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Bladder Testimonials (Have not been reviewed by the FDA)


                  Date                                                  Summary
            2005-03-11           Oregano used for bladder infections
            2006-12-28           Bladder and urination problem solved!
            2004-07-07           Had frequent urge to urinate
            2006-06-05           Yeast infection gone with Melrose
            2005-10-28           Peppermint oil for gallstone discomfort
            2005-05-29           Interstitial cystitis
            2005-08-09           Urinary tract infection relieved with juniper
            2005-07-11           Clove oil used against itch
            2007-01-07           Bladder infection
            2006-03-26           Dog had reaction to stitches after surgery
            2005-06-25           JuvaCleanse to dissolve Gall Stones
            2006-10-05           Alkaline urine pH & Rehemogen
            2005-07-28           Lemongrass for vericose veins
            2004-10-01           Sulferzyme & BLM for Fibromyalgia

            Date                                                        Summary
                                  Oregano used for bladder infections
                                  Laurie Laursen

                                  I was new to the oils, and under the experience of my distributor we went through the
                                  Essential Oils Desk Reference to see which oils would work and which oils I had.
                                  Oregano was one that my body said yes to. So I emptied a vitamin capsule that I had at
                                  home, and put 15 drops of oregano oil in it. I swallowed it and about 20 minutes later I
                                  had this amazingly warm feeling in my bladder and within one hour the symptoms were
                                  gone. I chose to take the oregano 3 more times, once later the same day and then 2
                                  times the next day, and the bladder infection did not return. It was fantastic!
                                  Bladder and urination problem solved!
                                  Annette Chaffee

                                  I have a testimonial about my grandson, Trevor. He is 6 years old and about a month ago
                                  complained that he could not urinate. After several hours of trying, my daughter put him in
                                  the shower thinking that this would help him but it did not. At that point I was asked to help
                                  him. We got him out of the shower and I laid him on the bed and did the following:

                                  First, I applied DiGize to his lower abdomen and to the vitaflex point for bladder. Then I
            2006-12-28            'backwashed' his kidney/bladder meridian (follow the meridian backward 1x and then
                                  forward 3x).

                                  Just as soon as I did this he calmly got up and went into the bathroom and had 2 rounds
                                  of diarrhea then stood up and urinated. He came running into the room as excited as he
                                  could be over our 'magical oils'!

                                  Talk about a fast recovery - from oil application/energy work to complete resolution of the
                                  problem was all of 5 minutes. We obviously took care of whatever type of blockage was
                                  happening in his little body.
                                  Had frequent urge to urinate
                                  Janie Tynes

                                  If I don't drink enough water daily, I will get symptoms immediately. I rub several drops
                                  each of Juniper and EndoFlex on the bladder area and place a hot compress (dry towel
                                  against the skin and a hot towel on the dry towel) on the area for about 30 minutes. This
                                  always takes care of these symptoms. I continue this treatment 1-2 times daily for about 5
                                  Yeast infection gone with Melrose
                                  Renae Johnson
                                  Because I am overweight and a diabetic I have problems with yeast infections. I have
             found a solution in Melrose oil and aloe vera. After my shower I apply a mixture of about
             one tablespoon aloe with four to six drops of Melrose oil. I apply this everywhere it is
             needed. I also found that this mixture worked to get rid of a bladder infection that I had
             been trying to get rid of for several days.
             Peppermint oil for gallstone discomfort
             Mary Mills

             I have been plagued with bloating, gas and discomfort for a number of years, but it has,
             until recently, been only at occasional times. Now I find it happening more often and
             lasting for days. I will be having my gall bladder removed soon because I am full of
             stones. Since finding out the nature of my discomfort I began putting peppermint oil in tea
             or coffee whenever I began feeling distressed - usually after a meal. Since I have been
             doing this the problem seems to be quelled before it develops into a full attack.
             Sometimes I have even rubbed the oil on my stomach and gall bladder area before going
             to bed and I wake up in the morning with absolutely no discomfort at all. I use peppermint
             for lots of things, but for this problem it has been such a wonderful relief.
             Interstitial cystitis
             Linda Budde

             My daughter was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitus about 4 yr. ago Dr. said it was
             incurable. She had 2 surgeries 2 yr. apart followed by 3 bladder infussions after each
             surgery to stop the scarring & stretch the bladder to 18 oz. She was on antidepressants &
             about to be diagnosed with sleep disorder. She is off antidepressants today!

             This is what worked for her. Results were noticable in just a few days!
             Coral Sea: 1 tsp 2 X a day
2005-05-29   Sulfurzyme: 4 caps 2 X a day
             Longevity Caps: 4 caps 3 X a day
             K & B tincture: 4 droppers full 3 X a day

             OILS: Cistus, Pine,Juniper, Cedarwood, Myrtle, Immu-Power, Inspiration...Drop on spine
             & rub in 2 X a day, 3-4 drops of each; choose different oils am & pm.

             SUPPOSITORIES: One cap of each every other night. Myrtle & Melrose in one cap..equal
             parts. Cedarwood & Juniper in another cap equal parts. OO size gel caps were used.

             WATER: 1 gal of pure drinking water a day with Citrus Fresh oil in it. DRINK THE
             Urinary tract infection relieved with juniper
             Miriam Saxton
             My friend has repeated UTI's. She now uses a few drops of juniper oil in the bladder area
             a couple of times daily. The symptoms are gone in a very short time.
             Clove oil used against itch
             Paul Andreas

2005-07-11   The chemotherapy for my bladder cancer caused a terrible itch all over my body,
             especially the abdominal area. Using Ortho Ease massage oil and 4 drops of Clove oil
             (too sharp to use neat) rubbed over the affected areas made the itch disappear
             Bladder infection
             Liz Moore

             For the first time in about 15 years, I had a bladder infection. It started on a Thursday
             afternoon, 'out of the blue.' I started drinking Citrus Fresh and lemon in hot water, along
             with diluted cranberry juice. I also took Melrose and oregano mixed in a capsule once. I
             took Ningxia Red (1 oz) twice. I was also taking cranberry powder in capsules.

             Thursday night I was in agony, with severe cramping, getting up at least every 15 minutes
             to urinate with intense, burning pain, to the point that I had to bite my lip to keep from
             screaming. Around midnight I put a heating pad over my abdomen, but the pain
             continued. Each time I got up, I drank 1/3 glass of cranberry juice.
             I absolutely had to go to town on Friday morning, I could barely walk but I needed more
             cranberry juice. When I got home the pain intensified. I checked the Essential Oil Desk
             Reference and took another capsule of oregano & Melrose, this time adding a few drops
             of lemongrass. A friend called & suggested I take the antibiotic formula (2 d frankincense,
             4 d oregano, 6-8 d Thieves in a capsule). I took it once at 3 p.m. and again at 9 p.m.

             Friday night was a repeat of Thursday night, but I fell asleep around 4 a.m. For two days I
             couldn't breathe normally from the pain, I was taking fast shallow breaths. For several
             hours on Friday, I was passing blood, much of the time it felt like I was passing ROCKS,
             the pain was so horrible. Saturday morning I awoke feeling fine. I could hardly believe it. I
             got up gingerly, urinated completely without pain. I took the antibiotic formula three more
             times throughout the day, on an empty stomach and felt fine.
             I am so grateful to God for these oils and that Gary Young had a listening ear and
             willingness to share them.
             Dog had reaction to stitches after surgery
             Loretta Skrzypek

             My 5 year old bishon frise had surgery to remove 11 stones from her bladder. When I took
             her back to the vet to have the stitches removed, the vet stated that she had a reaction to
             the material that the stitches were made up of. He was worried about her getting infection
             where he took the stitches from so he gave me an antibiotic and told me to give it to her
             for 7 days. The first day I gave it to her, I could see that it was making her sick. I stopped
             giving her the antibiotic and started applying lavender to the area and within 5 days all the
             redness had disappeared and it was totally healed.
             JuvaCleanse to dissolve Gall Stones
             Tiffany Rowan

             First of all, thank you to those who started and manage this website for us. And thank you
             to Dr. Young and his team who strive to maintain therapeutic oils for us.

             During dinner in the middle of May 2005, I felt something around my sphincter grow to
             golf ball size in less than a minute. Pretty soon I was doing the pain dance trying to get in
             a comfortable position to relieve the pressure. I asked Heavenly Father to take away the
             pain and he took my pain level from a 10 to a 5. This was manageable, but I hurt so badly
             that I took my finger and pushed down into the area of pain so hard that something
             popped loose. It felt like the consistency of play doh. That experience wiped me out so
             much that it took two weeks of bed rest to recover from it.

             Two weeks later while at church I felt the pain growing inside me again and ran into the
             Sunday School room to get my husband. We prayed again to Heavenly Father to remove
             the pain. The pain level went from a 10 to a 7.

             Although I didn't really think too much about the first time this happened to me, I did put
             some thought into it the second time. There was something wrong and I needed to figure
             out what it was. So I decided to ask a doctor. (A doctor! I've never needed a DOCTOR!)

             My husband grabbed a doctor out of the congregation who examined me. He began
             listing things that MIGHT be the case: gall bladder disease (nope)... acid reflux (nope)...
             pancreatitis (nope) ... gall stones (yep). The Spirit of Truth told me this is what it was. I
             asked our doctor friend to teach me about gall stones. He told me that they were
             cholesterol which comes from fatty foods or from bile salts and that the treatment was to
             remove the gall bladder. He encouraged me to go to a clinic with a sonogram machine
             and scan my gall bladder to see how many stones I had. He advised me to watch for a
             fever which would indicate that I needed to go to the emergency room right away or I
             could die from bacteria released from the gall bladder. I left church early to go home and

2005-06-25   The next day was Memorial Day and about 10 a.m. the pain swelled up inside me again
             so rapidly that I wished I would burst to relieve it. My husband wanted to take me to the
             emergency room. It didn't make sense to me to spend a couple of weeks to a month
             recovering from surgery to remove my gall bladder if I could spend that same time
             enduring the pain while I stayed at home to dissolve them with oils. (I have great faith in
             the oils!! I just needed to know which one to use.) My logic was, 'My gall bladder was fine:
             It was the gall stones causing the problem.' I resolved that if Dr. Young could endure
             kidney stones for two weeks (different oil regimen) then I could tough out gall stones for
             two or more weeks. I would be spending the same down time in bed, but I would still have
             my gall bladder. I remembered the answer to my blessing said to 'make wise choices and
             to have confidence........' I would rather listen to One omnipotent than go under a routine
             surgery with a knife.

             I decided to not take advantage of my prayers any longer because this could go on
             forever, and I had something to learn from this. So I decided to take action with Heavenly
             Father's aide in my recovery. I looked up gall stones in the EODR and felt the Spirit of
             Truth again tell me this is what I was suffering from. I noticed that I had Lemon and
             Grapefruit which were a couple of the singles listed. I take a lemon capsule everyday and
             a grapefruit capsule once a week. Since these didn't shrink the stones significantly
             already, I decided to use JuvaCleanse by capsule to digest the gallstones.

             I speedily swallowed one down, made a liver compress using JuvaCleanse, and placed
             the oil over the gall bladder point on my foot and applied the VitaFlex technique. Within
             five minutes the pressure was gone and my pain was reduced to a five. I swallowed down
             a JuvaCleanse capsule (10 drops of JuvaCleanse in a capsule) before bed and applied
             VitaFlex on the right foot again. I call this day one.

             On days two and three, I had JuvaCleanse capsules followed by VitaFlex on the foot
             when I got up in the morning, about 2 p.m. and before bed. I gulped down 4-8 oz. of
             NingXia Red before breakfast and bed. Muscle testing revealed that I had seven stones to
             pass and that by day three I had dissolved three of them. Muscle testing also revealed
             that I only needed two capsules a day now. I was disappointed (ha ha) because this
             would mean I wouldn't have time to get a scan to prove that I had several stones. I
             wanted the proof that JuvaCleanse dissolved them all. My insides felt like shreds, and I
             put a drop of Frankincense over my gall bladder each day to repair the tears (as I call

             By day five my pain level was at a three and I was taking one capsule a day of
             JuvaCleanse and gulping 4 oz. of NingXia Red only in the mornings.

             By day eight I had dissolved all the stones completely, but I still felt wiped out. By this
             time, more NingXia Red had arrived as well as the oil of Forgiveness. My down time
             allowed me to get a lot of studying done in order to resolve some feelings. The book titled
             Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils taught me that feelings stored in the gall
             bladder represent the 'fear of repeating the past'. I was able to let go of the control I was
             exercising (I thought I was the one in control) and go with the flow of life. I reminded
             myself the words that I teach others, 'If you spend energy being something you DON'T
             want, then you aren't spending that same energy being something you DO want'. I was
             spending too much energy NOT being my mother and NOT getting into debt that I wasn't
             able to constructively use that energy to be my own kind of mother to my children and let
             Heavenly Father bless us financially. A ha. My eyes of understanding were opened. The
             forgiveness oil over the gall bladder allowed me to forgive the past, repeat affirmations for
             the future, and repair the tears I experienced from the pressure of the stones against the
             opening of the gall bladder.

             Sure enough, Forgivness oil has all the singles in it I needed to heal this physical and
             emotional pain. What I have listed are only a few that are found in Forgiveness. I needed
             the frankincense it contains to repair the tear feeling. I needed the Angelica to bring me
             back to the point of origin before I suffered afflictions. I needed Helichrysum to release the
             anger (the gall of bitterness ((called the gallbladder)) is connected to the liver which holds
             anger). I needed the sandalwood for the pineal gland which is the center of emotions.
             Lavender for the calming effect. Bergamot and Geranium to relieve tension. Roman
             Chamomile to open mental blocks and Ylang Ylang to restore balance.

             It is now day 23 and I continue to sniff my Forgiveness oil daily while repeating my
             affirmations, apply Forgiveness over the gall bladder and liver, guzzle down 4 oz. of
             NingXia Red each morning, and take a JuvaCleanse capsule about every five days. I was
             in bed full time for about a week and part time for another week. I STILL HAVE MY GALL
             BLADDER. Thank you Heavenly Father for answering my prayers and thank you Gary
             Young for your integrity in producing these healing oils.

             After hearing my testimony, a woman who attended the Young Life Research Clinic in
             Feb 05 emailed me and said she was told that all of us have gall stones to some degree.
             Even people who have their gall bladder removed store stones in their bile duct. She
             thought the body was amazing.

             So I recommend that everyone have JuvaCleanse near them in case they have an
             unexpected gall bladder attack. To learn more about how I use essential oils join my
             Yahoo group at
             Alkaline urine pH & Rehemogen
             Joyce Stotts

             I was just looking over the Nutrition coursework we did through Certified Natural Health
             Professional program and found something more on thyroid/goiter:

             Wow! Now that's quite a testimony about the need to eat ORGANIC foods as much as
             possible! Here's an interesting pH testimony and I am wondering if this is repeatable or

             Yesterday was the first time I ever took Rehemogen, and I took it out of desperation
             feeling that a bladder infection was coming on. Don't quote me on this one, but I think
             some of the same herbs are used in both K&B and Rehemogen...? Anyway, Rehemogen
             was what was on hand. I just drank a dose in my usual steamed (no sugar) cranberry
             juice with stevia and ate normally. This morning, for the /very first time ever/, my urine
             was no longer alkaline. The pH went down almost 1 entire point! This is very important for
             people who have metabolic problems that cause their system to be stubbornly alkaline.
             Lemongrass for vericose veins
             Miriam Lorenzi

             I come from a long line of hereditary Varicose Vein disease and at age 33 was already
             displaying the infamous exaggerated 'road map' blue cords all over my legs. Not only
             were they unsightly and embarrassing for me, but also having the veins is painful and
             causes leg fatigue.
             Fortunately I came across all the uses of Lemongrass E.O. in the Essential Oils Desk
             Reference book and decided to give it a shot. At first I applied the oil directly to my legs,
             which caused slight irritation and redness. Now I dilute 1 part Lemongrass with 4 parts
             organic olive oil or grape seed oil. Within minutes my legs are invigorated and the dull,
             achy vein pain disappears! Even better, after a couple of months of applying diluted
             Lemongrass directly to my legs once or twice a week, the actual veins have diminished
             and are but a fraction of the sight that they used to be. I am no longer embarrassed to
             wear shorts!
             Amazing and versatile Lemongrass can be used for: bladder infection, respiratory/sinus
             infection, digestive problems, parasites, torn ligaments/muscles, fluid retention, varicose
             veins, Samonella.
             Sulferzyme & BLM for Fibromyalgia
             Bonnie Branch

             I suffered with Fibramyalgia for 5 years. I could not lift My Grandchildren, clean my home,
             the vacuum was the enemy, take long trips driving, sleep at night, shopping was a
             nightmare, the pain was crippling. The Dr. put me on Celebrex, which helped some. On a
             scale of 1 to 10 my pain became a 6 or 7. Then a study revealed that Celebrex was
             damaging the kidneys, liver & bladder. I did not want to give it up as it helped some.

             In October 2002 I attended a Young Living informational meeting, where a woman I knew
             to be an upstanding person in the Community, and also suffered with Fibramyalgia, was
             hugging a bottle of Sulferzyme, saying 'I will never, ever be without My sulferzyme again.'
             I ordered a bottle right then. After taking it for 1 week I stopped taking Celebrex, after 2
             weeks 80% of my pain was gone! I now am able to toss My Grandchildren around, clean
             my home, take long trips, enjoy shopping, sleep better, I even do windows :) After 1 year I
             began taking both BLM & Sulferzyme daily. On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain is now a 1!

             I thank God, Gary Young & Young Living Products for changing my life! Thank you, oil-
   , for providing me with the opportunity to share this exciting news with
             others & the hope that they may be as blessed as I have been.

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