world, My father's eyes, Tears
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               there by morning, Knockin' on heavens door, Lay down
                                                            in heaven, Layla (Unplugged), Pretending, Bad love, Before            8117 48,80 DM                                                     Sally, Miss you, Promises, The skiy is crying, The shape
6012 50,90 DM                                               you accuse me, It's in the way that you use it, Forever man,                                                                            you're in, She's waiting, Sign language, Someone like you,
Cheap Trick                                                    Running on faith (Unplugged), She's waiting, River of tears,       Clapton, Eric                                                     Too bad, Wanna make love to you, Whatcha gonna do, It
                                                               Get lost, Wonderful tonight (Live)                                                                                                   hurs me too, Wonderful tonight, Alberta, Befor you accuse
Best Of..                                                                                                                         Fingerstyle Guitar Collection
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                    me, Hey hey, Layla, Lonely stranger, Malted milk, Nobody
I want you to want me, Dream police, Clock strikes ten, Day                                                                       Badge, Bell bottom blues, Cocaine, Layla, Let it grow,
                                                               8835 53,80 DM                                                                                                                        knows you when you're down and out, Old love, Rollin' and
tripper, Woke up with a monster, Gonna raise hell,                                                                                Nobody knows you when you're down and out, Running on
                                                                                                                                  faith, Strange brew, Tears in heaven, Thorn tree in the           tumblin', Running on faith, San Francisco bay blues, Signe,
Califoarnia man, Ain't that a shame, Southern girls, If you    Clapton, Eric                                                      garden, White room, Wonderful tonight.                            Tears in heaven, Walkin' blues.
want my love, Surrender, Girlfriends, Hot love, She's tight,   Classic Songs                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
The flame, Voices                                              Promises, Spoonful, Cocaine, Willi & the hand jive, Rollin'        1932 46,80 DM                                                     9970 150,00 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                              and tumblin', Lonesome and a long way from home, Blow
1773 47,90 DM                                                                                                                                                                                       Clapton, Eric
                                                               wind blow, Evil, I found a love, Singing the blues, Worried        Clapton, Eric
                                                               life blues, All our past times, Sleeping in the ground, I'll                                                                         I-Songs - The Power To Play
Chicago                                                        make love to you, It's too late, Key to the highway, I'm so
                                                                                                                                  For Easy Guitar
                                                                                                                                  Badge, Forever man, I shot the sheriff, Lay down Sally,           Needs his woman, Wonderful tonight, After midnight,
Definitive Guitar Collection                                   glad, County jail blues
                                                                                                                                  Layla, Let it grow, Old love, Presence of the Lord, Strange       Crossroads, Circus, I'm tore down. Diese neue Generation
Alive again, Along comes a woman, Byblos, Dialogue (Part       #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  brew, Sunshine of your love, Tears in heaven, White room,         der Lehr-CD-ROM beinhaltet neben der Tabulatur auf dem
II), Flight 602, Gonge long gone, I'm a man, If you leave me   4547 49,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  Wonderful tonight                                                 Bildschirm die Originalsongs des Interpreten, außerdem
now, In the country, Just you 'n' me, Poem 58, Scrapbook,
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                 jeweils eine MIDI-Version, weiterhin sind alle Songs als
South California purples, Stay the night, 25 or 6 to 4         Clapton, Eric                                                      5644 46,80 DM                                                     Video anzusehen. Der Song ist jeweils in 2
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Crossroads 1, 2 & 3 Boxed Set                                                                                                        Schwierigkeitsgraden als Tabulatur notiert. Zusätzlich sind
5617 58,80 DM                                                  Badge, Good morning little school girl, Strange brew,              Clapton, Eric                                                     alle Songs auch für 5-saitigen Bass mit den gleichen
                                                               Sunshine of your love, White room, For your love, All your                                                                           Funktionen abrufbar. Ein Stimmgerät ist ebenfalls integriert.
Christmas Hits                                                 love, Anyone for tennis, Baby what's wrong, Bernard
                                                                                                                                  For Guitar
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tolles Lehrmaterial!!
Play Guitar CD                                                                                                          Badge, Crossroads, Edge of darkness, I can't stand it, If I
                                                               Jenkins, Boom boom, Cant find my way home, A certain                                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten
John Lennon: Happy x-mas (war is over), Greg Lake: I                                                                              don't be there by morning, Lay down Sally, Let it grow,
                                                               girl, Crossroads, Got to hurry, Have you ever loved a                                                                                10026 68,90 DM
believe in father christmas, Wizzard: I wish it could be                                                                          Pretending, Running on faith, Wonderful tonight, Worried
                                                               woman, Hideaway, Honey in your hips, I ain't got you, I feel
                                                                                                                                  life blues.
christmas every day, Mike Oldfield: In dulci jubilo, Slade:    free, I wish you would, Lawdy mama, Lonely years,
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Clapton, Eric
Merry christmas everybody, Elton John: Stpe into christmas     Presence of the Lord, Ramblin' on my mind, Sleeping in the
                                                                                                                                  2006 33,80 DM                                                     Jam With.. mit CD
#Guitartab, Noten                                              ground, Spoonful, Tales of the brave ulysses, Wrapping                                                                               Layla, Wonderful tonight, Hideaway, White room,
10288 46,80 DM                                                 paper.After midnight, Cocaine, Knockin' on heavens door,
                                                               Too bad, Lay down Sally, I shot the sheriff, Ain't that loving
                                                                                                                                  Clapton, Eric                                                     Crossroads, Cocaine, Tears in heaven, Bad love. Die
Church, The                                                                                                                       From The Cradle                                                   Songs sind in erstklassiger Qualität von einer Band
                                                               you, You better make it through today, Blues power,                                                                                  eingespielt. Alle Tracks einmal mit und einmal ohne Gitarre.
Gold Afternoon Fix                                             Coming home, Crossroads, Evil, Got to get better in a little       Blues before sunrise, Third degree, Reconsider baby,
                                                                                                                                  Hoochie Coochie man, Five long years, I'm tore down, How          #Guitartab, Noten
Songbook zur CD                                                while, Key to the highway, Layla, Let it grow, Let it rain,                                                                          4039 66,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Mean old Frisco, Mean old world, Motherless children, One          long blues, Goin' away baby, Blues leave me alone,
                                                                                                                                  Sinner's prayer, Motherless child, It hurts me too, Someday
1421 28,90 DM                                                  more chance, Roll it over, Snake lake Blues, Tell the
                                                                                                                                  after a while, Standin' round crying, Driftin', Groaning the      Clapton, Eric
                                                               truth.After midnight, Cocaine, Double trouble, Furhter on up
Church, The                                                                                                                       blues                                                             Journeyman
                                                               the road, Heaven is one step away, Hello old friend, I can't
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               Pretending, Anything for your love, Bad love, Running on
Starfish                                                       stand it, I found a love, If I don't be there by morning,
                                                                                                                                  3499 65,90 DM                                                     faith, Hard times, Hound dog, No alibis, Run so far, Old
Destination, Under the milky way, Blood money, Lost, North     Knockin' on heavens door, Lay down Sally, Miss you,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    love, Breaking point, Lead me on, Befor you accuse me.
south east & west, Spark, Antenna, Reptile, A ne season,       Promises, The skiy is crying, The shape you're in, She's
Hotel womb.                                                    waiting, Sign language, Someone like you, Too bad,                 Clapton, Eric                                                     #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                                                                                  Guitar Anthology Vol.1                                            7777 45,00 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Wanna make love to you, Whatcha gonna do, It hurs me
                                                               too, Wonderful tonight.                                            Crossroads, I feel fine, Lawdy mama, Tell the truth, Layla,
1775 39,80 DM
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Ramblin' on my mind, Hello old friend, Better make it             Clapton, Eric
Cinderella                                                     1710 86,80 DM                                                      through today, Comin' home, Knockin' on heavens door,             Pilgrim
                                                                                                                                  Let it grow, One more chance, Presence of the Lord,               My fathers eyes, river of tears, Pilgrim, Broken hearted,
Long Cold Winter
Bad Seamstress Blues, Fallin' apart at the Seams, Gypsy        Clapton, Eric                                                      Promises, Strange brew, The shape you're in, Wonderful            One chance, Circus, Going down slow, Falls like rain, Born
                                                                                                                                  tonight.                                                          in time, Sick and tired, Needs his woman, She's gone, You
Road, Don' t know what you got, The Last Mile, Second          Crossroads 2 - Selections -
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                 were there, Inside of me.
wind, Long cold winter, If you don' t like it, Coming home,    LIVE IN THE SEVENTIES: Cocaine, Crossroads (Cross
                                                                                                                                  51 25,80 DM                                                       #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
Fire and Ice, Take me back                                     Road Blues), Cryin', Kindhearted woman blues, Knockin' on
                                                                                                                                                                                                    5973 49,80 DM
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                            heaven's door, Lay down Sally, Layla, Ramblin' on my
501 44,90 DM                                                   mind, Wonderful tonight, Worried life blues
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               4667 59,80 DM
                                                                                              Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Clapton, Eric                                                     Coldplay                                                        Coryell, Larry                                                  Crash Test Dummies
Rush                                                              Parachutes                                                      The Dragon Gate                                                 God Shuffeld His Feet
Cold turkey, Don't know which way to go, Help me up,              Don't panic, Shiver, Spies, Sparks, Yellow, Trouble,            Molly's lament, The dragon gate, Things ain't what they         God shuffled his feet, Afternoons & coffeespoons, Mmm
Kristen and Jim, New recruit, Preludin fugue, Realization,        Parachutes, High speed, We never change, Everything's           used to be, West coast blues, Sunset on Soweto, Snow            Mmm Mmm Mmm, In the days of the caveman, Swimming
Tears in heaven, Tracks & lines                                   not lost, Life is for living.                                   prince, And she loved him, Bottleneck blackout, Back bay        in your ocean, Here I stand before me, I think I'll disappear
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                               blues.                                                          now, How does a duck know? When I go out with artists,
50 45,00 DM                                                       10370 46,80 DM                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                               The psychic, Two knights and maidens.
                                                                                                                                  2221 18,80 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
Clapton, Eric                                                     Collective Soul                                                                                                                 718 66,80 DM
Slowhand                                                          Blender                                                         Coryell, Larry
Cocaine, Wonderful tonight, Lay down Sally, Next time to          Skin, Vent, Why Part 2, 10 years later, Boast, Turn around,     The Dragon Gate mit CD                                          Cream
see her, We're all the way, The core, May you never, Mean         You speak my language, Perfect day (featuring Elton John),      Molly's lament, The dragon gate, Things ain't what they         Disraeli Gears
old frisco, Peaches and diesel.                                   After all, Over Tokyo, Happiness                                used to be, West coast blues, Sunset on Soweto, Snow            Strange brew, Sunshine of your love, World of pain, Dance
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     prince, And she loved him,Bottleneck blackout, Back bay         the night away, Blue condition, Tales of brave ulysses,
6246 52,80 DM                                                     10582 58,90 DM                                                  blues.                                                          Swlabr, We're going wrong, Outside woman blues, Take it
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                               back, Mother's lament.
Clapton, Eric                                                     Collective Soul                                                 3300 58,80 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
Strange Brew                                                      Collective Soul                                                                                                                 75 53,80 DM
Badge, Bernard Jenkins, Crossroads, Have you ever loved           Bleed, Collection of goods, December, Gel, Reunion, She         Cosgrove, Mark
a woman, I feel free, Presence of the Lord, Ramblin' on my        gathers rain, Simple, Smashing young man, The world I           Good Medicine mit CD                                            Cream
mind, Stragne brew, Sunshine of your love, Tals of brave          know, Untitled, Where the river flows, When the water falls.    Der National-Flatpicking-Guitar-Champ stellt 9                  The Cream Of..
ulysses, Wrapping paper                                           #Guitartab, Noten                                               herausragende Flatpicking-Solos vor                             Anyone for tennis, Badge, Crossroads, I feel free, Spoonful,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 2312 51,90 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                               Steppin' out, Strange brew, Sunshine of your love, Tales of
57 25,80 DM                                                                                                                       5430 49,80 DM                                                   brave uliysees, White room, Wrapping paper
                                                                  Collective Soul                                                                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten
Clapton, Eric                                                     Disciplined Breakdown                                           Counting Crowes                                                 3223 36,80 DM
The Classic Songs & Solos of..                                    Precious declaration, Listen, Maybe, Full circle, Blame,        August And Everything After
Cocaine, Comin' home, Corssroads, I looked away, Keep             Disciplined breakdown, Forgiveness, Link Giving, In             Round here, Owaka, Mr.Jones, Perfect blue buildings,            Cream
on growin' Let it rain, Roll it over, Tell the truth              between, Crowded head, Everything.                              Anna begins, Time and time again, Rain king, Sullivan           Those Were The Days - Selections
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                               street, Ghost train, Raining in Baltimore, A murder of one      Badge, Crossroads, I'm so glad, I feel free, Lawdy mama,
1931 35,80 DM                                                     4738 59,90 DM                                                   #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                             Spoonful, Strange brew, Sushine of your love, Swlabr,
                                                                                                                                  5029 54,90 DM                                                   Those were the days, White room
Clapton, Eric                                                     Collective Soul                                                                                                                 #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
The Cream Of Clapton                                              Guitar Anthology                                                Counting Crows                                                  9609 40,00 DM
After midnight, Badge, Bell bottom blues, Blues power,            Blame, Dandy life, December, Disciplined breakdown, Gel,        Recovering The Satellites
Cocaine, Crossroads, Hello old friend, I can't stand it, I feel   Giving, Goodnight good guy, Heavne's already here,              Catapult, Angels of the silences, Daylight fading, I'm not      Creed
free, I shot the sheriff, Knockin' on heavens door, Layla, Let    Heavy, Precious declaration, Reunion, Run, She said,            sleeping, Goodnight Elisabeth, Children in bloom, Have you      Human Clay
it grow, Let it rain, Presence of the lord, Promises,             Shine, Simple, Sister don't cry, Tremble for my belowed,        seen me lately? Miller's angels, Another horsedreamer's         Are you ready? What if, Beautiful, Say I, Wrong way,
Sunshine of your love, White room, Wonderful tonight.             Where the river flows, The world I know                         blues, Revoering th satellites, Mnkey, Mercury, A long          Faceless man, Never die, With arms wide open, Higher,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     december, Walkaways.                                            Wash away those years, Inside us all
2877 76,80 DM                                                     10286 61,90 DM                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                                                                                  4739 50,90 DM                                                   9916 54,90 DM
Clapton, Eric                                                     Collective Soul
The Essential Guitar Collection                                   Guitar Anthology                                                Counting Crows                                                  Creed
Badge, Cocaine, Crossroads, I shot the sheriff, Knockin' on       December, Shine, She said, The world I know, Disciplined        This Desert Life                                                My Own Prison
heavens door, Lay down Sally, Layla, Let it grow, Strange         breakdown, Reunion, Giving, Gel, Dandy life, Simple,            Hanginaround, All my friends, Arny hit the athmosphere,         Torn, Ode, My own prison, Ptiy for a dime, In America,
brew, Sunshine of your love, White room, Wonderful tonight        Blame, Goodnight good guy, Heaven's already here,               Colorblind, Four days, High life, I wish I was a girl, Mrs.     Illusion, Unforgiven, Sister, What's this life for, One
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Tremble for my beloved, Heavy, Sister don't cry, Run            Potter's lullaby, St. Robinson in his cadillac dream,           #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
2005 42,80 DM                                                     #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     Speedway                                                        8958 54,90 DM
                                                                  10257 61,90 DM                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
Clapton, Eric                                                                                                                     10260 58,90 DM                                                  Creedence Clearwater Revival
Time Pieces                                                       Collins, Albert                                                                                                                 Guitar Anthology
I shot the sherrif, After midnight, Knockin' on heavens door,     The Complete Imperial Book                                      Country Ballads For Fingerstyle                                 Bad moon rising, Born on the bayou, Down on the corner,
Wonderful tonight, Layla, Cocaine, Lay down Sally, Willie         Do the Sissy, Collins Mix, Let's get it together again          Sampler                                                         Fortunate son, Green river, Have you ever seen the rain?,
and the hand jive, Promises, Swing low sweet chariot, Let it      Chatterbox, The things that I uses to do, Jaein, Swamp          Always on my mind, Amanda, By the time I get to Phoenix,        Hey tonight, I heard it through the grapevine, I put a spell
grow.                                                             sauce, Conversation with Collins, Stump poker, Got a good       Can't help falling in love, Could I have this dance, The        on you, Lodi, Long as I can see the light, Lookin' out my
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               thing goin', All about my girl, Ain't got time, Turnin' on,     greatest man I never knew, I can love you like that, I want     backdoor, The midnight special, Molina, Proud Mary, Run
2300 59,90 DM                                                     Whatcha say (I don't know), Pushin', Doing my thing, Harris     to be loved like that, If we make it through december, It was   through the jungle, Susie-Q, Travellin' band, Up around the
                                                                  Country line up, Grapeland gossip, Trash talking, Baby          almost like a song, The keeper of the stars, Let that pony      bend, Who'll stop the rain?
Clapton, Eric                                                     what you want me to do, Rock me baby, Lip service,              run, One boy one girl, Somewhere in my broken heart,            #Guitartab, Noten
Unplugged                                                         Backyard back talk, Tongue lashing, And then it started         When you say nothing at all, Why me? You decorated my           69 52,90 DM
Alberta, Befor you accuse me, Hey hey, Layla, Lonely              raining, Soul fook, Jam it up, Do what you want to do, Black    life, You needed me
stranger, Malted milk, Nobody knows you when you're               bottom bayou, Junkey monkey, 69 underpass roadside              #Guitartab, Noten                                               Croce, Jim
down and out, Old love, Rollin' and tumblin', Running on          inntime, I need you so, Bitsey, Coon 'n 'collards, Blend        7848 47,80 DM                                                   The Greatest Hits
faith, San Francisco bay blues, Signe, Tears in heaven,           down and jam, Sweet 'n' sour.                                                                                                 Bad bad Leroy Brown, I got a name, I'll have to say I love
Walkin' blues.                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                               Cracker                                                       you in a song, It doesn't have to be that way, Operator,
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               744 55,80 DM                                                    The Golden Age                                                Photographs and memories, These dreams, Time in a
58 51,90 DM                                                                                                                       I hate my generation, I'm a little raocket ship, Big dipper,  bottle, You don't mess around with Jim
                                                                  Collins, Albert                                                 Nothing to believe in, The golden age, 100 flower power       #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
Clapton, Eric & John Mayall                                       Vital Blues Guitar                                              maximum, Dixi Babylon, I can't forget you, Sweet thistle pie, 3290 64,90 DM
Bluesbreakers                                                     Avalanche, Black cat bone, Brick, Ego trip, Fake I.D.,          Useless stuff, How can I live without you, Bicycle spaniard
All your love, Hideaway, Little girl, Another man, Double         Freeze, Ice pick, Lights are on but nobody's home, Master       #Guitartab, Noten                                             Cropper, Steve
crossing time, What'd I say, Key to love, Parchman farm,          change, Melt down, Moon is full, Skatin', Tired man, Too        3798 53,90 DM                                                 Soul Man
Have you heard, Ramblin' on my mind Steppin' out, It ain't        tired                                                                                                                         Wilson Picket: 634-5789, In the midnight hour, Otis
right                                                             #Guitartab, Noten                                               Cranberries, The                                              Redding: Champagne & wine, Dock of the bay, Sad song
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               3915 49,80 DM                                                   Best Of Cranberries For Guitar                                (Fa fa fa fa), Direct me, I've been loving you to long, O'v got
2305 57,90 DM                                                                                                                     Dreaming my dreams, Dreams, How, I still do, I will always, dreams to remember, My lover's prayer, Ole man trouble.
                                                                  Collins, Phil                                                   The icicle melts, Linger, Ode to my family, Pretty, Put me    Booker T. & The MG's: Green onions, Hip hug her, I cant
Clapton, Eric / King. B.B.                                        For Guitar                                                      down, Ridiculous thoughts, Still can't recognize the way I    stand the rain, Melting pots, Time is tight, Sam & Dave:
Riding With The King                                              Another day in paradise, Both sides of the story, Don't let     feel, Sunday, Twenty one, Zombie                              Hold on I'm coming, Soul man, When something is wrong
Riding with the king, Ten long years, Key to the highway,         him steal your heart away, I don't wonna know, I wish it        #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                           with my baby, Wrap it up. Eddi Floyd: Knock on wood,
Marry you, Three o'clock blues, Help the poor, I wanna be,        would rain down, Inside out, Like china, The roof is leaking,   2940 54,90 DM                                                 Johnny Taylor: Who's makin' love.
Worried life blues, Days of old, When my heart beats like a       Thunder & Lightning, Who said I would?                                                                                        #Guitartab, Noten
hammer, Hold on I'm coming, Come rain or come shine               #Guitartab, Noten                                               Cranberries, The                                              1428 56,90 DM
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               3221 21,80 DM                                                   Bury The Hatchet
10294 60,90 DM                                                                                                                    Animal instinct, Loud and clear, Promises, You and me,          Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
                                                                  Colvin, Shawn                                                   Just my imagination, Shattered, Desperate Andy, Saving          Classic
Clash, The                                                        A Few Small Repairs                                             grace, Copycat, What's on my mind, Delilah, Fee fi fo,          Helplessy hoping, Teach your children, Wooden ships,
Best Of..                                                         Sunny came home, Get out of this house, The facts about         Dying in the sun, Sorry son                                     Woodstock, Guinnevere, Carry on, 4 + 20, Long time gone,
Career opportunities, Clampdown, Clash city rockers,              Jimmy, I want it back, You and the Mona Lisa, Trouble, If I     #Guitartab, Noten                                               Marrakesh express, Judy blue eyes
Complete control, 58 hours, Ghetto defendant, Know your           were brave, Wichita skyline, New thing now, 84.000              7975 53,80 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
rights, London calling, London's burning, The magnificent         difrerent delusions, Suicide alley, Nothin on me.                                                                               72 64,90 DM
seven, Rock the casbah, Safe European home, Should I              #Guitartab, Noten                                               Crary, Dan
stay or should I go, Straight to hell, Train in vain, White man   4605 54,90 DM                                                   Jammed If I Do mit CD                                           Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
in Hammersmith palais, White riot.                                                                                                St. Annes reel, B & B rag, Whistlin' Rufus/Ragtime Annie,       Guitar Collection
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               Cooper, Alice                                                   Banjo signal, Cattle in the cane, Twin reel, Foggy mountain     Helpless, Helplessy hoping, Lady of the island, Long time
7219 50,90 DM                                                     For Guitar                                                      special, Tribute to Don Reno, Remington ride, Home sweet        gone, Our house, Southern corss, Teach your children,
                                                                  Billion dollar babies, Department of youth, Elected, I'm        home, Green mountain hop, Follow the leader, Uncle              Wooden ships, Woodstock, You don't have to cry, 4+20, 49
Cohen, Leonard                                                    eighteen, Muscle of love, No more Mr. Nice Guy, Only            Herman's hornpipe, Irish tune suite, Durng's hornpipe           bye byes, Carry on, Questions, Dark star, Daylight again,
Songs Of..                                                        woman bleed, Poison, School's out, Under my wheels              #Guitartab, Noten                                               Guinnevere, Got it made, Haven't we lost enough, Long
A bunch of lonesome heroes, Bird on the wire, The butcher,        #Guitartab, Noten                                               4119 79,90 DM                                                   time gone, Love the one your're with, Marakesh express,
Hey that's no way to say goodbye, Lady midnight,, Master          5797 46,80 DM                                                                                                                   Ohio, See the changes, Judy blue eyes, Wasted on the
song, The old revolution, One of us can not be wrong,                                                                                                                                             way.
Priests, Seems so long ago Nancy, Sisters of mercy, So            Cooper, Alice                                                                                                                   #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
long Marianne, Sotries of the street, Story of Issac, The         School Is Out                                                                                                                   1429 65,90 DM
stranger song, Suzanne, Teachers, Tonight will be fine,           Einzelausgabe
Winter lady, You know who I am.                                   #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 4768 14,90 DM
1424 46,80 DM
                                                                                             Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Crow, Sheryl                                                     Dadi, Marcel                                                     Def Leppard                                                     Diorio, Joe
Globe Sessions                                                   Guitar Hits (French Edition)                                     High & Dry/Pyromania                                            Intervallic Designs For Jazz Guitar mit CD
My favourite mistake, There goes the neighborhood,               Nut sunday, Autumn leaves, Trambone, Hello my baby,              HIGH & DRY: High 'n' dry, You got me runnin', Let it go,        Expand your playing and your imagination with these
Riverwide, It don't hurt, Maybe that's soemthing, Am I gettin    Wilwwod flower, The entertainer, Drive in, Dizzy fingers,        Another hit and run, Lady strange, On through the night,        revolutionary, intervallic lines by jazz great Joe Diorio!
through (Part 1 & II), Anything but down, The difficult kind,    Cascade, Smile, Struttin, All thumbs, The peanut vendor,         Mirror mirror, No no no, Bringin' on the heartbreak, Switch -   Behandelt werden Designs of tonality, Diatonic harmonies,
Mississippi, Members only, Crash and burn, Subway ridie.         Flop eared mule and other classics                               PYROMANIA: Rock rock! Stagefright, Too late for love, Die       Diminished scales, Dominant and altered dominant chords
#Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                hard the hunter, Rock of ages, Action not words, Comin'         und Chromatic scales
7448 55,90 DM                                                    3139 51,80 DM                                                    under fire, Billy's got a gun, Photograph, Foolin'              #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                               10401 33,80 DM
Crow, Sheryl                                                     Daniels Band, Charlie                                            2098 44,80 DM
Greatest Hits So Far..                                           Greatest Hits                                                                                                                    Diorio, Joe
All I wanna do, Anything but down, Can't cry anymore,            Boogie woogie fiddle country blues, The devil went down to       Def Leppard                                                     Jazz Blues Styles mit CD
Everyday is a winding road, If it makes you happy, Leaving       Georgia, Drinkin' my baby goodbye, Every time I see him,         Hysteria                                                        16 Jazz-Blues Solos und Akkord-Übungen im Stile von
Las Vegas, My favourite mistake, Run baby run, Strong            In America, The legend of Wooley Swamp, Let it roll, Long        Woman, Rocket, Animal, Love bites, Pour some sugar on           Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk, Sonny Rollins etc. sowie 4
enough, There goes the neighbourhood                             haired country boy, Simple man, The south's gonna do it,         me, Armageddon it, Gods of war, Don't shoot shotgun, Run        Blues Jamtraxs zum Mitjammen.
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Still in Saigon, Stroker's theme, Uneasy rider                   riot, Hysteria, Excitable, Love and affection.                  #Guitartab, Noten
9779 35,90 DM                                                    #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              #Guitartab, Noten                                               10627 54,90 DM
                                                                 7844 54,90 DM                                                    1433 50,90 DM
Crow, Sheryl                                                                                                                                                                                      Diorio, Joe
Sheryl Crow                                                      Danzig                                                           Def Leppard                                                     Jazz Structures For The New Millenium mit CD
Maybe angels, A change, Home, Sweet Rosalyn, The book,           Danzig 4                                                         Retro Active                                                    99 intervallic Designs zur Erweiterung des
Oh Mary, Ordinary morning, Love is a good thing, Hard to         Brand new god, Bringer od death, Cantspeak, Dominion,            Action, Desert song, Fractured love, From the inside, I         Improvisationsspektrums
make a stand, Every day is a winding road, Superstar,            Going down to die, I don't mind the pain, Invocation, Let it     wanna be your hero, Miss you in a heartbeat, Miss you in a      #Guitartab, Noten
Redemption day, If it makes you happy                            be captured, Little whip, Sadistikal, Son of the morning star,   hearbeat (Electric version), Only after dark, Ride into the     10628 59,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Stalker song, Until you call on the dark.                        sun, Ring of fire, She's too tough, Twoe steps behind
4470 59,90 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                (Acoustiv version), Two steps behind (Electric version).        Dire Straits
                                                                 2078 49,90 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                               Brothers In Arms
Crow, Sheryl                                                                                                                      82 45,00 DM                                                     So far away, Money for nothing, Walk of life, Your latest
Tuesday Night Music Club                                         Days Of The New                                                                                                                  trick, Why worry, Ride across the river, The man's too
Run baby run, Leaving Las Vegas, Strong enough, Cant cry         Songbook                                                         Def Leppard                                                     strong, One world, Brothers in arms.
anymore, Solidify, The na-na song, No one said it would be       Cling, The down town, Face of the earth, Freak, How do           Slang                                                           #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
easy, What i can do for you, All I wanna do, We do what we       you know you? Now, Shelf in the room, Solitude, Touch            Truth? Turn to dust, Slang, All I want is everything, Work it   8579 54,90 DM
can, I shall believe.                                            peel and stand, What's left for me? Where I stand,               out, Breathe a sigh, Deliver me, Gift of flesh, Blood runs
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Whimsical.                                                       cold, Where does love go whe it dies, Pearl of euphoria         Dire Straits
74 45,90 DM                                                      #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                               Brothers In Arms
                                                                 6106 60,90 DM                                                    3224 55,90 DM                                                   So far away, Money for nothing, Walk of life, Your latest
Crowded House                                                                                                                                                                                     trick, Why worry, Ride across the river, The man's too
Best Of..                                                        DC Talk                                                          Def Leppard                                                     strong, One world, Brothers in arms.
Better be home soon, Distant sun, Don't dream it's over,         Jesus Freak                                                      Vault (Greatest Hits 1980-1995)                                 #Guitartab, Noten
Fall at your feet, Fingers of love, How will you go, Instinct,   So help me god, Colored people, Jesus freak, What if I           Animal, Armageddon it ,Bringin' on the heartbreak, Foolin',     3373 44,80 DM
It's only natural, Locked out, Nails in my feet, Pineapple       stumble? Day by day, Between you and me, Like it love it         Have you ever needed someone so bad, Hysteria, Let's get
head, Sister madly, Weather with you, Whispers and               need it, In the light, What have we become? Mind's eye,          rocked, Love bites, Miss you in a heartbeat, Photograph,        Dire Straits
moans                                                            Alas my love.                                                    Pour some sugar on me, Rock of ages,Rocket, Two steps           Money For Nothing
#Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              behind, When love & hate collide                                Sultans of swing, Down to the waterline, Portobello belle,
9640 47,90 DM                                                    6247 48,80 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                               Twisting by the pool, Tunnel of love, Romeo and Juliet,
                                                                                                                                  1735 61,90 DM                                                   Where do you think you're going? Walk of life, Privat
Cry Of Love                                                      De Grassi, Alex                                                                                                                  investigations, Telegraph road, Money for nothing, Brothers
Brother                                                          Collection                                                       Delgado, Ruben                                                  in arms
Songbook zur CD                                                  Inverness, Causeway, McCormick, Mirage, Overland,                Music Of Mexico Vol. 1 mit CD                                   #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Children's dance, Slow circle II, Southern exposure,             12 Gitarrensolos für Akustikgitarre aus spanischen Liedern      3632 59,80 DM
1430 42,00 DM                                                    Turning, Western                                                 und Themen: Donde estas carzon? Ay jalisco no te rajes,
                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                Noche de rhonda, Cielito lindo, La Adelita, Solamente una       Dire Straits
Cult, The                                                        1434 44,90 DM                                                    vez, Maria Elena, Jesusita en chihuahua, La golondrina, La      Sultans Of Swing
She Sells Sanctuary                                                                                                               llorona, La leyenda de la llorona.                              Sultans of swing, Lady writer, Romeo und Juliet, Tunnel of
Einzelausgabe                                                    de Lucia, Paco                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                               love, Private investigations, Twisting by the pool, Love over
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Cepa Andaluza                                                    2229 49,80 DM                                                   gold (Live), So far away, Money for nothing, Brothers in
4766 10,90 DM                                                    Eine der besten Bulerias von Paco de Lucia.                                                                                      arms, Walk of life, Calling Elvis, Heavy fuel, On every
                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                Delgado, Ruben                                                  street, Your latest trick (Live), Loacal hero - Wild theme
Cure, The                                                        7146 29,50 DM                                                    Music Of Mexico Vol. 2 mit CD                                   (Live)
Standing On A Beach (The Singles)                                                                                                 Mittelschwer bis fortgeschritten ist diese Auswahl an           #Guitartab, Noten
Killing an Arab, Boys don't cry, A forest, Jumping someone       de Lucia, Paco                                                   Fingerstyle-Solos aus populären mexikanischen Liedern.          7162 53,80 DM
else's train, Primary, Charlotte Sometimes, The hanging          Guitartab Collection                                             Songs: Cancion mixteca, Noche azul, Aquellos ojos verdes,
garden, Let's go to bed, The walk, The lovecats, The             Guajiras de Lucia, Aires choqueros, Aires de linares,            Las altenitas, Sabor a mi, Mexico lindo, Besame mucho,          Disney Fingerstyle Guitar
caterpillar, In between days, Close to me.                       Celosa, Cepa Andaluza, El tempul, Entre dos aguas, Fiesta        Danza#1, Cancion, Danza #2                                      Sampler
#Guitartab, Noten                                                en moguer, Generalife bajo la luna, Lamento minero, Mi           #Guitartab, Noten                                               THE LITTLE MERMAID: Kiss the girl, Part of your world,
746 63,80 DM                                                     inspiracion, Percusion flamenca, Punta Umbria, Plazuela.         5408 49,80 DM                                                   Under the sea - BEAUTY & THE BEAST; Be our guest,
                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                Beauty & the beast, Belle - ALADDIN: Friend like me, One
Curi, Antonio                                                    6214 49,90 DM                                                    Delgado, Ruben                                                  jump ahead, Prince Ali, A whole new world - THE LION
Guitar Collection Of..                                                                                                            Music Of Mexico Vol. 3 mit CD                                   KING: Can you feel the love tonight, Circle of life, Hakuna
10 melodiöse Kompositionen zur Steigerung von Tempi              de Lucia, Paco                                                   Music Of Mexico Vol.3 enthält einige der schönsten und          matata, I just can't wait to be King
und Gewandtheit auf der Gitarre. Eine Sammlung, die Spaß         Percusion Flamenca                                               bekanntesten Boleros: Sin ti, Historia de un amor, Acercate     #Guitartab, Noten
bringt.                                                          Zapateado von seiner CD La Fabulos Guitarre de Paco de           mas, Nosstros, Perfidia, Somos novios, Adoro, De colores        4137 29,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Lucia.                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
8232 49,80 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                4797 49,80 DM                                                   Dixon, Willie
                                                                 7147 19,50 DM                                                                                                                    Collection-The Master Blues Composer
D´Agostino, Peppino                                                                                                               Denver, John                                                    30 songs in Versionen diverser Interpreten: Backdoor man -
Close To The Heart mit CD                                        Deep Purple                                                      Greatest Hits For Fingerstyle Guitar                            Howlin' Wolf/Doors, Blues You can't lose-Jack Bruce, Built
Calypso facto, Country rain, Song for Carol (1st guitar),        Best Of..                                                        Annie's song, Fly away, Follow me, Goodbye again, I'm           your comfort - Howlin' Wolf, Evil - Howlin Wolf/Eric Clapton,
Song for Carol (2nd guitar)                                      Black night, Child in time, Fireball, Highway star, Hush,        sorry, Leaving on a jet plane, My sweet lady, Poems             Good Advice - Willie Dixon, Good Understanding - Willie
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Lazy, Smoke on the water, Space truckin', Speed king,            prayers and promises, Rocky mountain high, Sunshine on          Dixon, Hidden Charms - Howlin' Wolf, I ain't superstitious -
3442 34,95 DM                                                    Strange kind of woman, When a blind man cries, Woman             my shoulders, Take me home country roads                        H. Wolf/Jeff Beck, I can't guit you bay - Otis Rush/Led
                                                                 from Tokyo                                                       #Guitartab, Noten                                               Zeppelin, I just want to make love to you - Muddy
Dadi, Marcel                                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                                4922 39,90 DM                                                   Waters/Foghat, I'm ready - Muddy Waters/Humblie Pie, I'm
Fingerpicking Guitar Legend Vol. 1 mit CD                        5545 47,90 DM                                                                                                                    your hoochie coochie man - Muddy Waters/Jimi Hendrix, It
Angeline B., The ballad of Greg Ladey, Big chief, Billy the                                                                       Derek & The Dominos                                             don't make sense - Willie Dixon, Let me lov you baby -
keith, Blueberry, Chattanoga train, Easy rollin', Egged bus      Deep Purple                                                      Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs                               S.R.Vaughan, Little Red Rooster - H.Wolf/Rolling Stones,
rag, En attendant Joachim, Fluide lacial, From paris with        Best Of.. - Hal Leonard Ausgabe!!                                I looked away, Keep on growing, I am yours, Tell the truth,     Mellow down easy - Little Walter/ZZ-Top, My baby - Little
love uvm.                                                        Black night, Burn, Child in time, Fireball, Highway star,        Have you ever loved a woman, Layla, It's too late, Bell         Walter/E.Presley, The same thing - Muddy Waters, The
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Hush, Knocking at you back door, Lazy, Smoke on the              bottom blues, Nobody knows you when you're down and             seventh son - Willie Mabon/Johnny Rivers, Spoonful -
2226 55,90 DM                                                    water, Space truckin´, Stormbringer, Woman from Tokyo            out, Anyday, Key to the highway, Why dos love got to be so      H.Wolf/E.Clapton, Sudy war no more - Willie Dixon, Too
                                                                 #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              sad, Little wing, Thorn tree in the garden.                     many cooks - Robert Cray, Wang dang doodle - Koko
Dadi, Marcel                                                     10701 57,80 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                               Taylor, You can't judge a book by the cover - Bo
                                                                                                                                  1436 62,80 DM                                                   Diddley/Hank Williams jr., You need love - Muddy Waters,
Fingerpicking Guitar Legend Vol. 2 mit CD
Blues for Lenny, Buddy's dance, Circus rag, Convoi               Deep Purple                                                                                                                      You need meat - The Doors, You shook me - Muddy
express Dimanche apres-midi, Echo sixties, First year of         Smoke On The Water                                               Dickinson, Bruce                                                Waters/Let Zeppelin, You'll be mine - S.R.Vaughan, I love
                                                                                                                                  Tatooed Millionaire                                             the live I live, I'm wanted.
married life, Je t'aurai, Je te veux, Just a little water uvm.   Einzelausgabe
                                                                                                                                  Son of a gun, Tattooed millionaire, Born in '58, Hell on        #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  wheels, Gypsy road, Dive dive dive! Lickin' the gun, Zulu       2084 59,00 DM
2228 55,90 DM                                                    4515 14,90 DM
                                                                                                                                  Lulu, No lies, All the young dudes.
Dadi, Marcel                                                     Def Leppard                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                               Dobbins, Craig
Fingers Crossing mit CD                                          Adrenalize                                                       2080 42,00 DM                                                   Down Home Picking mit CD
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Fingerpicking-solos im klassischen Atkins-Travis-style,
Woody good picker, Je veux reveiller l'aurore, Black stars,      Let's get rocked, Heaven is, Make love like a man, Tonight,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  einige in Alternate-Tunings: That's my boy, Walkin' shoes,
Spirit of Merle, Hotel shoeshine, Song for Leo revisited,        White Lightning, Stand up, Personal property, Have you
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Chester, Hang loose, Th wavular sidestep, au Contraire,
Finger crossing, Hawaiian moon, Lächeo des savanes               ever needed someone so bad, I wanna touch u, Tear it
                                                                                                                                                                                                  The Ballad of Fred Smith, Just takin' my time, Summer
#Guitartab, Noten                                                down
                                                                                                                                                                                                  walks, The crawl, Are you washed in the blood? Und
4117 58,00 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Headin' home
                                                                 747 42,00 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                  5426 49,80 DM
                                                                                              Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Dobbins, Craig                                                   Dream Theater                                                    Eagles, The                                                        Eckels, Steve
Fingerpicking Gospel Solos mit CD                                Falling Into Infinity                                            Classic                                                            Cowboy Songs For Acoustic Guitar mit.CD
Glory to his name, Come thou fount of every blessing,            New millenium, You not me, Peruvian skies, Hollow years,         Already gone, The best of my love, Desperado, Hotel                Git along little dogies, The yellow rose of Texas, Home on
Wayfaring stranger, Love lifted me, When we all get to           Burning my soul, Hell's kitchen, Lines in the sand, Take         California, Life in the fast lane, Lyin' eyes, New kid in town,    the range, The Texas cowboy / Cowboy Jack, Doney gal,
heaven, Must Jesus bear the cross alone?                         away my pain, Just let me breathe, Anna Lee, Trial of tears,     One of these nights, Peaceful easy feeling, Take it easy,          The hills of Mexico, The colorado trail, The red river valley,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                I. It's raining, II. Deep in heaven III. The wastland.           Take it to the limit, Witchy woman.                                Little Joe the wrangler, The railroad corral, The streets of
9873 29,80 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                        Laredo, Night herding song, The trail of Mexico, Goodbye
                                                                 5802 61,90 DM                                                    106 67,90 DM                                                       old paint / I ride an old paint. Die Stücke sind ohne Texte
Dobbins, Graig                                                                                                                                                                                       für Solo-Gitarre arrangiert.
Hymns For Fingerstyle Guitar mit CD                              Dream Theater                                                    Eagles, The                                                        #Guitartab, Noten
O for a thousand tongues to sing, At the cross, 'tis so sweet    Images & Words                                                   Complete Vol. 1                                                    8780 49,80 DM
to trust in Jesus, The old rugged cross, Sweet hour of           Another day, Learning to live, Metropolis Part 1, Pull me        EAGLES: Take it easy, Witchy woman, Chug all night, Most
prayer, What a friend we have in Jesus, Since Jesus came         under, Surrounded, Take the time, Under the glass moon,          of us are sad, Nightingale, Train leaves here this morning,        Edwards, James
into my heart, Amazing grace, Leaning on the everlasting         Wait for sleep                                                   Take the devil, Earlybird, Peaceful easy feeling, Tryin'           Arias For Acoustic Guitar mit CD
arms, In the garden, Jesus keep me near the cross, There         #Guitartab, Noten                                                DESPERADO: Doolin-Dalton, Twenty-One, Out of control,              Arien von Puccini, Bizet, Mozart, Verdi uvm.
is a fountain                                                    101 61,90 DM                                                     Tequila sunrise, Desperado, Certain kind of fool, Outlaw           #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 man, Saturday night, Bitter Creek, Doolin-                         5435 49,80 DM
5332 49,90 DM                                                    Dream Theater                                                    Dalton/Desperado ON THE BORDER: Already agone, You
                                                                 Metropolis                                                       never cry like a lover, Midnight flyer, My man, On the             Edwards, James
Dobbins, Graig                                                   Scene One: Regression - Scene Two: 1. Overture, II.              border, James Dean, Ol'55, Is it true, Good day in hell, Best      From The Dance mit CD
Jerry Reed Collection                                            Strange deja vu - Screne Three: I. Through my words, II.         of my love.                                                        Klassische Gitarren-Collection vom Südamerikanischen
Baby's coming home, Blues land, Hellacious, Honkin',             Fatal tragedy - Scene Four: Beyond this life - Scene Five:       #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Tango bis zur Ungarischen Zigeunermusik. Songs:
Lottie, My gypsy heart, My Prsicilla, Reed's rag, Sassy, The     Through her eyes - Scene Six: Home - Scene Seven: I. The         107 89,90 DM                                                       Hungarian dance No.5, Hungarian dance No.11, Hungarian
claw                                                             dance of eternity, II. One last time - Scene Eight: The spirit                                                                      dance No.2, Tango, Jota, O mio babbino caro, Habanera,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                carries on - Scene Nine: Finally free                            Eagles, The                                                        Muzetta's waltzs, Genglemen of Japan, Russian suite, Clair
8881 49,80 DM                                                    #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                      Complete Vol. 1 & 2                                                de lune, Suite No. 11, Lord Inchiquin, Carolan's concerto
                                                                 10226 68,90 DM                                                   EAGLES: Take it easy, Witchy woman, Chug all night, Most           #Guitartab, Noten
Doobie Brothers                                                                                                                   of us are sad, Nightingale, Train leaves here this morning,        6113 49,80 DM
Guitar Collection                                                Duane Eddy                                                       Take the devil, Earlybird, Peaceful easy feeling, Tryin'
Black water, China grove, It keeps you runnin', Jesus is just    The Best Of..                                                    DESPERADO: Doolin-Dalton, Twenty-One, Out of control,              Edwards, James:
alright, Listen to the music, Long train running', Minute by     Ballad of Paladin, Because they're young, Bonnie come            Tequila sunrise, Desperado, Certain kind of fool, Outlaw           Waltzes For Guitar mit CD
minute, Real love, Rockin' down the highway, South city          back, Boss guitar, Buckaroo, Cannonball, Dance with the          man, Saturday night, Bitter Creek, Doolin-                         Diese Sammlung für die Klassische Gitarre enthält
midnight lady, Take me in your arms, Takin' it to the streets,   guitar man, Forty miles of bad road, Kommotion, The lonely       Dalton/Desperado ON THE BORDER: Already agone, You                 wunderbare Walzer von Schubert, Brahms, J. Strauss und
What a fool believes.                                            one, Pepe, Peter Gunn, Ramrod, Rebel 'rouser, Shazam,            never cry like a lover, Midnight flyer, My man, On the             Chopin Tarrega, Sor, Anon und Ferrer. Tabulatur und
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Three 30 blues, Trambone, Yep                                    border, James Dean, Ol'55, Is it true, Good day in hell, Best      Noten sind getrennt voneinander notiert.
2427 47,90 DM                                                    #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              of my love.ONE OF THESE NIGHTS: One of these nights,               #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                 9611 44,90 DM                                                    Too many hands, I wish you peace, Hollywood waltz,                 8363 49,80 DM
Doors, The                                                                                                                        Journey of the sorcerer, Lyin' eyes, After the thrill is gone,
For Easy Guitar                                                  Dykes, Doyle                                                     Take it to the limit, Visions. HOTEL CALIFORNIA: Hotel             Eels
Break on through, Crystal ship, End of the night, Five to        Dykesology mit CD                                                California, New kid in town, Life in the fast lane, Wasted         Beautiful Freak
one, Hello I love you, I looked at you, L.A. woman, Light my     Ein neuer Stern am Acoustic-Gitarren-Himmel ist Doyle            time, Victim of love, Pretty maids are all in a row, Try and       Songbook zur CD
fire, Love her madly, Love me two times, Love street,            Dykes. In seinen Konzerten erhält er frenetischen Beifall.       love again, The last resort. THE LONG RUN: The long run,           #Guitartab, Noten
People are strange, Riders on the storm, Roadhouse blues,        Stücke: Jazz in the Box; Zacheus; Twin Six Shooters; The         I cant't tell you why, In the city, The Disco strangle, King of    4494 52,90 DM
Soul kitchen, Strange days, Summer´s almost gone, Touch          Lord‘ s Prayer; Laguna Sand; Mission of St. Holli; Loving        Hollywood, Heartache tonight, Those shoes, Teenage jail,
me, Twentieth century fox, Waiting for the sun                   Rita; And Can It Be?; Gitarre 2000; Amazing Grace                The greeks don't want no freaks, The sad cafe. EAGLES              Eels
#Easy Guitartab, Noten                                           #Guitartab, Noten                                                LIFE: Seven bridges road, All night long.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Susan´s House
10655 30,90 DM                                                   8172 58,80 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  754 165,00 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
Doors, The                                                       Dylan, Bob                                                                                                                          4618 14,90 DM
Guitar Antholgy Series                                           Fingerpicking Dylan
                                                                                                                                  Eagles, The
Blue sunday, Break on through, The crystal ship, Five to         Just like a woman, Don't think twice it's alright, Buckets of    Complete Vol. 2                                                    Electric Boys
one, Hello I love you, L.A. woman, Light my fire, Love her       rain, Dark eyes, If not for you, Lay lady lay, Man in the long   ONE OF THESE NIGHTS: One of these nights, Too many
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Groovus Maximus
madly, Love me two times, Love street, not to touch the          black coat, Simple twist of fate, Tangled up in blue,            hands, I wish you peace, Hollywood waltz, Journey of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Groovus maximus, Knee deep in you, Mary in the mystery
earth, Peace frog, Poeple are strange, Riders on the storm,      Tomorrow is a long time, Wedding song, You aint goin'            sorcerer, Lyin' eyes, After the thrill is gone, Take it to the
                                                                                                                                                                                                     world, Fire in the house, The sky is crying, Bed of roses,
Roadhouse blues, Soul kitchen, Spanish caravan, Touch            nowhere, You're big girl no                                      limit, Visions. HOTEL CALIFORNIA: Hotel California, New
                                                                                                                                                                                                     She's into something heavy, Dying to be loved, Bad
me, Twenthith centruy fox, Wild child                            #Guitartab, Noten                                                kid in town, Life in the fast lane, Wasted time, Victim of
                                                                                                                                                                                                     motherfunker, When love explodes, Tambourine, Tear it up,
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                      2183 36,80 DM                                                    love, Pretty maids are all in a row, Try and love again, The
                                                                                                                                                                                                     March of the spirits.
3418 44,90 DM                                                                                                                     last resort. THE LONG RUN: The long run, I cant't tell you
                                                                                                                                                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                 Dylan, Bob                                                       why, In the city, The Disco strangle, King of Hollywook,
                                                                                                                                                                                                     1441 45,00 DM
Doors, The                                                       Greatest Hits                                                    Heartache tonight, Those shoes, Teenage jail, The greeks
                                                                                                                                  don't want no freaks, The sad cafe. EAGLES LIFE: Seven             Ellington, Duke
Guitar Tabulature Anthology                                      A hard rain's a gonna fall, Blowin' in the wind Vers.1,
                                                                                                                                  bridges road, All night long.
Hello I love you, Riders on the storm, Wild child, Touch me,     Blowin' in the wind Vers.2, Boots of spanish leather, Don't                                                                         Collection For Solo Guitar mit CD
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
Roadhouse blues, Light my fire, Blue sunday, Break on            think twice its all right, Everything is broken, Girl of the                                                                        Caravan, Do nothin' till you hear from me, Don't get around
                                                                                                                                  108 85,90 DM
through, Five to one, L.A. woman, Love her maddly, Love          north country, I shall be released, Just like a woman,                                                                              much anymore, I got it bad and that ain't good, In a mellow
me 2 times, Love street, Peace fog, People are strange,
Soulk kitchen, Spanish caravan, The crystal ship, 20th
                                                                 Masters of war, Only a pawn in their game, Tangled up in
                                                                                                                                  Eagles, The                                                        tone, In a sentimental mood, It don't mean a thing, Moon
                                                                                                                                                                                                     indigo, Prelude to a kiss, Satin doll, Sophisticated lady,
century fox, Not to touch the earth.                             #Guitartab, Noten                                                Hell Freezes Over
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Take the A train.
#Guitartab, Noten                                                2400 46,80 DM                                                    Get over it, Love will keep us alive, The girl from yesterday,
                                                                                                                                                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
179 46,80 DM                                                                                                                      Learn to be still, Tequila sunrise, Hotel California, Wasted
                                                                                                                                                                                                     3193 64,90 DM
                                                                 Dylan, Bob                                                       time, Pretty maids are on the row, I can't tell you why, New
Doors, The                                                       Greatest Hits Vol. Two                                           York minute, The last resort, Take it easy, In the city, Life in   Embrace
                                                                                                                                  the fast lane, Desperado
Signature Licks mit CD                                           All along the watchtower, Dignity, Down in the flood,                                                                               Drawn From Memory
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
Solos, Riffs, Intros, Rhythmparts in bewährter Signature-        Forever young, If not for you, Knockin' on heavens door,                                                                            The love it takes, You're not alone, Save me, Drawn from
                                                                                                                                  110 57,90 DM
Licks Qualität von folgenden Songs: Break on through,            Lay Lady lay, Like a rolling stone, Mr. Tambourine man, My                                                                          memory, Bunker song, New Adam new Eve, Hooligan,
Hello I love you, L. A. woman, Light my fire, Love her           back pages, Rainy day woman # 12 & 35, The times they            Eagles, The                                                        Yeah you, Liars tears, I wouldn't wanna happen to you, I
madly, Love me two times, People are strange, Riders on          are a-changin', To make you feel my love, Under the red                                                                             had a time
the storm, Roadhouse blues.                                      sky                                                              Hotel California
                                                                                                                                                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                Deluxe Einzelausgabe
                                                                                                                                                                                                     10019 51,90 DM
10600 54,90 DM                                                   7799 46,80 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  6578 14,90 DM                                                      Emmanuel, Tommy
Doves                                                            Eagle Eye Cherry                                                                                                                    Solo Guitar Style mit CD
Lost Souls                                                       Save Tonight
                                                                                                                                  Eagles, The
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ein tolles Lehr- und Spielbuch des Gitarrenvirtuosen aus
Firesuite, Here it comes, Break me gently, Sea song, Rise,       Einzelausgabe                                                    Their Greatest Hits
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Down under. Folgende Stücke werden ausgiebig
Lost souls, Melody calls, Catch the sun, The man who told        #Guitartab, Noten                                                Take it easy, Witchy woman, Lyin' eyes, Already gone,
                                                                                                                                                                                                     behandelt: Amy, Blue moon, Cascading harmonics,
everything, The cedar room, Reprise, A house                     6224 14,90 DM                                                    Desperado, One of these nights, Tequila sunrise, Take i to
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Countrywide, Day tripper, Freight train, Lady Madonna,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 the limit, Peaceful easy feeling, The best of my love
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Limehouse blues, Since we met, A taste of honey, Tom´s
10255 58,90 DM                                                   Eagles, The                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                     thumb, Trambone, Up from down under, Windy and warm
                                                                                                                                  2248 51,90 DM
                                                                 Acoustic Classics 1                                                                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten
Drake, Nick                                                      After the thrill is gone, Certain kind of fool, Doolin-Dalton,                                                                      10605 99,00 DM
Way To Blue                                                      Hollywood waltz, Hotel california, Journey of the sorcerer,
                                                                                                                                  Eagles, The
Cello song, Hazey Jane 1, Way to blue, Things behind the         Midnight flyer, Most of us are sad, New York minute,             Victim Of Love                                                     Erbsen, Wayne
sun, River man, Poor boy, Time of no reply, From the             Peaceful easy feeling, The best of my love, Too many             Einzelausgabe
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Southern Montain Guitar mit CD
morning, One of these things first, Northern sky, Which will,    hands, Train leaves here this morning, Try and love again        #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Jeder der traditionellen Folksongs präsentiert sich ine einer
Time has told me, Pink moon, Black eyed dog, Fruit tree          #Guitartab, Noten                                                4521 14,90 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                     leichten und mittelschweren Version. Die schöne
#Guitartab, Noten                                                2434 52,90 DM                                                                                                                       Bluegrass-CD gibt nicht den exakten Inhalt des Buches
9767 59,80 DM                                                                                                                     Earl, Ronnie                                                       wieder! - #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                 Eagles, The                                                      Blues Guitar Virtuoso mit CD                                       7627 64,80 DM
Dream Theater                                                    Acoustic Classics 2                                              San-Ho-Zay, Robert Nighthawk stomp, Thank your Mr. T-
Awake                                                            Bitter creek, Doolin-Dalton/Desperado (Reprise), Earlybird,      Bone, Akos, The stumble, Szeren, Blues for Henry, Not              Essential Unplugged Guitar
6:00, Caught in a web, Innocence faded, Erotomania,              I wish you peace, Is it true? Lyin' eyes, My man, New kid in     now Kovitch, Rego park blues
Voices, The silent man, The mirror, Lie, Lifting shadows,        town, Outlaw man, Take it easy, Take the devil, Tequila          #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Led Zeppelin: Baby I'm gonna leave you, Gallows pole,
Off a dream, Scarred, Space-Dye vest.                            sunrise, The sad cafe, Twenty-one.                               5285 84,90 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Bryan Adams: Have you ever really loved a woman?,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   Eagles: Hotel California, Extreme: More than words, James
1206 63,90 DM                                                    2435 47,90 DM                                                    Echo & The Bunnymen                                                Taylor: Shower to the people, Van Halen: Spanish fly,
                                                                                                                                  Evergreen                                                          Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Suite Judy blue eyes, Eric
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Clapton: Tears in heaven, Neil Young: The needle and the
                                                                                                                                  5174 49,90 DM                                                      damage done, Jethro Tull: Thick as a brick.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                     2882 44,90 DM
                                                                                                Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Etheridge, Melissa                                                Extreme                                                          Findlay, Jamie                                                   Fleetwood Mac
Breakdown                                                         Waiting For The Punchline                                        Jazz Standards For Fingerstyle Guitar                            Guitar Anthology
Angels would fall, Breakdown, Enough of me, How would I           Cynical, Evilangelist, Hip today, Leave me alone, Midnight       All the things you are, Autumns leaves, Black Orpheus,           Albatross, Black magic woman, Big love, Bleed to love her,
know, Into the dark, Mama I'm strange, My lover,                  express, Naked, No respect, Shadow boxing, Tell me               Bluesette, Body and soul, Fly me to the moon, The girl from      The chain, Don't stop, Dreams, Go your own way, Gold
Scarecrow, Sleep, Stronger than me, Truth of the heart            something I don't know, There is no god, Unconditionally,        Ipanema, God bless' the child, Have you met Miss Jones?          dust woman, Gypsy, Hypnotized, Landslide, Never going
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Waiting for the punchline.                                       How high is the moon, How insensitive, I've grown                back again, Oh daddy, Over my head, Rhiannon, Sara, Say
8959 49,90 DM                                                     #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                      accustomed to her face, Lover man, My funny Valentine,           you love me, Sentimental lady, Songbird, Spare me a little
                                                                  755 41,90 DM                                                     My romance, Satin doll, Speak low, Stella by starlight,          of your love, Sweet girl, You make loving fun
Etheridge, Melissa                                                                                                                 Stompin' at the Savoy, There will be never be another you        #Guitartab, Noten
Guitar Anthology                                                  Faith No More                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                6149 86,80 DM
Ain't it heavy, The boy feels strange, Brave and crazy, Bring     Angel Dust                                                       7933 34,90 DM
me some water, Come to my window, Dance without                   Land of sunshine, Caffeine, Midlife crisis, RV, Smaller and                                                                       Flint, Tommy
sleeping, I will never be the same, I'm the only one, If I        smaller, Everthing's ruined, Malpractice, Kindergarten, Be       Finger, Peter                                                    Best Of Country Guitar Solos mit CD
wanted to like the way I do, Meet me in the back, No              aggrtessive, A small victory, Crack hitler, Jizzlobber,          Between The Lines mit CD                                         33 Solos: Walking with the blues, The skaters, Rainy night
souvenirs, Similar features, 2001, You can sleep while I          Midnight cowboy.                                                 Night shift, The cure, Cross keys, Harvest, Baja Maria, The      blues, Fishers hornpipe, Rocking the pick, Heliotrope
drive, You used to love to dance.                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                rakes of Waterloo, TGV, The clear blue sky, Crawl don't          bouquet, Liberty, Fannie Lou, Rough river hoedown,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 115 51,90 DM                                                     walk, The bachelor's waltz, The road to Richmond,                Company store boogie, Bill Cheatham, Steel serenade,
1229 54,90 DM                                                                                                                      Amnesia in trastevere.                                           John Henry, Soldier's joy, The country boy shuffle, Billy in
                                                                  Faith No More                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                the lowground, Under the double eagle, Amazing grace,
Etheridge, Melissa                                                King For A Day Fool For A Life Time                              3427 39,80 DM                                                    Leather britches, Irish washwoman, Muhlenberg county
Never Enough                                                      Get out, Ricochet, Evidence, The gentle art of makeing                                                                            blues, Southern bound, Fire on the mountain, Pacific to
Ain't it heavy, The boy feels strange, Dance without              enemies, Star a.d., Cuckoo for caca, Caralho voador, Ugly        Finger, Peter                                                    Green Bay, The Tennessee steel, Blues for Mose, Turkey
sleeping, It's for you, Keep it precious, The letting go, Mee     in the morning, Digging the grave, Take this bottle, Kinf for    Innenleben mit CD                                                in the straw, Lonesome road blues, Spanish fandango, My
me in the back, Must be crazy for me, Place your hand,            a day, What a day, The last to know, Just a man.                 Flucht nach vorn, Die Idee vom Freisein, Sinn ohne Worte,        memories, The easy winners, Movin' on.
2001                                                              #Guitartab, Noten                                                Marathon, Zwischenspiel, Das fremde Mädchen,                     #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 2311 49,80 DM                                                    Abrakadabra, Fanesca, Innenleben, Vielleicht im nächsten         3344 49,80 DM
112 48,90 DM                                                                                                                       Leben
                                                                  Faith No More                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                Flint, Tommy
Etheridge, Melissa                                                The Real Thing                                                   3435 39,80 DM                                                    Cajun Dance Hall Special mit CD
Yes I Am                                                          From out of nowhere, Epic, Falling to pieces, Surprise!                                                                           Allons a lafayette, Arc en ciel, Balfa waltz, Bayou pon pon,
All american girl, Come to my window, If I wanted to, I'm         You're dead!, Zombie fathers, The real thing, Underwater         Finger, Peter                                                    Coeur des cajuns, Dans la porte je suis apres esperer,
the only one, I will never be the same, Resist, Silent legacy,    love, The morning after, Woodpecker from mars, War pigs,         Niemandsland mit CD                                              Grande bosco, High point two step, Ja passde davant ta
Talking to my angel, Yes I am.                                    Edge of the world.                                               Geheimnis eines Augenblicks, Der Traumtänzer, Ein Abend          porte, J aurais du t aimer, Jolie blon, La bague que brille,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                im August, Vive la vie, Niemandsland, Für dich, Die Farben       La pointe aux pins, La tit cord, Les flammes d'enfer, Les
1443 37,90 DM                                                     116 55,80 DM                                                     der Nacht, Irische Landschaften, Ein Blick zurück, Aus der       grands bois, Like a real cajun, Little black eyes, Rolling
                                                                                                                                   Traum                                                            pin,T'en as eu, ton papa, Valse bebe, The water pump
Etheridge, Melissa                                                Farlow, Tal                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab, Noten
Your Little Secret                                                The Jazz Style Of..                                              3428 34,95 DM                                                    5310 69,80 DM
All the way to heaven, Change, I could have been you, I           Elements of Bebop-Guitar: Entwickele Singleline-Solos,
really like you, I want to come over, Nowhere to go,              Chord voicings, Chord-Melody-Concepts, Solo                      Finger, Peter                                                    Flint, Tommy
Shriner's park, This war is over, An unusual kiss, your little    Transkriptionen uvm.                                             Solo mit CD                                                      Country Guitar mit CD
secret.                                                           #Guitartab, Noten                                                Moment musical, Eine Reise durch die Pyrenäen,                   Eine schöne Sammlung traditioneller Folksongs wie
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 3473 45,00 DM                                                    Unvergesslich                                                    Careless love, Chicken pickin' serenade, Country boogie,
1235 47,90 DM                                                                                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                                Frankie & Johnny, In the pines, Juanita, Letter edged in
                                                                  Faster Pussycat                                                  3434 34,95 DM                                                    black, The little rosewood casket, Londonderry air, Over the
Eubanks, Kevin                                                    Faster Pussycat                                                                                                                   waves, Steel serenade, Stuttering strings, The Tennessee
Guitar Collection                                                 Don't change that song, Bathroom wall, No room for               Finger, Peter                                                    steel, Under the double eagle, Wildwood flower
Aftermath, Earth, Earth party, Faith, Inside, Lingering           emotion, Cathouse, Babylon, Smash alley, Shooting you            The Guitar Of.. mit CD                                           #Guitartab, Noten
destiny, Livin, On my way to paradise, Revelations, Sun,          down, City has no heart, Ship rolls in, Bottle in front of me.   Getaway,The Strange Girl, Between the Lines, Come to My          5416 29,80 DM
Turning point, Whispers of live                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                Window, Moment Musical, Friends Forever ,Pictures.
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 1916 10,00 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                Flint, Tommy
3909 49,80 DM                                                                                                                      7619 58,00 DM                                                    Great Fingerpicking Tunes mit CD
                                                                  Faster Pussycat                                                                                                                   Memphis blues, Paddy Whack, Rosita's canteena,
Everclear                                                         Wake Me When It´s Over                                           Fingerstyle Blues Guitar                                         Drakesboro blues, Franky and Johnny, Bury me beneath
So Much For The Afterglow                                         Where there's a whip there's a way, Little dove, Poison ivy,     Sampler                                                          the willow, Dunmor nights, Alexander's ragtime band,
So much for the afterglow, Everything to everyone, Normal         House of pain, Gonna walk, Pulling weeds, Slip ot the            Baby please don't go, Big boss man, Candy man blues, Do          Greensleeves, Three leprechauns, Irish woasherwoman,
like you, I will buy you a new life, Father of mine, One hit      tongue, Cryin' shame, Ain't no way around it, Arizona indian     you know what it means to Mis New Orleans, Fine and              Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, The wily weasel,
wonder, El distorto de melodica, Amphetamine, White men           doll, Please dear                                                mellow, Gee baby ain't I good to you, Gulf coast blues,          Walking with the blues, Go down Moses
in black suits, Sunflowers, Why I don't believe in god, Like a    #Guitartab, Noten                                                Honest I do, Key to the highway, Merry christmas baby, My        #Guitartab
california king.                                                  1917 39,80 DM                                                    babe, Nobody knows you when you're down and out,                 9859 19,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                  Please send me someone to love, See see rider, Sitting on
5803 57,90 DM                                                     Fates Warning                                                    top of the world, St. Louis blues, Tain't nobody's biz-ness if   Flint, Tommy
                                                                  Through Different Eyes                                           I do, That's no way to get along, Things that I used to do,      Xmas Songs For Fingerstyle Guitar
Everclear                                                         Eleventh hour, Point of view, Through different eyes,            Trouble in mind, Worried life blues                              Away in a manger, O christmas tree, The friendly beasts,
Sparkle & Fade                                                    Guardian, Silent cries, At fates hands, Nothing left to say,     #Guitartab, Noten                                                Jingle bells, Good king wenceslas, I saw three ships, We
Songbook zur CD                                                   Outside looking in, Face the fear, Monument                      8684 45,90 DM                                                    three kings, The wassail song, O sanctissima, Angels from
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 the realms of glory, The coventry Carol, O little town of
2439 46,90 DM                                                     5073 55,90 DM                                                    Fingerstyle Guitar mit CD                                        Bethlehem, I heard the bells on christmas day, God rest ye
                                                                                                                                   Special Package                                                  merry gentlemen, Carol of the birds, Hush my babe lie still
Everly Brothers, The                                              Fath, Michael                                                    Tuning, Left- und Right-Hand Technik, Basic Fingerstyle          and slumber, Silent night, It came upon a midnight clear, O
                                                                                                                                   patterns, etwas Theorie, Basic chords, Alternating bass,         come all ye faithful, Hark the herald angels sing, Angels we
Guitar Anthology Series                                           J. S. Bach Bouree & Gigue mit CD
                                                                                                                                   Special-Technik, Alternate-Tunings uvm. - Fingerstyle-           have heard on high, What child is this, O holy night.
All I have to do is dream, Be-bop-a-lula, Bird dog, Bye bye       Transkribiert für E-Gitarre
                                                                                                                                   patterns, Special techniques, Barree-chords, Diatonic            #Guitartab, Noten
love, Cathy's clown, Crying in the rain, Devoted to you, 'Til I   #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                   harmony, Alternate tunings, Bass lines, Modes. Songs im          5105 19,80 DM
kissed you, Let it be me, Problems, Take a message to             9754 42,00 DM
                                                                                                                                   Stile von Leo Kottke, John Fahey, Michael Hedges, Rev.
Mary, Wake up little Susie, Walk right back, When will I be
loved                                                             Fear Factory                                                     Gary Davis, Adrian Legg. - Tone & balance, Harp finger           Fogerty, John
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                       Evolution Of                                                     patterns, Chord forms, Vibrato, Bending, Fingerstyle speed,      Blue Moon Swamp
6576 54,90 DM                                                                                                                      Tapping in allen Variationen, Alternate tunings, Arranging &     Southern streamline, Hot rod heart, Blueboy, A hundred
                                                                  13 Songs aus drei Alben der Heavy Metal Band, u.a. mit
                                                                                                                                   composing                                                        and ten in the shade, Rattlesnake highway, Bring it down to
Everts, Alain                                                     Edgecrusher, Zero Signal, Scumgrief und Martyr                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                jelly roll, Walking in a hurricane, Swamp river days,
                                                                                                                                   7152 140,00 DM                                                   Rambunctious boy, Joy of my life, Blue moon nights, Bad
Tierra Nueva mit CD                                               #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                    bad boy
Agua con gas, Le marché aux épices, Ciudad de vidrio,             9892 49,90 DM
Choro, Sur, Prelude à la geste-préface, Prelude à la geste-                                                                        Firehouse                                                        #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                  Febles, Jose                                                     Hold Your Fire                                                   7867 54,90 DM
narration, Tierra nueva, Vacilon, Sable du sud, Celtic suite,
Yolanda's eyes                                                    Cont. Tropical Classic Gtr. Compos.m. CD                         Reach for the sky, Rock you tonight, Sleeping with you,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                  You're too bad, When I look into your eyes, Get in touch,        Foo Fighters
                                                                  Diese neuen und frischen Stücke im Latin-Sound sind eine
4677 39,80 DM                                                                                                                      Hold your fire, The meaning of love, Talk of the town, Life in   Foo Fighters
                                                                  wahre Bereicherung für die Klassische Gitarre. José Febles
                                                                                                                                   the real world, Mama didn't raise no fool, Hold the dream        This is a call, I'll stick around, Big me, Alone & easy target,
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
Extreme                                                           7593 46,80 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                Good grief, Floaty, Weenie beenie, Oh George, For all the
                                                                                                                                   1447 42,00 DM                                                    cows, X-static, Wattershed, Exhaused.
Guitar Anthology
                                                                  Filter                                                                                                                            #Guitartab, Noten
Color me blind, Cupid's dead, Decadence dance, Get the
funk out, He-man woman hater, Hole hearted, Kid ego,              Title Of Record
                                                                                                                                   Fleck, Bela                                                      1232 55,90 DM
                                                                                                                                   Tales From The Acoustic Planet
More than words, Mutha (Don't wanna go to school today),
Politicalamity, Rest in peace, Stop the world, Tragic comic.
                                                                  The best things, Cancer, Captain Bligh, I will lead you, I'm
                                                                                                                                   Up and running, First light, The great circle route, Circus of   Foo Fighters, The
                                                                  not the only one, It's gonna kill me, Miss Blue, Sand,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                  regrets, Three bridges home, The landing, Arkansas               The Colour And The Shape
                                                                  Skinny, Take a picture, Welcome to the fold
113 40,90 DM                                                                                                                       traveler, Backwoods galaxy, In your eyes, System seven,          Doll, Monkey wrench, Hey Johnny Park! My poor brain,
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                   Cheeseballs in Cowtown, Bicyclops, Jayme Lynn, For               Wind up, Up in arms, My hero, See you, Enough space,
                                                                  10261 51,90 DM
Extreme                                                                                                                            Sasha                                                            February star, Everlong, Walking after you, New way home.
                                                                  Findlay, Jamie                                                   #Guitartab                                                       #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                                                                                   9002 41,80 DM                                                    7449 48,90 DM
Decadence dance, Lil Jack Horny, Whe I'm president, Get           Amigos Del Corazon mit CD
the funk out, More than words, Money, Its a monster,              Living the live, Fragrence of rhythm, Amigos del corazon,                                                                         Foo Fighters, The
Pornografftitti, Whe I first kissed you, Suzi, He man woman       Alex's bebob blues, The dream, Song of the century, The
                                                                                                                                   Fleetwood Mac
hater, Song for love, Hole hearted.                                                                                                Albatross                                                        There Is Nothing Left To Lose
                                                                  art of acquiring attributes, Ascension song, Babu'l-bab,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                  Einzelausgabe                                                    Songbook zur CD
                                                                  Beloved guardian
114 53,90 DM                                                                                                                       #Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                   4753 14,90 DM                                                    9893 54,90 DM
                                                                  4676 39,80 DM
                                                                                                Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Ford, Lita                                                         Gambale, Frank                                                   Gill, Vince                                                     Grateful Dead
Lita                                                               Best Of..                                                        Guitar Anthology                                                Authentic Guitar Classics Vol.1
Back to the cave, Can't catch me, Blueberry, Kiss me               Another alternative, Blues for Hollywood, Credit reference       Don't let your love start slippin' away, Go rest high on that   Black Peter, Box of rain, Casey Jones, Cumberland blues,
deadly, Falling in and out of love, Fatal passion, Under the       blues, Free spirit, Gaudi, Little charmer, Magritte, My little   mountain, I still believe in you, Liza Jane, Never alone,       Friend of the devil, New speedway boogie, Ripple, Sugar
gun, Broken dreams, Close my eyes forever.                         viper, Passages, 6.8 shaker, Spending sunday with you.           Never knew lonely, Oklahoma borderline, One more last           magnolia, Truckin', Uncle John's band.
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                chance, Pretty words, South side of Dixie, Tryin' to get over   #Guitartab, Noten
2624 10,00 DM                                                      6464 52,90 DM                                                    you, Turn me loose, What the cowgirls do, When love finds       2329 59,80 DM
                                                                                                                                    you, Whenever you come around, Which bridge to cross,
Ford, Lita                                                         Gambale, Frank                                                   You better think twice                                          Grateful Dead
Stiletto RV                                                        The Great Explorers                                              #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     Authentic Guitar Classics Vol.2
Songbook zur CD                                                    Frankly speaking, Final frontier, Jaguar, Great explorers,       8658 59,90 DM                                                   Bertha, China cat sunflower, Dark star, Dire wolf, Goin'
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  Duet tuet, She knows me well, Thunder current, Pathfinder,                                                                       down the road feeling bad, I know you rider, Me and my
2623 42,00 DM                                                      Dawn over the nullarbor, Cruising altitude, Naughty              Giltrap, Gordon                                                 uncle, Not fade away, One more saturday night, Playing in
                                                                   business                                                         A Special Collection                                            the band, St.Stephen, Sugaree, Tennesee jed.
Ford, Robben                                                       #Guitartab, Noten                                                Catwalk Blues, Christmas Carol, Country Bluff, The              #Guitartab, Noten
For Guitar                                                         2316 42,00 DM                                                    Echoing Green, Empty, Fast Approaching, From the four           2330 59,80 DM
Busted up, He don't play nothing but the blues, Mama talk                                                                           winds, Heartsong, The Lord's Seat, Lucifers cage, London,
to your daughter, Misdirected blues, Mystic mile, Politician,      Garbage                                                          Prelude to Morbio Gorge, Magpie Rag, Melancholy Lullaby,        Grateful Dead
Start it up, The brother (for Jimmi & Stevie), Wild about you,     Garbage                                                          Prelude to Pastoral, Revelation, Roots Part 1, Shady Tales,     Rock Legends
Worried life blues.                                                As heaven is wide, Dog new tricks, Fix me now, Milk, My          The Tyger, Tailor Bird.                                         Black Peter, Box of rain, Casey Jones, Friend of the devil,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  lover's box, Not my idea, Only happy when it rains, Queer,       #Guitartab, Noten                                               Truckin', Uncle John's band.
1951 46,80 DM                                                      A stroke of luck, Stupid girl, Supervixen, Vow.                  1651 33,90 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                1249 52,90 DM
Ford, Robben                                                       2429 47,90 DM                                                    Gin Blossoms
Tiger Walk                                                                                                                          Congratulations I´m Sorry                                       Grateful Dead
In the beginning, Ghosts, Freedom, Red lady w cetto,               Garbage                                                          Day Joe, Highwire, Follow you down, Not only numb, As           Workingmans Dead Selections
Oasis, Just like it is, I can't stand the rain, The champ, Tiger   I Think I´m Paranoid                                             long as it matters, Perfectly still, My car, Virginia,          Black Peter, Casey Jones, Cumberland Blues, New
walk, Comin' up                                                    Einzelausgabe                                                    Whitewash, I can't figure you out, Mephis time, Competiton      speedway boogie, Uncle John's Band
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                smile, Til I hear it from you                                   #Guitartab, Noten
7871 54,80 DM                                                      6297 14,90 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                               1211 48,90 DM
                                                                                                                                    3007 54,90 DM
Ford, Robben & The Blue Line                                       Garbage                                                                                                                          Gray, David
Handfull Of Blues                                                  Milk                                                             Gin Blossoms                                                    White Ladder
Rugged road, Chevrolet,When I leave here, The miller's             Einzelausgabe                                                    New Miserable Experience                                        Please forgive me, Bablyon, My oh my, We're not right,
son, Don't let me be misunderstood, Top of the hill,               #Guitartab, Noten                                                Allison Road, Cajun Song, Found out about it, Hans are          Nightblindness, Silver lining, White ladder, This years love,
Running out on me, Tired of talkin', Good thing, Think twice,      4778 14,90 DM                                                    tied, Hey Jealousy, Lost Horizons, Pices of the nigt, Until I   Sail away, Say hello wave goodbye, Through to myself.
I just want to make love to you, Strong will to live                                                                                fall away                                                       #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                Garbage                                                          #Guitartab, Noten                                               10332 53,80 DM
7870 54,80 DM                                                      Version 2.0                                                      1652 54,90 DM
                                                                   Dumb, Hammering in my head, I think I'm paranoid,                                                                                Great White
Foreigner                                                          Medication, Push it, Sleep together, Special, Temptation         Golden Earring                                                  Hooked (Selections)
Best Of..                                                          waits, The trick is to keep breathing, When I grow up,           The Naked Truth Unplugged                                       Congo square, Cal it rock''n roll, Can't shake it, Cold
Blue morning blue day, Cold as ice, Dirty white boy, Double        Wicked ways, You look so fine                                    Jangalene, Another 45 miles, Mad love' s coming, Why do         hearted lovin', Heartbreaker, Lovin' kind, The original queen
vision, Feels like the first time, Head games, Hot blooded, I      #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                      I, I can' t sleep without you, Weekend love, Vanilla queen,     of sheba
want to know what love is, Juke box hero, Long long way            7469 51,90 DM                                                    Twilight zone, One shot away from paradise, Long blond          #Guitartab, Noten
from home, Night life, That was yesterday, Urgent, Waiting                                                                          animal, Pouring my heart out again, Radar love, Eight miles     1448 55,90 DM
for a girl like you                                                Gatton, Danny                                                    high, The naked truth
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  88 Elmira                                                        #Guitartab, Noten                                               Green Day
10660 59,90 DM                                                     Funky mamma, Elmira St. boogie, Blues Newburg, Quiet             1266 65,00 DM                                                   1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
                                                                   village, Red label, In my room, Theme from the Simpsons,                                                                         At the library, Don't leave me, I was there, Disappearing
Foreigner                                                          Muthaship, Pretty blue, Fandungus, Slidin' home                  Gomez                                                           boy, Green day, Going to Pasalacqua, 16, Road to
Mr. Moonlight                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                                Bring It On                                                     acceptance, Rest, The judge's daughter, Paper lanterns,
Under the gun, Rain, Until the end of time, White lie, Big         3477 49,90 DM                                                    Get miles, Whippin' picadilly, Make no sound, 78 stone          Why do you want him? 409 in your coffemaker,
dog, Real world, All I need to know, Hole in my soul, I keep                                                                        wobble, Tujuana lady, Here comes the breeze, Love is            hours, Dry ice, Only of you, The only one I want, I want to
hoping, Running th risk, Hand on my heart.                         Gaworek-Schodrok,Tomazs                                          better than a warm trombone, Get myself arrested, Free to       be alone
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  Found In The Flurry Of The World m.CD                            run, Bubble gum years, Rie's wagon, The comeback                #Guitartab, Noten
1658 45,00 DM                                                      I'm running to you, Lullabye, Epitaphium, The first step in      #Guitartab, Noten                                               3791 51,90 DM
                                                                   love, Gigue, Evening breath, Diana's dance, Found in the         8055 44,90 DM
Frampton, Peter                                                    flurry of the world, Endless love                                                                                                Green Day
Guitar Anthology                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                Gomez                                                           Dookie
Baby, Somethings happening, Do you feel like we do, I'm in         3430 39,80 DM                                                    Liquid Skin                                                     Burnout, Having a blast, Chump, Longview, Welcome to
you, Lines on my face, Nassau/Baby, I love your way,                                                                                Hangover, Revolutionary kind, Bring it on, Blue moon rising,    paradise, Pulling teeth, Baskes case, She, Sassfras Roots,
Penny for your thoughts, Shine on, Show me the way,                Gelo, Dan                                                        Las Vegas deal, We haven't turned around, Fill my cup,          When I come around, Coming clean, Emanius sleepus, In
Signed sealed, Delivered I'm yours, Theme from nivram              Fiddle Tunes & Irish Music mit CD                                Rhythm and blues alibi, Rosalita, California, Devil will ride   the end, F.O.D., All by myself
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  Eine Präsentation von Flatpickin' Guitar fiddle tunes            #Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
127 39,90 DM                                                       inklusive Reels, Strahspeys, Breakdowns, Hornpipes, Jigs,        9639 51,90 DM                                                   1018 47,90 DM
                                                                   Set dances, Airs and Waltzes
Free                                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                Goo Goo Dolls, The                                              Green Day
Best Of..                                                          5407 58,00 DM                                                    A Boy Named Goo                                                 Insomniac
All right now, Be my friend, Dodn't say you love me, Fire                                                                           Long way down, Burnin' up, Naked, Flat top, Impersonality,      Brat, Stuck with me, Geek Stink Breath, No pride, Bab's
and water, Heartbreaker, The higway song, I'll be creeping,        Genesis                                                          Name, Only one, Somethin' bad, Ain't htat unusual, So           uvula who?, 86, Panic song, Sutart and the Ave, Brain
I'm a mover, Little bit of love, Mr.Big, My Brother Jake, Soo      Guitar Anthology                                                 long, Eyes wide open, Disconnected, Slave girl                  Stew, Jaded Westbound sign, Tight wad hill, Walking
I will be gone, The stealer, Wishing well                          Afterglow, Blood on the rooftops, Dance on a volcano,            #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                             contradiction
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                Follow you follow me, Hold on my heart, Invisible touch,         7931 55,90 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
2254 62,80 DM                                                      Land of confusion, Misunderstanding, No reply at all, No                                                                         1099 47,90 DM
                                                                   son of mine, Robbery assault and battery, Squonk,                Goo Goo Dolls, The
Fuller, Blind Boy                                                  Throwing it all away, Tonight tonight tonight, Turn it on        Dizzy Up The Girl                                               Green Day
Blind Boy Fuller mit CD                                            again, Wot gorilla                                               Acoustic '3, All eyes on me, Amigone, Black balloon,            Kerplunk
Black and tan, Meat shakin' woman, Stingy mama, Corrine            #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                      Broadway, Bullet proof, Dizzy, Extra pale, Full forever, Hate   2000 light years away, One for the razorbacks, Welcome to
what makes you treat me so? Baby quit your low down                3890 64,90 DM                                                    this place, Iris, January friend, Slide                         paradise, Christie road, Private ale, Dominated love slave,
ways, Piccolo rag, Untrue blues, Painful hearted man, Get                                                                           #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                             One of my lies, 80, Android, No one knows, Who wrote
you yas yas out, Thousand woman blues, Sweet honey                 Genesis - Selections Of                                          8653 50,90 DM                                                   holden caulfield? Words I might have ate, Sweet children,
hole, Screaming and crying blues, Walking my troubles              Trick Of The Tail/Wind & Wuthering                                                                                               Best thing in town, Strangeland, My generation
away, Jitterbug rag, Crooked woman blues, Lost lover               Afterglow, Blood on the rooftops, Dance on a volcano, Los        Goo Goo Dolls, The                                              #Guitartab, Noten
blues, Mama let me lay it on you, Worn out engine                  endos, Ripples, Robbery assault & battery, Squonk, Wot           Iris                                                            3792 51,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  gorilla?                                                         Einzelausgabe
1920 59,90 DM                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                               Green Day
                                                                   3301 53,90 DM                                                    8650 14,90 DM                                                   Nimrod
Fuzztones, The                                                                                                                                                                                      Nice guys finish last, Hitchin' a ride, The grouch,
In Heat                                                            Gershwin Collection                                              Grateful Dead                                                   Redundant, Scattered, All the time, Worry rock, Platypus (I
Songbook zur CD                                                    For Solo Guitar mit CD                                           100 Year Hall                                                   hate you), Uptight, Last ride in, Jinx, Haushinka, Walking
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  Bess you is my woman now, But not for me, A foggy day,           Bertha, Big railroad blues, China cat sunflower, Comes a        alone, Reject, Take back, King for a day, Good riddance,
1261 37,90 DM                                                      He loves and she loves, How long has this been goin' on, I       time, The other one, Going down the road feelin' bad, I         Prosthetic head.
                                                                   got rhythm / Fascinating rhythm, It ain't necessarily so,        know you rider, Jack straw, Me and my uncle, Nedt time          #Guitartab, Noten
G3                                                                 Love is here to stay, Love walked in, My man's gone now,         you see me, One more saturday night, Playing in the band,       5811 53,90 DM
Live In Concert                                                    Nice work if you can get it, Oh Lady be good, Someone to         Sugar mangolia, Truckin', Turn on your lovelight.
Joe Satriani: Cool No 9, Flying in a blue dream, Summer            watch over me, Summertime, They can't take that away             #Guitartab, Noten                                               Green Day
song - Eric Johnson: Zap, Manhattan - Steve Vai: For the           from me                                                          2441 51,90 DM                                                   Warning
love of god, The attitude song - Satriani, Johnson & Vai:          #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                Warning, Blood sex and booze, Church on sunday, Fashion
Red house                                                          6531 61,90 DM                                                    Grateful Dead                                                   victim, Castaway, Misery, Deadbeat holiday, Hold on,
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                                                                                 Americans Beauty (Selections)                                   Jackass, Waiting, Minority, Macy´s day parade
8251 51,80 DM                                                                                                                       Box of rain, Friend of the devil, Ripple, Sugar magnolia,       #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                    Truckin'                                                        10596 58,90 DM
                                                                                                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                    1210 49,90 DM
                                                                                           Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Green Jelly                                                    Grossman, S. & Renbourn,J.                                     Grossman, Stefan                                               Guns N´ Roses
Cereal Killer                                                  Guitar Duets mit CD                                                                                                           Sweet Child O´Mine
                                                                                                                              The Blarney Pilgrim mit CD
Anarchy in the U.K.,Cereal killer, Electric harley house,      Looper's corner, Why a duck, Snap a little owl, The drifter,                                                                  Einzelausgabe
                                                                                                                              Eine Collection traditioneller Musik aus Schottland für
Flight of the skajaquada, Green jelly theme song, House        Woman from dunori, Idaho potato, Swedish jig, The blamey                                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                              Sologitarre. Pat Kirtley: Planxty Irwin, Rodney's glory,
me teenage rave, Misadventures of shitman, Obey the            pilgrim, Midnight on the water, Mississippi blues No.2, The                                                                   4518 11,90 DM
                                                                                                                              Moran's return, South wind - Martin Simpson: Rosie
cowgod, Rock-n-Roll pumpkihn, Three little pigs, Trippin'      ressuraction of blind Joe Death, Four for the roses,
                                                                                                                              Anderson, The shearing's not for you, Bogie's bonny belle -    Guns N´ Roses
on XTC.                                                        Montagu's pact, The rights of man, All things parallel must
                                                                                                                              Steve Baughman: Bill Malley's barndance, Fanny power -
#Guitartab, Noten                                              converge                                                                                                                      Use Your Illusions I
                                                                                                                              Duck Baker: The Blarney pilgrim, The rakes of Waterloo,
2577 39,80 DM                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                             Right next door to hell, Dust n' bones, Live and let die,
                                                                                                                              Sergeant Early's dream, Chief O'Neill's favorite, Miss
                                                               3354 49,80 DM                                                                                                                 Don't cry (Original), Perfect crime, You ain't the first, Bad
Green, Peter                                                                                                                  Forbes farewell, Poll Halfpenny - Pierre Bensusan: The
                                                                                                                              pure drop, The flax in bloom, Sheebeg an sheemor, Heman        obesession, Back off bitch, Double talkin' jive, Novemer
Guitar Legends                                                 Grossman, Stefan                                               dubh - Tom Long: Jenny picking cockles, The broken             rain, The garden, Garden of eden, Don't damn me, Bad
World keep on tuning, Black magic woman, Need your love        Bottleneck-Slide Blues Guitar mit CD                           pledge - El McMeen: Jock O'Hazeldean, The castle of            apples, Dead horse, Coma.
so bad, Albatross, Watch out, Man of the world, Oh well,       23 Bottleneck/Slide-Stücke in verschiedenen Tunings,           Dromore, Carolan's farewell to music - Die Stücke sind in      #Guitartab, Noten
The green manalishi                                            Spanish tuning, Tips und Tricks. Titel: Banty Rooster, One     DADEAD, DADGAD, DADGHE, EAHEHH, CGDGCD,                        141 61,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                              kind favor, Someday baby, Sunshine in Houston, Wake up         DGDGHD, CGDGAD notiert
4986 33,90 DM                                                  Mama, Nobody's fault but mine, Motherless children, God        #Guitartab, Noten                                              Guns N´ Roses
                                                               moves on the water, Brownsville blues, Pile driver, Rainy      7921 49,90 DM                                                  Use Your Illusions II
Green, Peter                                                   day blues, Paddlin' Madeline, Hambone, Jubilee jamboree,                                                                      Civil war, 14 years, Yesterdays, Knockin' on heavens door,
In Session With.. mit CD                                       Two-step swing thing, Panic whe the sun goes down, Tin         Grossman, Stefan/Mann, Woody                                   Get in the ring, Sothgun blues, Breakdown, Pretty tied up,
Black magic woman, Man of the world, Watch out! Need           silver, Ambidextrous march, Whistlin' blues, Let me play it                                                                   Locomotive, So fine, Estranged, You could be mine, Don't
                                                                                                                              The Roots Of Robert Johnson mit CD
your love so bad, Albatross, Merry go round. Mit Analysen      first befor I aloha, Laguna luna.                                                                                             cry, My world
                                                                                                                              Scrapper Blackwell: Blue day blues, Kokomo blues - Blind
der Soli, Tips und Tricks, Eine Version mit Gitarre und eine   #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                             #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                              Blake: Georgia bound - Big Bill Broonzy: Saturday night
Playback-Version von einer Profiband in Super-Qualität         5301 69,80 DM                                                                                                                 142 61,90 DM
                                                                                                                              rub, Stove pipe stomp, Worryin' you off my mind - Willie
eingespielt. Die einzelnen Soli werden nochmals separat                                                                       Brown: Future blues, M & O blues - Son House: Dry spell
behandelt, in Einzelteile zerlegt und eingehend                Grossman, Stefan                                               blues, My black Mama - Skip James: Devil got my woman,         Guy, Buddy
besprochen. Der Clou auf der CD ist das nochmals               Celtic Airs Jigs, Hornpipes & Reels m.CD                       Hard time killin' floor, Special rider - Lonnie Johnson: Go    Collection A - J
langsam gespielte Solo und der ebenfalls nochmals              Callahan's hornpipe, Pretty girl milking a cow, Swedish jig,   back to your no good man, Life saver blues - Hambone           Are you losing your mind? Blues at my baby's house,
langsam eingespielte Jamtrack zum Solo                         Seargeant early's dream / The red haired boy, St. Andrews      Willie Newbern: Roll and tumble blues - Charlie Patton:        Buddy's blues, D.J. play my blues, Damn right I've got the
#Guitartab, Noten                                              / The fiddler's contest, The rights of man (Version 1), The    Screamin' and hollerin' the blues, Stone pony blues, Blues.    blues, Dedication to the late T-Bone Walker, First time I met
7495 59,90 DM                                                  rights of man (Version 2), The landlady, Blind Mary            Auf der CD sind die Originalversionen.                         the blues, Five long years, Good news, Now can one
                                                               (Version 1), Blind Mary (Version 2), O'Hara's cup, Charles     #Guitartab, Noten                                              woman be so mean, I can't quit the blues, I had a dream
Green, Peter                                                   O'Connor, O'Carolan's concerto, Princess Royal,                5429 58,00 DM                                                  last night, I smell a rat, Jam on a monday, Just playing my
Instant                                                        O'Carolan's farewell to music, Thomas Leixlip the proud,                                                                      axe, Just teasin'
Black magic woman, Need your love so bad, Man of the           O'Carolan's concerto, Planxty Eleanor Plunkett, Planxty        Guitar Presents                                                #Guitartab, Noten
world, Love that burns, The same way, I loved another          George Brabazon.                                                                                                              6263 55,80 DM
                                                                                                                              Classical Guitar
woman, Someday after awhile, Stop messin' around, The          #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                              Bach: Air on the G-string, Bouree in E-minor, Jesu joy of
supernatural, The stumble, The green manalishi, Oh well        4130 49,80 DM
                                                                                                                              man's desiring, Minuet in G, Prelude, Sheep may safely         Guy, Buddy
(Part 1), Oh well (Part 2), Dragonfly, Albatross                                                                              graze - Mozart: Ave verum corpus - Offenbach: Barcarolle -     Collection L - Y
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Grossman, Stefan                                               Pachelbel: Canon in D - Giordani: Caro mio ben - Debussy:      Leave my girl alone, Let me love you baby, Mary had a little
7672 27,90 DM                                                  Fingerpicking Guitar Solos mit CD                              Clair de lune - Gluck: Dance of the spirits - Beethoven: Für   lamb, My time after awhile, §100 Bill, She is out there, She
                                                               Shining shadows, The vam of oblivion, Sparkling on the         Elise, Ode to joy - Anonymus: Greensleeves, Romance -          suits me to a tee, She's nineteen years old, Stick around,
Grier, David                                                   wind, Capricorn five, Lament for a goodman, Keeper of the      Satie: Gymnopedie No. 1 - Handel: Hornpipe - Mascagni:         This is the end, When I left home, Whe you see the tears in
Freewheeling mit CD                                            vine, Peak's puzzle, Looper's corner, Why a duck, The way      Intermezzo - Albeniz: Leyenda - Boccherini: Minuet -           my eyes, You better watch yourself, You were wrong,
Wheeling, Shadowbrook, The old hotel rag, Angeline the         she walks, Ms. Josephine Ayres, Jo and her daughters           Franck: Panis angelicus - Fauré: Pavana - Elgar: Pomp and      You've been gone too long
baker, Bluegrass itch, Alabama jubilee, A blue midnite star,   #Guitartab, Noten                                              cirumstance - Mouret: Rondeau - Vivaldi: Spring, Winter -      #Guitartab, Noten
If I knew her name, Fog rolling over the glen, The new         9988 57,90 DM                                                  Carcassi: Study in A minor - Sor: Study in B minor             6264 55,80 DM
soldier's joy                                                                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Grossman, Stefan                                               9741 26,90 DM                                                  Guy, Buddy
7918 69,80 DM                                                  Guitar Landscapes mit CD                                                                                                      Damn Right I´ve Got The Blues
                                                               Eine tolle Sammlung von Fingerstyle-Stücken. U.a.              Guns ´N Roses                                                  Damn right I've got the blues, Where is the next one coming
Grier, David                                                   Tightrope, Kicking up the dust, Peak's purzzle, Resurrection   Live Era 1987-93                                               from, 5 long years,Mustang Sally, There is something on
Lone Soldier mit CD                                            of Blind Joe Death, Four for the roses, Monagu's pact uvm.     Don´t cry, It´s so easy, Mr. Brownstone, Nightrain,            your mind, Early in the morning, To broke to spend the
Brilliante Flatpicking Solos: Smith chapel, Eye of the         #Guitartab, Noten                                              Novemberrain, Paradise city, Patience, Sweet child o´mine,     night,Black night,Let me love you baby,Rememberin'
hurricane, Tarnation, The meeting, Porkchops &                 5391 57,80 DM                                                  Welcome to the jungle, Yesterdays, You could be mine           Stevie.
applesauce, Engagement waltz, Lone soldier uvm.                                                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                              #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Grossman, Stefan                                               10580 68,90 DM                                                 2184 42,00 DM
5433 69,80 DM                                                  Legends Of Country Blues Gtr. mit CD
                                                               22 großartige Country Blues Arrangements von Mississippi       Guns N´ Roses                                                  Guy, Buddy
Griffith, Nancy                                                John Hurt, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Big Bill Broonzy und         5 Of The Best Vol. 1                                           Feels Like Rain
Flyer                                                          Rev. Gary Davis. U.a. Big Bill blues, Easy rider blues, Hot    Sweet child o' mine, My Michelle, Welcome to the jungle,       Change in the weather, Country man, Feels like rain, I
Songbook zur CD                                                dogs, Mississippi river blues, Tow step candyman, Shuffle      Paradise city, Patience                                        could cry, I go crazy, Mary ann, She's a superstar, She's
#Guitartab, Noten                                              rag uvm.                                                       #Guitartab, Noten                                              nineteen years old, Some kind of wonderful, Sufferin' mind,
3484 48,90 DM                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                              2578 34,90 DM                                                  Trouble man.
                                                               5428 58,90 DM                                                                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten
Grisman, David/Rice, Tony                                                                                                     Guns N´ Roses                                                  2185 45,00 DM
Tone Poems/Guitar mit CD                                       Grossman, Stefan                                               5 Of The Best Vol. 2
Gitarrenversion der CD "Tone Poems" die mit Gitarre und        Masters Of Fingerpicking Guitar mit CD                         Don't cry, Yesterdays, Nighttrain, You could be mine, Pretty   Guy, Buddy
Mandoline eingespielt wurde                                    Ton van Bergeyk: T.N.T., Light and bitter, Zither melodies,    tied up                                                        Slippin´ In
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Silver swan, Mustard swing - Duck Baker: Everything that       #Guitartab, Noten                                              Please don't drive me away, Don't tell me about the blues, I
5401 78,80 DM                                                  rises must converge, Two cats with new shoes, Grace            2579 31,80 DM                                                  smell trouble, Little dab-a-doo, Love her with a feeling, Man
                                                               street - Leo Wijnkamp Jr.: Pavane for the sleeping beauty,                                                                    of many words, 7-11, Shame shame shame, Someone else
Grossman / Renbourn                                            Golliwog's cakewalk - John James: Hannah's skipping, Feet      Guns N´ Roses                                                  is steppin' in, (Slippin' out slippin' in), Cities need help,
Anthology Of O´Carolan Music mit CD                            on the ground - Dave Evans: Stagefright, Willie Mae - David                                                                   Trouble blues.
Duck Baker: Sheebeg and Sheemore, Blind Mary, The              Laibman: Colored aristrocrazy, Nola                                                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                              Sweet child o' mine, Welcome to the jungle, Mr.
faery queen, Planxty Kelley, Planxty sweeney, Morgan           #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                             1961 76,80 DM
                                                                                                                              Brownstone, My michelle, Nighttrain, Paradise city, Rocket
Magan, Lord Inchiquin, Hewlett - Dave Evans: Sheebeg           9989 57,90 DM
                                                                                                                              queen, You're grazy.Patience, Used to love her, November
and Sheemore, Morgan Magan, Hewlett - John Morris:                                                                            rain, Bad apples, Don't cry, The garden, Dead horse, Civil     Guy, Buddy
There's beauty in tears - Sid Percy: The faery queen,          Grossman, Stefan                                               war, Yesterdays, Pretty tied up, Locomotive, Estranged,        Vital Blues Guitar
Planxty Lady Wrixon - Stefan Grossman: The landlady,           Music Of Mississippi John Hurt mit 2 CD´s                      You could be mine.                                             Buddy's groove, Five long years, I can't quit the blues, I
Planxty Irwin - Seth Austen: O' Carolan's draft, Thomas        Shake that thing, Spike driver's blues, Casey Jones, got the   #Guitartab, Noten                                              could cry, I had a dream last night, I smell a rat, Man and
Leixlip the proud, O' Carolans concerto, Planxty Eleanor       blues can't be satisfied, Joe Turner blues, Stocktime, Hey     136 59,90 DM                                                   the blues, Messin' with the kid, Mustang Sally, She suits me
Plunkett, Planxty George Brabazon - Steve Tilston:             baby right away, Ain't nobody but you babe, Make me a                                                                         to A T, She's out there somewhere, Stick around, There's
Princess royal - El McMeen: Bridget cruise-3rd air, Bridget    pallet on your floor, Nobody's dirty business, Richlands       Guns N´ Roses                                                  something on your mind, Worry worry worry
cruise-4th air, James Plunkett, O' Carolans concerto,          women blues, Louis Collins, Blessed be the name, Playing                                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                              Appetite For Destruction
Carolan's quarrel - John Renbourn: Mrs. O'Rourke, Lord         on the old camp grounds, Let the mermaids flirt with me,                                                                      3916 49,80 DM
                                                                                                                              Welcome to the jungle, It's so easy, Nightrain, Out ta get
Inchiquin, O'Carolan's concerto, Lament for Charles            Corrinna Corrinna, Oh Mary don't you weep, Avalon blues,
                                                                                                                              me, Mr. Brownstone, Paradise city, My Michelle, Think
MacCabe, The lamentation of Owen Roe O'Neill - Anne            Sliding delta, Coffe blues, Monday morning blues,
                                                                                                                              about you, Sweet child o' mine, You're crazy, Anything         H-Blockx
Lemieux: George Brabazon (1st air), George Brabazon            Candyman, Trouble I've hat all my days, See see rider,                                                                        Time To Move
                                                                                                                              goes, Rocket queen.
(2nd air) - Tom O'Farrell: Morgan Magan, Constantin            Stack o'lee blues, Big leg blues. - #Guitartab, Noten                                                                         Pour me a class, Revolution, Say Baby, Move, Fight the
                                                                                                                              #Guitartab, Noten
Maquire, Baptist Johnston - Davey Graham: Lord                 3359 56,90 DM                                                                                                                 force, Little girl, Risin' high, H-Blockx, Real love, Do what
                                                                                                                              137 55,00 DM
Inchiquin, Lord Mayo - D.J. Rogers: Captain O'kane,                                                                                                                                          you wanna do, Go freaky, Fuck the facts, Time to fight.
Planxty John O'Connor, Planxty Johnson - John Morris:          Grossman, Stefan                                               Guns N´ Roses                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
Planxty Fanny Powers - Steve Tilston: O'Carolan's farewell.    Ramble To Cashel mit CD                                                                                                       930 58,90 DM
                                                                                                                              Knockin´ On Heavens Door
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Solo. Enthält irische und
9766 64,90 DM                                                  schottische Stücke für Fingerstyle-Gitarre: Martin Simpson:
                                                                                                                              #Guitartab, Noten                                              Hagar, Sammy
                                                               Believe me if all these endearing young charms, Waters of                                                                     Marching To Mars
Grossman, S. & Renbourn,J.                                                                                                    8214 13,90 DM
                                                               tyne, Shepherd's delight, Lowlands of Holland - Steve                                                                         Little white lie, Salvation on sand hill, Who has the right?
Guitar Duets                                                   Baughman: Bony crossing the alps, Ramble to cashel,            Guns N´ Roses                                                  Would you do it for free? Leaving the warmth of the womb,
Looper's corner, Why a duck, Snap a little owl, The drifter,   Cullen bay - Pierre Bensusan: Murtagh McKann,                                                                                 Kama, On the other hand, Both sides now, The Yogi's so
                                                               Flamorgan air, Merrily kissed the quaker, Cunla - Duck         Lies
Woman from dunori, Idaho potato, Swedish jig, The blamey                                                                                                                                     high (I'm stoned), Amnesty is granted, Marching to Mars,
                                                               Baker: The Duke of fife's welcome to deeside, The golden       Reckless life, Nice boys, Move to the city, Mama kin,
pilgrim, Midnight on the water, Mississippi blues No.2, The                                                                                                                                  Ether, Wash me down
                                                               keyboard, The faerie queen, Planxty Kelly - Tom Long:          Patience, Used to love her, You're crazy, One in a million
ressuraction of blind Joe Death, Four for the roses,                                                                                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               Hardiman the fiddler, The butterfly, Banish misfortune - Pat   #Guitartab, Noten
Montagu's pact, The rights of man, All things parallel must                                                                                                                                  5117 51,90 DM
                                                               Kirtley: Morgan Magan, Fanny power, Chase the weasel,          138 44,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Finn MacCool's reel - El McMeen: Danny boy, Star of the
3353 28,80 DM                                                  county down. Viele Stücke sind in DADGAD Stimmung
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               7919 49,90 DM
                                                                                                Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Halén, Ole                                                         Helmet                                                           Heuser, Andreas                                                   Hooker, John Lee
French Tangos For Guitar mit CD                                    Betty                                                            Unknown Places mit CD                                             Vital Blues Guitar
Tango fleur bleue, As de copas, La madone d'amour, Un              Wilma's rainbow, I know, Biscuits for Smut, Milquetoast,         Remember Batumi, Magenta, Circulation, No exit, Runner's          I'm in the mood, Queen Bee, Rock me Mama, Sally Mae,
tango d'autrefois, Ma rose d'aisace, Insaissable, Cara al          Tic, Rollo, Street cab, Clean, Vaccination, Beautiful love,      high, Windy city, Yula's dance, Unknown places, Arild,            Hello Baby, Baby how can you do it, Boogie chillen, Cold
cielo, Sacre tango, Tangorama, Soir de pluie, Une simple           Speechless, The silver hawaiian, Overrated, Sam hell             Kaleidoskop                                                       chills all over me, Crawling King Snake, Do my baby think
carte postal, Joue contre joue                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                 of me, Hobo blues, I've got the key, I'm gonna git me a
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  2632 59,90 DM                                                    9663 39,80 DM                                                     woman, It hurts me so, John L's house rent boogie, Let's
6112 49,80 DM                                                                                                                                                                                         talk it over, This is 19 and 52 baby, Weepin willow boogie.
                                                                   Henderson, Scott                                                 Hoey, Gary                                                        #Guitartab, Noten
Hanson                                                             Guitar Book                                                      The Best Of..                                                     1219 46,80 DM
Middle Of Nowhere                                                  Big girl blues, Caribbean, Elvis at the hop, Mango prom,         Animal instinct, Hocus pocus, Bert's lounge, Texas son,
I will come to you, Look at you, Lucy, Madeline, Man from          Nomad, Peru, Rituals, Signal path, Spears, Sub aqua              Drive, Motwon fever, Jamie, Riptide, Blast, Linus and Lucy,       Hootie & The Blowfish
Milwaukee, A minute without you, MMMBop, Speechless,               #Guitartab, Noten                                                Low rider, Surfdoggin'                                            Best Of For Easy Guitar
thinking of you, Weird, Where's the love, With you in your         3489 47,90 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Be the one, The earth stopped cold at dawn, Fool, Goodby,
dreams, Yearbook.                                                                                                                   4964 59,80 DM                                                     Hannah Jane, Hold my hand, Honeyscrew, I go blind, I'm
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  Hendrix, Jimi                                                                                                                      goin' home, Let her cry, Let it breathe, Look away, Old man
6450 47,90 DM                                                      Are You Experienced?                                             Holdsworth, Allan                                                 & me, Only wanna be with you, running from an angel, Sad
                                                                   Purple Haze, Hey Joe, The wind cries Mary, Foxy Lady,            Reaching For The Uncommon Chord                                   caper, She crawls away, Time, Tootie, Tucker's down.
Hanson, Mark                                                       Manci depression, Love or confusion, May this be love, I         The Abingdon chasp, Fred, Home, Letters of Marque,                #Easy Guitartab, Noten
Fingerstyle Christmas Guitar mit CD                                don't live today, Fire, 3rd stone from the sun, Are you          Shallow sea, Temporary fault, Three sheets to the wind,           5652 24,80 DM
12 tolle Songs im Fingerstyle Arrangement: Einfach                 experienced?                                                     Tokyo dream, The unmerry-go-round, White line - Es
gesetzt: It came upon the midnight clear, The first noel, O        #Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten Recorded Versions                 werden viele, ungewöhnliche Gitarrenakkorde benutzt und           Hootie & The Blowfish
come little children, Silent night - Mittelschwer: Go tell it to   725 53,80 DM                                                     auch erklärt                                                      Cracked Rear View
the mountain, Let all mortal flesh keep silence, Joy to the                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Hannah Jane, Hold my hand, Let her cry, Only wanna abe
world, O little town of Bethlehem - Anspruchsvolle                 Hendrix, Jimi                                                    4575 44,90 DM                                                     with you, Running from an angael, I'm goin' home,
Arrangements: Winter wonderland, Angels we have heard              Axis - Bold As Love                                                                                                                Drowning, Time, Look away, Not even the trees, Goodbye.
on high, Have yourself a merry little christmas, In dulci          Spanish castle magic, She' so fine, EXP, Up from the skies,      Hole                                                              #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
jubilo.                                                            Wait until tomorrow, Ain't no telling, Little wing, If 6 was9,   Celebrity Skin                                                    1267 47,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  You got me floatin', Castles are made of sand, One rainy         Celebrity skin, Awful, Hit so hard, Malibu, Reasons to be
8609 49,80 DM                                                      wish, Little Miss Lover, Bold as love                            beautiful, Dying, Use once and destroy, Northern star, Boys       Hootie & The Blowfish
                                                                   #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              on the radio, Heaven tonight, Playing your song, Petals           Fairweather Johnson
Hanson, Mark                                                       765 55,80 DM                                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                               Be the one, Sad caper, Tucker's town, Sshe crawls away,
The Wizard Of Oz For Solo Gtr.m.CD                                                                                                  8097 55,90 DM                                                   So strange, Old man & me, The earth stopped cold at
Over the rainbow, If I only had a brain, Ding-dong, The            Hendrix, Jimi                                                                                                                    dawn, Honeyscrew, Let it breathe, Silly little pop song, Fool,
witch is dead, Lullaby league, Come out come out, It really        First Rays Of The New Rising Sun                                 Hole                                                            Tootie, When I'm lonely
was no miracle, Lollypop guild, We're off to see the wizard,       Freedom, Izabella, Night bird flying, Angel, Room full of        Live Through This                                               #Guitartab, Noten
Optimistic voices, The merry old land of oz, The coroner's         mirrors, Dolly Dagger, Ezy rider, Drifting, Beginnings,          Violet, Miss world, Plump, Asking for it, Jennifer's body, Doll 3899 47,90 DM
song, We welcome you to munchkinland, If I were king of            Stepping stone, My friend, Straight ahead, Hey baby (New         parts, Credit in the straight world, Softer softest, She walks
the forest                                                         rising sun), Earth blues, Astro man, In from the storm, Belly    on me, I think that I would die, Gutless, Rockstar.             Hootie & The Blowfish
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  botton window.                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                               Musical Chairs
3898 24,90 DM                                                      #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              2824 55,90 DM                                                   I will wait wishing, Wishing, Las Vegas nights, Only lonely,
                                                                   5319 69,80 DM                                                                                                                    Answer man, Michelle post, Bluesy revolution, Home again,
Harrison, George                                                                                                                    Holly, Buddy                                                    One by one, Desert mountain showdown, What's going on
Guitar Anthology                                                   Hendrix, Jimi                                                    Buddy Holly For Guitar                                          here, What do you want from me now, Closet full of fear
All things must pass, All those years ago, Apple scruffs,          Highlights From BBC Sessions                                     Everyday, Heartbeat, I'm looking for someone to love,           #Guitartab, Noten
Badge, Bangla desh, Blow away, Crackerbox palace, Dark             Can you please crawl out your window? Hoochie coochie            Listen to me Maybe baby, Not fade away, Oh boy, Peggy           8162 52,90 DM
horse, For you blue, Give me love, Here comes the sun, I           man, The burning of the midnight lamp, Catfish blues, Hey        Sue, Rave on, That'll be the day, Well all right, Words of
me mine, Isn't it a pity, My sweet lord, Piggies, Savoy            Joe, Hound dog, Hear my train a comin', Killing floor, Radio     love                                                            Howe, Steve
truffle, Something, This song, Wah-wah, Wake up my love,           one, Wait until tomorrow, Day tripper, Spanish castle            #Guitartab, Noten                                               Guitar Pieces In Tabulature
What is life, When we was fab, While my guitar gently              magic, Jammin', I was made to love her, Sunshine of your         2174 46,80 DM                                                   The ancient, Clap, Meadow rag, Mood for a day, RAM,
weeps, You.                                                        love - #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                                                                       Sound chaser, Surface tension
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                7783 59,80 DM                                                    Holly, Buddy                                                    #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
2303 49,90 DM                                                                                                                       Recorded Versions                                               3355 47,90 DM
                                                                   Hendrix, Jimi                                                    Heartbeat, I'm lookin' for someone to love, It's so easy,
Hatfield, Juliana                                                  South Saturn Delta                                               Listen to me, Lonesome tears, Love's made a fool of you,        Howlin´ Wolf
Become What You Are                                                Look over younder, Little wing, Here he comes, South             Maybe baby, Not fade away, Oh boy, Peggy sue, Rock me Featuring Hubert Sumlin On Guitar
Songbook zur CD                                                    saturn delta, Power of soul, Message to the universe, Tax        my baby, That'll be the day, Well all right, Words of love,     All night boogie, Baby how long, Forty-four, Going down
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  free, All along the watchtower, The stars that play with         You've got love.                                                slow, How many more years, Howlin' Blues, I'm leavin' you,
2630 39,90 DM                                                      laughing Sam's dice, Midnight, Sweet angel, Bleeding             #Guitartab, Noten                                               Killing Floor, Moanin' at midnight, Poor boy, Sitting on top of
                                                                   heart, Paligap, Drifter's escape, Midnight lightning             766 62,80 DM                                                    the world, Smokestck lightning, Who's been talking
Hatfield, Juliana                                                  #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                                                                              #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
Only Everything                                                    5970 80,80 DM                                                    Hooker, John Lee                                                3229 59,80 DM
Outsider, Bottles and flowers, Dumb fun, Fleurs de lys, Ok                                                                          Blues Legend
ok uvm.                                                            Hendrix, Jimi                                                    Boom boom, Canal street blues, Blues before sunrise, One          Hummer, Ken
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  Stone Free, A Tribute To.                                        borubon one Scotch one beer, Wednesday evening, Bottle            Album For The Young Tschaikowski m. CD
2631 44,90 DM                                                      Belly:Are you exprerienced?, Carpenters: Bold as love,           lup and go, Canal street blues, Catfish, Dimples, Down at         Morning prayer, Winter morning, The little horseman,
                                                                   Living Colour: Crosstown traffic, Macc: Hey baby, Body           the landing,Leave my wife alone, It serves me right to            Mother, March of th ewooden soldiers, The sick doll, the
Healey, Jeff Band                                                  Count: Hey Joe, Slash & Paul Rodgers: I dont live today,         suffer, Louise, Maudie, The mighty fire, My first wife left me,   doll's funeral, Waltz, The new doll, Mazurka, Russian song,
Feel This                                                          Seal & Jeff Beck: Manic depression, Cure: Purple haze,           Peace lovin' man, Process, Stella Mae, This is Hip, Tupelo,       Country prelude, Folk song, Polka, Italian song, Old french
Baby's lokkin' hot, Cruel little number, Dreams of love, Evil      Buddy Guy: Red house, Spin Doctors: Spanish castle               Wednesday evening.                                                song, German song, Neapolitan song, The old woman's
and here to stay, Heart of an angel, House that love built, If     magic, Eric Clapton: Stone free, Pat Metheny: Third stone        #Guitartab, Noten                                                 tale, The witch, Pleasant dreams, Song of the lark, The
you can't feel anything else, It could all get blown away,         from the sun, P.M.Dawn: You got me floating.                     152 52,90 DM                                                      barrel organ, At church.
Leave the light on, Lost in your eyes, My kinda lover, You're      #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
coming home                                                        1956 48,80 DM                                                    Hooker, John Lee                                                  7594 46,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   For Guitar
1450 58,80 DM                                                      Hendrix, Jimi                                                    Baby Lee, Boogie at russian hill, Boom boom, Bottle up and        Ian, Janis
                                                                   Woodstock                                                        go, Cuttin' out, I ain't gonna suffer no more, Susie, The         Songbook
Heart                                                              Fire, Izabella, Hear my train a' comin', Red house, Jam          healer, Think twice before you go, This is hip, Trick bag         All roads to the river, Amsterdam, At seventee, Days like
Guitar Anthology                                                   back at the house (Beginnings), Voodoo child (Slight             #Guitartab, Noten                                                 these, Emmanuel, Fly too high, From me to you, Getting
All I want to do is make love to you, Alone, Barracuda,            return)/Steppin' stone, The star spangled banner, Purple         3231 39,80 DM                                                     over oyu, Honour them all, Jesse, Love is blind, The other
Crazy on you, Dog and butterfly, Dreamboat Annie, Even it          haze, Woodstock improvisation, Villanove junction.                                                                                 side of the sun, Ride me like a wave, Ruby, Searching for
up, If looks could kill, Magic man, Never, These dreams,           #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              Hooker, John Lee                                                  America, Silly habits, Society's child, Some people's lives,
What about love                                                    1962 51,80 DM                                                    The Healer                                                        Stars, Take no prisoners, Tattoo, This old town, this train
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   The Healer (mit Carlos Santana), I'm in the mood (Mit             still runs, Welcome to Acousticville, When angels cry
4903 59,90 DM                                                      Heroes Des Silencio                                              Bonnie Raitt), Baby Lee (mit Robert Cray), Thing twice            #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                   Para Siempre                                                     before you go (mit Los Lobos), No Substitute, Thats alright       5669 51,90 DM
Hellecasters, The                                                  Avalancha, Decadencia, Deshacer el mundo, Dias de                (mit Charlie Musselwhite), Rockin' guitar, Sally Mae (mit
The Return Of..                                                    borrasca, El camino del exceso, Entre dos tierras, Flor de       George Thorogood), Cuttin' out (mit Canned Heat), My              Idol, Billy
Highlander boogie, Peter gunn, Back on terra firma, Sweet          loto, Flor venenosa, Hechizo, Iberia sumergida, La chispa        dream.                                                            Charmed life
dreams, King Arthur's dream, Orange blossom special, 5             adecuada, La herida, La sirena varada, Maldito duende,           #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Songbook zur CD
minutes to spare, Rockin' the dog, Hellecaster stomp,              Mar adentro, Nuestros nombres, Opio, Oracion,                    151 55,90 DM                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
Passion, Help I've fallen, Menage:The beak/The claw,               Parasiempre                                                                                                                        153 34,80 DM
Hellecaster theme.                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                Hooker, John Lee
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  4663 45,90 DM                                                    Vintage Blues Guitar mit CD                                       Idol, Billy
2313 48,80 DM                                                                                                                       Bundle up and go, Church bell tone, Democrat man, Good            Cyberpunk
                                                                   Herrero, Oscar                                                   mornin' lil' school girl, How can you do it? How long blues,      Adam in chains, Congrete kingdom, Heroin, Lover labours
Helloween                                                          Buitarra Flamenca Paso a Paso                                    I'm wanderin', I need some money, It's you I love baby, No        on, Mother dawn, Neuromancer, Power junkie, Shangrila,
Better Than Raw                                                    De colores /Bulerias), Eclipse (Taranta-Buleria), El rastrillo   more doggin', Pea vine special, Wobblin' baby, You don't          Shock to the system, Then the night comes, Tomorrow,
Deliberately limited preliminary prelud period in Z, Push,         (Sevillanas)                                                     move me, You're so nice and kind to me Lou Della,                 people, Venus, Wasteland
Falling higher, Her Lord! Don't spit on my mind, Revelation,       #Guitartab, Noten                                                Conclusion.                                                       #Guitartab, Noten
time, I can, A handful of pain, Lavdate domium, Midnight           10206 49,80 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                 768 42,00 DM
sun.                                                                                                                                4943 79,60 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  Heuser, Andreas                                                                                                                    Idol, Billy
6528 44,90 DM                                                      Continuum mit CD                                                                                                                   Vital Idol
                                                                   Bora, September song, Nunc, Perpetuum mobile, Time of                                                                              White wedding, Mony Mony, Hot in the city, Dancing with
                                                                   hope, Lydian interlude, Repetition, Continuum, Arabesque                                                                           myself, Flesh for fantasy, To be a lover, Love calling, Catch
                                                                   variations, Epilog                                                                                                                 my fall.
                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                   3447 39,80 DM                                                                                                                      6182 25,00 DM
                                                                                             Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Idol, Billy                                                     Jackson, John                                                     Jobim, Antonio-Carlos                                             Johnson, Robert
Whiplash Smile                                                  Don´t Let Your Deal Go Down mit CD                                9 Pieces                                                          I-Songs - The Power To Play
Worlds forgotten boy, Toi be a lover, Soul standing, Sweet      Going down to Georgia, Black snake moan, John Henry,              Camino de pedra, Desafinado, Strada branca, Stone                 Kind hearted woman blues, Come on in my kitchen, Hell
sixteen, Man for all seasons, Don't need a gun, Beyond          Nobody's business but mine, John's rag, Boats up the river,       flower, Corcovado, Amparo, Canta mais, Modinha, One               hound on my trail, Terraplane blues, Cross road blues, Last
belief, Fatal charm, All summer single, One night one           Rattlesnakin' daddy, Flat foot and buck dance, Bear cat           note samba                                                        fair deal gone down. Diese neue Generation der Lehr-CD-
chance.                                                         blues, Reuben, Rocks and gravel, Going down the road              #Guitartab, Noten                                                 ROM beinhaltet neben der Tabulatur auf dem Bildschirm
#Guitartab, Noten                                               feelin' bad, Police dog blues, Don't let your deal go down,       3850 53,90 DM                                                     die Originalsongs des Interpreten, außerdem jeweils eine
2951 20,00 DM                                                   Muleskinner blues, I bring my money, John's ragtime, Red                                                                            im Tempo regelbare MIDI-Version, weiterhin sind alle
                                                                river blues, Knife blues, Trucking little baby, Blind Blake's     Joel, Billy                                                       Songs als Video anzusehen. Der Song ist jeweils in 3
Indigo Girls                                                    rag, Goodbye booze, Graveyard blues, Early morning                Billy Joel For Guitar                                             Schwierigkeitsgraden als Tabulatur notiert. Ein Stimmgerät
1200 Curfews                                                    blues, You ain'*t no woman                                        Big shot, Close to the borderline, Don't ask me why, The          ist ebenfalls integriert. Tolles Lehrmaterial!!
Songbook zur CD                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                 entertainer, Everybody loves you now, It's still rock and roll    #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                               7636 77,80 DM                                                     to me, Matter of trust, Movin' out, Only the good die young,      10025 68,90 DM
5813 65,90 DM                                                                                                                     State of grace, The stranger, This is the time, We didn't
                                                                Jam, The                                                          start the fire, You may be right.                                 Johnson, Robert
Indigo Girls                                                    Greatest Hits                                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                                 New Transcriptions
Shaming Of The Sun                                              Absolute beginners, All around the world, Bitterest pill, Eton    1785 42,00 DM                                                     Come on in my kitchen, Gross road blues, , Dead shrimp
Shame on you, Get out the map, Shed your skin, It's alright,    rifles, Funeral pyre, Coing underground, Precious, Start,                                                                           blues, Drunken hearted man, From four until late, Hell
Caramia, Don't give that girl a gun, Leeds, Scooter boys,       Strange town, That's entertainment, Town called Malice.           Joel, Billy                                                       hound on my trail, Honeymoon blues, I blieve I#ll dust in my
Everything in its own time, Cut it out, Burn all the letters,   #Guitartab, Noten                                                 For Fingerstyle Guitar                                            broom, I'm a steady rollin' man, If I had pssession over
Hey kind friend                                                 5066 46,80 DM                                                     Allentown, Big shot, Don't ask me why, Honesty, I go to           judgement day, Kind hearted woman blues, Last fair deal
#Piano, Vocal, Guitar & Guitartab                                                                                                 extremes, Just the way you are, The longest time, Lullaby,        gone down, Little queen of spades, Love in vain blues,
9719 54,90 DM                                                   James, Elmore                                                     My life, New York state of mind, Piano man, Say goodbye           Malted milk, Me and the devil blues, Milkcow's calf blues,
                                                                Vital Blues Guitar                                                to Hollywood, She's got away, Uptown girl, You may be             Phonograph blues, Phonograph blues 2, Preachin' blues,
Iron Maiden                                                     Can't stop lovin', Canton Mississippi breakdown, Dark and         right                                                             Ramblin' on my mind, Stones in my passway, Stop breakin'
A Real Dead One                                                 dreary, Dust my blues, Goodbye baby, Hawaiian boogie              #Guitartab, Noten                                                 down blues, Sweet home Chicago, Terraplane blues,
The Number of the beast, Run to the hills, Where eagles         No. 2, I believe, I held my baby last night, I was a fool, Long   2142 35,90 DM                                                     They're red hot, 32-20 blues, Traveling riverside blues 1,
dare, Hallowed by thy name, Iron maiden, Prowler,               tall woman, Mean and evil, Sho nuff I do, So mean to me,                                                                            Traveling riverside blues, Walkin' blues, When you got a
Remember tomorrow, Running free, Sanctuary,                     Sunnyland, Wild about you baby                                    John, Elton                                                       good friend.
Transylvania, The trooper, 2 minutes to midnight,               #Guitartab, Noten                                                 For Fingerstyle Guitar                                            #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     3918 49,80 DM                                                     Bennie and the jets, Border song, Candle in the wind,             8686 67,90 DM
769 62,90 DM                                                                                                                      Crocodile rock, Daniel, Don't go breaking my heart, Don't
                                                                James, Skip                                                       let the sun go down on me, Goodbye yellow brick road,             Johnson, Robert
Iron Maiden                                                     Blues Collection                                                  Honky cat, Levon, Rocket man, Someone save my life                The Complete Robert Johnson
Best Of..                                                       Be ready when he comes, Cherry ball blues, Crow Jane,             tonight, Sorry seems to be the hardest word, Tiny dancer,         32-20 blues, Come on in my kitchen, Crossroad bues,
2 minutes to midnight, Aces high, Bring your daughter...,       Cypress grove blues, Devil got my woman, Drunken spree,           Your song                                                         Dead shrimp blues, Drunken-hearted man, From four until
Can I play wit madness? Flight of Icarus, Holy smoke,           Four o'clock blues, Hard luck child, Hardtime killing floor       #Guitartab, Noten                                                 late, Hell hound on my trail, Honeymoon blues, I belive I'll
Infinite dreams, Purgatory, Run to the hills, Running free,     blues, I'm gonna yola my blues away, I'm so glad, Illinois        8675 44,90 DM                                                     dust my broom, If I had possession over judgement day, I'm
Sanctuary, Stranger in a new land, The clairvoyant, The evil    blues, Special rider blues.                                                                                                         a steady rollin' man, Kindhearted woman blues, Last fair
that men do, The number of the beast, The trooper,              #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                       Johnson, Eric                                                     deal gone down, Little queen of spades, Love in vain,
Twiglight zone, Wasted years, Women in uniform,                 7383 45,90 DM                                                     Ah Via Musicom                                                    Malted milk, Me and the devil blues, Phonograph blues,
Wrathchild                                                                                                                        Ah via musicom, Cliffs of Dover, Desert rose, High                Preachin' blues, Ramblin' on my mind, Stones in my
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Jazz Ballads                                                      landrons, Steve's boogie, Trademark, Nothing can keep me          passway, Stop breakin' down blues, Sweet home Chicago,
156 46,80 DM                                                    For Fingerstyle Guitar                                            from you, Song for George, Righteous, Froty mile town,            Terraplane blues, They're red hot, Traveling riverside blues,
                                                                Cry me a river, Easy living, Easy to love, In a sentimental       East wes                                                          Walkin' blues, When you got a good friend
Iron Maiden                                                     mood, Isn't it romantic? It might as well be spring, Mood         #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                indigo, More than you know, My foolish heart, My funny            2959 45,00 DM                                                     8987 38,80 DM
Brave New World
The wicker man, Ghost of the navigator, Brave new world,        Valentine, My one and only love, My romance, Solitude,
Blood brothers, The mercenary, Dream of mirrors, The            Some enchanted evening, Stella by starlight, Tenderly, The        Johnson, Eric                                                     Jones, Buster B.
fallen angel, The monad, Out of the silent planet, The thin     way ou look tonight, What'll I do? When I fall in love, Where     Guitar Transcriptions                                             Ballads & Barn Burners mit CD
line between love & hate                                        or when, Yesterdays                                               Victory, Bristol shore, Zap, Soulful terrain, Desert rose,        Buster B. Jones ist schon seit längerer Zeit für sein
#Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab                                                        Righteous, East wes, Trademark, Nothing can keep me               mitreißendes, spannendes Spiel bekannt. Mit Stücken von
10162 53,80 DM                                                  8680 39,90 DM                                                     from you, Cliffs of dover, Song for George, Steve's boogie        Jerry Reed, Merle Travis und Chet Atkins hat er sich
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                 internationale Bekanntheit erspielt. Das heißeste Buch für
Iron Maiden                                                     Jewel                                                             2960 42,00 DM                                                     Fingerpicker. Songs: Alabama jubilee, Three string swing,
                                                                Pieces Of You                                                                                                                       Sir Thomas Letty, Mostly Merle, Ask John, Buster B
Four Album Anthology
KILLERS: The ides of march, Wrathchild, Murders in the          Adrian, Amen, Angel standing by, Daddy, Don't , Foolish           Johnson, Eric                                                     Boogie, Frere Jacques, Guitarville, Just another rag, Le
                                                                games, I'm sensitive, Little sister, Morning song, Near you                                                                         minuet, Lefty, Misdirected energy, Mercy Marcel, Skippy
rue morgue, Another life, Genghis khan, Innocent exile,                                                                           Tones
                                                                always, Painters, Pieces of you, Who will save your soul,                                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
Killers, Twilight zone, Prodigal son, Purgatory, Drifter.                                                                         Soulful terrain, Friends, Emerald eyes, Off my mind, Desert
                                                                You were meant for me                                                                                                               8173 58,80 DM
IRON MAIDEN: Prowler, Remember tomorrow, Running                                                                                  song, Trail of years, Bristol shore, Zap, Victory.
free, Phanotm of the opera, Transylvania, Strange world,        #Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
Sanctuary, Charlotte the harlot, Iron Maiden. THE               3903 51,90 DM                                                     3235 45,00 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Joplin, Janis
NUMBER OF THE BEAST: Invaders, Children of the                                                                                                                                                      Best Of..
damned, The prisoner, 22 acacia avenue, The number of           Jewel                                                             Johnson, Eric                                                     Ball and chain, Cry baby, Down on me, Farewell song, Get
the beast, Run to the hills, Gangland, Hollowed by thy          Spirit                                                                                                                              it while you can, I need a man to love, Kozmic blues, Little
                                                                                                                                  Venus Isle
name. PIECE OF MIND: Where eagles dare, Revelations,            Deep water, Hands, What's simple is true, Kiss the flame,                                                                           girl blue, Maybe, Me and Bobby McGee, Mercedes Benz,
                                                                                                                                  Venus isle, Battle we have won, All about you, S.R.V.,
Flight of icarus, Die with your boots on, The trooper, Still    Down so long, Innocence maintained, Jupiter, Fat boy,                                                                               Move over, One good man, Piece of my heart,
                                                                                                                                  Lonely in the night, Manhattan, Camel's night out, song for
life, Quest for fire, Sun and steel, To tame a land - Leider    Enter from the east, Bercelona, Life uncommon, Do you,                                                                              Summertime, To love somebody, Turtle blues, What good
                                                                                                                                  Lynette, When the sun meets the sky, Pavilion, Venus
sind keine Solos notiert.                                       This little bird, Absence of fear.                                                                                                  can drinkin' do?
#Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
1957 58,90 DM                                                   7451 51,90 DM                                                                                                                       9025 51,90 DM
                                                                                                                                  5712 58,80 DM

Iron Maiden                                                     Jezzro, Jack                                                      Johnson, Lonnie by S. Grossman                                    Journey
Somewhere In Time                                               Acoustic Dreams mit CD                                                                                                              Guitar Collection
                                                                                                                                  Masters Of Country Blues Guitar mit CD
Alexander the great, Caught somewhere in time, Deja-vu,         Songbook zur CD                                                                                                                     Any way you want it, Be good to yourself, Don't stop
                                                                                                                                  Mr.Johnson Blues, Love Story Blues, To Do This You Got
Heaven can wait, The loneliness of the long distance            #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   believin', Escape, Faithfully, Girl can't help it, Lights, Lovin
                                                                                                                                  To Know How, Blues In G, Away Down In The Alley Blues,
runner, Sea of madness, Stranger in a strange land,             7053 79,90 DM                                                                                                                       touchin' squeezin', Only the young, Open arms, Send her
                                                                                                                                  Sweet Woman You Can't Go Wrong, I'm So Tired Of Living
Wasted years                                                                                                                                                                                        my love, Separate ways (Worlds apart), Still they ride,
                                                                                                                                  All Alone, Bitn' Flea Blues, Life Saver Blues, Blue Ghost
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Jobim, Antonio Carlos                                             Blues, _Uncle Ned Don't Use Your Head, Cat You Been
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Stone in love, Wheel in the sky, Who's crying now.
2031 30,00 DM                                                                                                                                                                                       #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
                                                                For Guitar                                                        Messin' Aroun', Therse Is No Justice, Go Back To Your No
                                                                                                                                                                                                    2433 54,90 DM
                                                                Corcovado (Quiet nights of quiet stars), Desafinado               Good Man, Stomping 'Em Along Slow, Woke Up With The
Iron Maiden                                                     (Slightly out of tune), Insensatez (How insensitive),             Blues In My Fingers. Auf der CD sind die Originaltitel.
X Factor                                                        Meditation (medicao), One note samba (Samba de uma                #Guitartab, Noten
The aftermath, Blood on the world's hand, The edge of           nota so), Somewhere in the hills ( O morro nao tem vez),          2397 61,90 DM                                                     Selection From Greatest Hits
darkness, Fortunes of war, Judgement of heaven, Look for        The girl from ipanema (Garote de ipanema), Water to drink                                                                           Any way you want it, Be good to yourself, Don't stop
the truth, Lord of the flies, Man on the edge, Sign of the      (Agua de beber), Wave (Vou te contar).                            Johnson, Robert                                                   belivin', Only the young, Girl can't help it, Open arms, Send
cross, 2 A.M., The unbeliever                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   her my love, Separate ways, Wheel in the sky, Who's crying
                                                                                                                                  At The Crossroads
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     2149 49,80 DM                                                                                                                       now.
                                                                                                                                  Sweet home Chicago, Kindhearted Woman blues, I believe
2428 61,90 DM                                                                                                                                                                                       #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  I'll dust my Broom, Phonograph Blues, Cross Road
                                                                Jobim, Antonio Carlos                                             Blues,Sweet home Chicago, Me and the devil blues,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    1662 49,90 DM
Jackson, Alan                                                   For Solo Guitar                                                   Ramblin' on my mind, Whe you got a good friend, Come on
Greatest Hits Collection                                        Aqua de beber, Chega de saudade, Corcovado,                       in my kitchen, Terraplane blues, 32-20-blues, They're red
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Juber, Laurence
Chasin' that neon rainbow, Chattahoochee, Dallas, Don't         Desafinado, Dindi, Favela, A felicidade, The girl from            hot, Dead shrimp blues, Walking blues, Last fair deal gone        LJ mit CD
rock the jukebox, Gone country, Here in the real world,         Ipanema, How insensitive, Meditation, Once I loved, One           down, Preachin' blues, If I had possesion over judgement          Pass the buck, Bob's your uncle, Rules of the road, Riff raff,
Home, I don't even know your name, I'd love you all over        note samba, So danco samba, Triste, Vivo sonhando,                day, I'm a steady rolling man, Stones in my passway, From         Double espresso, Pvana, An omlette in Denver, Trashy
again, I'll try, Livin' on love, Love's got a hold on you,      Wave                                                              four til late, Hellhound on my trail, Little queenie of spades,   passion, Feet on my back again, Diminished returns, Blue
Mercury blues, Midnight in Montgomery, She's got the            #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Malted milk, Drunken hearted man, Stop breakin' down,             lullaby
rhythm, Someday, Summertime blues, Tall tall trees,             5995 45,80 DM                                                     Traveling riverside blues, Honeymoon.                             #Guitartab, Noten
Wanted, You can't have it all                                                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                                 3440 39,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Jobim, Antonio Carlos                                             601 47,80 DM
4655 61,90 DM                                                   Guitar Music Of Brazil
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Juber, Laurence
                                                                Corcovado, Desafinado, How insensitive, If you never come                                                                           Naked Solos mit CD
                                                                to me, Meditation, One note samba, Somewhere in the                                                                                 A bit of a George, The stepney two step, Solo flight, In your
                                                                hills, The girl from Ipanema, Water to drink, Wave                                                                                  arms, Open for business, To New Amsterdam, Maisie,
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   Fireleaves, You might be right, Hungry Blues, Bob´s your
                                                                10424 53,80 DM                                                                                                                      uncle, Rules of the road, Feet on my back again, Blue
                                                                                                                                                                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                    4653 58,00 DM
                                                                                                Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Judas Priest                                                      Kaufman, Steve                                                      Kaufman, Steve                                                   King, B.B.
Ram It Down                                                       Bullet Train mit CD                                                 Flatpicking The Gospels mit MC                                   King of the Blues
Ram it down, Heavy metal, Love zone, Come and get it,             Bayne water, Bonaparte's retreat, Bonnie Kat's reel,                Are you washed in the blood? A beautiful life, Faith of our      Lucille, Sweet 16, Get off my back woman, Fools get wise,
Hard as iron, Blood red skies, I'm a rocker, Johnny               Coolie's reel, Gilderoy, Miller's reel, Shinkansen, Texas           fathers, The glory-land way, Heaven's jubilee, In the            Tired of your ive, Payin' athe cost to be the boss, I'm gonna
B.Goode, Love you to death, Monsters of rock.                     gales, Woodchopper's reel, Ookpik waltz                             garden, Just a closer walk with thee, Life's railway to          do what they do to me, You put it on me, Get myswlf
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                   heaven, The Lily of the valley, Near the cross, Nearer my        somebody, So exited, I want you so bad, Watch yourself,
1659 51,90 DM                                                     5434 58,00 DM                                                       god to thee, The old gospel ship, The old rugged corss, Old      Why I sing the blues goin' down slow, No good, Please
                                                                                                                                      time religion, Precious memories, Softly and tenderly,           accept my love, Gambler's blues, Blues at midnight, How
Judas Priest                                                      Kaufman, Steve                                                      Sweet by and by, Sweet hour of prayer, There is power in         blue can you get, Stop leadin' me on, Niji Baby, Sloopy
Vintage Hits                                                      Championship Flatpicking Gtr. m.CD                                  the blood, The unclouded day, What a friend, Whe the roll        drunk, Help the poor, Sweet little angle, Never trust a
Breaking the law, Call for the priest, Delivering the goods,      Amazing grace, Banks of the Ohio, Beaumont rag, Black               is called up yonder, When the saints go marching in, Where       woman, Rockin a-while, My baby's comin home, I done got
Dissident aggressor, Evil fantasies, Grinder, Hell bent for       mountain rag, Calgary polka, Cattle in the cane, Dill pickle        the soul never dies.                                             wise, Don't answer the door, All over again, Think it over,
leather, Invader Killing machine, Let us prey, Living after       rag, Dixie breakdown, Dusty Miller hornpipe, Farewell               #Guitartab, Noten                                                Miss Martha King, Ghetto woman, The trill is gone,
midnight, Metal gods, Stained class, Starbreaker                  blues, Grey eagle hornpipe, Little Sadie, Ricket's hornpipe,        7555 65,60 DM                                                    Confessin' the blues, Eyesight to be blind, Blue shadows,
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               Sally Gooden, Stoney point, Yonder stands little Maggie.                                                                             Chains and things, Never make a move too soon, When
10451 59,90 DM                                                    Alle Songs sind auf der CD einmal langsam und einmal                Kaufman, Steve                                                   love comes to town, Caldonia, _Since I met you baby,
                                                                  normal eingespielt.                                                 Twin Picking / Flatpicking Duets mit CD                          Darlin' you know I love you, Mother Fuyer, Don't you lie to
Kansas                                                            #Guitartab, Noten                                                   Flatpicking Stücke arrangiert für 2 Gitarren vom Flatpicking     me, Into the night, Make love to me, Play with the poodle,
The Best Of..                                                     5274 49,80 DM                                                       Meister Steve Kaufman. Songs: Beaumont rag, Billy in the         Don't get around much anymore, Inflation blues, I'm moving
Carry on wayward son, Dust in the wind, Fight fire with fire,                                                                         lowground, Cuckoo's nest, Drowsey Maggie, Fisher's               on, When it all comes down, Better not look down, Let the
Hold on, Icarus, Journey from Mariabronn, On the other            Kaufman, Steve                                                      hornpipe, Forked deer, June aplle, Katie Hill, Liberty, Old      good times roll, Many miles travelled, Don't make me pay
side, Paradox, Play the game tonight, Point of know return,       Encyclopedia Of Celtic Tunes F. Flatpicking Guitar                  Joe Clark, Over the waterfall, Ragtime Annie, Redwing, Salt      for his mistakes, Sneakin' around, Slowly losing my mind,
Portrait, Song for America, What's on my mind                     HORNPIPES: Alexander's hornpipe, Beaux of Oakhill,                  creek, Soldier's joy, Whiskey before breakfast. Die Songs        Recession blues, Rock me baby, Everyday I have the
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               Bonny Ann, Bottom of the punchbowl, Breakdown, Castles              auf der CD sind jeweils in 2 Geschwindigkeiten eingespielt.      blues, 6 silverstrings, There must be a better world
8679 44,90 DM                                                     in the air, Chief O'Neill's favourite, Cliff hornpipe, Corn rigs,   #Guitartab, Noten                                                somewhere, Right time wrong place, Ain't nobody home,
                                                                  Devil among the tailors, Dorsetshire hornpipe, Drowsy               8361 58,80 DM                                                    Three o'clock blues, Hummingbird, You upset me baby, Ask
Kaufman, Steve                                                    Maggie, Far from home, First of may, Fisher's frolic,                                                                                me no questions, I'm gonna sit in 'til you give in, I got some
American Fiddletunes Flatpicking Guitar mit 2                     Fisher's hornpipe, Flowers of Edinburgh, Garden of Daisies,         Keaggy, Phil                                                     help I don't need, Please love me, To Know you is to love
                                                                  Gilderoy, Gipsy's hornpipe, Golden farmer, Green fields of          Acoustic Sketches mit CD                                         you, Five long years, I like to live the love, Nobod loves me
CD´s                                                                                                                                                                                                   but my mother, She's dynamite.
Ace of spades, Angeline the baker, Angus Campbell, Anne           America, Harvest home, Honeymoon, Jacky Tar, Japanese,              Metamorphosis, Rivulets, Nellie's tune, Passing
                                                                  Jenny's gone to Linton, King William of Orange, Lass on the         thought/One second thought, The marionette, Del's bells,         #Guitartab, Noten
Marie's reel, Arkansas traveler, Batchelder's reel, Bayne                                                                                                                                              602 92,00 DM
water, Bear pen hollow, Belle of Lexington, Big scioty,Big        strand, Lily White, Little beggarman, Liverpool hornpipe,           Paka, Spend my life with you, Jam in the pocket, The 50th,
                                                                  Loch Ness, Lowlands of Scotland, Marquis of Lorne,                  Morning snow, Spanish fantasy, On some distant shore,
John McNeill, Bill Cheatham, Billy in the low ground,
                                                                  Mason's apron, Merry Blacksmith, Miss Forbes' farewell,             Icicles, Griegarious, Legacy                                     King, B.B.
Birkhall reel, Bitter creek, Black eyed Susan, Blackberyy
                                                                  Morning star, Nancy Dill, Napoleon crossing the alps, Navie         #Guitartab, Noten                                                Vital Blues Guitar
blossom, Blind steer in a mud hole, Blue eagle, The blue
                                                                  on the line, Off to California, Orange and blue, Over the           5028 62,80 DM                                                    Guess who, Night life, Rock me Baby, Troubles Troubles
goose, Bob tailed mule, Boil them cabbage down, Bonnie
                                                                  hills to glory, Paddy on the turnpike, Pretty Maggie                                                                                 Trouble, Sweet Sixteen, A whole lot of lovin', Baby get lost,
Kate reel, Boston boy, Bottom of the punch bowl, Brilliancy,
Brisk young soldier, Broad run picnic, Brown button shoes,        Morrissey, Pullet, Rage, Rakes of Castlebar, Rattle the             Keb Mo                                                           Darlin' you know I love you, Guess who, It's just a matter of
                                                                  bottles, Ricktt's hornpipe, Rising sun, Roxburgh castle,            Selections From Keb Mo & Just Like You                           time, Night life, Sweet little angel, That evil child, Three o'
Brushy run, Buffalo gals, The bumblebbe in the jug, A
                                                                  Salamanca, Scotch Mary, Sleeping Moggy, Smell of the                The action, Angelina, Dirty low down and bad, Every              clock blues, The thrill is gone, When my heart beats like a
bunch of chickens, Casey Jones, Cattle in the cane, Cedar
                                                                  bog, Soldier's joy, Staten island hornpipe, Strokestown             morning, Hand it over, Just like you, Lullaby baby blues,        hammer, The woman I love, Your breaking my heart, You're
gap, Cherokee shuffle, Chicken in the barnyard, Chicken
                                                                  lasses, Timour the tartar, Turkey in the straw, Washing day,        More than one way home, Perpetual blues machine, She             gonna miss me.
reel, Chief sitting bull, Chinese breakdown, Chinky pin,
                                                                  Wittle Dean, Wonder hornpipe - WALTZES: Cinderella                  just wants to dance, That's not love, You can love yourself      #Guitartab, Noten
Choctaw, Chorus jig, Christmas time will soon be over,
                                                                  waltz, Cupid's waltz, Drink your tea love, Maid of                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                1218 46,80 DM
Cider, Cindy Cindy, Clyde Durst's tune, Cobbler'rs reel,
Cold frosty morning, Coming down from Denver, Cotton              Glenconnel, My lodging's on the cold ground, Over the               5550 54,90 DM
eyed Joe, Cottonwood reel, Cowboy's dream, Crazy creek,           moor, Pirate's waltz, Shepherd's wife, Wild hills o' wannie's                                                                        King, Carole
Crockett's honeymoon, Denver belle, Devil in the haystack,        - REELS: Ash plant, Big ship, Blackberry blossom, Bonnie            Kid Rock                                                         Tapestry For Fingerstyle Guitar
Devil's dream, Dirty sheets, Dixie, Doc Jessup, Dolly,            breas of skelmorlie, Bonnie lad, Bonnie laddie, Bonniest            Devil Without A Cause                                            I feel the earth move, So far away, It's too late, Home
Drunken Billy Goat, Dry creek reel, Dry and dusty,                lass in a' the world, Boy in the gap, Braes of Auchtertyre,         Bawidaba, Black chick white guy, Cowboy, Devil without a         again, Beautiful, Way over yonder, You've got a friend,
Durhams's reel, Dusty Miller hornpipe, Early in the evining,      Bunker hill, Cameronian rant, Cameronian, Captain Keller,           cause, Fist of rage, F'ck off, I am the bullgod, I got one for   Where you lead, Will you love me tomorrow,
Eighth of january, Fine times at our house, Fire on the           Captain McIntosh, Cathal McConnells's, Charming Katie,              ya, Only god knows why, Roving gangster, Somebody's              Smackwaterjack, Tapestry, A natural woman.
mountain, Fireman's reel, Five leaf clover, Flannery's            Clean pease strae, Cock your pistol Charlie, College                gotta feel this, Wasting time, Welcome 2 the party, Where        #Guitartab, Noten
dream, Flop eared mule, Flowers of Cahirciveen, Flowers           groves, Colonel Lennox's love, Connemara stockings, Cork            U at rock                                                        9745 37,80 DM
of Edinburgh, Forked deer, Fortune, Gallopede, Gate to go         lases, Dark-haired lass, Diamond reel, Doctor Gilbert,              #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
through, Gatineau reel, The girl I lef behind, Golden             Donalblane, Donegal, Down the broom, Downshire reel,                9641 65,90 DM                                                    King, Freddie
slippers, Golden wedding reel, Goodby girls I'm going to          Drunken crow, Dunkeld hermitage, Fairy reel, Fandango,                                                                               Collection
Boston, Goodbye Liza Jane, Grand picnic, Granny will your         Far from home, Five mile chase, Flax in bloom, Flora                Kiefer, John                                                     Full time love, Have you ever loved a woman, Heads up,
dog bite? Grasshopper sitting on a sweet potato vine, Great       McDonald, Flower of the flock, Girl I left behind me, Girl                                                                           Hide away, I'm tore down, If you believe, In the open,
                                                                                                                                      J. S. Bach For Electric Guitar mit CD
north reel, Green fields of America, Grey eagle, Hell             with the blue dress on, Green groves of Erin, Greig's pipes,                                                                         Lonesome whistle blues, The sad nite owl, San-ho-zay,
                                                                                                                                      Bach Stücke sind eine hervorragende Übung für die
amongst the yearlings, Hell in the mud, Hollow poplar,            Grey daylight, Hand me down the tackle, Highland fling,                                                                              See see baby, Side tracked, The stumble, Wash out,
                                                                                                                                      Plektrumtechnik sowie das Lagenspiel. Bach klingt
Homesteader's reel, Hull's victory, Hummingbird reel,             Highland plaid, Higlander's kneebuckle, Honourable Miss                                                                              You've got to love her with a feeling
                                                                                                                                      außerdem gut im Heavy Metal Sound
Hunky dory, Indian killed a woodstock, Indian nation, Irish       Buller's, Humours of Carrigaholt, Humours of Westport, I'll                                                                          #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                                                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
cobbler, Jack Danielson's reel, Jaybird, Jean LaTippe,            break your head for you, In the tap room, Isle of sky, Jack                                                                          8290 44,90 DM
                                                                                                                                      7637 48,80 DM
Jenny Baker, Jimmy in the swamp, Johnny the blacksmith,           Latten, Jackson's chickens, John Stetson's reel, Jolly
Julianne Flanigan, June apple, Katy did, Katy Hill,               Tinker, King George the fourth, Kiss me Kate, Lady                  King, B.B.                                                       King, Freddie
Kingsbury reel, Kitchen girl, Kitty's wedding, Ladies on a        Caroline birtitle, Lady Corbett's reel, Lady Cuffe's fancy,                                                                          Vital Blues Guitar
                                                                  Lady Madelina Sinclair's reel, Lady Mary Ramsay's, Lady             Anthology
steamboat, Ladies waist ribbon, Lady of the lake, Leather                                                                             Ain't nobody's business, All over again, Darlin' you know I      My feeling for the blues, Play it cool, Ain't gonna worry
britches, Liberty, Little Betty Brown, Little dutch girl, Log     Montgomery's reel, Lady Terfinchen's rant, Lady's cup of                                                                             anymore, Ain't no sunshine, Big legged woman, Boogie
                                                                  tea, Last night's fun, Let a body lie with you, Limber up,          love you, Don't answer the door, Every day I havae the
cabin, Lost indian, Lucky Trapper's reel, Melinda,                                                                                    blues, Let the good times roll, Night life, Paying the cost to   man, Funky, Hot tomato, I'd rather be blind, Wonder why,
Merriweather, Methodist preacher, Miller's reel, Miss             Lochaber reel, Lord Dalhousie's rel, Lord Elphinstone, Lord                                                                          Living in the place of the king, Sweet thing, Wide open, you
                                                                  Melville's fancy, Lord Tullamore's, Loughrea lasses, Mad            be the boss, Please love me, Rock me baby, Sweet little
McLeod's reel, Miss Thompson's reel, Mississippi Sawyer,                                                                              angel, Sweet sixteen, Three o'clock blues, The thrill is         was wrong.
Missouri mud, Molly put the kettle on, Morpeth rant, Mud          couple, Maid behind the counter, Man of the house,                                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  Maquire's reels, Mary Ann's caper, Master McDermott's               gone, When love comes to town, Why I sing the blues,
fence, Muddy weather, Mutt and Jeff, Nancy Dalton, New                                                                                Woke up this morning, You done lost your good thing now,         1650 49,80 DM
five cents, New money, Nine miles out of Louisville, Old          reel, Midnight frolic, Miller that grinds the barley, Miss
                                                                                                                                      You upset me baby
Flanagan, Old mother Flanagan, Old Jake Gillie, Old Joe           Campell's reel, Miss Johnstone's reel, Miss Lyall's reel,
                                                                                                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                                King´s X
Clark (1), Old Joe Clark (2), Old folks played and the young      Miss McLeod's reel, Miss Thornton, Mister Crawford's reel,
                                                                                                                                      805 53,80 DM                                                     Gretchen Goes To Nebraska
folks danced, Opera reel, Over the waterfall, Pacific slope,      My honey's in the house, My own whym, Niel Gow's
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Out of the silent planet, Over my head, Summerland,
                                                                  daughter, Oak tree, O'Brien's reel, Palmerstown, lasses,
Paddy on the handcar, Padgett, Peas in the pot, Pegleg,
                                                                  Patsy Campbell, Peep of day, Phelan's fancy, Phoebe's               King, B.B.                                                       Ewverybody knows a little bit of something, The difference,
Peter Francisco, Petronella, Pineywoods gal, Possum up a                                                                                                                                               I'll never be the same, Mission, Fall on me, Pleiades, Don't
                                                                  delight, Pigtown fling, Pretty little girld that I love, Pride of   Blues Guitar Collection 1 50-57
gum stunmp, Pretty Betty's ree, Quarter deck, Quince                                                                                                                                                   believe it, Send a message, The burning down.
                                                                  the ball, Pure drop, Return to Camden town, Roaring Mary,           B.B. blues, B.B.'s boogie, Boogie woogie woman, Cryin'
Dillon's high D, Rabbit in the woodpile, Rachel, Rambler's                                                                                                                                             #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  Rob Roy, Roscommon hunt, Saint Ruth's bush,                         won't help you now, Every day I have the blues, Everything
hornpipe, Red haired boy, Redbird, Return from India,                                                                                                                                                  1457 39,80 DM
                                                                  Sandmount, Sandy's scotch reel, Scolding wife, Scotch               I do is wrong, Gotta find my baby, Hard working woman,
Road to Boston, Robinson county, Rock Jenny rock, Rock
                                                                  lassie-o, Scotchman's bonnet, Sheila Coly's reel,                   Highway bound, I need you so bad, I want to get married,
in the cradle Joe, Rocky mountain, Rosebud reel, Roving
                                                                  Something new, Sporting Paddy, Star of munster,                     It's my own fault darlin', Love you baby, Miss Martha King,      King´s X
piper, Run rabbit run, Rye straw, Sail away ladies, Saint                                                                                                                                              King´s X
                                                                  Strokestown lasses, Templehouse, Tim Moloney, Tommy                 Mistreated woman, My baby's gone, A new way of driving,
Anne's reel, Sally Ann Johnson, Sally Gooden, Sally put a                                                                                                                                              The world around me, Prisoner, The big picture, Lost in
                                                                  people's reel, Traveller, Traver's reel, Trip to Waterford,         The other night blues, Please hurry home, Please love me,
bug on me, Salt river, Sandra's reel, Shaker Ben, Shaking                                                                                                                                              Germany, Chariot song, Not just for the dead, What I know
                                                                  Westport new grove, Wicklow lasses, Wise maid, Within a             Ruby Lee, Shake it up and go, She's a mean woman, She's
down the acorns, Sheep shell corn by the rattling of his                                                                                                                                               about love, Black flag, Dream in my life, silent wind.
                                                                  mile of Dublin - JIGS: American dwarf, Apples in winter,            dynamite, Shut your mouth, Someday, Sweet little angel,
horn, Shelburne reel, Shipping port, Shoot two bits,                                                                                                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  Bankf of turf, Barbary Bell, Cherish the ladies, Coleman's          That ain't the way to do it, Three o'clock blues, When my
Shortening bread, Shove that pig's foot a little farther in the                                                                                                                                        1456 42,00 DM
                                                                  cross, Drops of drink, Fair haired boy, Geese in the bog,           heart beats like a hammer, When your baby packs up and
fire, Single footing horse, Skunk in the collard patch,
                                                                  Gobby-o, Happy to meet and sorry to part, Haste to the              goes, A whole lot of lovin', Why did you leave me, Woke up
Smith's reel, Smoke above the clouds, Snowflake reel,
                                                                  wedding, Humours of Ballyloughlin, Irish washerwoman,               this morning, The woman I love, You upset me baby                Kinks, The
Snowshoes, Soapsuds over the fence, Soldier's joy,
                                                                  Katie's rambles, Knocknagow, Lady Douglas Mary, Lady in             #Guitartab, Noten                                                Guitar Collection
Soppin' the gravy, Speed the plow, Spring in the valley,
                                                                  the boat, Lannigan's ball, Maggie Brown, Millpond,                  3830 66,80 DM                                                    You really got me, Tired of waiting for you, Autumn
Star of Bethlehem, Steamboat around the bend, Stoney
                                                                  Monaghan, Muckin' o' Gerodie's byre, My wife's a wanton                                                                              almanac, Sunny afternoon, Days, Deadend street, Waterloo
point, Streak O'Lean streak O'Fat, Stuart Longbow, Sugar                                                                              King, B.B.
                                                                  wee thing, Off she goes, Old grey goose, Old Hag you have                                                                            sunset, Dedicated follower of fashion
barrel, Sugar in the gourd, Sunnyside, Sweeping the town,
                                                                  killed me, Old rosin the beau, Paddy O'Rafferty, Plymouth           Blues Guitar Collection 1958-1967                                #Guitartab, Noten
Sweet bundy, Sweets of weaver, Swing away, Swinging on
                                                                  lasses, Queen of the fair, Rollicking irishman, Rose in the         Bad breaks, Bad luck soul, Beautican blues, Blue shadows,        3797 31,90 DM
a gate, Temperance reel, Tnnessee wagoner, Texas,
Texas gals, Texas Sandy Hill, Third of july, Three bees in        heather, Swallow's nest, Tar orad to Sligo, Tater Jack              The blues has got to me, Blues stay away, Days of old,
the honey, Three thin dimes, Threshig tune, Tom Wagner,           Walsh, Three sea captains, Trip to the cottage, Tripping            Easy listening blues, Eyesight to the blind, Five long years,    Kinks, The
Tom and Jerry, Trude Avans, Tucker's old barn, Tugboat,           upstairs, Wandering minstrel.                                       Going down slow, Got em bad, I can hear my name, I had a         More Of..
Turkey buzzard, Turkey Gobbler, Turkey in the pea patch,          #Guitartab, Noten                                                   woman, I stay in the mood, It's a mean world, The jungle,        All day and all of the night, Set me free, A well respected
Turkey in the straw, Two o' clock, Uncle Henry's reel,            9696 78,80 DM                                                       Just like a woman, King of guitar, Looking the world over,       man, Where have all the good times gone, David Watts,
Walker street, Waynesboro reel, Ways of the world, West                                                                               Please accept my love, Please set the date, Recession            Plastic man, Lola, Apeman
frok gals, Whiskey before breakfast, White river buttons,                                                                             blues, Rock me baby, Slow walk, That's how much you              #Guitartab, Noten
Wild John, Witch of the wake, Woodchopper's reel. Auf der                                                                             mean to me, Worried life blues, The worst thing in my life,      6104 30,90 DM
Doppel-CD sind 85 Stücke eingespielt.                                                                                                 You don't know, You done lost your good thing now, You
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                     know I go for you, You'ave been an angel.
5404 98,80 DM                                                                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                      3831 66,80 DM
                                                                                            Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Kirtley, Pat                                                    Knopfler, Mark                                                  Kravitz, Lenny                                                     Lang, Johnny
Kentucky Guitar - Acoustic Guitar Solos                         Guitar Styles 1                                                 Best Of For Easy Guitar                                            Lie To Me
Cedar creek rag, Shufflin' Sam, Ripplin', The cornbread         Expresso love, Love over gold, Once upon a time in the          Are you gonna go my way, Believe, Fly away, Is there any           Lie to me, Darker side, Good morning little schoolgirl, Still
mafia king, Fannie Durbin, Daisy goes a-dancing, Friends        west, Romeo and Juliet, Sultans of swing,Private                love in your heart, It ain't over 'til it's over, Let love rule,   wonder, Matchbox, Back for a taste of your love, A quitter
like you, Old Joe Clark, B-Rod's rag, Ghost riders in the       investigations, Telegraph road, tunnel of love                  Magdalene, Mr. Cab driver, My love, Rock and Roll is dead,         never wins, Hit the ground running, Rack 'em up, When I
sky, A tip of the hat, Uncle Rufus, Wasn't it you               #Guitartab, Noten                                               Stand by my woman, You're my flavor                                come to you, There's gotta be a change, Missing your love.
#Guitartab, Noten                                               173 53,80 DM                                                    #Easy Guitartab, Noten                                             Mit Qwik-Chart (jeder Song am Schluß nochmals in einer
10017 39,90 DM                                                                                                                  10222 35,90 DM                                                     Zusammenfassung mit Text und Akkorden)
                                                                Knopfler, Mark                                                                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
Kiss                                                            Guitar Styles 2                                                 Kravitz, Lenny                                                     5551 59,90 DM
Alive                                                           Brothers in arms, Money for nothing, Walk of life, You and      Best Of For Guitar
Deuce, Strutter, Got to choose, Hotter than hell, Firehouse,    your friend, The man's to strong, Planet of New Orleans,        Are you gonna my way, Belive, Fields of joy, It ain't ober til     Led Zeppelin
Nothing to lose, C'mon and love me, Parasite, She,              Going home, Heavy fuel,                                         it's over, Is there any love in your heart, Let love rule, Mr.     Acoustic Classics 1
Watchin' you, 100000 years, Black diamond, Rock bottom,         #Guitartab, Noten                                               Cab driver, My love, Sister                                        Baby I'm gonna leave you, Bron-Y-Aur-stomp, Friends,
Cold gin, Rock and roll al nite, Let me go Rock & Roll          174 51,80 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Going to California, Over the hills and far away, Stairway to
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                                                                             503 49,90 DM                                                       heaven, Tangerine, Thank you
5204 53,80 DM                                                   Knopfler, Mark                                                                                                                     #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
                                                                Guitar Styles Box Set                                           Kravitz, Lenny                                                     514 59,90 DM
Kiss                                                            Brothers in arms, Money for nothing, Walk of life, You and      Circus
Best of.. Recorded Versions                                     your friend, The man's to strong, Planet of New Orleans,        Rock and roll is dead, Circus, Beyond the 7th sky, Tunnel          Led Zeppelin
Black Diamond, C'mon and love me, Calling Dr. Love,             Going home, Heavy fuel,Expresso love, Love over gold,           vision, Can't get you off my mind, Magdalene, God is love,         Acoustic Classics 2
Christien Sixteen, Cold gin, Creatures of the night, Detroit    Once upon a time in the west, Rome and Juliet, Sultans of       Thin ice, Don't go and put a bullet in your head, In my life       Battle of everymore, Black mountain side, Gallows pole,
Rock City, Deuce, Firehouse, God of thunder, Hard luck          swing, Private investigations, Telegraph road, Tunnel of        today, The ressurection.                                           Hats off to harper, Ramble on, That't the way, The rain
woman, Heaven's on fire, Hotter that hell, I love it loud, I    love                                                            #Guitartab, Noten                                                  song, Your time is gonna come.
stole your love, I was made for loving you, Lick it up, Love    #Guitartab, Noten                                               2430 50,90 DM                                                      #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
gun, Parasite, Rip it out, Rock and Roll all nite, She, Shock   717 91,80 DM                                                                                                                       515 51,90 DM
me, Shout it out loud, Strutter, Tears are falling.                                                                             Kravitz, Lenny
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                             Knopfler, Mark                                                  Fly Away                                                           Led Zeppelin
785 69,80 DM                                                    Sailing To Philadelphia                                         Einzelausgabe                                                      Blues Classics
                                                                What it is, Sailing to Philadelphia, Who's your baby now,       #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Bring it on home, Hats of to (Roy) Harper, Heartrbreaker,
Kiss                                                            Baloney again, The last laugh, Silvertown blues, El macho,      8095 14,90 DM                                                      How many more times, I can't quit you baby, The lemon
Guitar Collection                                               Prairie wedding, Wanderlust, Speedway at Nazareth,                                                                                 song, Living loving maid, Moby Dick, Rock and Roll, Since
All american man, Beth, Crazy crazy nights, Detroit rock        Junkie doll, Sands of Nevada, One more matinee, Do              Kristofferson, Kris                                                I've been loving you, when the levee breaks, You shook
city, Do you love me, Domino, Forever, I want you, King of      Ameriac                                                         Guitar Collection                                                  me.
the night time world, Ladies room, Larger than life, Let's put  #Guitartab, Noten                                               The best of all possible words, Casey's last ride, For the         #Guitartab, Noten
the x in sex, Makin' love, New York groove, Nothing to lose,    10265 59,80 DM                                                  good times, Help me make it through the night, Just the            2336 47,90 DM
Rock bottom, Rocket ride, Rockin' int the U.S.A., Shock me,                                                                     other side of nowhere, The law is for protection of the
Unholy                                                         Knopfler, Mark                                                   people, Loving her was easier, Me and Bobby McGee,                 Led Zeppelin
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Wag The Dog                                                      Nobody wins, The pilgrim: chapter 33, Sunday mornin'               Boxed Set - Classics
4918 63,80 DM                                                  Wag the dog, Working on i, In the heartland, An american         comin' down, To beat the devil, Who's to bless and who's to   Good times bad times, Babe I'm gonna leave you, You
                                                               hero, Just instinct, Stretching out, Drooling national, We're    blame, Why me?                                                shook me, Dazed and confused, Your time is gonna come,
Kiss                                                           going to war.                                                    #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                           Black mountain side, Communication breakdown, I can't
KISS                                                           #Guitartab, Noten                                                10387 55,90 DM                                                quit you baby, How many more times - Whole lotta love,
Nothing to loose, Firehouse, Cold gin, Let me know, Kissing 5724 31,80 DM                                                                                                                     What is and what should never be, The lemon song, Thank
time, Deuce, Love theme from Kiss, 10000 years, Black                                                                           Kula Shaker                                                   you, Heartbreaker, Living loving maid, Ramble on, Moby
diamond                                                        Korn                                                             K                                                             Dick, Bring it on home - Immigrant song, Friends,
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Follow The Leader                                                Tattva, Hey dude, Govinda, Graateful whe you're dead,         Celebration day, Since I've been loving you, Out on the
5237 44,80 DM                                                  All in the family, B.B.K. Cameltosis, Children of the Korn,      Knight on the town, Temple of everlasting light, Smart dogs, tiles, Gallows pole, Tangerine, That's the way, Bron-y-aur
                                                               Dead bodies everywhere, Earache my eye, Freak on a               Magic theatre, Into the deep, Sleeping jiva, Jerry was there, stomp, Hats off to Roy Harper - Black Dog, Rock and Roll,
Kix                                                            leash, Got the life, It's on, Justin, My gift to you, Pretty,    303, Start all over, Hollow man 1 & 2                         The battle of evermore, Stairway to heaven, Misty mountain
Blow My Fuse                                                   Reclaim my playe, Seed.                                          #Guitartab, Noten                                             hop, Four sticks, Going to california, When the levee breaks
Songbook zur CD                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                3799 38,90 DM                                                 - The song remains the same, The rain song, Over the hills
#Guitartab, Noten                                              7046 54,90 DM                                                                                                                  and far away, The crunge, Dancing days, D'yer mak'er, No
2963 42,00 DM                                                                                                                   Kula Shaker                                                   quater, The ocean.
                                                                Korn                                                            Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts                                   #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
Klenk, Mark Oliver                                              Issues                                                          Great hossanah, Mystical machine gun, S.O.S., Radhe           4432 198,00 DM
Rain & Sunshine                                                 Dead, Falling away from me, Trash, U...., Beg for me, Make      radhe, I'm still here, Shower your love, 108 battles, Sound
Jeweils 10 bis 11 ansprechende und leichte Kompositionen        me bad, It's gonna go away, Wake up, Am I going crazy,          of drums, Timeworm, Last farewell, Golden avatar, Namami Led Zeppelin
für E-Gitarristen, die auch Akustik-Gitarre spielen möchten.    Hey Daddy, Somebody someone, No way, Let's get this             nanda-nandana                                                 Classic 2nd Album
Außerdem eignen sie sich als ergänzendes Spielmaterial          party started, Wish you could me me, Counting, Dirty            #Guitartab, Noten                                             Whole lotta love, What is and what should never be, The
zu den Lehrbüchern in den Musikschulen                          #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                             7794 46,80 DM                                                 lemon song, Thank you, Heartbreaker, Living loving maid,
#Guitartab, Noten                                               9963 58,90 DM                                                                                                                 Ramble on, Moby Dick, Bring it on home.
3941 19,80 DM                                                                                                                   LA Guns                                                       #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                Korn                                                            Hollywood Vampires                                            3531 58,80 DM
Klenk, Mark Oliver                                              Life Is Peachy                                                  Over the edge, Some lie 4 love, Kiss my love goodbye,
Set - Alle 3 Bücher mit CD                                      Twist, Chi, Lost, Swallow, Porno creep, Good god, Mr.           Here it comes, Crystal eyes, Wild obsession, Dirty luv, My         Led Zeppelin
Rain & Sunshine - The String Surfer - Walking On The            Rogers, K@#o%, No place to hide, Wicked, A.D.I.D.A.S.,          koo ka choo, It's over now, Snake eyes boogie, I found you,        Classic 3rd Album
Moon & CD                                                       Lowrider, Ass itch, Kill you, Blind, Shoots and ladders         Big house                                                          Immigrant song, Friends, Celebration day, Since I've been
#Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                  loving you, Out on the tiles, Gallows pole, Tangerine, That's
3944 72,80 DM                                                   4991 64,90 DM                                                   3601 42,00 DM                                                      the way, Bron-y-aur stomp, Hats off to Roy Harper.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
Klenk, Mark Oliver                                              Kottke, Leo                                                     Lalanne, Jean-Felix                                                3532 58,80 DM
The String Surfer                                               Eight Songs                                                     Guitar Compositions & Solos
Jeweils 10 bis 11 ansprechende und leichte Kompositionen        Mona Ray, Ojo, Bean time, Blue dot, Fisherman, Three            Laguna girls, Timour the magician, Nashville family,               Led Zeppelin
für E-Gitarristen, die auch Akustik-Gitarre spielen möchten.    walls & bars, Machine 3, Jack fig                               Country medival, Villa René-Georges, Miss, Slice of heart,         Classic 4th Album
Außerdem eignen sie sich als ergänzendes Spielmaterial          #Guitartab, Noten                                               Parque del plata, Brasiliana, Sweet sadness, Keep me               Black Dog, Rock and Roll, The battle of evermore, Stairway
zu den Lehrbüchern in den Musikschulen                          175 39,80 DM                                                    posted,                                                            to heaven, Misty mountain hop, Four sticks, Going to
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                  california, When the levee breaks.
3942 19,80 DM                                                   Krauss, Alison                                                  4118 58,00 DM                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                Now That I´ve Found You:Collection                                                                                                 3533 66,90 DM
Klenk, Mark Oliver                                              Baby no that I've found you, Oh Atlanta, Broadway, Every        Lämmerhirt, Werner
Walking On The Moon                                             time you say goodbyxe, Tonight I'll be lonely too,              Die Frühen Jahre mit CD                                            Led Zeppelin
Jeweils 10 bis 11 ansprechende und leichte Kompositionen        Teardrops will kiss the morning dew, Sleep on, Whe god          Greensleves, Kite flight, Corinna Corrrinna, Long way back         Classic 5th Album
für E-Gitarristen, die auch Akustik-Gitarre spielen möchten.    dips his pen of love in my heart, I will, I don't baelieve      home, Hard and easy, Marcel's rag, Ten thousand miles,             The song remains the same, The rain song, Over the hills
Außerdem eignen sie sich als ergänzendes Spielmaterial          you've met my baby, In the palm of your hadn, Whe you           Check your chain, Ovation, Wintertime has come, Rainy              and far away, The crunge, Dancing days, D'yer mak'er, No
zu den Lehrbüchern in den Musikschulen                          say nothing at all                                              day in Amsterdam, Still I think of you, I want, Laura's dance,     quater, The ocean.
#Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                               Solo trip, A week in a life, Hey unborn baby, No words, Eine       #Guitartab, Noten
3943 19,80 DM                                                   3902 41,90 DM                                                   Nacht in Genf, Phlegmatic blues, Samba an einem ruhigen            3534 58,80 DM
Knopfler, Mark                                                  Krauss, Alison & Union Station                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Led Zeppelin
For Easy Guitar                                                 So Long So Wrong                                                10291 39,80 DM                                                     Coda
Brothers in arms, Expresso love, Love over gold, Money          Blue trail of sorrow, Deeper than crying, Find my way back                                                                         We're gonna groove, Poor tom, I can't quit you baby,
for nothing, On every street, Private investigations, Romeo     to my heart, Happiness, I can let go now, I'll remember you     Lämmerhirt, Werner                                                 Walter's walk, Ozone baby, Darlene, Bonzo's montreux,
& Juliet, So far away, Sultans of swing, Tunnel of love,        love in my prayers, It doesn't matter, Little Liza Jane,        Ein Liederbuch mit CD                                              Wearing and tearing.
Walk of life                                                    Looking in the eyes of love, No place to hide, Pain of a        Hell der Morgen, Talking Blues, Ein Augenblick wie dieser,         #Guitartab, Noten
#Easy Guitartab, Noten                                          troubled life, The road is a lover, So long so wrong, Ther is   Pauken und Trompeten, Flügel am Abend, Ein Zauber in               2314 49,90 DM
5645 44,80 DM                                                   a reason                                                        der Luft, Löcher in der Wand, Froh und munter, Mir geht es
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                               gut, Der Frühling ist in Sicht, Erfahrung mit Gewinn               Led Zeppelin
Knopfler, Mark                                                  5668 57,90 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Early Days
Golden Heart                                                                                                                    10477 39,80 DM                                                     Good times bad times, Dazed and confused, Babe I'm
Darling pretty, Imelda, Golden heart, No can do, Vic and        Kravitz, Lenny                                                                                                                     gonna leave you, Whole lotta love, Communcication
Ray, Don't you get it, A night in summer long ago,              Are You Gonna Go My Way                                                                                                            breakdown, What is and should never be, Immigrant song,
Cannibals, I'm the fool, Je suis désolé, Rüdiger, Nobody's      Einzelausgabe                                                                                                                      Since I've been loving you, Black dog, Rock and roll, The
got the gun, Done with Bonaparte, Are we in trouble now.        #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                  battle of Evermore, When the levee breaks, Stairway to
#Guitartab, Noten                                               4773 14,90 DM                                                                                                                      heaven
3237 53,80 DM                                                                                                                                                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                   9944 68,90 DM
                                                                                             Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Led Zeppelin                                                    Lightfoot, Gordon                                                 Living Colour                                                   Malmsteen, Yngwie
Encomnium                                                       Guitar Anthology                                                  Times Up                                                        Eclipse
4 Non Blondes:Misty mountain hop - Hootie & The                 Carefree highway, Canadian railroad trilogy, Christian            Under cover of darkness, Fight the fight, Pride, Ology,         Bedroom eyes, Demon driver, Devil in disguise, Eclipse,
Blowfish:Hey hey what can I do - Shery Crow: D'yer mak'er       island, Cold on the shoulder, Cotton Jenny, Early mornin'         Type, Time's up, this is the life, Someone like you, Solace     Faultline, Judas, Making love, Motherless child, Save our
- Stone Temple Pilots: Dancing days - Big Head Todd &           rain, For lovin' me/Did she mention my name, If you could         of you, New Jack theme, Love rears its ugly head,               love, See you in hell, What do you want,
The Monsters: Tangerine - Duran Duran: Thank you - Blind        read my mind, Rainy day people, Softly, Song for a winter's       Information overload, Elvis is dead                             #Guitartab, Noten
Melon: Out on the tiles - Cracker: Good times bad times -       night, Steel rail blues, Summertime dream, Sunddown, The          #Guitartab, Noten                                               1460 64,90 DM
Helmet with David Yow: Custard pie - Rollins Band: Four         wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald                                    517 44,90 DM
sticks - Never Pride: Going to California - Robert Plant &      #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 Malmsteen, Yngwie
Tori Amos: Down by the seaside                                  4904 59,90 DM                                                     Los Lobos                                                       Fire & Ice
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 Best Of..                                                       Perpetual, Dragonfly, Teaser, How many miles to Babylon,
3839 49,90 DM                                                   Lightnin´ Hopkins                                                 Don't worry baby, La pistola y el corazon, I can't              Cry no more, No mercy, C'est la vie, Leviathan, Fire and
                                                                Blues Guitar Legend mit MC                                        understand, Tears fo god, The hardest time, Estoy sentado       ice, Forever is a long time, I'm my own enemy, All I want is
Led Zeppelin                                                    Rocky mountain, Shinin' moon, The walking blues, Baby             aqui, La bamba, A matter of time, One time one night, River     everything, Golden dawn, Final curtain
In Through The Out Door                                         don't you tear my clothes, 'Going to Dallas to see my pony        of fools, Shakin' shakin' shakes, Will the wolf will survive?   #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
In the evening, South bound saurez, Fool in the rain, Hot       run, Jackstropper blues, Let's do the Suzie Q, Black              #Guitartab, Noten                                               1793 63,90 DM
dog, Carouselambra, All my love, I'm gonna crawl                Cadillac, You is one black rat, Blues is a feeling, business      518 42,00 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                               your doin', Stranger here, Little sister's boogie, Goin' away,                                                                    Malmsteen, Yngwie
2315 49,90 DM                                                   Just boogyin'                                                     Los Lobos                                                       Marching Out
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                 La Bamba                                                        Anguish and fear, Caught in the middle, Disciples of hell,
Led Zeppelin                                                    5279 79,80 DM                                                     Einzelausgabe                                                   Don't let it end, I am a viking, I'll see the light tonight,
Latter Days                                                                                                                       #Guitartab, Noten                                               Marching out, On the run again, Overture 1383, Soldier
The song remains the same, No quarter, Houses of the            Lightnin´ Hopkins                                                 7525 14,90 DM                                                   without faith.
holy, Trampled underfoot, Kashmir, Ten years gone,              The Gold Star Years                                                                                                               #Guitartab, Noten
Achilles last stand, Nobody's fault but mine, All my love, In   Going home blues, Autmobile blues, Big mama jump,                 Love Songs For Acoustic Guitar                                  1790 39,90 DM
the evening                                                     Loretta blues, Seems funny baby, Tim Moore's farm, Mad            Sampler
#Guitartab, Noten                                               with you, Walkin' blues, Shinin' moon, All I got is gone,         The Byrds: All I really want to do, Ladyfriend - Bon Jovi:      Malmsteen, Yngwie
9945 54,90 DM                                                   Whiskey blues, Ain't it a shame, Henny penny blues,               Always - The Cure: Friday I'm in love - The Beach Boys:         Trilogy
                                                                Jackstopper blues                                                 God only knows - Eric Clapton: Let it grow - The                You don't remember I'll never forget, Liar, Queen in love,
Led Zeppelin                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Cranberries: Linger, When you're gone - Ash: Lost in you -      Crying, Fury, Fire, Magic mirror, Dark ages, Trilogy suite
Physical Graffiti                                               7332 42,80 DM                                                     Stephen Stills: Love the one you're with - The Beatles:         Op:5.
Black country woman, Boogie with stu, Bron-y-aur, Custard                                                                         Michelle, Two of us, You've got to hide your love away -        #Guitartab, Noten
pie, Down by the seaside, Houses of the holy, In my time of     Lightnin´ Hopkins                                                 Dire Straits: Romeo and Juliet - Pulp: Something changed -      1461 55,90 DM
dying, In the light, Kashmir, Night flight, Sick again, Ten     The Ultimate Texas Bluesman mit CD                                Berard Butler: Stay, You light the fire - Leonard Cohen:
years gone, The rover, The wanton song, Trampled under          Back door friend, Found my baby cryin', Gambler's blues,          Suzanne - Oasis: Talk tonight - Sting: When we dance -          Manic Street Preachers
foot.                                                           I'm comin' home, I'm tired of trouble, Little school girl, Long   #Guitartab, Noten                                               Everything Must Go
#Guitartab, Noten                                               way from home, Love me this mornin', Lovin' arms, Move            7281 46,80 DM                                                   Songbook zur CD
10128 48,90 DM                                                  on out (Part 2), My suggestion, Rock me mama, Talkin'                                                                             #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                some sense, You're too fast                                       Lugosch, Eric                                                   3643 46,80 DM
Led Zeppelin                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Black Key Blues mit CD
Presence                                                        3917 69,80 DM                                                     The cajun cook, Eighth o january, The stars up above,           Mann, Woody
Achilles last stand, For your life, Royal Orleans, Nobody's                                                                       There's a destruction, Colored aristocrcy, Strike, Black key    Lisboa mit CD
fault but mine, Candy store rock, Hots on for nowhere, Tea      Limp Bizkit                                                       blues, Sandy's dream, Four roses, The last garden, Pork         And 3 not 4, Bailaderia, Blind Arthur's break, Buggy wagon,
for one.                                                        Significant Other                                                 belly futures, De rigueur, Looking back                         Cat Burglar, Country fair, Crosstown blues, Gypsy girl,
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Just like this, Nookie, Break stuff, Re-arranged, I'm broke,      #Guitartab, Noten                                               Harlequin, Heading east, Lisboa, A little love, Mr. Guitar,
2267 49,90 DM                                                   Nobody like you, Don't go off wandering, 9 teen 90 nine, N        7237 39,80 DM                                                   Slow motion, Spanish nights, Top hat, Uptown tales
                                                                2 gether now, Trust, No sex, Show me what you got, A                                                                              #Guitartab, Noten
Led Zeppelin                                                    lesson learned                                                    Lynch, George                                                   9826 58,80 DM
Rock & Roll                                                     #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                       Sacred Groove
Einzelausgabe                                                   9948 59,90 DM                                                     The beast part I, The beast partII, Cry of the brave, Flesh     Mann, Woody
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 and blood, I will remember, Luv power from the mama             Stairwell Serenade mit CD
4513 14,90 DM                                                   Limp Bizkit                                                       head, Not necessary evil, Tierra del fuego, We don't own        Cat burglar, Bailadera, Top hat, Gypsy girl, Country fair, Mr.
                                                                Three Dollar Bill Yall                                            this world                                                      Guitar, Harlequin, Green river rising, Blast off, Spring is
Led Zeppelin                                                    Clunk, Counterfeit, Everything, Faith, Indigo flow, Leech,        #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     here, Buggy wagon, Bahama mama, Stairwell serenade
Rock Legends                                                    Nobody loves me, Pollution, Sour, Stalemate, Stinkfinger,         3594 45,00 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
Black mountain side, Dancing days, Dazed and confused,          Stuck - notiert für 7-saitige Gitarre!                                                                                            3444 39,80 DM
Immigrant song, The song remains the same, Stairway to          #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                       Lynyrd Skynyrd
heaven, What is and what should never be, Whole lotta           10218 63,80 DM                                                    Guitar Anthology                                                Mansun
love.                                                                                                                             The ballad of Curtis Lowe, Don't aske me no questions,          Attack Of The Grey Lantern
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Live                                                              Down south jukin', Free bird, Gimme back my bullets,            The chad who loved me, Mansun's only love song, Taxloss,
2589 69,90 DM                                                   Mental Jewelry                                                    Gimme three steps, I ain't the one, The needle and the          You who do you hate? Wide open spacve, Stripper vicar,
                                                                Pain lies on the riverside, Operation spirit, The beauty of       spoon, On the hunt, Saturday night special, Simple man,         Disgusting, She makes my nose bleed, Naked twister, Egg
Led Zeppelin                                                    gray, Brothers unaware, Tired of "me", Mirror song,               Sweet home Alabama, Tuesday's gone, What's your                 shaped Fred, Dark mavis, An open letter
Stairway To Heaven                                              Waterboy, Take my anthem, You are the world, Good pain,           name, Whiskey rock-a-roller.                                    #Guitartab, Noten
Einzelausgabe                                                   Mother earth is a vicious crowd, 10.000 years                     #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     4568 53,80 DM
#Guitartab, Basstab, Drumnoten                                  #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               10369 59,90 DM
4968 17,90 DM                                                   7785 59,80 DM                                                                                                                     Marcy Playground
                                                                                                                                  Lynyrd Skynyrd                                                  Marcy Playground
Led Zeppelin                                                    Live                                                              The New Best Of..                                               Poppies, Sex and candy, Ancient walls of flowers, Saint Joe
Stairway To Heaven                                              Secret Samadhi                                                    Don't ask me no questions, Simple man, The Ballad of            on the school bus, A cloak of elvenkind, Sherry fraser,
Einzelausgabe                                                   Rattlesnake, Lakini's juice, Graze, Century, Ghost,               Curtis Loew, Free bird, Gimme back my bullets, Down             Gone crazy, Opium, One more suicide, Dog and his
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Unsheathed, Insomnia and the hole in the universe, Turn           south jukin: Gimme three steps, I ain't the one, The needle     master, The shadow of Seattle, The vampires of New York.
5068 14,90 DM                                                   my head, Heropsychodreamer, Freaks, Merica, Gas hed               and the spoon, On the hunt, Saturday night special, Sweet       #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                goes west.                                                        home Alabama, Tuesday' s gone, What' s your name,               6136 56,90 DM
Led Zeppelin                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Whiskey Rock & Roller
Whole Lotta Love                                                5618 58,80 DM                                                     #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                             Marley, Bob
Einzelausgabe                                                                                                                     611 67,80 DM                                                    Legend The Best Of..
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Live                                                                                                                              Is this love, No woman no cry, Could you be loved, Three
4522 14,90 DM                                                   Throwing Copper                                                   Machine Head                                                    little birds, Buffalo soldier, Get up stand up, Stir it up, One
                                                                The dam at otter creek, Selling the drama, I alone, Iris,         Burn My Eyes                                                    love/People get ready, I shot the sheriff, Wating in vain,
Lee, Albert                                                     Lightning crashes, Top, All over you, Shit towne, T.B.D.,         Davidian, Old, A thousand lies, None but my won, The rage       Redemption song, Satisfy my soul, Exodus, Jamming
Best Of..                                                       Stage, Waitress, Pillar of davidson, White discussion, She        to overcome, Death curch, A nation on fire, Blood for blood,    #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
Bullish boogie, Flowers of Edingburgh, Seventeenth              rode a hors into my head.                                         I'm your god now, Real eyes-realize-real lies, Block.           201 46,80 DM
summer, Tiger rag, Country boy, Erin, Fun ranch boogie,         #Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab, Noten
Hummingbird, Luxury liner, My baby thinks he's a train,         2554 48,80 DM                                                     2246 49,80 DM                                                   Marley, Bob
Your time is gonna come.                                                                                                                                                                          Natural Mystic
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Living Colour                                                     Mack, Lonnie                                                    Natural mystic, Easy skanking, Iron lion zion, Crazy
200 42,80 DM                                                    Best Of..                                                         Collection                                                      baldheads, So much trouble in the world, War, Africa unite,
                                                                Cult of personality, Desperate people, Elvis is dead, Funny       Camp Washington chili, Chicken pickin´, Cincinnati jail,        Trench town rock, I gotta kepp on movin', Sun is shining,
Lemonheads, The                                                 vibe, Glamour boys, Leave it alone, Love rears its ugly           Double whammy, Hound dog man, If you have to know,              Who the cap fits, One drop, Roots rock reggae, Pimper's
It´s A Shame About Ray                                          head, Middle man, Pride, Talking loiud and saying nothing,        Natural disaster, Oreo cookie blues, Riding the blinds,         paradise, Time will tell
Rockin stroll, Confetti, It's a shame about Ray, Rudderless,    Time's up, Type                                                   Satisfy Susie, Stop, Strike like lightning, Tough on me         #Guitartab, Noten
My drug Buddy, The turnpike down, Alison's starting to          #Guitartab, Noten                                                 tough on you, Wham, You ain´t got me                            3241 69,80 DM
happen, Hannah & Gabi, Kitchen, Ceiling fan in my spoon,        4431 49,80 DM                                                     #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
Frank Mills, Mrs. Robinson                                                                                                        10661 59,90 DM                                                  Marley, Bob
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Living Colour                                                                                                                     Songs Of Freedom
3239 36,80 DM                                                   Best Of..                                                         Mack, Lonnie                                                    Africa unite, Belly full, Coming in from the gold, Conccrete
                                                                In Vorbereitung                                                   Vital Blues Guitar                                              Jungle, Could you be loved, Easy skanking, Exodus, Get
Ligabue, Luciano                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Buffalo woman, Camp Washington chili, Cincinnati jail,          up stand up, Guava jelly, I shot the sheriff, I'm hurting
Songbook                                                        4586 59,80 DM                                                     Falling back in love with you, If you have to know, Long way    inside, I'm still waiting, Iron lion zion, Is this love, Jamming,
Titel auf Anfrage                                                                                                                 from Memphis, Me and my car, Move, Natural disaster,            Lick samba, Lively up yourself, Mellow mood, Natural
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Living Colour                                                     Oreo cookie blues, Rock and Roll bones, Satisfy Suzie,          mystic, Nice time, No woman no cry, One love/People get
6003 41,90 DM                                                   Stain                                                             Song I haven't sung, Stop, Strike like lightning, Tough on      ready, Please don't rock my aboat, Redemption song,
                                                                Ausländer, Bi, Go away, Hemp, Ignorance is bliss, Leave it        me tough on you, Wham! You ain't got me                         Small axe, So much trouble in the world, Soul rebel, Stir it
                                                                alone, Mind your own business, Never satisfied,                   #Guitartab, Noten                                               up, Sun is shining, Thank you lord, Three little birds,
                                                                Nothingness, Postman, This little pig, Wall, WTFF.                2186 49,80 DM                                                   Waiting in vain, Who the cap fits, Why should I.
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                516 39,90 DM                                                                                                                      2103 69,80 DM
                                                                                           Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Marley, Bob                                                    McAuley Schenker Group                                         Meat Loaf                                                       Metallica
The Best Of..(French edition)                                  Perfect Timing                                                 Deadringer For Love                                             5 Of The Best Vol.2
Africa unite, Could you be loved? Exodus, Guiltiness, I shot   Save yourself, Bad boys, Anytime, Get down to bizness,         Einzelausgabe                                                   Enter Sandman, Sad But True,...And Justice For All, The 4
the sheriff, Is this love? Jamming, Natural mystic, No         Shadow of the night, What we need, I am your radio, There      #Guitartab, Noten                                               Horsemen, Welcome Home
woman no cry, Pimper's paradise, Rat race, Roots rock          has to be another way, This is my heart, Destiny, Take me      4764 14,90 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
reggae, So much thing to say, Survival, Three little birds,    back                                                                                                                           2573 34,90 DM
Turn your lights down low, Waiting in vain, Zion train         #Guitartab, Noten                                              Megadeth
#Guitartab, Noten                                              2974 29,80 DM                                                  Countdown To Extinction                                         Metallica
812 42,80 DM                                                                                                                  Skin o' my Teeth, Symphony of destruction, Architecture of      Best Of Metallica
                                                               McDowell, Fred                                                 aggression, Foreclosure of a dream, Sweating Bullets, This      Welcome home, And justice for all, One, Harvester of
Martin, Juan                                                   Voice Of Mississippi Delta Blues Gtr.                          was my life, Countdown to extinction, high speed dirt,          sorrow, Enter sandman, Nothing else matters, Seek and
The Exciting Sound Of Flamenco 1                                Bye and bye, Early this morning, Fred's worried life blues,   Psychotron, Captive honour, Ashes in your mouth                 destroy, Master of puppets, Ride the lightning, Creeping
Zambra mora und Brisas habaneras                                Gravel road blues, I looked at the sun, I'm going over the    #Guitartab, Noten                                               death, Wherever I may roam, The unforgiven, Jump in the
#Guitartab, Noten                                               hill, I walked all the way from East St. Louis, Keep your     193 66,90 DM                                                    fire, Sad but true, My friend of mysery
2354 19,90 DM                                                   lamp trimmed and burning, Kokomo blues, Look way down                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                that lonesome road, Louise, My heavy load, When I lay my      Megadeth                                                        5968 52,80 DM
Marvin, Hank                                                    burden down, You gonna be sorry, You goota move. - Die        Cryptic Writings
Jam With Hank Marvin mit CD                                     beiden CD's "Good Morning Little School Girl" und "You        Trust, Almost honest, Use the man, Mastermind, The              Metallica
Sehr gut gemachte Jamtrax-Serie. Alles mit Studiomusikern Gotta Move" sind auch lieferbar (je DM 39,80)                       disintegrators, I'll get even, sin, A secret place, Have cool   Garage Inc.
eingespielt (ohne Gesang). Die erste Version ist zum            #Guitartab, Noten                                             will travel, She-wolf, Vortex, FFF                              Free speech for the dumb, It's electric, Sabbra cadabra,
Mitjammen und bei der zweiten Versien hört man das              6520 36,80 DM                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                               Turn the page, Die die my darling, Loverman, Mercyful fate,
Ganze nochmals mit Gitarre. Ausführliches Buch mit                                                                            5594 47,90 DM                                                   Astronomy, Whiskey in the jar, Tuesday's gone, The more I
Guitartab. Empfehlenswert! Titel: Wonderful land, Apache, McKagan, Duff                                                                                                                       see, Helpless, The small hours, the wait, Crash course in
FBI, Guitar Tango, Geronimo, Kon tiki, Man of mystery,          Believe In Me                                                 Megadeth                                                        brain surgery, Last caress / Green hell, Am I evil, Blitzkrieg,
Riders in the sky.                                              Believe in me, Could it be U, Fuck you, Fucked up beyond      Peace Sells../So Far So Good                                    Breadfan, The prince, Stone cold crazy, So what, Killing
#Guitartab, Noten                                               belief, I love you, Just not there, Lonely tonight, The       502, Bad omen, In my darkest our, Into the lungs of hell,       time, Overkill, Damage case, Stone dead forever, Too late
3304 69,90 DM                                                   majority, Man in the meadow, Punk rock song, Swamp            Mary Jane, Peace sells, Set the world afire, Wake up dead.      too late.
                                                                song, 10 years, Trouble.                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab, Noten
Marvin, Hank                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                             194 68,90 DM                                                    7217 66,90 DM
Play Guitar CD                                        3588 46,90 DM
F.B.I., Foot tapper, The frightened city, Genie with the light,                                                               Megadeth                                                        Metallica
Brown lamp, Geronimo, The rise and fall of Flingel Bund,        McLachlan, Sarah                                              Rust In Peace                                                   Garage Inc. - Selections -
Shindig. Bonustrack: Apache (nur auf der CD als                 Best Of.                                                      Holy wars...The punishment due, Hangar 18, Take no              Crash course in brain surgery, Helpless, Killing time, Last
Performance- und Backingtrack)                                  Adia, Building & mystery, Drawn to the rhythm, Elsewhere,     prisoners, Five magics, Poison was the cure, Lucretia,          caress/Green hell, Mercyfull fate, The more I see, The
Guitartab, Noten                                                Good enough, Hold on, Ice, Into the fire, Lost The path of    Tournado of souls, Dawn patrol, Rust in peace...Polaris         prince, The small hours, So what, Turn the page, The wait,
10278 53,80 DM                                                  thorns, Shelter, Sweet surrender                              #Guitartab, Noten                                               Whiskey in the jar
                                                                #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                           195 69,90 DM                                                    #Easy Guitartab, Noten
Matchbox 20                                                     7784 53,80 DM                                                                                                                 8755 38,80 DM
Yourself Or Someone Like You                                                                                                  Megadeth
Real world, Long day, 3 a m, Push, Girl like that, Back 2      McLachlan, Sarah                                               Youthanasia                                                     Metallica
good, Damn, Argue, Kody, Busted, Shame, Hang.                  Mirrorball                                                     Reckoning day, Train of consequences, Addicted to chaos,        Kill ´Em All
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Building a mystery, Hold on, Good enough, I will remember      A tout le monde, Elysian fields, The killing road, Blood of     Hit the lights, The four horsemen, Motorbreath, Jump the
6137 51,90 DM                                                  you, Adia, I love you, Do what you have to do, The path od     heroes, Family tree, Youthanasia, I thought I knew it all,      fire, Pulling teeth', Whiplash, Phantom Lord, No remorse,
                                                               thorns, Fear, Possession, Sweet surrender, Ice cream,          Black curtains, Victory                                         See and destroy, Metal militia'
Matthews, Dave / Reynolds, Tim                                 Fumbling towards ecstasy, Angel                                #Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab, Noten
Live At Luther College - Highlights                            #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                            1228 52,90 DM                                                   1466 54,90 DM
One sweet world, Satellite, Crash into me, Deed is done,       9896 49,80 DM
What yould you say, Minarets, Stream, Christmas song,                                                                         Mellencamp, John                                                Metallica
Seek up, Ants marching, Little thing, Granny                   McLachlan, Sarah                                               The Guitar Collection                                           Live Binge & Purge Selections
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Surfacing                                                      Ain't even done with the night, Authority song, Crumblin'       Breadfan, Creeping death, For whom the bell tolls,
9739 47,90 DM                                                  Building a mystery, I love you, Sweet surrender, Adia, Do      down, Dance naked, Hand to hold on to, Hurts so good, I         Harvester of sorrow, Last caress, Motorbreath, Of wolf and
                                                               what you have to do, Witness, Angel, Black & white, Full of    need a lover, Jack & Diane, Loney ol' night, Paper in fire,     man, See & destroy, Stone cold crazy, The thing that
Matthews, Dave Band                                            grace, Last dance.                                             Play guitar, Pink houses, Rain on the scarecrow, R.O.C.K.       should not be, Trough the never, Whiplash, Mexico City
Before These Crowded Streets                                   #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                            in the USA, Small town, Wild night                              guitar solo (excerpt), Seattle guitar solo (excerpt) "Little
Pantala naga pampa, Rapunzel, The last stop, Don't drink       8272 46,80 DM                                                  #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     wing"
the water, Stay, Halloween, The stone, Crush, The                                                                             2586 54,90 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
dreaming tree, Pig, Spoon                                      McLean, Don                                                                                                                    3674 55,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Songbook                                                       Mercyful Fate
6833 53,90 DM                                                  American pie, And I love you so, Castles in the air, Circus    In The Shadows                                                  Metallica
                                                               song, Crying, If we try, Mountains o' mourne, No reason for    The bell witch, Egypt, A cruesome time, Is that you Melissa,    Load
Matthews, Dave Band                                            your dreams, Tapestry, Three flights up, Vincent,              Legend of the headless rider, The old oak, Return of the        Ain't my bitch, 2 x 4, The house Jack built, Until it sleeps,
Crash                                                          Winterwood, You have lived                                     vampire...1993, Room of golden air, Shadows, Thirteen           King nothing, Hero of the day, Bleeding me, Cure, Poor
So much to say, Two step, Crash into me, Too much, #41,        #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                            invitations.                                                    twisted me, Wasting my hate, Mama said, Thorn within,
Say goodbye, Drive in drive out, Let you down, Lie in our      7029 54,90 DM                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                               Ronnie, The outlaw torn.
graves, Cry freedom, Tripping billies, Proudest monkey                                                                        3586 42,00 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                              McMeen, El                                                                                                                     2321 55,00 DM
3637 55,80 DM                                                  Of Soul And Spirit mit CD                                      Metal Church
                                                               Songbook zur CD                                                Blessing In Disguise                                            Metallica
Matthews, Dave Band                                            #Guitartab, Noten                                              Anthem to the estraanged, Badlands, Cannot tell a lie, Fake     Master Of Puppets
Under The Table & Dreaming                                     7620 56,80 DM                                                  healer, It's a secret, Of unsound mind, The power that be,      Battery, Master of puppets, The thing that should not be,
The best of what's around, What would you say, Satellite,                                                                     Rest in peaces, The spell can't be broken                       Welcome home, Disposable heroes, Leper messiah, Orion,
Rhyme & reason, Typical situation, Dancing nancies, Ants       McMeen, El                                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                               Damage inc.
marching, Lover lay down, Jimi thing, Warehouse, Pay for       Playing Favourites mit CD                                      1797 25,00 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
what you get, #34                                              Songbook zur CD                                                                                                                1463 54,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                              #Guitartab, Noten                                              Metal Church
1796 45,00 DM                                                  7621 59,80 DM                                                  Human Factor                                                    Metallica
                                                                                                                              The human factor, Date with poverty, The final word, In         Metallica
May, Brian                                                     McMeen, El                                                     mourning, In harm's way, in due time, Agent green, Flee         Enter sandman, Sad but true, The unforgiven, Wherever I
Another World                                                  Solo Guitar Serenade mit CD                                    from reality, Betrayed, The fight song.                         may roam, Don't tread on me, Through the never, Nothing
Space, Business, China belle, Why don't we try again, On       Alle Arrangements werden im CGDGAD Tuning gespielt.            #Guitartab, Noten                                               else matters, Of wolf and man, The god that failed, My
my way up, Cyborg, The guv'nor, Wilderness, Slow down,         Geschrieben für den Gitarristen mit Vorkenntnissen. Songs:     1798 41,90 DM                                                   friend of misery, The struggle within.
One rainy wish, All the way from Memphis, Another world.       When you and I were young Maggie, Fanny power, Star of                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                              the county down, Ashokan farewell, Jock 0'Hazeldean,           Metallica                                                       1231 49,90 DM
6902 44,90 DM                                                  Carolan's dream, Sheebeg and sheemore, Carolan's               ...And Justice For All
                                                               welcome, Our god our help in ages past, Immortal invisible     Blackened, ....And justice for all, Eye of the beholder, One,   Metallica
Mayall, John                                                   god only wise, Skye boat song, I ride an old paint.            The shortest straw, Harvester of sorrow, The frayed ends        Nothing Else Matters
Guitar Anthology Series                                        #Guitartab, Noten                                              of sanity, To live is to die, Dyers eve.                        Einzelausgabe
Ain't No Brakeman, Blues for the Lost Days, Dead City,         5281 72,90 DM                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab, Noten
Double Life Feelings, Light the Fuse, Mail Order Mystics,                                                                     1467 45,00 DM                                                   4510 14,90 DM
Maydell, Spinning Coin, Stone Cold Deal, Wake Up Call,         Meat Loaf
What Passes for Love, When the Devil Starts Crying             Bat Out Of Hell 1 & 2                                          Metallica                                                       Metallica
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Bat out of hell, You took the words right out of my mouth,     ...And Justice For All                                          One
5344 69,80 DM                                                  All reved with no place to go, Two out of three ain't bad,     Blackened, ....And justice for all, Eye of the beholder, One,   Einzelausgabe
                                                               Paradise by the dashboard light - I'd do anything thing for    The shortest straw, Harvester of sorrow, The frayed ends        #Guitartab, Noten
Mayfield, Curtis                                               love, Life is a lemon and I want my money back, Out of the     of sanity, To live is to die, Dyers eve.                        4511 12,90 DM
Guitar Anthology                                               frying pan and into the fire, Everything louder than           #Guitartab, Noten
Beautiful brother of mine, Choice of colors, Fool for you,     everything else, Good girls go to heaven.                      6609 46,80 DM                                                   Metallica
Freddie's dead, Give me your love, Gypsy woman, I'm so         #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                                                                            Reload
proud, It's all right, Mighty mighty, Move on up, People get   2975 58,90 DM                                                  Metallica                                                       Fuel, The memory remains, Devil's dance, The unforgiven
ready, Pusherman, Superfly, This is my country, We got to                                                                     5 Of The Best Vol.1                                             II, Better than you, Slither, Carpe diem baby, Bad seed,
have peace, We're a winner, Woman's got soul                   Meat Loaf                                                      Master Of Puppets,One, Creeping Death, Fade to Black,           Where the wild things are, Prince charming, Low man's
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Dead Ringer For Love                                           Seek & Destroy                                                  lyric, Attitude, Fixer.
3793 54,90 DM                                                  Einzelausgabe                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                              2572 34,90 DM                                                   5113 52,80 DM
                                                               4503 14,90 DM
                                                                                            Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Metallica                                                       Mitchell, Joni                                                 Moore, Gary                                                    Morissette, Alanis
Ride The Lightning                                                                                                             Still Got The Blues                                            Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
Fight fire with fire, Ride the lightning, For whom the bell                                                                    All your love, As the years go by, King of the blues,          Front row, Bab, Thank U, Are you still mad, Sympathetic
                                                                Urge for going, Chelsea morning, Big yellow taxi,
tolls, Fade to black, Trapped under ice, Escape, Creeping                                                                      Midnight blues, Moving on, Oh pretty woman, Still got the      character, That I would be good, The couch, Can't not, Ur, I
                                                                Woodstock, The cirole game, Carey, California, You turn
death, The call of Ktulu.                                                                                                      blues, Texas strut, That kind of woman, Too tired, Walking     was hoping, One, Would not come, Unsent, So pure,
                                                                me on I'm a radio, Raised on robbery, Help me, Free man
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                              by myself.                                                     Joining you, Heart of the house, Your congratulations.
                                                                in Paris, River, Chines cafe / Unchained melody, Come in
9711 39,90 DM                                                                                                                  #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                from the cold, Both sides now
                                                                                                                               205 55,90 DM                                                   7470 66,00 DM
Metallica                                                       #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
                                                                7381 67,90 DM                                                  Moore, Gary                                                    Morone, Franco
Ride the Lightning
Fight fire with fire, Ride the lightning, For whom the bell     Mize, Bill                                                     Still Got The Blues                                            Guitarea mit CD
tolls, Fade to black, Trapped under ice, Escape, Creeping                                                                      Einzelausgabe                                                  Mex passage,Tightrope song, Don ca´, Back stroke,
                                                                Tender Explorations mit CD
death, The call of Ktulu.                                                                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                              Oopart, L'Acquabelle, Fat boy blues, Danzamora
                                                                For Fingerstyle Guitar. The road scholar, The path of fallen
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                              4516 14,90 DM                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                leaves, Hard times, Miasma, A rose in a fire, Freefall,
621 35,80 DM                                                                                                                                                                                  3443 34,95 DM
                                                                Amaranth, The offering, Tender explorations.                   Moore, Gary
Metallica                                                       #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                             Morone, Franco
                                                                7380 58,00 DM                                                  The Early Years
S & M Highlights                                                                                                               Out in the fields, Military man, Empty rooms, Shapes of        Melodies Of Memories mit CD
The call of Ktulu, Master of puppets, No leaf clover, Hero of   Monk, Thelonious                                               things, Rockin' every night, Murder in the skies, Victims of   Walk on J.J. Cale's walk, The gathering, Street play,
the day, Bleeding me, Nothing else matters, Until it sleeps,                                                                   the future, Wishing well, All messed up, End of the world.     Flowers from Ayako, Parata dei Saltimbanchi,
                                                                For Guitar
Human, Outlaw torn, One, Enter sandman                                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten                                              Greensleeves, Vola vola, Consuelo, Mamma mia dammi
                                                                Bemsha swing, Blue monk, Little rootie tootie, Monk's
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                              1802 59,90 DM                                                  cento lire, Campiglia, I know you know his name was
                                                                dream, Nutty, Played twice, Reflections, 'Round midnight,
10275 50,00 DM                                                                                                                                                                                Heino, Expectations from a gentle planet, Slides from
                                                                Ruby my dear, Ugly beauty, We see                              Moore, Gary                                                    thoughtless time, Sunset song.
Metallica                                                       #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                               The Essential                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                8213 45,90 DM
The Best of...                                                                                                                 Cold day in hell, Empty rooms, Falling in love with you,       9809 39,80 DM
And justice for all, Enter sandman, Eye of the beholder,        Monkees, The                                                   Hold on to love, Johnny boy, Midnight blues, Naked flame,
                                                                                                                                                                                              Morone, Franco
Fade to black, Hero of the day, Jump in the fire, Leper                                                                        One day, Out in the fields, Over the hills and far away,
                                                                Guitar Legends
messiah, Master of puppets, Ride the lightning, Seek and                                                                       Ready for love, Separate Ways, Still got the blues, Story of   The Southwind mit CD
                                                                I'm a believer, I'm not your stepping stone, Last train to
destroy, The struggle within, Until it sleeps                                                                                  the blues, Wrong side of town.                                 Turkey in the straw, Eleanor Plunkett, O 'Carolan's
                                                                Clarksville, The Monkees theme, Pleasant valley sunday,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                              #Guitartab, Noten                                              concerto, The foggy dew, Flowers of Edinburgh, The South
                                                                Tear drop city, Valleri, What am I doing hangin round
3803 53,80 DM                                                                                                                  1736 68,90 DM                                                  wind, The blarney pilgrim, Sheebeg and sheemore, The
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                              derry hornpipe, Blind Mary, The harvest home, Plaxty irwin,
Metallica                                                       7880 33,90 DM                                                  Moore, Ian                                                     Marrily danced the quaker, Danny boy
The Unforgiven                                                  Montgomery, Wes                                                Ian Moore                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
Einzelausgabe                                                                                                                Songbook zur CD                                                  4787 39,80 DM
                                                                For Guitar
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                            #Guitartab, Noten
4520 12,90 DM
                                                                Airegin, Besame mucho, Blue 'n' boogie, Dearly beloved,
                                                                                                                             3579 42,00 DM                                                    Morrison, Van
                                                                Ecaroh, Golden earrings, In your own sweet way, Satin doll,
                                                                                                                                                                                              Guitar Anthology
Metallica/Slayer                                                The way you look tonight, Whisper not, Yesterdays            Moore, Vinnie                                                    And it stoned me, Blue monday, Brand new day, Brown
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
Battle Of The Bands                                                                                                          Meltdown                                                         eyed girl, Caravan, Come running, Domino, Have I told you
                                                                3638 46,80 DM
The unforgiven, Nothing else matters, Master of puppets,                                                                     Meltdown, Let's go, Ridin' high, Earthshaker, Deep sea,          lately, Into the ysic, Jackie Wilson said, Moondance, Sweet
One, Enter sandman Seasons in the abyss, Dead skin              Montgomery, Wes                                              Cinema, Midnight rain, Where angels sing, Check it out!          thing, Tupelo honey, Warm love, Wild night, Wonderful
mask, Black magic, War ensemble                                                                                              Last chance, Coming home.                                        remark
                                                                Jazz Guitar Artistry                                                                                                          #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                            #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                Full house, Doujie, Missle blues, Mi casa, Work song,                                                                         10262 61,90 DM
1714 47,90 DM                                                                                                                1803 42,00 DM
                                                                Double deal, Jingles, So do it, Sack o'woe, Fallout, Unit 7,
Mey, Reinhard                                                   Jeannie, Lue roz, Something, Like bags.                      Morel, Jorge                                                     Morrison, Van
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
Von Anfang an                                                                                                                Classical Guitar Solos Vol.1                                     The Guitar Collection
                                                                2234 46,80 DM
Alle wichtigen Lieder von Reinhard Mey, teils auch in                                                                        Peruvian folk song, Misionera, Carnavalito, Danza                And it stoned me, Brown eyed girl, Brand new day,
französisch. Auch spezifische Hammerings und Pickings           Montgomery, Wes                                              Brasilera, Romance criollo, Danza in E Minor                     Caravan, Crazy love come running, Domino, Into the
werden behandelt                                                                                                             #Guitartab, Noten                                                mystic, Jackie wilson said, Moondance, Blue money, Sweet
                                                                Signature Licks - Best CD                                                                                             thing, Tupelo honey, Warm love, Wild night, Wonderful
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                            4675 21,00 DM
                                                                Solos, Riffs, Intros, Rhythmparts in bewährter Signature-                                                                     remark.
4472 36,80 DM
                                                                Licks Qualität von folgenden Songs: Missile blues,           Morel, Jorge                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
Midnight Oil                                                    Yesterdays, West coast blues, Cariba, I´ve grown                                                                              1712 61,90 DM
                                                                accustomed to her face, Bésame mucho, Fried pies, Mi         Classical Guitar Solos Vol.2
Blue Sky Mining                                                                                                              Introductions and dance, Danza prima, Malambo,
Bedlam bridge, Forgotten years, River runs red, King of the
                                                                cosa, Four on six, Misty, Sundown, O.G.D.
                                                                                                                             Jugueteando, Taquito militar                                     Morse, Steve
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
mountain, Mountains of Burma, Blue sky mine, Stars of                                                                        #Guitartab, Noten                                                Best Of..
                                                                10466 59,90 DM
Warburton, Shakers and movers, One country, Antarctica.                                                                      4674 21,00 DM                                                    Calcutta, Country colours, Highland wedding, Modoc,
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Montgomery, Wes                                                                                                               Native dance, Point counterpoint, Rally cry, Runaway train,
1715 34,90 DM
                                                                The Early Years mit CD
                                                                                                                               Morel, Jorge                                                   Sacred ground, Smokey mtn. Drive, Stressfest, User
                                                                                                                               Classical Guitar Solos Vol.3                                   friendly
Midnight Oil                                                    Scrambled eggs, Compulsion, Terrain, Ursula, Lolita, Tune                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                up, Says you, Delirium, No hard feelings                       Bernstein: I feel pretty, Maria, America - Gershwin: Bess
Breath                                                                                                                         you is my woman, Summertime, It ain't necessarily so           6103 53,90 DM
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
Underwater, Surf's up tonight, Common ground, Time to                                                                          #Guitartab, Noten
heal, Sins of omission, One too many times, Star of hope,
                                                                3847 62,90 DM
                                                                                                                               4673 21,00 DM                                                  Morse, Steve
In the rain, Bring on the change, Home, E-beat, Barest          Moore, Gary                                                                                                                   High Tension Wires
degree, Gravel rash - #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                After Hours
                                                                                                                               Morel, Jorge                                                   Ghost wind, The road home country colours, Highland
4606 53,90 DM                                                                                                                  Tangos & Milongas For Solo Guitar mit CD                       wedding third power, Looking back, Leprechaun
                                                                Cold day in hell, Don't you lie to me, Story of the blues,                                                                    promenade, Tumeni notes, Endless waves, Modoc.
                                                                Since I met you baby, Separate ways, Only fool in town,        Don Augustin Bardi, Gallo ciego, El choclo, Milonga del
Midnight Oil                                                    Key to love, Jumpin' at shadows, The blues is alright, The     viento, Otro tango Buenos Aires. Noten und Tabulatur in        #Guitartab, Noten
Earth And Sun And Moon                                                                                                         getrennten Versionen.                                          1804 41,90 DM
                                                                hurt inside, Nothing's the same.
Feeding frenzy, My country, Renaissance man, Earth and                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
sun adn moon, Truganini, Bushfire, Drums of heaven,
                                                                #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                                                                               9861 49,80 DM                                                  Morse, Steve
                                                                203 59,90 DM
Outbreak of love, In the valley, Tell me the truth, Now or                                                                                                                                    Songbook
never land                                                      Moore, Gary                                                    Morissette, Alanis                                             Broad street strut, Cruise control, General Lee, Ice cakes,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                              I-Songs - The Power To Play                                    Odyssey, Pride o' the farm, Punk sandwich, Refried funky
                                                                Ballads & Blues                                                                                                               chicken, Road expense, Twiggs approved.
1717 21,90 DM                                                                                                                  Ironic, You oughta know, Baba, You learn, Right through
                                                                Always gonna love you, Still got the blues, Empty rooms,                                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                Parisienne Walkaways, One day, Seperate ways, Story of         you, Unsent. Diese neue Generation der Lehr-CD-ROM
Mighty Mighty Bosstones                                         the blues, Crying in the shadow, With love (Remember),         beinhaltet neben der Tabulatur auf dem Bildschirm die          1301 41,90 DM
Let´s Face It                                                                                                                  Originalsongs des Interpreten, außerdem jeweils eine MIDI-
Noise brigade, The rascal king, Royal oil, The impression
                                                                Midnight Blues, Falling in love with you, Jumpin' at
                                                                                                                               Version, weiterhin sind alle Songs als Video anzusehen.        Morse, Steve
                                                                shadows, Blues for Narada, Johnny boy.
that I get, Let's face it, That bug bit me, Another drinkin'                                                                   Der Song ist jeweils in 2 Schwierigkeitsgraden als             Structural Damage
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
song, Numbered days, Break so easily, Nevermind me,                                                                            Tabulatur notiert. Zusätzlich sind alle Songs auch für 5-      Sacred ground, Good to go, Dreamland, Batbary coast,
                                                                204 54,90 DM
Desensitized, 1-2-8                                                                                                            saitigen Bass mit den gleichen Funktionen abrufbar. Ein        Smokey Mt'n drive, Slice of time, Native dance, Just out of
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                             Moore, Gary                                                    Stimmgerät ist ebenfalls integriert. Tolles Lehrmaterial!!     reach, Rally cry, Foreign exchange, Structural damage.
6256 52,90 DM                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                              #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                Dark Days In Paradise                                                                                                         2035 49,80 DM
                                                                                                                               10043 68,90 DM
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The                                    One good reason, Cold wind blows, I hae found my love in
Let´s Face It
                                                                you, One fine day, Like angels, What are we here for?          Morissette, Alanis                                             Mötley Crüe
                                                                Always there for you, Afraid of tomorrow, Where died we go
Noise brigade, The rascal king, Royal oil, The impression                                                                      Jagged Little Pill                                             Decade Of Decadence - Selections
                                                                wrong? Business as usual, Dark days in paradise.
that I get, Let's face it, That bug bit me, Another drinkin'                                                                   All I really want, Forgiven, Hand in my pocket, Head over      Piece of your action, Shout out the devil, Home sweet
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
song, Numbered days, Break so easily, Nevermind me,                                                                            feet, Ironic, Mary Jane, Not the doctor, Perfect, Right        home, Smokin' in the boy's room, Girls girls girls, Dr.
                                                                4960 52,90 DM
Desensitized, 1-2-8                                                                                                            through you, Wake up, You learn, You oughta know.              Feelgood, Kickstart my heart, Primal scream, Angela.
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                             Moore, Gary                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                              #Guitartab, Noten
10184 57,90 DM                                                                                                                 1300 62,80 DM                                                  1805 34,90 DM
                                                                Greatest Hits So Far
Miller, Dale                                                    A cold day in hell, Empty rooms, One fine day, Out in the      Morissette, Alanis                                             Mötley Crüe
                                                                fields, Over the hills and far away, Parisienne walkaways,
Fingers Don´t Fail Me Now mit CD                                                                                               Play Guitar With mit CD                                        Dr. Feelgood
                                                                Seperate ways, Still got the blues, Story of the blues
Noe valley sunday, The irish highwayman, Hippie swing,                                                                         All I really want, Hand in my pocket, Ironic, Mary Jane, Not   T.n.T. (Terror 'n Tinseltown, Dr. Feelgood, Slice of your pie,
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
Win or lose in Santa Cruz, Tight arrangements loose                                                                            the doctor, Perfect, You learn, You oughta know                Rattlesnake shake, Kickstart my heart, Without you, Same
                                                                8157 38,90 DM
fingers and a warm place to practice, White water, Fingers                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                              ol' situation (S.O.S.), Sticky sweet, She goes down, Don't
don't fail me now, Leisure man, Sherwood caper, Twenty-         Moore, Gary                                                    4587 53,80 DM                                                  go away mad (Just go away), Time for change.
year-old woman and twelve-year-old scotch, Super bell with                                                                                                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                Parisienne Walkaways                                                                                                          1742 58,90 DM
hot pepper, Ballad of fairfax, The sophisticate, Startrek
blues, Butano lullaby.
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten
                                                                4512 14,90 DM
7508 49,80 DM
                                                                                             Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Mötley Crüe                                                      Nelson                                                           Nünning, Eddie                                                   Ocean Colour Scene
Generation Swine                                                 After The Rain (Selections)                                      Groovin´ Fingerstyles mit CD                                     One From The Modern
Songbook zur CD                                                  Can't live without you, Love and affection, I can hardly wait,   Ein Workshop-erprobtes Buch für Fingerstyle-Gitarristen,         Profit in peace, So low, I am the news, No one at all,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                After the rain, Only time will tell, More than ever,             die auf der Suche nach neuen Ideen und Anregungen für            Families, Step by step, July, Jane she got excavated, Emily
6220 45,00 DM                                                    Everywhere I go, Bits & pieces, Will you love me?, Fill you      groovige Songbegleitungen sind. 12 ausarrangierte                chambers, Soul driver, The waves, I won't get crazed
                                                                 up                                                               Songbegleitungen mit Übungen: 500 miles, Swing low               #Guitartab, Noten
Mötley Crüe                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                                sweet chariot, Norwegian wood, Hey Jude, Streets of              8699 53,80 DM
Rock Legends                                                     1475 58,90 DM                                                    London, Oh Susanna, Imagine, Calling you, Lady
Dr. Feelgood, Girls girls girls, God bless the children of the                                                                    Madonna, Killing me softly, Isn't she lovely, Summertime         Offspring, The
beast, Home sweet home, Kickstart my heart, Live wire,           Neue Tabulaturen                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                Americana
Looks that kill, Red hot, Same ol' situation (SOS), Shout at     Für Konzertgitarre                                               9923 39,80 DM                                                    Americana, Feelings, Have you ever, No brakes, Pay the
the devil, Ten seconds to love, Too young to fall in love        David Qualey: Grandma's old pajama rag, Santa Cruz,                                                                               man, Pretty fly for a white guy, She's got issues, Staring at
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Sylvias waltz, Early summer morning, My small brook              Nygaard, Scott                                                   the sun, The end of the line, The kids aren't alright, Walla
210 69,90 DM                                                     piece, Lullaby, Solo for strings, Homefeld suite, Lone's song    Dreamer´s Waltz mit CD                                           walla, Why don't you get a job?
                                                                 - Siegfried Schwab: Promenade in Nymphenburg, Small              Crawfeet, Crow Molly/Ship in the clouds, Dreamer's waltz,        #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
Mötley Crüe                                                      stones, Short nights special - Peter Horton: Toccata for a       Icewater, Crockett's honeymoon, Derwent vale, The lost           8273 44,80 DM
Too Fast For Love/Shout With The Devil                           wild old Lady, Cosmic guitarman - Duck Baker: Graze              word, Beaten to the puncheon, Farewell dearest
Bastard, God bless the children of the beast, Live wire,         street - Gerhard Rutka: Lullaby for Lisa, A happy short time.    Nancy/Elzic's farewell, Fog and flame, Mind the cap, Muddy       Offspring, The
Looks that kill, Piece of your action, Red hot, Shout at the     #Guitartab, Noten                                                creek/Indian nation, Where to now? Evening shade.                Ixnay On The Hombre
devil, Ten seconds to love, Too fast for love, Too young to      3860 20,00 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                Disclaimer, The meaning of life, Mota, Me & my old lady,
fall in love                                                                                                                      6607 79,80 DM                                                    Cool to hate, Leave it behind, Gone away, I choose,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                New Essential Fingerstyle                                                                                                         Intermission, All I want, Way down the line, Don't pick it up,
1806 39,90 DM                                                    Sampler                                                          O´Connor, Mark                                                   Amazed, Change the world.
                                                                 CSNY: 4 + 20, Suite Judy blue eyes,Led Zeppelin Black            Markology mit CD                                                 #Guitartab, Noten
Motorhead                                                        mountain side, Doobie Brothers: Black water, Joni Mitchell:      Ein neuer Stern am CD und Noten-Himmel. Mark                     5263 48,80 DM
Bastards                                                         The circle game, For the roses, Hejira, Loggins & Messina:       O'Connor, der als Fiddlespieler einen ausgezeichneten Ruf
On your feet or on your knees, Burner, Beath or glory, I am      Danny's song,A love song, Gordon Lightfoot: If you could         genießt, zeigt, daß er auch als Flatpicking-Spieler wirklich     Offspring, The
the sword, Born to raise hell, Don't let daddy kiss me, Bad      read my mind, Jewel: Innocence maintained, You were              spitze ist                                                       Smash
woman, Liar, Lost in the ozone, I'm your man, We bring the       meant for me, Janis Jan: Jesse, James Taylor: Mexico, Neil       #Guitartab, Noten                                                Nitro, Bad habit, Gotta get away, Genocide, Something to
shake, Devils                                                    Young: The needle and the damage done, Fleetwood Mac:            4793 79,80 DM                                                    believe in, Come out and play, Self esteem, It'll be a long
#Guitartab, Bassnoten                                            Never going back, Jim Croce: Operator, Time in a bottle,                                                                          time, Killby powerhead, What happened to you? So alone,
1306 56,90 DM                                                    Eric Clapton: Tears in heaven                                    Oasis                                                            Not the one, Smash
                                                                 #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                      Be Here Now                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
Mountain                                                         8991 36,90 DM                                                    D'You know what I mean? My big mouth, Magic pie, Stand           5264 44,80 DM
Best Of..                                                                                                                         by me, I hop I think I know, The girl in the dirty shirt, Fade
Never in my life, Taunta, Hantucket sleighride, For yasgur's     Nirvana                                                          in-out, Don't go away, Be here now, All around the world,        Orbison, Roy
farm, The animal trainer and the toad, Mississippi queen,        Best Of For Easy Guitar                                          It's gettin' better, All around the world.                       For Guitar by Fred Sokolow
King's chorale, Boys in the band, Don't look around, Theme       About a girl, All apologies, Blew, Breed, Come as you are,       #Guitartab, Noten                                                Fingerpicking und Flatpicking-Arrangements von folgenden
for an imaginary western, Crossroader.                           Heart shaped box, In bloo, Lithium, The man who sold the         4921 46,80 DM                                                    Songs: Blue angel, Blue bayou, Claudette, Crying, I'm
#Guitartab, Noten                                                world, Mr. Moustache, On a plain, Penny royal tea, Polly,                                                                         hurtin', In dreams, It's over, Leah, Oh pretty woman, Only
2304 57,80 DM                                                    Rape me, Smells like teen spirit, Stain                          Oasis                                                            the lonely, Ooby-dooby, Running scared, You got it.
                                                                 #Easy Guitartab, Noten                                           Definitely Maybe                                                 #Guitartab, Noten
Moustaki, Georges                                                7887 27,90 DM                                                    Rock 'n Roll Star, Shakermaker, Live forever, Up in the sky,     6303 49,90 DM
Special Guitare Tabulatures                                                                                                       Columbia, Supersonic, Bring it on down, Cigarettes &
Le méteèque, Joseph, Les eaux de mars, Il est trop tard,         Nirvana                                                          alcohol, Digsy's dinner, Slide away, Married with children.      Orbison, Roy
Sarah, Ma liberté, Marche de sacco & vanzetti, Votre fille a     Bleach                                                           #Guitartab, Noten                                                Guitar Songbook
vingt ans, Ma solitude, Le temps de vivre, Natalia, Les amis     Blew, Floyd the barber, About a girt, School, Love buzz,         637 39,80 DM                                                     Blue angel, Blue bayou, Claudette, Crying, Dream baby,
de Georges, Il y avait un jardin, Rue des fossés Saint-          Paper cuts, Negative creep, Scoff, Swap meet, Mr.                                                                                 Falling, I'm hurtin', In dreams, It's over, Leah, Oh pretty
Jacques, En méditerranée, Le facteur, Grand-père, Margot,        Moustache, Sifting, Big cheese, Downer.                          Oasis                                                            woman, Only the lonely, Ooby dooby, Running scared,
Nadjejda, Voyage                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                Familiar To Millions                                             Working for the man
#Guitartab, Noten                                                212 52,90 DM                                                     Fuckin' in the bushes, Go let it out, Who feels love,            #Guitartab, Noten
2159 37,90 DM                                                                                                                     Supersonic, Shakermaker, Aqcuiesce, Step out, Gas panic,         10258 54,90 DM
                                                                 Nirvana                                                          Roll with it, Stand by me, Wonderwall, Cigarettes & alcohol,
Mr. Big                                                          From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah                              Don't look back in anger, Live forever, Hey hey my my,           Osbourne, Ozzy
Bump Ahead                                                       School, Drain you, Aneurysm, Smells like teen spirit, Been       Champagne supernova, Rock 'n roll star, Helter skelter.          Best Of..
Colorado bulldog, Price you gotta pay, Promise her the           a son, Lithium, Sliver, Spank thru, Scentless apprentice,        #Guitartab, Noten                                                Black Sabbath, Crazy train, No more tears, Suicide, War
mooen, What's it gonna be, Wild world, Mr. Gone, The             Heart-shaped box, Milk it, Negative creep, Polly, Breed,         10362 59,80 DM                                                   pigs, Mr. Crowley, Bark at the moon, Babies, Flying high
whole world's gonna know, Nothing but love,                      Tourette's, Blew                                                                                                                  again, Goodbye to romance, I don't know, Mama I'm
Temperamental, Ain't seen love like that, Mr. Big.               #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              Oasis                                                            coming home, Paranoid, Shot in the dark, Suicide solution
#Guitartab, Noten                                                4741 47,90 DM                                                    Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants                               #Guitartab, Noten
626 45,00 DM                                                                                                                      Fuckin' in the bushes, Go let it out, Who feels love? Put yer    217 57,90 DM
                                                                 Nirvana                                                          money where yer mouth is, Little James, Gas panic, Where
Muse                                                             In Utero                                                         did it all go wrong? Sunday morning call, I can see a liar,      Osbourne, Ozzy
Showbiz                                                          Serve the servants, Scentless apprentice, Heart-shaped           Roll it over                                                     Blizzard Of Oz
Sunburn, Muscle museum, Fillip, Falling down, Cave,              box, Rape me, Frances farmer will have her revenge on            #Guitartab, Noten                                                I don´t know, Crazy train, Goodbye to romance, Dee,
Showbiz, Unintented, Uno, Sober, Escape, Overdue, Hate           Seattle, Dumb, Very ape, Milk it, Penny royal tea, Radio         9508 53,80 DM                                                    Suicide solution, Mr. Crowley, No bone movies, Revelation,
this & I love you                                                friendly unit shifter, Tourette's, All apologies.                                                                                 Steal away
#Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              Oasis                                                            #Guitartab, Noten
10410 45,80 DM                                                   213 53,90 DM                                                     The Masterplan                                                   10703 59,90 DM
                                                                                                                                  Acquiesce, Underneath the sky, Talk tonight, Going
Myers, Billie                                                    Nirvana                                                          nowhere, Fade away, The swamp song, I am the walrus              Osbourne, Ozzy
Growing Pains                                                    Incesticide                                                      (live), Listen up, Rockin' chair, Hal fthe world away, To be     No More Tears
Kiss the rain, A few words too many, Tell me, You send me        Dive, Sliver, Stain, Been a son, Turnaround, Molly's lips,       free, Stay young, Headshrinker, The masterplan                   Mr. Tinkertrain, I don't want to change the world, Mama I'm
flying, Please don't shout, First time, Mother daughter sister   Son of a gun, Polly, Beeswax, Downer, Mecican seafood,           #Guitartab, Noten                                                coming home, Desire, No more tears, S.I.N., Hellraiser,
lover, Shrak and the mermaid, Having trouble with the            Haispray queen, Aero zeppelin, Big long now, Aneurysm.           6850 46,80 DM                                                    Time after time, Zombie stomp, A.V.H., Road to nowhere
language, Apposites attract, Much change too soon,               #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                                                                               #Guitartab, Noten
Sleeping beauty sleep no more.                                   1302 52,90 DM                                                    Oasis                                                            630 57,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 The Other Side Of..
6255 47,90 DM                                                    Nirvana                                                          Acquiesce, Alive, Cludburst, D'yer wanna be a spaceman,          Osbourne, Ozzy
                                                                 Nevermind                                                        Fade away, Half the world away, Headshrinker, I will             Ozzmosis
Nakagawa, Isato                                                  Smells like teen spirit, In bloom, Come as you are, Breed,       believe, It's better people, To be free, Listen up, Rockin'      Perry Mason, I just want you, Ghost behind my eyes,
Dream Catcher mit CD                                             Lithium, Polly, Territorial pissings, Drain you, Lounge act,     chair, Round are way, Step out, Take me away, Talk               Thunder underground, See you on the other side,
Ramon no ki, Chikurei, Gando, Clocker land, Dancing              Stay away, On a plain, Something in the way.                     tonight, The masterplan, Underneath the sky                      Tomorrow, Denial, My little man, My jekyll dosn't hide, Old
mountain, Natsuhiboshi, Bewley's cafe, Kaze no hakushaka         #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              #Guitartab, Noten                                                L.A. tonight
fujin, Chotto tropical, Kintoun, Shishi odor, Dream catcher,     214 51,90 DM                                                     3246 53,80 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
Tsumujikaze, Clarence                                                                                                                                                                              3205 59,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Nirvana                                                          Oasis
7236 39,80 DM                                                    Smells Like Teen Spirit                                          What´s The Story Morning Glory                                   Osbourne, Ozzy
                                                                 Einzelausgabe                                                    Hello, Roll with it, Wonderwall, Don't look back in anger,       Songbook
Naked Ear                                                        #Guitartab, Noten                                                Hey now, Some might say, Cast no shadow, She's electric,         BLIZZARD OF OZZ: I don't know, Crazy train, Mr.Crowley,
Acoustic Guitar Duolog mit CD                                    4772 14,90 DM                                                    Morning glory, Champagne supernova                               Revelation, DIARY OF A MADMAN: Over the mountain,
Drei Äpfel am Rande des Traums, Retzhof, The capricious                                                                           #Guitartab, Noten                                                Flying high again, You can't kill Rock & Roll, Believer, Little
highpriest, Oissi geht eini, Rodeo                               Nirvana                                                          5219 46,80 DM                                                    dolls, Tonight, S.A.T.O., Diary of a madman
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Unplugged In New York                                                                                                             #Guitartab, Noten
3445 34,95 DM                                                    About a girl, Come as you are, Jesus doesn't want me for a       Ocean Colour Scene                                               218 45,00 DM
                                                                 sunbeam, The man who sold the world, Penny royal tea,            Marchin´ Already
Negrita                                                          Dumb, Polly, On a plain, Something in the way, Plateau, Oh       Hundered mile hight city, Better day, Traavellers tune, Big      Osbourne, Ozzy
Negrita                                                          me, Lake of fire, All apologies, Where did you slepp last        star, Debris road, Besides yourself, Get blown away, Tele        The Ultimate Sin
Titel liegen noch nicht vor - bitte erfragen                     night - #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                      he's not talking, Foxy's folk faced, All up, Spark and Cindy,    Lightning strikes, Killer of giants, Thank god for the bomb,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                215 52,90 DM                                                     Half a dream away, It's a beautiful thing                        Never too late, Shot in the dark, The ultimate sin, Secret
6004 41,90 DM                                                                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                                loser, Never know why, Fool like you.
                                                                 No Doubt                                                         5065 46,80 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
Neil, Vince                                                      Tragic Kingdom                                                                                                                    1719 37,90 DM
Exposed                                                          Spiderwebs, Excuse me Mr., Just a girl, Happy now?
Look in her eyes, Sister of pain, Fine fine wine, The edge,      Different people, Hey you, The climb, Sixteen, Sunday
Can't change me, Living is luxury, Gettin' hard, Forever.        morning, Don't speak, You can do it, World go 'round, End
#Guitartab, Noten                                                it on this, Tragic kingdom
1308 63,90 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                 3186 55,80 DM
                                                                                               Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Osbourne/Rhoads                                                   Parker, Charlie                                                   Petty, Tom                                                        Pink Floyd
Tribute                                                           Essential Jazz Lines In The Style CD                      Into The Great Wide Open                                          Early Years
I don't know, Crazy train, Believer, Mr. Crowley, Flaying         Bebop scales, Minor chords, Dominant chords, II-V                 All or nothin', All the wrong reasons, Built to last, The dark    Apples and oranges, Arnold Layne, Astronomy domine,
high again, Revelation, Steal away, Suicide solution, Iron        Material, Long II-V Material, Major-chord Material, Minor II-     of the sun,, Into the great wide open, Kings highway,             Bike, Candy and a currant bun, Fat old sun, Grantchester
man, Children of the grave, Paranoid, Goodbye to                  V Material, Turnarounds. Außerdem 5 Playalongs.                   Learning to fly, Makin' some noise, Out in the cold, Too          meadows, If, Lucifer Sam, Remember a day, Scarecrow,
romance, No bone movies, Dee                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                                 good to be true, Two gunslingers, You and I will meet again       See Emily play, Set the controls for the heart of the sun,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 10639 46,90 DM                                                    #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                       The gnome
2897 67,90 DM                                                                                                                       222 41,90 DM                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  Pass, Joe                                                                                                                           6951 46,80 DM
Overkill                                                          Virtuoso Standards                                                Petty, Tom
Taking Over                                                       Have you met Miss Jones, I can't get started, In your own         She´s The One                                                     Pink Floyd
Songbook zur CD                                                   sweet way, The man I love, On green dolphin street,               Airport, Angel dream No. 2, Angel dream No. 4, Asshole,           Guitar Tab Anthology
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 'Round midnight, Sweet Lorraine.                                  California, Change the locks, Climb that hill, Grew up fast,      Another brick in the wall part 1, Another brick in the wall
1304 39,80 DM                                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Hope on board, Hope you never, Hung up and overdue,               part 2, Astronomy domine, Brain damage, Breathe,
                                                                  6234 51,90 DM                                                     Supernatural radio, Walls, Walls No. 3, Zero from outer           Comfortably numb, Eclipse, Goodby blue sky, Have a cigar,
Overkill                                                                                                                            space.                                                            Hey you, If, Is there anybody out there? Money, Mother,
Years Of Decay                                                    Pearl Jam                                                         #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                       Not now John, On the turning way, Remember the day, See
Time to kill, Elimination, I hate, Nothing to die for, Playing    Ten                                                               3833 35,00 DM                                                     Emily play, Shine on your crazy diamond, Welcome to the
with spiders/Skullkrusher, Birth of tension, Who tends the        Once, Even flow, Alive, Why go, Black, Jeremy, Oceans,                                                                              machine, Wish you were here.
fire, The years of decay, E.vil n.ever d.ies                      Porch, Garden, Deep, Release.                                     Petty, Tom                                                        #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               Wildflowers                                                       10284 51,90 DM
631 42,00 DM                                                      221 67,80 DM                                                      Wildflowers, You don't know how it feels, Time to move on,
                                                                                                                                    You wreck me, It's good to be king, Only a broken heart,          Pink Floyd
Paco Pena                                                         Perlman, Ken                                                      Honey bee, Don't fade on me, Hard on me, Cabin down               The Wall
Toques Flamencos                                                  Traditional Dance Tunes Acoustic Gtr CD                           below, To find a friend, A higher place, House in the woods,      In the flesh? The thin ice, Another brick in the wall Part 1,
En las cuevas (Farruca), La romeria (Alegrias), Son de            Irish, Scottish and American fiddle tunes arranged for            Crawling back to you, Wake up time                                The happiest days of our lives, Another brick in the wall
companas (Seguiriyas), Santuario (Soleares), Herecia              Fingerstyle Guitar: Old Joe Clark, Angeline the baker,            #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Part 2, Mother, Goodbye blue sky, Empty spaces/What
latina (Rumba), El nuevo dia (Colombiana), Tonos                  Boatman, Georgia railroad, Cluck old hen, Jimmy Allen,            1938 66,80 DM                                                     shall we do now? Young lust, One of my tears, Don't leave
levantinos (Tarantas), El mantoncillo (Garrotin), A la feria      The little beggar man, Over the waterfall, Arkansas                                                                                 me now, Another brick in the wall Part 3, Goodbye carvet
(Sevillanas), A paso lento (Tientos).                             traveller, June apple, Sugar in the gourd, Whiskey before         Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers                                    world, Hey you, Is there anybody out there? Vera, Bring the
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 breakfast, The spanish lady, The rose tree, Swallowtail reel,     Echo                                                              boys back home, Comfortably numb, The show must go on,
8477 44,80 DM                                                     Drowsy Maggie, The return from Fingal, Nancy, The halting         Room at the top, Counting on you, Free girl now,                  In the flesh, Run like hell, Waiting for the worms, Stop, The
                                                                  march, The battle of Aughrim, Napoleon crossing the               Lonesome sundown, Swingin', Accused of love, Echo,                trial, Outside the wall
Page & Plant                                                      Rhine, The boys of blue hill, The rights of man, Fisher´s         Won't last long, Billy the kid, I don't wanna fight, This one's   #Guitartab, Noten
No Quarter                                                        hornpipe, The flowers of Edinburgh, The road to                   for me, No more, About to give out, Rhino skin, One more          229 63,80 DM
Nobody's fault but mine, Thank you, No quarter, Friends,          Lisdoonvarna, O´Keefe´s slide, Elsie Marley, Haste to the         day one more night.
The truth explodes, City don't cry, Since I've been loving        wedding, Sheebeg agus sheemore, Sonny´s mazurka                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Pink Floyd
you, The battle of evermore, Wonderful one, Wah wah,              #Guitartab, Noten                                                 9516 40,00 DM                                                     Wish You Were Here
That's the way, Gallows pole, Four sticks, Kashmir.               4115 54,80 DM                                                                                                                       Shine on your crazy diamond (Part one), Welcome to the
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   Phish                                                             machine, Have a cigar, Wish you were here, Shine on your
2442 63,90 DM                                                     Petteway, Al                                                      Billy Breathes                                                    crazy diamond (Part two)
                                                                  Caledon Wood mit CD                                               Character zero, Waste, Taste, Cars trucks buses, Talk,            #Guitartab, Noten
Page / Plant                                                      Sundog, Sligo creek, Rise up my love, Funky C funky do,           Theme from the bottom, Train song, Bliss, Billy breathes,         823 59,80 DM
Walking Into Clarksdale                                           Faire wind, Branches, Caledon wood, A waltz for Rebecca,          Swept away, Steep, Prince caspian.
Songbook zur CD                                                   Pavane, Maggie's reel, Fy to the hills in the morning, Jock       #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               Poison
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 O'Hazeldean                                                       7396 55,80 DM                                                     Flesh & Blood
7215 44,90 DM                                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   Strange days of uncle Jack, Valley of lost souls, Sacrifice,
                                                                  9370 68,60 DM                                                     Piburn, Bill                                                      Swampjuice, Unskinny bop, Let it play, Life goes on, Come
Page, Jimmy                                                                                                                         Compl. Book Of Fiddle Tunes mit CD                                hell or high water, Ride the wind, Don't give up an inch,
Super Rock Guitarist 1                                            Petteway, Al                                                      für akustische Gitarre                                            Something to believe in, Ball and chain, Life loves a
Whole lotta love, Tangerine, Living loving maid, Stairway to      Midsummer Moon mit CD                                             #Guitartab, Noten                                                 tragedy, Poor boy blues.
heaven, Heartbreaker, Immigrant song, Rock & Roll.                The red-haired boy, Midsummer moon, Solitude, Songline            7622 99,80 DM                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 to skye, Wintertide, Wild mountain thyme, Phooka, Chase                                                                             827 36,80 DM
219 37,90 DM                                                      the moon, Little Evan, Amy's tears, The beauty spot, New          Piburn, Bill
                                                                  moon, Fairies' waltz, White island, Evolution                     French Music For Guitar mit CD                                    Poison
Page, Jimmy                                                       #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Diese Sammlung enthält 26 Fingerstyle Solos von Franz.            Guitar Anthology
Super Rock Guitarist 2                                            5025 69,80 DM                                                     Tangos, Sambas, Mazurkas, Märche und Walzer. Piburn               Bad to be good, Cry tough, Every rose has ist thorn, Fallen
Celebration day, The lemmon song (Killing floor), Since I've                                                                        schreibt: Diese Musik ist so wunderbar, daß ich stets             angel, I want action, Look but you can't touch, Nothin' but a
been loving you, Communication breakdown, Good times              Petteway, Al                                                      inspiriert war, während ich arrangierte. Chet Atkins,             good time, Play dirty, Ride the wind, Something to believe
bad times, The song remains the same, Black dog, Dazed            The Waters And The Wild mit CD                                    Altmeister der Fingerstyle Gitarre lobt Bill Piburn als einen     in, Talk dirty to me, Unskinny bop, Your mama don't dance
& confused.                                                       Seven swans, Flls, Broken mist, Accokeek shore,                   der besten Spieler, Arrangeure und Lehrer.                        #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Chesapeake, River, Shadows on the marsh, Wetland                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                 2592 44,90 DM
220 37,90 DM                                                      spring, The great dismal swamp, Cattail waltz, Shadyside          7597 62,80 DM
                                                                  blues, Flood pain, Lake isle, Dogue creek, Silver branch,                                                                           Poison
Pantera                                                           The pond at Woodburn Hill                                         Pincus, Jake                                                      Look What The Cat Drag
Far Beyond Driven                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                 J.S. Bach In Tabulature mit CD                                    Cry tough, I want action, I won't forget you, Play dirty, Look
Strength beyound strength, Becoming, 5 minutes alone, I'm         4121 69,80 DM                                                     Minuet 1 in G major, Musett in D major, Minuet 2 in G             what the cat dragged in, Talk dirty to me, Want some need
broken, Hard lines - sunken scheeks, 25 years, Shedding                                                                             major, Bouree in E minor, Twor part invention in C major,         some, Blame it on you, #1 Bad boy, Let me go to the show.
skin, Throes of rejection                                         Petteway, Al                                                      Two part invention in D minor, Minuet in G minor, Jesu joy        #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Whispering Stones mit CD                                          of man's desiring, Gavotte from the 3rd lute suite, Prelude       2591 37,80 DM
633 60,90 DM                                                      Brilliantes Sologitarren-Material vom Award-Winner mit            in D minor.
                                                                  folgenden Songs: Spindrift, Felicia's wish, Whispering            #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Poison
Pantera                                                           stones, Wolf's head, The west wind, Dryad dance, Song for         4123 39,80 DM                                                     Native Tongue
Guitar Anthology                                                  John, North country moor, Magik, The wedding, Final                                                                                 Ain't that the truth, Bastard son of a thousand blues, Blind
Becoming, Cowboys from hell, Drag the waters, The great           passage, Festival waltz, A new dawn, Sidh beag sidh mor,          Pink Floyd                                                        faith, Body talk, Bring it home, Native tongue/The scream,
southern trendkill, Heresy, I can't hide, I'm broken, Mouth       Midnight ride, Lady Sarah's fancy, All thorugh the night.         A Momentary Lapse Of Reason                                       Richie's acoustiv thang, Ride child ride, 7 days over you,
for war, Shedding skin, Strength beyond strenght, Suicide         #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Signs of life, Learning to fly, The dogs of war, One slip, On     Stand, Stay alive, Strike up the band, Theatre of the soul,
note pt. 1, Suicide note pt. II, 13 steps to nowhere, This        5280 64,80 DM                                                     the turning away, Yet another movie, Round and around, A          Until you suffer some (Fireland ice)
love, The underground of America, Walk, War nerve,                                                                                  new machine part 1, Terminal frost, A new machine part 2,         #Guitartab, Noten
Where you come from.                                              Petty, Tom                                                        Sorrow                                                            948 45,00 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Greatest Hits                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
5555 65,90 DM                                                     American girl, Breakdown, Listen to her heart, I need to          2036 59,80 DM                                                     Poison
                                                                  know, Refugee, Don't do me like that, Even the loosers,                                                                             Open Up And Say ..Ahh
Pantera                                                           Here comes my girl, The waiting, You got lucky, Don't come        Pink Floyd                                                        Love on the rocks, Nothin' but a good time, Back to the
Reinventing The Steel                                             around here no more, I won't back down, Runnin' down a            Collection Boxed Set                                              rocking horse, Good love, Tearin' down the walls, Look but
Hell bound, Goddamn electric, Yesterday don't mean sh**,          dream, Free fallin', Learning to fly, Into the great wide open,   Alle Songs der Alben The Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish              you can't touch, Fallen angel, Every rose has its thorn, Your
You've got to belong to it, Revolution is my name, Death          Mary Jane's last dance, Something in the air.                     You Were Here, The Wall, A Momentary Laps Of Reason               mama don't dance, Bad to be good.
rattle, We'll grind that axe for a long time, VP Lift, It makes   #Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab, Noten
them disappear, I'll cast a shadow                                4428 52,90 DM                                                     2420 173,80 DM                                                    2590 47,90 DM
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten
10136 58,90 DM                                                    Petty, Tom                                                        Pink Floyd                                                        Police, The
                                                                  Guitar Anthology                                                  Dark Side Of The Moon                                             Message In A Box Vol. 1
Pantera                                                           American girl, Breakdown, Don't come around here no               Breathe, Time Breathe (Reprise),The great gig in the sky,         Be my girl Sally, Born in the '50s, Bring on the night, Can't
The Great Southern Trendkill                                      more, Don't do me like tht, Even the losers, A face in the        Money, Us and them, Breathe (2nd reprise), Brain damage,          stand losing you, Dead end job, Deathwish, Fallout, Hole in
The great southern trendkill, War nerve, Drag the waters,         crowd, Free fallin', Here comes my girl, I need to know, I        Eclipse.                                                          my life, It's alright for you, Landlord, Masoko tanga,
10's, 13 steps to nowhere, Suicid note Pt.1, Suicide note         won't back down, Insider, Into the great wide open, Jammin'       #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Message in a bottle, Next to you, Nothing achieving,
Pt.II, Living through me, Floods, The underground in              me, Learining to fly, Listen to her heart, Rebels, Refugee,       821 59,80 DM                                                      Peanuts, Reggatta de blanc, Roxanne, So lonely, Truth hits
America, Sandblasted skin (Reprise)                               Runnin' down a dream, Southern accents, Stop draggin'                                                                               everybody
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 my heart around, The waiting, A woman in love (It's not           Pink Floyd                                                        #Guitartab, Noten
2786 54,90 DM                                                     me), You got lucky                                                Division Bell                                                     5828 24,80 DM
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Cluster one, What do you want from me, Poles apart,
Papa Roach                                                        226 53,90 DM                                                      Marooned, A great day for freedom, Wearing the inside out,
Infest                                                                                                                              Take it back, Coming back to life, Keep talking, Lost for
Between angels and insects, Binge, Blood brothers, Broken                                                                           words, High hopes.
home, Dead cell, Infest, Last resort, Legacy, Never enough,                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
Revenge, Snakes, Thrown away                                                                                                        228 69,80 DM
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
10506 56,90 DM
                                                                                                Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Police, The                                                        Pretenders, The                                                  Quiet Riot                                                      Rage Against The Machine
Message In A Box Vol. 2                                            Last Of The Independance                                         The Best Of..                                                   The Battle Of Los Angeles
The bed's too big without you, The bed's too big without           Hollywood perfume, Night in my veins, Money talk, 977,           Bang your head, Battle axe, Condition critical, Cum on feel     Testify, Guerilla radio, Calm like a bomb, Mic check, Sleep
you (Mono-Version), Behind my camel, Bombs away,                   Revolution, All my dreams, I'll stand by you, I'm a mother,      the noize, Main attraction, Mama weer all crazee now,           now in the fire, Born of a broken man, Born as ghosts,
Canary in a coalmine, Contact, De do do do de da da da,            Tequila, Evcery mothers son, Rebel rock me, Love colours,        Party all night, Sign of the times, Slick black cadillac,       Maria, Voice of th voiceless, New millennium homes, Ashes
Does everyone stare, Don't stand so close to me, Driven to         Forever young.                                                   Twilight hotel, The wild and the young                          in the fall, War within a breath
tears, Friends, Man in a suitcase, No time this time, On any       #Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
other day, The other way of stopping, Shadows in the rain,         1310 50,90 DM                                                    4823 20,00 DM                                                   10149 53,80 DM
Truth hits everybody (Live), Visions of the night, Voices
inside my head, Walking on the moon, Whe the world is              Primal Scream                                                    R.E.M.                                                          Rammstein
running down.                                                      Vanishing Point                                                  Automatic For The People                                        Liederbuch
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  Burning wheel, Get duffy, Kowalski, Star, If they move kill      Drive, Try not to breathe, The sidewinders sleeps tonite,       Rammstein, Seemann, Weisses Fleisch, Asche zu Asche,
5829 24,80 DM                                                      'em, Out of the void, Stuka, Medication, Motärhead,              Everybody hurts, New Orleans Instrumental No.1,                 Du riechst so gut, Sehnsucht, Engel, Bestrafe mich, Du
                                                                   Transpotting, Long life.                                         Sweetnes folloes, Monty got a raw deal, Ignoreland, Star        hast, Bück Dich, Spiel mit mir, Eifersucht, Küss mich
Police, The                                                        #Guitartab, Noten                                                me kitten, Man on the moon, Nightswimming, Find the river       #Guitartab, Noten
Message In A Box Vol. 3                                            5556 48,90 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                               7778 59,80 DM
Darkness, Demolition man, Driven to tears, Every little thing                                                                       1015 53,90 DM
she does is magic, Flexible strategies, How stupid Mr.             Princess Pang                                                                                                                    Ramones
Bates, Hungry for you, Invisible sun, Low life, Omegaman,          Princess Pang                                                    R.E.M.                                                          Guitar Anthology
One world (Not three), Rehumanize yourself, Secret                 Songbook zur CD                                                  Find The River                                                  Blitzkrieg Bop, Chinese rock, Cretin hop, Here today gone
journey, A sermon, Shambelle, Spirits in a material world,         #Guitartab, Noten                                                Einzelausgabe                                                   tomorrow, I wanna be sedated, I wanna be your boyfriend, I
Too much informantion.                                             3575 39,80 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                               want you around, The kkk took my baby away, Pinhead,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   4784 17,90 DM                                                   Psycho therapy, Rock & roll high school, Rockaway beach,
5830 24,80 DM                                                      Proctor, Chris                                                                                                                   She's a sensation, She's the one, Sheena is a punk rocker,
                                                                   Fingerstyle Magic mit CD                                         R.E.M.                                                          Somebody put something in my drink, Teenage lobotomy,
Police, The                                                        La Luna, The coala shore, The glacier Lily, Swept away,          Out Of Time                                                     Do you want to dance?
Message In A Box Vol. 4                                            Just another latenight blues, Back to Scotland, Paris one        Radio song, Losing my religion, Low, Near wild heaven,          #Guitartab, Noten
Don't stand so close to me, Every breath you take, I burn          and two, Found fairwells, Websters revenge, Morning              Endgame, Shiny happy people, Belong, Half a world away,         3187 47,90 DM
for you, King of pain, Man in a suitcase (Live), Message in        thunder, Serpentine, The hells of the harbor, The birthday       Texarkana, Country feedback, Me in honey.
a bottle (Live), Miss Gradenko, Mother, Murder by                  song, From L.A. to Zaire, Bush pilot syndrome                    #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                             Rancid
numbers, O my god, Once upon a daydream, Someone to                #Guitartab, Noten                                                248 53,90 DM                                                    ...And Out Come The Wolves
talk to, Synchronicity I, Synchronicity II, Tea in the Sahara,     2238 83,90 DM                                                                                                                    Maxwell murder, The 11th hour, Roots radicals, Time
Tea in the Sahara (Live), Walking in your footsteps,                                                                                R.E.M.                                                          bomb, Olympia wa. Lock step & gone, Junkie man, Listed
Wrapped around your finger.                                        Proctor, Chris                                                   Shiny Happy People                                              M.I.A., Ruby Soho, Daly city train, Journey to the end o f
#Guitartab, Noten                                                  Travelogue mit CD                                                Einzelausgabe                                                   the east bay, She's automatic, Old friend, Disorder and
5831 24,80 DM                                                      Einer der führenden Fingerstyle-Gitarristen mit neun note-       #Guitartab, Noten                                               disarray, The wars end, You don't care nothin', As wicked,
                                                                   for-note Transkriptionen aus seiner CD "Travelogue"              4783 19,90 DM                                                   Avenues & alleyways, The way I feel.
Police, The                                                        #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
The Best Of..                                                      5397 78,90 DM                                                    R:E.M.                                                          5619 59,80 DM
Born in the fifties, Canary in a coalmine, Can't stand losing                                                                       Nightswimming
you, De do do do de d a d a da, Don't stand so close to me,        Qualey, David                                                    Einzelausgabe                                                   Ratt
Every breath you take, Every little thing she does is magic,       Reflections                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                               Dancing Under Cover
Invisible sun, King of pain, Man in a suitcase, Message in a       Solo guitar polka, One time siwng, Joel's song, My cister's      4509 17,90 DM                                                   Dance, One good love,r Drive me crazy, Slip of the lip,
bottle, Omegaman, Roxanne, Secret journey, Spritis in the          rag, A slice of sunshine, Phantom of the carousel, Love                                                                          Body talk, Looking for love, 7th avenue, It doesn't matter,
material world, Synchronicity II, Walking on the moon,             song, Tilli's two-step                                           Radiohead                                                       Take a chance, Enough is enough.
When the world is running down you make the best of                #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                    No Surprises
what's still around, Wrapped around your finger.                   8142 25,00 DM                                                                                                                    2306 50,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
825 62,80 DM                                                       Queen                                                            5458 14,90 DM                                                   Ratt
                                                                   A Night At The Opera                                                                                                             Out Of The Cellar
Presidents Of The USA                                              Deth on two legs, Lazing on a sunday afternoon, I'm in love      Radiohead                                                       Wanted man, You're in trouble, Round and round, In your
Presidents Of The USA                                              with my car, You're my best friend, 39, Sweet lady, Seaside      OK Computer                                                     direction, She wants money, Lack of communication, Back
Kitty, Feather pluckn, Lump, Stranger, Boll weevil,                rendezvous, The prophet's song, Love of my life, Good                                                                            for more, The morning after, I'm insane, Scene of the crime
                                                                                                                                    Airbag, Paranoid android, Subterranean homesick alien,
Peaches, Dune buggy, We are not going to make it, Kick             company, Bohemian rhapsody, God save the queen                                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                    Exit music, Let down, Karma police, Electioneering,
out the jams, Body, Back porch, Candy, Naked and                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                2308 42,00 DM
                                                                                                                                    Climbing up the walls, No surprises, Lucky, The tourist.
famous.                                                            1312 49,90 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                    4993 49,90 DM                                                   Ratt
5031 55,90 DM                                                      Queen                                                                                                                            Reach For The Sky
Presidents Of The USA                                              Bohemian Rhapsody                                                Radiohead                                                       City to city, I want a woman, Way cool JR., Don't bite the
                                                                   Einzelausgabe                                                    Pablo Honey                                                     hand that feeds, I want to love you tonight, Chain reaction,
Presidents Of The USA II                                           #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                                                                                      No surprise, Bottom line, What's it gonna be, What I'm after
                                                                                                                                    You, Creep, How do you?, Stop whispering, Thinking about
Ladies & gentlemen Part i, Lunatic to love, Volcano, Mach,         7517 14,90 DM                                                                                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                    you, Anyone can play guitar, Ripcord, Vegetable, Prove
Twig, Bug city, Bath of fire, Tiki god, L.I.P., Froggie, toob                                                                                                                                       2309 42,00 DM
                                                                                                                                    yourself, I can't , Lurgee, Blow out
amplifier, Supermodel, Puffy little shoes, Ladies &                Queen                                                            #Guitartab, Noten
gentlemen Part II, Basketball dream.
                                                                   Crazy Little Thing Called Love                                   4905 51,90 DM                                                   Ratzenbeck, Peter
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                                                                                   Travelogue mit CD
5650 59,90 DM                                                                                                                       Radiohead                                                       Mr. Ireland, Sunday's fantasy, Brackgh hill, Dolphin's
                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                   4763 14,90 DM                                                    Paranoid Android                                                dance, Comemara bay, Between the showers, Rain, Si
Presley, Elvis                                                                                                                                                                                      behag si mhor', Kalynga express, Southwind, Nix is so stu'
For Guitar Tab                                                     Queen                                                                                                                            #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
All shook up, Don't be cruel, G.I.Blues, His latest flame,                                                                                                                                          6093 24,80 DM
                                                                   No One But You                                                   7530 14,90 DM
Hound dog, Jailhouse rock, King creole, Lawdy miss
clawdy, Mean woman blues, My baby left me Paralyzed,
                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                Radiohead                                                       Rea, Chris
She's not you.                                                                                                                                                                                      Collection
                                                                   5460 14,90 DM                                                    Street Spirit
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                                                                                   I can't dance to that, Let's dance, Loving you again, Que
828 46,80 DM                                                                                                                        Einzelausgabe
                                                                   Queen                                                            #Guitartab, Noten                                               sera, Windy town, Fool if you think it's over, Ace of hearts,
                                                                   Queen Rocks                                                                                                                      On the beach, Midnight blue, Stainsby girls, Shamrock
Presley, Elvis                                                                                                                      4517 14,90 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                    diaries, Tennis
                                                                   We will rock you, Tie your mother down,I want it all, Seven
King Of Rock & Roll                                                                                                                 Radiohead                                                       #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                   seas of rhye, I can't live with you (1997 rock's retake),
All shook up, A bing hun o' love, Blue suede shoes, Burning                                                                                                                                         243 34,90 DM
                                                                   Hammer to fall, Stone cold crazy, Now I'm here, Fat              The Bends
love, Don't be cruel, Doncha' think it's time, A fool such as I,
                                                                   bottomed girls, Keep yourself alive, Tear it up, One vision,     Planet telex, The bends, High and dry, Fake plastic trees,
Good luck charm, Good rockin' tonight, Guitar man, Hard
                                                                   Sheer heart attack, I'm in love with my car, Put out the fire,   Bones, Nice dream, Just, My iron lung, Bulletproof.. I wish I
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Rea, Chris
headed woman, Heartbreak hotel, Hound dog, I need your                                                                                                                                              Espresso Logic
                                                                   Headlong, It's late, No-one but you                              was, Black star, Sulk, Street spirit.
love tonight, I want you I need you I love you, Jailhouse                                                                                                                                           Espresso logic, Red, soup of the day, Johnny needs a fast
                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab, Noten
rock, Little sister, Love me tender, Milk cow blues, My baby                                                                                                                                        car, Between the devil and the deep blue sea, Julia,
                                                                   5849 55,90 DM                                                    1828 49,90 DM
left me, Mystery train, One night, That's all right, Too much,                                                                                                                                      Summer love,New way, Stop, She closed her eyes
Wear my ring around your neck
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                   Queensryche                                                      Rage Against The Machine                                        #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                   Empire Selections                                                                                                                1831 33,90 DM
7786 53,80 DM                                                                                                                       Evil Empire
                                                                   Another rainy night (with you), Anybody listening? Best I        People of the sun, Bulls on parade, Vietnow, Revolver,          Red Hot Chili Peppers
Presley, Elvis                                                     can, Empire, Jet city woman, One and only, Resistance,           Snakecharmer, Tire me, Down rodeo, Without a face, Wind
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Blood Sugar Sex Magik
                                                                   Silent lucidity.                                                 below, Roll right, Year of the boomerang
The Sun Sessions                                                                                                                                                                                    Apache Rose Peacock, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Breaking
                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
That's all right, Blue moon of Kentucky, Good rockin'                                                                                                                                               the girl, Funky Monks, Give it away, The Greeting song, I
                                                                   1826 52,90 DM                                                    4588 49,80 DM
tonight, I don't care if the sun don't shine, Milk cow blues,                                                                                                                                       could have lied, If you have to ask, Mellowship Slinky in B
You're a heartbreaker, Baby let's play house, I'm left you're      Queensryche
right she's gone, Mytery train, I forgot to rememgber to                                                                            Rage Against The Machine                                        Major, My lovely man, Naked in the Rain, The Power of
                                                                   Operation Mindcrime - Selections                                                                                                 Equality, The Righteous and the Wicked, Sir Psycho Sexy,
forget, I love you because, Blue moon, Tomorrow night, I'll                                                                         Rage Against The Machine
                                                                   Anarchy-x, Revolution calling, Operation: mindcrime,                                                                             Suck my kiss, They' re Red Hot, Under the bridge
never let you go, Just because, Trying to get to you, Harbor                                                                        Bombtrack, Killing in the name, Take the power back, Settle
                                                                   Spreading the Disease, The needle lies, Breaking the                                                                             #Guitartab, Noten
lights.                                                                                                                             for nothing, Bullet in the head, Knwo your enemy, Wake up,
                                                                   silence, I don't believe in love, Waiting for 22, Eyes of a                                                                      836 48,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   Fistful of steel, Township rebellion, Freedom.
                                                                   stranger                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
2107 44,80 DM
                                                                   #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                      1315 46,80 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Red Hot Chili Peppers
Pretenders, The                                                    1313 53,90 DM                                                                                                                    Californication
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Around the world, Californication, Easily, Emit remmus, Get
Brass In Pocket                                                                                                                                                                                     on top, I like dirt, Otherside, Parallel universe, Porcelain,
Einzelausgabe                                                                                                                                                                                       Purple stain, Right on time, Road trippin', Savior, Scar
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                                                                                   tissue, This velvet glove
4775 14,90 DM                                                                                                                                                                                       #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                    8788 46,80 DM
                                                                                               Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Red Hot Chili Peppers                                             Rev. Gary Davis by S. Grossman                                     Rolling Stones, The                                                Rush
Mothers Milk                                                                                                                         Guitar Collection                                                  Grace Under Pressure
                                                                  Masters Of Country Blues Guitar mit CD
Good time boys, Higher ground, Subway to venus, Magic                                                                                Angie, As tears go by, Beast of burdon, Heartbreaker, Fool         Afterimage, Between the wheels, The body electric, Distant
                                                                  Goin to sit down on the banks of the river, A little more faith,
Johnson, Nobody weird like me, Knock me down, Taste the                                                                              to cry, It's only Rock & Roll, Little red rooster, Miss you, Not   early warning, The enemy within, Kid gloves, Red lenses,
                                                                  Buck rag, I am the light of this world, Great change since
pain, Stone cold bush, Fire, Pretty little ditty, Punk rock                                                                          fade away, Respectable, Shattered, Tumbling dice, Wanna            Red sector A.
                                                                  I've ben born, Pure religion, You better mind, Walking dog
classic, Sexy mexican maid, Johnny kick a hole in the skiy                                                                           hold you                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  blues, Let us get together, The angel's message to me,
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                  644 59,90 DM
                                                                  Make believe stunt, Cocaine blues, God's gonna separate.
7865 40,00 DM                                                                                                                        1656 61,90 DM
                                                                  Auf der CD sind die Originalaufnahmen!!                                                                                               Rush
Red Hot Chili Peppers                                             #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Rolling Stones, The
                                                                  2096 59,90 DM                                                                                                                         Guitar Anthology Series
One Hot Minute                                                                                                                       Hot Rocks                                                          A passage to Bangkok, Closer to the heart, Cold fire,
Warped, Aeroplane, Deep kick, My freinds, Coffe shop,             Rice, Tony                                                         Satisfaction, Get off of my cloud, 19th nervous breakdown,         Distand early warning, Dreamline, Free will, La villa
Dea, One big mob, Walabout, Tearjerker, One hot minute,                                                                              Under my thumb, Jumping Jack flash, Honky tonk women,              stangiato, Limelight, New world man, Red barchetta, Red
Falling into grace, Shallow be thy game, Transcending.                                                                               Gimme shelter, Midnight rambler, Brown sugar                       sector A, Roll the bones, Show don't tell, The spirit of the
                                                                  Gasology, Blues for paradise, Old gray coat, Four on six,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                  radio, Stick it out, The trees, Tom Sawyer, Working man,
                                                                  So much, Swing 51, New waltz, Fast Floyd
1621 52,80 DM                                                                                                                        4706 36,80 DM                                                      YYZ, Xanadu.
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                        #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
Red Hot Chili Peppers                                             9808 64,90 DM                                                      Rolling Stones, The                                                1850 57,90 DM
Out In L.A.                                                       Robertson, Robbie                                                  Love Is Strong
Higher ground, If you want me to stay, Behind the sun,                                                                               Einzelausgabe                                                      Rush
                                                                  Guitar Anthology                                                                                                                      Moving Pictures
Castles made of sand, Special secret song inside, Get up                                                                             #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  Acadian driftwood, American roulette, Hell's half acre, It
and jump, Out in L.A., Green heaven, Police helicopter,                                                                              7528 14,90 DM                                                      The camera eye, Limelight, Red barchetta, Tom Sawyer,
                                                                  makes no difference, King Harvest has surely come, Life is
Nevermind, Sex rap, Blues for Meister, You always sing the                                                                                                                                              Vital signs, Witch hunt, YYZ
                                                                  a carneval, The night they drove old Dixie down, Ophelia,          Rolling Stones, The
same, Stranded, Flea fly, What it is                                                                                                                                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  Rag Mama rag, Showdown at big sky, Stage fright, Sweet
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                    Rock & Roll Circus                                                 1844 59,90 DM
                                                                  fire of love, Unfaithful servant, Up on cripple creek
1834 47,90 DM                                                                                                                        Entry of the gladiators, Song for Jeffrey, A quick one while
                                                                  #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                                                                                           Rush
                                                                  1839 52,90 DM                                                      he's away, Over the waves, Ain't that a lot of love,
Red Hot Chili Peppers                                                                                                                Something better, Yer blues, Whole lotta Yoko, Jumping             Permanent Waves
What Hits                                                         Rock For Acoustic Guitar                                           Jack Flash, Parachute woman, No expectiations, You can't           The spirit of radio, Free will, Jab's ladder, Entre nous,
Fight like a brave, Behind the sun, Me and my friends,                                                                               always get what you want, Sympathy for the devil, Salt of          Different strings, Natural science, 1. Tide pools, 2.
Backwoods, Get up and jump, Knock me down, Jungle                                                                                    the earth                                                          Hyperspace, 3. Permanent waves.
                                                                  The Beatles: A day in the life - Manic Street Preachers: A
man, Brothers cup, Taste the pain, Ture men don't kill                                                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  design for life - Blur: Charmless man, The universal - Pulp:
coyotes, Catholic school girls rule, Johnny kick a whole in                                                                          4543 54,90 DM                                                      1846 49,90 DM
                                                                  Disco 2000 - Bob Marley: Get up stand up - Alanis
the sky
                                                                  Morissette: Hand in my pocket, Ironic - Elvis Presley:             Rolling Stones, The                                                Rush
#Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  Jailhouse rock - Eric Clapton: Layla - The Cranberries:
245 69,90 DM                                                                                                                         Some Girls                                                         Roll The Bones
                                                                  Linger - Police: Message in a bottle - The Byrds: Mr.
                                                                  Tambourine man - Alice Cooper: Only women bleed -                  Miss you, When the whip comes down, Just my                        Dreamline, Bravado, roll the bones, Face up, Where's my
Reed, Jimmy                                                       Steely Dan: Rikki don't lose that number - U 2: Sunday             imagination, Some girls, Lies, Faraway eyes, Respectable,          thing? The big wheel, Heresy, Ghost of a chance,
Master Bluesman                                                   bloody sunday - Jam: That's entertainment - Paul Weller:           Before they make me run, Beast of burden, Shattered.               Neurotica, You bet your life.
Ain't that loving you baby, An shucks hush your mouth,            The changingman - The Stone Roses: Waterfall - Mansun:             #Guitartab, Noten                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
Baby what you want me to do, Baby what's wrong, Boogie            Wide open space                                                    1481 58,90 DM                                                      645 59,90 DM
in the dark, Bright lights big city, Can't stand to see you go,   #Guitartab, Noten
Caress me baby, Sound joy, Found love, Going to New               7280 46,80 DM                                                      Rolling Stones, The                                                Rush
York, Honest I do, I'm Mr. Luck, Shame shame shame, You                                                                              Start Me Up                                                        Test For Echo
don't have to go, You got me dizzy                                Rockwell, Jerry                                                    Einzelausgabe                                                      Test for echo, Driven, Half the world, The color of right,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Time and motion, Totem, Dog years, Virtuality, Resist,
                                                                  The Blackbird & The Beggarman mit CD
3913 55,80 DM                                                                                                                        4765 14,90 DM                                                      Limbo, Carve away the stone
                                                                  mit Jerry Rockwell (Mountain Dulcimer, Mandoline, Gitarre,
                                                                  Gitarre Syntes.) Pete Sutherland (Fiddle, Guitar,                                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
Reef                                                              Keyboard)R.P.Hale (Virginal) Ron Ewing (Mountain                   Rolling Stones, The                                                3820 53,90 DM
Come Back Brighter                                                Dulcimer, Dulcimette) Niles Hokkanen (Mandolin, Mandola)           Tattoo You
Einzelausgabe                                                     Ken Lovelett (Percussion)                                          Start me up, Hang fire, Slave, Little T & A, Black limousine,      Rush, Otis
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Neighbours, Worried about you, Tops, Heaven, Ain't no use          Otis Rush Collection
4780 14,90 DM                                                     5697 66,80 DM                                                      in crying, Waiting on a friend                                     Ain't enough comin' in, All your love, Checking up on my
                                                                                                                                     #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                baby, Cold day in hell, Double trouble, Easy go, Groaning
Reef                                                              Rodgers, Jimmi                                                     8116 53,90 DM                                                      the blues, Homework, I can't quit you baby, Keep on loving
Glow                                                              Collection                                                                                                                            me baby, My baby's a good 'un, My love will never die,
Place your hands, I would have left you, Summer's in              Any old time, Away out on the mountain, Ben Dewberry's             Rolling Stones, The                                                Right place wrong time, So many roads so many trains,
bloom, Lately stomping, Consideration, Don't you like it?         last run, Blue yodel no. 1 (T for Texas), Blue yodel no. 3         Voodoo Lounge                                                      Take a look behind, Three times a fool
Come back brighter, Higher vibration, I'm not scared, Robot       (Evening sun yodel), Blue yodel no. 5, Blue yodel no. 8            Love ist strong, You got me rocking, Sparks will fly, The          #Guitartab, Noten
riff, Yer old, Lullaby                                            (Mule skinner blues), Blue yodel no. 12, The brakeman's            worst, New faces, Moon is up, Out of tears, I go wild, Brand       5345 58,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 blues, Cowhand's last ride, Dreaming with tears in my eyes,        new car, Sweethearts together, Suck on the jugular,
4961 44,90 DM                                                     Frankie and Johnny, High powered mama, I'm free from the           Blinded by rainbows, Baby break it down, Thru and thru,            Ruskin, Rick
                                                                  chain gang now, In the jailhouse now, Jimmie Rodger's last         Mean disposition                                                   The Takoma Sessions mit CD
Reef                                                              blue yodel, Let me be your side track, Mississippi moon, My        #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Dieses Songbook enthält Stücke mit Aufnahmen aus den
Naked                                                             old pal, Mystery of number five, Pistol packin' papa, Sleep        256 47,90 DM                                                       Takoma Studios von John Fahey: "Six string conspiracy,
Einzelausgabe                                                     baby sleep, Southern cannonball, T.B. blues, Yodeling                                                                                 Kudah duxx, Jamie & the bunny, I left my flute at Irving's,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 cowboy, Yodeling my way back home                                  Romane                                                             Stealin' home, Gatlin, Goin' & rollin', A minor little incident,
7529 14,90 DM                                                     #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                Impair & Valses                                                    Rowena and the nome, B. K.'s jig, The return of the flute,
                                                                  9960 57,90 DM                                                      Soir de dispute, La valse des niglos, La gitane, Mintch,           Maze music for mice, Microphone fever, C. C.'s revenge,
Reef                                                                                                                                 Valse, Swing valse, Passion, Mystéreuse, Dolores, La               Goofin' with Gary. Ruskins eingehendes und lehrreiches
Place Your Hands                                                  Rolling Stones, The                                                camarde, La folle                                                  Gitarrenspiel ist ein Muß für jeden Fingerpicker!
Einzelausgabe                                                     Bridges To Babylon                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Flip the switch, Anybody seen my baby? Low down,                   10161 44,80 DM                                                     5309 58,00 DM
4777 14,90 DM                                                     Already over me, Gunface, You don't have to mean it, Out
                                                                  of control, Saint of me, Might as well get juiced, Always          Rubin, Dave                                                        Rusted Root
Reinhardt, Django                                                 suffering, Too tight, Thief in the night, How can I stop           Delta Blues Before Robert Johnson by Dave Rubin                    When I Woke
Django Reinhardt mit CD                                           #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Blind Blake: One time blues - Calvin Frazier: This old             Ecstasy, Send me on my way, Caruel sun, Cat turned blue,
Daphné, Minor swing, Swinging with Django, Nuages,                5390 47,90 DM                                                      world's in a tangle, Son House: My black mama - Skip               Beautiful people, Martyr, Rain, Food & creative love, Lost in
Belleville, Christmas swing, Swing 42, Les yeux noirs.                                                                               James: I'm gonna yola my blues away - Lonnie Johnson:              a crowd, Laugh as the sun, Infinite tamboura, Back to the
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Rolling Stones, The                                                Life saver blues - Robert Johnson: Cross road blues, I             earth.
5059 49,80 DM                                                     Classic Vol. 1                                                     believe I'll dust my broom - Hambone Willie Newbern: Roll          #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  Angie, Beast of Burden, Doo doo doo doo doo                        and tumble blues - Charley Patton: You gonna need                  4718 67,80 DM
Reinhardt, Django                                                 Heartbreaker, Fool to cry, It´s only Rock 'N Roll, Miss you,       someone when you die - Johnnie Temple: Lead pencil
Undiscovered mit CD                                               Shattered, Tumbling dice                                           blues - Peetic Wheatstraw: Police station blues - Booker           Salty Dog
5 Stücke für Sologitarre: Choti, Djalamichto, Gagoug,             #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                        White: Sleepy man blues                                            Every Dog Has Its Day
Montagne Sainte Genevieve, Chez Jacquet                           10669 65,90 DM                                                     #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Songbook zur CD
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                    9740 45,80 DM                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
4386 39,90 DM                                                     Rolling Stones, The                                                                                                                   1482 42,00 DM
                                                                  Exile On Main Street - Selections                                  Rush
Renbourn, John                                                    Rocks off, Rip this joint, All down the line, Black angel,         Collection                                                         Santana
Anthology Of Medieval & Renaissance mit CD                        Casino boogie, Happy, Just wanna see his face, Let it              All your love is miss loving, Checking up on my baby, Cold         Dance Of The Rainbow 1 Heart
Eine Collection von 28 Gitarrensolos und Duetten von John         loose, Loving cup, Shake your hips, Shine a light, Soul            day in hell, Double trouble, Easy go, Groaning the blues,          Black magic woman, Gypsy queen, Everbody's everything,
Renbourn                                                          survivor, Stop breaking down, Sweet Virginia, Torn &               Homework, I can't quit you baby, Keep on loving me baby,           Evil ways, Flame sky, In a silent way, Naima, Oye como va,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 frayed, Tumbling dice, Turd on the run, Ventilator blues.          My baby's a good 'un, My love will never die, Wright place         Samba pa ti, Song of the wind, Soul sacrifice, Toussaint'
5247 79,80 DM                                                     #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                wrong time, So many roads so many trains, Take a look              l'overture, Waves within
                                                                  1478 58,90 DM                                                      behind, Three times a fool.                                        #Guitartab, Noten
Renbourn, John                                                                                                                       #Guitartab, Noten                                                  2189 54,90 DM
Fingerstyle Guitar mit 3 CD´s                                     Rolling Stones, The                                                5558 55,80 DM
Folk, Blues & Beyond: Judy, Anji, White house blues,              Guitar Classics                                                                                                                       Santana
Watch the stars, Lord Franklin, My sweet potato, Abide with       All the way down, Black Limousine, Emotional rescue,               Rush                                                               Dance Of The Rainbow 2 Soul
me / Great dreams from heaven - Celtic Melodies & Open            Hang fire, The Harlem shuffle, She was hot, She's so cold,         Counterparts Selections                                            Aqua marine, Bella, blues for Salvador, Europa, I love you
Tunings: The south wind, The blarney pilgrim, Bunyan's            Start me up, Undercover (of the night), Waiting for a friend,      Animate, Cut to the chase, Nobody's hero, Alien shore, The         much too much, I'll be waiting, Love is you, Move on, Open
hymn, I saw three ships, The english dances, Lament for           Whe the whip comes down, Worried about you                         speed of love, Leave that thing alone, Cold fire, Everyday         invitation, The river, Somewhere in heaven
Owen Roe O'Neill, The mist-covered mountains home, The            #Guitartab, Noten                                                  glory.                                                             #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
orphan, Tramps and hawkers, Lindsay, Sandwood down to             1626 58,90 DM                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                                  2190 54,90 DM
kyle - The Jazz Tinge: Buffalo, Transfusion, My dear boy,                                                                            1849 68,90 DM
Little niles, Cherry.
#Guitartab, Noten
10037 79,80 DM
                                                                                            Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Santana                                                        Satriani, Joe                                                      Scorpions, The                                                  Sex Pistols
Dance Of The Rainbow 3 Spirit                                  Flying In A Blue Dream                                             Face The Heat                                                   Never Mind The Bollocks
All I ever wanted, Brightest star, Chill out, Every now and    Flying in a blue dream, The mystical potato head groove            Alien nation, No pain no gain, Someone to touch, Under the      Holidays in the sun, Bodies, No feelings, Liar, Problems,
then, Hannibal, The healer, Muebone, Se eni a fe l'amo-        thing, Can't slow down, Headless, Strange, I believe, One          same sun, Unholy allience, Woman, Hate to be nice,              God save the Queen, Seventeen, Anarchy in the UK, Sub-
kere kere, Sweet black cherry pie, This is this, Wings of      big rush, Big bad moon, The feeling, The Phone call, Day at        Taxman woman, Ship of fools, Nightmare avenue, Lonely           Mission, Pretty vacant, New York, Emi.
grace.                                                         the beach (New rays from an ancient sun), Back to the              nights.                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                              shalla-Bal, Ride, The forgotten (1), The forgotten(2), The         #Guitartab, Noten                                               2431 55,90 DM
2191 54,90 DM                                                  bells of lal (1), The bells of lal (2), Into the light.            267 58,80 DM
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                  Sex Pistols
Santana                                                        2208 63,90 DM                                                      Scorpions, The                                                  Pretty Vacant
For Guitar                                                                                                                        Pure Instinct                                                   Einzelausgabe
All the love of the universe, Every step of the way,           Satriani, Joe                                                      Wild child, But the best for you, Does anyone know, Stone       #Guitartab, Noten
Everything's coming our way, Hope you're feeling better,       Joe Satriani                                                       in my shoe, Soul behind the face, Oh girl, When you came        4770 14,90 DM
Incident at Neshabur, No one to depend on, Persuasion,         Cool#9, If, Down down down, Luminous flesh giants,                 into my life, Where the river flows, Time will cal your name,
Samba pa ti, Soul sacrifice, Toussant l'overture.              S.M.F., Look my way, Home, Moroccan sunset, Killer bee             You and I, Are you the one?                                     Shadows, The
#Guitartab, Noten                                              bop, Slow down blues, You're my world, Sittin' around.             #Guitartab, Noten                                               Apache
840 46,80 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                  5176 55,90 DM                                                   Einzelausgabe
                                                               2424 49,80 DM                                                                                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
Santana                                                                                                                           Screaming Trees                                                 4501 14,90 DM
Samba Pa Ti                                                    Satriani, Joe                                                      Sweet Oblivion
Einzelausgabe                                                  Not Of This Earth                                                  Shadow of the season, Nearly lost you, Dollar bill, More or     Shadows, The
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Not of this earth, The snake, Rubina, Memories, Brother            less, Butterfly, For celebrations past, The secret kind,        Atlantis
4514 14,90 DM                                                  John, The enigmatic, Driving at night, Hordes of locusts,          Winter song, Troubled times, No one knows, Julie paradise       Einzelausgabe
                                                               New day, The headless horseman.                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                               #Guitartab, Noten
Santana                                                        #Guitartab, Noten                                                  1484 42,00 DM                                                   4756 14,90 DM
Songbook                                                       262 39,80 DM
Black magic woman, Europe, Everybodys everything, Evil                                                                            Searchers, The                                                  Shadows, The
ways, Incident at Neshabur, Jingo, Open invitation, Oye        Satriani, Joe                                                      Guitar Legends                                                  Guitar Legends
como va, Samba pa ti, Song of wind, Soul sacrifice,            Surfing With The Alien                                             Sweets for my sweet, Sugar and spice, Love potion No. 9,        Apache, Atlantis, F.B.I., Foot tapper, Geronimo, Guitar
Toussaint loverture, Transcendence, Winning                    Always with me always with you, Satch boogie, Surfing with         Needles and pins, Someday we're gonna lova again, When          tango, Kon tiki, Wonderful land
#Guitartab, Noten                                              the alien, Ice 9, Crushing day, Hill of the skull, Circles, Lord   you walk in this room, He's got no love, Take me for what       #Guitartab, Noten
8198 54,90 DM                                                  of kharma, Midnight, Echo.                                         I'm worth                                                       6298 33,90 DM
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
Santana                                                        1856 49,90 DM                                                      7269 33,90 DM                                                   Shepherd , Kenny Wayne
Supernatural                                                                                                                                                                                      Ledbetter Heights
Africa bamba, The calling, Corazon espinado, Do you like       Satriani, Joe                                                      Seger, Bob & The Silver Bullet Bd.                              Born with a broken heart, Deja voodoo, Aberdeen, Shame
the way, El farol, Love of my life, Maria Maria, Migra,        The Art Of..                                                       Guitar Anthology Series                                         shame shame, One foot on the path, Everybody gets the
Primavera, Put your lights on, Smooth, Wishing it was,         Signature Licks und Techniken, One string scales, Triad            Against the wind, Feel like a number, Fire lake, Hollywood      blues, While we cry (Live), I'm leavin you, I've had enough,
Yaleo                                                          arpeggios, Natural harmonics, Tremolo bar, Exotic scales,          nights, The horizontal bop, Katmandu, Like a rock,              Riverside, What's goin' down, Ledbetter heights.
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                            Open string licks, Tapping, Rhythm guitar uvm. Komplette           Mainstreet, Miami, Night moves, Old time Rock & Roll,           #Guitartab, Noten
9620 68,90 DM                                                  Solos von: Not of this earth, Rubina, Crushing day, Big bad        Rock & Roll never forgets, Shakedown, Shame on the              5559 66,80 DM
                                                               moon,The phone call, Rubina's blue sky happiness,                  moon, Still the same
Satriani, Joe                                                  Summer song, Home. Außerdem komplette Transkription                #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     Shepherd Band, Kenny Wayne
5 Of The Best Vol.1                                            von "Surfing With The Allien"                                      7798 62,90 DM                                                   Trouble Is..
Big bad moon, Back to shalla-bal, Satch boogie, Surfing        #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                  Slow ride, True lies, Blue on black, Everything is broken, I
with the alien, Ice nine                                       5346 44,90 DM                                                      Sepultura                                                       don't live today, Long gone, Somehow somewhere
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 Arise                                                           someway, I found love, King's highway, Nothing to do with
2296 34,90 DM                                                  Satriani, Joe                                                      Arise, Dead embryonic cells, Desperate cry, Murder,             love, Chase the rainbow, Trouble is...
                                                               The Best Of..                                                      Subtraction, Altered state, Under siege /Regnum Irae),          #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
Satriani, Joe                                                  Always with me always with you, Big bad moon, Circles,             Meaningless movements, Infected voice                           7868 59,90 DM
5 Of The Best Vol.2                                            The crush of love, Cryin', Flying in a blue dream, Friends,        #Guitartab, Noten
Cryin', Summer song, Flying in a blue dream, Crushing day,     Ice 9, The might turtle head, Th mystical potato head              649 51,00 DM                                                    Sherman, John
Not of this earth                                              groove thing, Rubina, Satcdh boogie, Summer song,                                                                                  So Inclined mit CD
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Surfing with the alien                                             Sepultura                                                       schottische und irische Stücke im DADGAD Tuning. Songs:
2297 34,90 DM                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Beneat The Remains                                              The reconciliation / Lord Mc Donald's reel, The loci tay boat
                                                               6975 44,80 DM                                                      Beneath the remains, Inner self, Stronger than hate, Mass       song, Lillibulero / The mmoncoin jig, The frost on the
Satriani, Joe                                                                                                                     hypnosis, Sarcastic existence, Slaves of pain, Lobotomy,        pumpkin / The road to recovery, The log cabin / The old oak
Another Side Of..                                              Satriani, Joe                                                      Hungry, Primitive future                                        tree, Trotting ot larne / Tom Billy's jig, Bonnie lass of
Baroque, Brother John, Day at the beach, The feeling, The      The Extremist                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                               Ballincort / St. John river, 79th highlanders farewell to
forgotten (Part one), I belive ,The headless horseman,         Friends, The extremist, War, Cryin', Rubina's blue sky             651 45,00 DM                                                    Glasgow, The independent hornpipe, Planxty Irwin, Rab's
Midnight, The phone call, Rubina's blue sky happiness,         happiness, Summer song, Tears in the rain, Why,                                                                                    wedding / The braemar gathering, Dargai / Jimmie Black of
Tears in the rain, Thinkig of you                              Motorcycle driver, New blues.                                      Sepultura                                                       inveran / Pipe major G. S. Allen, The dawn drill.
#Guitartab, Noten                                              #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Chaos A.D.                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
1230 42,00 DM                                                  263 62,90 DM                                                       Refuse/Resist, Territory, Slave new world, Amen, Kaiowas,       7623 52,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  Propaganda, Biotech is godzilla, Nomad, We who are not
Satriani, Joe                                                  Satriani, Joe                                                      as others, Manifest, Clenched fist                              Silverchair
Best Of "Note For Note"                                        Time Machine Vol. 1                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                               Freak Show
Flying in a blue dream, Strange, Back to Shalla-Bal, Surfing   All alone, Always with me always with you, Banana mango,           1022 53,90 DM                                                   Slave, Freak, Abuse me, Lie to me, No association,
with the alien, Always with me, Always with you, Satch         Banana mango ii, Baroque, Big bad moon, Circles, Crazy,                                                                            Cemetrery, The door, Pop song for us rejects, Learn to
Booggie, The extremist, Cryin', Summer song, Time              The crush of love, Cryin', Dreaming #11, Dweller on the            Sepultura                                                       hate, Petrol & chlorine, Roses, Nobody came, The closing
machine, Crazy                                                 hreshold, Echo.                                                    Roots                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                              #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Roots bloody roots, Attitude, Cut-throat, Breed apart,          4919 48,80 DM
1287 45,00 DM                                                  264 49,80 DM                                                       Straighthate, Spit, Lookaway, Dusted, Born stubborn,
                                                                                                                                  Jasco, Itsári, Ambush, Endangered species, Dictatorsh*t.        Silverchair
Satriani, Joe                                                  Satriani, Joe                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                               Frogstomp
Best Of..                                                      Time Machine Vol. 2                                                2323 54,90 DM                                                   Israel's son, Tomorrow, Faultline, Pure massacre, Shade,
Always with me always with you, Big bad moon, Circles,         Flying in a blue dream, I am become death, Lords of karma,                                                                         Leave me out, Suicidal dream, Madman, Untecited, Cicada,
The crush of love, Cryin', Flying in a blue dream, Friends,    The mighty turtle head, Rubina, Satch boogie, Saying               Sepultura                                                       Findaway.
Ice 9, The might turtle head, Th mystical potato head          goodbye, Speed of light, Summer song, Surfing with the             Schizophrenia                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
groove thing, Rubina, Satcdh boogie, Summer song,              alien, Tears in the rain, Thinking of you, Time machine,           From the past comes the storms, To the wall, Escape to the      4709 48,80 DM
Surfing with the alien                                         Woodstock jam.                                                     void, Inquisition symphony, Screams behind the shadows,
#Guitartab, Noten                                              #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Septic schizo, The Abyss, R.I.P. (Rest in pain), Troops of      Silverchair
2850 48,90 DM                                                  265 49,80 DM                                                       doom                                                            Neon Ballroom
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                               Ana's song, Anthem for the year 2000, Black tangled heart,
Satriani, Joe                                                  Schwab, Siegfried                                                  650 49,80 DM                                                    Dearest helpness, Do you feel the same, Emotion sickness,
Crystal Planet                                                 Folk Concerto                                                                                                                      Miss you love, Paint pastel princess, Point of view, Satin
Up in the sky, House full of bullets, Crystal Planet, Love     Rail road Bill, The praties they grow small, Careless love,        Serrano, Juan                                                   sheets, Spawn again, Steam will rise
thing, Trundrumbalind, Lights of heaven, Raspberyy jam         Pretty Polly, Stagolee, The midnight special, Turtle dove,         Concert Selections mit CD                                       #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
delta-v, Ceremony, With jupiter in mind, Secret prayer, A      Pie in the sky, The wreck of the old 97, East Virginia, John       Verdiales, Petnera, Zambra, Farruca, Lidia, Seguiriyas,         8274 44,80 DM
train of angles, A piece of liquid, Pscho monkey, Time,        Hardy, Hobo's lullaby, Worried man blues, Folk concerto            Zapateado, rumba, Guajiras, Soleares, Blulerias und
Z.Z.'s song.                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Danzon. Stücke: Bella mar, Ensueno, Fantasy, Juani, Lidia,      Silverman, Jerry
#Guitartab, Noten                                              5106 18,00 DM                                                      Majestuosas, Munequita, Nancy, Nostalgia, Posadas,              Contemporaray Movie Songs For Guitar
6330 59,80 DM                                                                                                                     Tentacion, Verde selva.                                         Young Guns II: Blaze of glory - Pete's Dragon: Candle on
                                                               Schwab, Siggi                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                               the water - Cocktail: Don't worry be happy, Kokomo -
Satriani, Joe                                                  Ladakh                                                             3362 79,80 DM                                                   Endless Love: Endless love - E. T. Theme - Flashdance:
Dreaming No.11                                                 Ladakh, Khyber pass blues, Toscana, Trifels, Bluesy Lucy,                                                                          What a feeling - Beaches: The friendship theme - Saturday
The crush of love, Memories, Ice nine, Hordes of Locusts       Potato ball queen, Etude No. 1,                                    Seven Mary Three                                                night fever: How deep is your love - Nashville: I'm easy -
#Guitartab, Noten                                              #Guitartab, Noten                                                  American Standard                                               Postcards From The Edge: I'm still here - The Land Befor
261 15,00 DM                                                   1857 25,00 DM                                                      Water's edge, Cumbersome, Roderigo, Devil boy, My my,           Time: If we hold on together - Dances With Wolves: The
                                                                                                                                  Lame, Headstrong, Naything, Margaret, Punch in punch            John Dunbar theme - Pretty Woman: King of wishful
Satriani, Joe                                                  Scofield, John                                                     out, Favourite dog                                              thinking - Same Time Next Year: The last time I felt like this
Engines Of Creation                                            Time On My Hands                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                               - Out Of Africa: The music of goodbye - On Golden Pond:
Devil´s slide, Flavor crystal 7, Borg sex, Until we say        Be here now, Farmacology, Fat lip, Flower power, Let's say         3900 47,90 DM                                                   On golden pond - Ordinary People: Theme - Somewhere In
goodbye, Attack, Champagne? Clouds race across the sky,        we did, Nocturnal mission, Since you asked, So sue me,                                                                             Time: Somewhere in time - Dick Tracy: Sooner or later -
The power cosmic 2000 part 1, The power cosmic part 2,         Stranger to the light, Time and tide, Wabash                                                                                       Sophie's Choice: Theme - Ghost: Unchained melody -
Slow and easy, Engines of creation                             #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                  Good Morning Vietnam: Unchained melody
#Guitartab, Noten                                              1483 39,80 DM                                                                                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
10652 63,90 DM                                                                                                                                                                                    9913 49,90 DM
                                                                                              Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Silverman, Jerry                                                  Simpson, Martin                                                 Slayer                                                           Smashing Pumpkins
Ellington For Guitar                                              A Closer Walk With Thee mit CD                                  Divine Intervention
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Siamese Dream
Do nothin' till you hear from me, Don't get around much           Eine Collection von 20 populären Gospelsongs für Slide-         Killing fields,, Fictional reality, Dittohead,
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Eherub rock, Disarm, Geek U.S.A., Hummer, Luna,
anymore, I got it bad and that ain't good, In a mellow tone,      und Fingerstyleguitar: Palms of victory, Wash in that           Divine intervention, Circle of beliefs, SS-3, Serenity in
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mayonaise, Quiit, Rocket, Silverfuck, Soma, Spaceboy,
In a sentimental mood, It don't mean a thing, Mood indigo,        beautiful pool, Waiting for the boatman, Satan your             murder, 213, Mind control.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sweet sweet, Today
Prelude to a kiss, Satin doll, Solitude, Sophisticated lady,      kingdom must come down, Wondrous love, O Jerusalem,             #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
Take the A train                                                  Go down Moses, Wayfaring stranger, What a friend we             273 55,90 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                   4548 69,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 have in Jesus, Down in the valley to pray, Contiue to roll, A
8193 32,90 DM                                                     psalm of life, There's a great change, A closer walk with       Slayer                                                           Smithereens, The
                                                                  thee, In the wilderness, What are they doing in heaven          Haunting The Chapel
Silverman, Jerry                                                  today? To be a pilgrim, Bright morning stars, Watch the                                                                          Best of..
                                                                                                                                  Chemical Warfare, Captor of sin, Agressive perfector &
                                                                  stars, I'll fly away                                                                                                             Afternoon tea, Behind the wall of sleep, Blood and roses,
Gershwin For Guitar                                                                                                               Haunting..the chapel
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                Blue period, Blues before and after, Drown in my own tears,
Foogy day, Bess you is my woman, Embraceable you, I got                                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  5302 67,80 DM                                                                                                                    Especially for you, Everything I have is blue, A girl like you,
rhythm, I loves you Porgy, It ain't neccessarily so, I've got a                                                                   274 39,90 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                   House we used to live in, In a lonely place, Kiss your tears
crush on you, The man I love, Nice work if you can get it,
Oh Lady be good, Someone to watch over me,                        Simpson, Martin                                                 Slayer                                                           away, Miles from nowhere, Only a memory, Strangers
                                                                                                                                                                                                   when we meet, Time and time again, Too much passion,
Summertime                                                        Cool & Unusual                                                  Hell Awaits                                                      Top of the pops, Yesterday girl.
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Creative Fingerstyle Guitar Solos: Darling Corey,               Hell awaits, Kill again, At dawn they sleep, Praise of death,    #Guitartab, Noten
8064 32,90 DM                                                     Shepherd's delight, Stole and sold from Africa, Plains of       Necrophiliac, Crypts of eternity, Hardening of the arteries.     1631 51,90 DM
                                                                  Waterloo, The week before easter, Lord Jamie Douglas,           #Guitartab, Noten
Silverman, Jerry                                                  Medley: Waters of Tyne - My bonny lass - Radcliffe's fancy      275 39,80 DM                                                     Smithereens, The
Jazz Classics For Guitar                                          - Santa Cruz, Rye whiskey, Swing low sweet chariot,
                                                                  James Connolly, Rose Of Allendale                               Slayer                                                           Especially For You
Body and soul, A foggy day, Li'l darlin', Lullaby of birdland,
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                Songbook zur CD
The mor I see you, 'Round midnight, Solitude, Sophisicated                                                                        Primal Slayer
                                                                  10036 29,80 DM                                                                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
lady, Take five, Teach me tonight, What's new? Willow                                                                             Angel of death, Black magic, Dead skin mask, Die by the          1877 29,80 DM
weep for me                                                                                                                       sword, Divine intervention, Mandatory suicide, Raining
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Simpson, Martin
8771 39,90 DM                                                     Leaves Of Life mit CD
                                                                                                                                  blood, Seasons in the abyss, South of heaven, 213, War           Son Seals
                                                                  The banks of the bann, Bantry girl's lament, bonny George                                                                        Bad Axe Blues
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
Silverman, Jerry                                                  Campbell, Fair flower of Northumberland, Greenfields of         1872 45,00 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Bad axe, Cold blood, Cotton picking blues, Don't fool with
                                                                  America, Jock O'Hazeldean, Leaves of life, Lord Gregory,                                                                         my baby, Four full seasons of love, Help me somebody, Hot
Spanish Songs For Guitar
                                                                  Lucy Wan, McCrimmon's lament, Rosie Anderson, Streets           Slayer                                                           sauce, How could she leave me, Look now baby, No no
22 wunderschöne spanische Volkslieder in spanisch und
                                                                  of Forbes                                                                                                                        baby, On my knees, Strung out woman, Your love is like a
auch in "singbarem" englisch. Titel: Lagrimas, La cana,                                                                           Reign In Blood
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                cancer
Moza navarra, Pastora, Venias de la Mejana, Morena                                                                                Altar of sacrifice, Angel of death, Criminally insane,
                                                                  6787 56,80 DM                                                                                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
salada, Eres aguila real, Yo quisiera ser guitarre, Viva la                                                                       Epidemic, Jesus saves, Necrophobic,Peace by peace,               5620 44,80 DM
quince brigada, si me quieres escribir, Venga jaleo, Los                                                                          Postmortem, Raining blood, Reborn
cuatro generales, Ay Linda amiga, Malaguenas al                   Simpson, Martin
emigrante, Serranilla, Estoy sonado con ella, Las palabras        Smoke & Mirrors mit CD
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                Son Volt
                                                                                                                                  276 39,80 DM
amor mio, Canto de romeria, Me ilamaste Morenita, La              Akustik-Blues vom Feinsten mit den Stücken Poormouth,                                                                            Straightaways
huevera, Los bibilicos.                                           See tht my grave is kept clean, Broke down engine, New          Slayer                                                           Caryatid easy, Back into your world, Picking up the signal,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 kitchen blues, Hard love, I want my crown, Will this hose be                                                                     Left a slide, Creosote, Cemetery savior, Last minute
                                                                                                                                  Seasons In The Abyss                                             shakedown, Been set free, No more parades, Way down
5313 35,90 DM                                                     blessed, Delia, Lock stock & barrel, Spoonful, Me & my          War ensemble, Blood red, Spirit in black, Expendable
                                                                  chauffeur, Big road blues, Road kill und Gone fishing. Zwei                                                                      Watson
                                                                                                                                  youth, Dead skin mask, Hallowed point, Skeletons of
Silverman, Jerry                                                  Stücke sind in Standard-Tuning, der Rest in DADGAD,             society, Tenmptation, Born of fire, Seasons in the abyss.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  DADGHE, CGCGCD, DGDGHD.                                                                                                          5118 51,90 DM
Swingin´ Jazz For Guitar                                                                                                          #Guitartab, Noten
Ain't misbehavin', Ain't she sweet, As time goes by, Bye          #Guitartab, Noten
bye blackbird, Don't get around much anymore, Fascinating         5710 67,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  277 49,80 DM                                                     Soul Asylum
rhythm, Five fool two eyes of blue, I got rhythm, It don't                                                                        Slayer                                                           Grave Dancers Union
mean a thing, It had to be you, Love for sale, Sweet              Skid Row                                                        Undisputed Attitude
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Somebody to smove, Black gold, Runaway train, Keep it
Georgia Brown                                                     Slave To The Grind                                                                                                               up, Get on out, New world, April fool, Without a trace,
                                                                                                                                  Disintegration/Free money, Verabl abuse/Leeches, Abolish         Growing into you.
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Monkey business, Slave to the grind, The threat, Quicksand      goverment/Superficial love, Can't stand you, Ddamm, I hate
8192 37,90 DM                                                     Jesus, Psycho love, Get the +*§%%& out, Livin' on a chain                                                                        #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
                                                                                                                                  you, Spiritual love, Mr. Freeze, Violent pacification, Richard   1487 69,90 DM
                                                                  gang, Creepshow, In a darkended room, Riot act,                 hung himself, I'm gonna be your god, Gemini
Simon & Garfunkel                                                 Mudkicker, Wasted time, Beggar's day
Play Acoustic Guitar CD                                 #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                Soul Asylum
                                                                                                                                  4447 39,90 DM
America, The boxer, A hazy shade of winter, Homeward              9718 51,90 DM                                                                                                                    Let Your Dim Light Shine
bound, Mrs. Robinson, The only living boy in New York                                                                             Slayer/Metallica                                                 Bittersweetheart, Caged rat, Crawl, Eyes of a child, Hopes
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Skid Row/Guns ´n Roses                                          Battle Of The Bands
                                                                                                                                                                                                   up, I did my best, Misery, Just like anyone, Nothing to write
10577 46,80 DM                                                    Battle Of The Bands                                                                                                              home about, Promises broken, Shut down, String of pearls,
                                                                                                                                  Black Magic, Dead skin mask, Die by the sword, Enter             Tell me when, To my own devices.
                                                                  Skid Row: Monkey busineess, Wasted time, 18 and life,           sandman, Master of puppets, Noting else matters, One,
Simon, Paul                                                       Youth gone wild, I remember you - Guns 'N' Roses: Don't         Seasons in the abyss, The unforgiven, War ensemble.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  cry, You could be mine, Civil war, Sweet child o' mine,                                                                          1880 58,90 DM
Fingerpicking Vol.1                                                                                                               #Guitartab, Noten
Mrs.Robinson, The boxer, The 59th street bridge song              Welcome to the jungle
(Feeling groovy), Scarborough fair, The sound of silence,         #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  1876 34,80 DM                                                    Soundgarden
Homeward bound, Kathy's song, Duncan, Fifty ways to               1869 34,80 DM                                                   Slipknot                                                         Badmotorfinger
leave your lover, I do it for your love, Mother and child                                                                                                                                          Rusty Cage, Outshined, Slaves & Bulldozers, Jesus Christ
                                                                  Skunk Anansy                                                    Slipknot                                                         Pose, Face Pollution, Somewhere, Searching with my good
reunion, American tune, Kodachrome, Think too much,                                                                               (Sic), Eyeless, Wait and bleed Surssorfacing, Spit it out,
That's why god made the movies, Graceland.                        Stoosh                                                                                                                           eye closed, Room a thousand years wide, Mind riot,
                                                                                                                                  Tattered & torn, Me in side, Liberate, Prosthetics, No life,     Drawing flies, Holy Flies, Holy Water, New Damage.
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Yes it's fucking political, All I want, She's my heroine,       Diluted, Only one, Scissors, Eeyore
2851 35,80 DM                                                     Infidelity, Hedonism, Twisted, We love your apathy, Brazen,                                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              657 39,80 DM
                                                                  Pickin on me, Milk is my sugar, Glorious pop song               10221 58,90 DM
Simon, Paul                                                       #Guitartab, Noten
Fingerpicking Vol.2                                               4974 53,80 DM                                                   Small Faces                                                      Best Of..
Bridge over troubled water, Slip slidin' away, Me and Julio                                                                       Guitar Legends
down by the schoolyard, Bookends, Peace like a river,             Slash                                                       Itchycoo park, Here come the nice, Tin soldier, Lazy
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Black hole sun, Bid dumb sex, Fell on black days, Hands all
Cecilia, A hazy shade of winter, I am a rock, Learn how to        Slash For Guitar                                                                                                                 over, Holy water, Rusty cage, Outshined, The day I tried to
                                                                                                                              sunday, The universal, Afterglow of your love, Sha la la la          live, Jesus christ pose, Loud love, Mind riot, My wave,
fall, Old friend, One man's ceiling is another man's floor,       Black leather, Buick Mckane, Down on the farm, I don't care lee, All or nothing - #Guitartab, Noten
Peace like a river, Stranded in a limousine. Die Text sind        about you, Knockin' on heavens door, Live and let die, New 3796 33,90 DM                                                         Outshined, Rusty cage, Spoonman.
separat abgedruckt.                                               rose, Since I don't have you                                                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                   660 45,00 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                           Smash Mouth
2852 35,80 DM                                                     3625 46,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  Fush Yu Mang                                                     Soundgarden
Simon, Paul                                                       Slaughter                                                       Beer goggles, Flo, The fonz, Disconnect the dots, Heave-         Down On The Upside
                                                                                                                                  ho, Let´s rock, Nervous in the alley, Padrino, Pet names,        Preety noose, Rhinosaur, Zero chance, Dusty, Ty cobb,
Greatest Hits                                                     Stick It To Ya                                                  Push, Walkin´on the sun, Why can´t we be friends
America, American tune, April come she will, The boxer,           Songbook zur CD                                                                                                                  Blow up the outside world, Burden in my hand, Never
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                      named, Applebite, Never the machine forever, Tighter &
The boy in the bubble, Everything put together falls apart,       #Guitartab, Noten                                               5808 57,90 DM
The 59th street bridge song (Feeling groovy), Fifty ways to       678 42,00 DM                                                                                                                     tighter, No attention, Switch opens, Overfloater, An unkind,
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Boot camp.
leave your lover, Kathy's song, The obvious child,                                                                                Smashing Pumpkins
Scarborough fair (Version 1), Scarborough fair (Version 2),       Slaughter                                                       Adore
                                                                                                                                                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
So long Frank Lloyd Wright, You can call me Al.                                                                                                                                                    3207 49,80 DM
                                                                  Wild Life                                                       To Sheila, Ava adore, Perfect, Daphne descends, One
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Dance for me baby, Days gone by, Days gone by(Akustik),
2670 44,80 DM                                                     Do ya know, Hold on, Move to the music, Old man, Out for
                                                                                                                                  upon a time, Tear, Crestfallen, Appels + oranjes, Pug, The       Soundgarden
                                                                                                                                  tale of dusty and pistol Pete, Annie-dog, Shame, Behold the      Louder Than Love
                                                                  love, Reach for the sky, Real love, Shake this place,           night mare, For Martha, Blank page, 17
Simon, Paul                                                       Streets of broken hearts, Times they change, The wild life      #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ugly truth, Hands all over, Gun, Power trip, Get on the
Play Acoustic Guitar CD                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                snake, Full on Kevin's mom, Loud love, I awake, No wrong
                                                                                                                                  6851 69,80 DM                                                    no right, Uncovered, big dumb sex, Full on (reprise)
50 ways to leave your lover, Kodachrome, Me and Julio             1871 45,00 DM
                                                                                                                                                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
down by the schoolyard, Peace like a river, Something so                                                                          Smashing Pumpkins
right, Take me to the mardi gras,                                 Slayer                                                          Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadnes
                                                                                                                                                                                                   658 53,90 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Diabolus In Mystica
10409 53,80 DM                                                    Bitter peace, Death´s head, Stain of mind, Overt enemey,
                                                                                                                                  DAWN TO DUSK: Mellon collie & the infinite sadness,              Soundgarden
                                                                                                                                  Tonight tonight, Jellybelly, Zero, Here is no why, Bullet with   Superunknown
                                                                  Perversions of pain, Love to hate, Desire, In the name of       butterfly wings, To forgive, An ode to no one, Love, Cupid
                                                                  god, Scrum, Screaming from the sky, Point                                                                                        Let me drown, My wave, Fell on black days, Mailman,
                                                                                                                                  de locke, Galapogos, Muzzle, Porcelina of the vast oceans,       Superunknown, Head down, Black hole sun, Spoonman,
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                               Take me down - TWILIGHT TO STARLIGHT: Where boys
                                                                  10572 55,00 DM                                                                                                                   Limo wreck, The day I tried to live, Kickstand, Fresh
                                                                                                                                  fear to tread, Bodies, Thirty-three, In the arms of sleep,       Teadrils, 4th of July, Half, Like suicide.
                                                                                                                                  1979, Tales of a scorched earth, Thru the eyes of ruby,          #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  Tumbleine, X.Y.U., We only come out at night, Lily, By           1488 59,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  starlight, Farewell & goodnight
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
                                                                                                                                  3920 69,80 DM
                                                                                             Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Sparks, Tim                                                     Springsteen, Bruce                                                Stereophonics, The                                                  Sting
Balkan Dreams Suite mit CD                                                                                                        Performance & Cocktails                                             For Guitar
                                                                Human Touch
Merak n'ty ubana, Dimineatsa dupa nunta, Samiotisa, The                                                                           Roll up and shine, The bartender and the thief, Hurry up            Can't stand loosing you, Every breath you take, Every little
                                                                Human touch, Soul driver, 57 channels, Cross my heart,
blues on bartok st., Larsilama interlude, Chekerjankino,                                                                          and wait, Pick a part that's new, Just looking, Half the lies       thing she does is magic, Fortress around your heart, If you
                                                                Gloria's eyes, With every wish, Roll of the dice, Real world,
Cymabalom dance, Gorome, U largove pa ba za, Fiddle                                                                               you tell ain't true, Wouldn't believe your radio, T-shirt           love somebody set them free, Message in a bottle,
                                                                All or nothin' at all, Man's job, I wish I were blind, The long
medley                                                                                                                            suntan, Is yesterday tomorrow today? A minute longer, She           Roxanne, So lonely, We'll be together, Wrapped around
                                                                goodbye, Real man, Pony boy.
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 takes her clothes off, Plastic california, Stopped to fill my       your finger.
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
4128 52,00 DM                                                                                                                     car up                                                              #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                279 39,90 DM
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                   851 36,80 DM
Sparks, Tim                                                     Springsteen, Bruce                                                7584 46,80 DM
Guitar Bazar mit CD                                                                                                                                                                                   Stone Roses, The
Bach-n-Aliya, The rain beggar, Guitar bazar, Sleeping
                                                                Lucky Town                                                        Stereophonics, The                                                  Collection im Slipcase
                                                                Better days, Lucky town, Local hero, If I should fall behind,
giant, Chasing the dragon, Roumanian folk dances, It's                                                                            Word Gets Around                                                    Die Alben "The Stone Roses", "Turns Into Stone" und
                                                                Leap of faith, The big Muddy, Living proof, Book of dreams,
greek to me, Sailing to Byzantium, Dr.Ssmedvig's berzerka                                                                         A thousand trees, Looks like Chaplin, More life in a tramps         "Second Coming" zum Sparpreis: I wanna be adored, She
                                                                Souls of the daparted, My beautiful reward
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 vest, Local boy in the photgraph, Traffic, Not up to you,           bangs the drums, Waterfall, Don't stop, Bye bye badman,
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
3446 39,80 DM                                                                                                                     Check my eyelids for holes, Same size feet, Last of the big         Elizabeth my dear, Sugar spun sister, Made of stone, Shoot
                                                                280 40,90 DM
                                                                                                                                  time drinkers, Goldfish bowl, Too many sandwiches, Bill             you down, This is the one, I am the resurrection - Elephant
Sparks, Tim                                                     Springsteen, Bruce                                                Daveys daughter                                                     stone, The hardest thing in the world, Going down, Mersey
The Guitar Of.. mit CD                                                                                                            #Guitartab, Noten                                                   paradise, Standing here, Where angels play, Simone, Fools
                                                                The Ghoast Of Tom Joad                                            5347 46,80 DM                                                       gold, What the world is waiting for, One love, Somethings
Nutcracker selections, Bach-n-alya, The rain beggar, Guitar
                                                                The ghoast of Tom Joad, Straight time, Highway 29,                                                                                    burning - Breaking into heaven, Driving south, Ten storey
bazar, Sleeping giant, Chasing the dragon, Sailing to
Byzantium, It's greek to me, Dr. Smedvig's berzerka
                                                                Youngstown, Sinaloa cowboys, The line, Balboa park, Dry           Stetina, Troy                                                       love song, Daybreak, Your star will shine, Straigt to the
                                                                lightning, The new timer, Across the border, Galveston bay,                                                                           man, Begging you, Tightrope, Good times, Tears, How do
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 90´s Acoustic Rock mit CD
                                                                My best was never good enough.                                                                                                        you sleep, Love spreads
7509 58,80 DM                                                                                                                     Hootie & The Blowfish: Only wanna be with you - Eric
                                                                #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                                                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  Clapton: Tears in heaven - Oasis:Wonderwall. Viele
Sparks, Tim                                                     2335 54,90 DM                                                                                                                         6596 124,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  Übungen, Tricks und Tips für den Sound zu o. g. Songs.
The Nutcracker Suite mit CD                                     Status Quo                                                        #Guitartab, Noten
Overture, March of the toy soldiers, Dance of the sugar                                                                           7025 44,90 DM                                                       Stone Roses, The
                                                                Guitar Legends                                                                                                                        Complete Guitar Tab Edition
plum fairies, Trepack-Cossack dance, Arabian dance,
Chines dance, Dance of the reed pipes, Waltz of the
                                                                Rockin' all over the world, In the army now, Whatever you         Steve Miller Band                                                   Songbook zur CD
                                                                want, What your proposing, Magnita time, Burning bridges,                                                                             #Guitartab, Noten
flowers                                                                                                                           Steve Miller For Guitar Tab
                                                                Like it or not, Queeny                                                                                                                8135 53,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 Abracadabra, Dance dance dance, Fly like an eagle, Jet air
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
4112 49,90 DM                                                                                                                     liner, Rock 'n' me, Seasons, Swingtown, The joker, The
                                                                9628 33,90 DM
                                                                                                                                  Stake, Wintertime                                                   Stone Roses, The
Spence, Joseph                                                  Steely Dan                                                        #Guitartab, Noten                                                   Second Coming
Complete Folkaway Records mit CD                                                                                                  1934 45,80 DM                                                       Breaking into heaven, Driving south, Ten storey love song,
                                                                Best Of For Solo Guitar                                                                                                               Daybreak, Your star will shine, Straigt to the man, Begging
#Guitartab, Noten
7640 79,90 DM
                                                                Aja, Babylon sisters, Deacon blues, Doctor Wu, Gaucho,            Stevens, Cat                                                        you, Tightrope, Good times, Tears, How do you sleep, Love
                                                                Haitian divorce, Hey nineteen, Kid charlemagne, Peg, Rikki                                                                            spreads
                                                                                                                                  Greatest Hits
Spin Doctors                                                    don´t lose that number, Third world man.                                                                                              #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  Father & son, Moonshadow, Peace train, Wild world, Hard
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                     1963 46,80 DM
Pocket Full Of Kryptonite                                                                                                         headed woman, The wind, If I laugh, How can I tell you,
                                                                10537 39,80 DM
Jimmy Olsen's blues, What time is it? Little miss can't be                                                                        Katmandu, Longer boats, On the road to find out, Where do
                                                                                                                                  the children play ?                                                 Stone Roses, The
wrong, Forty of fifty, Refrigerator car, More than she knows,   Steely Dan                                                        #Guitartab, Noten                                                   The Stone Roses
Two princes, Off my line, How could you want him (When
                                                                Best Of..                                                         850 46,80 DM                                                        I wanna be adored, She bangs the drums, Waterfall, Don't
you know you could have me?) Shinbone alley, Hard to
                                                                Hey nineteen, Josie, Kid charlemagne, NMy old school,                                                                                 stop, Bye bye badman, Elizabeth my dear, Sugar spun
#Guitartab, Noten
                                                                Peg, Reelin' in the years, Rikki don't loose that number,         Stewart, Rod                                                        sister, Made of stone, Shoot you down, This is the one, I
                                                                Time out of mind, Aja, Bad sneakers, Black frieday,                                                                                   am the resurrection.
278 42,00 DM                                                                                                                      Best Of For Easy Guitar
                                                                Bodhisattva, Night by night, Chain lightning, Parker's band,                                                                          #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  Da ya think I'm sexy, Downtown train, The first cut is the
Spin Doctors                                                    Deacon blues, Don't take me alive, Pretzel logic, Gaucho,                                                                             5205 46,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  deepest, Forever young, Gasoline alley, Handbags and
                                                                Green earings.
Turn It Upside Down                                                                                                               gladrags, Have I told you lately, Hot legs, I don't want to talk
Big fat funky booty, You let your heart go too fast,
                                                                #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                                                                                  about it, I was only joking, Maggie May, Mandolin wind, The         Stone Roses, The
                                                                1884 66,80 DM
Cleopatra's cat, Hungry hamed's, Biscuit head,                                                                                    Motown song, Reason to believe, Rhythm of my heart,                 Turns Into Stone
Indifference, Bags of dirt, Mary Jane, More than meets the     Steely Dan                                                         Some guys have all the luck, Stay with me, This old heart of        Elephant stone, The hardest thing in the world, Going
ear, Laraby's gang, At this hour, Someday all this will be the                                                                    mine, Tonight I'm yours, Tonight's the night, You are               down, Mersey paradise, Standing here, Where angels play,
                                                               Greatest Songs                                                     everything, You wear it well, You'r in my heart, Young turks        Simone, Fools gold, What the world is waiting for, One love,
road, Beast in the woods.
                                                               Aja, Bodhisattva, Chain lightning, Daddy don't live in that        #Easy Guitartab, Noten                                              Somethings burning.
#Guitartab, Noten
                                                               New York city no more, Don't take me alive, Everyone's             8990 34,90 DM                                                       #Guitartab, Noten
655 30,00 DM
                                                               gone to the movies, Gaucho, Haitan divorce, Hey nineteen,                                                                              6151 46,80 DM
Spin Doctors                                                   Josie, My old school, Pretzel logic, Reeling in the years,         Stewart, Rod
Up For Grabs
                                                               Sign in stranger, Throw back the little ones.
                                                                                                                                  Best Of For Guitar                                                  Stotzem, Jacques
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten
Big fat funky booty, At this hour, Freeway at the plains,                                                                         Da ya think I'm sexy, Downtown train, The first cut is the          Clear Night mit CD
                                                               10303 59,90 DM
Lady kerosene, Yo mama's a pajama, Little miss can''t be                                                                          deepest, Forever young, Gasonine Alley, Have I told you             Clear night, Blues for german, Night drive, With hope, Two
wrong, Rosetta Stone.                                          Steely Dan                                                         lately, Hot legs, I don't want to talk about it, I'm loosing you,   sleepy cats, Double jeu, In no time, Histoire du soir,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 I was only joking, Maggie may, Mandoline wind, Passion,             Suspected, All right with you, never mind
                                                               Guitar Anthology                                                   Reason to believe, Stay with me, tonight I'm yours, You             #Guitartab, Noten
654 45,00 DM
                                                               Aja, Bad sneakers, Black friday, Bodhisattva, Chain                wear it well, You're in my heart, Young turks                       4111 34,95 DM
Sponge                                                         lightning, Deacon blues, Don't take me alive, Gaucho,              #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
Rotting Pinata
                                                               Green earrings, Hey nineteen, Josie, Kid charlemagne, My           662 55,90 DM                                                        Stotzem, Jacques
                                                               old school, Night by night, Parker's band, Pretzel logic,
Songbook zur CD                                                                                                                                                                                       Connections mit CD
#Guitartab, Noten
                                                               Reelin' in the years, Rikki don't lose that number, Time out       Stewart, Rod                                                        Gando, Zimmer 13, Une part de soi, Couleur guitare,
                                                               of mind
5560 52,90 DM                                                                                                                     Unplugged & Seated                                                  Breaking the rules
                                                               #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
                                                                                                                                  Maggie May, Reason to believe, The first cut is the                 #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               10120 68,90 DM
Sponge                                                                                                                            deepest, Tonight's the night, People get ready, Hot legs,           9647 39,80 DM
Wax Ecstatic                                                    Steely Dan                                                        Handbags & gladrags, Cut across shorty, Every picture tells
Songbook zur CD                                                                                                                   a story, Have I told you lately, Tom Traubert's Blues,              Stotzem, Jacques
                                                                Just The Riffs                                                    Mandoline wind, Highgate shuffle, Stay with me, Havin' a
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                                                                                     Fingerprint mit CD
                                                                Bad sneakers, Black friday, Bodhisattva, The Boston rag,          party.
5573 52,90 DM                                                                                                                                                                                         Fingerprint, Hope of an answer, A suivre, Late at night, A
                                                                Deacon blues, FM, Green earrings, Hey nineteen, Josie,            #Guitartab, Noten                                                   break in the clouds, Quick reply, Secret garden, The frame,
                                                                Kid charlemagne, King of the world, My old school,
Springsteen, Bruce                                              Parker´s band, Peg, Reeling in the years, Rikki don´t lose
                                                                                                                                  1635 58,90 DM                                                       Vent d'ailleurs, Lazy
Better Days                                                                                                                                                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                that number, Sign in stranger                                     Stills, Stephen                                                     7241 39,80 DM
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 Guitar Anthology
                                                                10536 29,80 DM                                                                                                                        Stotzem, Jacques
7514 14,90 DM                                                                                                                     Carry on/questions, Daylight again, Do for the others, Fari
                                                                Steinbach, Patrick                                                game 49 bye byes, 4 + 20, Got it made, Haven't we lost              Straight On mit CD
Springsteen, Bruce                                              Irische Melodien f. Akustikgitarre m. CD
                                                                                                                                  enough, Helplessly hoping, Johnny's garden, Love the one            Seule issue, I gemelli, Straight on, Trace of sorrow, Entre
                                                                                                                                  you're with, Make love to you, Marianne, See the changes,           les lignes, Personal view, Slippers comfort, Printemps
Greatest Hits                                                   Kerry Polka, Tom Vicar's Polka, Road to Lisdonnvarna,             Sit yourself down, So begins the task, Southern cross,              acoustique
Atlantic city, Badlands, Better days, Blood brothers, Born in   Jonny's wedding, Dusty Miller, The woods of Kilkenny,             Stranger, Suite:Judy blue eyes, Thoroughfare gap, You               #Guitartab, Noten
the USA, Born to run Brilliant disguise, Dancing in the dark,   Peter Street, Brian Boru's march, O'Carolan's welcome,            dan't have to cry                                                   3431 34,95 DM
Glory days, Human touch, Hungry heart, Murder                   George Brabzon, Blind Mary, Planxty Kelly, Miss Murphy,           #Guitartab, Noten
incorporated, My hometown, The river, Secret garden,            O'Carolan's quarrel with the landlady, O'Carolan's receipt
Streets of Philadelphia, This hard land, Thunder road.          for drinking whiskey
                                                                                                                                  286 40,90 DM                                                        Stotzem, Jacques
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                                                                                                                                                           Two Bridges mit CD
1738 63,90 DM
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                 Sting                                                               Acoustic spirit, Two bridges, Inner circle, Ambiance noir et
                                                                9001 36,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  Best Of Fields of Gold                                              blanc, Complicitê, Dernier regard, Never enough, Blue box,
Springsteen, Bruce                                              Steppenwolf                                                       When we dance, If you love somebody set them free,                  A change for the better
                                                                                                                                  Fields of gold, All this time, Fortress around your heart, Be       #Guitartab, Noten
Guitar Anthology                                                Best Of..                                                         still my beating heart, They dance alone (Cueca solo), I I          3438 39,80 DM
Born in the USA, Born to run, Cadilllac ranch, Cover me,        Born to be wild, Desperation, Don't step on the grass sam,        ever lose my faith in you, Fragile, Why should I cry for
Dancing in the dark, Fire, Glory days, Hungry heart, I'm on     For ladies only, Give me news I can use, He lasdy mama,
fire, My hometown, Pink cadillac, Rosalita, Tenth avenue        It's never too late, Magic carpet ride, Monster suicide
                                                                                                                                  you?, Englishman in N.Y., We'll be together, Russians, This         Stover, Rico
                                                                                                                                  cowboy song.                                                        Barrios in Tabulature mit CD
freeze-out, The river, Thunder road                             america, Move over, The ostrich, The pusher, Ride with me         #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                 El sueno de la munequita, Minueto en la, Preludio in E
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Rock 'n' roll rebels, Tock me, Screaming night hog,               1625 46,80 DM                                                       minor, Gavota al Estilo Antiguo, Medallon Antiguo, Dinora,
3537 65,90 DM                                                   Snowblind friend, Sookie sookie, The wall, Who needs ya.
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                     Preludio in C minor, Maxixe, Las Abaejas, Danza Guarani,
Springsteen, Bruce                                              661 66,80 DM                                                                                                                          Villancico de Navidad, Oracion, Julia Florida - Barcarola,
Human Touch                                                                                                                                                                                           Romanza en Imitacion al Violoncello, Choro da Saudade
Einzelausgabe                                                                                                                                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                                                                                     4552 48,80 DM
7524 14,90 DM
                                                                                             Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Stover, Rico                                                     Supergrass                                                       Tesla                                                            Toto
Barrios In Tabulature Vol. 2                                     Supergrass 99                                                    Mechanical Resonance                                             Guitar Anthology
Agustin Pio Barrios ist eine Legende in der Geschichte der       Moving, Your love, What went wrong, Beautiful people,            Before my eyes, Changes, Cover queen, Cumin' atcha live,         Africa, Animal, Carmen, Girl goodbye, Hold the line, Hydra,
Klassischen Gitarre. Seine Konzerte fanden in 18                 Shotover hill, Eon, Mary, Jesus came from outta space,           Ez come ez go, Gettin' better, Little Suzie, Love me,            I think I could stand you forever, Jake to the bone, Lovers in
südamerikanischen Ländern und in Europa statt, zu einer          Pumping on your stereo, Born again, Faraway, Mama &              Modern day cowboy, Rock me to the top, Two late for love,        the night, Pamela, Rosanna, Somewhere tonight, Stop
Zeit, als das Reisen noch mit erheblichen Anstrengungen          papa                                                             We're not good together                                          loving you, Without your love
verbunden war. Seine Werke sind nach Schwierigkeitsgrad          #Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
geordnet in diese Buch festgehalten. Hervorragende               9952 51,90 DM                                                    1903 39,80 DM                                                    3887 68,90 DM
Übungsstücke zur Verbesserung der Technik und ein
ausgezeichnetes Repertoire eines großen Komponisten              Surette, David                                                   Tesla                                                            Tragically Hip, The
unseres ausgehenden Jahrhunderts. Titel: Prelude in D            Down The Brae mit CD                                             Psychotic Supper                                                 Trouble At The Henhouse
Minor, Prelude in E, Estudio en arpegio, Escala y preludio,      Eine Fingerstyle-Auswahl aus Irland, England, Schottland,        Change in the weather, Man out of time, Edisons medicine,        Gift shop, Springtime in Vienna, Ahead by a century, Don't
Minuet in A, Sarita, Madrigal - Gavota, Estudio vals, Junto a    Frankreich und New England                                       Don't de-rock me, Call it what you want, Song & emotion,         wake daddy, Flamenco, 700 ft. Ceiling, Butts wigglin,
tu corazon, Cueca, Aconquija, Vals tropiacal, Estudio de         #Guitartab, Noten                                                Time, Goverment personnel, Freedom slaves, Had enough,           Apartment song, Coconut cream, Let's stay engaged,
concierto, Tarantella                                            5394 58,00 DM                                                    What you give, Stir it up, Can't stop, Toke about it.            Sherpa, Put it off
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab, Noten
7916 42,80 DM                                                    Talk Show                                                        1906 49,80 DM                                                    3901 55,90 DM
                                                                 Talk Show
Sublime                                                          Songbook zur CD                                                  Tesla                                                            Travis
Sublime                                                          #Guitartab, Noten                                                The Great Radio Controversy                                      The Man Who
Garden groove, Wht I got, Wrong way, Same in the end,            5852 47,90 DM                                                    Hang tough, Lady luck, Heaven's trail, Be a man, Lazy days       Writing to reach you, The fear, As you are, Driftwood, The
April 29 1992, Santeria, Seed, Jailhouse, Pawn shop,                                                                              crazy nights, Did it for the money, Yesterdaze gone, Makin'      last laugh of laughter, Turn, Why does it always rain on
Paddle out, the ballad of Johnny Butt, Burritos, Under my        Tarenskeen, Olaf                                                 magic, The way it is, Flight to nowhere, Love song,              me? Luv, She's so strange, Slide show, Blue flashing light
voodoo, Get ready, Caress me down, What I got (reprise),         Decisions mit CD                                                 Paradise, Party's over.                                          #Guitartab, Noten
doin' time.                                                      Parcours, Decisions, Wals No. 2, Watch me now, No                #Guitartab, Noten                                                8852 53,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                thoughts, Counting seven faces, Signs, C. White, Choral,         1901 39,80 DM
5622 59,80 DM                                                    Zygoma, Eigen wil, Where future lies, Sirius                                                                                      Travis, Merle
                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                Tesla                                                            Collection
Suede                                                            7240 39,80 DM                                                    Times Making Changes                                             Cannon ball rag, Cincinnati Lou, Dance of the goldenrods,
Coming Up                                                                                                                         Modern day cowboy, Gettin' better, Little Suzi, Heaven's         Dark as a dungeon, Divorce me C.O.D., Fat gal, I am a
Trash, Filmstar, Lazy, By the sea, She, Beautiful ones,          Tarrega, Franisco                                                trail, The way it is, Love song, Signs, Paradise, Edison's       pilgrim, I´m a natural born gamblin´man, Kentucky means
Starcrazy, Picnic by the motorway, The chemistry between         Collection mit CD                                                medicine, Song & emotion, What you give, Mama's fool,            paradise, Sixteen tons, Smoke smoke smoke, So round so
us, Saturday night                                               Adelita, Capricho arabe, Estudio brilliante, Gran vals,          Alot to lose, Steppin' over, Changes.                            firm so fully packed, Start even, Sweet temptation, When
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Grand jota, La aldorada, Lagrima, Malaguena, Maria,              #Guitartab, Noten                                                my baby double talks to me.
3921 46,80 DM                                                    Marieta, Pavana, Prelude, Recuerdos de la alhambra,              1907 50,80 DM                                                    #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                 Tango                                                                                                                             10704 59,90 DM
Suede                                                            #Guitartab, Noten                                                Testament
Dog Man Star                                                     10404 36,80 DM                                                   Low                                                              Trixter
We are the pigs, Heroine, The wild ones, Daddy's                                                                                  Low, Legions (in hiding), Hail mary, Trail of tears, Shades      Trixter
speeding, The power, New generation, This hollywood life,        Taylor, James                                                    of war, P. C., Dog faced gods, All I could bleed, Urotsukidji,   Line of fire, Heart of steel, One in a million, Surrender, give
The 2 of us, Black or blue, The asphalt world, Still life.       Classic                                                          Chasing fear, Ride, Last call                                    it to me good, Only young once, Bad girl, Always a victim,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Carolina in my mind, Country road, Don't let me be lonely        #Guitartab, Noten                                                Play rough, You'll never sse me cryin', Ride the whip, On
1966 46,80 DM                                                    tonight, Fire and rain, Instrumental 1, Insturmental 2, Long     1101 58,90 DM                                                    and on
                                                                 ago and far away, Mexico, Shower the people, Sweet baby                                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
Suede                                                            James, Up on the roof, Walking man, You can close your           The Dandy Warhols Come Down                                      3510 30,00 DM
Head Music                                                       eyes, You've got a friend, Your smiling face.                    Songbook
Songbook zur CD                                                  #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                      Be-in, Boys better, Minnesoter, Orange, I love you, Not if       Trovato, Steve / Arnold, Jerome
#Guitartab, Noten                                                663 68,90 DM                                                     you were the last junkie on earth, Every day should be           Country Licks For Guitar mit CD
7976 46,80 DM                                                                                                                     holiday, Good morning, Whipping tree, Green, Cool as Kim         Single-string licks, Pedal-steel licks, Open-string licks,
                                                                 Taylor, James                                                    deal, Hard on for Jesus, The creep out.                          Chord licks, Rockabilly licks und Funky country licks im
Sugar                                                            Greatest Hits                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                Stile von Chet Atkins, Jimmy Bryant, James Burton, Albert
Beaster                                                          Something in the way he moves, Carolina on my mind, Fire         6475 44,80 DM                                                    Lee und Scotty Moore. Fingering-Tips, Phrasing techniques
Songbook zur CD                                                  & rain, Sweet baby james, Country road, You've got a                                                                              und Theorie. Auf der CD sind alle Beispiele in normem
#Guitartab, Noten                                                friend, Let me be lonely tonight, Walking man, How sweet it      Thin Lizzy                                                       Tempo und verlangsamt eingespielt.
1891 33,90 DM                                                    is, Mexico, Shower the people, Steamroller.                      Best Of..                                                        #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                Are you ready, Bad reputation, The boys are back in town,        10535 29,80 DM
Sugar                                                            532 60,90 DM                                                     Chinatown, Cowboy song, Dancing in the moonlight, Do
File Under Easy Listening                                                                                                         anything you want to, Don't believe a word, Jailbreak, Killer    Type O Negative
Believe what you're saying, Can't help you anymore,              Terrorvision                                                     on the loose, Sarah, Thunder & lightning, Waiting for an         Bloody Kisses
Company book, Explode and make up, Gee angel, Gift,              Bad Actress                                                      alibi,Warriors, Whiskey in the jar.                              Christian woman, Black No. 1 (Little miss scare-all), Kill all
Granny cool, Panama city motel, What you want it to be,          Einzelausgabe                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                the white people, Summer breeze, Set me on fire, We hate
Your favorite thing                                              #Guitartab, Noten                                                2534 46,80 DM                                                    everyone, Bloddy kisses (A death in the familiy), Too Laate:
#Guitartab, Noten                                                7513 14,90 DM                                                                                                                     frozen, Blood & fire, Can't lose you, Suspended in dusk.
1892 43,90 DM                                                                                                                     Third Eye Blind                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                 Terrorvision                                                     3b                                                               1672 45,00 DM
Sugar Ray                                                        Easy                                                             Losing a whole year, Narcolepsy, Semi-charmed life,
14:59                                                            Einzelausgabe                                                    Jumper, Graduate, How's it going to be, Thanks a lot,            U2
New direction, Every morning, Falls apart, Personal space        #Guitartab, Noten                                                Burning man, Good for you, London, I want you, The               All That You Can´t Leave Behind
invader, Live & direct, Someday, Aim for me, Ode to the          4779 14,90 DM                                                    background, Motorcycle drive by, god of wine.                    Beautiful day, Stuck in a moment you, Can't get out of,
lonely hearted, Burning dog, Even though, Abracadabra                                                                             #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                              Elevation, Walk on , Kite, In a little while, Wild honey,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                Terrorvision                                                     5814 47,90 DM                                                    Peace on earth, When I look at the world, New York,
8164 60,90 DM                                                    Regular Urban Survivors                                                                                                           Grace.
                                                                 Enteralterego, Superchronic, Perseverance, Easy, Hide the        Thorogood, George                                                #Guitartab, Noten
Sugar Ray                                                        dead girl, Conspiracy, Didn't bleed red, Dog chewed the          The Best Of..                                                    10296 53,80 DM
Floored                                                          handle, Junior, Bad actress, If I was you, Celebrity hit list,   Bad to the bone, Booggie people, Born to be bad, Gear
RPM, Breathe, Anyone, Fly, Speed home California, High           Mugwump.                                                         jammer, I drink alone, If you don't start drinkin, Madison       U2
anxiety, Tap twist snap, American pig, Stand and deliver,        #Guitartab, Noten                                                blues, Move it on over, One bourbon one scotch one beer,         Best Of 1980 - 1990
Cash, Invisible, Right direction.                                3539 44,90 DM                                                    Who do you love, Willie the hand jive, You talk too much         Pride in the name of love, New year's day, With or without
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                you, I still haven't found what I'm looking for, Sunday bloody
5815 48,90 DM                                                    Tesla                                                            855 52,90 DM                                                     sunday, Bad, Where the streets have no name, I will follow,
                                                                 5 Of The Best                                                                                                                     The unforgettable fire, Sweetest thing, Desire, When love
Supergrass                                                       Love song, Heaven's trail, The way it is, Be a man, Modern       Total Accuracy                                                   comes to town, Angel of Harlem, All I want is you
Alright                                                          day cowboy                                                       Acoustic Rock Jam Session mit CD                                 #Guitartab, Noten
Einzelausgabe                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                The Eagles: The best of my love - Eric Clapton: Change the       7806 46,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                                3511 20,00 DM                                                    world, Tears in heaven - James Taylor: Fire and rain - Rod
4754 14,90 DM                                                                                                                     Stewart: Maggie May - The Allman Brothers Band: Midnight         U2
                                                                 Tesla                                                            rider - Bon Jovi: Wanted dead or alive - Oasis: Wonderwall       Best Of..
Supergrass                                                       Bust A Nut                                                       - The Beatles: Yesterday. Auf der CD sind alle Songs als         Surrender, Bad, A sort of homecoming, Gloria, The
In It For The Money                                              Action talks, A lot to loose, Cry, Earthmover, The               Playbacks in Superqualität eingespielt!                          unforgettable fire, I will follow,Sunday bloody sunday,
In it for the money, Richard III, Tonight, Late in the day, G-   gate/invited, Mama's fool, Need your lovin', Rubberband,         #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                      October, New year's day, Pride in the name of love
Song, Sun hits the say, Going out, It's not me, Cheapskate,      She want she want, Shine away 2, Solution, Try so hard,          7839 49,90 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
You can see me, Hollow little reign, Sometimes I make you        Wonderful world                                                                                                                   534 59,80 DM
sad                                                              #Guitartab, Noten                                                Total Guitar
#Guitartab, Noten                                                1489 43,90 DM                                                    Acoustic Masters mit CD                                          U2
4988 30,00 DM                                                                                                                     Nick Drake: Man in a shed - The Beatles: Blackbird, Here         Pop
                                                                 Tesla                                                            comes the sun, Mother nature's son - Eric Clapton: Before        Discothèque, Do you feel loved, Mofo, If god would send
Supergrass                                                       Five Man Acoustical Jam                                          you accuse me, Tears in heaven - Dire Straits: Private           his angels, Staring at the sun, Last night on earth, Gone,
Lenny                                                            Before my eyes, Cumin' atcha life, Down fo' boogie, Gettin'      investigations, Romeo and Juliet - Bob Dylan: Don't think        Miami, The playboy mansion, If you wear that velvet dress,
Einzelausgabe                                                    better, Heaven's trail, Lodi, Love song, Modern day              twice it's alright - Simon & Garfunkel: The boxer, Homeward      Please, Wake up deadman
#Guitartab, Noten                                                cowboy, Mother's little helper, Paradise, Signs, Tommy's         bound, Scarborough fair - Sting: Shape of my heart - Paul        #Guitartab, Noten
7526 14,90 DM                                                    down home, Truckin', The way it is.                              Weller: Wild wood. Auf der CD sind die Demo-Trax. Im             5361 53,80 DM
                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                Buch außerdem viele Tips und Tricks zu den Songs.
                                                                 1900 45,00 DM                                                    #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  9770 46,80 DM
                                                                                               Gitarre Interpreten 2001
U2                                                                van Eps, George                                                    Van Halen                                                         Vaughan, Stevie Ray
The Joshua Tree                                                   Guitar Solos mit CD                                                For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge                                     Guitar Collection
Where the streets have no name, I still haven't found what        Queerology, Squattin' at the grotto, Study in 8ths, Love           Poundcake, Judgement day, Spanked, Runaround,                     Couldn't stand the weather, Honey bee, Scuttle buttin',
I'm looking for, With or without you, Bullet the blue sky,        theme No. one, Love theme No. 2, Midnight, Tango, Water            Pleasure Dome, In' n' out, Man on a Mission, The Dream is         Stang's swang - Live another day, Love struck baby, Slide
Running to stand still, Red hill mining town, In god's            fall                                                               over, Right now, 316, Top of the world 1991                       thing - The house is rockin', Riviera paradise, Scratch-n-
country, Trip through your wires, Exit, Mothers of the            #Guitartab, Noten                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                 sniff, Tightrope, Travis walk, Wall of denial - Love struck
disappeared.                                                      10178 50,90 DM                                                     2116 45,00 DM                                                     baby (Live) Say what (Live) - Boot hill, Empty arms, So
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                                                                                      excited - Ain't gone 'n' give up on love, Life without you -
670 46,80 DM                                                      Van Halen                                                          Van Halen                                                         Dirty Pool, I'm cryin', Lenny, Pride and joy, rude mood
                                                                  1984                                                               I-Songs - The Power To Play                                       #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
Ugly Kid Joe                                                      1984, Jump, Panama, Top Jimmy, Drop dead legs, Hot for             Aint talkin' 'bout love, Ice cream man, Beautiful girls, Feel     3557 58,80 DM
America´s Least Wanted                                            teacher, I'll wait, Girl gone bad, House fo pain. 1984             your love tonight, Jamie's cryin', Dance the night away.
Neighbor, Goddamn devil, Come tomorrow, Panhandlin'               #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Diese neue Generation der Lehr-CD-ROM beinhaltet neben            Vaughan, Stevie Ray
prince, Busy bee, Don't go, So damn cool, Same side, Cats         535 42,80 DM                                                       der Tabulatur auf dem Bildschirm die Originalsongs des            In Step
in the cradle, I'll keep tryin', Everything about you, Madman,                                                                       Interpreten, außerdem jeweils eine im Tempo regelbare             Crossfire, The house is rockin', Tightrope, Let me love you
Mr. recordman.                                                    Van Halen                                                          MIDI-Version, weiterhin sind alle Songs als Video                 baby, Love me darling, Leave my girl alone, Rivieta
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 25 Great Guitar Solos                                              anzusehen. Der Song ist jeweils in 3 Schwierigkeitsgraden         paradise, Scratch-n-sniff, Travis walk, Wall of denial.
667 49,80 DM                                                      316, 5150, Best of boath worlds, Cathedral, Eruption, Feel         als Tabulatur notiert. Ein Stimmgerät ist ebenfalls integriert.   #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                  your love, Hot for teacher, I'm the one, Judgement day,            Tolles Lehrmaterial!!                                             305 51,90 DM
Upchurch, Phil                                                    Jump, Little dreamer, Little Guitars, Mean street, Panama,         #Guitartab, Noten
Twelve By Twelve mit CD                                           Push comes to shove, Right now, Runaround, So this is              10044 68,90 DM                                                    Vaughan, Stevie Ray
12 original Jazz-Blues Solos                                      love, Source of infection, Spanish fly, Sucker in a 3 piece,                                                                         In The Beginning
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Summer nights, Take your whiskey home, When it's love,             Van Halen                                                         In the open, Slide thing, They call me guitar hurricane, All
7639 39,80 DM                                                     Women in love.                                                     OU 812                                                            your love, Tin pan alley, Love struck baby, Tell me, Shake
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Mine all mine, When it's love, A.F.U. (Naturally wired),          for me, Live another day.
Uriah Heep                                                        2125 39,90 DM                                                      Cabo wabo, Source of infection, Feels so good, Finish what        #Guitartab, Noten
Collection                                                                                                                           ya started, Black and blue, Sucker in a 3 piece. 1988             536 52,90 DM
Gypsy, Lady in black, July morning, The wizard, Easy livin',      Van Halen                                                          #Guitartab, Noten
Traveller in time, The gamicians birthday, Sweet Lorraine,        5 Of The Best Vol. 1                                               2119 25,00 DM                                                     Vaughan, Stevie Ray
Devil's daughter, The other side of midnight, Cry freedom,        Erruption, Feels so good, Finish what you started, Whenis                                                                            Lightning Blues
Different world                                                   love, Why can't this be love                                       Van Halen                                                         Love struck baby, Pride and joy, Texas flood, Dirty pool,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Right Here Right Now                                              Mary had a little lamp, I'm cryin', Scuttle buttin, Strang's
668 39,90 DM                                                      2905 22,00 DM                                                      Poundcake, Judgement day, When it's love, Spanked, Ain't          swan, Couldn't stand the weather, Honey bee, Voodoo
                                                                                                                                     talkin' 'bout love, In 'n' out, Dreams, Man on a mission,         chile, Lookin' out the window, Look at little sister, Gone
Vai, Steve                                                        Van Halen                                                          Pleasure Dome, Panama, Love walks in, Runaround, Right            home, You'll be mine, Change it, Come on Part III, Life
Alien Love Secrets                                                5 Of The Best Vol.2                                                now, One way to rock, Why can't this be love, Give to live,       without you, Say what, Ain't gone 'n'give up to love,
Bad horsie, Juice, Die to live, The boy from Seattle, Ya-Yo       Dance the night away, Little guitars, Mean street, Hot for         Finish what ya started, Best of both worlds, 316, You really      Superstition, I'm leaving you, Willie the wimp, Pipeline
Gakk, Kill the guy, With the ball/The god eaters, Tender          teacher, Right now                                                 got me, Cabo wabo, Won't get fooled again, Jump, Top of           #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
surrender.                                                        #Guitartab, Noten                                                  the world. 1993                                                   304 63,80 DM
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                               3509 24,80 DM                                                      #Guitartab, Noten
1493 58,90 DM                                                                                                                        299 78,00 DM                                                      Vaughan, Stevie Ray
                                                                  Van Halen                                                                                                                            Live Alive
Vai, Steve                                                        5150                                                               Van Halen                                                         Say what, Ain't gone 'n' give up on love, Priede and joy,
Fire Garden                                                       Best of both worlds, Dreams, Why can't this be love, Love          Van Halen                                                         Mary had a little lamb, Superstition, I'm leaving you (to
Phase 1: There's a fire in the house, The crying machine,         walks in, # 5150, Inside, Good Enough, Summer nights,              Runnin' with the devil, Eruption, You really got me, Ain't        commit a crime), Cold shot, Willy the wimp, Lok at little
Dyin' day, Whookam, Blowfish, The mysterious murder of            Get up 1986                                                        talkin' 'bout love, I'm the one, Jamie's cryin', Atomic punk,     sister, Texas flood, Voodoo chile, Love struck baby, change
christian tiera's lover, Hand on heart, Bangkok, Firer garden     #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Feel your love tonight, Little dreamer, Ice cream man, On         it.
suite:Bull whip/Pusa road/Angel food/Taurus bulba -               1495 42,90 DM                                                      fire. 1978                                                        #Guitartab, Noten
Phase 2: Deepness, Little alligator, All about Eve, Aching                                                                           #Guitartab, Noten                                                 1627 69,90 DM
hunger, Brother, Damn you, When I was a little boy,               Van Halen                                                          2123 45,00 DM
Genocide, Warm regards                                            5150 & OU812                                                                                                                         Vaughan, Stevie Ray
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Best of both worlds, Dreams, Why can't this be love, Love          Van Halen                                                         Soul To Soul
4994 67,90 DM                                                     walks in, # 5150, Inside, Good Enough, Summer nights,              Van Halen 1 & 2                                                   Say what, Lookin' out the window, Look at little sister, Ain't
                                                                  Get up Mine all mine, When it's love, A.F.U. (Naturally            Ain't talking 'bout love, Atomic punk, Beautiful girls, Bottoms   gone 'n' give up on love, Gone home, Change it, You'll be
Vai, Steve                                                        wired), Cabo wabo, Source of infection, Feels so good,             up! D.O.A., Dance athe night away, Eruption, Feel your            mine, Empty arms, Come on (Part III), Life without you
Guitar Extravaganza                                               Finish what ya started, Black and blue, Sucker in a 3 piece.       love tonight, I'm the one, Ice cream man, Jamie's cryin',         #Guitartab, Noten
Eat em and smile:Yankee rose, Shyboy, Ladie's nite in             1988                                                               Light up the sky, Little dreamer, On fire, Outta love again,      2001 47,90 DM
buffalo, Elephant gun, Big trouble, Bump and grind, Goin'         #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Runnin' with the devil, Somebody get me a doctor, Spanish
crazy, Skyscraper: Bottom line, Skyscraper, Damn good,            3904 60,90 DM                                                      fly, Woman in love, You're no good, You really got me             Vaughan, Stevie Ray
Hot dog and a shake, Stand up,Hina                                                                                                   #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                       Texas flood
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Van Halen                                                          2437 65,90 DM                                                     Dirty pool, I wanna testify, I'm cryin', Lenny, Love struck
1492 20,00 DM                                                     Anthology                                                                                                                            baby, Mary had a little lamb, Pride and joy, Rude mood,
                                                                  Runnin' with the devil, Eruption, Ain't talkin' 'bout love, Feel   Van Halen                                                         Tello me, Texas flood.
Vai, Steve                                                        your love Tonight, Spanish fly, Beautiful girls, And the           Van Halen Vol.3                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
Passion & Warfare                                                 cradle will rock, Everybody wants some, Take your whiskey          Neworld, Without you, One I want, From afar, Dirty water          306 55,90 DM
Liberty, Erotic nightmares, The animal, Answers, The              home, Mean street, Unchained, Cathedral, Little guitars            dog, Once, Fire in the hole, Josephina, Year to the day,
riddle, Bellerina, 12/24, For the love of god, The audience is    (Intro), Little guitars, Jump, Panama, Hot for teacher, Why        Primary, Ballot or the bullet, How many say I                     Vaughan, Stevie Ray
listening, I would love to, Blue powder, Greasy kids stuff,       can't this be love, Best of both worlds, 5150, Cabo wabo,          #Guitartab, Noten                                                 The Sky Is Crying
Sisters, Allen water kiss, Love secrets.                          Finish what ya started, 316, Poundcake, Top of the world.          6105 62,90 DM                                                     Boot hill, The sky is crying, Empty arms, Little wing, Wham,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 207 Seiten                                                                                                                           May I have a talk with you, Close to you, Chitlins con carne,
672 62,90 DM                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Van Halen                                                         So exited, Life by the drop.
                                                                  300 69,90 DM                                                       Woman And Children First                                          #Guitartab, Noten
Vai, Steve                                                                                                                       And the cradle will rock, Everybody wants some!! Fools,               2000 55,90 DM
Play Guitar CD                                          Van Halen                                                      Romeo delight, Tora!Tora!, Loss of control, Take your
Boy from Seattle, Die to live, Frank, Jibboom, Sisters, The       Balance                                                        whiskey homne, Could this be magic? In a simple rhyme.                Vega, Suzanne
attitude song                                                     The seventh seal, Can't stop lovin' you, Dont' tell me (what 1980                                                                    Authentic Guitar Style Of..
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 love can do), Amsterdam, Big fat money, Not enough,            #Guitartab, Noten                                                     Calypso, Cracking, Freeze day, Gypsy, Iron bound, Knight
10283 53,80 DM                                                    Aftershock, Baluchitherium, Take me Back (deja vu), Feelin' 2124 45,00 DM                                                            moves, Language, Luka, Night vision, Small blue thing, The
                                                                  1995                                                                                                                                 queen and the soldier, Undertow
Vai, Steve                                                        #Guitartab, Noten                                              Vaughan Brother                                                       #Guitartab, Noten
Sex & Religion                                                    2100 54,90 DM                                                  Family Style                                                          4814 34,90 DM
An earth dweller's return, Here & now, In my dreams with                                                                         Hard to be, White boots, D/FW, Good texan, Long way from
you, Still my bleeding heart, Sex & religion, Dirty black hole,   Van Halen                                                      home, Hillbillies from outerspace, Tick tock, Telephone               Velvet Underground
Touching tongues, Stat of grace, Survive, Pig, The road to        Best Of Vol.1                                                  song, Baboom/Mamma said, Brothers.                                    Sweet Jane
mt. Calvary, Down deep into the pain, Rescue me or bury           Eruption, Ain't talkin' 'bout love, Runnin' with the devil,    #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                                   Einzelausgabe
me.                                                               Dance the night away, And the cradle will rock, Unchained, 3508 45,00 DM                                                             #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Jump, Panama, Why can't this be love, Dreams, When it's                                                                              4519 14,90 DM
673 67,90 DM                                                      love, Poundcake, Right now, Can't stop lovin' you, Humans Vaughan, J.
                                                                  being, Can't get this stuff no more, Me wise magic             Strange Pleasure                                                      Ventures, The
Vai, Steve                                                        #Guitartab, Noten                                              Boom-bap-a-boom, Don't cha know, Hey-yeah, Flamenco                   Pipeline
Steve Vai                                                         3800 67,90 DM                                                  dancer, Sweet soul vibe, Tilt a whirl, Six strings down, Just         Pipeline, Let´s go, Wipe out, Apache, Beethoven Five-O,
Viv woman, The attitude song, Call it sleep, Burnin' down                                                                        like Putty, Two wings, Love the world, Strange pleasure               The lonely surfer, Out of limits, Eight miles high,
the mountain, God blessed video, Painted lover, A lighter         Van Halen                                                      #Guitartab, Noten                                                     Penetration, Hang on Sloopy, Bulldog, Web surfing, Mr.
shade of green, Solo von Mercy, Wire & wood & Desert              Diver Down                                                     3558 45,00 DM                                                         Moto, Flashback, Honky tonk, Wooly bully, Torquay,
diamond, Eat 'em and smile, Shy boy, Amazing grace.               Where have all the good times gone, Hang 'em high,                                                                                   Shanghied, Wham! Quicksilver, Road runner, Tequila,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Cathedral, Secrets, Intruder, Pretty woman, Dancing in the Vaughan, Stevie Ray                                                       Runaway, Tall cool one, Walk don´t run
2266 45,00 DM                                                     street, Little guitars (Intro), Big bad bill (is sweet william Couldn´t Stand The Weather                                            #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  now), The full bug. 1982                                       Scuttle buttin', Couldn't stand the weather, Things that I            9919 50,00 DM
Vai, Steve                                                        #Guitartab, Noten                                              used to do, Voodoo child (Slight return), Cold shot, Tin pan
Super Rockguitarist                                               303 42,80 DM                                                   alley, Honey bee, Stang's swang                                       Veruca Salt
Yankee rose, Tobacco road, Mercy, Bump and grind,                                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                     American Thighs
Shyboy, Baby I'm easy, Big trouble, Lighter shade of green.       Van Halen                                                      1999 58,90 DM                                                         Get back, All hail me, Seether, Spiderman '79, Forsythia,
#Guitartab, Noten                                                 Fair Warning                                                                                                                         Wolf, Celebrate you, Fly, Number one blind, Victrola,
298 46,90 DM                                                      Mean street, So this is love, Push comes to shove, Sinner's                                                                          Twinstar, 25, Sleeping where I want.
                                                                  swing, Unchained, Dirty movies, Hear about it later, Sunny                                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  afternoon in the park, One foot out of the door. 1981                                                                                3505 45,00 DM
                                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                  302 42,00 DM
                                                                                            Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Veruca Salt                                                    Wallflowers, The                                                   Weller, Paul                                                     Who, The
Eight Arms To Hold You                                         I-Song - The Power To Play                                         For Easy Guitar                                                  Definitive Collection A - E
Straight, Volcano girls, Don't make me prove it, Awesome,      One headlight, 6th avenue heartache, The difference,               Bull rush, 5th season, Foot of the mountain, Friday street,      Acid queen, Amazing journey, Another tricky day, Anyway
One last time, With David Bowie, Benjamin, Shutterbug,         Laughing out loud, Angel on my bike, Bleeders. Diese neue          Has my fire really gone out, Into tomorrow, Mermaids, Out        anyhow anywhere, Armenia in the sky, Athena, Baba
The morning sad, sound of the bell, Loneliness is worse,       Generation der Lehr-CD-ROM beinhaltet neben der                    of the sinking, Remember how we started, Stanley road,           O'Riley, Bargain, Behind blue eyes, Bell boy, Blue red and
Stoneface, Venus man trap, Earthcrosser                        Tabulatur auf dem Bildschirm die Originalsongs des                 The changing man, The weaver, Time passes                        grey, Boris the spider, Cache cache, Call me lightning,
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Interpreten, außerdem jeweils eine im Tempo regelbare              #Easy Guitartab, Noten                                           Christmas, Cobwebs and strange, Cook's country, Cousin
4657 45,00 DM                                                  MIDI-Version, weiterhin sind alle Songs als Video                  5646 46,80 DM                                                    Kevin, Cry if you want, Cut my hair, Daddy Rolling Stone,
                                                               anzusehen. Der Song ist jeweils in 3 Schwierigkeitsgraden                                                                           Daily records, Dangerous, Did you steal my money, The
Verve Pipe, The                                                als Tabulatur notiert. Ein Stimmgerät ist ebenfalls integriert.    Weller, Paul                                                     dirty jobs, Disguises, Do you think it's alreight, Doctor
Villains                                                       Tolles Lehrmaterial!!                                              For Guitar                                                       Doctor, Dogs, Dogs (Part 2), Don't let og the coat, Don't
Barely, Drive you mild, Villains, Reverend girl, Cup of tea,   #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Bull-rush, Foot of the mountain, Has my fire really gone         look away, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide, Dr. Jimmy, Dreaming from
Myself, The freshmen, Photograph, Ominous man, Real,           10046 68,90 DM                                                     out?, Into tomorrow, Out of the sinking, Stanley road,           the waist, Drowned, Eminence front
Penny is poison, Cattle, Veneer                                                                                                   Sunflower, Time passes, The changingman, Wild wood,              #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                            Walsh, Joe                                                         Woodcutter's son                                                 4464 62,80 DM
7023 30,00 DM                                                  Look What I Did (Selections)                                       #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               Closet queen, County fair, Funk #49, Help me through the           3648 46,80 DM                                                    Who, The
Vincent, Vinnie                                                night, Here we go, In the city, A life of illusion, Life's been                                                                     Definitive Collection F - Li
Invasion                                                       good, Meadows, Mother says, Ordinary average guy, Over             Weller, Paul                                                     Faith in something bigger, Fiddle about, 5:15, Getting in
Boyz arre gonna rock, Shoot u full of love, No substitute,     and over, Rocky mountain way, Shut up, Time out, Turn to           Heavy Soul                                                       tune, Glow girl, Go to the mirror bay, Goin' down (Live),
Back on the streets - Ashes to ashes, Love kills, That time    stone, Walk away, Welcome to the club, Yadig?                      Heavy soul Part 1, Peacock suit, Up in Suzes' room,              Going mobile, The good's gone, Guitar and pen, Had
of year, Ecstasy, Breakout.                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Brushed, Driving nowhere, I should have been there to            enough, Happy Jack, Heaven and hell, Heinz baked beans,
#Guitartab, Noten                                              3185 59,90 DM                                                      inspire you, Heavy soul Part 2, Science, Golden sands, As        Helpless dancer, Here for more, How can you do it alone,
2906 25,00 DM                                                                                                                     you lean into the light, Mermaids.                               How many friends, However much I booze, I am the sea, I
                                                               Warrant                                                            #Guitartab, Noten                                                can see for miles, I can't explain, I can't reach you, I don't
Vixen                                                          Cherry Pie                                                         4975 46,80 DM                                                    even know myself, I need you, I'm a boy, I'm free, I'm one,
Rev It Up                                                      Songbook zur CD                                                                                                                     I've had enough, I've known no war, Imagine a man, In a
Bad reputation, Fallen hero, Hard 16, How much love, I         #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Weller, Paul                                                     hand or a face, Instant party (Circles), Is it in my hand, It's
would'nt be love, Love is a killer, Not a minute to soon, On   2908 44,90 DM                                                      Modern Classics                                                  hard, It's not true, It's your turn, The kids are alright, La la la
the streets in paradise, Only a heartbeat away, Rev it up,                                                                        Out of the sinking, Peacock suite, Sunflower, Wild wood,         lies, A legal matter, Littly Billy
Wrecking ball                                                  Warrant                                                            Brushed, The changingman, Frieday street, You do                 #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Dog Eat Dog                                                        something to me, Brand new start, Mermaids, Broken               4466 62,80 DM
2350 42,00 DM                                                  Machine gun, Hole in my wall, April 2031, Andy Warhol,             stones, Into tomorrow
                                                               Bonfire, Bitter pill, Hollywood, Bridges, Quicksand, Let it        #Guitartab, Noten                                                Who, The
Voivod                                                         rain, Inside out, Sad Theresa                                      7259 53,80 DM                                                    Definitive Collection Lo - R
Nothingface                                                    #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   Music must change, My generation, My wife, Naked eye,
The unknown knows, Nothingface, Astronomy domine,              2909 59,90 DM                                                      Weller, Paul                                                     New song, 905, Now I'm a farmer, Odorono, One at a time,
Missing sequences, X-ray mirror, Inner combustion, Pre-                                                                           Stanley Road                                                     One life's enough, Our love was is, Out in the streets,
ignition, Into my hyercube, Sub-effect.                        Waters, Muddy                                                      The changingman, Porcelain gods, 9 walk on gilded                Overture (It's a boy), The ox, Pictures of Lily, Pinball
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Deep Blues                                                         spinters, You do something to me, Woodcutters son, Time          wizzard, Postcard, Punk meets the godfather, Pure and
2907 39,80 DM                                                  Baby please don't go, Blow wind blow, The blues ha a baby          passes..., Stanley road, Broken stones, Out of the sinking,      easy, Put the money down, Quadrophenia, A quick one
                                                               and they named it Rock and Roll, Champagne and reffer,             Pink on white walls, Whirlpool's end, Wings of speed, Foot       while he's away, The quit one, Rael, The real me, Relax,
Vomácka, Sammy                                                 Close to you, Deep down in Florida, Evil, Good news, Got           of the mountain.                                                 The rock, Run run run
                                                               my mojo working, Honey bee, I can't be satisfied, I feel like      #Guitartab, Noten                                                #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
                                                               going home, I just want to make love to you, I want to be          4973 46,80 DM                                                    4467 62,80 DM
Buskers rag, Maple leaf rag, Entertainer, New rag, Early
morning blues, Los Angeles, Roznovske hodiny,                  loved, I'm ready, I'm your hoochie coochie man, Long
Otzenhausen breakdown, Busted Bicyle, Säbeltanz, Some          distance call, Louisiana blues, Mannish boy, My home is on         Westermeier, Hans                                                Who, The
of these days, Hesitation blues, Nuages.                       the delta, My love strikes like lightning, Rollin' and tumblin',   Picking Classics                                                 Definitive Collection S - Y
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Rollin' stone, Sad sad day, The same thing, Screamin' and          Dust in the wind, Streets of London, Scarborough fair, The       Sally Simpson, Sea and sand, See my way, The seeker,
4671 28,00 DM                                                  cryin', She's nineteen years old, Still a fool, Streamline         boxer, Stairway to heaven, Greensleves, Spanische                Sensation, Shakin' all over, Silas stingy, Sister disco, Slip
                                                               woman, You can't lose what you ain't never had, You shook          Romanze, Bouree, Anji, Signe                                     kid, Smash the mirror, So sad about us, Someone's
W.A.S.P.                                                       me.                                                                #Guitartab, Noten                                                coming, The song is over, Squeeze box, Substitute,
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                  2830 29,80 DM                                                    Success story, Summertime blues, Sunrise, Tattoo, Ther's
First Blood... Last Cuts
                                                               692 66,80 DM                                                                                                                        a doctor I#ve found, They are all in love, Tommy can you
Animal, Blind in Texas, Chainsaw Charlie, Forever free,
The headless children, Hold on to my heart, I don't need no                                                                       White Lion                                                       hear me, Tommy's holiday camp, Too muich of anything,
doctor, I wanna be somebody, The idol, L.O.V.E. machine,       Watson, Doc                                                        Big Game                                                         Trick of the ligth, Underture, Wasp man, Water, We're not
                                                               The Guitar Of..                                                                                                                     gonna take it, Welcome, WhenI was a boy, Whiskey man,
Mean man, On your knees, The real me, Rock and roll to                                                                            Baby be mine, Broken home, Cry for freedom, Dirty
                                                               Beaumont rag, Black mountain rag, Blue ridge mountain                                                                               Who are you, Why did I fall for that, Won't get fooled again,
death, Sunset and Babylon, Wild child.                                                                                            woman, Goin' home tonight, If my mind is evil, Little fighter,
                                                               blues, Bonaparte's retreat, Cotton-eyed Joe, Deep river                                                                             You, You better you bet, You didn't hear it, Young man
#Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                 Living on the edge, Radar love
                                                               blues, Doc's guitar, Double file/Salt creek, Florida blues,                                                                         blues
1102 50,90 DM                                                                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               Life is like a river, Nashville pickin', Rangement blues,                                                                           #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
                                                                                                                                  3680 49,90 DM
Walker, T-Bone                                                 Thoughts of never, Windy and warm, You must come in at                                                                              4468 62,80 DM
Collection                                                     the door.                                                          White Lion                                                       Wilco
Bye bye baby, Call it stormy mondy, Don't leavae me baby,      #Guitartab, Noten                                                  Mane Attraction Selections
                                                               2551 59,80 DM                                                                                                                       Beeing There
Evenin', Go back to the one I love, Hard pain blues, I got a                                                                      Lights and thunder, Broken heart, Leave me alone, Love
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Songbook zur CD
break baby, I know your wig is gone, It's a low donw dirty                                                                        don't come easy, You're all I need, It's over, Out with the
deal, Low down dirty shame balues, Mean old world, No          Watson, Doc                                                        boys, Blue monday
                                                                                                                                                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               The Songs of..                                                                                                                      6226 65,90 DM
worry blues, She had to let me down, She's my old time                                                                            #Guitartab, Noten
used to be, So blue blues, T-Bone blues, T-Bone boogie, T-     Tom Dooley, Doc's Guitar, Black Mountain Rag, The train            2991 68,90 DM
Bone jumps again, The time seems so long, Vida lee             that carried my girl from town, Deep river blues, The call of                                                                       Wilcox, David
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                            the road, Omie wise, Matty Grooves, The old man below,             White Zombie                                                     Collection
8575 54,90 DM                                                  Southbound , A-rovin' on a winter's night, Georgie, F.F.V.,                                                                         Blow 'em away, Come away to sea, Do I dare, Fearless
                                                                                                                                  Astro Creep 2000
                                                               Lovin' Emma, Shady grove, Spike driver's blues, Nothing to                                                                          love, Johnny's camaro, Kindness, Right now, Roadside art,
                                                                                                                                  Blood mild and sky, Blur the technicolor, Creature of the
Walker, T.Bone                                                 it, The intoxicated rat, Blackberry rag, Settin' on top of the     wheel, El phantasmo and the chicken-run blast-o-rama,
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Silent prayer, Spin, Sunshine on the land, Tattered old kite,
                                                               world, Don't let your deal go down, Open up them pearly                                                                             That's why I'm laughing, The nightshift watchman, Top of
Vital Blues Guitar                                                                                                                Electric head pt.1, Electric head pt.2, Grease paint and
                                                               gates, Fairy maid in the garden, The lone pilgrim,Pharaoh,                                                                          my head, Western ridge
Call it stormy monday, Glamour girl, Good boy, Got to cross                                                                       money brains, More human than human, Real solution #9,
                                                               Dill pickle rag, Down in the valley to pray, Risin' sun blues,                                                                      #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
the deep blues sea, I got a break baby , Left home when I                                                                         Super-charger heaven, I zombie.
                                                               Your lone journey, We shall all be reunited, St.James                                                                               8270 44,90 DM
was a kid, Louisiana Bayou drive, Mean old world, My                                                                              #Guitartab, Noten
patience keeps running out, Natural ball, A slave like me,     hospital, Pretty Saro, Froggy went a-courtin', Georgie Buck,       1236 15,00 DM
Treat your daddy well, Why won''t my baby treat me right,      Katie Mory.                                                                                                                         Wilde, Zakk
Youu don't know what you're doing                              #Guitartab, Noten                                                  White Zombie                                                     The Best Of.. mit CD
#Guitartab, Noten                                              858 46,80 DM                                                                                                                        Between heaven and hell, Bored to tears, Born to lose,
                                                                                                                                  La Sexorcisto - Selections
1498 49,80 DM                                                                                                                                                                                      Horse called war, Losin´your mind, Low don, 1.000.000
                                                               Weezer                                                             Welcome to planet M.F.,Tthunder Kiss '65, Black sunshine,
                                                                                                                                                                                                   miles away, Miracle man, No more tears, Perry Mason,
                                                                                                                                  Soul-crusher, Cosmic monsters inc., I am legend, Thrust,
Walking In The Air                                             Weezer                                                             Starface
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Shine on, Sold my soul, T.A.Z. Auf der CD sind drei Songs
                                                               My name is Jonas, No one else, The world has turned and                                                                             eingespielt: Bored to tears, Sold my soul und Horse called
Einzelausgabe                                                                                                                     #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               left me here, Buddy Holly, Undone-the sweater song, Surf                                                                            war.
Einzelausgabe                                                                                                                     3501 67,90 DM
                                                               wax America, Say it ain't so, In the garage, Holiday, Only in                                                                       #Guitartab, Noten
#Guitartab, Noten
                                                               dreams                                                             Whitfield, Mark                                                  10699 69,80 DM
4760 5,90 DM
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  Guitar Collection                                                Wilkins, Jack
Wallflowers                                                    2320 45,00 DM
                                                                                                                                  Blues for Davis Alexander, Brother Jack, David's theme,
Bringing Down The Horse                                        Weller, Paul                                                       The joy of love & peace, The marksman, More than you
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Canzona, Naima, Pinocchio, Red Clay, Song for the last
Angel on my bike, Bleeders, The difference, God don't                                                                             know, Namu, Runnin' with the ooze, Salvation of MRT, The
                                                               Collection                                                                                                                          act, Windows
make lonely girls, I wish I felt nothing, Invisible city,                                                                         very thougt of you
                                                               The changinman, Porcelain gods, I walk on gilded splinters,                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
Josephine, Laoghing out loud, One headlight, 6th Avenue                                                                           #Guitartab, Noten
                                                               You do something to me, Woodcutters son, Time passes,                                                                               4571 38,80 DM
heartache, Three marlenas                                                                                                         3647 42,80 DM
#Guitartab, Noten                                              Stanley road, Broken stones, Out of the sinking, Pink on
4908 58,90 DM                                                  white walls, Whirlpool's end, Wings of speed, Foot of the          Who, The                                                         Williams, Hank
                                                                                                                                  Best Of..                                                        For Guitar
                                                               #Guitartab, Noten                                                                                                                   Arrangiert von Fred Sokolow in den Versionen Flatpicking,
                                                                                                                                  Athena, Baba O´Riley, Bargain, Behind blue eyes, Dogs,
                                                               6573 121,80 DM                                                                                                                      Fingerpicking und Strumming: Cold cold heart, Half as
                                                                                                                                  Don´t let go the coat, Eminence front, 5:15, Going mobile, I
                                                                                                                                                                                                   much, Hey good lookin', Honky tonk blues, I can't help it, I
                                                                                                                                  can see for miles, I can´t reach you, I´m free, The kids are
                                                                                                                                                                                                   saw the light, I'm so lonesome I could cry, Jambalaya, Kaw-
                                                                                                                                  alright, Long live rock, The magic bus, My generation, My
                                                                                                                                                                                                   liga, Lovesick blues, You win again, Your cheatin' heart.
                                                                                                                                  wife, Pinball wizard, The real me, The seeker, Squeeze
                                                                                                                                                                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                                                                                  box, Substitute, Who are you, Won´t get fooled again, You
                                                                                                                                                                                                   6577 49,80 DM
                                                                                                                                  better you bet.
                                                                                                                                  #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten
                                                                                                                                  10439 73,50 DM
                                                                                            Gitarre Interpreten 2001
Winger                                                          Young, Neil                                                    Zaradin, John
In The Heart Of The Young                                       Classic Vol.2                                                  Guitar Music Of Cuba For Solo Guitar
Can't get enuff, Loosen up, Miles away, Easy come easy          Down by the river, Helpless, Hey hey my my (Into the           Georges Bizet: Habanera - Alberto Dominguez: Frenesi -
go, Rainbow in the rose, In the day we'll never see, Under      black), I am a child, Like a hurricane, Long may you run,      Rafael Hernandez: Cachita - Agustin Lara: Solamente una
one condition, Little dirty blonde, Baptized by fire, You are   Mr. Soul.                                                      vez - Ernesto Lecuona: The breeze and I, La comparsa,
the saint I am the sinner, In the heart of the young            #Guitartab, Noten                                              Malaguena, Siempre en mi corazon - Miguel Matamoros:
#Guitartab, Noten                                               2399 63,90 DM                                                  Lagrimas negras, Mama son de la loma - Moises Simon:
2310 42,00 DM                                                                                                                  The peanut vendor - Traditionals: Guajira Margarita,
                                                                Young, Neil                                                    Guajira San Juan.
Winger                                                          Guitar Anthology                                               #Guitartab, Noten
Pull                                                            Alabama, Broken arrow, Cinnamon girl, Country girl,            7654 31,80 DM
Blind revolution mad, Down incognito, Spell I'm under, In       Cowgirl in the sand, Harvest moon, Heart of gold, Helpless,
my veins, Junkyard dog, The lucky one, In for the kill, No      Like a hurricane, Long may you run, The needel and the         Zaradin, John
man's land, Like a ritual, Who's the one.                       damage done, Old man, Only love can break your heart,          Latin American Jazz for Fingerstyle Guitar
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Southern man, Sugar mountain, Tell me why.                     Piedra de toques, Conchicha del mar, Preciso de voce,
4995 30,00 DM                                                   #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                    Arremolinando, Quintumba, Carumba! Samba risoleta, Que
                                                                6228 63,90 DM                                                  distanca, Esperanca, Teardrops, Primavera, Solidao
Winger                                                                                                                         #Guitartab, Noten
Winger                                                          Young, Neil                                                    4120 63,80 DM
Hangin on, Headed for a heartbreak, Hungry, Madalaine,          Harvest Moon
Poison angel, Purple haze, Seventee, State emergency,           Unknown legend, From Hank to Hendrix, You & me,                Zdenek-Eckels, Steven
Time to surrender, Without the night.                           Harvest moon, War of man, One of these days, Such a            Blues Classics For Acoustic Guitar m.CD
#Guitartab, Noten                                               woman, Old king, Dreamin' man, Natural beauty.                 Frankie and Johnny, St. James infirmary, Stealin', Deep
3503 36,90 DM                                                   #Guitartab, Noten                                              river blues, Hesitation blues, A real slow drag, Freight train
                                                                313 64,90 DM                                                   blues, Empty bed blues, Take your fingers off it, Darlin'
Wonder, Stevie                                                                                                                 #Guitartab, Noten
Hits                                                            Young, Neil                                                    4705 49,90 DM
Boogie on reggae woman, Do I do, For once in my life,           Heart Of Gold
Higher ground, I was made to love her, I wish, Master           Einzelausgabe                                                  Zdenek-Eckels, Steven
blaster, My cherie amour, Part time lover, Ribbon in the        #Guitartab, Noten                                              Gospel Classics For Acoustic Guitar m.CD
sky, Send on your love, Signed sealed delivered I'm yours,      4507 14,90 DM                                                  Wade on the water, Peace in the valley, Lonesome valley,
Sir Duke, Superstition, Uptight.                                                                                               Peace like a river, wonderful peace, Keep your hand on the
#Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                             Young, Neil                                                    plow, Higher ground, Wayfaring stranger, The church in the
10306 54,90 DM                                                  Mirrorball                                                     wildwood, ther's a river of life, Softly and tenderly, His eye
                                                                Song x, Act of love, I'm the ocean, Big green country, Truth   is on the sparrow
XYZ                                                             be known, Downtown, What happend yesterday?, Peace             #Guitartab, Noten
XYZ                                                             and love, Throw your hatred down, Scenery, Fallen angel        4550 49,80 DM
Maggy, Inside out, Wht keeps me loving you, Take what           #Guitartab, Noten
you can, Follow the night, Come on n' love me, Souvenirs,       1234 48,90 DM                                                  Zucchero
Tied up, Nice day do die, After the rain.                                                                                      Spirito di Vino
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Young, Neil                                                    Voodoo voodoo, Datemi una pompa, O.L.S.M.M., Pane e
3504 39,80 DM                                                   Unplugged                                                      sale, Senza rimorso, X colpa di chi? Il volo, Papá perché,
                                                                The old laughing lady, Mr. soul, World on a string,            Cosi seleste, Alleluja.
Yandell, Paul                                                   Pocahontas, Stringman, Like a hurricane, The needle and        #Guitartab, Noten
Going Home mit CD                                               the damage done, Helpless, Harvest moon, Transformer           4105 40,90 DM
14 tolle Nashville Fingerstyle Arrangements vom Sideman         man, Unknown legend, Look out for my love, Long may you
von Chet Atkins: Going home, Munich memories, Lazy,             run, From Hank to Hendrix.                                     ZZ Top
Within my heart, Relaxin', Laying back, Chet-lite, Tricky,      #Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                    Antenna
Odie and me, Kentucky lullaby, Clear springs blues, Eight       314 68,90 DM                                                   Antenna head, Breakaway, Cherry red, Cover your rig, Deal
more miles to Louisville, Sweet Allalee, Rhythm guitar.                                                                        goin' down, Fuzzbox voodoo, Girl in a T-shirt, Lizard life,
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Young, Neil & Crazy Horse                                      PCH, Pincushion World of swirl
5307 58,00 DM                                                   Broken Arrow                                                   #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                Big time, Loose change, Slip away, Changing highways,          319 42,00 DM
Yardbirds                                                       Scattered, This town, Music arcade, Baby what you want
Guitar Collection                                               me to do.                                                      ZZ Top
For your love, Heart full of soul, Still I'm sad, Shapes of     #Guitartab, Noten                                              Classic Vol. 1
things, Over under sideways down, Jeff's boogie,                3892 59,90 DM                                                  Backdoor love affair, Blue Jean blues, Jesus just left
Happenings ten years time ago, Stroll on                                                                                       Chicaco, Just got paid, La grange, Tush, Waitin' for the bus
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Young, Neil & Crazy Horse                                      #Guitartab Authentic, Noten
3801 31,90 DM                                                   Sleeps With Angles                                             2518 56,90 DM
                                                                My heart, Prime of life, Driveby, Sleeps with angels,
Yates, Richard                                                  Western hero, Change your mind, Blue eden, Safeway cart,       ZZ Top
Chopin For Acoustic Guitar mit CD                               Train of love, Trans am, Piece of crap, A dream that can       Gimme All Your Lovin´
Frédéric Chopin’s einzigartige Musik steht jetzt dem            last.                                                          Einzelausgabe
Gitarristen zur Verfügung. Mittlerer Schwierigkeitsgrad,        #Guitartab, Noten                                              #Guitartab, Noten
ausgefeilte Arrangements in Noten/ TAB. Titel: Prelude Op.      1499 58,90 DM                                                  4506 14,90 DM
28 No.7, Prelude Opus 28 No.20, Prelude Op. 28 No.4,
Cantabile, Mazurka No. 6, No. 2, Prelude Op. 28 No.15,          Zappa, Frank                                                   ZZ Top
Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2, Nocturne Opus 15 No.3, Nocturne           Hot Rats                                                       Greatest Hits
Op. 37 No 1, Nocturne Op. 55 No.1                               It must be a camel, Little umbrellas, Peaches en regalia,      Burger man, Cheap sunglasses, Doubleback, Gimme all
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Son fo Mr. Green genes, The gumbo variations, Willie the       your lovin', Give it up, Got me under pressure, Gun love,
8233 49,80 DM                                                   pimp                                                           I'm bad I'm nationwide, La grange, Legs, My head's in
                                                                #Guitartab Recorded Versions, Noten                            Mississippi, Pearl necklace, Planet of woman, Rough boy,
Yes                                                             10505 53,80 DM                                                 Sharp dressed man, Sleeping bag, Stages, Tube snake
Yes Years (Selections)                                                                                                         boogie, Tush, TV dinners, Velcro fly, Viva Las Vegas.
Hold on, I've seen all good people a: your move b.All good      Zaradin, John                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
people, Long distance runaround, Money, Montreux's              Franz Lehar For Classical Guitar                               862 67,90 DM
theme, Owner of a lonely heart, Rondabout, Tempus fugit         Vilja, Dummer, dummer Reitersmann, Lippen schweigen,
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     Lied und Csardas, Gigolette, Fragst mich was Liebe ist,        ZZ Top
3550 51,90 DM                                                   Hab' ein blaues Himmelbett, Wolgalied, Gern hab' ich die       Rhythmeen
                                                                Fraun geküßt, Meine Liebe deine Liebe, Dein ist mein           Rhythmeen, Bang ban, Black fly, What's up with that,
Yoakaham, Dwight                                                ganzes Herz, Rio de Janeiro, Meine Lippen sie küssen so        Vincent price blues, Zipper job, Hairdresser, She's just
Best Of..                                                       heiß, Schö wie die blaue Sommernacht                           killing me, My mind is gone, Loaded, Prettyhead,
Fast as you, Guitars Cadillacs, If there was a way, Little      #Guitartab, Noten                                              Hummbucking Part 2
sister, Long white Cadillac, Nothing's changed here, Pocket     5009 27,80 DM                                                  #Guitartab, Noten
of a clown, Rocky road blues,Sin city, Suspicious minds,                                                                       4604 57,90 DM
Takes a lot to rock you, This time, A thousand miles from       Zaradin, John
nowhere, Two doors down, Wild ride.                             Guitar Music Of Argentina - Solo Guitar
#Guitartab, Noten                                               Traditionals: El bailecito, La corrumbá o sombro, El cuando,
2994 58,90 DM                                                   El escondido, La firmeza, Cato, El maroto, Me duele el
                                                                corazon, La mdeia cana, El palito, La palomita blanca,
Young, Neil                                                     Triunfo - T. Peiro: Aqui hace falta un tango, Maradona,
Acoustic Classics                                               Portenazo - G. H. Matos Rodriguez: La cumparsita - A.
Country girl, From Hank to Hendrix, Harvest, Heart of gold,     Villoldo: El choclo - John Zaradin: Derecho viejo
Helpless I am a child, Love is a rose, Natural beauty, The      #Guitartab, Noten
needle and the damage done, Old king, Old man, Only love        7652 31,80 DM
can break your heart, Such a woman, Sugar mountain, Tell
me why, Transformer man, Unknown legend, You and me             Zaradin, John
#Guitartab Authentic, Noten                                     Guitar Music Of Brazil For Solo Guitar
3538 51,90 DM                                                   P. de Alcantara & C. de Paixa Cearense: Ontem ao luar -
                                                                Ary Barroso: Baja - C. de Paixao & J. da Silva: Flor
Young, Neil                                                     amorosa - Antonio Carlos Jobim: Corcovado, Desafinado,
Classic Vol.1                                                   Garote de Ipanema, Meditacao, Samba de una nota, So
Cinnamon girl, Cowgirl in the sand, Harvest, Heart of gold,     ndaca samba - Jaime da Silva & N. Teixeira: O pato -
Love is a rose, Old man, Southern man, Sugar mountain.          Traditionals: Cangaceiro, Recordando os velhos tempos -
#Guitartab, Noten                                               John Zaradin: Arlilulé, Cachaca con fogo, Fantasia da rua,
316 63,90 DM                                                    Viorigolao
                                                                #Guitartab, Noten
                                                                7653 31,80 DM

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